Oikea nimi
Karsten Brabänder
About My Library
I started reading when I was young. I remember that, when I was about 6-7, I started reading astronomy books. Age 9 I read Stephen King and later, when I was about 11, Star Trek. Age 14 I discovered Japanese literature. This influenced me deeply. I started studying Japanology (Japanese Studies), but decided later to graduate in archaeology. I think, when I was young I always had a book in my hand or around me. I was just the "nerd" who never went to parties or the disco (and was never invited to those), but loved reading and sneaking through the libraries. My current librabry is in Germany and has more books than I can read during my lifetime.

My main collections include Pre-Historic Archaeology, Japanese Archaeology, Japanese Linguistics and Literature; Vietnamese literature, Vietnamese History; Science-Fiction, esp. Star Trek. Gay Literature and Gay History.

Feel free to add me or write me if you like. I am sometimes kinda busy, so be patient!
About Me
I started to become an archaeologist. After graduating in Prehistoric Archaeology, Japanese History and Japanese Linguistics I went to Vietnam, where I researched for my PhD and took over some archaeological projects. In 2012 I decided, with regards to my academic career, that that was just not what I wanted in my life. I have been living in Vietnam since 2009, where I work as author and mainly as a translator.
Can Tho and Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam; hometown in Germany