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Jun 26, 2015
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Kim Heniadis
About My Library
It's in a small town in Central Wisconsin, but it is a huge library. We have a theater that seats 250, where we shows movies weekly and have monthly concerts. They are in the process of remodeling so we have an even bigger maker space. And the book/AV/Board Game selection is amazing. They also have a lot of great programs including monthly yoga, writer's group, three book clubs, and so much more.
About Me
I work in the cataloging department at a library in Central Wisconsin. Before that I worked at Book World, and before that, Half Price Books. So for all of my adult working life (except one year where I worked in a bank) I’ve been surrounded by books.
Yes, I have a pretty sweet life.

On my website, Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, Linkcat (aka LibraryThing), Facebook, Bookbub, Kobo, and Instagram is where I will be sharing book reviews.

People ask me what I like to read, and when I tell them, “Anything.”, I don’t really think they believe me. Although I do tend to read more Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers, with the occasional Romance thrown in for variety.
If it looks interesting I will read it. Doesn’t matter if it’s Christian Fiction, Erotica, or a Children’s Picture Book.
Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
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