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May 27, 2008
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Julian Gallo
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Born and raised in New York City. I am a musician/writer/painter who has poems and short stories published in about 40 magazines and journals throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. There are 3 books currently available: "Window Shopping For A New Crown Of Thorns" (Poems); "November Rust" (Novel) and "My Arrival Is Marked By Illuminating Stains" (Poems) which features all 5 previously published chapbooks, "Standing On Lorimer Street Awaiting Crucifixion", "The Terror Of Your Cunt Is The Beauty Of Your Face", "Street Gospel Mystical Intellectual Survival Codes", "Scrape That Violin More Darkly Then Hover Like Smoke In The Air" and "Existential Labyrinths". New books are forthcoming. I also have a couple of articles written for Helium.com and more recently BrooWaha New York Edition...... I am currently playing bass for the rock band Bitterweed who has two releases on Buzz Factory Records, "On The High Wire" (2001) and "Boo!" (2005). I am also playing guitar and bass for Linda La Porte on her solo project......... From 1985-1997 I was the singer/guitarist for the NYC alternative pop band Third Eye Butterfly who had released an EP entitled "What The Thunder Said" (Galt/Psycho-Pop Records, 1991) and a few 7" singles, "Everything Falls Apart"/"Skin" (Psycho-Pop Records, 1993), "Life Is Elsewhere"/"Play With The Rainmaker" (Psycho-Pop Records, 1994) and "Something Happened"/"All The Way To Riyadh" (Psycho-Pop Records, 1995) and appeared on a number of compilation CDs including "Hear No Evil" Volumes 1 & 2 (Galt Records) and "Step on A Crack" Volume 1 (Sound Views Records).... One of my paintings was featured at the Holy Ghost Salon in Brooklyn, New York in 1999..............You can check out some of the paintings in the "Paintings" album in the photo section at www.myspace.com/juliangallo or at www.juliangallo.net
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