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About My Library
I love to read, and often have several books going at the same time, depending on my mood. My reading habits rotate through various genres and authors, and I usually read before going to sleep at night. I belong to a monthly book club, where we usually read fiction - often whatever book we are able to obtain 6 copies of from the library system. I also belong to the Goodreads.com site.
About Me
I love living in semi-rural Maryland, with its rolling hills, beautiful farms, and four distinct seasons. I'm happily married to my best friend, and we have 4 Tonkinese cats who share our home. I enjoy photography and have recently begun learning Photoshop Elements. I have many artistic interests, including watercolor, fiber arts, altered arts and other creative outlets. I enjoy getting together regularly with my many friends, and volunteer at 2 of our local libraries 2 days a week. I enjoy caring for and decorating our home - and I'm a breast cancer survivor of three years.
Finksburg, MD
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