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Oct 11, 2008
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Henry Lee
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A list of books in Henry Lee's library is given in the inventory of his estate, recorded on 6 June 1748. The listing contains short author/title entries only; these entries as given in a typed transcript of the inventory are included in the Comments section for each title, along with bibliographic notes.

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About Me
Captain Henry Lee (1691-1747), a leading Virginian landholder of the 18th century, was the brother of Virginia politician/planter Thomas Lee (of Stratford), whose daughter Hannah Lee Corbin is also an LEA subject. Henry's wife, Mary Bland, was the daughter of Richard Bland and Elizabeth Randolph (a great-aunt of Thomas Jefferson). Henry's second son, Squire Richard Lee, inherited some if not most of his books.

Henry Lee's plantation, located near the town of Hague in Westmoreland County, was known as Lee Hall.
Lee Hall, Westmoreland County, Virginia

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