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First Edition (20), Lapham's Quarterly (19), Kindle Single (18), Video Streaming Lectures and Course Guide Book (18), The Franklin Library Limited First Edition (17), The International Collectors Library (16), Peirene Press (15), First United States Edition (15), Slightly Foxed Limited Edition (14), Nobel Prize Library Published Under the Sponsorship of the Nobel Foundation and the Swedish Academy (14), Solander Box (13), The Franklin Library Signed First Edition (13), Silk Endpapers. Silk Ribbon Marker. Gold Edging on Three Sides. Hardcover (11), The Franklin Library (11), Gateway to the Great Books Series (10), The Harvard Classics Collector's Edition (10), Deluxe Edition (10), Penguin Lives Series (9), Thornwillow Press (8), Silk Endpapers. Silk Ribbon Marker. Gold Edging on Three Sides. Fully Leather Bound (7), Limited First Edition (7), Unabridged (6), The 100 Greatest Recordings of All Time (6), Gold Edging on Three Sides (6), The Franklin Library 100 Greatest Books of All Time (6), The Great Ideas Program (6), The Franklin Mint Record Society (6), Books on CD (6), Library of America (6), Hard Bound Leather Case with Snap Sealed heavy plastic record protectors. (5), First Vintage Books Edition (5), Hand Marbled Endpapers (5), Modern Library Chronicles Book (5), Advanced Readers Edition (4), Quarter Leather Bound (4), The Folio Society Fine Edition (4), Special Pre-publication review copy (4), Suntup Press (4), Silk Endpapers. Silk Ribbon Marker. Gold Edging on Three Sides (4), The Story of Civilization Series (4), Streaming Audio Lectures and Course Guide Book (4), The Letterpress Shakespeare (4), DVD Video Lectures and Course Guide Book (3), Signed by Dan Jones (3), Streaming Video Lectures and Course Guide Book (3), Letterpress (3), New York Review Books Classics (3), Thames & Hudson (3), Artist Edition (3), Two Volume Edition (3), Fully Leather Binding (2), First Anchor Books Edition (2), Signed by Ray Mulesky (2), Signed by Ron Chernow (2), The American Heritage Library (2), Brief Insight Series (2), Streaming Audio Lectures and Course Guidebook (2), Signed by Lynn Ruane (2), Signed by William Styron (2), Silk Endpapers. Silk Ribbon Marker (2), The Folio Society Limited Edition (2), The Franklin Library. Signed Limited Edition (2), Franklin Library Limited First Edition (2), Suntup Edition (2), Video CD Lectures and Course Guide Book (2), Hardcover. 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Farrell (1), Signed by Morris West (1), Signed by Bruce Catton (1), Signed by Anthony Burgess. (1), Gold Endpapers (1), Signed by Allen Drury (1), Signed by Joyce Carol Oates (1), Signed by Anne Tyler (1), Signed by Jan Morris (1), Signed by Joseph Heller (1), Ethereal Visions Publishing (1), Signed by Irwin Shaw (1), Signed by Eudora Welty (1), Signed by David Plouffe (1), Publisher's Review Volume (1), First Simon & Schuster Hardcover Edition 2011 (1), Signed by Ram Charan (1), TED Books (1), Signed by Tom Carnegie (1), Signed Hardcover First Edition (1), Metropolitan Museum of Art Publication for the 1976 Exhibition (1), Signed by Sylvester J. Schieber (1), Published by WorldatWork (1), CCH Publication (1), Faux Leather Bound (1), Limited Franklin Library First Edition (1), Signed by Alistair Cooke (1), Signed by John Mortimor (1), Signed by William Bartlet (1), First Indiana University Press Edition (1), Signed by Lawrence Durrell (1), Signed by Joseph P. Lash. (1), Signed by Ralph Ellison (1), Special First Edition (1), Gold edging On Three Sides (1), Fully leather Bound (1), Signed by Arthur Miller. (1), Signed by Stephen Jay Gould (1), Signed by Ruta Marija (1)
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Nov 7, 2013
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