About My Library

Eclectic collection of whatever has taken my fancy over the last 40-odd years of buying books.

Plus, a record of various library borrowings so I can keep track of what I've read, as I am apt to forget unless I do...

Slowly adding titles from my home library as the occasion allows, but many many more still to go as yet. My incredibly, if rather predictable, librarian-like ambition is to catalogue all my books on LibraryThing with accurate bibliographic information and accompanying representation of the actual cover, but this is proving to be a rather time-consuming endeavour, though nonetheless enjoyable for all that. A "busman's holiday" indeed!

About Me

Recently-retired librarian, person of leisure, and library-card-carrying lifelong bookworm.

Bromley, UK
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Second Life ("Femmelicious Dryke")
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Kirjakauppoja: Freedom Bookshop, Gay's the Word, The Beckenham Bookshop, Waterstone's Bromley, WHSmith Bromley

Kirjastoja: British Library, Bromley Central Library, Canning House Library, Feminist Library, London Metropolitan University - The Women's Library

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