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Daniel Green
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I have written several books including: There Are No Bibles in Heaven, Hear God's Voice Clearly, Supernatural Wave of God's Presence, Enjoy Heavenly Living Now, 30 Days with the Father, Does God Want You to Be Rich?, and Building Supernatural Success.

About Me

Daniel Green is a writer, speaker, blogger, and the founder of Anakainoo International. His passion is to help pursuers of God discover how they can transform their lives by having a real, tangible relationship with God as their Father. He desires to help you follow God everywhere, just like Jesus did to experience an abundant life where signs, wonders, and miracles become an everyday normal experience for you.

The author has a Master of Ministry Degree and a Business Degree with over thirty years of experience in ministry and business. He owned two successful accounting businesses and was also an ordained minister before he willingly gave them all up to follow the Father everywhere.

He has put aside all his past credentials and only holds onto one. His only essential title worth having is being a child of the heavenly Father. As God’s little child, he has access to the infinite mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit to unleash heaven’s vast resources everywhere he follows the Father.

Maryland, US
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