Oikea nimi
Brandy Winn
About My Library

My library is a mixture of historical nonfiction, politics, science fiction, fantasy, romance, literature, and horror. For a very long time, I was obsessed with Victorian-era mysteries with strong female leads and a touch of romance. They are still my favorite books, but I have recently strayed back into fantasy and some science fiction because I think I have read all the Victorian mysteries!

About Me

I am currently the library director of a small public library in the middle of nothing, Texas. I read voraciously when I am not working one of my three jobs or going to school for another master's degree. I have a varied education and experience doing many different jobs over the years, so think that I deserve to be called a "professional," even though I am not educated as a librarian. I can be found in book stores, coffee shops, museums, and antique stores when not at work or home reading. For the times I am at home and forced to watch television with the family, you will find me crocheting large blankets for friends and family, cleaning, or canning homemade apple butter, jams, and BBQ sauce (open-concept house allows me to watch and discuss movies and TV programs while working--I have to keep my hands busy!). Gen-X all the way, with a sarcastic wit when I have to be sociable, but the quiet is my happy place. Would rather be inside sitting by a fire with a good book, blanket, and cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa while it is snowing outside than at the beach where it is hot and getting sand in my...extremities.