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Dec 27, 2005
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Jessica Mulley
About My Library
Update: 23 September 2015: I'm getting close to finishing cataloguing my books, just a few more shelves to go and then I may tackle my kindle. But the milestone of note (for me at least), with 2397 books catalogued, is that I appear to have entered the realms of the top 5000 largest libraries catalogued on librarything. Please don't tell my husband- I've spent the last 20 years trying to tell him that the number of books I have is perfectly normal!

August 2015: I think I'm now about half way through cataloguing. Still more to do.
About Me
A life-long bibliophile, book-hoarder, avid reader and lover of all things literature. I love reading classic and vintage literary fiction, always enjoy a good mystery/police procedural and am currently reading lots about Victorian social history, crime and criminal justice (spurred by reading Elizabeth Jenkin's Harriet). I review and blog about books, book history and book collecting.
SW19, London (yes, that's Wimbledon!)
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