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Perintökirjasto: Benjamin Franklin

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Mémoires statuts et prospectus, concernant l'Académie des sciences et beaux-arts des États-Unis de l'Amérique, établie a Richemond, capitale de la Virginie – tekijä: Alexandre Marie Quesnay de Beaurepaire

The assembly-man; written in the year 1647 – tekijä: Sir John Birkenhead

Mémoire instructif sur la manière de rassembler, de preparer, de conserver, et d'envoyer les diverses curiosités d'histoire naturelle; auquel on a joint un mémoire intitulé: Avis pour le transport par mer, des arbres, des plantes vivaces, des semences, & de diverses autres curiosités d'histoire naturelle – tekijä: Etienne François Turgot

A model of government for the good of the poor, and the wealth of the nation with such a method and inspection that frauds, corruption in officers, abuses to the poor, ill administration of materials, &c. therein may be prevented : the stock rais'd and preserved, all poor people and their children for ever comfortably provided for, all idle hands employed, all oppressed parishes eased, all beggars and vagrants for the future restrained, poor prisoners for debt relieved and malefactors ... – tekijä: Richard Haines

The proceedings of the House of Lords, concerning the Scottish conspiracy, and the papers laid before that house, by Her Majesties command, relating thereunto – tekijä: England and Wales (Parliament)

The natural history of Iceland: containing a particular and accurate account of the different soils, burning mountains, minerals, vegetables, metals, stones, beasts, birds, and fishes; together with the disposition, customs, and manner of living of the inhabitants: interspersed with an account of the island, by Mr. [Johann] Anderson, late burgo-master of Hamburgh: to which is added, a meteorological table – tekijä: Niels Horrebow

The words of the favourite catches and glees, which, with the elegant and humorous music, composed by the most eminent masters of the last and present age, will be performed at the Theatre Royal, in the Haymarket on Thursday the twenty-first of March, 1771 – tekijä: Thomas Augustine Arne

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Jäsen: BenjaminFranklin

KokoelmatOma kirjasto (3,747)

Kirja-arvosteluja23 arvostelua

AvainsanojaPolitics and Government (273), Great Britain (238), Parliament (156), United States (147), History (125), Poetry (113), Church of England (88), Sermons (87), Medicine (82), Electricity (76) — kaikki avainsanat


Pilvetavainsanapilvi, tekijäpilvi, avainsanapeili

Tietoja minustaBenjamin Franklin (17 January 1706 – 17 April 1790), Pennsylvania printer, author, inventor, ambassador, scientist, statesman, abolitionist. Signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, a founder of the Library Company of Philadelphia and of the first fire department in Pennsylvania, among many other accomplishments.

Tietoja kirjastostaniFranklin's extensive library is documented in Edwin Wolf 2nd and Kevin J. Hayes, The Library of Benjamin Franklin. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society and Library Company of Philadelphia, 2006 (available digitally here) and used to create this LT catalog with the permission of the author and the publishers (American Philosophical Society, Library Company of Philadelphia).

A complete introduction to Franklin's library, including information on the travels taken by the books following Franklin's death, is in Wolf and Hayes, pp. 3-56.

Wolf and Hayes have created extensive annotations for the titles in Franklin's library; those are included in the Comments field for each record in Franklin's LT catalog. Elements generally provided include the catalog number, format, binding, signatures and marginalia (including Franklin's own shelfmarks), detailed provenance information, and the current location of Franklin's copy, if known. A list of the institutional abbreviations used in the book is available here. Further abbreviations, usually for sources, are in Wolf and Hayes, pp. 875-880.

Where the present location of Franklin's copy is known, the catalog number (Wolf and Hayes _) will be followed by an asterisk in parentheses. Where the edition or work is unclear, the catalog number will be followed by a question mark in parentheses.

Reviews: Franklin's reviews have been taken from the Wolf and Hayes annotations, and are usually drawn from either Franklin's correspondence or his Autobiography.

Tags: Wolf and Hayes provide subject-based tag information for most titles, which are included here with minor adjustments as necessary. Where no tags were included, similar tags were added.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact Libraries of Early America coordinator Jeremy Dibbell.

RyhmätBenjamin Franklin's LT Catalog, Legacy Libraries, Libraries of Early America

Oikea nimiBenjamin Franklin

SijaintiPhiladelphia, PA

LempikirjailijatTieto puuttuu

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