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Spell of Hawaii – tekijä: A. Grove Day

Breastfeeding Your Baby (National Childbirth Trust Guide) – tekijä: Jane Moody

India – tekijä: Walter Ashlin Fairservis

Home Firearm Safety – tekijä: National Rifle Association of America

Children of the Longhouse (Puffin Novel) – tekijä: Joseph Bruchac

Dreams: Visions of the Night (Illustrated Library of Sacred Imagination) – tekijä: D. Hiller Coxhead

Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child – tekijä: Katie Allison Granju

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KokoelmatMy parents are currently borrowing (4), Oma kirjasto (250), Toivelista (112), Aion lukea (1), Luettu, ei oma (5), Suosikit (7), Kaikki kokoelmat (368)

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AvainsanojaAmerican Indian (93), Native American (93), dynamics of oppression (43), Native American fiction (34), feminism (30), women's studies (29), anthropology (27), literary fiction (25), history (25), Goddess spirituality (22) — kaikki avainsanat

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Pilvetavainsanapilvi, tekijäpilvi, avainsanapeili

Tietoja minustaMixed-blood vegan pagan anarchist bibliophile mom with a strong interest in social sciences, material culture, the gift economy, archaeomythology, matricentric cultures, attachment parenting, the sociology of work, language, indigenous cultures, civil rights, feminism, geography, ecology, conservation, animal rights, place, community, and spirituality (goddess worship, animism, and other anciently-rooted religions).

Most species are evolved to work with their environment and occupy a niche within biodiversity (or they were, anyway, before humans started facilitating massive bioinvasion), and I'm interested in why and how so many modern humans resist this and attempt to turn everything either into humans or to human use, and how our species can get back to having an ecological niche like a normal, respectable species.

I have a particular interest in primarily plant-gathering or primarily horticultural egalitarian matrifocal cultures in which communally-oriented values and community-shared or extended-family attachment parenting are strong. Kyriarchy/patriarchy is not and was not universal, regardless of what those indoctrinated into its institutional beliefs attempt to argue. There are models for a healthy way to live if we seek them out. The question then becomes how to apply that information to whatever situation we happen to be in.

My partner and I both share interests in mixed martial arts and muay thai boxing, gathering wild edibles, organic gardening, permaculture, feminism, Fat Acceptance, fiber arts, ecological and alternative building, learning languages, pagan religions, attachment parenting, natural childbirth, natural health, natural living, and adoption. We have a particular interest in Crow Indian (Apsaalooke), Cherokee (Tsalagi), and Saponi culture because those are our particular Native heritages. We are both mixed blood, so we are also interested in learning more about other parts of our shared and individual backgrounds and the history, prehistory, and traditional religions of those regions and cultures, as well as others which do not personally relate to us both for general interest and specifically because we may adopt and want to be able to teach the child about their cultural heritage. We are deeply interested in veganism and animal rights and would like to operate an animal sanctuary in the future.

I am new here, so I am probably going to be slowly adding my large library and wishlist.

I am a member of Bookmooch, PBS, and Swaptree.

Tietoja kirjastostanimatrifocal cultures, prehistory, civil rights, dynamics of oppression, sociology of work, gift economy, feminism, animal liberation, anthropology, archaeology, history, geography, ecology, conservation, science, nature, geology, Native American studies, indigenous rights, languages, political science, anarchism, Classics, ancient paganism, modern paganism (including reconstructionist movements, goddess movement, archaeomythology, Vanatru/Asatru, Vodou, Candomble, African traditional religions, etc.), Asian studies, Kuan Yin, Taoism, religious studies (but not Abrahamic religions except in a nontraditional sense, preferably one with pagan connections), mixed martial arts, muay thai boxing, veganism, animal rights, operation of animal sanctuaries and shelters, gathering wild edibles, organic gardening, Fat Acceptance, attachment parenting, homebirth, natural childbirth, natural health, natural living, adoption, sustainable living, ecological and alternative building, sustainable agriculture, NGOs, and children's books about most of the above and more generally about animals, world cultures, natural history, history, etc.

RyhmätAnarchism, Ancient History, AP Parents ( Attachment Parenting Support and Resources ), Atmospheric science, BookMooching, Chinese American History, Ecology and the environment, Fat Activists, Fiber Arts, Japanese Culturenäytä kaikki ryhmät

LempikirjailijatSherman Alexie, Paula Gunn Allen, Joseph Campbell, Marija Gimbutas, Heide Goettner-Abendroth, Ivan Illich, Daniel Quinn, Peggy Reeves Sanday, Genevieve Vaughan (Yhteiset suosikit)

JäsenyysER. LibraryThingin Varhaiset kirja-arvostelijat/Jäsenten kirjalahja

MuuallaBookMooch, PaperBackSwap, swaptree

SijaintiNorthern Kentucky, USA

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