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Tietoja minusta"Canst thou conceive what dishonour power brings upon him that receives it, if he be imperfect, every man’s vices showing the plainer if he hath authority?"
--Boethius, Book 28, 'The Consolation of Philosophy'

Wisdom warns us to keep quiet when we have nothing good to say. Turning up the volume on this theme, Boethius cautions a rotten ruler with an unruly tongue to speak nothing more than a speechwriter scripts. Would Boethius have changed his tune if he were forced to contend with digital archives and the modern full-scale invasion of privacy?

Boethius learned to forgive occasions when loose lips sunk a few ships--speaking both of rotten rulers, such as the Roman exarch Theodoric who ordered his execution, as well as himself. "For there is nothing hidden, but it must be disclosed, nothing kept secret except to be brought to light" (NJB). The false self tries in vain to obscure any truth that slips out in speech or writing, but accumulated memories of egregious slips set the false self packing eventually, if we just live long enough.

I have lived long enough to stray often from wisdom's counsel. In brief, I have earned more than a few scars by disobeying this sage caveat to keep quiet and lie low. The challenge remains in life after age 50 to acknowledge the scars while also exploring limitations to sight and insight that shape my decisions. Most things in life escape my control.

Call it moral balance, but that would color it rosier than is true. Incandescent pink light may appear to soften the lines around my eyes and mouth, but when I show my face in the light of day, my 50+ age is just as plain as day. Therefore, I propose a jaundiced appraisal of my own mixed motives and equally mixed results from having failed to curb my tongue. This appraisal results from persevering in writing and praying, which together sharpen an inner eye to see my part in both good and bad things in the world. As John Donne said it much better: "Look, Lord, and see both Adams met in me."

Tietoja kirjastostaniWill you make shipwreck of your honest name,
And let the world be witness of the same?
Be more advised, walk as a puritan,
And I shall think you chaste, do what you can.
Slip still, only deny it when 'tis done
--Ovid, "Seeing Thou Art Fair"
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