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Source: Beacon for Freedom Database (1,384), *Banned Books (1,351), Reason: Moral (1,338), Time Period: 1900s (1,305), Country: South Africa (1,258), Censoring Body: Government (South African) (1,256), Category: Fiction (832), Category: Non-Fiction (318), Category: Not Assigned (277), Reason: Political (97), Reason: Religious (89), Country: USA (72), *Challenged Books (50), Source: ALA 100 Most Frequently Challenged 1990-2000 (45), Source: ALA (41), Time Period: 1800s (34), Country: UK (26), Time Period: 2000s (20), Country: Spain (20), Category: Art (18), Country: USSR (17), Country: Norway (17), Country: Turkey (16), Time Period: 1500s (15), Category: Poetry (15), Country: France (15), Country: The Holy See (14), *Censored Books (14), Time Period: 1600s (14), Country: Sweden (13), Country: Germany (12), Country: Australia (12), Time Period: 1700s (11), Country: Russian Federation (11), Category: Plays (11), Source: ALA 10 Most Challenged 2007 (10), Country: Denmark (10), *Seized Books (10), Country: Canada (8), Reason: Sexual Content (8), Censoring Body: Customs (Australian) (7), Censoring Body: Society for the Suppression of Vice (7), Censoring Body: Oxford University (6), Censoring Body: Customs (US) (6), Country: Italy (6), Country: Ireland (6), Country: Malawi (5), Country: Vietnam (5), Reason: Offensive Language (5), Country: Yugoslavia (4), Censoring Body: Church (4), Censoring Body: National Organization of Decent Literature (4), Censoring Body: New York Society for the Suppression of Vice (4), Reason: Homosexuality (4), Censoring Body: Parliament (Protestant England) (3), Country: Finland (3), Country: Poland (3), Reason: Unsuited to Age Group (3), Country: Kenya (3), Country: Greece (3), Time Period: 1400s (2), Country: Belarus (2), Censoring Body: State (Irish) (2), Country: Belgium (2), Censoring Body: Customs (British) (2), Country: Switzerland (2), Country: Egypt (2), Country: Latvia (2), Country: Estonia (2), Censoring Body: Authorities (French) (2), Country: Japan (2), Country: Lithuania (2), Country: The Netherlands (2), Censoring Body: National Vigilance Association in England (2), Country: Luxembourg (2), Source: Australian Government Classification Site (2), Censoring Body: Catholic Church (2), Censoring Body: Franco (2), Reason: Promotes Crime (2), Censoring Body: Mercer County Library (2), Censoring body: Tribunal de la Santa Inquisicion de Zaragoza y Lerida (2), Country: India (2), Censoring Body: Authorities (Soviet) (2), Time Period: 1100s (2), Country: Holy See (2), Censoring Body: Bookstores (India) (1), Censoring Body: Congress Party (India) (1), Censoring Body: Parliament (England) (1), Censoring Body: Privy Council (England) (1), Censoring Body: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) (1), Censoring Body: Prime Minister Sir Aneerood Jugnauth (1), Censoring Body: School Board (Toronto District) (1), Source: NCAC (1), Censoring Body: State (Russian) (1), Censoring Body: Commissioner Visram (1), *Illegal Books (1), Censoring Body: School Board (Halton Catholic Board Ontario) (1), Censoring Body: Authorities (Nazi Occupation) (1), Censoring Body: US State - Massachusetts (1), Censoring Body: School Board (Dufferin-Peel Catholic District) (1), Censoring Body: Authorities (Irish) (1), Censoring Body: State (British) (1), Censoring Body: US State - Boston (1), Censoring Body: State (Italian) (1), Censoring Body: Authorities (Malawi) (1), Censoring Body: Government (Kenyan) (1), Censoring Body: President Benjamin Mkapa (1), Censoring Body: Government (Chinese Nationalist) (1), Censoring Body: Customs (Canadian) (1), Censoring Body: School Board (Bismarck) (1), Time Period: 1200s (1), Censoring body: The Inquisitorial Index of Valentia (1), Censoring Body: High Court (Kenya) (1), Censoring Body: Authorities (Norwegian) (1), Censoring Body: Plutarch (1), Censoring Body: King James I (1), Country: Argentina (1), Country: South Korea (1), Country: Somalia (1), Country: Saudi Arabia (1), Country: Quatar (1), Country: New Zealand (1), Country: Malaysia (1), Country: Indonesia (1), Country: East Germany (1), Country: Bulgaria (1), Country: Bangladesh (1), Country: Pakistan (1), Country: Venezuela (1), Country: Tanzania (1), Country: Mauritius (1), Reason: Violence (1), Reason: Sexism (1), Reason: Sex Education (1), Reason: Racism (1), Reason: Anti-Family (1), Reason: Anti-Ethnic (1), Country: China (1), Country: Hungary (1), Country: Netherlands (1), Country: Sudan (1), Time Period: 0000s (1), Censoring Body: Cromwell (1), Censoring Body: City of Westminster (1), Censoring Body: Archbishop of Canterbury (1), Censoring Body: Savonarola (1), Censoring Body: Lady Isabel Burton (widow) (1), Censoring Body: Obscenity Law (1), Censoring Body: Publisher (1), Censoring Body: Elizabethans (1), Censoring Body: Huguenot Gentillet (1), Censoring Body: Pope Paul IV (1), Censoring Body: English Royalty (1), Censoring Body: French Army (1), Censoring Body: Lord Chamberlain (1), Censoring Body: Greek Military (1), Censoring Body: Thomas Bowdler (1), Censoring Body: Queen Elizabeth (1), Censoring Body: New York Court (1), Censoring Body: Wayne County Prosecutor (1), Censoring Body: US libraries and schools (1), Censoring Body: Nazis (1), Censoring Body: Boston Post (1), Censoring Body: Boston DA (1), Censoring Body: Catholic Organizations (1), Censoring Body: Texans for America (1), Censoring Body: Anthony Comstock (1), Category: Non-Fiction Censoring Body: Government (South African) (1)
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Sep 10, 2008
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Banned and challenged books from all over the world.
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How many banned books have you read?

Explanation of Tags
To make browsing easier, the tags have been structured in a way that groups sections of information together. To summarise:

Country - Refers to country work was banned in
Source - Refers to source of information regarding banning
Reason - Does what it says on the tin, why the book was banned
Time Period - Time period when the book was banned/restricted. Grouped by century - details in comments field.
Censoring Body - Specific authorities that have banned work (taken directly from source)
Banned Books - Books that have been banned
Censored Books - Books that have been censored
Challenged Books - Books that have been challenged
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Please Note: This project is no longer active but we have decided to let the account remain as it does provide useful information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PhoenixTerran.

BannedBooksLibrary is a LTer Project Library that will contain books that were and are banned, challenged, or otherwise censored throughout the world. It's just getting up and started--if you would like to participate in the project, and receive a password to this account, please leave a comment on PhoenixTerran's profile. For more information, please check out this talk thread and the BannedBooksLibrary Group.

Note on LibraryThing policy: LibraryThing is designed for personal and organizational catalogs--books owned, read or wanted by a person or a clearly defined group of people. "List-making" accounts are generally forbidden. For a number of reasons, the Banned Books Library was given special permission to continue as a "catalog" of banned and challenged books. For further information on this decision, please see the conversation with Tim Spalding (starting at message 34) regarding this account.

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