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Apr 23, 2007
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The Peter Millard Memorial Library
About My Library
The Peter T. Millard Memorial Library

In 1972 the Zodiac Friendship Society was formed. The Zodiac Society soon decided that a library was needed to educate and entertain the community as well as being a repository of the community’s history. Neil Richards was the first person to take on the role of librarian. Neil was allowed a budget to purchase books for the library and he spent it well. The University Bookstore saw a lot of Neil Richards in those days. Donations have always played a large part in building the library’s extensive collection. Peter Millard donated his entire library after his death in late 2001. The Avenue Community Centre (GLHS) renamed the library The Peter T. Millard Memorial Library in his honour. In more recent times Thomas Fournier reorganized the entire non fiction section by subject using the Library of Congress classification system. There is approximately 1600 items in the current collection. New books were added and are constantly being added. The Avenue Community Centre strives to acquire books to suit all tastes and viewpoints; however, our collection is queer oriented. Come in to the library, if you please, and check it out.

Everyone is welcome to browse our resource library; however, you need to be a member of the Avenue Community Centre to take resources out of the office.

T. Fournier
About Me
I have a Library Technician diploma; I am currently an Acquisitions/Cataloguer for SPL. I have been the volunteer Library Technician at OUT Saskatoon, formerly The Avenue Community Centre for a few years now. I love to catalog books. I feel it is important that the library be more easily accessible to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, etc. community.

I also have my personal collection uploaded to LibraryThing.com it can be found at the following URL.

201 – 320 21st St. West
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