About My Library

I read all sorts of books (check my reviews for everything I have reviewed), and while I don't leave a review for every book I've read, I do leave a rating or review on most. I'm always honest in my reviews, and I disclose at the beginning if I got the book for free (and how).

All my reviews (except the quotes from the book being reviewed) are my own opinion and under Unlicense. I don't need to be credited, but that is welcome.


Are you an author and want me to review your book?

I will happily do so if,

1) You will provide me an epub, mobi or PDF copy for free (advanced copy is ok with me).

2) You agree that I will leave an honest review (and disclosure, I got the book for free). If it's a DNF, then I won't leave a rating (but I may leave a review).

3) I will leave the review (at the minimum on here) when I'm able to do so (as I have a full-time job and other obligations).

4) I will not provide anyone a copy of my review before it goes public.

If you agree to these, please send me a message that includes details on what book you want me to review (link to Amazon or publisher site is fine), that you agree to my conditions, and tell me how to get the book (you can provide a download link, or ask for my email).

As there are so many talented authors, I cannot accept every request. At this time, I will not provide feedback on alpha or beta copies & I do not accept physical books, or any from the following genres: children's (including picture books), Christian / religious, comics, coming of age, horror, law, LGBT, motivational, poetry, policitics / government, romance, self-help, thriller.

About Me

Hi I'm Authentico, while that's not my real name, please call me by that. When I was a kid I loved reading, but as I grew older, got busier, and got distracted by the internet, I stopped reading books. One year I got an e-reader for Christmas and fell in love with reading again, I could get almost any book I wanted and it didn't take up anymore room in my house.

I try to read every day but don't always get the chance (maybe one day I just don't want to read, or I'm too busy).

My day job is usually doing something with technology, so it's nice to have an e-reader and not be distracted by the internet (I purposefully don't have mine connected to the internet).

Toronto, ON, Canada
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