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Jan 24, 2008
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Ami Legare
About My Library
This catalogue lists the books that my husband & I have amassed over the last 20+ years, both collectively and as individuals before we met. Obviously, we can't read everything all the time, so books are available to be borrowed. (it's not like you can wear out the words by looking at them!)

Please note: this catalogue lists only those books actually owned by us. General categories are series literature, 'short story' collections, general reading (including the oversized and odd-sized books), graphic novels/art books, cookbooks, herbals, landscape/gardening, Folklore/Folktales/Mythology, Writing Reference, Philosophy/Religion, History, Foreign Language, Home Decorating, Manners/Etiquette, Science/Mathematics, Computer Reference, Fitness/Health, Romance/Eroticism, Games/Gaming, General Reference, Costuming, Music, Theatre/Plays, Magic/Magic History Reference, and a variety of Handcrafts References.

Some cookbooks are out on loan at this time.
San Antonio, TX
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