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"Geographia" Pocket Road Atlas of England & Wales, with Southern Scotland (tekijä: Geographia Ltd)
'Chwarae teg' : Welsh men's support for women's suffrage (tekijä: Angela John)women's suffrage
'Organise! Organise! Organise!' : a study of reform agitations in Wales, 1840-1886 (tekijä: Ryland Wallace)
'The Bard Is a Very Singular Character': Iolo Morganwg, Marginalia and Print Culture (University of Wales Press - Iolo Morganwg and the Romantic Tradition) (tekijä: Ffion Mair Jones)
1905 & All That: Essays on Rugby Football, Sport & Welsh Society (tekijä: Gareth Williams)
50 Buildings that Built Wales (tekijä: Mark Baker)
[Map of police forces in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland] (tekijä: Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary)
AA 100 Walks in Wales and The Marches (tekijä: Automobile Association)
AA Illustrated Guide to Country Towns and Villages of Britain (tekijä: AA Publishing)
AA Illustrated Road Book of England and Wales (tekijä: Automobile Association)
AA Leisure Guide Wales (AA Leisure Guides) (tekijä: AA Publishing)
Aaa Britain Restaurant Guide : England Scotland Wales Ireland 2001 Edition (tekijä: AAA)
Abbeys and churches of England and Wales : descriptive, historical, pictorial (tekijä: Thomas George Bonney)
The Abbeys and Priories of Medieval Wales (tekijä: Janet Burton)
Aberystwyth Mon Amour (tekijä: Malcolm Pryce)
Abigale Hall (tekijä: Lauren A. Forry)
Access Gude 2011 (tekijä: National Trust)
The accomplished art : gold and gold-working in Britain and Ireland during the Bronze Age (c. 2300-650 BC) (tekijä: George Eogan)
Acts of Parliament concerning Wales, 1714-1901 (tekijä: T. I. Jeffreys Jones)
Acts of Union and Disunion (tekijä: Linda Colley)
AD 500: A Journey Through the Dark Isles of Britain and Ireland (tekijä: Simon Young)
Additional letters of the Morrises of Anglesey (1735-1786) (tekijä: Hugh Owen)
Addlands (tekijä: Tom Bullough)
Aderyn Ar Ffo (Cyfres Y Dysgwyr - Trioleg Yr Aderyn Brith) (Welsh Edition) (tekijä: Pat Clayton)
Adroddiad Cymdeithas Lyfryddol Cymru, 1909 (tekijä: Welsh Bibliographical Society)
The After Cilmeri Series: Books 2 & 4 (tekijä: Sarah Woodbury)
After The Event: A near miss that is too close for comfort (tekijä: Ted Bun)
After We Fall (tekijä: Emma Kavanagh)
Afterglow and Nightfall (tekijä: Edith Pargeter)
The Age of Arthur: Volume 2: The Successor States (tekijä: John Morris)
The Age of Arthur: Volume 3: Church, Society and Economy (tekijä: John Morris)
The Agrarian History of England and Wales: Volume 1, Part 1, Prehistory (tekijä: Stuart Piggott)
Agriculture in Wales during the Napoleonic wars (tekijä: David Thomas)
Alias the Saint (tekijä: Leslie Charteris)
All The King's Men: The British Redcoat in the Era of Sword and Musket (tekijä: Saul David)
An Allotment of Time (tekijä: Ripley Hayes)
The Amazing Quest of Doctor Syn (tekijä: Russell Thorndike)
Ambitious Love (tekijä: Rosie Harris)
American Express Pocket Guide to England and Wales (tekijä: John Tomes)
Ancient laws and institutes of Wales : comprising Laws supposed to be enacted by Howel the Good, modified by subsequent regulations under the native princes prior to the conquest by Edward the First, and anomalous laws, consisting principally of institutions which by the statute of Ruddlan were admittedto continue in force, with an English translation of the Welsh text to which are added a few Latin transcripts , containing digests of the Welsh laws, principally of the Dimetian Code , with indexes and gloss (tekijä: Aneurin Owen)
Ancient Monuments in Anglesey (tekijä: O. E. Craster)
Ancient Monuments Under The Ownership Or Guardianship Of His Majesty'S Office Of Works, Volume IV: South Wales (tekijä: Cyril Fox)
Angevin England 1154-1258 (tekijä: Richard Mortimer)
Anglesey: A Guide to Ancient and Historic Monuments on the Isle of Anglesey (CADW Guidebooks) (tekijä: Lesley MacInnes)
Ann of Cambray (tekijä: Mary Lide)
Annales Cambriæ (tekijä: John Ab Ithel Williams)
Annals and Antiquities of the Counties and County Families of Wales [2 Volumes] (tekijä: Thomas Nicholas)
The Anvil Stone (tekijä: Kathleen Cunningham Guler)
Arcade, no. 1
Arcade, no. 2
Arcade, no. 28 (tekijä: John Osmond)
Arcade, no. 3
Arcade, no. 34 (tekijä: John Osmond)
The Archaeology of Improvement in Britain, 1750-1850 (tekijä: Sarah Tarlow)
The Architectural Heritage of Britain and Ireland: An Illustrated A-Z of Terms and Styles ( A Shell Book) (tekijä: Michael Jenner)
Architecture in Britain: The Middle Ages (tekijä: Geoffrey Webb)
The Architecture of Death: The Chambered Tombs of Wales (tekijä: George Nash)
Arianrhod: A Welsh Myth Retold (tekijä: Barbara Donley)
Art in Wales (tekijä: Michael Jacobs)
Art in Wales, 2000BC-AD1850: An Illustrated History (tekijä: Eric Rowan)
Arthur and the Britons in Wales and Scotland (tekijä: W. F. Skene)
Arthur and the Grail (tekijä: Hubert Lampo)
The Arthur of the Welsh: The Arthurian Legend in Medieval Welsh Literature (tekijä: Rachel Bromwich)
Arthur's Britain (tekijä: Leslie Alcock)
Arthur: The Legend (tekijä: David Chauvel)
The Arthurian Omen (tekijä: G. G. Vandagriff)
The Arthurian place names of Wales (tekijä: Scott Lloyd)
The artist's journey through north Wales : life & landscape (tekijä: D. Michael Francis)
Artists in Wales, c.1740-c.1851 : a handlist of artists living and working in Wales from c.1740 up to c.1851 (tekijä: Paul Joyner)
Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve (tekijä: Dannie Abse)
The Ash Spear (tekijä: G. R. Grove)as Wales
At Dante's Service (tekijä: Chantelle Shaw)
Atlas of Dragonflies in Britain and Ireland (tekijä: Steve Cham)
August (tekijä: Gerard Woodward)
Axel's Pup (tekijä: Kim Dare)
Bad Blood: A Memoir (tekijä: Lorna Sage)
Baedeker's Great Britain : vII Central England, Wales (tekijä: Karl Baedeker)
The Bank Manager and the Holy Grail: Travels to the Weirder Reaches of Wales (tekijä: Byron Rogers)
Bard of liberty : the political radicalism of Iolo Morganwg (tekijä: Geraint H. Jenkins)
The Bard's Daughter (tekijä: Sarah Woodbury)
Bartholomew's Road Atlas of Great Britain: Fifth-inch to mile (tekijä: John Bartholomew and Son)
The Beekeeper's Apprentice (tekijä: Laurie R. King)
Benighted (tekijä: J. B. Priestley)
Best Walks in North Wales (Best Walks Guides) (tekijä: Richard Sale)
Best Walks in Southern Wales (tekijä: Richard Sale)
The Betrothed (tekijä: Sir Walter Scott)
Beyond Devolution and Decentralisation: Building Regional Capacity in Wales and Brittany (The Devolution Series) (tekijä: Alistair Cole)
Beyond the Burning Lands (tekijä: John Christopher)
Beyond the Gododdin: Dark Age Scotland in Medieval Wales (tekijä: Alex Woolf)
A bibliography of Welsh ballads printed in the 18th century, part iii (pp. 97-160) (tekijä: J. H. Davies)
A bibliography of Welsh periodicals, 1735-1850 (tekijä: Huw Walters)
Black Apples of Gower (tekijä: Iain Sinclair)
The Black Benedicts (tekijä: Anita Charles)
The Black Book of Carmarthen 'Stanzas of the graves' (tekijä: Thomas Jones)
Black Skin, Blue Books: African Americans and Wales, 1845-1945 (tekijä: Daniel Williams)
The Blindfold Track (tekijä: Frances Thomas)
The Blitz: The British Under Attack (tekijä: Juliet Gardiner)
Blossoms: Five Stories (tekijä: Mary Balogh)
Blow on a Dead Man's Embers (tekijä: Mari Strachan)
Blue Guide Cathedrals and Abbeys of England and Wales (tekijä: Keith Spence)
Blue Guide Wales (tekijä: John Tomes)
Blue Guide Wales and the Marches (tekijä: John Tomes)
Bones and Ochre: The Curious Afterlife of the Red Lady of Paviland (tekijä: Marianne Sommer)
A Book of North Wales (tekijä: S. Baring-Gould)
A Book of Welsh Bakestone Cookery (tekijä: Bobby Freeman)
A Book of Welsh Bread (tekijä: Bobby Freeman)
The Borgia Head Mystery (tekijä: Victor Gunn)
I Bought a Mountain (tekijä: Thomas Firbank)
Boy: Tales of Childhood (tekijä: Roald Dahl)
Bradshaw's Guide: The 1866 Handbook Reprinted (tekijä: George Bradshaw)
Brenhinedd y Saesson : or the kings of the Saxons, B.M. Cotton MS. Cleopatra B v and the Black Book of Basingwerk, NLW MS. 7006 : text and translation with introduction and notes / by Thomas Jones (tekijä: Thomas Jones)
Britain in the Middle Ages: An Archaeological History (tekijä: Francis Pryor)
British Outlaws of Literature and History (tekijä: Alexander L. Kaufman)
British Phrasebook (tekijä: Elizabeth Bartsch-Parker)
The Broken Bridge (tekijä: Philip Pullman)
Bronze Age Metalwork in England and Wales (Shire archaeology) (tekijä: Nancy Langmaid)
The Brothers of Gwynedd Quartet (tekijä: Edith Pargeter)
Brunel in South Wales: Volume 3: Links with Leviathans (tekijä: Stephen K. Jones)
Brut y tywysogion; or, The chronicle of the princes (tekijä: Rev. John Williams ab Ithel)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1: Coyote Moon; Night of the Living Rerun; Portal Through Time (tekijä: Arthur Byron Cover)
Building Jerusalem : nonconformity, labour and the social question in Wales, 1906-1939 (tekijä: Robert Pope)
The Buildings Of England Ireland Scotland And Wales (tekijä: Bridget Cherry)
The bulletin of the board of celtic studies, volume XXVIII, part IV, May 1980 (tekijä: D. Ellis Evans)
By Hook or By Crook (tekijä: David Crystal)
Caitlin (tekijä: Caitlin Thomas)
Calendar of ancient correspondence concerning Wales (tekijä: J. Goronwy Edwards)
Call to the Castle (tekijä: Norrey Ford)
The Cambrian popular antiquities of Wales (tekijä: Peter Roberts)
Cambrian superstitions, comprising ghosts, omens, witchcraft, traditions, &c. To which are added a concise view of the manners and customs of the principality, and some fugitive pieces (tekijä: William Howells)
Caneuon Cenedlaethol Cymru (tekijä: Evan Thomas Davies)
Cardiff & South Wales (tekijä: Rebecca Ford)
Cardiff and the marquesses of Bute (tekijä: John Davies)
Cariad at ein gwlad = A discourse on the love of our country (tekijä: Richard Price)
Carrie's War (tekijä: Nina Bawden)
Cary's New Itinerary (tekijä: John Cary)
The Case of the Dotty Dowager (tekijä: Cathy Ace)
The Case of the Missing Slingbacks (tekijä: Jonathan Kennedy)
Castle (tekijä: David Macaulay)
The castle community : the personnel of English and Welsh castles, 1272-1422 (tekijä: John Rickard)
Castles : An Introduction to the Castles of England and Wales (tekijä: B. H. St. J. O'Neil)
The castles and walled towns of England (tekijä: Alfred Harvey)
Castles in the Air: The Restoration Adventures of Two Young Optimists and a Crumbling Old Mansion (tekijä: Judy Corbett)
Castles of Edward the First in Wales (tekijä: P. H. Humphries)
Castles of England Scotland and Wales: A Guide and Gazateer (tekijä: Nathaniel Harris)
The Castles of Wales (tekijä: Alan Scott Reid)
Castles of Wales (tekijä: David R. Cook)
Castles of Wales (Cotman-color) (tekijä: J. A. Brooks)
Cat and Mouse (tekijä: Christianna Brand)
Catalogue of manuscripts and books from the collections presented by Sir John Williams, bart., K.C.V.O., exhibited to the public, July and August, 1909 (tekijä: National Library of Wales.,)
Catalogue of manuscripts, volume I. Additional manuscripts in the collections of Sir John Williams, bart., G.C.V.O. (tekijä: John Humphreys Davies)
A catalogue of Star Chamber proceedings relating to Wales (tekijä: Ifan ab Owen Edwards)
Catalogue of tracts of the Civil War and Commonwealth period relating to Wales and the borders (tekijä: National Library of Wales.,)
The Cathedral churches of England and Wales : descriptive, historical, pictorial (tekijä: T. G. Bonney)
Cathedrals and Abbeys of England and Wales (tekijä: T. G. Bonney)
Cathedrals, Abbeys and Churches of England and Wales Vol. VI (tekijä: T. G. Bonney)
Cathedrals, Abbeys and Churches of England and Wales, Vol IV (tekijä: T. G. Bonney)
Cathedrals, Abbeys, and Churches of England and Wales: Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial, Volume 1 (tekijä: T. G. Bonney)
Cathedrals, abbeys, and churches of England and Wales: descriptive, historical, pictorial. Vol. 2 / Vol. 2 (tekijä: T. G. Bonney)
The Catholic Church in England & Wales (tekijä: Paul Kennedy)
Catholic Directory of England & Wales 04 (tekijä: Joseph Kelly)
Catholic Directory of England and Wales (tekijä: D. Catherine Wynbourne)
CATHOLIC DIRECTORY OF ENGLAND AND WALES 2001 (tekijä: Bishops' Conference of England and Wales)
Ceffylau dur : hen beiriannau amaethyddol (tekijä: Elfyn Scourfield)
Celtic Baby Names: Traditional Names from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall & the Isle of Man (tekijä: Judy Sierra)
Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx (tekijä: John Rhys)
Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx. Volume 1 (tekijä: John Rhys)
Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx. Volume 2 (tekijä: John Rhys)
Celtic Heritage (tekijä: Alwyn Rees)
The Celtic Heroic Age: Literary Sources for Ancient Celtic Europe & Early Ireland & Wales (tekijä: John T. Koch)
Celtic Mythology: The Nature and Influence of Celtic Myth -- From Druidism to Arthurian Legend (tekijä: Ward Rutherford)
Celtic Myths and Legends (tekijä: T. W. Rolleston)
Celtic Myths and Legends (tekijä: Charles Squire)
A Celtic Quest: Sexuality and Soul in Individuation: A Depth-Psychology Study of the Mabinogion Legend of Culhwch and Olwen (tekijä: John Layard)
Celtic Tales: Fairy Tales and Stories of Enchantment from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and Wales (tekijä: Kate Forrester)
The Celtic Wisdom Tarot with Cards (tekijä: Caitlin Matthews)
Celtika (tekijä: Robert Holdstock)
The Celts (tekijä: Nora Chadwick)
The Celts: A Very Short Introduction (tekijä: Barry Cunliffe)
A Century of Cardiff: Events, People and Place Over the 20th Century (tekijä: John O'Sullivan)
Cerddi Waldo Williams (tekijä: J. E. Caerwyn Williams)
A Charmed Life: Growing up in Macbeth's Castle (tekijä: Liza Campbell)
Chase a Green Shadow (tekijä: Anne Mather)
Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury (tekijä: Jack Canfield)
The Chief's Daughter (tekijä: Rosemary Sutcliff)
Chieftains and Princes : A Power in the Land of Wales (tekijä: Charles Kightly)
A Child's Christmas in Wales (tekijä: Dylan Thomas)
A Child's Christmas in Wales [and] The Outing (tekijä: Dylan Thomas)
The Christian Celts: Treasures of Late Celtic Wales (tekijä: Mark Redknap)
A Christmas Beginning (tekijä: Anne Perry)
Christopher Lee's New Chamber of Horrors (tekijä: Peter Haining)
Circular Walks on Anglesey (tekijä: Dorothy Hamilton)
The Cistercians in Wales: Architecture and Archaeology 1130-1540 (Reports of the Research Committee of the Society of Antiquar) (tekijä: David M. Robinson)
The Civil Wars Experienced: Britain and Ireland, 1638-1661 (tekijä: Martyn Bennett)
The Civil Wars in Britain and Ireland: 1638-1651 (tekijä: Martyn Bennett)
A Civilised Arrangement (tekijä: Catherine George)
The Classic Gothic Horror Collection (tekijä: Charles Maturin)
Cligieth, c'nebrwn ac angladd : hen arferion marw a chladdu yng Nghymru (tekijä: Catrin Stevens)
Coach Dog Dick (tekijä: Susan. Swain)
Coach Dog, Fire Dog Series (tekijä: Susan. Swain)
The Coast of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (tekijä: Joe Cornish)
Coastal Walks in England and Wales (tekijä: Christopher Somerville)
Coelion Cymru (tekijä: Evan Isaac)folklore
Cof cenedl III (tekijä: Geraint H. Jenkins)
Coffee, Tea, and Holy Water: One Woman's Journey to Experience Christianity Around the Globe (tekijä: Amanda Hudson)
Cold Remains (tekijä: Sally Spedding)
Collected Folk Tales (tekijä: Alan Garner)
Collen, cyllell a chorn (tekijä: Bob Gruff Jones)
Collieries of Blaenavon and the Eastern Valleys (Landmark Collector's Library) (tekijä: John Cornwell)
Collieries of South Wales (tekijä: John Cornwell)
Collieries of South Wales : 1 (tekijä: John Cornwell)
Collins Gem Welsh Dictionary (tekijä: Collins Gem)
Collins Rambler's Guide - Snowdonia and North Wales (tekijä: Richard Sale)
Collins Rambler's Guide - North Wales (tekijä: Richard Sale)
Collins Spurrell Welsh Dictionary (tekijä: William Spurrell)
The Coming of the Celts, AD 1860: Celtic Nationalism in Ireland and Wales (tekijä: Caoimhin de Barra)
The Coming of the King (tekijä: Nikolai Tolstoy)as Wales
Common Joys and Other Poems (tekijä: W. H. Davies)
The Common Lands of England and Wales (tekijä: W. G. Hoskins)
Common People: A History from the Norman Conquest to the Present (Flamingo) (tekijä: J. F. C. Harrison)
Commons, forests and footpaths: The story of the battle during the last forty-five years for public rights over the comm (tekijä: G. Shaw-Lefevre Eversley)
The Communist Party of Great Britain and the National Question in Wales, 1920-1991 (Studies in Welsh History) (tekijä: Douglas Jones)
Company archives (tekijä: Lesley Richmond)
A Concise History of Wales (tekijä: Geraint H. Jenkins)
Conquerors and Conquered in Medieval Wales (tekijä: Ralph A. Griffiths)
The constant fisherman (tekijä: H. E. Morritt)
Conwy Castle Including Conwy Town Walls (tekijä: A. J. Taylor)
The Cormorant (tekijä: Stephen Gregory)
The Counties of Britain: A Tudor Atlas (tekijä: John Speed)
Country House Guide (tekijä: Robin Fedden)
Country Life Picture Book of Wales (tekijä: Roger Thomas)
The Coward's Tale (tekijä: Vanessa Gebbie)
Craven Arms to Llandeilo: The Heart of the Wales Line (Country Railway Routes) (tekijä: John Organ)
Crime in England and Wales (tekijä: Frederick Hemming McClintock)
Crisis of economy and ideology : essays on Welsh society, 1840-1980 (tekijä: Glyn Williams)
Croeso Cymreig - a Welsh welcome: recipes for some traditional Welsh dishes (tekijä: Wales Gas Board)
Crown in Candlelight (tekijä: Rosemary Hawley Jarman)
The Cuckoo's Parting Cry (tekijä: Anthea Halliwell)
Culhwch and Olwen : an edition and study of the oldest Arthurian tale (tekijä: Rachel Bromwich)
Cup of Gold : A Life of Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer, with Occasional Reference to History (tekijä: John Steinbeck)
The Curse of the Giant Hogweed (tekijä: Charlotte MacLeod)
The Customs and Traditions of Wales (tekijä: Trefor M. Owen)
Cylchgrawn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru = The National Library of Wales journal (tekijä: Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru = National Library of Wales)
Cylchgrawn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, Cyfrol XXXIII, Rhifyn 1, Haf 2003
Cymbeline (tekijä: William Shakespeare)
Cymdeithas Alawon Gwerin Cymru = The Welsh Folk Song Society, 1908-1983 (tekijä: D. Roy Saer)
Cymru a'r môr / Maritime Wales, no. 1 (1976) (tekijä: Aled Eames)
Cymru a'r môr / Maritime Wales, no. 2, July 1977 (tekijä: Aled Eames)
Cymru a'r môr / Maritime Wales, no. 3 (1978) (tekijä: Aled Eames)
Cymru a'r môr / Maritime Wales, no. 4 (1979) (tekijä: Aled Eames)
Cymru'n Un {song} {sheet music} (tekijä: David Lloyd George)
Daearyddiaeth Cymru fel cefndir i'w hanes (tekijä: E. G. Bowen)
Dafydd ap Gwilym : a selection of poems (tekijä: Dafydd ap Gwilym)
Dame Margaret: the Life Story of His Mother (tekijä: Viscount Gwynedd)
Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess (tekijä: Christine Merrill)
Dark Age Britain: What to See and Where (tekijä: Robert Jackson)
Dark Moon of Avalon (tekijä: Anna Elliott)
The Dark Philosophers (tekijä: Gwyn Thomas)
Dark Side of the Moon (tekijä: Sherrilyn Kenyon)
Daughter of Time (tekijä: Sarah Woodbury)
David Lloyd George , Celtic Radicals Series (tekijä: Emyr Price)
A Dead Man's Secret (tekijä: Susanna Gregory)
The defiant prince (tekijä: Sally Newton)
Delving in Dinorwig (tekijä: Douglas C. Carrington)
Destiny's Path (tekijä: Frewin Jones)
The Detour (tekijä: Gerbrand Bakker)
Devil's Mount (tekijä: Anne Mather)
Devolution and governance : Wales between capacity and constraint (tekijä: Alistair Cole)
Diamond Star Halo (tekijä: Tiffany Murray)
Dictionary of Celtic Mythology (tekijä: Peter Berresford Ellis)
Dictionary of the Place-names of Wales (tekijä: Hywel Wyn Owen)
A Digest of the Results of the Census of England and Wales in 1901... (tekijä: William Sanders)
Discovering Archaeology in England and Wales (tekijä: James Dyer)
Discovering Landscape in England and Wales (tekijä: Andrew Gondie)
Discovering Welsh history. Bk. 3, The making of modernWales (tekijä: Geraint H. Jenkins)
The Discovery of King Arthur (tekijä: Geoffrey Ashe)
Disestablishment in Ireland and Wales, (Church historical series) (tekijä: P.M.H. Bell)
The Distribution of the Welsh Language in 1971: An Analysis (tekijä: E. G. Bowen)
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide : Great Britain (tekijä: Michael Leapman)
Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts (tekijä: Russell T. Davies)
Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter (tekijä: Russell T. Davies)
The domesday inquest (tekijä: Adolphus Ballard)
Domesday, 1086 - 1836 - 1986 (tekijä: Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru = National Library of Wales)
Down in Wales 2 : visits to more wartime air crash sites (tekijä: Terence R. Hill)
Down in Wales : visits to some wartime air crash sites (tekijä: Terence R. Hill)
The Dragon at Noonday (tekijä: Edith Pargeter)as Wales
A Dragon for Edward (tekijä: Pamela Bennetts)
Dragon of the Island (tekijä: Mary Gillgannon)
The Dragon Waiting (tekijä: John M. Ford)
Dragon's Lair (tekijä: Sara Craven)
Dreams of Gold (tekijä: Jonathan Chamberlain)
Drive Around England & Wales: Your guide to great drives (Drive Around - Thomas Cook) (tekijä: Lindsay Hunt)
The Druid's Son (tekijä: G. R. Grove)
The Druids (tekijä: Ronald Hutton)
Dwalen door Wales (tekijä: Erik Verdonck)
Dylan Thomas: Poet of his people (tekijä: Andrew Sinclair)
Dylan Thomas: The Biography (tekijä: Paul Ferris)
The dynamics of politics in mid-nineteenth-century Wales (tekijä: Ieuan Gwynedd Jones)
Early Celtic Art in Britain and Ireland (tekijä: Ruth Megaw)
Early Irish and Welsh Kinship (tekijä: T. M. Charles-Edwards)
Early Iron Age Art in Wales (tekijä: H. N. Savory)
Early views of towns in Wales and the border (tekijä: Donald Moore)
Early Welsh genealogical tracts (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
An East Wind Blowing (tekijä: Mel Keegan)
Edge of Temptation (tekijä: Anne Mather)
Edith Pargeter: Ellis Peters (tekijä: Margaret Lewis)
Education in Wales and Cornwall in the ninth and tenth centuries : understanding De raris fabulis (tekijä: Scott Gwara)
Edward Lhuyd ac Iolo Morganwg : Agweddau ar Hanes Astudiaethau Gwerin yng Nghymru (tekijä: G. J. Williams)
Edward Thomas: Prose Writings: A Selected Edition: Volume II: England and Wales: 2 (Edward Thomas:Prose Writing Selected Edition) (tekijä: Edward Thomas)
The Eighth Doctor: A Matter of Life and Death (tekijä: George Mann)
The eisteddfod (tekijä: Hywel Teifi Edwards)
Elizabeth I (tekijä: Margaret George)
Elliot's War (tekijä: Kim Dare)
Elusive Paradise (tekijä: Lilian Peake)
The Emerald Flame (tekijä: Frewin Jones)
Emlyn Davies: Man of God (tekijä: Alfreda Hall)
An empty chair: the story of Welsh First World War poet Hedd Wyn (tekijä: Haf Llewelyn)
Emyr Humphreys (tekijä: Ioan M. Williams)
Enemies of the Empire (tekijä: Rosemary Rowe)
England and Wales (tekijä: John Julius Norwich)
England und Wales (tekijä: Hans Lajta)
England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales: The Christian Church 1900-2000 (tekijä: Keith Robbins)
England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales - The World's Story (Volume 10); A History of the World in Story, Song and Art (tekijä: Eva March Tappan)
England/Wales (Road Maps) (tekijä: Freytag-Berndt und Artaria)
English Accents and Dialects (tekijä: Arthur Hughes)
English Hauntings: Eighteen Haunted Houses of England and Wales (tekijä: Elliott O'Donnell)
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain: A Novel (tekijä: Christopher Monger)
Enwau adar (tekijä: Dewi E. Lewis)
Erotic Brits (tekijä: Jacqueline Applebee)
Erottamattomat (tekijä: Bruce Chatwin)
The Essential Dylan Thomas: Poetry And Stories (tekijä: Dylan Thomas)
Essential English for Foreign Students [4 vols.] (tekijä: Charles Ewart Eckersley)
Exchequer proceedings (Equity) concerning Wales, Henry VIII-Elizabeth (tekijä: Emyr Gwynne Jones)
The Expansion of Elizabethan England (tekijä: A. L. Rowse)
Explore Britain's Villages (tekijä: Unknown)
Exploring Place-Names in Wales (Inside Out) (tekijä: Andrea Miller)
Exploring Unspoilt Britain and Northern Ireland (tekijä: Derrik Mercer)
Exploring Wales (tekijä: William Condry)
The Eyre Affair (tekijä: Jasper Fforde)People's Republic of Wales
The Face of Wales (tekijä: Tudor Edwards)
Fair Shines the Day (tekijä: Margaret Maddocks)
Fairest of Them All (tekijä: Teresa Medeiros)
The Fallen Stones (tekijä: G. R. Grove)
Falls the Shadow (tekijä: Sharon Kay Penman)as Wales
Family Feeling (tekijä: Judith Saxton)
Famous Welshmen (tekijä: Welsh Department of the Board of Education)
Far from the Sodding Crowd: More Uncommonly British Days Out (tekijä: Jason Hazeley)
Farmhouses and Cottages in Wales (tekijä: Welsh Folk Museum)
Fated (tekijä: Benedict Jacka)
Favourite Welsh Recipes (Favourite Recipes) (tekijä: Sheila Howells)
Ferrets and Ferreting (tekijä: Iain Brodie)
Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Illustrated Stock List, Revised (tekijä: John Organ)
Fields of Battle: Terrain in Military History (GeoJournal Library) (tekijä: Peter Doyle)
Fiery Shapes: Celestial Portents and Astrology in Ireland and Wales 700-1700 (tekijä: Mark Williams)
Finding Your English Welsh Ancestors Including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands, 2nd edition (tekijä: Penelope Christensen)
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Monuments of early christianity in Wales =: Cofgolofnau cristnogaeth gynnar yng Nghymru (Amgueddfa: bulletin of the National Museum of Wales) (tekijä: Donald Moore)
The Moravian Brethren in North Wales : an episode in the religious history of Wales (tekijä: R. T. Jenkins)
More Odd Corners in North Wales (tekijä: William T Palmer)
More Tales from the Welsh Hills (tekijä: Ellen Pugh)
Motoring on Welsh Byways (tekijä: Christopher Trent)
The Mountains Between (tekijä: Julie McGowan)
The Mountains of Wales: Walker's Guide (Teach Yourself) (tekijä: Terry Marsh)
Mr. Lloyd George, (tekijä: E. T. Raymond)
Mr. Nice (tekijä: Howard Marks)
Muistiinmerkintöjä pieneltä saarelta (tekijä: Bill Bryson)
Murder Without Magic (tekijä: Ripley Hayes)
Museum of Welsh Life: Visitor guide (tekijä: Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru)
Musical and poetical relicks of the Welsh bards (tekijä: Edward Jones)
Must Love Chainmail (tekijä: Angela Quarles)
My Lady's Honor (tekijä: Julia Justiss)
My Lord John (tekijä: Georgette Heyer)
My Paper Chase: True Stories of Vanished Times (tekijä: Harold Evans)
My Sheriff (tekijä: M.K. Moore)
A Mystery for Mr. Bass (tekijä: Eleanor Cameron)
Mystical Britain and Ireland (tekijä: Richard Jones)
The Mystical Way and the Arthurian Quest (tekijä: Derek Bryce)
Myths and Legends of Wales (tekijä: Tony Roberts)
The Myvyrian archaiology of Wales (tekijä: Owen Jones)
Narrow Gauge Railways: Wales and the Western Front (tekijä: Humphrey Household)
The National Botanic Garden of Wales (tekijä: Andrew Sclater)
National Geographic Magazine 1923 v44 #6 December (tekijä: Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor)
National Geographic Magazine 1944 v85 #6 June (tekijä: Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor)
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The National Trails: The National Trails of England, Scotland and Wales (tekijä: Paddy Dillon)
National Trust Handbook 2014 (tekijä: National Trust)
National Trust Handbook 2021 (tekijä: National Trust)
The National Trust: A Record of Fifty Years' Achievement (tekijä: James Lees-Milne)
The Native Never Returns (tekijä: Thomas Jones)
The Natural History of Wales (tekijä: William Condry)
The Natural World: See the World as Never Before (Bird's Eye View) (tekijä: John Farndon)
The Nearest Faraway Place (tekijä: Hayley Long)
Nectar from a Stone (tekijä: Jane Guill)
Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories (tekijä: Neil Gaiman)
Nelles Guides : London : England and Wales (tekijä: David Arscott)
I Never Knew That About Wales (tekijä: Christopher Winn)
New Celtic Cooking (tekijä: Kathleen Sloan-McIntosh)
The new companion to the literature of Wales (tekijä: Meic Stephens)
A New History of Wales (tekijä: Jeremy Black)
New map of England and Wales, with part of Scotland on which are carefully laid down all the direct and principal cross roads, the course of the rivers and navigable canals, cities, market and borough towns, parishes, and most considerable hamlets, parks, forests, etc. delineated from actual surveysand materially assisted from authentic documents liberally supplied by the Post Master General (tekijä: John Cary)
A New Social Atlas of Britain (tekijä: Danny Dorling)
No Bunkers Here: Successful Non-violent Action in a Welsh Community (tekijä: Tony Simpson)
No Other Duke Will Do (tekijä: Grace Burrowes)
Nobody Beats Us: The Inside Story of the 1970s Wales Rugby Team (tekijä: David Tossell)
Noonday and Night (tekijä: Gladys Mitchell)
The Norman Heritage, 1055-1200 (tekijä: Trevor Rowley)
North Wales (tekijä: Alfred Thomas Story)
North Wales (tekijä: William Thomas Palmer)
North Wales (Shell Guides) (tekijä: Elisabeth Beazley)
North Wales and Snowdonia (Landmark Visitor Guide) (tekijä: Colin Macdonald)
North Wales Ghost Stories: Shiver Your Way from Wrexham to the Lleyn Peninsular (tekijä: Richard Holland)
North Wales in Cameracolour: a Souvenir Collection of Superb Colour Photographs (Souvenir picture books) (tekijä: J. Salmon)
North Wales Walks on the Level: Snowdonia and Anglesey (tekijä: Norman Buckley)
Odd Corners in North Wales (tekijä: William T Palmer)
The Old Devils (tekijä: Kingsley Amis)
The Old Gods Endure (tekijä: G. R. Grove)
Old ships and sailors of Wales (tekijä: David Thomas)
On Angel Mountain (tekijä: Brian John)
Once We Were: Death of A Golden Age (tekijä: Aundrea M Lopez)
The One Plus One (tekijä: Jojo Moyes)
Open Side (tekijä: Sam Warburton)
Operation Fire = Operation Tân (tekijä: Welsh Campaign for Civil and Political Liberties)
The Opposition to the Great War in Wales 1914-1918 (tekijä: Aled Eirug)
Ordnance Survey road atlas of Great Britain (tekijä: Ordnance Survey Great Britain.)
Ordnance Survey Woodland Walks: Wales and the Marches (tekijä: Gerald Wilkinson)
The Other Half of Me (tekijä: Morgan McCarthy)
Out Of The Earth (tekijä: Arthur Machen)
Out of the people : a century of labour (tekijä: Dai Smith)
Outdoor Leisure Map 011: Brecon Beacons Central Area (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
Outdoor Leisure Map 016: Snowdonia National Park Conwy Valley area (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
Owain Glyndwr: Prince of Wales (tekijä: Ian Skidmore)
Owen Glendower (tekijä: John Cowper Powys)
Owen Glyndwr and the Last Struggle for Welsh Independence (tekijä: arthur granville bradley)
The Owl Service / The Weirdstone of Brisingamen / The Moon of Gomrath / A Bag of Moonshine / Elidor (tekijä: Alan Garner)
Oxford Book of Welsh Verse in English (tekijä: Gwyn Jones)
The Oxford companion to the literature of Wales (tekijä: Meic Stephens)
Paris 1919 (tekijä: John Cale)
Paula Yates : the Autobiography (tekijä: Paula Yates)
Pendragonin legenda (tekijä: Antal Szerb)
The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish History (tekijä: Barry Cunliffe)
The Penguin Guide to the Landscape of England and Wales (tekijä: Paul Coones)
Per Ardua (tekijä: Jessie Blackwood)
The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (tekijä: Julia London)
The Personnel of English and Welsh Castles, 1272-1422 (tekijä: John Rickard)
Philip's Compact Atlas Britain (tekijä: Philip's)
Philip's Complete Road Atlas Britain and Ireland 2011 (tekijä: Philip's)
Philip's Handy Administrative Atlas for England and Wales (tekijä: George Philip)
Philip's Motoring Atlas Britain (tekijä: Philip's)
Philip's Navigator Britain (tekijä: Philip's)
Philip's Ordnance Survey Superscale Britain (Road Atlas) (tekijä: George Philip & Son)
Philip's road atlas : Northern England & Wales (tekijä: George Philip & Son.,)
Philips' handy atlas of the counties of Wales (tekijä: John Bartholomew)
A Photographic History of Mining in South Wales (tekijä: John O'Sullivan)
The Physicians of Myddfai (tekijä: John Ab Ithel Williams)
Pictorial England and Wales (tekijä: Cassell)
Picture Book of Wales (tekijä: Country Life Limited)
Picturesque Great Britain : its architecture and landscape (tekijä: E. O. Hoppé)
A Piece of Justice (tekijä: Jill Paton Walsh)
The Pier Glass (tekijä: Nia Williams)
Pigeon (tekijä: Alys Conran)
The Pilgrims (tekijä: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley)
The Place of Welsh and English in the Schools of Wales (tekijä: Department of Education and Science Central Adviso)
The place to stay: holidays for people on he move (tekijä: Yha)
Places to Visit in Britain (tekijä: John Burke)
Planet 241 (tekijä: Emily Trahair)
The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England (tekijä: Dan Jones)
The poets of the Welsh princes (tekijä: J. E. Caerwyn Williams)
The Political Development of the British Isles 1100-1400 (OPUS) (tekijä: Robin Frame)
Politics and Society in Wales, 1840-1922: Essays in Honour of Ieuan Gwynedd Jones (tekijä: Geraint H. Jenkins)
Porius (tekijä: John Cowper Powys)
Portrait of the Central Wales Line (tekijä: Martin Smith)
Preliminary Observations on the Distribution of the Welsh Language at the 1971 Census (tekijä: E. G. Bowen)
The Present state of Great-Britain and Ireland, in 3 parts (tekijä: Guy Miège)
The Prince and the Pilgrim (tekijä: Mary Stewart)
Prince of Time (tekijä: Glenna McReynolds)
Prince of Time (tekijä: Sarah Woodbury)
The principality of Wales 1267-1967 : a study in constitutional history (tekijä: J. Goronwy Edwards)
Prison Letters (tekijä: John Jenkins)
Pryderi's Pigs and Other Poems (tekijä: G. R. Grove)
Pubs & inns of England & Wales (Alastair Sawday's Special Places) (tekijä: David Hancock)
Punainen kuningatar (tekijä: Philippa Gregory)
A Queen from the North (tekijä: Erin McRae)
Queen of the Mersey (tekijä: Maureen Lee)
The Quest for Olwen (tekijä: Gwyn Thomas)
The railway engineers and architects of Wales (tekijä: Frazer Henderson)railways
Raivoisat ruusut : kronikka vallasta (tekijä: William Shakespeare)
A Rattleskull Genius: The Many Faces of Iolo Morganwg (University of Wales Press - Iolo Morganwg and the Romantic Tradition) (tekijä: Geraint H. Jenkins)
Rebecca's Daughters (tekijä: Dylan Thomas)
Rebel Sun (tekijä: Sophie McKeand)
Recipes for Cherubs (tekijä: Babs Horton)
The Reckoning (tekijä: Sharon Kay Penman)
The Red and the White: A History of England Vs Wales Rugby (tekijä: Huw Richards)
Reise durch England und Wales (tekijä: Tina Herzig)
Religion and Society in England and Wales, 1689-1800: A Sourcebook (tekijä: William Gibson)
Religion and Welsh literature in the age of the reformation (tekijä: Glanmor Williams)
The religious census of 1676 (tekijä: Thomas Richards)
Religious developments in Wales, 1654-1662 (tekijä: Thomas Richards)
Reports to the president and court of governors of the National Library of Wales, 1914-1925 (tekijä: Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru = National Library of Wales)
Reunion (tekijä: Kara Dalkey)
Revival Comes to Wales (tekijä: Eifion Evans)
The revolt of Owain Glyn Dŵr (tekijä: R. R. Davies)
Rheilfford Ffestiniog: Ffestiniog Railway (tekijä: Roy Woods)
Rheilffordd Eryri = Welsh Highland Railway (tekijä: Roy Woods)
Rheilffordd Eryri: A Pictorial History (tekijä: Roy Woods)
Rhestr o enwau lleoedd = A gazetteer of Welsh place-names (tekijä: Elwyn Davies)
Rhondda Cynon Taff Collieries (Landmark Collector's Library) (tekijä: John Cornwell)
Rhydd Fel Aderyn (Cyfres Y Dysgwyr) (Welsh Edition) (tekijä: Pat Clayton)
Richard (tekijä: Ben Myers)
Richard Burton (tekijä: Melvyn Bragg)
Rick Steves' Great Britain & Ireland (tekijä: Rick Steves)
Rikhard II (tekijä: William Shakespeare)as Wales
Ring of Crystal (tekijä: Jane Donnelly)
The Rise & Fall of Great Powers (tekijä: Tom Rachman)
Road Atlas of Britain 1993 (tekijä: Rand McNally)
The Road to Avalon (tekijä: Joan Wolf)
The Road to Judgment: From Custom to Court in Medieval Ireland and Wales (Middle Ages Series) (tekijä: Robin Chapman Stacey)as Wales, medieval
The Road To The National Assembly For Wales: The Welsh Referendum 1997 (tekijä: Denis Balsom)
Roman archaeology in Wales : a tribute to V. E. Nash-Williams (tekijä: Mortimer Wheeler)
Romano-British buildings and earthworks (tekijä: John Ward)
A Rough Guide Special Do Go Wales For Independent Travellers (tekijä: Jules Brown)
The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain (tekijä: Rough Guides)
The Rough Guide to Britain (tekijä: Robert Andrews)
The Rough Guide to Great Britain (tekijä: Rough Guides)
The Rough Guide to Wales (tekijä: Paul Whitfield)
The Rough Guide to Wales (tekijä: Mike Parker)
The rural industries of England & Wales, iv, Wales (tekijä: Anna M. Jones)
Ruthless in All (tekijä: Jessica Steele)
Sacrifice (tekijä: Gwendolyn Beynon)
Saffy's Angel (tekijä: Hilary McKay)
The Saints Abroad: Missionaries Who Answered Brigham Young's 1852 Call to the Nations of the World (tekijä: Reid L. Neilson)
Salaperäinen laatikko (tekijä: Freeman Wills Crofts)
The Salmon and Sea Trout Rivers of England and Wales. Two volume set. Limited edition (tekijä: Augustus Grimble)
The salmon rivers of England & Wales, (tekijä: Augustus Grimble)
Sanctuary (Dominion) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Kris Kramer)
I Saw a Man (tekijä: Owen Sheers)
Saxons, Vikings, and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland (tekijä: Bryan Sykes)
Scarlet (tekijä: Stephen R. Lawhead)
The Second World War, Volume 6 [of 12]: War Comes to America (tekijä: Winston S. Churchill)
The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes (tekijä: June Thomson)
Secret Landscapes (tekijä: Wynford Vaughan-Thomas)
Seeing Things (tekijä: Oliver Postgate)
Selected Poems (tekijä: Jean Earle)
Seliau yn eu cyd-destyn = Seals in context (tekijä: John McEwan)
Septimus and the Stone of Offering (tekijä: Stephen Chance)
The Serpent and the Grail (tekijä: A. A. Attanasio)
The Shadow of Black Wings (tekijä: James Calbraith)
The Shadow of the Tower [1972 TV mini series] (tekijä: Prudence Fitzgerald)as Wales
The Shell guide to Wales; (tekijä: Alun Llewellyn)
The Shining Company (tekijä: Rosemary Sutcliff)
A Short History of Wales (tekijä: Owen Edwards)
A short history of Wales : Welsh life and customs from prehistoric times to the present day (tekijä: A. H. Dodd)
Signpost Guide England and Wales: Your Guide to Great Drives (tekijä: Lindsay Hunt)
The Silver Witch (tekijä: Paula Brackston)
Simply Love (tekijä: Mary Balogh)
The Sin Eater's Prince (tekijä: Keta Diablo)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (tekijä: Gawain Poet)
The Siren's Curse (tekijä: Angharad Thompson Rees)
Sisärengas (tekijä: A. J. Cronin)
Sixpence House (tekijä: Paul Collins)
Skeleton Postmarks of England and Wales (tekijä: James A. MacKay)
The Skystone (tekijä: Jack Whyte)
Slaves and Warriors in Medieval Britain and Ireland, 800 -1200 (The Northern World) (tekijä: David Wyatt)
Slum clearance : the social and administrative context in England and Wales (tekijä: John English)
Smoke in the Wind (tekijä: Peter Tremayne)as Wales
Smugglers at Whistling Sands (tekijä: George Chedzoy)
Snow (tekijä: Liz Braswell)
The Snowdon Ranger no. 39 Gaeaf / Winter 2003 (tekijä: Roy Woods)
Snowdonia & North Wales Footprint Focus Guide: Includes Anglesey & Aberystwyth (tekijä: Rebecca Ford)
Snowdonia and North Wales (Aa/Ordnance Survey Leisure Guide) (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
Social and cultural change in contemporary Wales (tekijä: Glyn Williams)
The sociology of Welsh (tekijä: Glyn Williams)
The Soldier's Cross (tekijä: Abigail J. Hartman)
Some Haunted Houses of England & Wales (tekijä: Elliott O'Donnell)
Someone to Hold (tekijä: Mary Balogh)
Someone to Love (tekijä: Mary Balogh)
Song at the Year's Turning: Poems 1942–1954 (tekijä: R. S. Thomas)
Song of the Hills (tekijä: Margaret Evans)
Song of the Sparrow (tekijä: Lisa Ann Sandell)
Songs of Wales : a selection of folk and traditional songs
Sorceress (tekijä: Lisa Jackson)
Soul's Landing (tekijä: Rowan MacKemsley)
South Wales (Regional Archaeologies) (tekijä: Christopher Houlder)
The South Wales Borderers (24th Regiment of Foot) 1881-1969 (tekijä: Martin Everett)
South Wales Ghost Stories: Shiver Your Way from Newport to Pembrokeshire (tekijä: Richard Holland)
A South Wales Sketchbook (tekijä: Alfred Wainwright)
Special Places: Pubs & Inns of England & Wales, 6th (Special Places to Stay) (tekijä: David Hancock)
Spindle and Dagger (tekijä: J. Anderson Coats)
The splendour falls: The story of the castles of Wales (tekijä: Wynford Vaughan-Thomas)
Spoon River antologia (tekijä: Edgar Lee Masters)
The state and education in England and Wales, 1833-1968 (Sources of history series) (tekijä: J. J. Bagley)
The state of the prisons in England and Wales with preliminary observations, and an account of some foreign prisons ... (tekijä: John Howard)
Stormswept (tekijä: Sabrina Jeffries)
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (tekijä: Howard Pyle)
The Story of Sir Launcelot and His Companions (tekijä: Howard Pyle)
The Story of the Champions of the Round Table (tekijä: Howard Pyle)
The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur (tekijä: Howard Pyle)
The Story of Wales (tekijä: Rhys Davies)
Storyteller (tekijä: G. R. Grove)
Straeon y pentan (tekijä: Daniel Owen)
The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths (tekijä: Harry Bingham)
Strange Tales From the Strand (tekijä: Jack Adrian)The Case of Roger Carboyne
The String Diaries (tekijä: Stephen Lloyd Jones)
Strongholds and Sanctuaries: The Borderland of England and Wales (tekijä: Ellis Peters)
Studia celtica, volume I, 1966 (tekijä: J. E. Caerwyn Williams)
Studia celtica, volume II, 1967 (tekijä: J. E. Caerwyn Williams)
Studia celtica, volume III, 1968 (tekijä: J. E. Caerwyn Williams)
Studia celtica, volume V, 1970 (tekijä: J. E. Caerwyn Williams)
Studies in Stuart Wales (tekijä: A. H. Dodd)
Subject index to Welsh periodicals, 1968-1970 (tekijä: National Library of Wales.,)
Subject index to Welsh periodicals, 1971-1976 (tekijä: National Library of Wales.,)
Subject index to Welsh periodicals, 1977-1980 (tekijä: National Library of Wales.,)
Subject index to Welsh periodicals, Volume 4 (tekijä: Arthur ap Gwynn)
Subject index to Welsh periodicals, volume ii, 1932-1933 (tekijä: Arthur ap Gwynn)
Subject index to Welsh periodicals, volume iii, 1934-1935 (tekijä: Arthur ap Gwynn)
Subject index to Welsh periodicals, volume v, 1938-1940 (tekijä: Idwal Lewis)
Subject index to Welsh periodicals, volume vii, 1946-1955 (tekijä: Idwal Lewis)
Sunrise (tekijä: Rosie Thomas)
Sunrise in the West (tekijä: Edith Pargeter)
Supernatural Clwyd: The Folk Tales of North-East Wales (tekijä: Richard Holland)
A survey of the Duchy of Lancaster lordships in Wales, 1609-1613 (tekijä: William Rees)
Swan Road (tekijä: Rebecca Brandewyne)
The Sweet Surrender (tekijä: Rose Burghley)
A Swiftly Tilting Planet (tekijä: Madeleine L'Engle)
The Sword and the Circle: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (tekijä: Rosemary Sutcliff)
Symbolism of the Celtic Cross (tekijä: Derek Bryce)
The Tale of Taliesin (tekijä: Gwyn Thomas)
Tales from Wales (tekijä: Rhiannon Ifans)
Tales of Horror and the Supernatural (tekijä: Arthur Machen)
Taliesin (tekijä: Stephen R. Lawhead)
The Taming of the Dragon (tekijä: W. B. Bartlett)as Wales
A Taste of Wales Recipe Book
Tastes of Wales (tekijä: Gilli Davies)
Tea in the heather (tekijä: Kate Roberts)
A Teachable Moment (tekijä: Ripley Hayes)
The Tenth String (tekijä: J.P. Day)as Wales
A Terrible Tomboy (tekijä: Angela Brazil)
That Dear Perfection (tekijä: Alison York)
There's A Hole In My Bucket: A Journey of Two Brothers (tekijä: Royd Tolkien)
This Enchanted Land: The Saga of Dane Wulfdin (tekijä: William P. Robertson)
This Pestered Isle (tekijä: Mel Calman)
Thomas Charles Edwards (tekijä: D. D. Williams)
Thomas Edward Ellis (1859-1899) (St.David's Day) (tekijä: Wyn Jones)
The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price, Purveyor of Superior Funerals (tekijä: Wendy Jones)
Thunder and Roses (tekijä: Mary Jo Putney)
Time and Mr. Bass: A Mushroom Planet Book (tekijä: Eleanor Cameron)
Timeswept Brides (The Heirloom / Man of Her Dreams / Bride's Joy / A Dream Across Time) (tekijä: Mary Balogh)
The tithe maps of Wales : a guide to the tithe maps and apportionments of Wales in the National Library of Wales (tekijä: Robert Davies)
To dream of freedom (tekijä: Roy Clews)
Toby's Folly (tekijä: Margot Arnold)
The Toff at Butlin's (tekijä: John Creasey)
A Topographical Dictionary of Wales: Comprising the Several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, Corporate and Market Towns, Parishes, Chapelries, and ... Illustrated by Maps of the Different Counties (tekijä: Samuel Lewis)
The Torchwood Archives (tekijä: Gary Russell)
Torchwood: Pack Animals (tekijä: Peter Anghelides)
Tormented Soul (tekijä: Mary Quast)
Torri mawn (tekijä: Trefor M. Owen)
A Tour through England and Wales (tekijä: Daniel Defoe)
Tour travel map 10 : 1:175 000 : North & Mid Wales / Gogledd a Chanolbarth Cymru [2003] (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
Tour travel map 11 : 1:175 000 : South & Mid Wales / De a Chanolbarth Cymru [2003] (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
Tourist map : quarter inch : Wales and the Marches [1959] (tekijä: Ordnance Survey of Great Britain)
Tourist map : quarter inch : Wales and the Marches [1971] (tekijä: Ordnance Survey of Great Britain)
The Tower of Glass (tekijä: Fiona Pitt-Kethley)
Traditional Country House Cooking (tekijä: C. Anne Wilson)
Traethodau (tekijä: D. D. Williams)(i) Roman influence, (ii) education in the middle ages
Traveling Between The Lines: Europe in 1938: The Trip Journal of John F. Randolph and his Daughter's Response (tekijä: Rebecca McBride)
Travels in an Old Tongue: Touring the World Speaking Welsh (tekijä: Pamela Petro)
The Tribes of Britain (tekijä: David Miles)
Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween (tekijä: Lisa Morton)
Trioedd Ynys Prydein: The Triads of the Island of Britain (tekijä: Rachel Bromwich)
Trioleg Yr Aderyn Brith Aderyn Y Nos (Cyfres Y Dysgwyr) (Welsh Edition) (tekijä: Pat Clayton)
Trumpet Morning (tekijä: Maureen Peters)
Trysorfa cenedl = A nation's heritage (tekijä: Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru = National Library of Wales)
Turned Towards the Sun: An Autobiography (tekijä: Michael Burn)
Turner (tekijä: Karl Drinkwater)
Turner in Wales (tekijä: Andrew Wilton)
Turner's picturesque views in England and Wales, 1825-1838 (tekijä: J. M. W. Turner)
Two Welsh revivalists : Humphrey Jones, Dafydd Morgan and the 1859 revival in Wales (tekijä: Eifion Evans)
The ugly one : the childhood memoirs of Hermione, Countess of Ranfurly, 1913-1939 (tekijä: Hermione Ranfurly, Countess of Ranfurly)
Understanding Contemporary Wales (tekijä: Hugh Mackay)
Understanding the Castle Ruins of England and Wales: How to Interpret the History and Meaning of Masonry and Earthworks (tekijä: Lise Hull)
Uneasy Lies the Crown, A Novel of Owain Glyndwr (tekijä: N Gemini Sasson)
Unemployment, poverty and health (tekijä: Steven Thompson)
UNFINISHED JOURNEY (tekijä: Jack Jones)
The Ungrateful Governess (tekijä: Mary Balogh)
The Uninvited Guest (tekijä: Sarah Woodbury)
The Union: The Britannia Project (tekijä: Paul Grist)
Urban Welsh: New Welsh Short Fiction (tekijä: Lewis Davies)
Vaarallinen pyhimys (tekijä: Ellis Peters)as Wales
Valentine's Night (tekijä: Penny Jordan)
Vaporized (tekijä: Simon Rosser)
Vaporized II (tekijä: Simon Rosser)
Vastarinta (tekijä: Owen Sheers)
Verdigris (tekijä: Paul Magrs)
Victorian Traveller's Guide to Nineteenth Century England and Wales (tekijä: Adam and Charles Black)
Vihreä oli laaksoni (tekijä: Richard Llewellyn)
The Vikings (tekijä: Howard La Fay)
Vinland Saga, Omnibus 2: England at War (tekijä: Makoto Yukimura)
Vinland Saga, Omnibus 4: A King is Born (tekijä: Makoto Yukimura)
Visions of Snowdonia (tekijä: Jim Perrin)
Visiting Welsh Islands (Landmark Guides) (tekijä: Lindsey Porter)
Wales (tekijä: Owen Edwards)
Wales (tekijä: Faces Magazine)
Wales (tekijä: W. A. Poucher)
Wales (tekijä: W Watkin Davies)
Wales (tekijä: Guus Berkien)
Wales (tekijä: John Winter Webb)
Wales (Blue Guide) (tekijä: L. Russell Muirhead)
Wales (Checkerboard Geography Library: Countries) (tekijä: Tamara L. Britton)
Wales (Countries Around the World) (tekijä: Mary Colson)
Wales (Cultures of the World) (tekijä: Anna Hestler)
Wales (Enchantment of the World, Second Series) (tekijä: Ann Heinrichs)
Wales (Horrible Histories) (tekijä: Terry Deary)
Wales (Pallas Guides) (tekijä: Peter Sager)
Wales (Regional Geology Guides) (tekijä: M. F. Howells)
Wales (The regions of Britain) (tekijä: John Love)
Wales : a study in geography and history (tekijä: E. G. Bowen)
Wales and archaeology (tekijä: Mortimer Wheeler)
Wales and the Britons 350-1064 (tekijä: T. M. Charles-Edwards)
Wales and the Wars of the Roses (tekijä: H. T. Evans)
Wales and the Welsh (tekijä: Trevor Fishlock)
Wales and the Welsh in the Middle Ages (tekijä: R.A. Griffiths)
Wales drops the pilots. [An account of the struggle for Welsh nationalism by Thomas E. Ellis and David Lloyd George.] (tekijä: W. Hughes Jones)
Wales ein Führer (tekijä: Heidi E. Conrad)
Wales from the Air (tekijä: Jan Morris)
Wales Half Welsh (tekijä: John Williams)
Wales in History: The Defenders, 1066-1485 Bk. 2 (tekijä: David Fraser)
Wales in Maps (tekijä: Margaret Davies)
Wales in pictures (Visual geography series) (tekijä: Jo McDonald)
Wales Map (Touring Road Map) (tekijä: Bartholomew)
Wales Mountain Biking (tekijä: Tom Hutton)
Wales of the Unexpected (tekijä: Richard Holland)
Wales Pocket Map (tekijä: Collins Maps)
Wales says Yes : the inside story of the Yes for Wales referendum campaign (tekijä: Leighton Andrews)
Wales Topographical Dictionary and Illustrated Wales (tekijä: Samuel Lewis)
WALES UNDER THE INDULGENCE 1672-1675 (tekijä: Thomas Richards)
Wales under the Penal Code, 1662-1687 (tekijä: Thomas Richards)
Wales's second grammarian : Dafydd Ddu of Hiraddug (tekijä: R. Geraint Gruffydd)
Wales, a history (tekijä: Wynford Vaughan-Thomas)
Wales, volume one : the background (tekijä: Maxwell Fraser)
Wales, volume two : the country (tekijä: Maxwell Fraser)
Wales: A Nation Again (tekijä: Peter Berresford Ellis)
Wales: A Very Peculiar History (Cherished Library) (tekijä: Rupert Mathews)
Wales: An Archaeological Guide (Archaeological guides) (tekijä: Christopher Houlder)
Wales: An Illustrated History (Hippocrene Illustrated Histories) (tekijä: Henry Weisser)
Wales: History of a Nation (tekijä: David Ross)
A Walk Through Wales (tekijä: Anthony Bailey)
Walking In England & Wales (tekijä: David Hancock)
Walking in England and Wales (Independent Traveller's Guides) (tekijä: David Hancock)
Walking in the South Wales Valleys (tekijä: Mike Dunn)
Walks in North Snowdonia (tekijä: Don Hinson)
Walks in Wales (tekijä: Roger Jones)
Wanderings and excursions in north Wales (tekijä: Thomas Roscoe)
War (tekijä: Liam Robert Mullen)
The Warlow Experiment (tekijä: Alix Nathan)
Warrior Princess (tekijä: Frewin Jones)
Water (tekijä: Lloyd Jones)
A Wayfarer in Wales (tekijä: William Watkin Davies)
We Don't Know What We're Doing (tekijä: Thomas Morris)
The Wedding Wish (tekijä: Erin Sterling)
The Welch Regiment (41st and 69th Foot) 1881-1969 (tekijä: Bryn Owen)
Welsh (tekijä: T. J. Rhys Jones)
The Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary (tekijä: Bruce Griffiths)
The Welsh and the Irish before the Normans - contact or impact (tekijä: D. Simon Evans)
Welsh antiquity : essays mainly on prehistoric topics presented to H. N. Savory upon his retirement as Keeper of Archaeology (tekijä: H. N. Savory)
Welsh book studies, number 1, 1998 (tekijä: Canolfan y Llyfr)
The Welsh book-trade before 1820 (tekijä: Eiluned Rees)book trade
The Welsh Border: Archaeology, History and Landscape (tekijä: Trevor Rowley)
Welsh Borders (tekijä: Christopher Somerville)
The Welsh Castles of Edward I (tekijä: A. J. Taylor)as Wales
Welsh Celtic Myth in Modern Fantasy (tekijä: C. W. Sullivan III (ed.))
Welsh chapels (tekijä: Anthony Jones)
A Welsh Childhood (tekijä: Alice Thomas Ellis)
The Welsh Church from Reformation to disestablishment, 1603-1920 (tekijä: Glanmor Williams)
Welsh costume and customs (tekijä: National Library of Wales.,)
A Welsh country diary (tekijä: William Condry)
Welsh disestablishment and disendowment (tekijä: William George Arthur Harlech)
The Welsh extremist (tekijä: Ned Thomas)
The Welsh Fairy Book (tekijä: W. Jenkyn Thomas)
Welsh flowering plants : a handbook to the collection in the Welsh National Herbarium (tekijä: Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru)
Welsh folk customs (tekijä: Trefor M. Owen)
Welsh Folk Tales (tekijä: Robin Gwyndaf)
Welsh Folk-Lore a Collection of the Folk-Tales and Legends of North Wales (tekijä: Elias Owen)
The Welsh Folk-Song Society : a whole century (tekijä: D. Roy Saer)
Welsh food stories (tekijä: Carwyn Graves)
Welsh furniture, 1250-1950 : a cultural history of craftsmanship and design (tekijä: Richard J. Bebb)
Welsh genealogies AD 1400-1500 : additions and corrections (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
Welsh genealogies AD 1400-1500 : additions and corrections, second list (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
Welsh genealogies AD 1400-1500 : additions and corrections, third list (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
Welsh genealogies AD 300-1400 : additions and corrections, eighth list (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
Welsh genealogies AD 300-1400 : additions and corrections, fifth list (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
Welsh genealogies AD 300-1400 : additions and corrections, seventh list (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
Welsh genealogies AD 300-1400 : additions and corrections, sixth list (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
Welsh genealogies AD 300-1400 : additions and corrections, third list (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
Welsh genealogies AD 300-1400 : supplement (tekijä: Peter C. Bartrum)
Welsh Ghostly Encounters (tekijä: Jane Pugh)
Welsh Ghosts (Viewing Wales series) (tekijä: Jeanette Dixon)
The Welsh Girl (tekijä: Peter Ho Davies)
Welsh history review, vol. 1, no. 1, 1960 (tekijä: Glanmor Williams)
Welsh history review, vol. 1, no. 2, 1961 (tekijä: Glanmor Williams)
Welsh history review, vol. 1, no. 3, 1962 (tekijä: Glanmor Williams)
Welsh history review, vol. 10, no. 2, Dec. 1980 (tekijä: Kenneth O. Morgan)
Welsh history review, vol. 10, no. 3, June 1981 (tekijä: Kenneth O. Morgan)
Welsh history review, vol. 10, no. 4, Dec. 1981 (tekijä: Kenneth O. Morgan)
Welsh history review, vol. 2, no. 1, 1964 (tekijä: Glanmor Williams)
Welsh history review, vol. 3, no. 3, June 1967 (tekijä: Kenneth O. Morgan)
Welsh history review, vol. 9, no. 4, Dec. 1979 (tekijä: Kenneth O. Morgan)
Welsh industrial tokens and medals;: Sidelights on 18th and 19th century industrial development, (tekijä: Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru)
The Welsh King and His Court (tekijä: T. M. Charles-Edwards)
The Welsh language and its social domains 1801-1911 (tekijä: Geraint H. Jenkins)
The Welsh language and the 1891 census (tekijä: Gwenfair Parry)
The Welsh Latin chronicles : Annales Cambriae and related texts (tekijä: Kathleen Hughes)
The Welsh laws (tekijä: T. M. Charles-Edwards)
The Welsh Liberals: The History of the Liberal and Liberal Democrat Parties in Wales (tekijä: Russell Deacon)
Welsh monumental brasses : a guide (tekijä: John Masters Lewis)
Welsh Mountain Drawings [Mountain Drawing Series Number Two] (tekijä: Alfred W Wainwright)
The Welsh National Anthem: Its story, its meaning (tekijä: Sion Jobbins)
A Welsh odyssey - in the footsteps of Gerald of Wales (tekijä: Michael Curig Roberts)
The Welsh Peaks (tekijä: W. A. Poucher)
Welsh pedigree rolls (tekijä: Michael Powell Siddons)
The Welsh People (tekijä: Sir John Rhys)
Welsh Phrasebook (tekijä: D. Islwyn Edwards)
The Welsh question : nationalism in Welsh politics, 1945-1970 (tekijä: Alan Butt Philip)
The Welsh Revival of 1904 (tekijä: Eifion Evans)
The Welsh Revival: Its Origin and Development (tekijä: Thomas Phillips)
Welsh Sea Kayaking: Fifty Great Sea Kayak Voyages (tekijä: Jim Krawiecki)
Welsh Steam: Railway Photographs at the National Library of Wales (tekijä: Gwyn Briwnant-Jones)
Welsh Tales of Terror (tekijä: R. Chetwynd-Hayes)
Welsh tokens of the seventeenth century; (tekijä: George C. Boon)
Welsh Waterways (Viewing Wales series) (tekijä: Lyn Gurney)
Welsh witchcraft - Ofergoeliaeth Cymru (Viewing Wales series) (tekijä: L. Simmonds)
Welsh Witchcraft, Charms and Spells (tekijä: Marie Trevelyan)
A Welshman in Mesopotamia (tekijä: David Wyn Davies)
The Welshman's Way (tekijä: Margaret Moore)
The West Country Book (tekijä: J. C. Trewin)
What's Wrong with South Wales? (tekijä: Thomas Jones)
A Whisper of Horses (tekijä: Zillah Bethell)
Wicked Delights (tekijä: John Llewellyn Probert)
The Wild Hunt (tekijä: Elizabeth Chadwick)as Wales
The Wild Places (tekijä: Robert Macfarlane)
Wild Wales: Its People, Language, and Scenery (tekijä: George Borrow)
A Winter in the Hills (tekijä: John Wain)
The Winter Witch (tekijä: Paula Brackston)
The women's suffrage movement in Wales, 1866-1928 (tekijä: Ryland Wallace)
The Woodwitch (tekijä: Stephen Gregory)
Working for the Japanese: The Economic and Social Consequences of Japanese Investment in Wales (tekijä: Jonathan Morris)
The Wraiths of Elfael (Elfael #1) (tekijä: Gordon Reid)
A Writer's House in Wales (tekijä: Jan Morris)
The Wrong Rite (tekijä: Alisa Craig)
Wynford Vaughan-Thomas's Wales (Mermaid Books) (tekijä: Wynford Vaughan-Thomas)
Y ffordd yng Nghymru (tekijä: R. T. Jenkins)
Yha Guide to Youth Hostels in England & Wales 2003-2004 (Yha Guide to Youth Hostels in England and Wales) (tekijä: Youth Hostel Association)
Yng nghysgod Trefeca: Ysgrifau ar hanes crefydd a chymdeithas yng Nghymru yn y ddeunawfed ganrif (tekijä: R. T. Jenkins)
Yr arddangosfa barhaol newydd = The new permanent exhibition (tekijä: Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru = National Library of Wales)
Yr Haf Hirfelyn: Nofel i'r Dysgwyr Hŷn (tekijä: Ivor Owen)
Ystoria Taliesin: The Story of Taliesin (tekijä: Elis Gruffydd)
Zenith: Phase 1 (tekijä: Grant Morrison)
Zoology (tekijä: Gillian Clarke)