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"Our young soldier" : Lieutenant Francis Simcoe, 6 June 1791-6 April 1812 (tekijä: Mary Beacock Fryer)
1812 (tekijä: David Nevin)
1812: The War Nobody Won (tekijä: Albert Marrin)
1812: The War That Forged a Nation (tekijä: Walter R. Borneman)
1812: War with America (tekijä: Jon Latimer)
1837 : William Lyon Mackenzie and the Canadian revolution (tekijä: Rick Salutin)
1846 Hamilton : From a Frontier Town to the Ambitious City (tekijä: Brian Henley)
200 Years Yonge: A History (tekijä: Ralph Magel)
Affectionately Yours The Letters of Sir John A. Macdonald and His Family (tekijä: J. K. Johnson)
The Age of Fighting Sail: The Story of the Naval War of 1812 (tekijä: C. S. Forester)
An Algonquin Maiden: A Romance of the Early Days of Upper Canada (tekijä: G. Mercer Adam)
Amateurs, to Arms!: A Military History of the War of 1812 (tekijä: John R. Elting)
Amazing Tales of St. Lawrence Neighbourhood (tekijä: Bruce Bell)
The Ancestral Roof : Domestic Architecture of Upper Canada (tekijä: Marion MacRae)
Arrivals: Stories from the History of Ontario (tekijä: John Bentley Mays)
As she began : an illustrated introduction to Loyalist Ontario (tekijä: Bruce G. Wilson)
At Home in Upper Canada (tekijä: Jeanne Minhinnick)
Authentic letters from Upper Canada : including an account of Canadian field sports (tekijä: Thomas Radcliff)
The Backwoodswoman: a Chronicle of Pioneer Home Life in Upper and Lower Canada (tekijä: Isabel Skelton)
The Battle of Queenston Heights; A History of Fort George, Upper Canada; The Battle of Chateauguay (Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History, No. 11)
Battle of the Thousand Islands (tekijä: Robert B. ; Snider Townsend, C. H. J.)
The Battles of the War of 1812 (tekijä: Pierre Berton)
Beginning Again: Further Adventures of a Loyalist Family (tekijä: Mary Beacock Fryer)
Biographical sketches of loyalists of the American Revolution, with an historical essay (tekijä: Lorenzo Sabine)
Black Creek Pioneer Village (tekijä: Dorothy Duncan)
Black Fugitive Slaves in Early Canada (Vanwell History Project) (tekijä: Linda Bramble)
Blacks in Early Canada: The Freedom Seekers (tekijä: Daniel G. Hill)
Bold, Brave, and Born to Lead: Major General Isaac Brock and the Canadas (tekijä: Mary Beacock Fryer)
The Boy with an R in His Hand (tekijä: James Reaney)
The British at the Gates (tekijä: Robin Reilly)
British Generals in the War of 1812: High Command in the Canadas (tekijä: Wesley B. Turner)
Brown of the Globe (tekijä: J. M. S. Careless)
The Burning of Washington: The British Invasion of 1814 (tekijä: Anthony S. Pitch)
By the Standing Stone (tekijä: Maxine Trottier)
Canada on Fire (tekijä: Jennifer Crump)
Canada: The Foundations of its Future (tekijä: Stephen Leacock)
Canadian Churches: An Architectural History (tekijä: Peter Richardson)
The Canadian Settler's Guide (tekijä: Catharine Parr Traill)
Capital in Flames: The American Attack on York, 1813 (tekijä: Robert Malcomson)
The Capture of Detroit (tekijä: Pierre Berton)
Citizen Soldiers in the War of 1812 (tekijä: C. Edward Skeen)
A City in the Making: Progress, People and Perils in Victorian Toronto (tekijä: Frederick H. Armstrong)
The Civil War of 1812: American Citizens, British Subjects, Irish Rebels, & Indian Allies (tekijä: Alan Taylor)
The Clergy Reserves of Upper Canada (tekijä: Alan Wilson)
The Cook Not Mad or Rational Cookery (tekijä: Roy A Abrahamson)
The County - The First Hundred Years in Loyalist Prince Edward (tekijä: Janet Lunn)
Death at Snake Hill (tekijä: Paul Litt)
The Death of Isaac Brock (tekijä: Pierre Berton)
The defended border (tekijä: Morris Zaslow)
The Defenders (tekijä: Robert Livesey)
The Diary of Mrs. John Graves Simcoe (tekijä: Elizabeth Simcoe)
The Diary of Sophia Macnab (tekijä: Sophia Mary Macnab)
Earliest Toronto (tekijä: Robert MacIntosh)
Early life in Upper Canada (tekijä: Edwin Clarence Guillet)
Early Toronto Newspapers, 1793-1867: A Catalogue of Newspapers Published in the Town of York and the City of Toronto from the Beginning to Confederation (tekijä: Edith G. Firth)
Early writings of David Willson : a forgotten voice from Upper Canada (tekijä: W. John McIntyre)
Eleanora's Diary (tekijä: Caroline Parry)
Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe 1762-1850: A Biography (tekijä: Mary Beacock Fryer)
The Embroidered Tent: Five Gentlewomen in Early Canada (tekijä: Marian Fowler)
Emigrant Worlds and Transatlantic Communities: Migration to Upper Canada in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century (tekijä: Elizabeth Jane Errington)
Engineered landscapes : the Rideau Canal's transformation of a wilderness waterway (tekijä: Ken W. Watson)
Erämaan armo (tekijä: Stef Penney)present-day Ontario, Canada
Escape: Adventures of a Loyalist Family (tekijä: Mary Beacock Fryer)
Everyday life in colonial Canada (tekijä: Loris S. Russell)
Extracts from Handbook of Upper Canadian Chronology (tekijä: Frederick H. Armstrong)
Fashioning Fabric: The Arts of Spinning and Weaving in Early Canada (tekijä: Adrienne D. Hood)
The Father of Canadian Psychiatry: Joseph Workman (tekijä: Christine Johnston)
Field of Glory: The Battle of Crysler's Farm, 1813 (tekijä: Donald E. Graves)
The Final Invasion: Plattsburgh, the War of 1812's Most Decisive Battle (tekijä: David Fitz-Enz)
The Firebrand: William Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion in Upper Canada (tekijä: William Kilbourn)
First Across the Continent: Sir Alexander MacKenzie (tekijä: Barry Gough)
Flames Across the Border: 1813-1814 (tekijä: Pierre Berton)
Flight (tekijä: Connie Brummel Crook)
Flight from Famine: The Coming of the Irish to Canada (tekijä: Donald MacKay)
For Honour's Sake: The War of 1812 and the Brokering of an Uneasy Peace (tekijä: Mark Zuehlke)
For King and Canada : the story of the 100th Regiment of Foot (tekijä: A. Barry Roberts)
Forest Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of North America, Being a Diary of a Winter's Route From Halifax to the Canadas, and During Four Months ... on the Border of Lakes Huron and Simcoe. (tekijä: George Head)
Fort Henry: An Illustrated History (tekijä: Stephen Mecredy)
From bloody beginnings : Richard Beasley's Upper Canada (tekijä: David R. Beasley)
From Lochnaw to Manitoulin: A Highland Soldier's Tour Through Upper Canada (tekijä: Andrew Agnew)
Fur the Trade That Put Upper Canada On The Map (tekijä: Ralph Bice)
General Brock and Niagara Falls (tekijä: Samuel Hopkins Adams)
A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada: The Journals of Anne Langton (tekijä: Anne Langton)
Ghost Ships: Hamilton and Scourge Historical Treasures from the War of 1812 (tekijä: Emily Cain)
God Bless Our Home: Domestic Life in Nineteenth Century Canada (tekijä: Una Abrahamson)
The Good Americans: The Loyalists In the American Revolution (tekijä: Wallace Brown)
The Good Soldier: The Story of Sir Isaac Brock (tekijä: D. J. Goodspeed)
Governor Simcoe and His Lady (tekijä: Marcus Van Steen)
The Grange: A Gentleman's House in Upper Canada (tekijä: Marilyn Litvak)
Handbook of Upper Canadian chronology (tekijä: Frederick H. Armstrong)
Handbook of Upper Canadian Chronology and Territorial legislation: a preliminary collection of tables of officials, parliaments, and legislation relating to territorial division: covering provincial affairs from 1791 to 1841 and local affairs from 1788 to 1849 (tekijä: Frederick H. Armstrong)
The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture: A Study in the Survival of Formal and Vernacular Styles from Britain, America and Europe, 1780-1900 (tekijä: Howard Pain)
Heritage Treasures: The historic homes of Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, East Flamborough, Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Waterdown (Lorimer Illustrated History) (tekijä: Susan Evans Shaw)
The hero of Upper Canada (tekijä: W. Kaye Lamb)
Historic Fort York, 1793-1993 (tekijä: Carl Benn)
Historic Ontario (tekijä: Government of Ontario)
Historical Atlas of Toronto (tekijä: Derek Hayes)
Historical Dictionary of the War of 1812 (Historical Dictionaries of War, Revolution, and Civil Unrest) (tekijä: Robert Malcomson)
Historical essays on Upper Canada (tekijä: J. K. Johnson)
Historical Maps of Canada (tekijä: Michael Swift)
The history of banking in Canada (tekijä: Roeliff Morton Breckenridge)
A history of Canadian gardening (tekijä: Carol Martin)
A history of Simcoe county (tekijä: Andrew F. Hunter)
History of the Canadian Peoples: Beginnings to 1867 (tekijä: Margaret Conrad)
The Hollow Tree (tekijä: Janet Lunn)
Homesteads: Early Buildings and Families from Kingston to Toronto (tekijä: Margaret McBurney)
Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst: Everyday Life in Upper Canada, 1812-1814 (tekijä: Dorothy Duncan)
House Calls: The True Story of a Pioneer Doctor (tekijä: Ainslie Manson)
The Hungry Year (tekijä: Connie Brummel Crook)
In Mixed Company: Taverns and Public Life in Upper Canada (tekijä: Julia Roberts)
In the Days of the Canada Company (tekijä: Robina Lizars)
In the Midst of Alarms: The Untold Story of Women and the War of 1812 (tekijä: Dianne Graves)
The Incredible War of 1812: A Military History (tekijä: J. Mackay Hitsman)
Index to the Upper Canada land books Feb 1787 to Feb 1841 (tekijä: Susan Smart)
Inheritance: Ontario's century farms past & present (tekijä: John Ladell)
The Invasion of Canada: 1812-1813 (tekijä: Pierre Berton)
The Invasion of Canada: Battles of the War of 1812 (tekijä: Ronald Dale)
Inventing the Loyalists : The Ontario Loyalist Tradition and the Creation of Usable Pasts (tekijä: Norman James Knowles)
The Iroquois in the War of 1812 (tekijä: Carl Benn)
James FitzGibbon: Defender of Upper Canada (tekijä: Ruth McKenzie)
Jeremy's War 1812 (tekijä: John Ibbitson)
John Ewart : architect for a new world : Upper Canada's first architect in York and London (tekijä: Janet Ewart FitzGerald)
John Graves Simcoe 1752-1806: A Biography (tekijä: Mary Beacock Fryer)
John Walden Meyers: Loyalist Spy (tekijä: Mary Beacock Fryer)
Joseph Brant, 1743-1807, man of two worlds (tekijä: Isabel Thompson Kelsay)
The Journals of Mary O'Brien 1828-1838 (tekijä: Mary O'Brien)
The Journals of Susanna Moodie (tekijä: Margaret Atwood)
The Kids Book of Canadian History (tekijä: Carlotta Hacker)
The Kingston connection : the story of Kingston as the capital of the United Provinces of Canada (tekijä: Margaret Angus)
Labourers on the Rideau Canal, 1826-1832 : from work site to world heritage site (tekijä: Katherine Mary Jean McKenna)
Lady of the backwoods : a biography of Catharine Parr Traill (tekijä: Sara Eaton)
Land, Power and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada (tekijä: John Clarke)
Laura Secord : The Legend and the Lady (tekijä: Ruth McKenzie)
Laura Secord's Brave Walk (tekijä: Connie Brummel Crook)
Laura Secord: A Story of Courage (tekijä: Janet Lunn)
Laura's Choice: The Story of Laura Secord (tekijä: Connie Brummel Crook)
Laura: A Childhood Tale of Laura Secord (tekijä: Maxine Trottier)
Life in the Clearings versus the Bush (tekijä: Susanna Moodie)
The Lives and Times of the Patriots: An Account of the Rebellion in Upper Canada, 1837-1838, and the Patriot Agitation in the United States, 1837-1842 (tekijä: Edwin C. Guillet)
Lord Durham's Report: An Abridgement of Report on the Affairs of British North America (tekijä: John George Lambton (Lord Durham))
Lords of the Lake: The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-1814 (tekijä: Robert Malcomson)
The Loyal Refugees (tekijä: Robert Livesey)
Loyal she remains: A pictorial history of Ontario (tekijä: Toronto United Empire Loyalist Centennial Committe)
Loyalist Children of Upper Canada: A Collection of Names (tekijä: Barbaranne Wright)
Loyalist military settlers of Upper Canada : registered warrants and fiats, volume III (tekijä: Barbaranne Wright)
The Loyalists in Ontario: The Sons and Daughters of the American Loyalists of Upper Canada (#4865) (tekijä: William D. Reid)
The Loyalists in the American Revolution (tekijä: Claude Halstead Van Tyne)
The Loyalists: Revolution Exile Settlement (tekijä: Christopher Moore)
Loyalties in Conflict: A Canadian Borderland in War and Rebellion,1812-1840 (tekijä: John Little)
Macdonald : his life and world (tekijä: P. B. Waite)
Mackenzie's Own Narrative of the Late Rebellion (tekijä: William Lyon Mackenzie)
Makers of Canadian Literature: William Kirby (tekijä: William Renwick Riddell)
Making it Home: The Story of Catharine Parr Traill (tekijä: Lynn Westerhout)
A Match Made in Bed (tekijä: Cathy Maxwell)
Memoir of Elizabeth Jones a Little Indian Girl Who Lived at the River Credit Mission, Upper Canada, 1838 (tekijä: Elizabeth Jones)
Memoir of the Right Reverend John Strachan ... first Bishop of Toronto (tekijä: A. N. Bethune)
Merry Hearts Make Light Days: The War of 1812 Journal of Lieutenant John Le Couteur, 104th Foot (tekijä: Donald E. Graves)
Meyers' Rebellion (tekijä: Connie Brummel Crook)
Meyers' Creek (tekijä: Connie Brummel Crook)
Michael Power : the struggle to build the Catholic Church on the Canadian frontier (tekijä: Mark G. McGowan)
More than an island: A history of the Toronto island (tekijä: Sarah Duane Satterthwaite Gibson)
Muddy York mud: Scandal & scurrility in Upper Canada (tekijä: Chris Raible)
The Narratives of Fugitive Slaves (tekijä: Benjamin Drew)
Niagara 1814: America Invades Canada (tekijä: Richard V. Barbuto)
Nothing More Comforting: Canada's Heritage Food (tekijä: Dorothy Duncan)
Of Toronto the good : a social study: the queen city of Canada as it is (tekijä: C. S. Clark)
Old Fort Henry: The Citadel of Upper Canada (tekijä: Ronald L. Way)
The old stones of Kingston: its buildings before 1867 (tekijä: Margaret Angus)
One Hundred Shining Candles (tekijä: Janet Lunn)
Ontarian families : genealogies of United-Empire-Loyalist and other pioneer families of Upper Canada (tekijä: Edward Marion Chadwick)
Ontario House Styles : The Distinctive Architecture of the Province's 18th and 19th Century Homes (tekijä: Robert Mikel)
Ontario: An informal history of the land and its people (tekijä: Robert Choquette)
Ontario: Image, Identity, and Power (Illustrated History of Canada / Oxford) (tekijä: Peter Baskerville)
Origins: Canadian History to Confederation (tekijä: R. Douglas Francis)
Out of Old Ontario Kitchens (tekijä: Christina Bates)
Pen Pictures of Early Pioneer Life in Upper Canada (tekijä: Michael Gonder Scherck)
The Perilous Year (tekijä: Connie Brummel Crook)
Petticoats in the Pulpit: The Story of Early Nineteenth Century Methodist Women Preachers in Upper Canada (tekijä: Elizabeth Gillan Muir)
The pictorial field-book of the War of 1812 (tekijä: Benson J. Lossing)
A Picture History of Ontario (tekijä: Roger Hall)
A Pioneer ABC (tekijä: Mary Alice Downie)
A Pioneer Christmas: Celebrating in the Backwoods in 1841 (tekijä: Barbara Greenwood)
Pioneer Days in Upper Canada (tekijä: Edwin C. Guillet)
Pioneer gardens at Black Creek Pioneer Village (tekijä: Eustella Langdon)
Pioneer settlements in Upper Canada (tekijä: Edwin C. Guillet)
A Pioneer Story: The Daily Life of a Canadian Family in 1840 (tekijä: Barbara Greenwood)
A Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 1841 (tekijä: Barbara Greenwood)
The Pioneers of Old Ontario (The Makers of Canada Series) (tekijä: W. L Smith)
Plunder, Profit, and Paroles: A Social History of the War of 1812 in Upper Canada (tekijä: George Sheppard)
Political unrest in Upper Canada, 1815-1836 (tekijä: Aileen Dunham)
Private Demons: The Tragic Personal Life of John A. Macdonald (tekijä: Patricia Phenix)
Public men and virtuous women : the gendered languages of religion and politics in Upper Canada, 1791- (tekijä: Cecilia Louise Morgan)
The Quarter-Pie Window (tekijä: Marianne Brandis)
The Queen's choice : a story of Canada's capital (tekijä: Wilfrid Eggleston)
Quilts and Other Bed Coverings in the Canadian Tradition (tekijä: Ruth McKendry)
Raiders of the Mohawk: The Story of Butler's Rangers (tekijä: Orlo Miller)
Rebel Run (tekijä: D. Harold Turner)
A Rebel's Daughter: The 1837 Rebellion Diary of Arabelle Stevenson Toronto (tekijä: Janet Lunn)
The Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada : a collection of documents (tekijä: Colin Read)
Rebellion: A Novel of Upper Canada (tekijä: Marianne Brandis)
The Rebels (tekijä: Robert Livesey)
Rebels Against Tories in Upper Canada 1837 (Amazing Stories) by Maria Da Silva (2010-07-06) (tekijä: Maria Da Silva)
Rebels Ride at Night (tekijä: John F. Hayes)
Red Coats & Grey Jackets: The Battle of Chippawa, 5 July 1814 (tekijä: Donald E. Graves)
Redcoat (tekijä: Gregory Sass)
Redcoats and Loyalists, 1760-1815 (Canada's illustrated heritage) (tekijä: Leslie F Hannon)
Regional Studies in Latter-day Saint Church History: Ohio and Upper Canada (tekijä: Guy L. Dorius)
Richard Talbot, the Tipperary Irish and the formative years of London Township, 1818-1826 (tekijä: Daniel J. Brock)
Rideau Waterway (tekijä: Robert Legget)
Rise, Canadians! (tekijä: M. Bellasis)
Roughing it in the Bush (tekijä: Susanna Moodie)
Sarah's Journey (tekijä: David R. Beasley)
The School Promoters: Education and Social Class in Mid-Nineteenth Century Upper Canada (Canadian Social History Series) (tekijä: Alison Prentice)
The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada, 1784-1855: Glengarry and Beyond (tekijä: Lucille H. Campey)
Seasons of Promise, The History of the Currie Family, Emigrating From Selkirk Scotland to Dumfries Township, Upper Canada (tekijä: David S. Currie)
The Selected Writings of William Lyon Mackenzie 1824-1837 (tekijä: William Lyon Mackenzie)
The settlement of Upper Canada (tekijä: William Canniff)
Settlers' Traditions (tekijä: Herbert Milnes)
Shadow in Hawthorn Bay (tekijä: Janet Lunn)
Shadow Soldiers of the American Revolution: Loyalist Tales from New York to Canada (tekijä: Mark Jodoin)
The Sign of the Scales (tekijä: Marianne Brandis)
The Silver Chief : Lord Selkirk and the Scottish pioneers of Belfast, Baldoon and Red River (tekijä: Lucille H. Campey)
Sir Allan Napier MacNab (tekijä: Donald R. Beer)
Sisters in the Wilderness : The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill (tekijä: Charlotte Gray)
Sisters in Two Worlds: A Visual Biography of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill (tekijä: Michael Peterman)
Sketches Illustrating the Early Settlement and History of Glengarry in Canada (tekijä: J. A. Macdonell)
Sketches of upper Canada, domestic, local, and characteristic : to which are added, practical details for the informatio (tekijä: John Howison)
Small Churches of Canada (tekijä: Kim Ondaatje)
Soldiers of the King: The Upper Canadian Militia 1812-1815 (tekijä: William M. Gray)
Solemn Vows: A Marc Edwards Mystery (tekijä: Don Gutteridge)
Steamboat Connections: Montreal to Upper Canada, 1816-1843 (tekijä: Frank Mackey)
STEAMBOATS on the Lakes (tekijä: Maurice D. Smith)
The Stone Cottage Mystery (tekijä: Joyce Boyle)
The Story of Isaac Brock: Hero, Defender and Saviour of Upper Canada 1812 (tekijä: Walter R. Nursey)
Strange Fatality: The Battle of Stoney Creek, 1813 (tekijä: James E. Elliott)
Susanna Moodie: Roughing It in the Bush: A Graphic Novel (tekijä: Carol Shields)
Susanna's Quill (tekijä: Julie Johnston)
Tavern in the town : early inns and taverns of Ontario (tekijä: Margaret McBurney)
Thread of Deceit (tekijä: Susan Cliffe)
The Tinderbox (tekijä: Marianne Brandis)
To Hang a Rebel (tekijä: Harold P. Turner)
To Stand and Fight Together: Richard Pierpoint and the Coloured Corps of Upper Canada (tekijä: Steve Pitt)
Toronto in 1810 (tekijä: Eric Wilfrid Hounsom)
Toronto: Carved in Stone (tekijä: Margaret McKelvey)
Treason at York (tekijä: John F. Hayes)
True blue: The Loyalist legend (tekijä: Walter Stewart)
Turncoat: A Marc Edwards Mystery (tekijä: Don Gutteridge)
UE Loyalists & military claimants of Upper Canada : registered warrants & fiats, 1798-1865 (tekijä: Barbaranne Wright)
Under the North Star: Black Communities in Upper Canada Before Confederation (1876 (tekijä: Donald George Simpson)
The Underground Railroad: Next Stop, Toronto! (tekijä: Adrienne Shadd)
Union Is Strength (tekijä: Albert Schrauwers)
The United Empire Loyalists (tekijä: W. Stewart Wallace)
United empire loyalists : enquiry into the losses and services in consequence of their loyalty : evidence in the Canadian claims (tekijä: Alexander Fraser)
United Empire Loyalists: A Guide to Tracing Loyalist Ancestors in Upper Canada (tekijä: Brenda Dougall Merriman)
The United Empire Loyalists: Founders of British Canada (tekijä: A. G. Bradley)
United Empire Loyalists: Pioneers of Upper Canada (tekijä: Nick Mika)
An Unstoppable Force: The Scottish Exodus to Canada (tekijä: Lucille H. Campey)
Upper Canada justices of the peace and association, 1788-1841 (tekijä: F. H. Armstrong)
Upper Canada Village (tekijä: Christine Daumont)
Upper Canada Village: Ontario's Living Heritage (tekijä: Parks Canada Parcs Canada)
Upper Canada: The Formative Years, 1784-1841 (tekijä: Gerald M. Craig)
The Valley of the Trent (tekijä: Edwin C. Guillet)
A very brilliant affair : the Battle of Queenston Heights, 1812 (tekijä: Robert Malcomson)
A Veteran of 1812: The Life of James FitzGibbon (tekijä: Mary Agnes FitzGibbon)
Victorious in defeat : the Loyalists in Canada (tekijä: Wallace Brown)
Vital Secrets: A Marc Edwards Mystery (tekijä: Don Gutteridge)
Voyageurs (tekijä: Margaret Elphinstone)
The War of 1812 (tekijä: Victor Suthren)
War of 1812 (tekijä: Carl Benn)
The War of 1812 (tekijä: Henry Adams)
The War of 1812 (tekijä: John K. Mahon)
The War of 1812 (tekijä: Harry L. Coles)
The War of 1812: A Complete Chronology with Biographies of 63 General Officers (tekijä: Bud Hannings)
The War of 1812: A Forgotten Conflict (tekijä: Donald R. Hickey)
War of 1812: The Land Operations (Historical publication / Canadian War Museum) (tekijä: George F. G. Stanley)
The War of 1812: The War that Both Sides Won (tekijä: Wesley B. Turner)
The Way Lies North (tekijä: Jean Rae Baxter)
Where Right and Glory Lead! The Battle of Lundy's Lane, 1814 (tekijä: Donald E. Graves)
While the Women Only Wept: Loyalist Refugee Women in Eastern Ontario (tekijä: Janice Potter-MacKinnon)
While Washington Burned: The Battle for Fort Erie 1814 (tekijä: Joseph Whitehorne)
Whispers of War: The War of 1812 Diary of Susanna Merritt (tekijä: Kit Pearson)
William Berczy: co-founder of Toronto,: A sketch (tekijä: John Andre)
William Lyon Mackenzie : a reinterpretation (tekijä: William Dawson. LeSueur)
Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada (tekijä: Anna Brownell Jameson)
Wives and mothers, schoolmistresses, and scullery maids : working women in Upper Canada, 1790-1840 (tekijä: Elizabeth Jane Errington)
Yankies and Loyalists - Bytown to Kingston in 1830 (tekijä: Edwin Welch)
Young Mr. Smith in Upper Canada (tekijä: Larratt William Smith)