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"An Account Book of Baynton, Wharton, And Morgan at Fort Pitt, 1765-1767," (tekijä: Lawrance S. Thurman)
"British in thought and deed": Henry Bouquet and the making of Britain's American empire (tekijä: Erik L. Towne)
"Carlisle To Pittsburgh: A Gateway to The West, 175O-1815," (tekijä: Whitfield J. Bell)
"Colonel Henry Bouquet's Ohio Expedition in 1764," Pennsylvania History, XL (1973), 139-147. (tekijä: PAUL K. ADAMS)
"Defending the Long Perimeter: Forts on the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia Frontier, 1755-1765," (tekijä: Louis M. Waddell)
"From Pittsburgh to Shawnee Town, 1819," Ohio History, vol. 56, pp 94-97 (tekijä: William D. Hoyt Jr.)
"Notes and Documents: The Early Property and Land Title Situation in Western Pennsylvania," (tekijä: Henry Bouquet)
"Our Eastern Domes, Fantastic, Bright . . ." (tekijä: James D. Van Trump)
"The Dementia Americana of Harry Thaw" (in Quality of Murder) (tekijä: Charles Samuels)
"The Old Indian Burying Ground -- Later used as a Place of Interment by the French, and by the Pioneers of Pittsburgh," (tekijä: Stephen Quinon)
150 years of unparalleled thrift: Pittsburgh Sesqui-centennial chronicling a development from a frontier camp to a mighty city; official history and programme (tekijä: Edward White)
The 1903 World Series : the Boston Americans, the Pittsburg Pirates, and the "first championship of the United States" (tekijä: Andy Dabilis)
The 1955 Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemporary Art (tekijä: Department of Fine Arts)1955
The 1958 Pittsburgh international exhibition of contemporary painting and sculpture (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)1958
The 1961 Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture. Oct. 1961-Jan. 1962. Introduction by Gordon Bailey Washburn. (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)1961
1964 Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)1964
1967 Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture (tekijä: Gustave Von Groschwitz)1967
1970 Pittsburgh International. Exhibition of contemporary art. Oct. 1970-Jan. 1971. (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)1970
1990 Pittsburgh Steelers Official Yearbook (tekijä: Steelers)1990
1994 PITTSBURGH STEELERS OFFICIAL YEARBOOK (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers. Nfl)1994
2000 Pittsburgh Pirates Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Pirates)2000
2202 Book of Lists
3 Rivers on 2 Wheels: An Explorer's Guide to Urban Pittsburgh (tekijä: Louis Fineberg)
The 50 Greatest Pirates Every Fan Should Know (tekijä: Lew Freedman)
The 50 Greatest Players in Pittsburgh Pirates History (tekijä: David Finoli)
60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Pittsburgh (tekijä: Donna Ruff)
750cc Down Lincoln Highway (tekijä: Bernard Chambaz)
[Article] A Community Partnership in Service to the Homeless: University of Pittsburgh and the City of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Joyce Holl Thomas P. O'Toole, and Paul Freyder)
About Three Bricks Shy of a Load: A Highly Irregular Lowdown on the Year the Pittsburgh Steelers Were Super but Missed the Bowl (tekijä: Roy Blount, Jr.)
About Three Bricks Shy... And the Load Filled Up: The Story of the Greatest Football Team Ever (tekijä: Roy Blount Jr.)
The absolutely unofficial Pittsburgh Steelers ultimate fan handbook (tekijä: Eric Wagner)
Acceptance (tekijä: Grace R. Duncan)
Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains (tekijä: Edwin James)
AFC North : the Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cleveland Browns, and the Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: James Buckley Jr.)
African Americans in Pittsburgh (tekijä: John M. Brewer Jr.)
After the Holocaust: The Migration of Polish Jews and Christians to Pittsburgh (tekijä: Barbara Stern Burstin)
Afterimage (tekijä: Kathleen George)
ALCOA An American Enterprise (tekijä: Charles C. Carr)
The Alcoa Business System: Pathway to Performance (tekijä: G. Keith Turnbull)
Alexis: My True Story of Being Seduced By an Online Predator (Louder Than Words) (tekijä: Alexis Singer)
Alien Taste (tekijä: Wen Spencer)
The all new go guide: Two-day getaways from Pittsburgh (tekijä: Jayne Clark)
The Allderdice yearbook 19361936
The Allderdice yearbook 19371937
The Allegheny (tekijä: Frederick Way)
Allegheny (tekijä: Ed Ochester)
Allegheny Cem[etery], Pittsburgh It looks like the tree is dead, there is no place for branches. Every branch has been terminated (tekijä: Camilo J. Vergara)
The Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pa. Its Origin and Early History also A Report of Its Condition, Progress and Business During the Last Ten years June 1, 1900 - May 31, 1910 (tekijä: n/a)
Allegheny Cemetery: A Romantic Landscape in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. II, 1788 - 1792, Deed Book I and 2, Allegheny County, Pa (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania archives) (tekijä: K. T. H. McFarland)
Allegheny County Building Regulations and Fees 2011-2013 (tekijä: CAP - Construction Advancement Program of Western Pennsylvania)
Allegheny county's hundred years (tekijä: George H. Thurston)
Allegheny County, Pa. cemetery records (tekijä: Sharon Lee DeWitt Kraynek)
Allegheny County, Pa., Revolutionary War soldiers (tekijä: Paul W. Myers)
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania [area key]: A guide to the genealogical records of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania with maps, histories, charts and other helpful materials (tekijä: Florence Clint)
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Cemetery Directory (tekijä: Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society)
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, research in the courthouse (tekijä: Helen L Harriss)
Allegheny County: A Sesqui-Centennial Review (tekijä: George E. Kelly)
Along the Monongahela : a history of the early events along the Monongahela and its tributaries (tekijä: William Garbarino)
Along These Rivers: Poetry and Photography from Pittsburgh (tekijä: Michael Wurster)
Alternate Pittsburgh: A Design Charette in conjunction with Michael Maltzan: Alternate Ground (tekijä: Carnegie Museum of Art.,)
America's Industrial Heritage: Southwestern Pennsylvania (tekijä: U. S. Department of Interior)
The American Career of Henry Bouquet, 1755-1765 (tekijä: Louis M. Waddell)
An American Childhood (tekijä: Annie Dillard)
An American City: Pittsburgh (tekijä: Sally Webb)
American classics of the nineteenth century (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)
American Eve: Evelyn Nesbit, Stanford White, the Birth of the "It" Girl, and the Crime of the Century (tekijä: Paula Uruburu)
An American palace of culture; the Carnegie Institute and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (tekijä: James D. Van Trump)
American Rust (tekijä: Philipp Meyer)
Analysis of waters associated with alternative fuel production : a symposium sponsored by ASTM Committee D-19 on Water, American Society for Testing and Materials, Pittsburgh, Pa., 4-5 June 1979 ; L.P. Jackson, C.C. Wright, editors (tekijä: Larry P. Jackson)1979
Ancient Egyptian Society (tekijä: David O'Connor)
Ancient Glass in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh (tekijä: Sidney M.; Andrew Oliver Jr. Bergman)
And the Wolf Finally Came: The Decline and Fall of the American Steel Industry (tekijä: John Hoerr)
Andrew Carnegie (tekijä: Tom Powers)
Andrew Carnegie (tekijä: Alvin F Harlow)
Andrew Carnegie (tekijä: Joseph Frazier Wall)
Andrew Carnegie (tekijä: Clara Ingram Judson)
Andrew Carnegie (tekijä: George Swetnam)
Andrew Carnegie (tekijä: David Nasaw)
Andrew Carnegie (American Dream Series) (tekijä: John Bowman)
Andrew Carnegie (Leveled Readers) Making Economic Choices (tekijä: Wes Payton)
Andrew Carnegie (Life Skills Biographies) (tekijä: Sarah De Capua)
Andrew Carnegie and the Age of Steel (tekijä: Katherine Shippen)
Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business (tekijä: Harold C. Livesay)
The Andrew Carnegie story (tekijä: Charlie May Hogue Simon)
Andrew Carnegie The Man And His Work (tekijä: Bernard Alderson)
Andrew Carnegie's Own Story (tekijä: Andrew Carnegie)
Andrew Carnegie, philanthropist and early tycoon. (tekijä: Gerald Kurland)
Andrew Carnegie: Builder of Libraries (Community Builders) (tekijä: Charnan Simon)
Andrew Carnegie: Captain of Industry (Signature Lives: Modern America) (tekijä: Dana Meachen Rau)
Andrew Carnegie: giant of industry (Americans all) (tekijä: Mary Malone)
Andrew Carnegie: Industrial Giant & Philanthropist (tekijä: Scott Gillam)
Andrew Carnegie: Industrial Philanthropist (Lerner Biographies) (tekijä: Laura Bufano Edge)
Andrew Carnegie: Prince of Steel (A&E Biography) [1995 TV episode] (tekijä: A&E Biography)
Andrew Carnegie: Young Steelmaker (tekijä: Joanne Landers Henry)
Andy and Oz : parallel visions (tekijä: Deborah Hart)
The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh
Angels in the Outfield [1951 film] (tekijä: Clarence Brown)
Annals of Carnegie Museum
Annual report / the Carnegie Museum of Art (tekijä: Carnegie Museum of Art.,)
Annual report of the Department of Public Safety ... and the annual reports of the Bureaus constituting said department for the fiscal year ending 1896 (tekijä: Pittsburgh.)
Another Day in the Frontal Lobe: A Brain Surgeon Exposes Life on the Inside (tekijä: Katrina Firlik)
Another Kind of Monday (tekijä: William E. Coles)
Appalachian Basin Ordovician Symposium; papers read at the meeting of the Pittsburgh Geological Society at Pittsburgh, Pa., May 16, 1947, and published in the Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Aug. 1948 (tekijä: John T. Galey)1947
Archeological newsletter. (Carnegie museum) (Pittsburgh
The architectural heritage of early western Pennsylvania; a record of building before 1860 (tekijä: Charles Morse Stotz)
Architecture after Richardson: Regionalism before Modernism--Longfellow, Alden, and Harlow in Boston and Pittsburgh (tekijä: Margaret Henderson Floyd)
Archive of the Carnegie International, 1896-1991 (tekijä: Christian Boltanski)
Are There Horses in Heaven?: And Other Thoughts : Sermons Preached in the Shadyside Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh, Penn (tekijä: F. Morgan Roberts)
Are You a Real Pittsburgher?! The Official Joke Book for Pittsburghers Only (tekijä: Eric Schuman)
Art in nineteenth-century Pittsburgh : an exhibition selected by the University Art Gallery, University of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Jean McCullough)
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Jacquelyn Felix Fisher)
Art nouveau : works by Tiffany, Mucha, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gallé, Beardsley, Scheibler, & others : January 13-February 12, 1978, University Art Gallery, Henry Clay Frick Fine Arts Building, University of Pittsburgh1970
Artistically Bound (tekijä: Alessia Brio)
Artistically Inclined (Passion in Pittsburgh) (tekijä: Alessia Brio)
Artistry And Innovation In Pittsburgh Glass, 1808-1882: From Bakewell & Ensell To Bakewell, Pears & Co. (tekijä: Arlene Palmer)
The Arts in Changing Societies: Reflections Inspired by Works of Art in the Frick Art Museum, Pittsburgh (tekijä: Walter Read Hovey)
The Ashtabula Hat Trick (tekijä: Les Roberts)
ASIS '98 : proceedings of the 61st ASIS annual meeting ... Pittsburgh, PA, October 24-29 1998 (tekijä: Cecilia M. Preston)1998
Asis '92: Proceedings of the 55th Asis Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pa, October 26-29, 1992 (American Society for Informa (tekijä: Debora Shaw)1992
The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, 1910-1985 : the first seventy-five years (tekijä: Mary Brignano)
Associated artists of Pittsburgh: 100th annual exhibition (tekijä: Associated Artists of Pittsburgh)
At Any Cost (tekijä: Lauren Nichols)
At Home in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Margaret K. Look)
At the Defense of Pittsburgh; or, The Struggle to Save America's "Fighting Steel" Supply (tekijä: H. Irving Hancock)
At the Pittsburgh exhibit.
Atlas of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1911 : with new and old ward numbers and street name guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Map Company.,)1911
Atlas of the County of Allegheny, Penna.
August Wilson Century Cycle (tekijä: August Wilson)
The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie (tekijä: Andrew Carnegie)
The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie / The Gospel of Wealth (tekijä: Andrew Carnegie)
The AYH outdoor food book : with recipes, tips, and information from the outdoorspeople of Pittsburgh Council, American (tekijä: Chris Reid)
B&O RR System Timetable 19391939
Baden (tekijä: Sawyer Bennett)
Bain (tekijä: Sawyer Bennett)
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Service: Route of the Capitol Limited (Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Service, 1945-1971 , Vol 2) (tekijä: Harry Stegmaier)
Baltimore and Ohio : Sunburst Trail to Chicago : Cumberland to Chicago (tekijä: David P. Ori)
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (Railroad Color History) (tekijä: Kirk Reynolds)
Baptist Conversions in Europe of Immigrant Members of the First German Baptist Church, Southside, Pittsburgh (tekijä: Elizabeth Beyer Waltman)
Bare Snow Falling on Fairywood (tekijä: Wen Spencer)
Baseball in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Society for American Baseball Research (SABR))
Baseball in Pittsburgh: An Anthology of New, Unusual, Challenging and Amazing Facts about the Greatest Game as Played in (tekijä: Paul Adomites)
The Battling Bucs of 1925: How the Pittsburgh Pirates Pulled Off the Greatest Comeback in World Series History (tekijä: Ronald T. Waldo)1925
Beast of the East: Penn State vs Pitt : a game-by-game history of America's greatest football rivalry (tekijä: Tim Panaccio)
Beautiful America's Pittsburgh (tekijä: Walt Urbina)
Beautiful Pittsburgh (tekijä: Robert D. Shangle)
Beechview (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: Audrey Iacone)
Before Renaissance: Planning in Pittsburgh, 1889-1943 (tekijä: John F. Bauman)
Benjamin Henry Latrobe (tekijä: Talbot Hamlin)
Best Easy Day Hikes Pittsburgh (Best Easy Day Hikes Series) (tekijä: Bob Frye)
Best Hikes Near Pittsburgh (Best Hikes Near Series) (tekijä: Bob Frye)
Best Hikes Pittsburgh: The Greatest Views, Wildlife, and Forest Strolls (Best Hikes Near Series) (tekijä: Bob Frye)
Best in the Game: The Turbulent Story of the Pittsburgh Penguins' Rise to Stanley Cup Champions (tekijä: Dave Molinari)
The Best Pittsburgh Sports Arguments (The Best Sports Arguments) (tekijä: John Mehno)
The Betrayal (tekijä: Cole Baxter)
Between Panic and Desire (tekijä: Dinty W. Moore)
Beyond Rust: Metropolitan Pittsburgh and the Fate of Industrial America (Politics and Culture in Modern America) (tekijä: Allen Dieterich-Ward)
The Bicentennial History of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (tekijä: George Swetnam)
Bicentennial Trees of Allegheny County (tekijä: Allegheny County Bicentennial Tree Committee)
Biennial 2008: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts [catalog]2008
Biennial Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (tekijä: Murray Horne)
Big and Little Poison: Paul and Lloyd Waner, Baseball Brothers (tekijä: Clifton Blue Parker)
Bike Pgh Bike Map (tekijä: BikePGH)2010
Bike Rides Out of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Oscar E. Swan)
Billy Conn - The Pittsburgh Kid (tekijä: Paul Kennedy)
Biographical Review of Pittsburg(h), Pennsylvania and the vicinity: Containing the Life Sketches of Leading Citizens (tekijä: Biographical Review Publishing Company)
Births, marriages & deaths of Allegheny Co., Pa., 1852-1854 (tekijä: K. T. H. McFarland)
Black Adam Vol. 1: Theogony (tekijä: Christopher Priest)
Black Baseball in Pittsburgh (PA) (Black America) (tekijä: Larry Lester)
Black entertainers in African American newspaper articles (tekijä: Charlene B. Regester)
Blame This on the Boogie (tekijä: Rina Ayuyang)
Blood in the Promised Land (tekijä: Eliot Sefrin)
The Blood of Kings (tekijä: John Michael Curlovich)
Blood on the Tracks (tekijä: Cecelia Holland)
Blood Prophet (tekijä: John Michael Curlovich)
Blood Tracks (tekijä: Karen Rose Cercone)
Bloodsucking Pharoahs in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Dean Tschetter)
Blue Sky (tekijä: Wen Spencer)
Blue, Gold and Black: University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg Reports on the Pitt African American Experience
Bodies of Work: Civic Display and Labor in Industrial Pittsburgh (Body, Commodity, Text) (tekijä: Edward Slavishak)
Body and soul: parks and the health of great cities: an international conference, September 21-23, 2008, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pa.) International Urban Parks Conference (2008: P)
Bone Wars: The Excavation Of Andrew Carnegie's Dinosaur (tekijä: Tom Rea)
A Book of Carnegie Libraries (tekijä: Theodore Wesley Koch)
The Book of Jonas (tekijä: Stephen Dau)
Boston Pilgrims Vs Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Peter A. Campbell)
Bound for Success (Passion in Pittsburgh) (tekijä: Alessia Brio)
Boundless Lives: Italian Americans of Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Mary Brignano)
Bouquet's march to the Ohio : the Forbes Road : from the original manuscript in the William L. Clements Library (tekijä: Great Britain.,)
Bourbon Bliss (tekijä: Claire Kingsley)
Braddock's March: How the Man Sent to Seize a Continent Changed American History (tekijä: Thomas E. Crocker)
Branch Rickey in Pittsburgh: Baseball's Trailblazing General Manager for the Pirates, 1950-1955 (tekijä: Andrew O'Toole)
Breakaway: The Inside Story of the Pittsburgh Penguins' Rebirth (tekijä: Andrew Conte)
The Bridge to Never Land (tekijä: Dave Barry)
Bridges of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Bob Regan)
The bridges of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (tekijä: Robert J Gangewere)
Bridges... Pittsburgh at the Point... a Journey Through History (tekijä: Thomas Leech)
A brief history of the Friends Peace Center of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania : 1970-1979
A Brief Respite (tekijä: Jana Denardo)
The British Defeat of the French in Pennsylvania, 1758: A Military History of the Forbes Campaign Against Fort Duquesne (tekijä: Douglas R. Cubbison)
Broadcasting the Local News: The Early Years of Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV (tekijä: Lynn Boyd Hinds)
Brookline (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: The South Pittsburgh Development Corporation)
Brother against Brother (tekijä: William C. Davis)
Brothers and Keepers (tekijä: John Edgar Wideman)
Bruno Sammartino: The Autobiography of Wrestling's Living Legend - Color Edition (tekijä: Bruno Sammartino)
Bubbles Ablaze (tekijä: Sarah Strohmeyer)
Bucs: The Story of the Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: John McCollister)
Buddy: The Biography (tekijä: Philip Norman)
Buffalo Bill and the Wild West and 100 years of Western Art from Pittsburgh collections, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute
Buffalo Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway In Color, Volume 3: Pennsylvania-Pittsburgh Division (tekijä: Mike Zollitsch)
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway (tekijä: Paul Pietrak)
Buick 8 (tekijä: Stephen King)
Building Bridges: Lessons from a Pittsburgh Partnership to Strengthen Systems of Care for Maternal Depression (tekijä: Donna Keyser)
The Building of the Lewis and Clark Boat in Pittsburgh (tekijä: William K. Brunot)
Buildings of Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Lu Donnelly)
Buildings of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Franklin Toker)
Burning Rubbers: Gritty MM Romantic Suspense (tekijä: Olivette Devaux)
But Remember Their Names (Cynthia Jakubek Legal Thrillers) (tekijä: Hillary Bell Locke)
By myself, I'm a book! An oral history of the immigrant Jewish experience in Pittsburgh (tekijä: National Council of Jewish Women)
C&O Ry./B&O RR timetable 19691969
The calamity of Pittsburgh. A sermon, delivered in the First Presbyterian Church, Allegheny City, April 24, 1845; being the day appointed by the mayor of said city, as a season of fasting, humiliation and prayer, in consequence of the appalling conflagration of a large portion of Pittsburg, on the tenth of that month (tekijä: E. P Swift)
A calendar of the headquarters papers of Brigadier-General John Forbes : relating to the expedition against Fort Duquesne in 1758 : in the Tracy McGregor Library. (tekijä: Tracy W. McGregor Library.)
Calling Pittsburgh (tekijä: Steven Brust)
Calling Pittsburgh
Can Workers Have a Voice?: The Politics of Deindustrialization in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Dale A. Hathaway)
Cannon (tekijä: Sawyer Bennett)
Captain Jack, The Scout... (tekijä: Charles McKnight)
The Capture of Fort Duquesne (tekijä: Cortlandt Whitehead)
Carl-Henning Pedersen : paintings, watercolors, drawings (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)
Carnegie (tekijä: Peter Krass)
The Carnegie (tekijä: Ellen S. Wilson)
Carnegie art award : Nordic painting. 1999 (tekijä: Ulrika Levén)
Carnegie art award : Nordic painting. 2000 (tekijä: Ulrika Levén)
Carnegie art award. 2004 (tekijä: Ulrika Levén)
Carnegie art award. 2006 (tekijä: Ulrika Levén)
Carnegie art award. 2012 (tekijä: Ulrika Levén)
The Carnegie Boys: The Lieutenants of Andrew Carnegie That Changed America (tekijä: Quentin R Skrabec)
Carnegie cooks : delicious food and delectable facts from the volunteers and staff of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
Carnegie International (tekijä: John Caldwell)
Carnegie International 1982 (tekijä: Gene Baro)1982
Carnegie International 1985 (tekijä: John R. Lane)1985
Carnegie International 1988 (tekijä: John Caldwell)1988
Carnegie International 1991 (tekijä: Lynne Cooke)1991
Carnegie International 1995 (tekijä: Richard Armstrong)1995
Carnegie international 1999-2000 : gallery guide
Carnegie International 1999/2000
Carnegie International 1999/2000 (tekijä: David S. Frankel)
Carnegie International 1999/2000 : artists' reader (tekijä: Madeleine Grynsztejn)
Carnegie International 1999/2000 Vol. 2
Carnegie International 2004 #54 (tekijä: Cuauhtémoc Medina)2004
Carnegie Libraries Across America: A Public Legacy (Preservation Press) (tekijä: Theodore Jones)
Carnegie Magazine
Carnegie Magazine November/December 1991 (tekijä: Susan Blackman)
Carnegie Mellon 1900-2000: A Centennial History (tekijä: Edwin Fenton)
Carnegie Mellon 1992 Alumni Directory
Carnegie Museum of Art (tekijä: Lynn Zelevansky)
The Carnegie Museum of Art: Collection Highlights (tekijä: Gillian H. Belnap)
Carnegie Museum of Art: Decorative Arts and Design (tekijä: Jason Busch)
Carnegie Museum of Natural History Annual Report
Carnegie Steel Handbook 1919 Edition
Carnegie Tech Thistle yearbook 1930 (tekijä: Bernhardt G. Zeiher)1930
Carnegie Tech Thistle yearbook 1939 (tekijä: William Williams)1939
Carnegie Tech Thistle yearbook 1940 (tekijä: J. Nessly Porter)1940
Carnegie Tech Thistle yearbook 1941 (tekijä: Tom Riley)1941
Carnegie Treasures Cookbook (Carnegie Treasures Cookbook Cloth) (tekijä: Carnegie Institute Museum of Art)
Carnegie's Dinosaurs (tekijä: Helen J. McGinnis)
Carnegie's Maid (tekijä: Marie Benedict)
Carnegie, Summer 2008 vol 72 no. 2
The Carnegie-Mellon University Computer Science Department's guide to living in Pittsburgh: A narrative for new Pittsbur (tekijä: Brian K. Reid)
Carnegie: The Richest Man in the World (tekijä: Raymond Lamont-Brown)
Catalogue of clerics in Allegheny County, PA: Up to the year 1910 (tekijä: Paul K. Heckethorn)
Catalogue of painting collection (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)
A Catholic New Deal: Religion and Reform in Depression Pittsburgh (tekijä: Kenneth J. Heineman)
Catholic Pittsburgh's one hundred years (tekijä: Catholic Historical Society of Western Pennsylvani)
The Cattle of Ninevah: A Sermon Preached in Calvary Church, Pittsburgh, in Lent, 1892, at the Request of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (tekijä: George Hodges)
Celebrating 100 Years of Women Students at the University of Pittsburgh - Educational Resources for Gender Equity (tekijä: Women's Studies Program)
Celebrating the First 100 Years of the Carnegie 1895-1995 in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Agnes Dodds Kinard)
Census tract tables of population and families (tekijä: Health and welfare federation of Allegheny county.)
Centenary memorial of the planting and growth of Presbyterianism in western Pennsylvania and parts adjacent : containing the historical discourses delivered at a convention of the synods of Pittsburgh, Erie, Cleveland, and Columbus, held in Pittsburgh, December 7-9, 1875 : with appendices and illustrations
Centenary of organized Baptist work in and about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1812-1912 held in the First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh, Jan. 30 and 31, 1913 (tekijä: Pittsburgh Baptist Association.)
A century and a half of Pittsburg and her people (tekijä: John Newton Boucher)
A Century And A Half of Pittsburg and Her People, Volume III (tekijä: John Woolf Jordan)
Century of inclines (tekijä: Society for the Preserv...)
A Century of Medical Excellence: History of Univ of Pittsburgh School Med (tekijä: Barbara I. Paull)
A century of medical progress, 1865-1965 (tekijä: Allegheny County Medical Society)
The challenge of Pittsburgh, (The challenge of the cities series) (tekijä: Daniel L. Marsh)
Challenging the Growth Machine: Neighborhood Politics in Chicago and Pittsburgh (tekijä: Barbara Ferman)
The Changing world of Reform Judaism: The Pittsburgh Platform in retrospect : papers presented on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Pittsburgh ... February, 1985 and The proceedings of 1885 (tekijä: Walter Jacob)
Charles J. Connick: His Education and His Windows in and near Pittsburgh (tekijä: Albert M. Tannler)
Charter and by-laws of the Pittsburgh Stock Exchange. (tekijä: Pittsburgh Stock Exchange)
Chatham College Alumnae Directory 1981
Chatham College Alumnae Recorder: Commemorative Issue, 1869-1995
Chatham Village: Pittsburgh's Garden City (tekijä: Angelique Bamberg)
Check list of the flowering plants and ferns of Allegheny County Pennsylvania (tekijä: L. K. Henry)
Chickencoop Chinaman and the Year of the Dragon (tekijä: Frank Chin)
The chief: Art Rooney and his Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Chillida: Pittsburgh international series, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, October 26, 1979-January 6, 1980 (tekijä: Eduardo Chillida)
Christine (tekijä: Stephen King)
Chronicle of a Pittsburgh Family (tekijä: Evelyn Bitner Pearson)
Chronicles of Stephen Foster's Family (tekijä: Evelyn Foster Morneweck)
Chrysalis, Willa Cather in Pittsburgh, 1896-1906 (tekijä: Kathleen D. Byrne)
The church that kept on being born again: A history of First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, PA., 1773-1997 (tekijä: Ernest Edwin Logan)
The church that was twice born;: A history of the First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1773-1973 (tekijä: Ernest Edwin Logan)
The Church, Marriage, and the Family (Proceedings of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Tenth Con) (tekijä: K. D. Whitehead)2004
The Circular Staircase (tekijä: Mary Roberts Rinehart)
Cities: A Card Game
City and School District of Pittsburgh: Tax Reference Booklet (tekijä: Luke Raventahl)
City At The Point: Essays on the Social History of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Samuel P. Hays)
City of Pittsburgh ... development report (tekijä: Pittsburgh (Pa.). Office of the Mayor.)
City Schools and City Politics: Institutions and Leadership in Pittsburgh, Boston, and St. Louis (tekijä: John Portz)
City Smart: Pittsburgh (tekijä: Doina Locke)
The city with a smile: Pittsburgh
Civic Capacity and Urban Education in Pittsburgh, Boston and St.Louis (tekijä: Robin Jones)
Civic Pittsburgh;: Facts and figures about your business (tekijä: John Clifford Slippy)
Classic 'Burgh: The 50 Greatest Collegiate Games in Pittsburgh Sports History (Classic Sports) (tekijä: David Finoli)
Classic Bucs: The 50 Greatest Games in Pittsburgh Pirates History (Classic Sports) (tekijä: David Finoli)
Classic Pens: The 50 Greatest Games in Pittsburgh Penguins History (Classic Sports) (tekijä: David Finoli)
Classic Steelers : the 50 greatest games in Pittsburgh Steelers history (tekijä: David Finoli)
Clayton: The Pittsburgh Home of Henry Clay Frick Art and Furnishings (tekijä: Kahren Jones Arbitman)
Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero (tekijä: David Maraniss)
CLP Teen Art Club Yearbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Teens)
Clyde Hare's Pittsburgh (tekijä: Clyde Hare)
Coal: A Human History (tekijä: Barbara Freese)
Code Name: Genesis (tekijä: Sawyer Bennett)
Coen (tekijä: Sawyer Bennett)
Col. Henry Bouquet and his campaigns of 1763 and 1764 (tekijä: Cyrus Cort)
Collar Robber: A Crime Story Featuring Jay Davidovich and Cynthia Jakubek (tekijä: Hillary Locke)
Collecting in the Gilded Age: Art Patronage in Pittsburgh, 1890-1910 (tekijä: Gabriel P. Weisberg)
Commercial real estate guide: featuring more than 3200 listings in the tri-state area (tekijä: Pittsburgh Business Times)
Competition brief: Pittsburgh Convention Center (tekijä: Unknown)
The complete atlas of Southwestern Pennsylvania & Metropolitan Pittsburgh atlas (tekijä: Marshall Penn-York Co.)
Compressionism: The Pittsburgh Stories: (Including the novella: In The Garden Of Love) (tekijä: Guy Hogan)
Concussion (tekijä: Jeanne Marie Laskas)
Conducting business in the manner of Friends / presented by Arthur Larrabee at Pittsburgh Friends Meeting May 3-5, 2002. (tekijä: Arthur Larrabee)
Constitution, by-laws and rules of the Concordia Club of Pittsburgh with list of members (tekijä: Pa.) Concordia Club (Pittsburgh)
Construction and demolition debris recycling feasibility study for the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (tekijä: Inc. Wilmot and Associates)
Cooking with Champions. The Pittsburgh Penguins Cookbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Penguins)
Cooking with the Filipinos of Pittsburg, PA (tekijä: Antoinette Gaddi Angeles)
Cooks' Delight: Favorite Recipes from Pittsburgh, PA (tekijä: Pittsburgh office of Marsh & McLennan Inc.)
La corsa del levriero. In greyhound da Pittsburgh a Los Angeles (tekijä: Alex Roggero)
Cowher Power: 14 Years of Tradition with the Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Cramer's Pittsburgh almanack, for the year of our Lord ...1826
Creative Nonfiction 15: Lessons in Persuasion: Writers with Pittsburgh Roots or Connections (tekijä: Lee Gutkind)
Creative Nonfiction 38 (Spring 2010) (tekijä: Lee Gutkind)
Croatian immigration to Allegheny County, 1882-1914 (tekijä: Stjepan Gazi)
Crossroads: Avant-garde Film in Pittsburgh in the 1970's (tekijä: Robert A. Haller)
Cultural Resources Management Pittsburgh District: Data Recovery of Site 36 Fa 363
Curating the district: How the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is transforming the quality of urban life (tekijä: Mary Brignano)
The cygnet : year book of Allegheny High School. (tekijä: Pa.) Allegheny High School (Pittsburgh)
Da Coach: Men Are from Mars Real Men Are from Pittsburg (tekijä: Rich Wolfe)
Daily Grind (tekijä: Anna Zabo)
Damballah (tekijä: John Edgar Wideman)
Dances with Luigi: A Grandson's Search for His Italian Roots (tekijä: Paul E. Paolicelli)
Dare to Dream: The Steelers of Two Special Seasons (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Dark Craving [1993 film] (tekijä: John A. Russo)
David L. Lawrence Convention Center Expansion: request for design qualifications (tekijä: Public Auditorium Authority of Pittsburgh and Alle)
David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA: EQ credit 6.2: lighting control specifications
David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Sports and Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, USGBC LEED v2 Gold certificate and accompanying letter of congratulations (tekijä: U.S. Green Building Council)
Daybreakers, the story of the Urban League of Pittsburgh: The first eighty years (tekijä: Arthur J Edmunds)
Daybreakers: The Story of the Urban League of Pittsburgh, the first 65 years (tekijä: Arthur J Edmunds)
Days of sweet remembrance: A portrait of Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania (tekijä: J. Bruce Baumann)
The Deacon and the Schoolmaster: Phillippe and Leever, Pittsburgh's Great Turn-of-the-Century Pitchers (tekijä: Robert Peyton Wiggins)
Deadhouse: Life In A Coroner's Office (tekijä: John Temple)
The Death and Life of Great American Cities (tekijä: Jane Jacobs)
Death in the Steel City (Carroll Dorsey Mystery) (tekijä: Thomas Lipinski)
Death, love and the maiden : a multimedia exhibition following a great theme in European art through 2,500 years : arranged in cooperation with the Departments of Speech and Theatre and of Music : University Art Gallery, Frick Fine Arts Building, March 14-April 20, 19751975
Deaths, 1834-1855 : gleaned from The Pittsburgh Christian Advocate (tekijä: PA: Archives & History Ministry Team New Brighton, Western Pennsylvania Conference, United Methodist Church)
Deaths, 1856-1865 : gleaned from the Pittsburgh Christian advocate. (tekijä: Helen G. United Methodist Church (U.S.). Clear)
Decade of Power: The Pittsburgh Steelers in the Cowher Era: From the Pages of the Pittsburg H Post-Gazette (tekijä: James Barger)
Deed books 1 & 2, Allegheny County, Pa., 1788-1792 (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania archives) (tekijä: K. T. H. McFarland)
Defenders of the Frontier: Colonel Henry Bouquet and the Officers and Men of the Royal American Regiment, 1763-1764 (tekijä: Kenneth P. Stuart)
Devastation and Renewal: An Environmental History of Pittsburgh and Its Region (Pittsburgh Hist Urban Environ) (tekijä: Joel A. Tarr)
Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny cities, and the adjoining boroughs of Birmingham, East Birmingham, Lawrenceville, Manchester, Duquesne, West Pittsburgh, South Pittsburgh, Monongahela, and Temperanceville : also, of the villages of Brownstown, Minersville, East Liberty, Hatfield, Woodville, Troy Hill, Mt. Washington, Spring Garden, East Pittsburgh and Oakland : together with parts of Pitt, Collins, Peebles, St Clair, McClure, Reserve, Chartiers, and Shaler townships : for 1862-63 (tekijä: George H. Thurston)1862
Discover Dinosaurs at the Carnegie (tekijä: Jessica Esslinger)
Discovering Pittsburgh's Sculpture (tekijä: Marilyn Evert)
Do-or-Die Bridesmaid (Harlequin Intrigue Series) (tekijä: Julie Miller)
Doggin' Pittsburgh: The 50 Best Places To Hike With Your Dog In Southwest Pennsylvania (tekijä: Doug Gelbert)
Doing It Right: The Steelers of Three Rivers and Four Super Bowls (Pittsburgh Proud Sports Book Series, 1) (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Dont Call Me Boss: David L. Lawrence, Pittsburgh’s Renaissance Mayor (Pittsburgh Series in Social and Labor History) (tekijä: Michael Weber)
Doo-dah!: Stephen Foster And The Rise Of American Popular Culture (tekijä: Ken Emerson)
Doomsday Clock Part 1 (tekijä: Geoff Johns)
Downtown Pittsburgh (tekijä: Stuart P. Boehmig)
Drawing Pittsburgh Standard PCC C-3 Interurban Car
Drawings: Pittsburgh, 1994 (tekijä: Alumet)
Dream Street: W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Project (tekijä: Alan Trachtenberg)
Duquesne Club : a hundred years old and still growing, 1881-1981 (tekijä: Jerry Vondas)
The Duquesne Club Cookbook Four Seasons of Fine Dining (tekijä: Keith A Coughenour)
Duquesne Club Yearbook (tekijä: Duquesne club.)
The Duquesne Club Yearbook 1988-89
Duquesne University Multipurpose Recreation Center (tekijä: [Green Building Alliance])
The Dutchman died, and other tales of Pittsburgh's Southside (tekijä: J. Fred Lissfelt)
E.D. Whiteside (The Praying Man of Pittsburgh (tekijä: E. R Carner)
Eagle and Sword: The Beginnings of the Military Establishment in America (tekijä: Richard H. Kohn)
Early glass of the Pittsburgh district, 1797-1800: Exhibited at Carnegie Museum, April 21 to Sept. 6, 1949 (tekijä: Carnegie Museum)
Early history of western Pennsylvania, and of the West, and of western expeditions and campaigns, from MDCCLIV to MDCCCXXXIII. / by a gentleman of the bar. With an appendix, containing, besides copious extracts from important Indian treaties, minutes of conferences, journals, etc., a topographical description of the counties of Allegheny, Westmoreland, Washington, Somerset, Greene, Fayette, Beaver, Butler, Armstrong, etc. (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
Early Land Marks and Names of Old Pittsburgh (tekijä: Annie Clark Miller)
Early Pittsburgh Presbyterianism;: Tracing the development of the Presbyterian church, United States of America, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1758-1839, (tekijä: William Wilson McKinney)
East Liberty Presbyterian Church: A Description of the New Edifice & a Short History of the Congregation (tekijä: East Liberty Presbyterian Church)
Eating, drinking and living well in Pittsburgh. Some idiosyncratic notes about city spots (tekijä: Peter Machamer)
Economic Benchmarks: Indices for the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (tekijä: Ralph L. Bangs)
Ed Wynn's Son (tekijä: Keenan Wynn)
Edwin Stanton (Famous Figures of the Civil War Era) (tekijä: Amy Allison)
Eighteenth century Venetian drawings from the Robert Lehman Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York : the Frick Art Museum, Pittsburgh, 26 October 1985 to 29 December 1985 (tekijä: George Szabo)1985
Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's History-Making Race Around the World (tekijä: Matthew Goodman)
Eleganssi (tekijä: Kathleen Tessaro)
Eliza: Remembering a Pittsburgh Steel Mill (tekijä: Mark Perrott)
Elämäni seinäruusuna (tekijä: Stephen Chbosky)
Emergency Care for the Elderly A Training Program for the First Responder (tekijä: University of Pittsburgh)
Emily, Alone (tekijä: Stewart O'Nan)
Empires of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World (tekijä: Jill Jonnes)
End of the Line: Alexander J. Cassatt and the Pennsylvania Railroad (tekijä: Patricia Talbot Davis)
Erie RR timetable Cleveland-Youngstown-Baltimore 1959
Essence of Pittsburgh : the paintings of Ron Donoughe in the plein air style (tekijä: Ron Donoughe)
Ever a Frontier: The Bicentennial History of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (tekijä: James Arthur Walther)
Ever a Vision: A Brief History of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 1959-2009 (tekijä: Donald K. McKim)
The Everyday Cook's Book Duquesne Light (tekijä: Jane Cricks)
Expedition of General Forbes against Fort Duquesne : references to books and magazine articles. (tekijä: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)
Explore Pittsburgh folder with activity book pages, card game, and slides
Fairer than Morning (tekijä: Rosslyn Elliott)
Fall-Down Artist (Carroll Dorsey Mystery) (tekijä: Thomas Lipinski)
Fallen (tekijä: Kathleen George)
Fallingwater and Pittsburgh (tekijä: Narciso G. Menocal)
Family Genealogies in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Bob Closson)
Famous men & women of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Leonore R. Elkus)
Fantasy Camp: Living the Dream With Maz and the '60 Bucs (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Father's Arcane Daughter (tekijä: E. L. Konigsburg)
Feed Your Mind: A Story of August Wilson (tekijä: Jen Bryant)
Feeling Death (tekijä: D. T. Dyllin)
Femme Magnifique: 50 Magnificent Women who Changed the World (tekijä: Shelly Bond)
Fences (tekijä: August Wilson)
The ferns of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, their haunts and habits and something of their folklore (tekijä: Lewis S. Hopkins)
A few of the buildings constructed by Wm. Miller & Sons Co. 530, 532 AND 534 Pittsburgh, Pa. (tekijä: James Ingersoll Day)
Fiberart International 2001 (tekijä: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts)2001
Fiberart International 2004: eighteenth biennial exhibition (tekijä: Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh)2004
Fiberart International 2007: nineteenth biennial exhibition (tekijä: Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh)2007
A Field list of birds of the Pittsburgh region (tekijä: Kenneth C Parkes)
Fifty Acres and a Poodle: A Story of Love, Livestock, and Finding Myself on a Farm (tekijä: Jeanne Marie Laskas)
The Fifty Greatest Plays in Pittsburgh Steelers Football History (tekijä: Steve Hickoff)
Fifty-years of the Chamber of commerce of Pittsburgh, 1874-1924 (tekijä: Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.)
Fighter with a Heart: Writings of Charles Owen Rice, Pittsburgh Labor Priest (tekijä: Ed McCollester)
Figurative Clay February 7- April 18, 1992 The Society for Contemporary Crafts Pittsburgh1992
Fires of Our Choosing (tekijä: Eugene Cross)
The First American West: The Ohio River Valley. (tekijä: Library of Congress)
The First Steamboat Voyage on the Western Waters (tekijä: John H. B. Latrobe)
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (tekijä: Richard Woodley)
Five Stories (tekijä: Willa Cather)
The Flavor of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Ralph H. Reese)
Fleming's Views of Old Pittsburgh (tekijä: George Thornton Fleming)
Focus on Al-Islam: A series of interviews with Imam W. Deen Mohammed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Warith Deen Muhammad)
Food Lovers' Guide to® Pittsburgh: The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings (Food Lovers' Series) (tekijä: Sarah Sudar)
Forbes Field (tekijä: David Finoli)
Forbes Field: 60th Birthday (tekijä: Pittsburgh Pirates)
Forbes Field: Build-It-Yourself: With an Introduction and History (tekijä: Len Martin)
Forbes Field: Essays and Memories of the Pirates' Historic Ballpark, 1909-1971 (tekijä: David Cicotello)
Forging a Majority: The Formation of the Republican Party in Pittsburgh, 1848-1860 (tekijä: Michael F. Holt)
Forgotten Tales of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Thomas White)
Forming Alcoa Aluminum (tekijä: Aluminum Company of America)
Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt (tekijä: Daughters of the American Revolution)
Fort Pitt (tekijä: Charles W. Dahlinger)
Fort Pitt and the American Revolution. (tekijä: Edward G. Williams)
Fort Pitt and the Revolution on the Western Frontier (tekijä: Edward Gilbert Williams)
Fort Pitt Museum and Park (Pennsylvania Trail of History Guides) (tekijä: David Dixon)
Fort Pitt: A Frontier History (The History Press) (tekijä: Brady J. Crytzer)
Foul Matter (tekijä: Martha Grimes)
Founding Families of Pittsburgh: The Evolution of a Regional Elite, 1760-1910 (tekijä: Joseph F Rishel)
Fourth annual report to the Heinz Endowments: status of green building elements: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Sports and Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and)
Free to all : Carnegie libraries & American culture, 1890-1920 (tekijä: Abigail Ayres Van Slyck)
Freight Car Equipment of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad (tekijä: Jerry Gorzoch)
Freight Equipment of the P& LE Volume 1: Gondola Cars (Freight Equip of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad, 1) (tekijä: Jerry Gorzoch)
The French and Indian War in Pennsylvania, 1753-1763: Fortification and Struggle (tekijä: Louis M. Waddell)
The French and Indian War in Pittsburgh: A Memior (tekijä: Dillard Annie)
The Frick Art & Historical Center: The Art and Life of a Pittsburgh Family (tekijä: Mary Brignano)
Frick Environmental Center (tekijä: City of Pittsburgh. Department of City Planning.)
From Carnegie to Internet2 : forging the serials future : proceedings of the North American Serials Interest Group, Inc. : 14th annual conference, June 10-13, 1999, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pittsburgh North American Serials Interest Group.,)1999
From monopoly to competition : the transformations of Alcoa, 1888-1986 (tekijä: George David Smith)
From Pittsburgh to Poland : Lessons of the Holocaust DVD (tekijä: Agency for Jewish Learning)
From Poland to Pittsburgh: The Experience of Jews and Christians Who Migrated After World War II (tekijä: Barbara Stern Burstin)
Front-Page Pittsburgh: Two Hundred Years Of The Post-Gazette (tekijä: Clarke M. Thomas)
Gage (tekijä: Sawyer Bennett)
Galileo in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Clark Glymour)
Gateway poets : anthology of the poets of the Authors' Club of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Authors' Club of Pittsburgh)
Gem of the Ocean (tekijä: August Wilson)
A genealogical and biographical history of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Thomas Cushing)
The General Chooses a Road: The Forbes Campaign of 1758 to Capture Fort Duquesne (tekijä: Niles Anderson)
General location of national system of interstate highways (tekijä: United States Bureau of *)
Generative Programming and Component Engineering: Acm Sigplan/Sigsoft Conference, Gpce 2002, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Octobe (tekijä: conselcharles)
Genetic Algorithms Sixth International Conference: University of Pittsburgh, July 15-19, 1995 (tekijä: International Conference on Genetic Algorithms 199)1995
The geographical magazine, December 1969 (tekijä: Derek Weber)decline of
The geology of Pittsburgh and its environs: A popular account of the general geological features of the region (tekijä: Henry Leighton)
Geometric Modeling and Processing - GMP 2006: 4th International Conference, GMP 2006, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, July 26-28, 2006, Proceedings (Lecture Notes ... Science and General Issues) (Volume 0) (tekijä: Myung-Soo Kim)2006
George Washington's First War: The Battles for Fort Duquesne (tekijä: Robert Matzen)
George Westinghouse (tekijä: Henry Thomas)
George Westinghouse his life and achievements (tekijä: Frank Crane)
German Pittsburgh (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: Michael R. Shaughnessy)
Getaway Mountain (PennWoods Mystery #1) (tekijä: Michele Huey)
Ghost Stories of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (tekijä: Beth E. Trapani)
Gin Fling (tekijä: Lucy Score)
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing (tekijä: Charles Samuels)
Glass catalogue (tekijä: Pears & Co Bakewell)
The Glass House Boys of Pittsburgh (tekijä: James L. Flannery)
Glass: Shattering Notions (tekijä: Anne Madarasz)
Glasshouses And Glass Manufacturers Of The Pittsburgh Region: 1795 - 1910 (tekijä: Jay W. Hawkins)
Gleanings from Pittsburgh & W. Pa.: Newspaper, &C, Views, 1786-1886 (tekijä: John Kent Folmar)
Goal Scorers & Gourmets Pittsburgh Penguins Cookbook First Edition (tekijä: Pittsburgh Community Food Bank)
Good Night Pittsburgh (Good Night Our World) (tekijä: Mark Jasper)
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: Pittsburgh Pirates: Heart-Pounding, Jaw-Dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments from Pittsburgh Pirates History (tekijä: John McCollister)
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: Pittsburgh Steelers: Heart-Pounding, Jaw-Dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments from Pittsburgh Steelers History (tekijä: Matt Fulks)
Goodbye, West View Park, Goodbye (tekijä: Charles J. Jacques)
Government Consolidation and Economic Development in Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh (Technical Report) (tekijä: Rae W. Archibald)
The Grand Idea: George Washington's Potomac and the Race to the West (tekijä: Joel Achenbach)
Great Little Walks in the Pittsburgh Area (tekijä: Yvonne Merrill)
Greater Pittsburg
Greater Pittsburgh Illustrated History of Sports 1800-1970'S (tekijä: Chet Smith)
Greater Pittsburgh Museum Council (tekijä: Business Planning and Marketing Initiative)
Greater Pittsburgh Region
The Greater Pittsburgh Region: Working Together Consortium (tekijä: The Greater Pittsburgh Region)
Greater Pittsburgh: East Edition
Greatest moments in Pittsburgh Steelers history (tekijä: Francis J. Fitzgerald)
The Greedy Bastard Diary: A Comic Tour of America (tekijä: Eric Idle)
Green construction: a symposium on construction management, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 16, 1997 (tekijä: Pa.) Green Construction: A Symposium on Constructi)1997
Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, Pittsburgh 2003: conference program (tekijä: Ma.) Greenbuild International Conference and Expo)
Greening Pittsburgh's convention center: lessons in market transformation: proceedings for symposium, November 14, 20032003
Greening Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle: an assessment of opportunities for downtown greening (tekijä: Western Pennsylvania Conservancy)
Greetings from Pittsburgh (Schiffer Book) (tekijä: Robert Reed)
Greetings from Pittsburgh Neighborhood Narratives: A Film Celebrating the Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Kristen Lauth Shaeffer)
Greetings from Pittsburgh: A Picture Postcard History (tekijä: Ralph Ashworth)
Greyhound Pennsylvania Local Bus Timetable 19731973
Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite; Victor Herbert: Hero and Leander Grofe, Ferde (Composer), ; Victor Herbert (Composer), Lorin Maazel (Conductor), Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra) | Format: Audio CD (tekijä: Ferde Grofe)
Grove City Bus Lines Schedule 1972
Guide to Human Services (tekijä: Allegheny County Medical Society)
Guide to Living in Pittsburgh, 7th edition (tekijä: Brian Reid)
Guide to Living in Pittsburgh, 8th edition (tekijä: Brian Reid)
Guide to living in Pittsburgh: A narrative for new Pittsburghers (tekijä: Brian K. Reid)
Guide to Pittsburgh's Great Parks (tekijä: Abbie Pauley)
Guide to Western Pennsylvania Schools
Guidebook : Carnegie Institute and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)
A guidebook to historic western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Helene Smith)
Guided by the ancestors : Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, lifetime achievement 2009 (tekijä: Tina Williams Brewer)
Guns at the Forks (tekijä: Walter O'Meara)
H. J. Heinz: A Biography (tekijä: Quentin R Skrabec)
H.H. Richardson's Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
H.H. Richardson's Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail (tekijä: Carol Brown)
Hail to Pitt : a sports history of the University of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Hands-On History Inspiration (tekijä: Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation)
Happiest Season [2020 film] (tekijä: Clea DuVall)
Harris' general business directory of the cities of Pittsburgh and Allegheny : and also of the most flourishing and important towns and cities of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Western New York, Virginia, &c., containing ... (tekijä: Isaac Harris)
Haunted Pittsburgh (Haunted America) (tekijä: Timothy Murray)
Haunted Western Pennsylvania: Ghosts & Strange Phenomena of Pittsburgh, Erie, and the Laurel Highlands (Haunted Series) (tekijä: Patty A. Wilson)
He Heard America Sing :Stephen Foster (tekijä: Claire Lee Purdy)
The Heart of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Sacred Heart Elementary School Pittsburg)
The Heart Of Pittsburgh II: A Cook Book From Historic Pittsburgh (tekijä: SACRED HEART ELEM. SCHOOL)
Heart of the Pennsylvania Railroad: The Main Line : Philadelphia to Pittsburgh (Golden Years of Railroading Series) (tekijä: Robert S. McGonigal)
The Heinz Memorial Chapel at the University of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Richard Oden)
Helen Clay Frick: Bittersweet Heiress (tekijä: Martha Frick Symington Sanger)
Help Yourself: A Women's (People's) Resource Directory for Pittsburgh and Allegheny County
Henry Clay Frick (tekijä: Martha Frick Symington Sanger)
The Henry Clay Frick Houses: Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes in the Golden Era (tekijä: Martha Frick Symington Sanger)
Henry Clay Frick: The Gospel of Greed (tekijä: Samuel Agnew Schreiner)
Henry Clay Frick: The Life of the Perfect Capitalist (tekijä: Quentin R Skrabec)
Henry Clay Frick: The Man (tekijä: George Harvey)
Henry Hobson Richardson and His Works (Dover Architecture) (tekijä: Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer)
Henry Hornbostel: An Architect's Master Touch (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
Henry Koerner: From Vienna to Pittsburgh (tekijä: Gail Stavitsky)
The Herd from 93rd (tekijä: William Scalin)
Herndon's Life of Lincoln (tekijä: William Henry Herndon)
Hiding Place (tekijä: John Edgar Wideman)
High on the Pot!: Movement #1 (tekijä: Intense Andy)
Highest Duty (tekijä: Chesley B. Sullenberger)
Hines Ward and the Pittsburgh Steelers: Super Bowl XL (Super Bowl Superstars) (tekijä: Michael Sandler)
Historic Photos of Pittsburgh (Historic Photos.) (tekijä: Miriam Meislik)
Historic preservation in inner city areas : a manual of practice (tekijä: Arthur P. Ziegler)
An historical account of the expedition against the Ohio Indians, in the year 1764. Under the command of Henry Bouquet, esq: colonel of foot, and now brigadier general in America. Including his transactions with the Indians, relative to the delivery of their prisoners, and the preliminaries of peace. With an introductory account of the preceeding campaign, and battle at Bushy-Run. To which are annexed military papers, containing reflections on the war with the savages; a method of forming frontier settlemen (tekijä: Henry Bouquet)
The Historical and Other Relations of Pittsburgh and the Virginias (tekijä: LL.D William A. MacCorkle)
History - Passenger Train & Through Car Svc. Pennsylvania RR 1849-1947 (tekijä: Douglas C Wornom)
History of Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania: With Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks, and ... (Pennsylvania County and Regional Histories) (tekijä: Samuel W. Durant)
History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. D. Rupp)
History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: A. Warner and Company)
History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Volume I Including Its Early Settlement and Progress to the Present Time; A Description of Its Historic and Interesting Localities; Its Cities, Towns and Villages; Religious, Educational, Social and Military History; Mining, Manufacturing, and Commercial Interests; Improvements, Resources, Statistics, Etc. Also Portraits of Some of Its Prominent Men, and Biographies of Many of Its Representative Citizens (tekijä: Thomas Cushing)
History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Volume II Including Its Early Settlement and Progress to the Present Time; A Description of Its Historic and Interesting Localities; Its Cities, Towns and Villages; Religious, Educational, Social and Military History; Mining, Manufacturing, and Commercial Interests; Improvements, Resources, Statistics, Etc. Also Portraits of Some of Its Prominent Men, and Biographies of Many of Its Representative Citizens (tekijä: Thomas Cushing)
The history of an expedition against Fort Du Quesne, in 1755: Under Major General Edward Braddock. Edited from the original manuscripts, (tekijä: Winthrop Sargent)
History of Colonel Henry Bouquet and the western frontiers of Pennsylvania, 1747-1764, collected and edited by Mary Carson Darlington. (tekijä: Mary C. Darlington)
History of Pittsburgh and environs, from prehistoric days to the beginning of the American revolution (tekijä: George Thornton Fleming)
The History of Pittsburgh, Its Rise and Progress (tekijä: Sarah Hutchins Killikelly)
The history of Pittsburgh, with a brief notice of its facilities of communication and other advantages for commercial and manufacturing purposes (tekijä: Neville B. Craig)
The History of The Baltimore & Ohio (tekijä: Timothy Jacobs)
History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (tekijä: John F. Stover)
A history of the Pittsburgh female college, 1854-1896, (tekijä: Elizabeth Phillips Hart)
The history of the Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Michael E. Goodman)
The History of the Pittsburgh Pirates (Baseball: The Great American Game) (tekijä: Wayne Stewart)
The History of the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL Today) (tekijä: Adam Schmalzbauer)
History of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1868-1938 (tekijä: Sister Clarissa Popp)
History of the Traffic Club of Pittsburgh, organized December 8th, 1902 (tekijä: Traffic Club of Pittsburgh. Historical Committee.)
History of the Washington Infantry of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania thirty-sixth anniversary, 1855-1891
The History of United Methodism in Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Wallace Guy Smeltzer)
Holding Her Own: The Exceptional Life of Jackie Ormes (tekijä: Traci N. Todd)
Holy Pittsburgh records : a partial list of early records of churches and synagogues
Home and design Pittsburgh
Homelands Remembered: The Story of the Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh (VHS) (tekijä: University of Pittsburgh)
Homewood Cemetery : Pittsburgh's illustrious "City of the dead" (tekijä: Edward M. Power)
The Homewood Trilogy (tekijä: John Edgar Wideman)
Homewood-Brushton : a century of community-making (tekijä: Steven W. Sapolsky)
The Horn papers: Early westward movement on the Monongahela and upper Ohio, 1765-1795 3 vols (tekijä: William Franklin Horn)
Horror House (tekijä: J. N. Williamson)
Hot Single Dad (tekijä: Claire Kingsley)
House of Steel: Heinz Field and the Dawn of a New Era in Pittsburgh (tekijä: John Wiebusch)
Houseguest [1995 film] (tekijä: Randall Miller)
Houses Around Here (tekijä: Rick Sebak)
How Mellon got rich (tekijä: Harvey O'Connor)
How Pittsburghers can radical (sic) reduce energy consumption (tekijä: Carnegie Mellon University)
How to ride a bike in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Robert Isenberg)
Human population genetics: The Pittsburgh symposium
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation (tekijä: Carnegie Mellon University)
Huomioita Amerikasta (tekijä: Charles Dickens)
Hypertext 89 Proceedings: Proceedings, November 5-8, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pa.) Acm Conference on Hypertext 1989 (Pittsburgh)1989
Hypertext 98: The Ninth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia, June 20-24, 1998, Pittsburgh, Pa1998
Icarus of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Evan Mather)
Ice Giant (tekijä: Nichole Rose)
IEEE International Conference on Systems Engineering, August 9-11, 1990, Vista International Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylv1990
If I Were a Pittsburgh Steeler (tekijä: Joseph C. D'Andrea)
The Illustrated history of Opera in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Hax McCullough)
The Immigrant Church and Community: Pittsburgh's Slovak Catholics and Lutherans, 1880-1915 (tekijä: June Granatir Alexander)
The immigrant's point of view: Address at the Pittsburgh Convention, November 9, 1922 (tekijä: Michael F Pupin)
In Sunlight, in a Beautiful Garden: A Novel (tekijä: Kathleen Cambor)
Inadvertent Disclosure (tekijä: Melissa F. Miller)
Inclusion in the workforce: positioning the Pittsburgh region to prosper and compete (tekijä: Chris Benner)
Incredible Carnegie: The Life of Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) (tekijä: John K. Winkler)
The Incredible Nellie Bly: Journalist, Investigator, Feminist, and Philanthropist (tekijä: Luciana Cimino)
Index Of Microfilm Holdings In Oakland Branch Of The Carnegie Library, Located In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Eden Harriss)
Index to Allegheny County, Pa. wills, volumes 1-12, 1789-1869 (tekijä: Bob Closson)
Index to Memoirs: An alphabetical listing of deceased clergy and their spouses for the Methodist Episcopal, Methodist Protestant, Methodist and United Methodist Churches of Western Pennsylvania, from 1825-1995
Index to the Draper Manuscripts: Series NN, The Pittsburgh and Northwest Virginia Papers (tekijä: Karen Mauer Green)
Index to the Registration of Deaths [in] Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 1893-1905 (tekijä: Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society)
Indispensable Party (tekijä: Melissa F. Miller)
Industry in Art: Pittsburgh, 1812 to 1920 (tekijä: Rina C. Youngner)
Information hiding : 4th International Workshop, IH 2001, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, April 25-27, 2001 : proceedings (tekijä: Ira S. Moskowitz)2001
Inheritors of a Glorious Reality; a History of Shadyside Hospital (1991) (tekijä: Mary Brignano)
Inscriptions from Chartiers Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pa (tekijä: K.T.H. McFarland)
Inscriptions from Union Dale Cemetery, Allegheny (now Pittsburgh), Pa. (tekijä: K. T. H. McFarland)
The Inside History of the Carnegie Steel Company
The Inside History of the Carnegie Steel Company: A Romance of Millions (tekijä: James Howard Bridge)
Insiders' guide to Pittsburgh
Insiders' Guide to Pittsburgh (tekijä: Loriann Hoff Oberlin)
Insiders' Guide® to Pittsburgh (Insiders' Guide Series) (tekijä: Michele Margittai)
Insiders' Guide to Pittsburgh, 2nd (Insiders' Guide Series) (tekijä: Jenn Phillips)
Insiders' Guide to Pittsburgh, 3rd (Insiders' Guide Series) (tekijä: Jenn Phillips)
Inspire Us Through the Years (tekijä: Mary Brignano)
International Land Reclamation and Mine Drainage Conference and Third International Conference on the Abatement of Acidic Drainage : proceedings of a conference held in Pittsburgh, PA on April 24-29, 19941994
Inventive wizard: George Westinghouse (tekijä: Israel E. Levine)
Irish Pittsburgh (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: Patricia McElligott)
Iron City Asskickers [1998 short film] (tekijä: George A. Romero)
Irreparable Harm (tekijä: Melissa F. Miller)
Irretrievably Broken (tekijä: Melissa F. Miller)
It happened in Pittsburgh : Convergence '76.
The It's Just Lunch Guide to Dating in Pittsburgh (It's Just Lunch!) (tekijä: James Irwin)
Italian portrait drawings, 1400-1800, from North American collections : Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, Indiana, October 6-December 18, 1983, Gallery of Art, University of Pittsburgh, January 20-February 26, 1984, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, April 3-29, 1984 (tekijä: Adelheid M. Gealt)1984
Italians of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania (Images of America) (tekijä: Nicholas P. Ciotola)
Jackie Ormes Draws the Future: The Remarkable Life of a Pioneering Cartoonist (tekijä: Liz Montague)
Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist (tekijä: Nancy Goldstein)
Jane Grey Swisshelm: An Unconventional Life, 1815-1884 (tekijä: Sylvia D. Hoffert)
Jewish Pittsburgh (tekijä: Barbara Burstin)
Jewish racial identity in Pittsburgh and Atlanta, 1890-1930 (tekijä: Stuart Allen Rockoff)
Jitney (tekijä: August Wilson)
Joe Turner's Come and Gone (tekijä: August Wilson)1911
Joey Pigza Loses Control (tekijä: Jack Gantos)
john a. brashear: the autobiography of a man who loved the stars (tekijä: John Brashear)
John Bartam's Journey to Pittsburgh in the Fall of 1761 (tekijä: Francis D. West)
John Kane, painter (tekijä: Leon Anthony Arkus)
The Johnstown Flood (tekijä: David McCullough)
Journal of an expedition to the Ohio commmanded by his Excellency Brigadier-General Forbes; in the year of our Lord, 1758. (tekijä: Thomas Barton)
Journal of Col. George Croghan, who was sent, after the peace of 1763, by the government, to explore the country adjacent to the Ohio River, and to conciliate the Indian nations who had hitherto acted with the French ... (tekijä: George Croghan)
The Journal of Major George Washington: An Account of His First Official Mission, Made as Emissary from the Governor of Virginia to the Commandant of the French Forces on the Ohio, Oct. 1753-Jan. 1754 (tekijä: George Washington)
Journal of travels in the United States of North America, and in Lower Canada, performed in the year 1817 : containing particulars relating to the prices of land and provisions, remarks on the country and people, interesting anecdotes, and an account of the commerce, trade, and present state of Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Albany, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Lexington, Quebec, Montreal, &c. ; to which are added a description of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, and a variety of ot (tekijä: John Palmer)
The journals of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 1799-1820 : from Philadelphia to New Orleans (tekijä: Benjamin Henry Latrobe)
The journey of Massie Harbison in 1792
JSA All-Stars: Constellations (tekijä: Lilah Sturges)
Judge Mellon's sons, (tekijä: William Larimer Mellon)
The Judge: A Life of Thomas Mellon, Founder of a Fortune (tekijä: James Mellon)
Just Business (tekijä: Anna Zabo)
Justice George Shiras, Jr., of Pittsburgh, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1892-1903 : a chronicle of his family, life, and times (tekijä: George Shiras)
KDKA (Pittsburgh) Family Album
KDKA, Pittsburgh,"Going Forward with Radio"
Keep the Faith: The Steelers of two different eras (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Keith Haring: The Story of His Life (tekijä: Paolo Parisi)
Kennywood memories (tekijä: Rick Sebak)
Keystone of Democracy: A History of Pennsylvania Workers (tekijä: Howard Harris)
A Kid from Pittsburgh (tekijä: Marion Rosen)
The Kill Point [2007 TV Series] (tekijä: Donnie Wahlberg)
Killing Time: Leisure and Culture in Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1800-1850 (tekijä: Scott C. Martin)
King Hedley II (tekijä: August Wilson)
The King's Orchard (tekijä: Agnes Sligh Turnbull)
Kiss It Good-Bye: The Mystery, The Mormon, and the Moral of the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: John Moody)1960
Klondikes, Chipped Ham, & Skyscraper Cones: The Story of Isaly's (tekijä: Brian Butko)
Knightriders [1981 film] (tekijä: George A. Romero)
LAMBERT The Man in the Middle....and Other Outstanding Linebackers (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
The land in the fork: Pittsburgh, 1753-1914 (tekijä: Laura C. Frey)
Land of the Dead [2005 film] (tekijä: George A. Romero)
Landmark architecture : Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
Landmark architecture of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: James D. Van Trump)
Landmarks of Greater Pittsburgh (tekijä: Ron Szpatura)
The Last Chicken in America: A Novel in Stories (tekijä: Ellen Litman)
The Last Days of Night (tekijä: Graham Moore)
Last Night in the OR: A Transplant Surgeon's Odyssey (tekijä: Bud Shaw)
Last on Grant : the history of the First English Evangelical Lutheran Church in the city of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Philip H. Pfatteicher)
Last Team Standing: How the Steelers and the Eagles--"The Steagles"--Saved Pro Football During World War II (tekijä: Matthew Algeo)
Latrobe's view of America, 1795-1820 : selections from the watercolors and sketches (tekijä: Benjamin Henry Latrobe)
Lectures in dental radiography; University of Pittsburgh Dental School (tekijä: Jacob Clifton Eselman)
A legacy in bricks and mortar : African-American landmarks in Allegheny County (tekijä: Other Contributor-Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundatio)
Legendary Locals of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Joann Cantrell)
Leo Loves Aries (tekijä: Anyta Sunday)
Letters of General John Forbes relating to the expedition agains Fort Duquesne in 1758; compiled from books in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for the Allegheny County Committee, Pennsylvania Society of the Colonial Dames of America (tekijä: John Forbes)
Life and architecture in Pittsburgh (tekijä: James D Van Trump)
The life of Andrew Carnegie (tekijä: Burton Jesse Hendrick)
A Life of George Westinghouse (tekijä: G. Henry Prout)
Life on Mars: 55th Carnegie International (tekijä: Curator Douglas Fogle)
Life's Riches: Excerpts on the Pittsburgh Region and Historic Preservation (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
Lifelines (tekijä: CJ Lyons)
Lifestyles of the Poor & Anonymous: More People I Have Met in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Karen Lillis)
Lilli de Jong (tekijä: Janet Benton)
Lincoln Lines bus schedule 1970
Linking the environment to the new competitiveness: strategic directions for the Pittsburgh Region: a report (tekijä: Carnegie Mellon University)
Linking Up: Planning Your Traffic-Free Bike Trip Between Pittsburgh PA and Washington DC (tekijä: Roy Weil)
Linking Up: Planning Your Traffic-Free Bike Trip Between Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC - 3rd Edition (tekijä: Mary Shaw)
A List of Immigrants Who Applied for Naturalization Papers in the District Courts of Allegheny County, PA 1881-1891 Volu (tekijä: Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society)
A List of Immigrants Who Applied for Naturalization Papers in the District Courts of Allegheny County, PA: 1870-1879 (tekijä: The Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society.)
Lists and indexes to the legal, court, and municipal records of Allegheny County, Pa. Volume 3 (tekijä: Joel Fishman)
A Little Girl In Old Pittsburg (tekijä: Amanda M. Douglas)
The Little Piano Girl: The Story of Mary Lou Williams, Jazz Legend (tekijä: Ann Ingalls)
The Liturgy and Unity in Christ: The Twenty First North American Liturgical Week (tekijä: The Liturgical Conference)1960
Lives of Their Own: Blacks, Italians, and Poles in Pittsburgh, 1900-1960 (tekijä: John E. Bodnar)
Living a Double Life: Cyrus Townsend of Peekskill, New York, and Pittsburgh (tekijä: Rebecca Rector)
Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's (tekijä: John Elder Robison)
Look Up, Pittsburgh! 3 Walking Tours in The Steel City (tekijä: Doug Gelbert)
The Lost Cyclist: The Epic Tale of an American Adventurer and His Mysterious Disappearance (tekijä: David Herlihy)
Lost in Pittsburgh: a journey into youth subculture (tekijä: Zsuzsi Matclocsy)
Lost Sundays: A Season in the Life of Pittsburgh and the Steelers (tekijä: Sam Toperoff)
Lost Taxes of the Borough [of Pittsburgh] For the Year 1807 (tekijä: Suzanne M. Johnston)1807
Lucky Town (tekijä: Morgan Brice)
Lykens Twenty Years Ago: An Historical Sketch. (tekijä: Charles H. Miller)
Made in PA - Pittsburgh Technology Council (tekijä: Matt Pross Audrey Russo)
Madison Square Tragedy: The Murder of Stanford White (tekijä: Rick Geary)
Madwoman (tekijä: Louisa Treger)
Majesty of the law : the court houses of Allegheny County (tekijä: James D. Van Trump)
Major Media Center Conference (tekijä: Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Point Park University)
Major Washington's Pittsburgh and the Mission to Fort Le Boeuf (PA) (tekijä: Brady J. Crytzer)
Making iron and steel : independent mills in Pittsburgh, 1820-1920 (tekijä: John N. Ingham)
Making Magic (The FuBar Book 2) (tekijä: Jess Whitecroft)
The Making Of An Afro-american: Martin Robison Delany, 1812-1885 (tekijä: Dorothy Sterling)
The making of the fashion conscious class: Culture and clothes among Pittsburgh's middle and upper class, 1870-1920 (tekijä: Kenneth Heineman)
Making the Connections: A Collection of Community Stories from Pittsburgh's 250th Anniversary (tekijä: Justin Hopper)
Making the moulds for pig iron, blast furnace, Pittsburg, Pa
Making Their Own Way: Southern Blacks' Migration to Pittsburgh, 1916-30 (Blacks in the New World) (tekijä: Peter Gottlieb)
The Man in Lower Ten (tekijä: Mary Roberts Rinehart)
The Many Lives of Andrew Carnegie (Meltzer Biographies) (tekijä: Milton Meltzer)
Map and Visitor Guide to the Carnegie MuseumS of Art and Natural History (tekijä: Carnegie Museums)
Map: Pittsburgh (tekijä: AAA)
Marriage records, Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1805-1867 (tekijä: Bob Closson)
Marriage returns : City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA, 1870-1875 (3 volumes) (tekijä: Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society)
Marriages 1834-1855: Gleaned from the Pittsburgh Christian Advocate
Marriages 1856-1865: Gleaned from the Pittsburgh Christian Advocate
Marriages and Deaths from the Pittsburgh Dispatch 1858-1860 (tekijä: Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society)
Marriages and Deaths, Pittsburg Gazette (tekijä: Shirley G. McQuillis)
Martin [1977 film] (tekijä: George A. Romero)
O marvelous Model T! : a diary of a great Model T Ford expedition in 1928 from Pittsburgh to the West Coast and back (tekijä: John C. Gerber)
Mary Colter: Builder upon the Red Earth (Grand Canyon Association) (tekijä: Virginia L. Grattan)
Materials credits documentation sheet: LEED green building rating system, Greater Pittsburgh Convention Center / Purchase orders (tekijä: Green Building Alliance)
Maximilian of Wied in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Dietmar Kuegler)
Maz and the '60 Bucs: When Pittsburgh and Its Pirates Went All the Way (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)1960
Meet You in Hell: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the Bitter Partnership That Changed America (tekijä: Les Standiford)
The Mellon Family: A Fortune in History (tekijä: Burton Hersh)
Mellon's Millions: The Biography of a Fortune; The Life and Times of Andrew W. Mellon (tekijä: Harvey O'Connor)
Mellon's Orchard South (tekijä: East Liberty Development Inc.)
Mellon: An American Life (tekijä: David Cannadine)
Membership directory (tekijä: Pittsburgh Technology Council (Pa.))
Memoirs of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; personal and genealogical (tekijä: Northwest ... Association)
Memoirs of the Pittsburgh Sister of mercy (tekijä: Pittsburgh Sisters of Mercy)
Memoirs Of The Pittsburgh Sisters Of Mercy, 1843-1917 (1918) (tekijä: Pittsburgh Sisters of Mercy)
Memory's milestones : reminiscences of seventy years of a busy life in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Percy F. Smith)
Men and women of wartime Pittsburgh and environs; a war-production epic
The mercantile, manufacturing and mining interests of Pittsburgh, 1884 (tekijä: Pittsburgh.)
Mere Citizens: United, Civil and Disobedient (tekijä: Liane Ellison Norman)
Methodism on the Headwaters of the Ohio: The History of the Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Church (tekijä: Wallace Guy Smeltzer)
Mightier Than the Sword (tekijä: Jeffrey Archer)
Mike Kalina's Pittsburgh Cookbook (tekijä: Mike Kalina)
The military papers of Colonel Henry Bouquet: Brigadier-general in America, lieutenant-colonel of the Royal American Bri (tekijä: Henry Bouquet)
Millhunks and Renegades: A Portrait of a Pittsburgh Neighborhood (tekijä: Anita Kulina)
Miniature plays. Written for the Pittsburgh Miniature Theatre (tekijä: dramatist Madge Miller)
Minutes of conferences, held at Fort-Pitt, in April and May 1768, under the direction of George Croghan, esquire, deputy agent for Indian affairs, with the chiefs and warriors of the Ohio and other Western Indians. (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Miscellaneous Debris: catalog Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Artist of the Year (tekijä: Adam J. Welh)
Mission Possible: Pittsburgh Presbytery (VHS) (tekijä: Pittsburgh Presbytery)
Mississippi Jack: Being an Account of the Further Waterborne Adventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman, Fine Lady, and Lily of the West (tekijä: L. A. Meyer)
Modeling and simulation. (tekijä: Annual Pittsburgh Conference)
Moments of Joy and Heartbreak : 66 Significant Episodes in the History of the Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Jorge Iber)
Mon Valley Commuter Rail Timetable 19881988
The Monongahela (tekijä: Richard Bissell)
Monongahela Dusk: A Novel (tekijä: John Hoerr)
The Monongahela of old; or, Historical sketches of south-western Pennsylvania to the year 1800 (tekijä: James Veech)
The Monongahela: River of Dreams, River of Sweat (Keystone Books®) (tekijä: Arthur Parker)
Monongahela: The River and Its Region. (tekijä: Richard T. Wiley)
Monster on the Allegheny-- and other Lawrenceville stories (tekijä: Allan Becer)
Montcalm and Wolfe (tekijä: Francis Parkman)
Moon Handbooks Pennsylvania (tekijä: Joanne Miller)
Moon Handbooks Pittsburgh (tekijä: Dan Eldridge)
Mother of Mercy Chapel 1998 (tekijä: Pittsburgh Sisters of Mercy)
Mothered: A Novel (tekijä: Zoje Stage)
Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: Nancy J. Kimmerle Beck)
Mrs. Soffel [1984 film] (tekijä: Gillian Armstrong)
Muisto tyttärestäni (tekijä: Kim Edwards)
Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute collection handbook (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)
MVP Pro Football '97 Pittsburgh Playoffs Preview
My 75 Years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL (tekijä: Dan Rooney)
My Father, Henry Clay Frick (tekijä: Helen Clay Frick)
My high school days : including a brief history of the Pittsburgh Central High School from 1855 to 1871 and addenda (tekijä: George T. Fleming)
My Sunny Vampire (tekijä: Stacy McKitrick)
The Names of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Bob Regan)
Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Major Impossible (tekijä: Nathan Hale)
The Nation Reunited: War's Aftermath (tekijä: Richard W. Murphy)
The Nation: its relations and duties to God : a sermon preached in the First Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. on Tha (tekijä: William M. (William Miller) Paxton)
National Geographic Magazine 1991 v180 #6 December (tekijä: William Graves)
National Geographic Magazine 2003 v204 #2 August (tekijä: William L Allen)
National League Central (Behind the Plate) (tekijä: John Silbaugh)
National mainstream coverage of Convention Center and Green Pittsburgh/ Trade coverage of Convention Center and Green Pittsburgh/ Local mainstream coverage of Convention Center and Green Pittsburgh (tekijä: Green Building Alliance)
The National Pastime, 2018: Steel City Stories (National Pastime : a Review of Baseball History) (tekijä: Society for American Baseball Research (SABR))
The nationality rooms (tekijä: E. Maxine Bruhns)
Nationality Rooms Recipe Book (tekijä: Marjorie Kittleson Alexis)
The Navigator (tekijä: Zadok Cramer, 1773-1813.)
The Negro migrant in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Abraham Epstein)
Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist (tekijä: Brooke Kroeger)
Never Buried (tekijä: Edie Claire)
Never Give Up (tekijä: Bill Parise)
The New 21st Century Pittsburgh Figured Out (tekijä: Bob Firth)
The New Deal and the Last Hurrah: Pittsburgh Machine Politics (tekijä: Bruce M. Stave)
The New Deal, Volume Two: The State and Local Levels (tekijä: John Braeman)
New Pittsburgh arena: project manual - 100% schematic design (tekijä: HOK Sports Facilities Group)
New Testament: New International Version (NIV) (tekijä: Bible)
New World Waiting (tekijä: Anne G. Faigen)
New York Central System. Road to the Future. The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Co. A Collection of color postcards (tekijä: Howard T Fogg)
New York Times Greatest Moments in Pittsburgh Steelers History (tekijä: The New York Times)
NFL workshop for women: Pittsburgh Steelers
NGS Conference in the States: Pitsburgh, Moving a Nation Westward Program Syllabus (5/28-5/31/03) (tekijä: National Genealogical *)2003
NHL Media Guide: Pittsburgh Penguins - 1998-1999
NHL Media Guide: Pittsburgh Penguins - 2000-2001
NHL Media Guide: Pittsburgh Penguins - 2002-2003
The Nicholas Lochoff Cloister of the Henry Clay Frick Fine Arts Building (tekijä: Walter Read Hovey)
Nickelodeon City: Pittsburgh at the Movies, 1905-1929 (tekijä: Michael Aronson)
Night of the Living Dead: Behind the Scenes of the Most Terrifying Zombie Movie Ever (tekijä: Joe Kane)
The NinJew (tekijä: Richard Walters)
Noisemakers: 25 Women Who Raised Their Voices & Changed the World - A Graphic Collection from Kazoo (tekijä: Kazoo Magazine)
Not far from Pittsburgh; places and personalities in the history of the land beyond the Alleghenies (tekijä: Clarence Edward Noble Macartney)
Notable men of Pittsburgh and vicinity (tekijä: Percy F. Smith)
Oakland (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
Oakland : a graphic guide to Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood / Harold Behar, editor ; cover art by Jasen Lex. (tekijä: Harold Behar)
Of Long Ago: The Children and the City (tekijä: Mary Ellis Bakewell)
Official 1993 Pittsburgh Pirates Magazine & Scorecard (tekijä: Rick Cerrone)1993
Official municipal program of the sesqui-centennial celebration of the City of Pittsburgh : September twenty-seventh to October third and November twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and eight1908
Official souvenir, 27th triennial conclave, Knights Templar of the United States of America, Pittsburgh, Pa., October tenth to fourteenth 18981898
Ohio River Guidebook: Charts and Details from beginning to end (tekijä: Jerry M. Hay)
The Ohio River Handbook and Picture Album (tekijä: Benjamin F Klein)
The Ohio River: In American History and Voyaging on Today's River (tekijä: Captain Rick Rhodes)
The old and new Monongahela (tekijä: John S. Van Voorhis)
Old Fort Duquesne: Captain Jack, The Scout, An Historical Noveml With Copious Notes (tekijä: Charles McKnight)
Oltre New York. Reportage e fotografie 1936-1938 (tekijä: Annemarie Schwarzenbach)
On the main line; the Pennsylvania Railroad in the 19th century (tekijä: Edwin P. Alexander)
On The Wing. The story of the Pittsburgh Sisters of Mercy 1843-1968 (tekijä: Sr. M.Jerome McHale)
The one and only Pittsburgh walking map and guide (tekijä: Robert L Bowden)
One Hundred Paintings from the G. David Thompson Collection (tekijä: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)
One Hundred Years of Western Art from Pittsburgh Collections (tekijä: Peter Hassrick)
Only in Pittsburgh (tekijä: S. Trevor Hadley)
Only the Ball Was White: A History of Legendary Black Players and All-Black Professional Teams (tekijä: Robert Peterson)
Opening of Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts and inaugural concert by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, September 11, 19711971
Ophie’s Ghosts (tekijä: Justina Ireland)
Oration delivered at the centennial celebration of the evacuation of Fort Duquesne, by A.W. Loomis, Pittsburgh, November 25, 1858. (tekijä: Andrew W. Loomis [1797-1873])
Orderly Book I of Col. Henry Bouquet's Expedition Against the Ohio Indians, 1764 (Carlisle to Fort Pitt) (tekijä: Edward G. Williams)
The Orderly Book of Col. Henry Bouquet's Expedition Against the Ohio Indians, 1764 (tekijä: Edward G. Williams)
Original Location of Pittsburgh Pipe and Coupling Co
Orphans' court docket ... [docket book number], Allegheny County, PA (Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania archives) (tekijä: K. T. H. McFarland)
Our Honored Dead: Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in the American Civil War (tekijä: Arthur B Fox)
Our Lady of Immaculate Deception (tekijä: Nancy Martin)
Our Pennsylvania: Keys to the Keystone State (tekijä: Amy Oakley)
Our police : a history of the Pittsburgh police force, under the town and city (tekijä: Henry Mann)
Out of Left Field (tekijä: Bob Adelman)
Out of This Furnace (tekijä: Thomas Bell)
Over the Old Roads to Pittsburgh (tekijä: John S. Ritenour)
Overture, Bicentennial Issue, Pittsburgh Festival (tekijä: Ida M. (editor) Collura)
The Owl (tekijä: University of Pittsburgh)1941
P&LE RR Timetable 19361936
P&LE's Mikados (Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad modern era steam freight locomotives) (tekijä: Jack Polaritz)
Palace of Culture: Andrew Carnegie’s Museums and Library in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Robert J Gangewere)
Palmer's pictorial Pittsburgh and prominent Pittsburghers past and present, 1758-1905 (tekijä: Robert M Palmer)
Paluu päämajaan (tekijä: Lee Child)
Panopticon an art spectacular : Carnegie Museum of Art presents a grand display : paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, prints, drawings & photographs from Pittsburgh, the United States and the rest of the world (tekijä: Carnegie Museum of Art.,)
A Panorama of Pittsburgh: Nineteenth-Century Printed Views (tekijä: Christopher W. Lane)
Panther Pride: University of Pittsburgh Men's Basketball (PA) (Images of Sports) (tekijä: Jr. Sam Sciullo)
Papers of Henry Bouquet (January 1, 1759 - August 31, 1759, Volume III) (tekijä: Donald Kent)
The Papers of Henry Bouquet, Volume 2: The Forbes Expedition (tekijä: Henry Bouquet)
The Papers of Henry Bouquet: September 1, 1760-October 31, 1761 (tekijä: Louis M. Waddell)
The Paris of Appalachia: Pittsburgh in the Twenty-First Century (tekijä: Brian O'Neill)
Passport to Pittsburgh: The New Airport, the International City (tekijä: Beth Marcello)
A Past still alive : the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation celebrates twenty-five years (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
Patton's Spaceship (tekijä: John Barnes)
Paul Mellon: In His Own Words (tekijä: Paul Mellon)
Paul's Case / The Sculpter's Funeral / The Garden Lodge (tekijä: Willa Cather)
Paul's Case and Other Stories (tekijä: Willa Cather)
Paul's Case {story} (tekijä: Willa Cather)
A pencil in Penn; sketches of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas (tekijä: Edward Brown Lee)
Penguin Profiles: Pittsburgh's Boys of Winter (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Penn Central RR Central Region Employee Timetable #3
Pennant hopes dashed by the homer in the gloamin' : the story of how the 1938 Pittsburgh Pirates blew the National League pennant (tekijä: Ronald T. Waldo)
The Pennsy in the steel city: 150 years of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Ken Kobus)
Pennsy's Conemaugh Division: Pittsburgh to Johnstown and Oil City (tekijä: Ken Kobus)
Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine 1997 Fall (tekijä: Michael J. O'Malley)
Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine 1997 Summer (tekijä: Michael J. O'Malley)
Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine 1998 Winter (tekijä: Michael J. O'Malley)
Pennsylvania history in outline (tekijä: Louis M. Waddell)
Pennsylvania Railroad (Railroad Color History) (tekijä: Mike Schafer)
Pennsylvania Railroad Lines West Vol. 1 Pittsburgh to St. Louis 1960-1999 (tekijä: Steve Hipes)
Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway Limited (Great Passenger Trains) (tekijä: Joe Welsh)
The Pennsylvania Railroad's Golden Triangle: Main line panorama in the Pittsburgh area (tekijä: Ken Kobus)
The Pennsylvania Railroad: A Pictorial History (tekijä: Edwin P. Alexander)
Pennsylvania Songs and Legends (tekijä: George Korson)
Pennsylvania Trolleys in Color, Volume 3 (tekijä: William D. Volkmer)
Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail: Gateways and Getaways along the Legendary Route from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh (tekijä: Burton K. Kummerow)
Pennsylvania: A Bicentennial History (tekijä: Thomas C. Cochran)
Pensioners in Western Pennsylvania in 1883, Volume I (tekijä: Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society)
The People and Times of Western Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Gazette Abstracts 1812-1816 Volume 4 (tekijä: Clara E. Duer)
The people and times of western Pennsylvania, Volume 1: Pittsburgh Gazette Abstracts ; a day by day story of events from July 1786 to February 1797 (Special ... Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society) (tekijä: Clara E. Duer)
People I Have Met in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Karen E Lillis)
Performance and practices of Western Pennsylvania's manufacturing firms (tekijä: University of Pittsburgh)
Perspectives (Vol.43, No.3) March, 2005 - New Sports History Museum Opens in Pittsburgh (tekijä: American Historical Association)
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Phoebe and the Steel City Vampires (tekijä: Eileen Enwright Hodgetts)
The Piano Lesson (tekijä: August Wilson)
A Picture of Her Tombstone: A Carroll Dorsey Mystery (tekijä: Thomas Lipinski)
Pierre Alechinsky Paintings and Writings (tekijä: Pittsburgh Museum of Art Carnegie Institute)
Pilgrims (tekijä: Elizabeth Gilbert)
Pillar of Pittsburgh. The History of Mercy Hospital and the city it serves. (tekijä: R.S.M. Sr. Joanne Marie Andoirio)
PIONEER PILOT A Boys' Story of the First Steamboat Voyage from Pittsburgh to New (tekijä: Edd W Parks)
O Pioneers! (tekijä: Willa Cather)
The Pirate Family Cookbook (tekijä: Pirate Pinch Hitters)
Pirates By the Numbers: A Complete Team History of the Bucs By Uniform Number (tekijä: David Finoli)
Pirates treasures: Facts · feats · firsts in Pittsburgh Pirates History (tekijä: Bob Fulton)
The Pitt (tekijä: John Byrne)
Pitt: The Story of the University of Pittsburgh, 1787-1987 (tekijä: Robert C. Alberts)
Pittsburg's Neglected Gateway: The Rotunda of the Pennsylvania Railroad Station (tekijä: JD Van Trump)
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Marriages 1803-1867 (tekijä: Bob Closson)
Pittsburgh (tekijä: Roy Lubove)
Pittsburgh (tekijä: Ross A. Howell)
Pittsburgh (tekijä: W. Eugene Smith)
Pittsburgh (tekijä: Lynn Johnson)
Pittsburgh & Allegheny County, Portions of Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties, Street Guide
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad In Color Volume 2: 1976-1992 (tekijä: Richard C. Borkowski Jr)
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad in Color, Vol. 2: 1956-1976 (tekijä: Jr. Richard C. Borkowksi)
Pittsburgh & vicinity streetfinder
Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway Timetables (tekijä: Howard V. Worley)
Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway: The Story of the High and Dry (tekijä: Howard V. Worley)
Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame (tekijä: Chet Smith)
Pittsburgh (Pa's Cultural & Natural Heritage Series) (tekijä: Ruth Hoover Seitz)
Pittsburgh - Sheffield Sister Cities, Proceedings of the Pittsburgh - Sheffield Symposium on Industrial Cities, Pittsburgh, PA., November 1981 (tekijä: Joel A. Tarr)
Pittsburgh 1795 (tekijä: civil & Mining Engineer and Geologist A.G. Haumann)1795
Pittsburgh 2017 Square (Multilingual Edition) (tekijä: Browntrout Publishers)
Pittsburgh 2018 12 x 12 Inch Monthly Square Wall Calendar, USA United State of America Pennsylvania Northeast City (tekijä: Browntrout Publishers)
Pittsburgh 2019 12 x 12 Inch Monthly Square Wall Calendar, USA United States of America Pennsylvania Northeast City (Multilingual Edition) (tekijä: BrownTrout Publishers Inc)
Pittsburgh : a chronological & documentary history, 1682-1976 (tekijä: Robert I. Vexler)
Pittsburgh : a sketch of its early social life (tekijä: Charles William Dahlinger)
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Pittsburgh Activists Unite - Directory Action 2003 (tekijä: The Wh@t Collective)
A Pittsburgh Album (tekijä: Roy Mel and Stryker Seidenberg)
A Pittsburgh Album 1758-1958
A Pittsburgh album, 1758-1958; two hundred years of memories in pictures and text (tekijä: Roy Emerson Stryker)
A Pittsburgh album;: Revised for Bicentennial, U.S.A., (tekijä: Roy Emerson Stryker)
Pittsburgh and Allegheny : photogravures (tekijä: Albertype Co.)
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Pittsburgh and Other Places (tekijä: Tim Menees)
Pittsburgh and the Appalachians: Cultural and Natural Resources in a Postindustrial Age (tekijä: Kevin J. Patrick)
Pittsburgh and the blacks : A Short History, 1780-1875. (tekijä: Ann Greenwood Wilmoth)
Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Spirit (tekijä: No Author)
Pittsburgh and the Union Trust Company of Pittsburgh, 1889-1939 (tekijä: Union Trust Company of Pittsburgh.)
Pittsburgh and the Urban League Movement: A Century of Social Service and Activism (Civil Rights and Struggle) (tekijä: Joe William Trotter Jr.)
Pittsburgh archaeological resources and national register survey (tekijä: Verna L Cowin)
Pittsburgh architectural club. Exhibition
Pittsburgh architecture : a guide to research (tekijä: Martin Aurand)
Pittsburgh Art in Public Places: Downtown Walking tour (tekijä: Renee (Director) Piechocki)
Pittsburgh Arts Organizations: Finances, Public and Private Funding and Impact On the Local Economy (tekijä: Pennyslvania Economy League)
Pittsburgh baseball : (Thru the years) (tekijä: A. K. Rowswell)
Pittsburgh Biennial 1994 [catalog]1994
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Pittsburgh Biennial : 19 Artists (tekijä: Vicky A. Clark)
Pittsburgh Born, Pittsburgh Bred: 500 of the More Famous People Who Have Called Pittsburgh Home (tekijä: C. Prentiss Orr)
The Pittsburgh Branch of the American Association of University Women 2006-2007
Pittsburgh business directory (tekijä: Jeffrey P. Levine)
Pittsburgh business directory and merchants and travelers' guide; containing its history, manufactories, rail roads, progress and resources, comprising two articles (tekijä: Charles. [from old catalog] M'Knight)
Pittsburgh business times
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 2005 Artist of the Year and Emerging Artist catalog (tekijä: Clayton Merrell)2005
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 2006 Artist of the Year and Emerging Artist catalog (tekijä: Jane Haskell)2006
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 2007 Artist of the Year and Emerging Artist Catalogue (tekijä: Delanie Jenkins)2007
The Pittsburgh Chapter of Links presents Black American art from the Barnett Aden Collection : Frick Fine Arts Museum, University of Pittsburgh, September 17 thru October 23, 1977 (tekijä: University of Pittsburgh)1977
Pittsburgh Characters: Told by Pittsburgh Characters (tekijä: Roy McHugh)
Pittsburgh Chefs Cook Book; 22 classic meals from the area's finest restaurants. (tekijä: Rosemary Walters)
The Pittsburgh Child Guidance Center, 1931-1981 : fifty years of leadership in children's mental health services (tekijä: Pamela A. Holcomb)
Pittsburgh Children's Center (tekijä: Damianos and Anthony / Rothschild Architects)
Pittsburgh Children's Center (tekijä: Pittsburgh Children's Museum)
Pittsburgh city directory for the year 18151815
Pittsburgh Climate Initiative website
The Pittsburgh Cocaine Seven: How a Ragtag Group of Fans Took the Fall for Major League Baseball (tekijä: Aaron Skirboll)
Pittsburgh Collects: European Drawings, 1500 to 1800 (tekijä: Tom Smart)
Pittsburgh Corporations Collect Inaugural Exhibition of the Heinz Galleries Museum of Art (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)
The Pittsburgh Crawfords: The Lives and Times of Black Baseball's Most Exciting Team (tekijä: James Bankes)
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust: 801-809 Liberty (tekijä: Upstreet Architects)
The Pittsburgh District: Civic Frontage (tekijä: editor Paul Underwood Kellog)
Pittsburgh Double Deck Cars (tekijä: M. & Benjamin McGraw, C.E.)
Pittsburgh Double-Deck Cars (tekijä: Charles E. Benjamin)
Pittsburgh during the American Civil War, 1860-1865 (tekijä: Arthur B Fox)
Pittsburgh Economic Quarterly (tekijä: Sabina (Editor) Deitrick)
Pittsburgh Engineer
The Pittsburgh Experiment - God's Response to 30 Day of Specific Prayer (tekijä: Lester Ayars)
Pittsburgh Film and Television (tekijä: John Tiech)
Pittsburgh Film-makers Portfolio I (tekijä: Pittsburgh Film-makers)
Pittsburgh Gazette Abstracts (The People and Times of Western Pennsylvania, Volume 5) (tekijä: Clara E. Duer)
Pittsburgh gazette abstracts, 1797-1803 (tekijä: Clara E. Duer)
Pittsburgh Gazette Abstracts, 1806-1811: Volume 3 (The People and Times of Western Pennsylvania) (tekijä: Clara E. Duer)
Pittsburgh Ghosts: Steel City Supernatural (tekijä: Heather Frazier)
Pittsburgh glass, 1797-1891: A history and guide for collectors (tekijä: Lowell Innes)
Pittsburgh History : A Magazine of the City and its Region; Spring, 1995
Pittsburgh History: A Magazine of the City and Its Region, Spring/Summer 1996 Commemorative Issue (tekijä: Paul Roberts)
Pittsburgh in 1816 (tekijä: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)1816
Pittsburgh in Protest (tekijä: John W. Hobbs)
Pittsburgh in Stages: Two Hundred Years of Theater (tekijä: Lynne Conner)
Pittsburgh in the year 1826 (American environmental studies) (tekijä: Samuel Jones)1826
Pittsburgh Inclines and Street Railways (tekijä: Howard V. Worley)
Pittsburgh International Airport: site prioritization analysis (tekijä: IDC Architects)
Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture 1964, 1967, & 1970 (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)
The Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Paintings. October Nineteenth - December Twenty-First, 1950. (tekijä: Carnegie Institue)1950
Pittsburgh International Museum of Art Carnegie Institute (tekijä: Leon Anthony Arkus)
Pittsburgh Interurban Routes & Trackage
Pittsburgh Jazz (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: Jr. John M. Brewer)
Pittsburgh Job Source
The Pittsburgh JobBank
Pittsburgh Legends and Visions: An Illustrated History (tekijä: Eliza Smith Brown)
Pittsburgh line blues : farewell to Conrail
Pittsburgh Love Stories from The New Yinzer
Pittsburgh Magazine 1981.091981
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Pittsburgh Magazine 2007.082007
Pittsburgh Magazine 2009.032009
Pittsburgh Magazine 2009.082009
The Pittsburgh manual, a guide to the government of the city of Pittsburgh (tekijä: William Grier Willis)
Pittsburgh Map Book: Includes Metropolitan Pittsburgh and Over 50 Surrounding Communities (tekijä: Champion Map Corporation)
Pittsburgh Memoranda (tekijä: Haniel Long)
The Pittsburgh Monologue Project - Volume One (tekijä: Robert Isenberg and Brad Keller)
Pittsburgh Noir (tekijä: Kathleen George)
Pittsburgh now, 8 artists: An exhibition of the Three Rivers Arts Festival, June 5-28, 1987, Six PPG Place, United Steelworkers Building and Plaza, Westinghouse Building and Plaza (tekijä: John Caldwell)
Pittsburgh of today, its resources and people (tekijä: Frank C Harper)
The Pittsburgh owl (tekijä: Frances Lester Warner)
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The Pittsburgh Papers (tekijä: Environmental Building News)
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Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL Today) (tekijä: Ross Rennie)
The Pittsburgh Penguins (Team Spirit) (tekijä: Mark Stewart)
Pittsburgh Perspective - Journal of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary vol. IV no. 4, on the topic of the Seminary's h (tekijä: Jas. A. Walther ed.)
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Pittsburgh Photography: A New Generation (tekijä: John Caldwell)
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The Pittsburgh Pirates' 1960 Season (Images of Baseball) (tekijä: David Finoli)
Pittsburgh Pirates, The (PA) (Images of Baseball) (tekijä: David Finoli)
The Pittsburgh Pirates: A pictorial history : a century old baseball tradition (tekijä: Richard L Burtt)
The Pittsburgh Pirates: An Illustrated History (tekijä: Robert Smizik)
Pittsburgh Pirates: Still Walking Tall (tekijä: Kip Richeal)
Pittsburgh Places-Pittsburgh People: The Best of Phil Musick
The Pittsburgh Press Cookbook (tekijä: Marilyn McDevitt Rubin)
The Pittsburgh Press Go Guide IV (tekijä: Gilbert Love)
Pittsburgh Professional Fire Fighters (tekijä: Pittsburgh Fire Fighters Local No. 1.)
Pittsburgh Proud (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Pittsburgh Quarterly
Pittsburgh quote (tekijä: Herbick & Held Printing Co.)
Pittsburgh Railways: A Pictorial Journey Through the History of the Pitteburgh Railways Company (Pittsburgh Railways, 1 (of 3)) (tekijä: Ronald L. Beal)
Pittsburgh Re-framed at 250
Pittsburgh Real Estate Register -a Monthly Journal Devoted To Real Estate And Business Enterprise
Pittsburgh Remembers World War II (Military) (tekijä: Joseph F Rishel)
Pittsburgh Revealed: Photographs Since 1850 (tekijä: Louise Lippincott)
Pittsburgh Signs Project: 250 Signs of Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Jennifer Baron)
Pittsburgh sports : stories from the steel city (tekijä: Randy Roberts)
Pittsburgh Sports Report March 20092009
The Pittsburgh Sports Wiz Trivia Quiz (tekijä: Harry Patterson)
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Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowl Champions) (tekijä: Aaron Frisch)
The Pittsburgh Steelers (Team Spirit) (tekijä: Mark Stewart)
Pittsburgh Steelers 101 (tekijä: Brad M. Epstein)
Pittsburgh Steelers 1976 media guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1976
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Pittsburgh Steelers 1979 yearbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1979
Pittsburgh Steelers 1980 media guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1980
Pittsburgh Steelers 1980 yearbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1980
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Pittsburgh Steelers 1989 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1989
Pittsburgh Steelers 1990 media guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1990
Pittsburgh Steelers 1991 media guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1991
Pittsburgh Steelers 1992 media guide : 60th season (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1992
Pittsburgh Steelers 1992 yearbook: year of the fan (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1992
Pittsburgh Steelers 1993 media guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1993
Pittsburgh Steelers 1993 official yearbook (tekijä: Dan Edwards)
Pittsburgh Steelers 1994 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1994
Pittsburgh Steelers 1995 media guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1995
Pittsburgh Steelers 1995 official yearbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1995
Pittsburgh Steelers 1996 media guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1996
Pittsburgh Steelers 1996 official yearbook: AFC Champions (tekijä: n/a)1996
Pittsburgh Steelers 1997 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1997
Pittsburgh Steelers 1998 Media Guide. (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1998
Pittsburgh Steelers 1998 official yearbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1998
Pittsburgh Steelers 1999 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))1999
Pittsburgh Steelers 1999 season in review1999
Pittsburgh Steelers 2000 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2000
Pittsburgh Steelers 2001 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2001
Pittsburgh Steelers 2002 Medial Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2002
Pittsburgh Steelers 2003 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2003
Pittsburgh Steelers 2003 Yearbook (tekijä: Ron Wahl)2003
Pittsburgh Steelers 2004 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2004
Pittsburgh Steelers 2005 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2005
Pittsburgh Steelers 2005 Yearbook (tekijä: Dave Lockett)2005
Pittsburgh Steelers 2006 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2006
Pittsburgh Steelers 2006 Yearbook (tekijä: Dave Lockett)2006
Pittsburgh Steelers 2007 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2007
Pittsburgh Steelers 2007 Yearbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2007
Pittsburgh Steelers 2008 media guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2008
Pittsburgh Steelers 2008 Yearbook (tekijä: Dave Lockett)2008
Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 media guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2009
Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 yearbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2009
Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2010
Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 yearbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2010
Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Media Guide (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2011
Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 yearbook (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers (Football team))2011
The Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team (Great Sports Teams) (tekijä: William W. Lace)
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLIII champions
The Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl champions (tekijä: Julian May)
The Pittsburgh Steelers: A pictorial history (tekijä: Pat Livingston)
Pittsburgh Steelers: Men of Steel (tekijä: Jim Wexell)
Pittsburgh Steelers: Pride in Black and Gold (Sports Illustrated) (tekijä: Editors of Sports Illustrated)
Pittsburgh Steelers: Super Bowl XL Champions (tekijä: Various)
Pittsburgh Steelers: The Complete Illustrated History (tekijä: Lew Freedman)
The Pittsburgh Steelers: The Official Team History (tekijä: Abby Mendelson)
Pittsburgh Steelers: The Official Team History, 3rd Edition (tekijä: Abby Mendelson)
Pittsburgh Steelers: The Official Team History, Revised & Updated (tekijä: Abby Mendelson)
Pittsburgh Steelers: Yesterday & Today (tekijä: Abby Mendelson)
Pittsburgh Stories (Selected Stories) (tekijä: Clark Blaise)
Pittsburgh Streamlined Trolleys (PA) (Images of Rail) (tekijä: Kenneth C. Springirth)
The Pittsburgh sun's handbook of politics for 1927 : a compendium of useful information for every citizen of Allegheny County and an exhaustive analysis and measure of popular government in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center - Annual Report 2010 (tekijä: PSC)2010
The Pittsburgh Survey - Wage-Earning Pittsburgh (tekijä: Paul Underwood Kellogg)
Pittsburgh Surveyed: Social Science and Social Reform in the Early Twentieth Century (tekijä: Maurine W. Greenwald)
Pittsburgh Synod Congregational Histories (tekijä: Ernest G. Heissenbuttel)
Pittsburgh Synod History; Its Auxiliaries and Institutions, 1845-1962 (tekijä: Ernest G. Heissenbuttel)
Pittsburgh Technology Center (tekijä: Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh)
The Pittsburgh that starts within you (tekijä: Samuel John Hazo)
Pittsburgh the Story of a City of Champions (tekijä: Marty Wolfson)
Pittsburgh Then and Now (tekijä: Arthur G. Smith)
Pittsburgh Then and Now (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
The Pittsburgh tickler too: A second collection of humor about Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania (tekijä: James Luce)
The Pittsburgh tickler: A tongue-in-cheek glossary of names, places, terms, and general misinformation in Pittsburgh and (tekijä: James Luce)
The Pittsburgh tri-state pinkas Pinkas Pitsburg veha-galil
Pittsburgh Trolley Pictorial
Pittsburgh Trolleys In Color Vol 2: West End and South Side (tekijä: Edward A. Ridolph)
The Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review, Vol. 9, No. 2 (tekijä: The Staff of University of Pittsburgh)
Pittsburgh Urban Christian School Cook Book
Pittsburgh Views in the 21st Century (tekijä: Joel B Levinson)
The Pittsburgh Way to Efficient Healthcare: Improving Patient Care Using Toyota Based Methods (tekijä: Naida Grunden)
Pittsburgh Welcomes You: Visitors Recreational Quick Guide and Directory: Featuring Large Detailed Pittsburgh and Three (tekijä: Marshall Penn-York Co)
Pittsburgh Will Steel Your Heart 2nd Edition: 250 Reasons to Love Pittsburgh (tekijä: Joanne G. Sujansky)
Pittsburgh Will Steel Your Heart: 250 Reasons to Love Pittsburgh (tekijä: Joanne G. Sujansky)
The Pittsburgh Zoo: A 100-Year History (tekijä: Rachel Colker)
Pittsburgh's commercial development, 1800-1850 (tekijä: Catherine Elizabeth Reiser)
Pittsburgh's Greatest Athletes (Sports) (tekijä: David Finoli)
Pittsburgh's Greatest Teams (Sports) (tekijä: David Finoli)
Pittsburgh's Landmark Architecture: The Historic Buildings of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
Pittsburgh's progress, industries and resources, 1886 (tekijä: George H. Thurston)1886
Pittsburgh's Steelers: The first half century (tekijä: Bob Oates)
Pittsburgh's Art & Industry Past & Present (tekijä: PNC Legacy Project)
Pittsburgh's Bridges: Architecture and Engineering (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
Pittsburgh's East Liberty Valley (Images of America: Pennsylvania) (tekijä: East End/East Liberty Historical Society)
Pittsburgh's Experimental 6000's (tekijä: Charles E. Benjamin)
Pittsburgh's First Unitarian Church (tekijä: George Swetnam)
Pittsburgh's forgotten Allegheny Arsenal (tekijä: James Wudarczyk)
Pittsburgh's Golden Age of Radio (tekijä: E. D. Salamon)
Pittsburgh's Immigrants (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: Lisa A. Alzo)
Pittsburgh's Mansions (tekijä: Melanie Linn Gutowski)
Pittsburgh's North Side Celebrating 150 Years Allegheny City Sesquicentennial 1840 - 1990 Commemorative Program The Majestic - River Boat Cruise, Allegheny Landing, April 17, 1990 (tekijä: n/a)1990
Pittsburgh's Orphans: An MLIS Thesis (tekijä: Lindsay Mattock)
Pittsburgh's Post-gazette: "The first newspaper west of the Alleghenies" (tekijä: J. Cutler Andrews)
Pittsburgh's Racial Demographics: Differences and Disparities
Pittsburgh's Rivers (tekijä: Daniel J. Burns)
Pittsburgh's Shadyside (tekijä: Donald Doherty)
Pittsburgh's South Side (tekijä: Stuart P. Boehmig)
Pittsburgh's Steelers; the long climb (tekijä: Murray Chass)
Pittsburgh's Strip District: Around the World in a Neighborhood (tekijä: Lauren Uhl)
Pittsburgh, 1758-2008 (tekijä: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Pittsburgh, 1900-1945 (tekijä: Michael Eversmeyer)
Pittsburgh, How to See It : A Complete, Reliable Guide Book with Illustrations, the Latest Map and Complete Index (tekijä: George T. Fleming)
Pittsburgh, our city (tekijä: Nancy Ward Balderose)
Pittsburgh, Pa (Deluxe City Flip Map)
Pittsburgh, Pa., gazette genealogical gleanings, 1786-1820 (tekijä: Mark Welchley)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 19th Century Voter Lists (tekijä: Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society)
Pittsburgh, the port to the west : an illustrated history about the people and events in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during its first one hundred years (tekijä: Denise L. Fantazier)
Pittsburgh. An American City (tekijä: Sally Webb)
Pittsburgh. Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania)
Pittsburgh: A New Portrait (tekijä: Franklin Toker)
Pittsburgh: A Picture Book to Remember Her By (tekijä: Ric Pattison)
Pittsburgh: A Place in Time (tekijä: Abby Mendelson)
Pittsburgh: An Urban Portrait (tekijä: Franklin Toker)
Pittsburgh: Commemoraying the Fiftieth Anniversary ofthe Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: n/a)
Pittsburgh: David L. Lawrence Convention Center: design peer review (tekijä: Green Building Alliance)
Pittsburgh: forge of the universe, a review of Pittsburgh's matchless two hundred year history; the rise of economic democracy and industrial liberalism and the great civic upsurge, in capitalism's key city (tekijä: Frank C Harper)
Pittsburgh: Fulfilling Its Destiny (tekijä: Vince Gagetta)
Pittsburgh: Gateway to the Far West in 1803 (tekijä: James C. King)1803
Pittsburgh: the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (tekijä: Greater Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau)
Pittsburgh: The Story of a City, 1750-1865 (tekijä: Leland D. Baldwin)
Pittsburgh: The Story of an American City (tekijä: Stefan Lorant)
Pittsburgh: Views Between the Rivers (tekijä: Joel B Levinson)
Pittsburgh: Views into the 21st century (tekijä: Joel B Levinson)
Pittsburgh: Watercolor impressions (tekijä: Robert L Bowden)
Pittsburghin mysteerit (tekijä: Michael Chabon)
Please Don't Kill Mommy!: The True Story of a man who killed his wife, got away with it, then killed again (St. Martin's (tekijä: Fannie Weinstein)
Pocket Companion for Engineers, Architects and Builders: Containing Useful Information and Tables Appertaining to the Use of Steel (Classic Reprint) (tekijä: Carnegie Steel Company)
The Point of Pittsburgh: Production and Struggle at the Forks of the Ohio (tekijä: Charles McCollester)
Points In Time: Building a Life in Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Paul Roberts)
Political Cognition: The 19th Annual Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Cognition (Carnegie Mellon Symposia on Cognition) (tekijä: Richard R. Lau)
The Politics of Place: Contentious Urban Redevlopment in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Gregory J. Crowley)
Postal zone directory, Pittsburgh, Pa. (tekijä: United States Post Office Department)
The power and the glory : Pittsburgh industrial landscapes by Aaron Harry Gorson, 1872-1933 : essays (tekijä: Rina Youngner)
The Power of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Thomas Kenneth Bell)
The Power of Pittsburgh (tekijä: PwC)
The Prayer Book
Prelude to the future (tekijä: Pittsburgh Regional Planning Association.)
Presbyterian Churches in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Dorothy B. Braden)
The Presbyterian Hospital of Pittsburgh, from Its Founding to affiliation with the UNiversity of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Ruth C. Maszkiewicz)
Presbyterian Pantry, a collection of favorite recipes of the Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, Kansas, May 19995 (tekijä: Deborah Circle)
The Privileges (tekijä: Jonathan Dee)
Proceedings : 1995 meeting of the Northern Global Change Program, March 14-16, 1995, Pittsburgh, PA (tekijä: Pittsburgh Northern Global Change Program (U.S.)., Pa.))1995
Proceedings of 2007 AMSAT-NA Space Symposium and Annual Meeting, October 26-28, 2007, Pittsburg, PA (tekijä: Various Authors)2007
Proceedings of the 16th Annual International Acm Sigir Conference on Research and Development in Information Retreival(6 (tekijä: Robert R. Korfhage)1993
Proceedings of the 1998 Conference on the History and Heritage of Science Information Systems : [held 23 - 25 October 1998, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania] (tekijä: Mary Ellen Bowden)
Proceedings of the 49th Annual Session of the International Hahnemann Association, Pittsburgh, PA. (1928)1928
Proceedings of the 6th Annual Pittsburgh Employment Conference for Augmented Communicators: Employment, independence, marriage, and sexuality (tekijä: Robert V. Conti)
Proceedings of the first International Conference on Creationism: Held August 4-9, 1986, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Robert E. Walsh)1986
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Creationism, held July 30-August 4, 1990, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA1990
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Creationism (tekijä: Andrew A. Snelling)
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Creationism, held July 18-23, 1994, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: Technical symposium sessions (tekijä: Robert E. Walsh)1994
The Progressive Architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. (tekijä: Martin Aurand)
Prometheus in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Lawrence Lee)
Prominent families, Pittsburgh
Prominent Men of Pittsburgh and Vicinity (tekijä: Pittsburgh Press Club)
Protection Money [short story] (tekijä: Wen Spencer)
Prothonotaries of Allegheny County: 1788-1993 (tekijä: Michael Murphy)
PRR New York Phila Pittsburgh (tekijä: PRR)
PRR New York Phila Pittsburgh 55 (tekijä: PRR)
PRR System Timetable 19591959
PRR Time Table New York - Pittsburgh 19671967
PRR Time Tables New York - Pittsburgh 19521952
PRR Timetable Pittsburgh-Altoona 19291929
PRR Timetable Pittsburgh-Altoona 19481948
PRR Timetable Pittsburgh-Derry/Clairton 19611961
PRR Timetable Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - Pittsburgh 19381938
Psychology: An Introduction with additional materials for PSY 0010 at University of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Lahey)
Putting God to Work in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Russ Pulliam)
Quality of place and the new economy: positioning Pittsburgh to compete (tekijä: Richard L. Florida)
Quick Escapes Pittsburgh : 25 Weekend Getaways from the Steel City (tekijä: Michelle Pilecki)
The Rabbi & The Nuns: The Inside Story of a Rabbi’s Therapeutic Work With the Sisters of St. Francis (tekijä: MD Abraham J. Twerski)
Race and Renaissance: African Americans in Pittsburgh since World War II (tekijä: Joe W. Trotter)
Racing to Pittsburgh (tekijä: Donald Hricik)
Railroads of Pennsylvania: Fragments of the Past in the Keystone Landscape (tekijä: Lorett Treese)
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Rails to Pittsburgh : steam, diesel, and electrics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania & the East, 1945-1970 (tekijä: W. A. Feibelman)
Rand McNally City Map: Pittsburgh (tekijä: Rand McNally)
Rand McNally EasyFinder: Pittsburgh (tekijä: Rand McNally)
Rand McNally Pittsburgh & Vicinity, Pennsylvania (Rand McNally Highways Of...) [map] (tekijä: Rand McNally and Company)
Rand McNally StreetFinder Map: Pittsburgh (tekijä: Rand McNally and Company)
Raw Worship at Covenant Church of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Covenant Church of Pittsburgh)
Real Lace (tekijä: The Pittsburgh Lace Group)
Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection: 6th International Symposium, RAID 2003, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, September 8-10, 2003, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) (tekijä: Giovanni Vigna)2003
Recycling Art History Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 1998
Reed Smith: A law firm celebrates 125 years (tekijä: Mary Brignano)
Reflections in a Silver Spoon: A Memoir (tekijä: Paul Mellon)
Reformed Urban Ethics : Case Study of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Ronald H. Stone)
Regional Cooperation for Water Quality Improvement in Southwestern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Committee on Water Quality Improvement for the Pit)
Register of Fort Duquesne, 1754-1756 (tekijä: A. A. Lambing)
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Remembering Pittsburgh:: An "Eyewitness" History of the Steel City (American Chronicles (History Press)) (tekijä: Len Barcousky)
RenPlan: advice from design professionals: resource guide (tekijä: Community Design Center of Pittsburgh)
Report of the economic survey of Pittsburgh (tekijä: John Thom Holdsworth)
Report on the Pittsburgh Transportation Problem (tekijä: Bion J. Arnold)
Reshaping the region: planning for a sustainable future (tekijä: AIA Pittsburgh. Committee on the Environment.)
Resurrecting Allegheny City: The Land, Structures & People of Pittsburgh''s North Side (tekijä: Lisa A. Miles)
Rethinking Pittsburgh's Industrial Legacy
Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings from Previous Internationals, 1896-1955. Dec. 1958-Feb. 1959. Foreword by Gordon Bailey Washburn. Introductory text by Leon Anthony Arkus. (tekijä: Pittsburgh. Carnegie Institute. Department of Fine)
Rich/Poor Man's Guide to Pittsburgh 9 Edition (tekijä: Dorothy Miller)
Right here in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Clarence Edward Noble Macartney)
Right Here in Squirrel Hill (tekijä: Hodge McIlvain Eagleson)
Roam our world (tekijä: Carnegie Museums)
Robert Holland at Shadyside: A gathering of seventeen sermons delivered from the pulpit of Shadyside Presbyterian Church between April 1972 and November 1983 (tekijä: Robert Cleveland Holland)
Robert L. Vann of the Pittsburgh Courier: Politics and Black Journalism (tekijä: Andrew Buni)
Roberto Clemente (Baseball Legends) (tekijä: Peter C. Bjarkman)
Roberto Clemente (Hispanics of Achievement Series) (tekijä: Thomas W. Gilbert)
Roberto Clemente (Junior World Biographies) (tekijä: Norman L. Macht)
Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Jonah Winter)
Roberto Clemente: Young Baseball Hero (tekijä: Francene Sabin)
Rockwell 1984 Data Book (tekijä: Rockwell International)
Roethlisberger: Pittsburgh's Own Big Ben (tekijä: Sports Publishing Inc)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: Mary Ann Knochel)
The romanesque revival in Pittsburgh (tekijä: James D Van Trump)
The Rookie: A Season with Sidney Crosby and the New NHL (tekijä: Shawna Leigh Richer)
The Roots of Religion in Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania: Talks given at a meeting of the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, March 13, 1995 (tekijä: WPGS)
Routes to Roots: Discover the Cultural and Industrial Heritage of Southwestern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Doris Dyen)
Russian Icons and Objects of Ecclesiastical and Decorative Arts From the Collection of George R. Hann January Twelfth Through February Twenty-Second 1944 (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)1944
Ruthless Tide: The Heroes and Villains of The Johnstown Flood, America's Astonishing Gilded Age Disaster (tekijä: Al Roker)
Sacrifices Worth Making (tekijä: Mike Greysen)
Sailing the Three Rivers to the Title: Pittsburgh's 1971 Voyage of the Pirate Ship (tekijä: Gregory S. Spalding)
Sam McCool's New Pittsburghese: How to Speak Like a Pittsburgher (tekijä: Sam McCool)
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Santonio Holmes and the Pittsburgh Steelers: Super Bowl XLIII (Super Bowl Superstars) (tekijä: Michael Sandler)
Scotch and Holy Water: A Pittsburgh Story (tekijä: Gini Sunner)
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Scottish dissenting Presbyterian churches in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Reid W. Stewart)
Screamer: The Forgotten Voice of The Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: Murray Tucker)
Second Annual 2012 Pittsburgh Zine Fair
Second lives: tales from two cities (tekijä: Edwin Morgan)
See Whats Cooking At Kaufmann's (tekijä: Clarence O'Reynolds)
Seeing Pittsburgh (tekijä: Barringer Fifield)
Seeing Reds: Federal Surveillance of Radicals in the Pittsburgh Mill District, 1917-1921 (tekijä: Charles H. McCormick)
Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers 1818-1864 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia & Pittsburgh (tekijä: Kathryn McPherson Gunning)
Setting the standard in commissioning: commissioning authority services for the Pittsburgh Convention Center (tekijä: CH2MHill)
Seven New Artists: Pittsburgh Today (tekijä: John R. Caldwell)
The Shadow Of The Mills: Working-Class Families in Pittsburgh, 1870-1907 (tekijä: S. J. Kleinberg)
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1956 (tekijä: H. Daniel Butts III)1956
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1957 (tekijä: Alan J. Tapper)1957
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1958 (tekijä: William C. Johnson)1958
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1959 (tekijä: W. McCook Miller, Jr.)1959
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1960 (tekijä: E. Martin Hecklinger)1960
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1961 (tekijä: Harvey Golomb)1961
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1962 (tekijä: Richard L. Dunn)1962
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1963 (tekijä: Jeffrey C. Anderson)1963
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1964 (tekijä: Jerry L. Stephenson)1964
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1965 (tekijä: John J. Gurson)1965
Shady Side Academian yearbook 1966 (tekijä: Charles S. Arensberg)1966
Shady Side Academy Alumni Directory 19731973
Shady Side Academy Alumni Directory 19901990
Shady Side Academy Alumni Directory 20002000
Shady Side Academy Handbook 1956-1957
Shapes Manufactured by Carnegie Steel Company (tekijä: Carnegie Steel Company)
The Shaping of the Point: Pittsburgh's Renaissance Park (tekijä: Robert C. Alberts)
She Gets the Girl (tekijä: Rachael Lippincott)
She Has a Broken Thing Where Her Heart Should Be (tekijä: J. D. Barker)
A Short History of Pittsburgh 1758-1908 (tekijä: Samuel Harden Church)
Sins of Affection (tekijä: India Harper)
Sins of Arrogance (tekijä: India Harper)
Sins of Influence (tekijä: India Harper)
Sins of Omission (tekijä: India Harper)
Sins of Profession (tekijä: India Harper)
Sins of Temptation (tekijä: India Harper)
SIX TIMES SUPER: The Official Book of the Super Bowl XLIII Champion Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: Art Rooney II)
Sixtieth Anniversary of the Dedication of Most Holy Name Church, Troy Hill (tekijä: Edwin P. Fussenegger)
Sloss Furnaces and the rise of the Birmingham District : an industrial epic (tekijä: W. David Lewis)
Slovak Pittsburgh (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: Lisa A. Alzo)
Small Brutal Incidents (tekijä: Michael Dittman)
Smiling Irish eyes : Art Rooney and the Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: Andrew O'Toole)
Smithfield Street Methodist Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Baptisms, 1832- 1879. (tekijä: Henry L. Hively)
Smoketown: The Untold Story of the Other Great Black Renaissance (tekijä: Mark Whitaker)
Snake Skin (tekijä: CJ Lyons)
So stand throughout the years: A history of Shady Side Academy, 1883-1958 (tekijä: George Swetnam)
Social Capital, Civic Engagement, Strong Communities : Documenting NEXUS: The Pittsburgh Dialogues for Volunteers, Philanthropists, and Activists (tekijä: Peggy Morrison Outon)
Social conditions of the Negro in the Hill District of Pittsburgh: Survey conducted under the direction of Ira De A. Reid (tekijä: General Committee on the Hill Survey)
Soldiers' Glory (tekijä: Sir George Bell)
Soli Deo Gloria: the Art and Architecture of the East Liberty Presbyterian Church (tekijä: Charles P. Robshaw S. T. D.)
Some Pittsburgh memories incidents and reminiscences, with a little history intermingled, of seventy years residence in the city at the forks of La Belle Riviere (tekijä: Harrison D. Mason)
Someone Like Me (tekijä: M. R. Carey)
Sons and daughters of labor : class and clerical work in turn-of-the-century Pittsburgh (tekijä: Ileen A. DeVault)
Southside Works: first contiguous, brownfield, new-urbanist development in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Sophia] [Hartkopf)
Souvenir, Pittsburgh Post Office (tekijä: Albert J. Edwards)
The Spectator and the Topographical City (tekijä: Martin Aurand)
The Spencers of Amberson Ave: A Turn-of-the-Century Memoir (tekijä: Ethel Spencer)
Sports collector's edition 2009; Pittsburgh Steelers2009
Sports illustrated Pittsburgh Steelers : pride in black and gold (tekijä: Mark Mravic)
Sports Illustrated Presents A Special Collector's Edition Boston Red Sox World Champions 2007 (tekijä: Sports Illustrated)
Sports Illustrated Presents: Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL Champions: A Special Collector's Edition Limited Issue Hardcover (tekijä: SI)
Sports Town: A Look at the Famous Sports Pages of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (tekijä: David Shribman)
Spotlight on progress: Allegheny County Department of Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise: annual report (tekijä: Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Allegh)
Squirrel Hill (tekijä: The Squirrel Hill Historical Society)
St. Regis Association's Catholic year book and directory of Pittsburgh Diocese, 1908-1909
St. Stanislaus Kostka _ Pittsburgh, PA
Stadium stories : Pittsburgh Steelers : colorful tales of the black and gold (tekijä: Norm Vargo)
Standard History of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Erasmus Wilson)
The State of Black Youth in Pittsburgh: Perspectives on Young African Americans in the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny (tekijä: Ph.D. Major Albert Mason; Ralph L. Bangs)
STATION SQUARE: A Golden Age Revived (tekijä: J.D. Van Trump)
Statistical Network Analysis: Models, Issues, and New Directions: ICML 2006 Workshop on Statistical Network Analysis, Pi (tekijä: Edoardo M. Airoldi)
Steel and holly: Christmas in Pittsburgh (tekijä: Frances Lester Warner)
Steel and Steelworkers: Race and Class Struggle in Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh (tekijä: John H. Hinshaw)
Steel Ashes (tekijä: Karen Rose Cercone)
Steel City Confessions (tekijä: Thomas Lipinski)
Steel City Gridirons: Stories of All Things Football from the High Schools, the Colleges, the Pros, and the Earliest Days of the Game (tekijä: David Finoli)
Steel City XL, XLIII and the new Super Bowl era (tekijä: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Steel Dynasty: The Team That Changed The NFL (tekijä: Bill Chastain)
Steel Shadows: Murals and Drawings of Pittsburgh (Art, Architecture, Regional) (tekijä: Douglas Cooper)
Steel Tough: The Pittsburgh Steelers (Sensational Sports Teams) (tekijä: David Aretha)
A Steel-Making Community: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (American Communities) (tekijä: Social Science Staff of the Educational Research C)
Steel: Pittsburgh Drawings by Craig McPherson (tekijä: Sarah J. Hall)
Steeler Nation: A Pittsburgh Team, an American Phenomenon (tekijä: Jim Wexell)
Steeler Stuff: Stories About a Championship Season and a Remarkable Journey (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Steelerology Trivia Challenge: Pittsburgh Steelers Football (tekijä: Kick The Ball)
Steelers (Pittsburgh 2000 Steelers Yearbook) (tekijä: Ron Wahl)2000
The Steelers experience : a year-by-year chronicle of the Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: David Aretha)
The Steelers Reader (tekijä: Randy Roberts)
Steelers' victory after forty (tekijä: Joe Tucker)
Stephen Foster, America's troubadour (tekijä: John Tasker Howard)
The Steps of Pittsburgh: Portrait of a City (tekijä: Bob Regan)
Stone (tekijä: Sawyer Bennett)
The Story of a Center: 1964-2004 (tekijä: Cole Blasier)
The story of Grant's hill-- and its relation to the struggle between the British and French for the possession of a continent-- now the site of the Union savings bank (tekijä: Union savings bank of Pittsburgh.)
The Story of Methodism in the Pittsburgh Region (tekijä: Wallace Guy Smeltzer)
Story of old Allegheny city (American guide series) (tekijä: Federal Writers Project)
The Story of Stephen Foster (tekijä: Esther M. Douty)
The story of the Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Michael E. Goodman)
The Story of the Pittsburgh Pirates (Baseball: The Great American Game) (tekijä: Nate Leboutillier)
The Story of the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL Today (Creative)) (tekijä: John Nichols)
The Street Railways of Pittsburgh 1859-1967 (tekijä: Tom E. Parkinson)
Streetcars in the Golden Triangle 1859-1985 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania ... Association)
Stringtown on the Pike (tekijä: John Fulton Stuart Collins)
The Strip Show (tekijä: Rick Sebak)
Stuck In Shangri-La (tekijä: Kasey Michaels)
Student Guide to Pittsburgh
Suc-co-tash: Written on the occasion of the centennial celebration of the evacuation of Fort Duquesne (tekijä: W. H Denny)
Sudden Death [1995 film] (tekijä: Peter Hyams)
Summary of recommendations of the Social study of Pittsburgh and Allegheny county (tekijä: Social study of Pittsburgh and Allegheny county. [from old catalog])
Super Again!: The Official Book of the Super Bowl XL Champion Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: Bob Labriola)
Super Bowl IX : Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings, January 12, 1975, New Orleans Tulane Stadium (tekijä: Jim Moore)
Super Bowl X : Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys, January 18, 1976, Miami Orange Bowl (tekijä: Richard Rambeck)
Super Bowl XIII : Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys, January 21, 1979, Miami Orange Bowl (tekijä: Richard Rambeck)
Super Bowl XIV : Los Angeles Rams vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, January 20, 1980, Pasadena Rose Bowl (tekijä: Richard Rambeck)
Super Bowl XL Champions: Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: NFL Productions)
Super Bowl XLIII Champions Commemorative Issue Sports Illustrated Presents Pittsburgh Steelers (tekijä: Sports Illustrated)
Super Bowl XLV (45) Game Program (Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Green Bay Packers, 2011) (tekijä: NFL Properties)
Super Six: The Steelers Record Setting Super Bowl Season (tekijä: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
The Super Steeler Cookbook (NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Cook Book for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society)) (tekijä: Pittsburgh Steelers Players & Families)
Super Steelers (tekijä: Donna Eyring)
Super Steelers VI; Pittsburgh Steelers Special February 2009 (tekijä: Sporting News Yearbooks)2009
Supernatural Pittsburgh and Its Suburbs (tekijä: Jr. James f. Titus)
Survey of American Painting (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)1940
Survey of American Painting - Department of Fine Arts - Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA - October 24 to December 15, (tekijä: Homer (introduction); et al St. Gaudens)
Suspension Bridges: A Century of Progress (tekijä: John A. Roebling)
Sustainability and green design recommendations (tekijä: Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh)
Sustainable development in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Region: briefing paper (tekijä: Melisa Crawford)
Sweet '60: The 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (The SABR Digital Library) (Volume 10) (tekijä: Clifton Blue Parker)
Sweet '60: The 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (SABR Digital Library Book 10) (tekijä: Dick Rosen)
Swing (tekijä: Philip Beard)
Taken (tekijä: Kathleen George)
Takeover (tekijä: Anna Zabo)
Tales from the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates: Remembering "The Fam-A-Lee" (tekijä: John C McCollister)1979
Tales from the Pirates Dugout (tekijä: John McCollister)
Tales from the Pittsburgh Penguins (Tales) (tekijä: Joe Starkey)
Tales from the Pittsburgh Penguins Locker Room: A Collection of the Greatest Penguins Stories Ever Told (Tales from the Team) (tekijä: Joe Starkey)
Tales of Pioneer Pittsburgh (tekijä: American Guide Series)
A Taste of River Water: An Anthology of Pittsburgh Poets (tekijä: Ed Steck)
A team approach to delivery of EPSDT services in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, schools. (early and periodic, screening, (tekijä: Donna G. Nativio)
The Team That Changed Baseball: Roberto Clemente and the 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Bruce Markusen)1971
Teenie Harris, Photographer: Image, Memory, History (tekijä: Cheryl Finley)
Telephone Conversation Program (TCP) (tekijä: Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council)
Ten thousand candles; a souvenir of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Mrs. [from old catalog] Marie (Tello) Phillips)
Tenth Annual Report of the Homoeopathic Hospital and Dispensary of Pittsburgh with Charter and By-Laws (1876)1876
Texto-contexto en la literatura iberoamericana: Memoria del XIX congreso (Pittsburgh, 27 de mayo-1 de junio de 1979) (Spanish Edition)1979
That Night in Steel City (tekijä: ChaShiree M.)
Their Last Time Out (tekijä: The Dave Brubeck Quartet)
Thermal Conductivity 24/Thermal Expansion 12 (tekijä: Pa.) International Thermal Conductivity Conference 1997 (Pittsburgh)1997
Thesis 2009 by Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Point Park University
They came to-- Pittsburgh (tekijä: Clarke Thomas)
They played and stayed in Pittsburgh: Steelers forever (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
Things that Aren't There Anymore [DVD] (tekijä: Rick Sebak)
This Creature Fair (Volume 1) (tekijä: Wayne Wise)
This date in Pittsburgh Pirates history (tekijä: Morris Eckhouse)
This is Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania ;: We live here...we like it (tekijä: Josie Carey)
Thomas Mellon and his times (tekijä: Thomas Mellon)
Those Who Dream By Day (tekijä: Linda Cargill)
The Three Rivers (tekijä: Walter C. Kidney)
Three Rivers Cookbook 3: The Good Taste of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Jane A. Birnie)
Three Rivers Cookbook I (Three Rivers Cookbook) (tekijä: Norma Sproull)
Three Rivers Cookbook II: The Good Taste of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Carolyn S. Hammer)
Three Rivers Cookbook: "The Good Taste of Pittsburgh" (tekijä: Various)
Three Rivers Cookbook: The Good Taste of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Child Health Association of Sewickley)
Three Self-Taught Pennsylvania Artists: Hicks, Kane, & Pippin (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)1966
Through One Hundred and Fifty Years: The University of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Agnes Lynch Starrett)
Tim Burton on Tim Burton (tekijä: Tim Burton)
Time Release (tekijä: Martin J. Smith)
Tinker (tekijä: Wen Spencer)
To Beijing and Beyond: Pittsburgh and the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women (tekijä: Janice Auth)
Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions (tekijä: Anthony J. Rapino)
Tomorrow and Tomorrow (tekijä: Thomas Sweterlitsch)
The tongue-in-cheek guide to Pittsburgh (tekijä: Ken Abel)
The Tongue-In-Cheek Guide to Pittsburgh - New, Mini-Version (tekijä: Ken Abel)
Torso: The Story of Eliot Ness and the Search for a Psychopathic Killer (tekijä: Steven Nickel)
Total Penguins: The Definitive Encyclopedia of the Pittsburgh Penguins (tekijä: Rick Buker)
Tough as Steel: Pittsburgh Steelers: 2006 Super Bowl Champions (tekijä: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)2006
Tough Heaven - Poems of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Jack Gilbert)
Touring Pittsburgh by Trolley: A Pictorial Review of the Early Sixties (tekijä: Harold A. Smith)
Trailways Lakes-to-Sea bus schedule 1971
The Train from Pittsburgh (tekijä: Julian Farren)
The Transformation of American Catholicism: The Pittsburgh Laity and the Second Vatican Council, 1950-1972 (tekijä: Timothy Kelly)
Transforming the Mainline Church: Lessons in Change from Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Hope (tekijä: Robert A. Chesnut)
Transit in the triangle : a century look at Pittsburgh public transit (tekijä: Blaine S. Hays)
Travels in America, performed in 1806, for the purpose of exploring the rivers Alleghany, Monongahela, Ohio, and Mississippi, and ascertaining the produce and condition of their banks and vicinity (tekijä: Thomas Ashe)
Treason's River (tekijä: Edwin Thomas)
Treasures of the Frick Art Museum (tekijä: Pa.) Frick Art Museum (Pittsburgh)
A Treasury of Mississippi River Folklore (tekijä: B. A. Botkin)
Trinity & Pittsburgh : the history of Trinity Cathedral (tekijä: Helen L Harriss)
Triplanetary (tekijä: Edward E. Smith)
Triumph VIII: Pittsburgh - Eye of Two Storms 1749-2006 (Triumph series, 8) (tekijä: Charles S. Roberts)
Triumphant Capitalism: Henry Clay Frick and the Industrial Transformation of America (tekijä: Kenneth Warren)
Trust and trustworthy computing : 4th international conference, Trust 2011, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, June 22-24, 2011. proceedings (tekijä: Jonathan M. McCune)2011
Trust Your Eyes (tekijä: Linwood Barclay)
Twentieth Century Pittsburg: Government Business and Environmental Change (tekijä: Lubove)
Twentieth Century Pittsburgh (New Dimensions in History) (tekijä: Roy Lubove)
Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh, Volume Two: The Post-Steel Era (tekijä: Roy Lubove)
Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh: Government, Business, and Environmental Change (Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh) (tekijä: Roy Lubove)
Twenty Million Yankees: The Northern Home Front (tekijä: Donald Dale Jackson)
Two journals of western tours, by Christian Frederick Post: one to the neighborhood of Fort Duquesne (July-September, 1758); the other, to the Ohio (October 1758-January, 1759), American Notes: Travels in America, 1750-1920, Early western travels, 1748-1846 v. 1, p. [175]-291 (tekijä: Christian Frederick Post [1710?-1785])
Two Trains Running (tekijä: August Wilson)1969
The Tycoons: How Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Jay Gould, and J. P. Morgan Invented the American Supereconomy (tekijä: Charles R. Morris)
Ultimate Pittsburgh Trivia (tekijä: Dane Topich)
Unelmieni mies (tekijä: Curtis Sittenfeld)
The United Evangelical Protestant Church, Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, Records 1782-1812 (The German Church Recor (tekijä: Paul Miller Ruff)
University of Pittsburgh - Staff Association Council Newsletter (tekijä: Angela (Editor) Peskie)
University of Pittsburgh - Then and Now (tekijä: Scott Goldsmith)
University of Pittsburgh 2007 (College Prowler) (tekijä: Jamie Cruttenden)
University of Pittsburgh Recordkeeping Functional Requirements Project: Reports and Working Papers (tekijä: Society of American Archivists)
University of Pittsburgh Recordkeeping Functional Requirements Project: Reports and Working Papers--Progress Report Two (tekijä: Richard Cox)
University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering 1995-1996 Alumni Directory
University of Pittsburgh sesquicentennial number;: The Presbyterian banner, February 25, 1937 (tekijä: Presbyterian banner)
University of Pittsburgh: Off the Record (College Prowler) (College Prowler: University of Pittsburgh Off the Record) (tekijä: Jamie Cruttenden)
University of Pittsburgh: We Chart the Future
Urban blight : a rock climber's guide to Metropolitan Pittsburgh (tekijä: Joseph Roider)
The Urban Frontier : Pioneer Life in Early Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and St. Louis (tekijä: Richard C. Wade)
The Usual Suspects (tekijä: Rob Rogers)
The Valley of Decision (tekijä: Marcia Davenport)
Vampire, PA (tekijä: J.C. Vaughn)
Variant (tekijä: Robison Wells)
VI: Pittsburgh Steelers Six-Time Super Bowl Champions
Vincent van Gogh: Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings [1962-64 exhibition catalogue] (tekijä: Washington Gallery of Modern Art)1962
Virginia's Role in the Capture of Fort Duquesne, 1758 (tekijä: Nellie Norkus)
The Vitals: True Nurse Stories, Issue 1 (tekijä: Sean Ryan)
Vivian Apple at the End of the World (tekijä: Katie Coyle)
Vreemd gespuis in een warenhuis (tekijä: Willy van der Heide)
Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal Railway (tekijä: Howard V. Worley)
The Walking Dead, Volume 30: New World Order (tekijä: Robert Kirkman)
Walking Pittsburgh: The Ultimate Walking Tour of Downtown Pittsburgh (tekijä: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
A walking tour of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors.)
A Walking Tour of Pittsburgh-Oakland, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!) (tekijä: Doug Gelbert)
Warrantee Atlas of Allegheny County Pennsylvania Revised and corrected every name index (tekijä: Joel Fishman)
Ways to Disappear (tekijä: Idra Novey)
We Had 'Em All the Way: Bob Prince & His Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
We'll Never Forget You, Roberto Clemente (tekijä: Trudie Engel)
A Wealth of Family: An Adopted Son's International Quest for Heritage, Reunion and Enrichment (tekijä: Thomas Brooks)
The Weavers Guild of Pittsburgh : best foot forward. (tekijä: Patricia McGuire)
Welcome to Pittsburgh (tekijä: Nils Balls)
Were you there : over 300 wonderful, weird, and wacky moments from the Pittsburgh Civic, Mellon Arena (tekijä: Stephen Mulligan)
West Side Belt Railroad (tekijä: Howard V. Worley Jr.)
Westinghouse Radio Stations, Inc. , KDKA, WBZ, WBZA, KYW, WOWO, KEX...
Westsylvania Heritage Trail (Insights (Harrisburg, Pa.).) (tekijä: John G. Hope)
Whatever It Takes: The Continuing Saga of the Pittsburgh Steelers II (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
When Cobb Met Wagner: The Seven-Game World Series of 1909 (tekijä: David Finoli)
When Pops Led the Family : The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Bill Nowlin)
When The Bucs Won It All: The 1979 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Bill Ranier)
Where else but Pittsburgh! (tekijä: George Swetnam)
Where the Movies Played in Downtown Pittsburg(h) (tekijä: James Kastner)
Which Road to Fort Duquesne?: Colonel Washington Proves "Obstimate" (tekijä: Walter R. Borneman)
Whirlwind Walk: Architecture and Urban Spaces in Downtown Pittsburgh (tekijä: Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation)
The Whiskey Rebels (tekijä: David Liss)
Who Killed...? Pittsburgh, Pa (Who Killed...?) (Who Killed...?) (tekijä: Jack Swint)
The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 8: Old is the New New (tekijä: Kieron Gillen)
Widows and orphans first : the family economy and social welfare policy, 1880-1939 (tekijä: S. J. Kleinberg)
Wilkinsburg (tekijä: Wilkinsburg Historical Society)
Will abstracts of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania : will books I through V (tekijä: Helen L Harriss)
I Will Not Let You Go Until You Bless Me: Memoirs of a Reform Rabbi (tekijä: Harold S. Silver)
Willem de Kooning : Pittsburgh international series : October 26, 1979-January 6, 1980, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute (tekijä: Willem De Kooning)1979
Willem de Kooning: Pittsburgh International Series (tekijä: Carnegie Institute Museum of Art)
The William Penn Snyder home, 852 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa.
William Willet in Pittsburgh, 1897-1913 : a research compendium (tekijä: Albert M. Tannier)
Willie Parker, Pittsburgh Steelers, ESPN, October 22, 2007 issue. (tekijä: ESPN Pittsburgh Steelers Parker, October 22, 2007)
Willie Stargell (Baseball Legends) (tekijä: Mike Shannon)
Winslow Homer Centenary Exhibiton 1836-1936 (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)1936
Winsor McCay, The Complete Little Nemo 1905-1927 (tekijä: Winsor McCay)
Without reservations : select recipes of the Junior League of Pittsburgh (tekijä: Junior League of Pittsburgh)
Witness To The Fifties: The Pittsburgh Photographic Library, 1950-1953 (General, Photography) (tekijä: Clarke M. Thomas)
WJAS, Pittsburgh, "Going Forward with Radio"
Wolf Who Rules (tekijä: Wen Spencer)
Women and the Trades: Pittsburgh, 1907-1908 (Pittsburgh Series in Labor History) (tekijä: Elizabeth Beardsley Butler)
Women in the Wings: Pittsburgh's World War II Workers (VHS) (tekijä: Julia Love)
The Women of Troy Hill: The Back-Fence Virtues of Faith and Friendship (tekijä: Clare Ansberry)
The Women's Auxiliary Pittsburgh Opera, Inc presents An Aria of Culinary Delights (tekijä: Cookbook Committee)
Women's Yellow Pages of Greater Pittsburgh - 2006-2007
Wonder Boys (tekijä: Michael Chabon)
Woodson's All-star grille; menu and official Pittsburgh sports guide
A working sales control of the Pittsburgh market area
The world champion Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Dick Groat)
World Series 1960: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. New York Yankees (tekijä: Bob Prince)
The World's Richest Neighborhood: How Pittsburgh's East Enders Forged American Industry (tekijä: Quentin R. Skrabec)
Worship Sampler (tekijä: Covenant Church of Pittsburgh)
The WPA History of the Negro in Pittsburgh (tekijä: J. Ernest Wright)
The Wreck of the Penn Central (tekijä: Joseph R. Daughen)
Writings of General John Forbes relating to his service in North America (tekijä: John Forbes)
Year book and directory of the Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh, Pa. (tekijä: Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.)
Year book of the Pittsburgh Architectural Club
The Year of the Penguins: Celebrating Pittsburgh's 2008-09 Stanley Cup Championship Season (tekijä: Andrew Podnieks)
Ylivertaiset (tekijä: Mark Millar)
Your future in Allegheny County (tekijä: John J. Kane)
Zanesville (tekijä: Kris Saknussemm)
The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh: The Films of George A. Romero (tekijä: Paul R. Gagne)