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"Come on, you wolverines!": Custer at Gettysburg (Farnsworth House Civil War commander series) (tekijä: Michael Phipps)
"Let a Common Interest Bind Us Together": Associations, Partisanship, and Culture in Philadelphia, 1775-1840 (tekijä: Albrecht Koschnik)
"Let It Burn": The Philadelphia Tragedy (tekijä: Michael Boyette)
The "Lower Sort": Philadelphia's Laboring People 1750-1880 (tekijä: Billy Gordon Smith)
"The Damned Red Flags of the Rebellion": The Confederate Battle Flag at Gettysburg (tekijä: Richard Rollins)
(Pennsylvania Profiles, Volume Ten) (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
100 Years at Warrington: York County, Pennsylvania, Quaker Marriages, Removals, Births and Deaths (tekijä: Margaret B. Walmer)
The 13th Hour (tekijä: Richard Doetsch)
The 151st Pennsylvania Volunteers at Gettysburg: Like Ripe Apples in a Storm (tekijä: Michael A. Dreese)
175 southwestern Pa. marriages performed by Rev. Abraham Boyd, 1802-1849 (tekijä: Bob Closson)
1752 List of Taxables, Berks County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Richard T Williams)
1765 Chester County, Pennsylvania archives (tekijä: Katharine F. Dix)
1767 Berks County Pennsylvania Archives (tekijä: Katharine F. Dix)
1771 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Archives (tekijä: Katharine F. Dix)
1776 (Piano/Vocal/Songbook) (tekijä: Sherman Edwards)
The 1776 guide for Pennsylvania (tekijä: Diana Burgwyn)
1776: a musical play (tekijä: Sherman Edwards)
The 1783 tax lists and the 1790 federal census for Washington County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Katherine K. Zinsser)
1843 History of Adams County Pennsylvania (tekijä: Sherman Day)
1845 History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. D. Rupp)
1845 History of Monroe County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
1847 History of Union County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. D. Rupp)
1847 History of Washington and Greene County, PA (tekijä: I. D. Rupp)
1848 History of Bedford County Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. D. Rupp)
1877: Year of Violence (tekijä: Robert V. Bruce)
1886 history of Adams County, Pennsylvania : containing history of the counties, their townships, towns, villages, schoo (tekijä: Henry C. Bradsby)
1886 History of Cumberland County Pennsylvania : Originally published as History of Cumberland and Adams Counties (tekijä: Pliny A. Durant)
1991 city of Lower Burrell, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
2011 Edition Pennsylvania Rules of Court Volume 1-state (Volume 1) (tekijä: West)
20th century history of Butler and Butler County, Pa., and respresentative citizens (tekijä: James A. McKee)
25 Bicycle Tours in Eastern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Dale Adams)
35 Days to Gettysburg: The Campaign Diaries of Two American Enemies (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania: From the Mason-Dixon Line to the Poconos and North Mountain, Fourth Edition (tekijä: Tom Thwaites)
75th Reunion at Gettysburg My Interviews with the Veterans (tekijä: Charles Albert Earp)
99 Coffins (tekijä: David Wellington)
99 Historic Photographs of Culp's Hill (tekijä: Garry Adelman)
AAA New Jersey and Pennsylvania Tourbook 2011 Edition (tekijä: AAA Publishing)
AAA TourBook New Jersey & Pennsylvania (tekijä: AAA)
Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Speech and Other Papers (tekijä: Carl Schurz)
Abraham's Battle: A Novel of Gettysburg (tekijä: Sara Harrell Banks)
Abstracts from the Republican compiler, Adams County, Pennsylvania, 1831-1851 (tekijä: Robert Stover)
Abstracts of Adams County, Pennsylvania Wills (1745-1800) (tekijä: Randy J Miller)
Abstracts of Adams County, Pennsylvania Wills 1800-1826 (tekijä: Kevin Greenholt)
Abstracts of Berks County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1752-1785 (tekijä: Jacob Martin)
Abstracts of Berks County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1785-1800 (tekijä: Jacob Martin)
Abstracts of Berks County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1800-1825 (tekijä: Jacob Martin)
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania Land Records, 1684-1723 (tekijä: Charlotte D. Meldrum)
Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wills 1685-1785 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1750-1785 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1785-1825 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1786-1820 (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 10: 1820-1825 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 1: 1682-1726 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 2: 1726-1747 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 3: 1748-1763 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 4: 1763-1784 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 5: 1777-1790 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 6: 1790-1802 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 7: 1802-1809 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 8: 1810-1815 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 9: 1815-1819 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of public records, Northampton County, Pennsylvania (and surrounding counties), 1727-1779, Vol. 1 (tekijä: Candace E. Anderson)
Abstracts of South Central Pennsylvania Newspapers, Volume 1, 1785-1790 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of South Central Pennsylvania Newspapers, Volume 2, 1791-1795 (tekijä: Martha Reamy)
Abstracts of South Central Pennsylvania Newspapers, Volume 3, 1796-1800 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Abstracts of the Washington, PA, Reporter (tekijä: Bonnie Malmat)
Abstracts of Washington County Pa Willbooks (1776-1841) (tekijä: Bob Closson)
Abstracts of York County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1749-1819 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
An act for the regulation of the militia of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Acts of Faith (tekijä: A. M. Arthur)
The acts of the General Assembly of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, carefully compared with the originals. And an appendix, containing the laws now in force, passed between the 30th day of September 1775, and the Revolution. Together with the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution of the state of Pennsylvania; and the Articles of confederations of the United States of America... (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Adam and Evil (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
Adam's Daughters (tekijä: David Bowles)
Adams County church records of the 18th century (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Adams County, PA, Listing of Inhabitants in 1779 (tekijä: Victoria McQuillis)
ADC Metro Philadelphia and Delaware County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: ADC (Firm))
The address and reasons of dissent of the minority of the Convention of the State of Pennsylvania, to their constituents (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Addy Learns a Lesson: A School Story (tekijä: Connie Porter)
Addy Saves the Day: A Summer Story (tekijä: Connie Porter)
Addy's Little Brother (American Girls Short Stories) (tekijä: Connie Porter)
Addy's Cookbook (tekijä: Jodi Evert)
Addy's Short Story Collection (tekijä: Connie Porter)
Addy's Short Story Collection (American Girls Collection) (tekijä: Susan McAliley)
Addy's Story Collection (tekijä: Connie Porter)
Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story (tekijä: Connie Porter)
Addy: An American Girl, 1864 (tekijä: Connie Porter)
Advance the Colors: Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags, Vol. 1 (tekijä: Richard A. Sauers)
Advance the Colors: Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags, Vol. 2 (tekijä: Richard A. Sauers)
Adventures in Time and Place: Pennsylvania (tekijä: James A. Banks)
Advertisements and Notices of Interest from the Norristown, Pennsylvania Newspapers: Vol. II: 1822-1827 (tekijä: Judith A. H. Meier)
African Americans in Pennsylvania: A History and Guide (tekijä: Charles L. Blockson)
African Americans in Pennsylvania: Above Ground and Underground : An Illustrated Guide (tekijä: Charles L. Blockson)
African Americans in Pennsylvania: Shifting Historical Perspectives (tekijä: Joe William Trotter)
After action report (tekijä: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain)
After the Fire: The Destruction of the Lancaster County Amish (tekijä: Randy-Michael Testa)
Afterimage (tekijä: Kathleen George)
The Age of Jackson (tekijä: Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.)
Agri: Hall Nave [stereoview] (tekijä: Centennial Photographic Company)
AH New Pictorial Encyclopedic Guide to the US: 12 Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina (tekijä: American Heritage)
Alexis: My True Story of Being Seduced By an Online Predator (Louder Than Words) (tekijä: Alexis Singer)
Alien In a Small Town (tekijä: Jim Cleaveland)
All about Pennsylvania (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
All Different Kinds of Free (tekijä: Jessica McCann)
All Joe Knight: A Novel (tekijä: Kevin Morris)
All That Remains (tekijä: R.J. Scott)
All the Brave Fellows (tekijä: James L. Nelson)
All the Secrets We Keep (tekijä: Megan Hart)
All's Well That Ends (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, research in the courthouse (tekijä: Helen L Harriss)
Allegheny County: A Sesqui-Centennial Review (tekijä: George E. Kelly)
Allegheny Episodes: Folk Lore and Legends Collected in Northern and Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
Along the Appalachian Trail: West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania (Images of America) (tekijä: Leonard M. Adkins)
Along the Bucktail Highway (Postcard History: Pennsylvania) (tekijä: Charles E. Williams)
Along the Delaware River (tekijä: Richard C. Albert)
Along the Route 100 Corridor (tekijä: Patricia A. Stompf Blackwell)
Along the Schuylkill River (tekijä: Laura Catalano)
Also for Glory (tekijä: Don Ernsberger)
Always Faithful (tekijä: Sherry A. Burton)
I Am Regina (tekijä: Sally M. Keehn)
America's First Dynasty: The Adamses, 1735–1918 (tekijä: Richard Brookhiser)
American Aurora: A Democratic-Republican Returns (tekijä: Richard N. Rosenfeld)
An American Childhood (tekijä: Annie Dillard)
American Cooking: The Eastern Heartland (tekijä: José Wilson)
American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic (tekijä: Joseph J. Ellis)
American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) (tekijä: Eric P. Burkhart)
American Heritage History of the Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: American Heritage)
American Heritage Junior Library: The Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Bruce Catton)
The American Legal Experience (tekijä: Lawrence M. Friedman)
American Map Road Atlas 2005 (tekijä: American M... Corporation)
American Marriage Records Before 1699: Reprinted with a "Supplement" from Genealogy Magazine, Vol. XIV, No. 4 (July 1929) --Vol. XV, No. 3 (July 1930) (tekijä: William Montgomery Clemens)
An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 (tekijä: Jim Murphy)
The American Plague: The Untold Story of Yellow Fever, the Epidemic that Shaped Our History (tekijä: Molly Caldwell Crosby)
The American Poet Who Went Home Again (tekijä: Aberjhani)
American Revolution (Eyewitness Books) (tekijä: Stuart Murray)
The American Revolution, Writings from the War of Independence (tekijä: John H. Rhodehamel)
The American Revolution: A History (tekijä: Gordon S. Wood)
American Rust (tekijä: Philipp Meyer)
American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence (tekijä: Pauline Maier)
The American war of secession, 1863 : Chancellorsville and Gettysburg (tekijä: Philip Hugh Dalbiac)
The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin (tekijä: Gordon S. Wood)
The Amish and the media (tekijä: Diane Zimmerman Umble)
Amish Baby Mystery (Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book 6) (tekijä: Samantha Price)
Amish Country Crossroads (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
Amish Enterprise: From Plows to Profits (tekijä: Donald B. Kraybill)
Amish Folk Artist Barbara Ebersol: Her Life, Fraktur, and Death Record Book (Mennonite Sources and Documents) (tekijä: David Luthy)
Amish Houses and Barns (People's Place Book, No 11) (tekijä: Stephen Scott)
The Amish of Lancaster County : A brief, but truthful account of the actual life and customs of the most unique class of people in the United States (tekijä: Berenice Steinfeldt)
Amish Quilts of Lancaster County (tekijä: Patricia T. Herr)
The Amish Struggle with Modernity (tekijä: Donald B. Kraybill)
Amish: The Art Of The Quilt (tekijä: Robert Hughes)
Amishland (tekijä: Xtian Newswanger)
The Anatomy of Deception (tekijä: Lawrence Goldstone)
And A Time To Die (tekijä: Walter Erickson)
Andrew Carnegie: Builder of Libraries (Community Builders) (tekijä: Charnan Simon)
Angels of Destruction (tekijä: Keith Donohue)
Animal Tracks of New York and Pennsylvania (tekijä: Tamara Eder)
Animal Tracks of the Great Lakes States: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wiscon (tekijä: Chris Stall)
Animal Tracks of the Mid-Atlantic States: District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, (tekijä: Chris Stall)
Anna Sunday (tekijä: Sally M. Keehn)
Annalisa My Story: A life in the country with animal friends (tekijä: Ute B Endler Anderson)
Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in the Olden Time; Being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents of the City and Its Inhabitants and of the Earliest Settlements of the Inland Part of Pennsylvania (Volume 1) (tekijä: John F. Watson)
Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, in the Olden Time, 1879, Vol. 3 of 3: Being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents of the City and ... Inland Part of Pennsylvania (Classic Reprint) (tekijä: John F. Watson)
Annals of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania in the olden time : being a collection of the memoirs, anecdotes, and incidents ... of the earliest settlements of the inland part of Pennsylvania ... (tekijä: John F. Watson)
Annals of southwestern Pennsylvania... Volume I [- Volume III] (tekijä: Lewis Clark Walkinshaw)
Annual report of the Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, 1890 (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Another Civil War: Labor, Capital, and the State in the Anthracite Regions of Pennsylvania, 1840-68 (tekijä: Grace Palladino)
Another Good Dog:One Family and Fifty Foster Dogs (tekijä: Cara Sue Achterberg)
Another Kind of Monday (tekijä: William E. Coles)
Appalachian Trail Guide to Pennsylvania (Appalachian Trail Guides (Paperback)) (tekijä: Keystone Trails Association)
Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania Sections 1 through 6 (tekijä: Keystone Trails Association)
Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania: Section 1 and 2 (tekijä: Keystone Trails Association)
Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania: Section 3 and 4 (tekijä: Keystone Trails Association)
Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania: Section 7 and 8 (tekijä: Keystone Trails Association)
Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania: Sections 9 & 10 and 11 & 12 (tekijä: Keystone Trails Association)
An Apple for Harriet Tubman (tekijä: Glennette Tilley Turner)
Appointment in May (tekijä: Neil Albert)
Archaeological studies of the Susquehannock Indians of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Donald A. Cadzow)
The Archaeology of Native Americans in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Kurt W. Carr)
An Architectural Guidebook To Philadelphia (tekijä: Francis Morrone)
Ardnt Family (tekijä: C. Fuller)
Armed and Dangerous (tekijä: Jim Kelly)
Armies at Gettysburg (tekijä: Scott Bowden)
Arms and Independence: The Military Character of the American Revolution (tekijä: Ronald Hoffman)
The arms of Pennsylvania and the great seal of the Commonwealth (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Arms, country, and class : the Philadelphia militia and "lower sort" during the American Revolution, 1775-1783 (tekijä: Steven Rosswurm)
The Army of the Potomac: Glory Road (tekijä: Bruce Catton)
Arthur Mervyn (tekijä: Charles Brockden Brown)
The Artillery of Gettysburg (tekijä: Bradley M. Gottfried)
As the World Churns (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
The Assassin (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
Assault and Pepper (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
At Gettysburg: Or What a Girl Saw and Heard at the Battle (tekijä: Tillie Pierce Alleman)
At Home : a short history of private life (tekijä: Bill Bryson)
At The Wall: The 69th Pennsylvania at Gettysburg (tekijä: Don Ernsberger)
The Atlantic Economy During The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries: Organization, Operation, Practice, And Personnel (tekijä: Peter A. Coclanis)
Atlas of Adams County Pennsylvania 1872 Every Name Index Reproduced 1976 and 1974 (tekijä: D. J Lake)
Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania (Pitt Series in Nature and Natural History) (tekijä: Daniel W. Brauning)
The Atlas of Pennsylvania (tekijä: David J. Cuff)
Atlas of the Coal Flora of Pennsylvania. (Plates) (tekijä: Leo Lesquereux)
Atlas of the County of Montgomery and the State of Pennsylvania (tekijä: G.M. Hopkins & Co.,)
The Attack and Defense of Little Round Top, Gettysburg, July 2, 1863 (tekijä: Oliver Willcox Norton)
Attack of the Black Rectangles (tekijä: A. S. King)
Audubon Guide to the National Wildlife Refuges: Mid-Atlantic: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia (Audubon Guides to the National Wildlife Refuges) (tekijä: Edward R. Ricciuti)
Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Designs (tekijä: Frances Lichten)
Autobiography Of A Pennsylvanian (tekijä: Samuel W. Pennypacker)
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (tekijä: Benjamin Franklin)
The Automat: The History, Recipes, and Allure of Horn & Hardart's Masterpiece (tekijä: Marianne Hardart)
Autumn Promises (tekijä: Kate Welsh)
Aviation and Pennsylvania (tekijä: Frank Kingston Smith)
Away for the weekend, Washington, D.C. : 52 great getaways in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey (tekijä: Eleanor Berman)
Away for the Weekend: Mid-Atlantic (Away for the Weekend, Mid-Atlantic) (tekijä: Eleanor Berman)
Babe in Toyland (tekijä: Eugenie Seifer Olson)
Baby Girl (tekijä: Lenora Adams)
The Bachelder Papers, Volume 1 (tekijä: John B. Bachelder)
The Bachelder Papers, Volume 2 (tekijä: David L. Ladd)
The Bachelder Papers, Volume 3 (tekijä: David L. Ladd)
Back Spin (tekijä: Harlan Coben)
Back to Normal (tekijä: Wren Boudreau)
Backroad Bicycling in Eastern Pennsylvania: 25 Rides for Touring and Mountain Bikes (tekijä: Patricia Vance)
Backroad Bicycling Near New York City: 25 One-Day Bike Tours in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (tekijä: Gerry Brooks)
Backroads & Byways of Pennsylvania: Drives, Day Trips & Weekend Excursions (Backroads & Byways) (tekijä: David Langlieb)
Backroads of Pennsylvania (Pictorial Discovery Guide) (tekijä: Marcus Schneck)
Backyard Birds of Pennsylvania: How to Identify and Attract the Top 25 Birds (tekijä: Bill Fenimore)
Bad Girlz : A Novel (tekijä: Shannon Holmes)
Bad Grades: A Blasian Romance Novel (tekijä: A.C. Greenlee)
A Bad Habit (Taking The Leap) (tekijä: M.K. Moore)
Badge of Honor, Books 1-3: Men in Blue, Special Operations, and The Victim (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
Badge of Honor, Books 4-6: The Witness, The Assassin, and The Murderers (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
Ballroom of the Skies (tekijä: John D. MacDonald)
Baptismal and Marriage Records, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1752-1786 (tekijä: John Waldschmidt)
Bargaining for Life: A Social History of Tuberculosis, 1876-1938 (Studies in Health, Illness, and Caregiving) (tekijä: Barbara Bates)
Batter Off Dead (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
The Battle Between the Farm Lanes: Hancock Saves the Union Center: Gettysburg July 2, 1863 (tekijä: David L. Shultz)
Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era (tekijä: James M. McPherson)
The Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Harry W. Pfanz)
The Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: W. C. Storrick)
The Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Frank Aretas Haskell)
The Battle of Gettysburg (We the People: Civil War Era) (tekijä: Michael Burgan)
Battle of Gettysburg and the Christian Commission (tekijä: Andrew B Cross)
The Battle of Gettysburg: A Comprehensive Narrative (tekijä: Jesse Bowman Young)
The Battle of Gettysburg: A Guided Tour (tekijä: Edward J. Stackpole)
The battle of Gettysburg: From "The life and letters of George Gordon Meade" (tekijä: George Meade)
Battle of Gettysburg: From the History of the Civil War in America (tekijä: Comte De Paris)
A Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War (tekijä: Craig L. Symonds)
Battling for American Labor: Wobblies, Craft Workers, and the Making of the Union Movement (tekijä: Howard Kimeldorf)
Beaded Moccasins (tekijä: Lynda Durrant)
Beautiful Bucks County: Through Four Seasons (tekijä: Derek Fell)
Beautiful Pennsylvania (tekijä: Paul Lewis)
The Beautiful Things Shoppe (tekijä: Philip William Stover)
Bedford County Archives, Vol. III (tekijä: James B. Whisker)
Bedford County in the American Revolution (tekijä: James B. Whisker)
Bedford County marriage records, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Oct. 1885-April 1890 (tekijä: Michael A. Hengst)
Bedford County: Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 1 (tekijä: James B. Whisker)
Bedford in ye olden time : two lectures delivered in the Court House at Bedford, February 23 and March 19, 1886 (tekijä: Charles N. Hickok)
Before the Molly Maguires: The Emergence of the Ethno-Religious Factor in the Politics of the Lower Anthracite Region, 1 (tekijä: Jr. William A. Gudelunas)
Behutet - Modern Thelemic Magic & Culture
Ben and Me (tekijä: Robert Lawson)
Ben and Me [1953 animated short film] (tekijä: Hamilton Luske)
Beneath a Northern Sky: A Short History of the Gettysburg Campaign (The American Crisis Series: Books on the Civil War Era) (tekijä: Steven E. Woodworth)
Benjamin Franklin (tekijä: John Bach McMaster)
Benjamin Franklin (tekijä: Carl Van Doren)
Benjamin Franklin (tekijä: Wil Mara)
Benjamin Franklin (tekijä: Edmund S. Morgan)
Benjamin Franklin: A Biography (tekijä: Ronald W. Clark)
Benjamin Franklin: A Man With Many Jobs (tekijä: Carol Greene)
Benjamin Franklin: An American Life (tekijä: Walter Isaacson)
Benjamin Franklin: Inventor, Writer, and Patriot (The Library of American Lives and Times) (tekijä: Ryan P. Randolph)
Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin (tekijä: Marguerite Henry)
Berks County Church Records of the 18th Century Vol. 1 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Berks County Church Records of the 18th Century Vol. 2 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Berks County Church Records of the 18th Century Vol. 3 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Berks County Church Records of the 18th Century Vol. 4 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Berks the Bizarre (tekijä: Charles J. Adams, III)
Bern Church Record: Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania: Baptisms, 1739-1835, including Tombstone Inscriptions of Burial Ground at Bernville, from the Library of Dr. Glenn P. Schwalm. (tekijä: Glenn P Schwalm)
Best Bike Rides New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (Best Bike Rides Series) (tekijä: Trudy Bell)
Best Hikes with Children in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Sally Trepanowski)
Best in Show [2000 film] (tekijä: Christopher Guest)
The Best in Tent Camping: Pennsylvania: A Guide for Car Campers Who Hate RVs, Concrete Slabs, and Loud Portable Stereos (Best Tent Camping) (tekijä: Matt Willen)
Best Management Practices for Pennsylvania Forests : Promoting Forest Stewardship Through Education, Cooperation, and Voluntary Action (tekijä: Shelby E. Chunko)
Best of the Best from Pennsylvania: Selected Recipes from Pennsylvania's Favorite Cookbooks (Best of the Best Cookbook) (tekijä: Gwen McKee)
Best of the Best from the Northeast Cookbook: Selected Recipes from the Favorite Cookbooks of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine (tekijä: Gwen McKee)
The Best Poor Man's Country: A Geographical Study of Early Southeastern Pennsylvania (tekijä: James T. Lemon)
Best Tent Camping: Pennsylvania: Your Car-Camping Guide to Scenic Beauty, the Sounds of Nature, and an Escape from Civilization (tekijä: Matt Willen)
The best test preparation for the Pennsylvania PSSA : Mathematics, 8th grade (tekijä: Stephen Hearne)
Better for You (tekijä: Andy Gallo)
Between a Wok and a Hard Place (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
Between Panic and Desire (tekijä: Dinty W. Moore)
Beyond Philadelphia : the American Revolution in the Pennsylvania Hinterland (tekijä: John B. Frantz)
Beyond the Divide (tekijä: Kathryn Lasky)
A bibliography of sources for Civil War, Mexican War, and Spanish-American War research in western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Helen Wilson)
Bicentennial Commission of Pennsylvania: A report, 1968-1977 (tekijä: Bicentennial Commission)
Bicentennial Pennsylvania 1976: So Your Children Can Tell Their Children (tekijä: Chairperson Iva Richey Parkas)
Biddle's Young Carpenter's Assistant (tekijä: Owen Biddle)
The Big Blowdown (tekijä: George Pelecanos)
The Big Book Of Pennsylvania Ghost Stories (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
The Big Pennsylvania Reproducible Activity Book! (The Pennsylvania Experience) (tekijä: Carole Marsh)
Big Trees of Pennsylvania: A Preliminary Listing of Native and Introduced Trees (Supplement to Pennsylvania Forests Vol 59, No. 3, Fall 1969) (tekijä: Albert B. Mickalitis)
Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: A History of Wild-Men, Gorillas, and Other Hairy Monsters in the Keystone State (tekijä: Timothy Renner)
A Biographical History of Lancaster County: Being a History of Early Settlers and Eminent Men of the County; as Also Much Other Unpublished Historical Information, Chiefly of a Local Character (tekijä: Alexander Harris)
A Biographical History of the Swarr Family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Jacob Mellinger Swarr)
A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and Other Townships of the County, Being a History of the Early Settlers and Their Descendants, Mostly All of Pennsylvania Dutch Origin, as Also Much Other Unpublished Historical Information Chiefly of a Local Character [2 Volumes] (tekijä: Ezra E. Eby)
A Biographical History of York County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: John Gibson)
Birch's Views of Philadelphia: A Reduced Fascimile of The City of Philadelphia... (tekijä: S. Robert Teitelman)
Birds of central Pennsylvania: The State College region (radius 25 miles from Old Main) : records of the State College Bird Club, inc (tekijä: Merrill Wood)
The birds of eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with introductory chapters on geographical distribution and migration (tekijä: Witmer Stone)
Birds of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Merrill Wood)
Birds of Pennsylvania Field Guide, Second Edition (tekijä: Stan Tekiela)
The Birds of Western Pennsylvania and Adjacent Regions (tekijä: Robert C Leberman)
Birth Index: Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1680-1800 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
The birthplace of professional football : southwestern Pennsylvania (tekijä: David Finoli)
Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Nottingham Quakers, 1680-1889 (tekijä: Alice L. Beard)
Births, marriages & deaths of Adams County, Pa., 1852-1854 (tekijä: K. T. H. McFarland)
Births, marriages & deaths of Bedford & Somerset cos., Pa., 1852-1854 (tekijä: K. T. H. McFarland)
The Bishop's Daughter (tekijä: Wanda E. Brunstetter)
Bitter Truth (tekijä: William Lashner)
Black at Heart: A Black CATs Novel (tekijä: Leslie Parrish)
Black Forest Souvenirs: Collected in Northern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
The Blank Page (tekijä: K. C. Constantine)
Bleeding Hearts (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Blood in the Water (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Blood Runs Coal: The Yablonski Murders and the Battle for the United Mine Workers of America (tekijä: Mark A. Bradley)
The Bloodiest Day: The Battle of Antietam (tekijä: Ronald H. Bailey)
The Bloody 85th: The Letters of Milton McJunkin, a Western Pennsylvania Soldier in the Civil War (tekijä: Richard Sauers)
The Bloody Country (Point) (tekijä: James Lincoln Collier)
The Blue and the Gray (tekijä: John Leekley)
The Blue and the Gray: Volume 2: From the Battle of Gettysburg to Appomattox (tekijä: Henry Steele Commager)
The Blue Door (tekijä: David Fulmer)
The Blue Orchard (tekijä: Jackson Taylor)
The Blue Ridge League (Images of Baseball) (tekijä: Robert P. Savitt)
Blue Ridge Range: The Gentle Mountains (tekijä: Ronald M. Fisher)
The Bluest Blood (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
Bond (tekijä: Tasha Black)
The Book Culture of a Colonial American City: Philadelphia Books, Bookmen, and Booksellers (tekijä: Edwin Wolf)
The Book in America: With Images from the Library of Congress (Library of Congress Classics) (tekijä: Richard W. Clement)
Book of honor : Lt. General James Longstreet Equestrian Monument, Gettysburg National Military Park : dedicated July 3, (tekijä: North Carolina Division ...)
Bookends (tekijä: Liz Curtis Higgs)
Bookstores: A Celebration of Independent Booksellers (tekijä: Horst A. Friedrichs)
Boos & brews: A guide to haunted taverns, inns & hotels of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Patty A Wilson & Scott Crownover)
Border wars of the West: comprising the frontier wars of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and Wisconsin, and embracing individual adventures among the Indians, and exploits of Boone, Kenton ... and other border heroes of the West. (tekijä: John Frost)
The Borrowed and Blue Murders: A Thriller (Zoe Hayes Mysteries) (tekijä: Merry Jones)
Bows, Bullets, and Bears (Frontier Pennsylvania) (Volume 1) (tekijä: John L. Moore)
Boxwoods for Pennsylvania Landscapes (tekijä: James Sellmer)
The Boy Who Drew Birds: A Story of John James Audubon (tekijä: Jacqueline Davies)
The Boy Who Loved to Draw: Benjamin West (tekijä: Barbara Brenner)
Breaker Boys (tekijä: Jan Kubicki)
Breaking The Backcountry: Seven Years War In Virginia And Pennsylvania 1754-1765 (tekijä: Matthew C. Ward)
Breathless (tekijä: Jessica Warman)
The Brethren (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
The Bridesmaid (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
A brief history of Lancaster County (tekijä: Israel Smith Clare)
Brief sketch of the battle of Gettysburg; introduction to Maine at Gettysburg (tekijä: Charles Hamlin)
Brigades of Gettysburg: The Union and Confederate Brigades at the Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Bradley M. Gottfried)
A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution (tekijä: Carol Berkin)
Brother against Brother (tekijä: William C. Davis)
Brotherly Love (tekijä: Pete Dexter)
Brothers Divided: Skirmishes in the Gettysburg Campaign (tekijä: Scott Mingus)
Bryn Athyn Cathedral: The Building Of A Church (tekijä: E. Bruce Glenn)
Bubbles A Broad (tekijä: Sarah Strohmeyer)
Buckeye Blood: Ohio at Gettysburg (Great Lakes Connections: The Civil War) (tekijä: Richard A. Baumgartner)
Bucks County Ghost Stories (tekijä: Charles J. Adams, III)
Bucks County tax records, 1693-1778 (tekijä: Terry A. McNealy)
Bucks County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 17th and 18th Centuries, Volume 1 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Bucks County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 17th and 18th Centuries, Volume 4 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Bucks County, Pennsylvania Orphans' Court records, 1852-1900 (tekijä: Thomas G. Myers)
The Bucktails at the Devil's Den (tekijä: William P. Robertson)
Buffalo Bill and the Wild West and 100 years of Western Art from Pittsburgh collections, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute
The Bugles of Gettysburg (tekijä: Lasalle Corbell Pickett)
Buick 8 (tekijä: Stephen King)
Buildings of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania (tekijä: George E. Thomas)
The Burglar (tekijä: David Goodis)
The Buried Past: An Archaeological History of Philadelphia (tekijä: John L. Cotter)
Burning March (tekijä: Neil Albert)
Burning Rubbers: Gritty MM Romantic Suspense (tekijä: Olivette Devaux)
Busted Flush (tekijä: Brad Smith)
Butler County Cemetery Inventory: Vol. 2: The North-Central Townships (tekijä: Butler County Historical ...)
The Cabin Faced West (tekijä: Jean Fritz)
Cain at Gettysburg (tekijä: Ralph Peters)
Calpurnia (tekijä: Anne Scott)
Caminosaari (tekijä: John Grisham)
The Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: G. J. Fiebeger)
The Campaign of Gettysburg: Command Decisions (tekijä: William D. Hewitt)
Camping Pennsylvania: A Comprehensive Guide to Public Tent and RV Campgrounds (State Camping Series) (tekijä: Bob Frye)
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (tekijä: Kasey Michaels)
Cannons, Cattle, and Campfires (Frontier Pennsylvania) (Volume 2) (tekijä: John L. Moore)
Capitol Offense (tekijä: Barbara Mikulski)
Captives' mansion (tekijä: S. R. Slaymaker)
Caroline (tekijä: Cynthia Wright)
The casket & coffin books of Ellwood S. Skelton, 1880-1890, and Isaac W. Senft, 1884-1888 (tekijä: Patricia A Gross)
Caspian Sea of Ink: The Meade-Sickles Controversy (tekijä: Richard A. Sauers)
Cat O'Nine Tails (tekijä: Julia Golding)
A Catalogue of Early Pennsylvania and Other Firearms and Edged Weapons at "Restless Oaks", McElhattan, PA (tekijä: H. Beam Piper)
Cavalry Battle That Saved the Union, The: Custer vs. Stuart at Gettysburg (tekijä: Paul Walker)
Celebrate the 50 States! (tekijä: Loreen Leedy)
Celebrating Pennsylvania: 50 States to Celebrate (Green Light Readers Level 3) (tekijä: Jane Kurtz)
The Cemetery Keepers of Gettysburg (tekijä: Linda Oatman High)
Cemetery Records of Martic Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Jenne Renkin)
Census Index: DE, DC, MD, PA, OH, VA, and WV, 1900 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Census Index: Eastern Pennsylvania, 1870 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Census Index: Mid-Atlantic States, 1900 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Census Index: United States Selected Counties, 1800 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Census Index: Western Pennsylvania, 1870 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Census Microfilm Records: Pennsylvania, 1850 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Centennial Opening - The Choisters [stereoview] (tekijä: Centennial Photographic Company)
Centennial Opening - The Orators [stereoview] (tekijä: Centennial Photographic Company)
The Central Market Cookbook (tekijä: Phyllis Pellman Good)
Central Pennsylvania Marriages, 1700-1896 (tekijä: Charles A. Fisher)
A century after: picturesque glimpses of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania (tekijä: Edward Strahan)
Champions: The Illustrated History of Hockey's Greatest Dynasties (tekijä: Douglas Hunter)
Chancellorsville and Gettysburg (tekijä: Abner Doubleday)
The Chaneysville Incident (tekijä: David Bradley)
Changes for Addy: A Winter Story (tekijä: Connie Porter)
Charitable institutions of Pennsylvania which received state aid in 1897 and 1898, embracing their history and the amount of state appropriations which they received (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Charleroi - The First 100 Years 1890-1990 (tekijä: George C. Martinet)
Charleroi : honoring our history : a better community, in a better world, for a better future (tekijä: George C. Martinet)
Charleroi the magic city : golden anniversary, August 18-24, 1940, souvenir program
The charters and acts of Assembly of the province of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Cheating at Solitaire (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
A check list of imprints of the German press of Northampton county (tekijä: Alfred Lewis Shoemaker)
Check list of mosses of Western Pennsylvania included in Manual of mosses of Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Otto E. Jennings)
Chester County Pennsylvania Court Records 1681-1697 (tekijä: Unknown)
Chloe's Revelation (tekijä: J.E.B. Spredemann)
The Christ Collection, America's Appliqued Quilts, A Treasured Pennsylvania Tradition (tekijä: Arlan and Pat Christ)
Christine (tekijä: Stephen King)
Chronicles of Pennsylvania from the English Revolution to the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1688-1748 (Keystone State histor (tekijä: Charles Penrose Keith)
Church Directory Of The Lancaster County Amish, Volumes I & II (2002) (tekijä: [Lancaster County Amish])
Church records of Berlin, Somerset County, Pennsylvania: Church book of congregations of both Evangelical Lutheran and Evangelical Reformed (Brothers Valley ... burials, approximate period covers 1788-1856 (tekijä: Helen Hill Greenberg)
Church Records: Adams, Berks, and Lancaster Cos., Pennsylvania, 1729-1881 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Church Records: Pennsylvania German Church Records, 1729-1870
Church Records: Selected Areas of Pennsylvania, 1600s-1800s (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Churches and cemeteries of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania : a complete guide (tekijä: A. Hunter Rineer)
The churches of Adams County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Charles Henry Glatfelter)
The Cinderella Deal (tekijä: Jennifer Crusie)
Civil War Artillery at Gettysburg: Organization, Equipment, Ammunition, and Tactics (tekijä: Philip M. Cole)
The Civil War Battlefield Guide (tekijä: Frances H. Kennedy)
Civil War Battles (tekijä: Curt Johnson)
The Civil War in Pennsylvania : the African American experience (tekijä: Samuel W. Black)
The Civil War Journals Of Colonel Bolton: 51st Pennsylvania April 20, 1861- August 2, 1865 (tekijä: Richard A. Sauers)
Civil war panorama: A moving panorama painting entitled Battle scenes of the rebellion, by Thomas CLarkson Gordon, 1841- (tekijä: Joseph Earl Arrington)
Civil War Parks: The Story Behind the Scenery (English Edition) (tekijä: William C. Davis)
Civil War Times Illustrated, Special Edition- Gettysburg (tekijä: Edward Stackpole)
The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals / The Killer Angels / The Last Full Measure (tekijä: Jeff Shaara)
The Civil War, a narrative : Gettysburg to Draft Riots (tekijä: Shelby Foote)
The Civil War, a narrative : Gettysburg to Vicksburg (tekijä: Shelby Foote)
The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 2: Fredericksburg to Meridian (tekijä: Shelby Foote)
The Civil War: An Illustrated History (tekijä: Geoffrey C. Ward)
The Civil War: Episode Five: The Universe of Battle (tekijä: Ken Burns)
Claire and Present Danger (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
Clashes of Cavalry: The Civil War Careers of George Armstrong Custer and Jeb Stuart (tekijä: Thom Hatch)
Clementine: Book One (tekijä: Tillie Walden)
Climate Change and Pennsylvania (tekijä: United States Environmental Protection Agency)
Climate Change and Pennsylvania Agriculture (tekijä: David Abler)
Close-up U.S.A.: The Northeast - 1978 [map] (tekijä: William T. Peele)
Closing Time: A Memoir (tekijä: Joe Queenan)
Clyde Hare's Pittsburgh (tekijä: Clyde Hare)
Coal Cracker Culture: Work and Values in Pennsylvania Anthracite, 1835-1935 (tekijä: Harold Aurand)
Coal in Pennsylvania, (tekijä: William E Edmunds)
Coal Run (tekijä: Tawni O'Dell)
Coal: A Human History (tekijä: Barbara Freese)
A collection of all the laws of the province of Pennsylvania now in force : published by order of Assembly (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
A collection of charters and other publick acts relating to the province of Pennsylvania, viz... (tekijä: [Pennsylvania])
A Collection of Upward of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 to 1776 With a Statement of the Names of Ships, Whence They Sailed, and the Date of Their Arrival at Philadelphia (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
The Collector's Apprentice (tekijä: B. A. Shapiro)
Colonial and revolutionary families of Pennsylvania : genealogical and personal memoirs (tekijä: John Woolf Jordan)
Colonial Churches and Meeting Houses: Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware (tekijä: Philip B. Wallace)
Colonial grandeur in Philadelphia; the house and furniture of General John Cadwalader (tekijä: Nicholas B. Wainwright)
Colonial Pennsylvania (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
Colonial Pennsylvania : a history (tekijä: Joseph E. Illick)
The Colony of Pennsylvania (A First book) (tekijä: Emil Lengyel)
The Colors of Courage: Gettysburg's Forgotten History: Immigrants, Women, and African Americans in the Civil War's Defining Battle (tekijä: Margaret S. Creighton)
Commissions, Vol. 8: Issued by the Province of Pennsylvania, with Official Proclamations (Classic Reprint) (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Common Fossils of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Donald M. Hoskins)
The Common School Laws of Pennsylvania (tekijä: N.C. Schaeffer)
Common School Laws of Pennsylvania 1898 (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Common School Laws of Pennsylvania, 1897 (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Common Trees of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Edward T. Dix)
Common Trees of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Department of Conservation and Land Management)
Common trees of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania. Dept. of Forests and Waters.)
Common trees of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Joseph S. Illick)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission: Genealogical Map of the Counties (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Code, Title 49, Professional and Vocational Standards (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Compass American Guides: Pennsylvania (tekijä: Douglas L. Root)
Compendium and brief history of taxation in Pennsylvania with statistics of the public debt and finances; facts relating (tekijä: William Preston Snyder)
The Complete Paratime (tekijä: H. Beam Piper)alternate universe
Complete records of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, McVille, Armstrong Co., PA, 1844-1932 (tekijä: Peggy C Cramer)
The Completely Amazing, Slightly Outrageous State Quarters Atlas & Album (tekijä: Klutz Press)
A Comprehensive State Plan for the Conservation of Archaeological Resources (Historic preservation Planning Series, Number 1) (tekijä: Paul A. Raber)
Computer index to Pennsylvania 1800 census, Butler, Crawford and Mercer Counties (tekijä: Ronald Vern Jackson)
A Concise Guide to the Artillery at Gettysburg (tekijä: Gregory A. Coco)
Conestoga Crossroads: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1730–1790 (tekijä: Jerome H. Jr. Wood)
The Confederate (tekijä: Tony Roberts)
The Confederate General Rides North: A Novel (tekijä: Amanda C Gable)
Confederate Monuments At Gettysburg (tekijä: David G. Martin)
The Confederate War (tekijä: Gary W. Gallagher)
The Confession (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
The Conjurer (tekijä: Cordelia Frances Biddle)
Connecticut Yankees at Gettysburg (tekijä: Charles P. Hamblen)
Conrad Weiser: Friend of Colonist and Mohawk (tekijä: Paul A. W. Wallace)
Conspiracy Theory (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
The Constitution of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania (tekijä: [Pennsylvania])
The Constitution of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as established by the General Convention. Carefully compared with the original. To which is added, A report of the committee appointed to enquire, "Whether the Constitution has been preserved in every part..." As adopted by the Council of Censors... (tekijä: [Pennsylvania])
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: 1995 (tekijä: Constitutional Convention)
Constructing Treason in Revolutionary Pennsylvania (tekijä: Carlton F. W. Larson)
Contributions of Philadelphia to Lewis and Clark History (tekijä: Paul Russell Cutright)
The control of urban schools; perspective on the power of educational reformers (tekijä: Joseph M. Cronin)
Cooking with the Pennsylvania "Dutch": A collection of choice and tried old-time home and farm recipes (tekijä: A. Monroe Aurand, Jr.)
Coping with Teachers (tekijä: Peter Corey)
Cotton in Pennsylvania German Life (tekijä: Candace Perry)
The counter-revolution in Pennsylvania, 1776-1790 (tekijä: Robert Levere Brunhouse)
The Counterfeit Agent (tekijä: Alex Berenson)
Country Cloth to Coverlets: Textile Traditions in Nineteenth Century Central Pennsylvania (tekijä: Sandra Rambo Walker)
Country Roads of Pennsylvania (Country Roads Of...) (tekijä: Sally Moore)
County and Family Histories: Pennsylvania, 1740-1900 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
County atlas of Somerset, Pennsylvania: From recent and actual surveys and records (tekijä: F. W. Beers & Co.)
County Chronicles Volume II: A Vivid Collection of Pennsylvania Histories (tekijä: Ceane O'Hanlon-Lincoln)
County Chronicles Volume III: A Vivid Collection of Pennsylvania Histories (Volume 3) (tekijä: Ceane O'Hanlon-Lincoln)
County Government and Archives in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Sylvester K. and Donald H. Kent (eds). Stevens)
Courting Cate (The Courtships of Lancaster County) (tekijä: Leslie Gould)
Covered With Glory: The 26th North Carolina Infantry at Gettysburg (tekijä: Rod Gragg)
Coyotes in the Pasture & Wolves at the Door: Stories and Recipes from Our Farm to Your Table (tekijä: John Jamison)
Crash (tekijä: Jerry Spinelli)
A Crazy Little Thing Called Death (tekijä: Nancy Martin)
Creating Realities: Business as a Motif in American Fiction, 1865-1929 (American Culture Studies) (tekijä: Erhan Şimşek)
The creation, founding and early settlers of Bebber's Township, Philadelphia County, Province of Pennsylvania 1702: (now (tekijä: William N Detweiler)
The Crepes of Wrath (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
The Crime Buff's Guide to Outlaw Pennsylvania (Crime Buff's Guides) (tekijä: Ron Franscell)
Crimson stain (tekijä: Jim Fisher)
Crisis at the Crossroads (tekijä: Warren W. Hassler)
Cross Your Heart And Hope To Die (tekijä: Nancy Martin)
Crosshairs: A Novel of Suspense (tekijä: Russ Heitz)
Crossing the Delaware (tekijä: Louise Peacock)
The Crossroad (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
Crossroads: Descriptions of Western Pennsylvania 1720-1829 (tekijä: John W. Harpster)
Crossword Hunt #2 (tekijä: Herbert Resnicow)
Cruel April (tekijä: Neil Albert)
Culp's Hill at Gettysburg: The Mountain Trembled... (tekijä: John M. Archer)
Culp's Hill: Gettysburg, PA: The Attack and Defense of the Union Flank July 2, 1963 (tekijä: John Cox)
Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Church Records of the 18th Century (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Cursed in Pennsylvania : stories of the damned in the keystone state (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
Custard's Last Stand (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
Cut Up (tekijä: Conor Robin Madigan)
Cycas Revoluta, Floral Hall [stereoview] (tekijä: Centennial Photographic Company)
Cyclorama of the Battle of Gettysburg by Paul Philippoteaux (tekijä: Boston Cyclorama Company)
Damn Dutch: Pennsylvania Germans at Gettysburg (tekijä: David L. Valuska)
Dancing Dirty (tekijä: Ryan Field)
A Dangerous Woman (tekijä: Debra Lee)
Daniel Boone Frontier Explorer (tekijä: Keith Brandt)
Daniel Boone in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Paul A. W. Wallace)
Daring to Dream / Holding the Dream / Finding the Dream (tekijä: Nora Roberts)
Dark Day in the Deep Sea (Magic Tree House, No. 39) (tekijä: Mary Pope Osborne)
Dark Haunted Day (tekijä: William P. Robertson)
Darwin's Children (tekijä: Greg Bear)
Dauphin County Births, 1852-1854: Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. (tekijä: Unknown)
Davis directory of Pennsylvania : including Hezekiah Davies' Revolutionary War pension & Philadelphia burial records (tekijä: Dorothy Davis Smith)
Day of the Dragon King (Magic Tree House (R)) (tekijä: Mary Pope Osborne)
Days of darkness: The Gettysburg Civilians (tekijä: William G. Williams)
Days of Uncertainty and Dread: The Ordeal Endured by the Citizens at Gettysburg (tekijä: Gerald R. Bennett)
Daytrips and Getaway Weekends in the Mid-Atlantic States (tekijä: Robert Foulke)
Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds (tekijä: Nancy Martin)
Dead Ringer (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
The Dead Room (tekijä: Robert Ellis)
Deadly Beloved (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Death Benefit (tekijä: Philip Harper)
Death in the Steel City (Carroll Dorsey Mystery) (tekijä: Thomas Lipinski)
Debates of the convention of the State of Pennsylvania, on the constitution, proposed for the government of the United States (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Debris of Battle: The Wounded of Gettysburg (tekijä: Gerard A. Patterson)
Decision in Philadelphia: The Constitutional Convention of 1787 (tekijä: Christopher Collier)
Decisions at Gettysburg: The Nineteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Campaign (tekijä: Matt Spruill)
Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States [and the] Constitution of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
The Declaration of Independence: The Story Behind America's Founding Document and the Men Who Created It (Museum in a Book) (tekijä: Rod Gragg)
The decorated stove plates of the Pennsylvania Germans (tekijä: Henry Chapman Mercer)
Deed books 1 & 2, Allegheny County, Pa., 1788-1792 (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania archives) (tekijä: K. T. H. McFarland)
Deep down in the jungle ...; Negro narrative folklore from the streets of Philadelphia (tekijä: Roger D. Abrahams)
Deer Wars: Science, Tradition, And the Battle over Managing Whitetails in Pennsylvania (Keystone Book) (tekijä: Bob Frye)
The Delaware (tekijä: Harry Emerson Wildes)
Delaware Water Gap (tekijä: Sally Freeman)
Descendants of John & Sarah Ball and of William & Elizabeth Richards of Colonial Philadelphia County, PA (tekijä: Margaret B. Kinsey)
Descriptive list of the Map Collection in the Pennsylvania state Archives (tekijä: Martha L. Simonetti)
The desecration and profanation of the Pennsylvania capitol (tekijä: Samuel W. Pennypacker)
The Deserter: Murder at Gettysburg (tekijä: Jane Langton)
The Devil Inside (tekijä: Jenna Black)
The Devil You Know (tekijä: Jenna Black)
Devil's Corner (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Devil's Den (tekijä: David Martin)
Devil's Den: A History and Guide (tekijä: Garry E. Adelman)
The Devil's Due (tekijä: Jenna Black)
The Devil's Playground (tekijä: Jenna Black)
The Dewey Decimal System of Love (tekijä: Josephine Carr)
Dial M For Mischief (tekijä: Kasey Michaels)
Dig (tekijä: A. S. King)
Digest of Vehicle Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
DIGGES CHOICE 1724-1800; a history of land transactions in York and Adams Counties, (tekijä: Jan A. Bankert)
Digging Dusky Diamonds: A History of the Pennsylvania Coal Region (tekijä: John R. Lindermuth)
Diners of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Brian Butko)
Directory of Electric Street Railways of Pennsylvania (tekijä: B. W. Rohrbeck)
Directory of Pennsylvania Libraries (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Directory of Pennsylvania photographers, 1839-1900 (tekijä: Linda A. Ries)
Directory Pennsylvania Libraries 1990 (tekijä: Pennsylvania Department of Education)
Dirty Blonde (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Discourse and Destruction: The City of Philadelphia versus MOVE (tekijä: Robin Wagner-Pacifici)
A discourse on the early history of Pennsylvania; being an annual oration delivered before the American Philosophical Society, Held at Philadelphia, for Promoting Useful Knowledge; pursuant to their appointment, in the hall of the University of Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, the 6th of June, 1821 (tekijä: Peter Stephen Du Ponceau)
Disgrace at Gettysburg: The Arrest and Court Martial of Brigadier General Thomas A. Rowley (tekijä: John F. Krumwiede)
Disney Junior Music: Halloween Hits, Vol. 1 (tekijä: Disney Junior)
Disney Junior Music: Halloween Party (tekijä: Disney Junior)
The Distelfink Country of the Pennsylvania Dutch (tekijä: Mildred Jordan)
Divided Nation, United Hearts (tekijä: Yolanda Wallace)
DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: Philadelphia & the Pennsylvania Dutch Country (tekijä: DK)
The Doctor and the Dead Man's Chest (tekijä: Robin Hathaway)
The Doctor Digs a Grave (tekijä: Robin Hathaway)
The Doctor Makes a Dollhouse Call (tekijä: Robin Hathaway)
The Doctor Rocks the Boat (tekijä: Robin Hathaway)
Doctor Who and the Rebel's Gamble (tekijä: William H. Keith)
The Documentary history of the first Federal elections, 1788-1790 (tekijä: Merrill Jensen)
Doin' the Box Step (tekijä: Suzanne Falter-Barns)
Domestic Manners of the Americans (tekijä: Fanny Trollope)
Don't Know Much About the 50 States (tekijä: Kenneth C. Davis)
Don't Sing at the Table: Life Lessons from My Grandmothers (tekijä: Adriana Trigiani)
Double Canister at Ten Yards: The Federal Artillery and the Repulse of Pickett's Charge (tekijä: David L. Shultz)
Dr. J: the Story of Dr. Julius Erving (tekijä: Joe Gergen)
Draughts of the Proprietary Manors of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, IV) (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Drive Me Daisy (The Bloomin' Psychic Book 3) (tekijä: Annabel Chase)
Drop-Dead Blonde (Anthology 4-in-1) (tekijä: Nancy Martin)
Dry Bones in the Valley (tekijä: Tom Bouman)
The Dust of 100 Dogs (tekijä: A. S. King)
E.P. Alexander and the artillery action in the Peach Orchard: A tactical overview of the artillery action near the Peach (tekijä: R. L. Murray)
Eakins' Mistress: A Jamie Ramsgill Mystery (tekijä: James Bradberry)
Early Black American Writers: Selections With Biographical and Critical Introductions (tekijä: Benjamin Brawley)
Early Central Pennsylvania Lineages (tekijä: Charles A. Fisher)
Early Church Records of Dauphin County Pennsylvania (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Early Church Records of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Early clergy of Pennsylvania and Delaware (tekijä: S. F Hotchkin)
Early Coal Mining in the Anthracite Region (PA) (Images of America) (tekijä: John Stuart Richards)
Early Domestic Architecture of Pennsylvania: Photographs and Measured Drawings. Introd by R. Brognard Okie (158p) (tekijä: Eleanor Raymond)
Early Families of York County, Pennsylvania (Volume 1) (tekijä: Keith A. Dull)
Early Freemasonry in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry Stauffer Borneman)
Early German Settlers of York County, Pennsylvania (Revised Edition) (tekijä: Keith A. Dull)
The Early Gettysburg Battlefield: Selected Photographs from the Gettysburg National Military Park Commission Reports, 18 (tekijä: Garry E. Adelman)
Early history of western Pennsylvania, and of the West, and of western expeditions and campaigns, from MDCCLIV to MDCCCXXXIII. / by a gentleman of the bar. With an appendix, containing, besides copious extracts from important Indian treaties, minutes of conferences, journals, etc., a topographical description of the counties of Allegheny, Westmoreland, Washington, Somerset, Greene, Fayette, Beaver, Butler, Armstrong, etc. (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
Early Landowners of Pennsylvania: Atlas of Township Warrantee Maps of Berks County, PA (tekijä: Sharon Cook MacInnes)
Early Life of the Pennsylvania Germans (tekijä: A. Monroe Aurand, Jr.)
Early Lutheran baptisms and marriages in southeastern Pennsylvania : the records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779 : with an index by Elizabeth P. Bentley (tekijä: John Casper Stoever)
Early Pennsylvania Births, 1675-1875 (tekijä: Charles A. Fisher)
Early Pennsylvania land records : minutes of the Board of Property of the Province of Pennsylvania (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Early Photography at Gettysburg (tekijä: William A. Frassanito)
Early Quaker Education in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Thomas Woody)
Early Quaker records of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Anna Miller Watring)
Early records of Washington County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Raymond Martin Bell)
Early Transportation in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Richard H. (Ph.D.) Mccoy)
Earth Treasures: The Northeastern Quadrant (tekijä: Allan W. Eckert)
East Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg "The Hour Was One of Horror" (tekijä: John M. Archer)
Eastern Pennsylvania Ghost Files: Updated! (tekijä: Charles J. Adams III)
Eastern Pennsylvania: An Explorer's Guide: Includes Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Amish Country & the Poconos (Explorer's Guides) (tekijä: Laura Randall)
Eastern Subterranean Termites (tekijä: Steven B. Jacobs)
Eastertide in Pennsylvania, a folk cultural study (tekijä: Albert L. Shoemaker)
Eat, Drink and Be Wary (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
Edge Of Darkness (tekijä: Deborah Palumbo)
The Effects of Acidic Deposition on Pennsylvania's Forests (Proceedings of the 1998 Pennsylvania Acidic Deposition Conference, Vol. 1) (tekijä: William E Sharp)
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Evenfall: Volume 2: Director's Cut (tekijä: Ais Ais)
Everyname index to Egle's Notes and queries, chiefly relating to interior Pennsylvania, edited by William Henry Egle: Index (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
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Exploring Pennsylvania: its geography, history, and government (tekijä: Sylvester Kirby Stevens)
Exploring the 50 States (tekijä: Marcie Anderson)
Extreme Danger (tekijä: Franklin W. Dixon)
Eyes Only for Me (tekijä: Andrew Grey)
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Fabulous Facts About the 50 States (tekijä: Wilma S. Ross)
The Faiths of the Founding Fathers (tekijä: David L. Holmes)
Fall-Down Artist (Carroll Dorsey Mystery) (tekijä: Thomas Lipinski)
Fallen (tekijä: Kathleen George)
Fallen From Grace (tekijä: J.R. Lindermuth)
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Family Portrait (tekijä: Catherine Drinker Bowen)
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Farming and Folk Society: Threshing Among the Pennsylvania Germans (tekijä: Beauveau Borie)
Fatal Flaw (tekijä: William Lashner)
Fated Love (tekijä: Radclyffe)
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Favorite Recipes of Pennsylvania Meats (tekijä: Mary Anne Rogers)
La Fayette County Pennsylvania: the history and genealogy Vol. 1
Feast of Murder (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
The February Trouble (tekijä: Neil Albert)
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A Festival of Deaths (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Fever 1793 (tekijä: Laurie Halse Anderson)
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Fifty Hikes in Central Pennsylvania (tekijä: Tom Thwaites)
Fifty Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania: Day Hikes and Backpacks from the Susquehanna to the Delaware (tekijä: Carolyn Hoffman)
Fifty Hikes in Western Pennsylvania: Walks and Day Hikes from the Laurel Highlands to Lake Erie (tekijä: Tom Thwaites)
Fighting for the union label : the women's garment industry and the ILGWU in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Kenneth C. Wolensky)
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Final Appeal (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Final Arrangements (tekijä: Donna Huston Murray)
Final Justice (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
Final report on the battlefield of Gettysburg (tekijä: Daniel E. Sickles)
Finding Your Way Through Philadelphia Records Volume I (tekijä: Susan S. Koeble)
Finishing Becca: A Story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold (tekijä: Ann Rinaldi)
Fire on the River, The Defense of the World's Longest Covered Bridge and How It Changed the Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: George Sheldon)
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First City: Philadelphia and the Forging of Historical Memory (tekijä: Gary B. Nash)
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First Facts About the States (tekijä: David Stienecker)
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The First Six Bishops of Pennsylvania (tekijä: S. F Hotchkin)
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (tekijä: Richard Woodley)
Fishes of Erie County (tekijä: Ph.D. Paul Thomas)
Five Days in Philadelphia: The Amazing "We Want Willkie!" Convention of 1940 and How It Freed FDR to Save the Western World (tekijä: Charles Peters)
Five Smooth Stones: Hope's Revolutionary War Diary (My America)(Book One) (tekijä: Kristiana Gregory)
A Fix Like This (tekijä: K. C. Constantine)
Fix You (tekijä: Mari Carr)
Flags of the Fifty States and their Incredible Histories: The Complete Guide to America's Most Powerful Symbols (tekijä: Randy Howe)
Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Confederate Expedition to the Susquehanna River, June 1863 (tekijä: Scott Mingus)
Flyy Girl (tekijä: Omar Tyree)
Fodor's Around Philadelphia with Kids, 1st Edition: 68 Great Things to Do Together (Fodor's Around the City With Kids) (tekijä: Andrea Lehman)
Fodor's Mid-Atlantic 1980 (tekijä: Robert I. C. Fisher)
Fodor's Pennsylvania
Fodor's Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country (tekijä: Fodor's)
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The Fog of Gettysburg: The Myth and Mysteries of a Battle (tekijä: Kenneth L. Allers Jr.)
Folk Art of Rural Pennsylvania (tekijä: Frances Lichten)
Folklorist of the Coal Fields: George Korson's Life and Work (tekijä: Angus Gillespie)
Follow Me (tekijä: Joanna Scott)
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Die for Me (tekijä: Karen Rose)
For the Love of Money (tekijä: Omar Tyree)
Foragers and farmers of the Early and Middle Woodland periods in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Paul A. Raber)
The Forbidden (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
The Forbidden Library (tekijä: Django Wexler)
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Forgiveness: A Legacy of the West Nickel Mines Amish School (tekijä: John L. Ruth)
Forgotten Pennsylvania Textiles of the 18th And 19th Centuries (tekijä: Marjie Thompson)
Forgotten Tales of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Thomas White)
Formation of the Pennsylvania counties (Bare Roots publication) (tekijä: Susan S. Koeble)
Formula for Murder (tekijä: Judith Mehl)
Fort Mifflin of Philadelphia: An Illustrated History (tekijä: Jeffery M. Dorwart)
Fossil Collecting in Pennsylvania (Bulletin G, 40.) (tekijä: Donald M. Hoskins)
Foul Matter (tekijä: Martha Grimes)
Foundation of Trust (tekijä: A. M. Arthur)
Founding corporate power in early national Philadelphia (tekijä: Andrew M. Schocket)
Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington (tekijä: Richard Brookhiser)
Four Westmoreland County, PA cemeteries (tekijä: Nancy Welsh)
Fourth Annual Report of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 1898. (tekijä: Pennsylvania Department of Education)
Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting with Disaster (tekijä: Walter M. Brasch)
Fraktur: the illuminated manuscripts of the Pennsylvania Dutch (tekijä: Frances Lichten)
The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal (tekijä: J. Patrick O'Connor)
Franklin of Philadelphia (tekijä: Esmond Wright)
Franklin's Map of Chester County: Industrial Parks, Shopping Centers, Universal Street Index (tekijä: Franklin Maps)
Franklin's street & zip code atlas of Philadelphia & suburbs including Delaware County ...
Freedom by Degrees: Emancipation in Pennsylvania and Its Aftermath (tekijä: Gary B. Nash)
Freedom Is Not Enough: The Opening of the American Workplace (tekijä: Nancy K. MacLean)
Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman (tekijä: Dorothy Sterling)
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Freemasons at Gettysburg (tekijä: Sheldon A. Munn)
French Invasion of Western Pennsylvania 1753 (tekijä: Donald H. Kent)
Friends and Enemies in Penn's Woods: Indians, Colonists, and the Racial Construction of Pennsylvania (tekijä: William Pencak)
From Resistance to Revolution: Colonial Radicals and the Development of American Opposition to Britain, 1765-1776 (tekijä: Pauline Maier)
From the archives of Butler County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Diana Marie Voltz Geibel)
From the Terrace (tekijä: John O'Hara)
Frommer's Complete Guide: Philadelphia & the Amish Country (tekijä: Jay Golan)
Frontier rangers from Northumberland County, PA, 1778-1783 (tekijä: Paul W. Myers)
Frontiers (tekijä: Michael Jensen)
Fun and Simple Mid-Atlantic State Crafts: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. (Fun & Simple State Crafts) (tekijä: June Ponte)
Fun with the Family Pennsylvania (tekijä: Faith Paulsen)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gettysburg (tekijä: Linda Zimmermann)
The Future of Pennsylvania's Small Cities (tekijä: Robert Rotberg)
Gabriel's Inferno (tekijä: Sylvain Reynard)
Gabriel's Rapture (tekijä: Sylvain Reynard)
Gag Rule: On the Suppression of Dissent and Stifling of Democracy (tekijä: Lewis Lapham)
Gangs and Outlaws of Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Thomas White)
Garden Spot: Lancaster County, the Old Order Amish, and the Selling of Rural America (tekijä: David Walbert)
Gardening in Pennsylvania: Revised Edition (Month-By-Month) (tekijä: Liz Ball)
The Gardens of Kyoto (tekijä: Kate Walbert)
The Gawgon and the Boy (tekijä: Lloyd Alexander)
A Gazetteer of the State of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Thomas Francis Gordon)
Genealogical abstracts of the laws of Pennsylvania & the statutes at large (tekijä: Candy Livengood)
Genealogical and personal history of northern Pennsylvania (tekijä: John W. Jordan)
Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: LL.D John W. Jordan)
Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania, Vol. 1 (Classic Reprint) (tekijä: John W. Jordan)
Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory (tekijä: Edward W. Hocker)
A genealogical index of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, 1752-1802 (tekijä: John Eyerman)
Genealogical Records: Egle's Notes and Queries of Pennsylvania, 1700-1900 (tekijä: Family Tree Maker)
Genealogical Records: Pennsylvania Colonial Records, 1600s-1800s (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Genealogical Records: Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
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Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families (tekijä: Mag Penn Geol)
Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families: From the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (tekijä: Milton Rubincam)
Genealogy of Pennsylvania Families (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Genealogy of Philadelphia County subdivisions (tekijä: John Edward Daly)
General James Longstreet: The Confederacy's Most Controversial Soldier (tekijä: Jeffry D. Wert)
The Generals of Gettysburg: The Leaders of America's Greatest Battle (tekijä: Larry Tagg)
A Generation on the March: The Union Army at Gettysburg (tekijä: Jr. Edmund J. Raus)
A Gentleman of Color : The Life of James Forten (tekijä: Julie Winch)
Geography of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Lawrence Charles Davis)
The geological story of Pennsylvania (Educational series) (tekijä: John Henry Barnes)
Geology and Mineral Resources of Adams County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: George Willis Stose)
Geology and the Gettysburg Campaign (Educational series) (tekijä: Andrew Brown)
Geology of Flagstones in the Endless Mountains Region, Northern Pennsylvania (tekijä: J. Douglas Glaeser)
The Geology of Pennsylvania's Groundwater (tekijä: Gary M. Fleeger)
George vs. George: The American Revolution As Seen from Both Sides (tekijä: Rosalyn Schanzer)
George Washington and the New Nation, 1783-1793 (tekijä: James Thomas Flexner)
George Washington {4-vols. complete} (tekijä: James Thomas Flexner)
The German church records of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Paul Miller Ruff)
The German Immigration into Pennsylvania Through the Port of Philadelphia, (tekijä: Frank Ried Diffenderffer)
The German Pietists of provincial Pennsylvania : 1694-1708 (tekijä: Julius Friedrich Sachse)
The German Sectarians of Pennsylvania 1708-1742 (tekijä: Julius F. Sachse)
German Sectarians of Pennsylvania 1742 - 1800 (tekijä: Julius Friedrich Sachse)
The German sectarians of Pennsylvania; a critical and legendary history of the Ephrata cloister and the Dunkers (tekijä: Julius Friedrich Sachse)
Gettysburg (tekijä: Newt Gingrich)
Gettysburg (tekijä: Stephen W. Sears)
Gettysburg (tekijä: Frank Aretas Haskell)
Gettysburg (tekijä: Hugh Bicheno)
Gettysburg (tekijä: Earl Schenck Miers)
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Gettysburg 1863: High tide of the Confederacy (tekijä: Carl Smith)
The Gettysburg Address (tekijä: Abraham Lincoln)
Gettysburg Battle and Battlefield (tekijä: W. C. Storrick)
The Gettysburg Battlefield: The Union Regimental Commanders, A Guide to the Battlefield Sites of the Union Regimental Commanders Who Were Casualties (tekijä: Ethan F. Bishop)
The Gettysburg Bicentennial Album (tekijä: William A. Frassanito)
Gettysburg By The Numbers (tekijä: Charles Teague)
The Gettysburg Campaign (tekijä: Albert A. Nofi)
The Gettysburg Campaign : A Study in Command (tekijä: Edwin B. Coddington)
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The Gettysburg Companion: A Guide to the Most Famous Battle (tekijä: Mark Adkin)
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The Gettysburg Cyclorama: A Portrayal of the High Tide of the Confederacy (tekijä: Dean S. Thomas)
The Gettysburg Diaries: War Journals of Two American Adversaries (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
Gettysburg Experience : A Biographical Collection (tekijä: Diana Loski)
GETTYSBURG EXPERIENCES A Biographical Collection (tekijä: Diana Loski)
Gettysburg Field Guide Battlefield Audio Tour & Guidebook (tekijä: Wayne Motts)
Gettysburg for Walkers Only: Four Auto-Free Tours of the Battlefield (tekijä: Jerome H. Miller)
The Gettysburg Gospel: The Lincoln Speech that Nobody Knows (tekijä: Gabor Boritt)
Gettysburg July 1 (tekijä: David G. Martin)
Gettysburg July 1 1863: Union: The Army of the Potomac (Order of Battle) (tekijä: James Arnold)
Gettysburg July 2 1863: Confederate: The Army of Northern Virginia (Order of Battle) (tekijä: James Arnold)
Gettysburg July 2 1863: Union: The Army of the Potomac (Order of Battle) (tekijä: James Arnold)
Gettysburg July 3 1863: Confederate: The Army of Northern Virginia (Order of Battle) (tekijä: James Arnold)
Gettysburg July 3 1863: Union: The Army of the Potomac (Order of Battle) (tekijä: James Arnold)
Gettysburg Magazine Issue 05 (tekijä: Bob Younger)
Gettysburg Magazine Issue 13 (tekijä: Bob Younger)
Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Frederick Tilberg)
Gettysburg Requiem: The Life and Lost Causes of Confederate Colonel William C. Oates (tekijä: Glenn W. LaFantasie)
The Gettysburg Then and Now Companion (tekijä: William A. Frassanito)
The Gettysburg You Never Knew (tekijä: Bob Wasel)
Gettysburg's Forgotten Cavalry Actions: Farnsworth's Charge, South Cavalry Field, and the Battle of Fairfield, July 3, 1863 (tekijä: Eric J. Wittenberg)
Gettysburg, Day Three (tekijä: Jeffry D. Wert)
Gettysburg, high water mark of the Confederacy (tekijä: Eastern National Park and Monument Association)
Gettysburg, Then and Now; Touring the Battlefield with Old Photos, 1863-1889 (tekijä: William A. Frassanito)
Gettysburg, Tours & Tales With a Battlefield Guide (tekijä: Keith B. Toney)
Gettysburg--The First Day (tekijä: Harry W. Pfanz)
Gettysburg--The Second Day (tekijä: Harry W. Pfanz)
Gettysburg: A Battlefield Atlas (tekijä: Craig L. Symonds)
Gettysburg: A Battlefield Guide (This Hallowed Ground: Guides to Civil Wa) (tekijä: Mark Grimsley)
Gettysburg: A Journey in Time (tekijä: William A. Frassanito)
Gettysburg: A Meditation on War and Values (tekijä: Kent Gramm)
Gettysburg: A Souvenir Guide (tekijä: James A. Gross)
Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage (tekijä: Noah Andre Trudeau)
Gettysburg: Hour by Hour (tekijä: Harry Roach)
Gettysburg: Memory, Market, and an American Shrine (tekijä: Jim Weeks)
Gettysburg: The Confederate High Tide (tekijä: Champ Clark)
Gettysburg: The Final Fury (tekijä: Bruce Catton)
Gettysburg: the long encampment (tekijä: Jack McLaughlin)
Gettysburg: The Meade-Sickles Controversy (Military Controversies) (tekijä: Richard A. Sauers)
Gettysburg: The Paintings of Mort Kunstler (tekijä: James M. McPherson)
Gettysburg: The Pivotal Battle of the Civil War (tekijä: Robert K. Beecham)
Gettysburg: The True Account of Two Young Heroes in the Greatest Battle of the Civil War (tekijä: Iain C. Martin)
Gettysburg: This Hallowed Ground (tekijä: Kent Gramm)
Gettysburgs Bloody Wheatfield (tekijä: Jay Jorgensen)
Ghost Hunter's Field Guide Gettysburg & Beyond (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
The Ghost in the Mirror (tekijä: John Bellairs)
Ghost Investigator Volume 2: From Gettysburg, PA to Lizzie Borden, AX (Vol 2) (tekijä: Linda Zimmermann)
Ghost Stories of Berks County (Book 1) (tekijä: Charles J. Adams, III)
Ghost Stories of Berks County (Book 2) (tekijä: Charles J. Adams III)
Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Dan Asfar)
Ghosthunting Pennsylvania (America's Haunted Road Trip) (tekijä: Ph. D. Rosemary Ellen Guiley)
Ghostly Connections: Pennsylvania's Lower Susquehanna Valley (tekijä: Steve McNaughton)
Ghosts of Gettysburg III: Spirits, Apparitions and Haunted Places of the Battlefield, Vol. 3 (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
Ghosts of Gettysburg IV: Spirits, Apparitions and Haunted Places of the Battlefield (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
Ghosts of Gettysburg V: Spirits Apparitions and Haunted Places of the Battlefield, Vol. 5 (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
Ghosts of Gettysburg VI Spirits, Apparitions and Haunted Places of the Battlefield (Volume 6) (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
Ghosts of Gettysburg: Spirits, Apparitions and Haunted Places of the Battlefield (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
Ghosts of Southwestern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Thomas White)
Ghosts! Of Pennsylvania: From Across the State and From the Gettysburg Battlefield (tekijä: Lawrence J Gavlak)
Giants and Dwarfs (tekijä: Norma Keating)
Giants in Their Tall Black Hats: Essays on the Iron Brigade (tekijä: Alan T. Nolan)
The Gibraltar Brigade on East Cemetery Hill: Twenty Five Minutes of Fighting-Fifty Years of Controversy (tekijä: Gary George Lash)
A Gift of Grace (tekijä: Amy Clipston)
Give Me Liberty!: The Story of the Declaration of Independence (tekijä: Russell Freedman)
Give Us This Valley (tekijä: Tom Ham)
The Giving Quilt (tekijä: Jennifer Chiaverini)
Glass Houses (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
The Glory Years of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (tekijä: Mitchell E. Dakelman)
God's Pocket (tekijä: Pete Dexter)
going LOCAL! An Adventurer's Guide to Unique Eats, Cool Pubs & Cozy Cafes of Central Pennsylvania (tekijä: Ken Hull)
Gone to Ohio : Logan, Mahoning, Stark, and Trumbell Counties, from Pennsylvania counties Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, and York : including surname index (tekijä: Gloria L. Aughenbaugh)
Good Night Pennsylvania (Good Night Our World) (tekijä: Adam Gamble)
The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder (tekijä: Charles Graeber)
Good order established in Pennsilvania & New-Jersey (tekijä: Thomas Budd)
Good Peoples (tekijä: Marcus Major)
Gousha Pennsylvania roadmap (tekijä: H.M. Gousha Company)
Gouverneur Morris, an Independent Life (tekijä: William Howard Adams)
The Government of York County
The Governors of Pennsylvania 1790-1990 (tekijä: George Swetnam)
The Gown of Glory (tekijä: Agnes Sligh Turnbull)
Grape Belt Trolleys (tekijä: Kenneth C. Springirth)
Grape Expectations (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
The Grasses of Pennsylvania (tekijä: E. M. Gress)grasses
Grave Undertakings - Elizabeth Township (tekijä: Martha J Xakellis)
Great Battles of the Civil War (tekijä: John Macdonald)
The Great Book of Pennsylvania: The Crazy History of Pennsylvania with Amazing Random Facts & Trivia (A Trivia Nerds Guide to the History of the United States) (tekijä: Bill O'Neill)
Great Hikes in the Poconos and Northeast Pennsylvania (tekijä: Boyd Newman)
Great Kings War (tekijä: Roland J. Green)
Great Lakes, Great National Forests: A Recreational Guide to the National Forests of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ill (tekijä: Eric Freedman)
The great Molly Maguire hoax,: Based on information suppressed 90 years. The story of John J. Kehoe (tekijä: Charles Ambrose McCarthy)
Great Natural Areas in Eastern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Stephen J. Ostrander)
Great Train Wrecks of Eastern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Charles J. Adams, III)
The Green and the Black: The Complete Story of the Shale Revolution, the Fight over Fracking, and the Future of Energy (tekijä: Gary Sernovitz)
Greetings from Pittsburgh: A Picture Postcard History (tekijä: Ralph Ashworth)
Greetings from Somerset County: Postcards through the 1940's (tekijä: The Daily American)
Gruel and Unusual Punishment (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
A Guide to American States: Pennsylvania the Keystone State (tekijä: Natasha Evdokimoff)
Guide To Civil War Philadelphia (tekijä: Richard A. Sauers)
Guide to county and municipal records on microfilm in the Pennsylvania State Archives (tekijä: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission)
Guide to Depositories of Manuscript Collections in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Historical Records Survey of North Carolina.)
Guide to genealogical and historical research in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Floyd G. Hoenstine)
Guide to Genealogical Sources at the Pennsylvania State Archives (tekijä: Robert M. Dructor)
Guide to Pennsylvania Troops at Gettysburg (tekijä: Richard Rollins)
Guide to Pennsylvania's tourist railroads (tekijä: Bill Simpson)
Guide to records of the sale of commonwealth property in the county of Philadelphia, 1780-1798 (Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania monograph series) (tekijä: James M. Duffin)
Guide to the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania From the Maryland Line to the Delaware Water Gap (tekijä: Keystone Trails Association)
Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Jay Luvaas)
Guide to the Microfilm of the Records of the Provincial Council 1682-1776, in the Pennsylvania State Archives (tekijä: Donald H. Kent)
A Guide to the Molly Maguires: Featuring the Original Molly Maguire Tour (tekijä: H. T. Crown)
Guide to the Published Archives of Pennsylvania covering the 138 volumes of Colonial Records and Pennsylvania Archives Series I - IX (tekijä: Henry Howard Eddy)
Guide to the record groups in the Pennsylvania State Archives (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Guide to the State Historical Markers of Pennsylvania (tekijä: George R. Beyer)
Guide to the Tuscarora Trail in Pennsylvania and Maryland (tekijä: (ed) David L. Raphael)
A guide's guide to Philadelphia (tekijä: Julie P. Curson)
A guidebook to historic western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Helene Smith)
Gunfire at Gettysburg (tekijä: Doug Wilhelm)
Guns at Gettysburg (tekijä: Fairfax Downey)
Gunsmiths and gunmakers of Bedford and Somerset Counties, Pennsylvania, 1770-1900 (tekijä: James B. Whisker)
The Guy They Need (tekijä: R. Cayden)
Habit For Death: A Nicky D'Amico Mystery (tekijä: Chuck Zito)
Hallowed Ground: A Walk at Gettysburg (tekijä: James M. McPherson)
The Hand That Rocks the Ladle (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
The Hands That Made Them... (tekijä: Adams County Quilt Project Committee)
Hannah Penn and the proprietorship of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Sophie Hutchinson Drinker)
Happiest Season [2020 film] (tekijä: Clea DuVall)
Happiness Will Follow (tekijä: Mike Hawthorne)
Happy Birthday, Addy!: A Springtime Story (tekijä: Connie Porter)
Harriet Tubman (The Animated Hero Classics) (tekijä: M. G. Ron Johnson)
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad (Graphic Library: Graphic History) (tekijä: Michael J. Martin)
Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad (tekijä: Ann Petry)
Haunted Berks County (tekijä: Charles J. Adams, III)
Haunted Gettysburg: Devils Den Area (tekijä: Bob Wasel)
Haunted Pennsylvania (tekijä: Patty A. Wilson)
Haunted Pennsylvania: Ghost Stories and Paranormal Activity from the State of Pennsylvania (Haunted States Series Book 3) (tekijä: Sarah Ashley)
Haunted Pennsylvania: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Keystone State (Haunted Series) (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
Haunted Roads of Western Pennsylvania (Haunted America) (tekijä: Thomas White)
Haunted Western Pennsylvania: Ghosts & Strange Phenomena of Pittsburgh, Erie, and the Laurel Highlands (Haunted Series) (tekijä: Patty A. Wilson)
The Haunting of the Presidents: A Parnormal History of the U.S. Presidency (tekijä: Joel Martin)
Have Your Cake And Kill Him Too (tekijä: Nancy Martin)
The Headmaster's Wife (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790 : Pennsylvania (tekijä: Census Bureau (U.S.).)
Healing Storms: An MMF Bisexual Menage Romance (tekijä: Lynn Burke)
Hear Ye of Philadelphia (tekijä: Polly Curren)
The Heart As He Hears It (tekijä: A. M. Arthur)
The Heart Is Not a Size (tekijä: Beth Kephart)
Heart's Design (tekijä: Dorothy Gilman Butters)
Helen Hath No Fury (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
Hell Hath No Curry (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
Hello Pennsylvania: A Quick Tour of the Commonwealth (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Hemlock Grove: Season 1 (tekijä: Brian McGreevy)
Hemlock Grove: Season 3 (tekijä: Brian McGreevy)
Hempstone Heritage I : In Accordance with Their Wills (Hempstone Heritage, Volume 1) (tekijä: Les Stark)
Hengitysharjoituksia (tekijä: Anne Tyler)
Her Dangerous Viscount (tekijä: Cynthia Wright)
Here and There: Reading Pennsylvania's Working Landscapes (tekijä: Bill Conlogue)
Heritage of Lancaster County (3-in-1) (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
Herzog (tekijä: Saul Bellow)
Hexology: The History and the Meaning of the Hex Symbols (tekijä: Jacob Zook)
HGS Magazine [1970] (tekijä: C. Jemmeson)
Hidden History of the Laurel Highlands (tekijä: Cassandra Vivian)
The Hideaway Inn (tekijä: Philip William Stover)
The Hiding Place (tekijä: Paula Munier)
High Frontier: A History of Aeronautics in Pennsylvania (tekijä: William F. Trimble)
High on the Pot!: Movement #1 (tekijä: Intense Andy)
High Tide at Gettysburg: The Campaign in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Glenn Tucker)
Hike Pennsylvania (Hike America Series) (tekijä: John L. Young)
Hikes in the Mid-Atlantic States (tekijä: Glenn Scherer)
Hiking Pennsylvania (tekijä: John L. Young)
Hiking Pennsylvania (tekijä: Rhonda Ostertag)
Hiking Pennsylvania (America's Best Day Hiking Series) (tekijä: Mike Bleech)
Hiking Pennsylvania, 3rd: 55 of the State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (State Hiking Guides Series) (tekijä: John L. Young)
Hiking through history Pennsylvania : exploring the state's past by trail (tekijä: Bob Frye)
Hiking Waterfalls in Pennsylvania: A Guide to the State's Best Waterfall Hikes (tekijä: Johnny Molloy)
Hiram's Honor: Reliving Private Terman's Civil War (tekijä: Max R. Terman)
The Hired Girl (tekijä: Laura Amy Schlitz)
His Proper Post: A Biography of Gen Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (tekijä: Sis Deans)
Histoire naturelle et politique de la Pensylvanie, et de l'établissement des quakers dans cette contrée. Trad. de l'allem. P. M. D. S., censeur royal (tekijä: Jacques Philibert Rousselot de Surgy)
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Historic Districts of America: The Mid Atlantic (tekijä: Ralph W. Richardson)
Historic Houses of Philadelphia : A Tour of the Region's Museum Homes (tekijä: Roger W. Moss)
Historic Indian paths of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania historical reprints) (tekijä: Paul A. W. Wallace)
Historic Legacy: Monroe County
Historic Photos of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Laura Beardsley)
Historic tales of olden time, concerning the early settlement and progress of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania (tekijä: John Fanning Watson)
An historical and geographical account of the province and country of Pennsilvania, in America (tekijä: Gabriel Thomas)
Historical manuscript depositories in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Historical map of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Historical map of Pennsylvania. Showing the Indian names of streams, and villages, and paths of travel the sites of old forts and battle-fields the successive purchases from the Indians and the names and dates of counties and county towns with tables of f (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
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History and Mystery of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
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History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Volume I Including Its Early Settlement and Progress to the Present Time; A Description of Its Historic and Interesting Localities; Its Cities, Towns and Villages; Religious, Educational, Social and Military History; Mining, Manufacturing, and Commercial Interests; Improvements, Resources, Statistics, Etc. Also Portraits of Some of Its Prominent Men, and Biographies of Many of Its Representative Citizens (tekijä: Thomas Cushing)
History of Armstrong County & Clarion County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. D. Rupp)
History of Bedford and Somerset Counties, Pennsylvania, with genealogical and personal history (tekijä: E. Howard Blackburn)
History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its pioneers and prominent men
A history of Bucks County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Terry A. McNealy)
The History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania: From the Discovery of the Delaware to the Present Time (tekijä: W. W. H. Davis)
History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Including An Account of Its Original Exploration; Its Relation to the Settlements of New Jersey and Delaware; Its Erection Into a Separate County.and Biographies of Many of Its Representative Citizens (tekijä: J. H Battle)
History of Butler County, Pennsylvania
A History of Columbia County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: John Gosse Freeze)
History of Crawford County, Pennsylvania... (tekijä: Unknown)
History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Beers & Co. Warner)
History of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania and Its People (tekijä: John W. Jordan)
History of Erie County, Pennsylvania. Containing a History of the County; Its Townships, Towns, Villages, Schools, Churches, Industries, Etc.; Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men; Biographies; history of Pennsylvania....[etc]. (tekijä: Samuel P. Bates)
History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men (tekijä: Franklin Ellis)
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History of Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers (tekijä: Kate M. Scott)
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History of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Selections (tekijä: Henry C. Bradsby)
History of Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Wyoming counties, Pa. : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of their prominent men and pioneers (tekijä: W. W. Munsell and Co)
History of Medicine in Nebraska (tekijä: H. Winnett Orr)
History of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
History of Monroe County Pennsylvania (tekijä: Robert Brown Keller)
History of Monroe County, Pennsylvania, 1725-1976 (tekijä: John Conrad Appel)
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History of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon, and Schuylkill Counties (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
History of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon, and Schuylkill Counties: Containing a brief history of the first settler (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
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History of Philadelphia, 1609-1884 (tekijä: J. Thomas Scharf)
History of poor relief legislation in Pennsylvania, 1682-1913 (tekijä: William Clinton Heffner)
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History of Schuylkill County, PA with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers (tekijä: Unknown)
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History of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Civil, Political, and Military, from It's Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, Including Historical Descriptions of Each County in the State, Their Towns, and Industrial Resources. (tekijä: William H. Egle)
History of the Counties of Berks and Lebanon Counties (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
A history of the Finns in Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia : from Lake Erie's shores to the Mahoning and M (tekijä: John Ilmari Kolehmainen)
A History of the Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania (tekijä: George Patterson Donehoo)
The history of the Nineteenth Regiment of Maine Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1865 (tekijä: John Day Smith)
A history of the origin of the appellation Keystone State as applied to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania : together with extracts from many authorities relative to the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress, July 4th, 1776 ; to which is appended the New Constitution of Pennsylvania with an alphabetical contents (tekijä: John S. Morton)
History of the Presbytery of Erie : Embracing in Its Ancient Boundaries the Whole of Northwestern Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio : With Biographical Sketches of All Its Ministers, and Historical Sketches of Its Churches (tekijä: S. J. M Eaton)
A History of Violence [2005 film] (tekijä: David Cronenberg)
History of Washington County, history of Greene County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
History of Wayne, Pike and Monroe counties, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Alfred. [from old catalog] Mathews)
A History of Wilkes-Barré, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania: From Its First Beginnings to the Present Time; Including Chapters of Newly-Discovered Early Wyoming Valley History Together with Many Biographical Sketches and Much Genealogical Material (tekijä: Oscar Jewell Harvey)
History of Wyoming, in a series of letters, from Charles Miner, to his son William Penn Miner (tekijä: Charles Miner)
History of York and Lancaster Counties, Pa (tekijä: W. C. Carter)
History of York County Pennsylvania (tekijä: John Gibson)
History of York County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
History, manners, and customs of the Indian nations who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighboring states (tekijä: John Heckewelder)
Holding the Left at Gettysburg: The 20th New York State Militia on July 1, 1863 (tekijä: Seward R. Osborne)
A Hole in Juan (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
The Hope Chest (tekijä: Wanda E. Brunstetter)
Hospital on Seminary Ridge at the Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Michael A. Dreese)
Hostage on the Nighthawk (tekijä: Dave Jackson)
Hostile Witness (tekijä: William Lashner)
A House Divided-A Novel of the Civil War (Young Founders) (tekijä: Elizabeth Massie)
How Barack Obama Won: A State-by-State Guide to the Historic 2008 Presidential Election (Vintage) (tekijä: Chuck Todd)
How I Spent My Summer Vacation (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
How the States Got Their Shapes (tekijä: Mark Stein)
How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A. (tekijä: Marjorie Priceman)
How To Murder A Millionaire (tekijä: Nancy Martin)
Hull's Landing (tekijä: James Melzer)
Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign (tekijä: Scott Mingus)
Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign - Volume Two (tekijä: Scott Mingus)
Hung Up On You (tekijä: Holly Jacobs)
Hyvä sängyssä (tekijä: Jennifer Weiner)
I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
I'm looking Through You: Growing up Haunted (tekijä: Jennifer Finney Boylan)
Ice Age Peoples of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Kurt William Carr)
Ice Lake: A gripping crime debut that keeps you guessing until the final page (Psychologist Harry Cull Thriller, Book 1) (tekijä: John A Lenahan)
If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution (tekijä: Elizabeth Levy)
Ilki ihana (tekijä: Melissa Marr)
The illustrated history of the Centennial exhibition held in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of American independence: With a full ... description of the city of Philadelphia (tekijä: James Dabney McCabe)
An illustrated history of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Illustrated History of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Civil, Political, and Military, from Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, Including Historical Descriptions of Each County in the State, Their towns, and Industrial Resources. (tekijä: William H. Egle)
Immaculate (tekijä: Katelyn Detweiler)
Immigrants to Pennsylvania, 1600s-1800s (tekijä: Inc. Genealogical Publishing Co.)
Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750, With Their Early History in Ireland (tekijä: Albert Cook Myers)
Immigration Records: Immigrants to Pennsylvania, 1600s-1800s (tekijä: Family Tree Maker)
In non-union mines; the diary of a coal digger in central Pennsylvania, August-September, 1921 (tekijä: Powers Hapgood)
In old Pennsylvania towns, (tekijä: Anne Hollingsworth Wharton)
In other years : Uniontown and southern Fayette County (tekijä: John K. Gates)
In Penn's Woods: A Guide to Recreational Opportunities in the State Forests of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
In search of a new Eden: Johannes Etter in America, 1735 (A Swiss family from Oberried) (tekijä: Joan Magee)
In Search of a Story (tekijä: Andrew Grey)
In Sunlight, in a Beautiful Garden: A Novel (tekijä: Kathleen Cambor)
In the Bloody Railroad Cut at Gettysburg (tekijä: Lance Herdegen)
In the Dead of Summer (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
In the Drift (tekijä: Michael Swanwick)
In the Hands of Providence: Joshua L. Chamberlain and the American Civil War (tekijä: Alice Rains Trulock)
In the Mood for Murder (Homefront Mystery) (tekijä: M. T. Jefferson)
In the Morning Sun (tekijä: Lena Hart)
In the Presence of Mine Enemies: The Civil War in the Heart of America, 1859-1863 (tekijä: Edward L. Ayers)
In the Seven Mountains: Legends Collected In Central Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
Inamorata (tekijä: Joseph Gangemi)
Incorporation Dates for Pennsylvania Municipalities (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Independence Hall (American Symbols & Their Meanings) (tekijä: Hal Marcovitz)
Independence Square Neighborhood (tekijä: Frank H. Taylor)
Index to Fayette Co., Pa., wills, 1783-1900 (tekijä: Bob Closson)
Index to Main Families, Persons, Places and Subjects in Egle's Notes and Queries (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Index to Pennsylvania's Colonial Records Series (tekijä: Mary Dunn)
Index to the 1800 Census of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Jeanne Robey Felldin)
Index to the 1850 Census of Pennsylvania: Lancaster County (tekijä: Elizabeth Petty Bentley)
Index to the Probate Inventories of York County, Pennsylvania, 1749-1850 (tekijä: David A. Paup)
An Index to the Will Books and Intestate Records of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1729-1850. With an Historical Sketch and Classified Bibliography (tekijä: Eleanore Jane Fulton)
An Index to the Will Books and Intestate Records of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1729-1850. with an Historical Sketch and Classified Bibliography (tekijä: Eleanore Jane Fulton)
An Index to the Wills and Administration Bonds of Adams County, Pennsylvania 1800-1864 (tekijä: Henry James Young)
Index to warrantee-patentee records of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Patricia Duff)
Index to York County, Pennsylvania wills, 1749-1900 (tekijä: Bob Closson)
The Indian Chiefs of Pennsylvania (tekijä: C. Hale Sipe)
Indian Folk-Songs of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
Indian Paths of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Paul A. W. Wallace)
The Indian Steps and Other Pennsylvania Mountain Stories (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
Indian villages and place names in Pennsylvania (tekijä: DR. GEORGE P. DONEHOO)
The Indian Wars of Pennsylvania (tekijä: C. Hale Sipe)
Indiana (tekijä: Tasha Black)
Indians in Pennsylvania (Anthropological Series (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission)) (tekijä: Paul A. W. Wallace)
Indians of Pennsylvania workshop (tekijä: William A. Cornell)
Industry and Infantry: The Civil War in Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Brian Butko)
The Infortunate: The Voyage and Adventures of William Moraley, an Indentured Servant (tekijä: Susan E. Klepp)
Inscriptions from Chartiers Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pa (tekijä: K.T.H. McFarland)
Insiders' Guide to Pittsburgh, 2nd (Insiders' Guide Series) (tekijä: Jenn Phillips)
Into the American Woods: Negotiations on the Pennsylvania Frontier (tekijä: James H. Merrell)
Into the Fight: Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg (tekijä: John Michael Priest)
An Introduction to County Government (tekijä: Timothy W. Kelsey)
Introduction to Pennsylvania (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
Inventing a Nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson (tekijä: Gore Vidal)
Inventing America: Jefferson's Declaration of Independence (tekijä: Garry Wills)
Inventory of church archives. Society of Friends in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Inventory of the County Archives of Pennsylvania, Adams County (tekijä: WPA)
The Investigators (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
The Invisibles, Vol. 2: Apocalipstick (tekijä: Grant Morrison)
IQ: How Psychology Hijacked Intelligence [sound recording] (tekijä: Stephen Murdoch)
Irish Born [3-in-1] (tekijä: Nora Roberts)
The Irish in Pennsylvania: A people share a commonwealth (Pennsylvania history studies) (tekijä: Dennis Clark)
The Irish In Philadelphia: Ten Generations of Urban Experience (tekijä: Dennis Clark)
The Iron Brigade: A Military History (tekijä: Alan T. Nolan)
It Happened in America: True Stories from the Fifty States (tekijä: Lila Perl)
It Happened in Pennsylvania (It Happened In Series) (tekijä: Fran Capo)
It Started in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Profiles, Volume Fourteen) (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
It's A Place For Trees (Will Nickerson Mysteries) (tekijä: R. L. Anderson)
It's an Old Pennsylvania Custom (tekijä: Edwin Valentine Mitchell)
Italo-Americans in Pennsylvania in the eighteenth century (tekijä: Howard Rosario Marraro)
J.H. Bryson's Lancaster Directory for 1843
James Longstreet: The Man, The Soldier, The Controversy (tekijä: Richard L. Di Nardo)
The January Corpse (tekijä: Neil Albert)
Jeb Stuart : The Last Cavalier (tekijä: Burke Davis)
Jeb Stuart and the Confederate Defeat at Gettysburg (tekijä: Warren C. Robinson)
Jeff Shaara's Civil War Battlefields: Discovering America's Hallowed Ground (tekijä: Jeff Shaara)
Jennie (tekijä: Jane Claypool Miner)
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (tekijä: Beth Fantaskey)
Joe Turner's Come and Gone (tekijä: August Wilson)
Joey Pigza Loses Control (tekijä: Jack Gantos)
John Adams (tekijä: John Patrick Diggins)
John Adams: A Life (tekijä: John Ferling)
John O'Hara's Anthracite Region (Images of America: Pennsylvania) (tekijä: Pamela C. Mac Arthur D. Phil.)
John Paul Jones: Sailor, Hero, Father of the American Navy (tekijä: Evan Thomas)
John Quincy Adams (tekijä: Robert V. Remini)
John Quincy Adams: A Public Life, a Private Life (tekijä: Paul C. Nagel)
John Wanamaker : king of merchants (tekijä: William A. Zulker)
Johnny Appleseed: My Story (tekijä: David L. Harrison)
The Johnstown Flood: And Other Stories about Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Profiles) (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
Joshua Chamberlain: The Soldier and the Man (tekijä: Edward G. Longacre)
Joshua L. Chamberlain : a life in letters : the previously unpublished letters of a great leader of the Civil War (tekijä: Thomas A. Desjardin)
Josie and Jack (tekijä: Kelly Braffet)
Journal of the fifth House of Representatives of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which commenced, at Philadelphia, on Tuesday, the seoncd day of December, in the year of our Lord on thousand seven hundred and ninety-four (tekijä: [Pennsylvania])
Journal of the Senate of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Commencing on Tuesday, the fourth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand and ninety-two, and of the independence of the United States of America the seventeenth (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Journals of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Beginning the twenty-eighth day of November, 1776 (tekijä: [Pennsylvania])
Journey into northern Pennsylvania and the state of New York (tekijä: Michel Guillaume St. Jean de Crèvecoeur)
The Joy of Farm Watching: A Roadside Guide to Pennsylvania Agriculture (tekijä: Timothy W. Kelsey)
Julie (tekijä: Catherine Marshall)
Juniata Memories: Legends Collected in Central Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
Juokse, jänis (tekijä: John Updike)
Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln: The Story of the Gettysburg Address (tekijä: Jean Fritz)
Just Plain Fancy (tekijä: Patricia Polacco)
Just Plain Pickled to Death (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
K is for Keystone: A Pennsylvania Alphabet (tekijä: Kristen Kane)
Kalvan Kingmaker (tekijä: John F. Carr)
Kartanossa kummittelee (tekijä: Barbara Michaels)
Kauhun laakso (tekijä: Arthur Conan Doyle)
Keep Quiet (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Keeping House: Women's Lives in Western Pennsylvania 1790-1850 (tekijä: Virginia K. Bartlett)
Keikkakuski (tekijä: Duane Swierczynski)
The Key to the Golden Firebird (tekijä: Maureen Johnson)
Keystone Canoeing: A Guide to Canoeable Water of Eastern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Edward Gertler)
The Keystone in the Democratic Arch: Pennsylvania Politics, 1800-1816 (tekijä: Sanford W. Higginbotham)
Keystone of Democracy: A History of Pennsylvania Workers (tekijä: Howard Harris)
Keystone State Traction: Pennsylvania's Historic Trolley Systems (tekijä: Robert G. Lewis)
The Keystone State: Pennsylvania (Explore the U.S.A.) (tekijä: Helen Lepp Friesen)
Keystone Tombstones Civil War: Famous Graves Found in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Joe Farrell)
Keystone Tombstones Philadelphia Region: Biographies of Famous People Buried in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Joe Farrell)
Keystone Tombstones Volume Three: Famous Graves Found in Pennsylvania (Volume 3) (tekijä: Joe Farrell)
Keystone Tombstones: Volume One (tekijä: Joe Farrell)
Keystone Tombstones: Volume Two (tekijä: Joe Farrell)
Kids Learn America! Bringing Geography to Life with People, Places & History (tekijä: Patricia Gordon)
Killed in Action: Eyewitness Accounts of the Last Moments of 100 Union Soldiers Who Died at Gettysburg (tekijä: Gregory A. Coco)
The Killer Angels (tekijä: Michael Shaara)
Killer Smile (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
A Killer's Kiss (tekijä: William Lashner)
The Killing Ground: Wilderness to Cold Harbor (tekijä: Gregory Jaynes)
Kindness Goes Unpunished (tekijä: Craig Johnson)
The Kingdom of Bones: A Novel (tekijä: Stephen Gallagher)
Kiss My Ash (The Bloomin' Psychic Book 4) (tekijä: Annabel Chase)
Kissing the Intern: A Multicultural Romance (tekijä: Brian Terenna)
Knightriders [1981 film] (tekijä: George A. Romero)
Koston hinta (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Kätketyt kalleudet (tekijä: Nora Roberts)
The labor movement in the shoe industry, with special reference to Philadelphia (tekijä: Augusta Emile Galster)
Laboratories of Virtue: Punishment, Revolution, and Authority in Philadelphia, 1760-1835 (tekijä: Michael Meranze)
Lady Killer (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
A Lady of High Regard (tekijä: Tracie Peterson)
Lainakengissä (tekijä: Jennifer Weiner)
Lakeside. A Memorial of the Planting of the Church in Northwestern Pennsylvania. (tekijä: Samuel John Mills Eaton)
Lament for the Molly Maguires (tekijä: Arthur H. Lewis)
Lancaster County (Pictorial Discovery Guide) (tekijä: Ed Klimuska)
Lancaster County churches in the Revolutionary War era (tekijä: Jr. Matthew W. Harrison)
Lancaster County Civil War Sites Revisited (tekijä: Ronald C. Young)
The Lancaster County Farm Cook Book (tekijä: Elmer L. Smith)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century Volume 1 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century Volume 2 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century Volume 3 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century Volume 4 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century Volume 5 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Deed Abstracts 1729-1770, Deed Books A-M and Oaths of Allegiance (tekijä: R. Thomas Mayhill)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Land Records 1729-1750, and Land Warrants 1710-1742 (tekijä: Marsha Martin)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, church records of the 18th century (Volumes 1,2,4,&5) (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the Civil War (tekijä: Ronald C. Young)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Will Index 1851-1875 (tekijä: Shirley G.M. Iscrupe)
Lancaster Legacy (tekijä: Lancaster County PA)
The land in the fork: Pittsburgh, 1753-1914 (tekijä: Laura C. Frey)
Land Records: Bucks and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania, 1682-1825 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Land, Piety, Peoplehood: The Establishment of Mennonite Communities in America, 1683-1790 (Mennonite Experience in America) (tekijä: Richard K. MacMaster)
Landholders in Philadelphia County (Outside the City) 1734 (tekijä: Harry C Adams)
Last Chance for Victory: Robert E. Lee and the Gettysburg Campaign (tekijä: Scott Bowden)
The Last Full Measure (tekijä: Jeff Shaara)
The Last Full Measure (tekijä: Ann Rinaldi)
The Last Witchfinder (tekijä: James Morrow)
Laws enacted in the second sitting of the second General Assembly of the common-wealth of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Laws of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, from the fourteenth day of October, one thousand seven hundred, to the twentieth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and ten. Republished, under the authority of the Legislature. With notes ad references. In four volumes [uniformly bound with:] ...Vol. V [-Vii] (tekijä: [Pennsylvania])
The laws of the province of Pennsilvania collected into one volumn, by order of the Governour and Assembly of the said province (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Leadership in the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: National Park Service)
Learning the Battle of Gettysburg: A Guide to the Official Records (tekijä: Ben Dixon)
Lee and His Men at Gettysburg: The Death of a Nation (tekijä: Clifford Dowdey)
Lee and Longstreet at Gettysburg (tekijä: Glenn Tucker)
Lee and Longstreet at High Tide: Gettysburg in the Light of the Official Records (tekijä: Helen D. Longstreet)
Lee Takes Command: From Seven Days to Second Bull Run (tekijä: John L. Papanek)troops from
Lee Versus Pickett: Two Divided by War (tekijä: Richard F. Selcer)
Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg (tekijä: Troy D. Harman)
Lee's Tar Heels: The Pettigrew-Kirkland-MacRae Brigade (tekijä: Earl J. Hess)
Leechburg Borough, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, borough information guide & map : 150 sesquicentennial years
A legacy in bricks and mortar : African-American landmarks in Allegheny County (tekijä: Other Contributor-Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundatio)
The Legacy of Penn's Woods, 1895-1995 : A History of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry (tekijä: Lester A. DeCoster)
Legends & Lore of Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Thomas White)
Legends from the frosty sons of thunder (tekijä: William Trall Doncaster Jr.)
Legends of Gettysburg (tekijä: Thomas A. Desjardin)
The Lehigh Valley: A Natural and Environmental History (tekijä: Robert Halma)
Let's Quilt Pennsylvania! (tekijä: Carole Marsh)
The Liberty Bell (American Symbols & Their Meanings) (tekijä: Hal Marcovitz)
The Liberty Story [1957 TV episode] (tekijä: Robert Stevenson)
Liberty's Kids: The Complete Television Series (tekijä: Marsha Goodman)
The Library of James Logan of Philadelphia: 1674-1751 (tekijä: 2nd, Edwin Wolf)
Lie Like a Rug (tekijä: Donna Huston Murray)
Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong (tekijä: James W. Loewen)
Life in Early Philadelphia: Documents from the Revolutionary and Early National Periods (tekijä: Billy Gordon Smith)
Life Is Fine (tekijä: Allison Whittenberg)
The Life of Pennsylvania Governor George M. Leader: Challenging Complacency (tekijä: Kenneth C. Wolensky)
Life's A Birch (The Bloomin' Psychic Book 2) (tekijä: Annabel Chase)
Lifelines (tekijä: CJ Lyons)
A Light in the Valley 2001: A History of the Codorus Church of the Brethren (tekijä: Codorus Church of the Brethren)
Lilli de Jong (tekijä: Janet Benton)
Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America (tekijä: Garry Wills)
Lincoln Got No Applause at Gettysburg: The Perfect Tribute (tekijä: B. C. Corrigan)
Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor six-county region : [Pennsylvania] (tekijä: Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor (Pa.),)
The Lincoln trail in Pennsylvania : a history and guide (tekijä: Bradley R. Hoch)
Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation: The End of Slavery in America (tekijä: Allen C. Guelzo)
List of Officers of the Colonies on the Delaware and the Province of Pennsylvania 1614 - 1776 (tekijä: John B. Linn)
Listing of inhabitants in 1779, Adams County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Victoria McQuillis)
Listing of inhabitants in 1783: Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Shirley G. McQuillis)
Little Known Facts about the Amish and the Mennonites: Nobody could do a better job.--Phila. Inquirer. (tekijä: Ammon Monroe Aurand, Jr.)
Little Pennsylvania (Little State) (tekijä: Trinka Hakes Noble)
The Little Piano Girl: The Story of Mary Lou Williams, Jazz Legend (tekijä: Ann Ingalls)
Little Round Top: A Detailed Tour Guide (tekijä: Garry E. Adelman)
Live Aid [video recording] (tekijä: Vincent Scarza)
Living without electricity (tekijä: Stephen Scott)
Living Witness (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Local history of Greene County and southwestern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Andrew J. Waychoff)
The Lock-Keeper's Heart (tekijä: Neil S. Plakcy)
The Locktender's House (tekijä: Steven Sherrill)
Lonely Planet New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania (tekijä: Tom Smallman)
Lonely Planet Philadelphia & the Pennsylvania Dutch Country (tekijä: John Spelman)
Long Remember (tekijä: MacKinlay Kantor)
The Long Way Around (tekijä: Quinn Anderson)
Long-term financing of public transportation in southeastern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania Economy League)
The Longing (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
The Longman history of the United States of America (tekijä: Hugh Brogan)
Longstreet's Assault - Pickett's Charge: The Lost Record of Pickett's Wounded (tekijä: Donald J. Frey)
Look Again (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Look Up, Pennsylvania Dutch Country! Walking Tours of 5 Towns In The Keystone State (tekijä: Doug Gelbert)
Look Up, Pennsylvania!:: Walking Tours of 50 Towns in the Keystone State (tekijä: Doug Gelbert)
Loose Lips (tekijä: Rita Mae Brown)
Loosening the Bonds: Mid-Atlantic Farm Women, 1750-1850 (tekijä: Joan M. Jensen)
Lord Churchill's Coup: The Anglo-American Empire and the Glorious Revolution Reconsidered (tekijä: Stephen Saunders Webb)
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen (tekijä: H. Beam Piper)alternate universe
Lords of the Harvest: Biotech, Big Money, and the Future of Food (tekijä: Dan Charles)
The Lost Constitution (tekijä: William Martin)
A Lost Heritage: Living Pennsylvania Dutch (tekijä: Howard Anderson)
Lost Triumph: Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg--and Why It Failed (tekijä: Tom Carhart)
O Lost: A Story of the Buried Life (tekijä: Thomas Wolfe)
The Louisiana Tigers in the Gettysburg Campaign, June-July 1863 (tekijä: Scott Mingus)
Love Abideth Still: A Novel of the Civil War (tekijä: Scott R. Rezer)
Love Finds You in Hershey, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Cerella D. Sechrist)
Love Walked In (tekijä: Marisa de los Santos)
Lovey Childs; a Philadelphian's story; a novel (tekijä: John O'Hara)
Lower Bucks County (PA) (Postcard History Series) (tekijä: Andrew Mark Herman)
The loyalists of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Wilbur Henry Siebert)
Loyalists Pacifists and Prisoners (Lancaster County during the American Revolution) (tekijä: Rollin Steinmetz)
Lucky to Live in Pennsylvania (Arcadia Kids) (tekijä: Kate B. Jerome)
Lucretia Mott (tekijä: Otelia Cromwell)
Luiden kaiku (tekijä: Diana Gabaldon)
Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties Ghosts Legends & lore (tekijä: Charles J. Adams III)
A Magnificent Catastrophe (tekijä: Edward J. Larson)
Magnum (tekijä: Tasha Black)
A Mail Order Bride's Hope (tekijä: Faith Crawford)
The Main Line Is Murder (tekijä: Donna Huston Murray)
Maine at Gettysburg: Report of Maine Commissioners (tekijä: Executive Committee)
Major Granville Haller: Dismissed With Malice (tekijä: Guy Breshears)
Making Law in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
The Making of an American High School: The Credentials Market and the Central High School of Philadelphia, 1838-1939 (tekijä: David F. Labaree)
The Making of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Sydney George Fisher)
The Making of the Constitution (tekijä: Gordon S. Wood)
Making Sense of the Molly Maguires (tekijä: Kevin Kenny)
The Man Who Liked to Look at Himself (tekijä: K. C. Constantine)
Map of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: National Survey)
Map: New Jersey / Pennsylvania (tekijä: AAA)
The Maps of Gettysburg: The Gettysburg Campaign, June 3 - July 13, 1863 (tekijä: Bradley M. Gottfried)
Maps showing the development of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Marching Men (tekijä: Sherwood Anderson)
Marking the historic sites of early Pennsylvania : Fourth report of the Pennsylvania Historical Commission (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Marmac Guide to Philadelphia (tekijä: Chris Ronberg)
Marriage and death notices extracted from the Genius of liberty and Fayette advertiser of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, 1805- (tekijä: Jean R. Rentmeister)
Marriage Licenses at Lancaster, PA 1791-1799 (tekijä: William L. Iscrupe)
Marriage records, Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1805-1867 (tekijä: Bob Closson)
Marriages & Deaths in the Newspapers of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1831-1840 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Marriages 1753-1856, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Annette Simpson)
Marriages and Deaths (1808-1811)(1833-1874) Abstracted From Sunbury, Northumberland County, PA, Newspapers (tekijä: Rita Schive Mowrer)
Marriages and Deaths from the Newspapers of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1821-1830 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Marriages and deaths from the York recorder, 1821-1830 (tekijä: Robert Barnes)
Marriages and Deaths of Cumberland County, [Pennsylvania], 1821-1830 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Marriages, 1753-1854, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Annette Simpson)
Martial Deeds of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Samuel P. Bates)
Martin Boehm: Pioneer preacher in the Christian faith and practice, among the first German speaking colonists, in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia (tekijä: Abram W Sangrey)
Mary at the Farm and Book of Recipes Compiled during Her Visitamong the "Pennsylvania Germans" (tekijä: Edith Thomas)
Mary Jemison : Seneca Captive (tekijä: Jeanne LeMonnier Gardner)
Mason & Dixon (tekijä: Thomas Pynchon)
A Masquerade in the Moonlight (tekijä: Kasey Michaels)
Masters to managers ; historical and comparative perspectives on American employers (tekijä: Sanford M. Jacoby)
Maz and the '60 Bucs: When Pittsburgh and Its Pirates Went All the Way (tekijä: Jim O'Brien)
McPherson's Ridge: Gettysburg, PA: The First Battle For The High Ground, July 1, 1863 (tekijä: Steven H. Newton)
Meade of Gettysburg (tekijä: Freeman Cleaves)
Meade's Reprise: A Novel of Gettysburg, War, and Intrigue (tekijä: John Duke Merriam)
Meade: Victor of Gettysburg (tekijä: Richard A. Sauers)
Meadow Forest and Stream for Play Profit and Pure Water : Being a Suggestion for the Use of Certain Neglected Lands of the Tri-State District as Parks, Public Forests, and Water Supply Protection (tekijä: Regional Planning Federation of the Philadelphia Tri-State District)
Meeting House and Counting House: The Quaker Merchants of Colonial Philadelphia 1682-1763 (tekijä: Frederick B. Tolles)
Meeting of the Waters (tekijä: Kim McLarin)
Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Volume IV (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. vol. 1 (tekijä: Historical Society of P...)
Men and women of wartime Pittsburgh and environs; a war-production epic
Men in Blue (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
Menallen minutes, marriages and miscellany: Quaker records, 1780-1890 (tekijä: Margaret B. Walmer)
Mercer County, Pennsylvania, cemetery inscriptions, Vol. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (tekijä: Loretta Barker DeSantis)
Merchants, Tradesmen and Manufacturers Financial Condition for Monroe County, Mississippi, 1921 Information obtained from the January, 1921 R. G. Dunn Mercantile Agency Reference book
A Merry Heart (tekijä: Wanda E. Brunstetter)
Message of Gov. John S. Fisher to the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, January 6, 1931 (tekijä: John S Fisher)
Micah (tekijä: Laurell K. Hamilton)
Michelin Green Guide New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Michelin)
Michigan at Gettysburg (tekijä: David Martin)
Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Gardening: Plant, Grow, and Harvest the Best Edibles - Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., & West Virginia (Fruit & Vegetable Gardening Guides) (tekijä: Katie Elzer-Peters)
Mid-Atlantic Gardener's Handbook: Your Complete Guide: Select, Plan, Plant, Maintain, Problem-Solve - Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C. (tekijä: Katie Elzer-Peters)
Mid-Atlantic(oop) (Let's Discover the States) (tekijä: Thomas G. Aylesworth)
Mid-Atlantic: Mobil Travel Guide (tekijä: Mobil Travel Guide)
The Middle Atlantic States (tekijä: Ezra Bowen)
Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff (tekijä: Jennifer L. Holm)
A Midwife's Story (tekijä: Penny Armstrong)
Miller's Valley (tekijä: Anna Quindlen)
The Mills of Manayunk: Industrialization and Social Conflict in the Philadelphia Region, 1787-1837 (tekijä: Cynthia J. Shelton)
Mineral deposits of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania; prepared under the direction of Charles P. Berkey (tekijä: Charles P. Berkey)
The Mineralogy of Pennsylvania: 1922-1965 (tekijä: Arthur Montgomery)
Ministry to the Incarcerated (tekijä: Henry G. Covert)
Minstrels of the Mine Patch: Songs and Stories of the Anthracite Industry (tekijä: George Korson)
Minutes of the Grand Committee of the whole Convention of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania : which commenced at Philadelphia on Tuesday the twenty-fourth day of November, in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine, for the purpose of reviewing, and, if they see occasion, altering and amending the constitution of this state (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Mischief 24/7 (tekijä: Kasey Michaels)
Mischief Becomes Her (tekijä: Kasey Michaels)
Miss Wyoming (tekijä: Douglas Coupland)
The Missing Portrait (tekijä: Geraldine Glodek)
A Mission for Jenny: A Story about the Meaning of Flag Day (Children's Holiday Adventure Series) (tekijä: Ace Collins)
Mississippi Jack: Being an Account of the Further Waterborne Adventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman, Fine Lady, and Lily of the West (tekijä: L. A. Meyer)
Mistletoe at Midnight (tekijä: L.B. Gregg)
A Mixed Multitude: The Struggle for Toleration in Colonial Pennsylvania (tekijä: Sally Schwartz)
The Molly Maguires (tekijä: F. P Dewees)
The Molly Maguires (tekijä: Wayne G. Broehl)
The Molly Maguires (tekijä: Anthony Bimba)
The Molly Maguires and the Detectives (tekijä: Allan Pinkerton)
Monopoly: The Story Behind the World's Best-Selling Game (tekijä: Rod Kennedy)
Monsters and Mayhem (tekijä: Gabrielle Evans)
Monsters of Pennsylvania: Mysterious Creatures in the Keystone State (tekijä: Patty A. Wilson)
Montgomery County court rules
Montgomery County Ghost Stories (tekijä: Charles J. Adams III)
Montgomery County Story :Pennsylvania (tekijä: E. Gordon Alderfer)
Montgomery County, Pa., street & road map : including educational & recreational facilities ... & points of interest (tekijä: Alfred B Patton Incorporated)
Montgomery County, the second hundred years (tekijä: Jean Barth Toll)
Month-by-month Gardening In Pennsylvania (tekijä: Liz Ball)
The Monuments At Gettysburg (tekijä: Thomas A. Desjardin)
Moon Handbooks Pennsylvania (tekijä: Joanne Miller)
Moon of Two Dark Horses (tekijä: Sally M. Keehn)
Moon Outdoors Pennsylvania Camping (tekijä: Jason Miller)
Moon Over Tennessee: A Boy's Civil War Journal (tekijä: Craig Crist-Evans)
Moral Minority: Our Skeptical Founding Fathers (tekijä: Brooke Allen)
Moravian Immigration to Pennsylvania, 1734-1765: The Pennsylvania Magazine, April, 1909 (tekijä: John W. Jordan)
Mordecai: An Early American Family (tekijä: Emily Bingham)
More Allegheny Episodes: Legends and Traditions, Old and New, Gathered Among the Pennsylvania Mountains (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
More Ghosts of Gettysburg: Spirits, Apparitions and Haunted Places of the Battlefield (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
More Outbound Journeys in Pennsylvania: A Guide to Natural Places for Individual and Group Outings (Keystone Book) (tekijä: Marcia Bonta)
More Pennsylvania Mountain Stories (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
More Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell (tekijä: Jane Golden)
More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Pennsylvania Women (tekijä: Kate Hertzog)
Morning at Willoughby Run: July 1, 1863 (tekijä: Richard S. Shue)
The Most Glorious Fourth: Vicksburg and Gettysburg, July 4, 1863 (tekijä: Duane P. Schultz)
The Most Promising Young Man of the South (tekijä: Clyde N. Wilson)
The Most Scenic Drives in America: 120 Spectacular Road Trips (tekijä: Reader's Digest)
The Mostly True Adventures Of Homer P. Figg (tekijä: Rodman Philbrick)
Mother Bedford and the American Revolutionary War (tekijä: Larry D. Smith)
Mothership (The Ever-Expanding Universe) (tekijä: Martin Leicht)
Motsinger Family Files (tekijä: C. Fuller)
Mountain Minstrelsy of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
Mr. Lincoln's army : the Army of the Potomac in the Gettysburg campaign (tekijä: Gettysburg National Battlefield Park)
The Muhlenbergs of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Paul A. W. Wallace)
Mummers' Curse (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
Murder in Plain Sight (Hqn) (tekijä: Marta Perry)
Murder Melts in Your Mouth (tekijä: Nancy Martin)
Murder on Camac (tekijä: Joseph R. G. DeMarco)
Murder Superior (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
The Murderers (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
The Mutter Museum: Of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia (tekijä: Gretchen Worden)
Muutoksia (tekijä: Jonathan Franzen)
My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States (tekijä: Lee Bennett Hopkins)
My Enemy, My Brother: Men and Days of Gettysburg (tekijä: Joseph E. Persico)
My First Book About Pennsylvania! (Pennsylvania Experience) (tekijä: Carole Marsh)
My Heart Is on the Ground: The Diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux Girl, Carlisle Indian School, Pennsylvania, 1880 (tekijä: Ann Rinaldi)
My home is Fulton County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Kenneth W. Keebaugh)
My Hunt for Timothy Krajcir-- The Nortorious Serial Killer (tekijä: Paul Echols)
My Husband's Sweethearts (tekijä: Bridget Asher)
My Pennsylvania: A Brief History of the Commonwealth's Sixty-Seven Counties (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
The Myth of Little Round Top: Gettysburg, Pa (tekijä: Garry E. Adelman)
Myths and Mysteries of Pennsylvania: True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained (Myths and Mysteries Series) (tekijä: Kara Hughes)
Namath: A Biography (tekijä: Mark Kriegel)
Name Index to the Atlas of Somerset County, PA F.W. Beers & Co. 1876 (tekijä: Brian L. Fritz)
Name index to the History of Monroe County, 1788-1877, by W.H. McIntosh, publishers, Everts, Ensign, and Everts, Philadelphia, 1877 (tekijä: W. H. McIntosh)
Names My Sisters Call Me (tekijä: Megan Crane)
Names of foreigners who took the oath of allegiance to the province and State of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775, with the foreign arrivals, 1786-1808 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Names of persons who took the oath of allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania between the years 1777 and 1789, with a history of the "test laws" of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Thompson Westcott)
Names of the Dead: An Elegy for the Victims of September 11 (tekijä: Diane Schoemperlen)
Names which the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians, who once inhabited this country, had given to rivers, streams, places, &c. &c. within the now states ... of the American Philosophical Society) (tekijä: John Gottlieb Ernestus Heckewelder)
Nancy (tekijä: Deborah Spungen)
The nanny murders (tekijä: Merry Jones)
National Geographic Field Guide to Birds: Pennsylvania (tekijä: Jonathan Alderfer)
National Geographic Kids United States Atlas (tekijä: National Geographic)
National Geographic Magazine 1994 v185 #6 June (tekijä: William Graves)
National Geographic's Driving Guides to America: New York and Pennsylvania and New Jersey (tekijä: National Geographic)
The National Road in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Cassandra Vivian)
National Treasure [2004 film] (tekijä: Jon Turteltaub)
Native Americans and the Early Republic (tekijä: Frederick E. Hoxie)
Natural Pennsylvania: Exploring the State Forest Natural Areas (tekijä: Charles Fergus)
Naturalization records, 1802-1854, Somerset County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: William L. Iscrupe)
Naturalization Records: Philadelphia, 1789-1880 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
The Nature and Pace of Change in American Indian Cultures: Pennsylvania, 4000 to 3000 BP (Recent Research in Pennsylvania Archaeology) (tekijä: R. Michael Stewart)
The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Trees (tekijä: Douglas W. Tallamy)
The Negro in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Edward Raymond Turner)
Never Buried (tekijä: Edie Claire)
Never to be Forgotten : A Year-by-Year Look at York County's Past (tekijä: James McClure)
A New Birth of Freedom: Lincoln at Gettysburg (tekijä: Philip B. Kunhardt)
The New Champion of Shazam! (tekijä: Josie Campbell)
The New Deal, Volume Two: The State and Local Levels (tekijä: John Braeman)
New Enchantment of America: Pennsylvania (tekijä: John Allan Carpenter)
A new index, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, before the federal census (tekijä: Gary T. Hawbaker)
New Jersey / Pennsylvania Map (tekijä: AAA/CAA)
The New Pennsylvania Primer (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
New topographical atlas of the state of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry Francis Walling)
New World Waiting (tekijä: Anne G. Faigen)
New York's officers at Gettysburg : biographies of New York's highest ranking commanders at Gettysburg (tekijä: R. L. Murray)
The Next Accident (tekijä: Lisa Gardner)
Night at Philadelphia (tekijä: Zhe-Zhou Jiang)
Nine Months to Gettysburg: Stannard's Vermonters and the Repulse of Pickett's Charge (tekijä: Howard Coffin)
No More Waiting (tekijä: C.M. Steele)
No Use Dying over Spilled Milk (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
Noble Obsession: Charles Goodyear, Thomas Hancock, and the Race to Unlock the Greatest Industrial Secret of the Nineteenth Century (tekijä: Charles Slack)
North and South (tekijä: John Jakes)
North Carolina's Signers: Brief Sketches of the Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (tekijä: Memory F. Mitchell)
North Pennsylvania Minstrelsy: As Sung in the Backwoods Settlements, Hunting Cabins and Lumber Camps in the "Black Frest" of Pennsylvania, 1840-1923 (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker, Comp.)
Northcentral Pennsylvania : 39ʺ x 27ʺ full-color map includes Altoona, Athens, Berwick ... and much more : don't dr (tekijä: ADC)
Northcentral Pennsylvania Road Map [map] (tekijä: Alfred B. Patton Inc)
Northeast Adams County Pennsylvania, 1750-1800 Our Landscape, Scenes and Trails (tekijä: Adams Council of Governments)
Northumberland County Trolleys (tekijä: B. W. Rohrbeck)
Not a Creature was Stirring (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Not All Wives: Women of Colonial Philadelphia (tekijä: Karin Wulf)
Not For Tourists Guide to Philadelphia: 2005-2006 (tekijä: Happy Mazza Media)
Not For Tourists Guide to Philadelphia: 2007 (tekijä: Happy Mazza Media)
Not Without Courage (Renich, T. Elizabeth, Shadowcreek Chronicles, Bk. 3.) (tekijä: T. Elizabeth Renich)
Notes and Queries Historical and Genealogical Chiefly Relating to Interior Pennsylvania: Third Series in Three Volumes (Volumes II and III only) (tekijä: William Henry; Editor Egle)
Notes and Queries Historical and Genealogical First and Second Series Volume I (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries Historical and Genealogical, Chiefly Relating to Interior Pennsylvania (12 Volumes + Index) (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries Historical, Biographical, and Genealogical Annual Volume 1897 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries, Vol. 1: Historical, Biographical and Genealogical; Chiefly Relating to Interior Pennsylvania (Classic Reprint) (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 1896 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 1897 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 1898 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 1899 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 1900 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 1st & 2nd Series, Vol. 1 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 1st & 2nd Series, Vol. 2 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 3rd Series, Vol. 1 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 3rd Series, Vol. 2 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 3rd Series, Vol. 3 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 4th Series, Vol. 1 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, 4th Series, Vol. 2 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries/ Pennsylvania, Index (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries: Historical and Genealogical, Chiefly Relating to Interior Pennsylvania. Third Series, In Three Volumes. Volume I (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Notes and Queries: Historical, Biographical and Genealogical Relating Chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania - Annual Volume, 1900 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Nothing But Glory: Pickett's Division at Gettysburg (tekijä: Kathleen R. Georg)
Novus Ordo Seclorum: The Intellectual Origins of the Constitution (tekijä: Forrest McDonald)
October Song (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
Of "good laws" and "good men" : law and society in the Delaware Valley, 1680-1710 (tekijä: William M. Offutt)
Of Tender Sin (tekijä: David Goodis)
Official transportation and tourism map, Pennsylvania [map] (tekijä: PENNDOT)
The Official U.S. Mint Collector's Album: 1999-2008 Complete Set (tekijä: United States Mint)
Ohioans at Gettysburg (tekijä: Martin F. Graham)
Oikeus tuomita (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
The Old Guard: Tales Through Time, Book 1 (tekijä: Greg Rucka)
Old Masonic Lodges of Pennsylvania "Moderns" and "Antients" (tekijä: Julius Friedrich Sachse)
The Old Order Amish in Plain Words and Pictures (tekijä: T. J. Redcay)
Old Order Amish: Their Enduring Way of Life (Center Books in Anabaptist Studies) (tekijä: Donald B. Kraybill)
Old Philadelphia in Early Photographs, 1838-1914 (tekijä: Robert F. Looney)
Old roads out of Philadelphia (tekijä: John T. Faris)
Old times in oildom (tekijä: George Washington Brown)
Old Times on the Upper Mississippi: The Recollections of a Steamboat Pilot from 1854 to 1863 (Borealis) (tekijä: George Byron Merrick)
Old Trails and Roads in Penn's Land (tekijä: John T. Faris)
Old Westmoreland : a history of western Pennsylvania during the Revolution (tekijä: Edgar W. Hassler)
Oltre New York. Reportage e fotografie 1936-1938 (tekijä: Annemarie Schwarzenbach)
On the Bloodstained Field (tekijä: Gregory A. Coco)
On the Bloodstained Field II: 132 More Human Interest Stories of the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Gregory A. Coco)
On the glorious hill: A short history in word and picture of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, celebratin (tekijä: A. Roger Gobbel)
On the Trail of the Pioneers (tekijä: John T. Faris)
The One Best System: A History of American Urban Education (tekijä: David Tyack)
One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863 (tekijä: Eric J. Wittenberg)
One Fat Englishman (tekijä: Kingsley Amis)
One for All: A Pennsylvania Number Book (tekijä: Trinka Hakes Noble)
One of Us (tekijä: Tawni O'Dell)
One Soldier's Legacy: The National Homestead at Gettysburg (tekijä: Mary Ruth Collins)
Operazione Filadelfia (Italian Edition) (tekijä: Simonetta Scotto)
An oration, delivered, at the County Court-house, Philadelphia, on the forty-second anniversary of American independence (tekijä: Samuel Jackson)
The organized few: labor in Philadelphia, 1857-1873 (tekijä: Julia Blodgett Curtis)
The Origins Of Anglo-American Radicalism (tekijä: Margaret C. Jacob)
Ormond (tekijä: Charles Brockden Brown)
Orphans' court docket ... [docket book number], Allegheny County, PA (Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania archives) (tekijä: K. T. H. McFarland)
Osman/Van Orman Cemetery, Lykens Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. (tekijä: Unknown)
Our 50 States: A Family Adventure Across America (tekijä: Lynne Cheney)
Our House: A visitor's Guide to the Pennsylvania House of Represenatives (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Our Pennsylvania (tekijä: Jerry Irwin)
Our Pennsylvania: Keys to the Keystone State (tekijä: Amy Oakley)
Our Philadelphia; a candid and colorful portrait of a great city (tekijä: Frank Brookhouser)
Our Priceless Heritage: Pennsylvania State Parks, 1893-1993 (tekijä: Dan Cupper)
Our Savage Neighbors: How Indian War Transformed Early America (tekijä: Peter Silver)
Out for the Night (tekijä: A.J. Truman)
Out in the Open (tekijä: A.J. Truman)
Out of My Mind (tekijä: A.J. Truman)
Out of Nowhere (tekijä: Roan Parrish)
Out of the Past Into the Future: PA's Heritage Parks (tekijä: Department of Conservation and Land Management)
Out of This Furnace (tekijä: Thomas Bell)
Out on a Limb (tekijä: A.J. Truman)
Outbound Journeys in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Marcia Bonta)
Outrageous!: The Fine Life and Flagrant Good Times of Basketball's Irresistible Force (tekijä: Charles Barkley)
Over a Wide, Hot...Crimson Plain : The Struggle for the Bliss Farm at Gettysburg, July 2nd and 3rd, 1863 (tekijä: Elwood Christ)
The Overdue Life of Amy Byler (tekijä: Kelly Harms)
Overkill (tekijä: Lyn Riddle)
Owning Treasure (tekijä: Joe Wilbur)
The Oxford History of the British Empire, Volume 1 : The Origins of Empire: British Overseas Enterprise to the Close of the Seventeenth Century (tekijä: Nicholas P. Canny)
PA Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code, 2 Volumes (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Paddling Pennsylvania: A Guide to 50 of the State's Greatest Paddling Adventures (Paddling Series) (tekijä: Bob Frye)
Pakko uskoa (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Palatine Origins of Some Pennsylvania Pioneers (tekijä: Annette K. Burgert)
Pale Horse at Plum Run: The First Minnesota at Gettysburg (tekijä: Brian Leehan)
Papers Relating to Provincial Affairs in Pennsylvania, 1682-1750 (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Paranormal PA (tekijä: Ed Kelemen)
The Parish Register of Benders Church, Butler Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania for the Evangelical Lutheran and (tekijä: Frederick Sheely Weiser)
Parochial Registers for Lutheran Congregations in Adams County, Pennsylvania, 1745-1985: A guide to genealogical re (tekijä: Frederick Sheely Weiser)
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Crime (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
Party Favors [Cost of Repairs series] (tekijä: A. M. Arthur)
Passion for Truth: From Finding JFK's Single Bullet to Questioning Anita Hill to Impeaching Clinton (tekijä: Arlen Specter)
Patches of history-- : the 1920's & 1930's : heyday of Fayette County coal & coke in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Regis M. Maher)
Patience Wright: American Sculptor and Revolutionary Spy (tekijä: Pegi Deitz Shea)
Patient Zero (tekijä: Jonathan Maberry)
Patients Are a Virtue (tekijä: M.D. Henry S. Wentz)
The Patriots (tekijä: Jack Cavanaugh)
Paul Hogarth's walking tours of old Philadelphia: Through Independence Square, Society Hill, Southwark, and Washington Square (tekijä: Paul Hogarth)
The Peach Orchard: Gettysburg, July 2, 1863 (tekijä: John Bigelow)
Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt (tekijä: Joe Matt)
Pen pictures of early western Pennsylvania (tekijä: John W. Harpster)
Penn (tekijä: Elizabeth Janet Gray)
Penn's example to the nations : 300 years of the holy experiment (tekijä: Robert Grant Crist)
Penn's Woods 1682-1932 (tekijä: Edward E. Wildman)
Penn's Woods West (tekijä: Edwin L. Peterson)
PENNDOT Specifications (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
The Penns of Pennsylvania and England (tekijä: Arthur Pound)
Pennsy Electric Years (tekijä: William D. Volkmer)
Pennsylvania (tekijä: Craig A. Doherty)
Pennsylvania (tekijä: Universal Map)
Pennsylvania (tekijä: Rhoda L Heinecke)
Pennsylvania (tekijä: Jill C. Wheeler)
Pennsylvania (tekijä: National Geographic Society)
Pennsylvania & the American Constitution (tekijä: Jacob E. Cooke)
Pennsylvania (A Guide to American States) (tekijä: Natasha Evdokimoff)
Pennsylvania (America Series) (tekijä: Tanya Lloyd Kyi)
Pennsylvania (America the Beautiful) (tekijä: Ann Heinrichs)
Pennsylvania (Big Buddy Books: Explore the United States) (tekijä: Sarah Tieck)
Pennsylvania (Buddy Books: United States) (tekijä: Julie Murray)
Pennsylvania (Celebrate the States, Set 8) (tekijä: Stephen Peters)
Pennsylvania (Checkerboard Geography Library: United States) (tekijä: Anne Welsbacher)
Pennsylvania (From Sea to Shining Sea) (tekijä: Dennis B. Fradin)
Pennsylvania (From Sea to Shining Sea, Second Series) (tekijä: Barbara A. Somervill)
Pennsylvania (Hello USA) (tekijä: Gwenyth Swain)
Pennsylvania (It's My State!) (tekijä: Joyce Hart)
Pennsylvania (Land of Liberty) (tekijä: Jason Glaser)
Pennsylvania (Life in the Thirteen Colonies) (tekijä: Deborah H. Deford)
Pennsylvania (Love's Gentle Journey / Sign of the Bow / Sign of the Eagle / Sign of the Dove) (tekijä: Kay Cornelius)
Pennsylvania (One Nation) (tekijä: Capstone Press Geography Department)
Pennsylvania (Portrait of America) (tekijä: Kathleen Thompson)
Pennsylvania (Portraits of the States) (tekijä: Dana Meachen Rau)
Pennsylvania (Rookie Read-About Geography) (tekijä: Ann Heinrichs)
Pennsylvania (Seeds of a Nation) (tekijä: Margaret Coull Phillips)
Pennsylvania (States) (tekijä: Kim A. O'Connell)
Pennsylvania (The Thirteen Colonies) (tekijä: Victoria Sherrow)
Pennsylvania (The United States of America) (tekijä: John Hamilton)
Pennsylvania (The) Genealogical Magazine Vol XXIV, No. 2, # 1 and 2 (tekijä: Hannah Benner Roach)
Pennsylvania (This Land Called America) (tekijä: Jessica Gunderson)
Pennsylvania (This Land is Your Land) (tekijä: Ann Heinrichs)
Pennsylvania 1776 (tekijä: Robert Secor)
Pennsylvania 24/7 (tekijä: Rick Smolan)
Pennsylvania : catalog of topographic and other published maps
Pennsylvania : index to topographic and other map coverage
Pennsylvania : keystone of the new millennium (tekijä: Lorett Treese)
Pennsylvania A History Vol. IV (tekijä: Editor-in-Chief George P. Donehoo)
Pennsylvania A Photographic Journey (tekijä: Walter Choroszewski)
Pennsylvania agriculture and country life (tekijä: S. W. Fletcher)
Pennsylvania and Delaware Treaties, 1629-1737 (tekijä: Alden T. Vaughan)
Pennsylvania and its public men (tekijä: Samuel Hudson)
Pennsylvania and the War of 1812 (tekijä: Harold L Myers)
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Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Printed under Direction of William Francis Harrity, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Vol. II: Minutes of the Board of Property and Other References to Lands in Pennsylvania Including Proprietary (Old) Rights (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Pennsylvania at Andersonville, Georgia : ceremonies at the dedication of the memorial erected (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Pennsylvania at Antietam (tekijä: State of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania at Gettysburg : ceremonies at the dedication of the monuments erected by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Major General George G. Meade, Major General Winfield S. Hancock, Major General John F. Reynolds and to mark the positions of the Pennsylvania commands engaged in the battle (tekijä: Bvt. Lt. Col. John P. Nicholson)
Pennsylvania at Gettysburg : The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, (Volume IV)
Pennsylvania at war, 1941-1945 (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Atlas & Gazetteer (tekijä: DeLorme Publishing)
The Pennsylvania Barn: Its Origin, Evolution, and Distribution in North America (tekijä: Robert F. Ensminger)
Pennsylvania beautiful (eastern) (tekijä: Wallace Nutting)
Pennsylvania Biographical Dictionary: People of All Times and All Places Who Have Been Important to the History and Life of the State.
Pennsylvania Birdlife (tekijä: Hal H. Harrison)
Pennsylvania births, Lancaster County, 1723-1777 (tekijä: John T. Humphrey)
Pennsylvania Births, Northampton County 1733–1800 (tekijä: John T. Humphrey)
A Pennsylvania bison hunt; being the results of an investigation into the causes and period of the destruction of these noble beasts in the Keystone ... a sketch of the career of Daniel Ott, (tekijä: Henry W. b. 1880 Shoemaker)
Pennsylvania Butterflies & Moths: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species (Wildlife and Nature Identification) (tekijä: James Kavanagh)
Pennsylvania Cavalcade (tekijä: Writers' Program)
Pennsylvania Censuses & Substitute Name Lists 1680-2015 (tekijä: William Dollarhide)
Pennsylvania Civil War Trails: The Guide to Battle Sites, Monuments, Museums and Towns (tekijä: Tom Huntington)
Pennsylvania Civil War Veteran Burials Adams County and Perry County (tekijä: Marion F. Egge)
Pennsylvania clocks and clockmakers; an epic of early American science, industry, and craftsmanship (tekijä: George H. Eckhardt)
Pennsylvania Code, Title 49. Professional and vocational standards, Chapter 21. State Board of Nursing. 1. Pennsylvania Board of Nursing Standards (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Colonial Records (tekijä: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc.)
The Pennsylvania Colony (Colonies) (tekijä: Bob Italia)
The Pennsylvania Colony (Spirit of America: Our Thirteen Colonies) (tekijä: Jean Kinney Williams)
The Pennsylvania Colony (The Thirteen Colonies) (tekijä: Dennis B. Fradin)
The Pennsylvania Colony (True Books: Colonies) (tekijä: Kevin Cunningham)
Pennsylvania Colony and Commonwealth (tekijä: Sydney George Fisher)
Pennsylvania Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction : How to Reduce Radon Levels in Your Home (tekijä: Pennsylvania Bureau of Radiation Protection)
Pennsylvania Curiosities (tekijä: Clark DeLeon)
Pennsylvania Dailies: 180 Daily Activities for Kids (Pennsylvania Experience) (tekijä: Carole Marsh)
Pennsylvania Disasters: True Stories of Tragedy and Survival (Disasters Series) (tekijä: Karen Ivory)
The Pennsylvania Dutch (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
Pennsylvania Dutch American Folk Art (tekijä: Henry J. Kauffman)
The Pennsylvania Dutch and Their Furniture (tekijä: John Gerald Shea)
Pennsylvania Dutch Country Ghosts Legends and Lore (tekijä: Charles J. Adams, III)
Pennsylvania Elementary Energy and Environment Science Activities (Book 5) (tekijä: Commonwealth of PA)
Pennsylvania Facts and Symbols (Mcauliffe, Emily. States and Their Symbols.) (tekijä: Emily McAuliffe)
Pennsylvania Family History Research Kit (tekijä: Stephanie Hoover)
Pennsylvania Firsts: The Famous, Infamous, and Quirky of the Keystone State (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
Pennsylvania forest fire warden manual, (Pennsylvania. Dept. of forests and waters. Bulletin) (tekijä: George Herman Wirt)
Pennsylvania Gardener's Guide (tekijä: Liz Ball)
Pennsylvania Genealogical Research (tekijä: George K. Schweitzer)
Pennsylvania Genealogies: Chiefly Scotch-Irish & German (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Pennsylvania Genealogist and Historian
Pennsylvania Genealogy Bundle (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Pennsylvania Genealogy Bundle (tekijä: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc.)
Pennsylvania geology [pdf]
Pennsylvania German Art, 1683-1850 (Chicago Visual Library) (tekijä: Beatrice B. Garvan)
Pennsylvania German bookplates : a study (tekijä: Henry Stauffer Borneman)
Pennsylvania German Church Records Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, Etc. From the Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings and Addresses. With an introduction by Don Yoder. 3 vols. (tekijä: Don Yoder)
Pennsylvania German Collection (tekijä: Beatrice B. Garvan)
The Pennsylvania German Collection (tekijä: Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Pennsylvania German fraktur and printed broadsides: A guide to the collections in the Library of Congress (Publications (tekijä: Library of Congress)
Pennsylvania German Illuminated Manuscripts (tekijä: Henry S. Borneman)
Pennsylvania German immigrants, 1709-1786 : lists consolidated from yearbooks of the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society (tekijä: Don Yoder)
Pennsylvania German Marriages : Marriages and Marriage Evidence in Pennsylvania German Churches (tekijä: Donna R. Irish)
Pennsylvania German pioneers : a publication of the original lists of arrivals in the port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808 (tekijä: Ralph Beaver Strassburger)
Pennsylvania German Pioneers: The Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia (3-Volume Set) (tekijä: Ralph B. Strassburger)
Pennsylvania German Pioneers: The Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia (Volume 1) (tekijä: Ralph Beaver Strassburger)
Pennsylvania German: A collection of Pennsylvania German productions in poetry and prose (German Edition) (tekijä: Daniel Miller)
The Pennsylvania Ghost Guide Vol. 1 (tekijä: Patty A. Wilson)
The Pennsylvania herald & York general advertiser / compiled by Diana L. Bowman (tekijä: Diana Bowman)
Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine 1998 Spring (tekijä: Michael J. O'Malley)
Pennsylvania Heritage Tourism Program Annual Report (tekijä: National Trust for Historic Preservation)
Pennsylvania Hiking Trails 11th. Edition 1993 (tekijä: David Raphael)
Pennsylvania Hiking Trails 9th Edition 1981 (tekijä: Richard C. Kimmel)
Pennsylvania Hiking Trails in State Parks, State Forests, Game Lands and Elsewhere (tekijä: David Raphael)
Pennsylvania Hiking Trails: A Guide to Hiking Opportunities in the Keystone State (tekijä: Keystone Trails Association)
Pennsylvania Historic Places (tekijä: Ruth Hoover Seitz)
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Pennsylvania History (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania History Vol. 78 Number 2 spring 2011 (tekijä: Pennsylvania History)
Pennsylvania History Volume 78 Number 3 Summer 2011 (tekijä: Pennsylvania History)
Pennsylvania History Volume 78 Number 4 Autumn 2011 (tekijä: Pennsylvania History)
Pennsylvania History Volume 79 Number 1 Winter 2012 (tekijä: Pennsylvania History)
Pennsylvania History Volume 79 Number 2 Spring 2012 (tekijä: Pennsylvania History)
Pennsylvania History Volume 79 Number 3 Summer 2012 (tekijä: Pennsylvania History)
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Pennsylvania in American History (tekijä: Pennypacker SW)
Pennsylvania in the Spanish-American War: A Commemorative Look Back (tekijä: Richard Sauers)
Pennsylvania in the War of the Revolution, Battalions and Line. 1775-1783 Vol. I. (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Pennsylvania in Words and Pictures (tekijä: Dennis B. Fradin)
Pennsylvania Indian Folk-Songs: An Address by Henry W. Shoemaker Before the College Club, Williamsport, Penna. (tekijä: Henry Wharton Shoemaker)
Pennsylvania Land Records: A History and Guide for Research (tekijä: Donna Bingham Munger)
Pennsylvania line : a research guide to Pennsylvania genealogy and local history (tekijä: William L. Iscrupe)
The Pennsylvania Line: Regimental Organization and Operations, 1775-1783 (tekijä: John B. Trussell)
Pennsylvania Lion or Panther & Felis Catus in Pennsylvania? (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
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The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography (tekijä: The Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
The Pennsylvania Main Line Canal (tekijä: Robert McCullough)
The Pennsylvania manual (tekijä: Alice Allen)
Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790 (tekijä: John B. Linn)
Pennsylvania Mass Transit Statistical Report 1973 - 1974 (tekijä: Pennsylvania Bureau of Radiation Protection)
The Pennsylvania Militia in 1777 (tekijä: Hannah Benner Roach)
Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening: What to Do Each Month to Have A Beautiful Garden All Year (tekijä: Liz Ball)
Pennsylvania Mountain Stories (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
Pennsylvania Mountain Vistas: A Guide for Hikers and Photographers (tekijä: Scott E. Brown)
The Pennsylvania Navy, 1775-1781; the defense of the Delaware (tekijä: John W. Jackson)
Pennsylvania Newspapers and Selected Out-Of-State Newspapers (tekijä: Louis F. Rauco)
Pennsylvania off the Beaten Path (tekijä: Christine O'Toole)
Pennsylvania outdoor activity guide (tekijä: Sally Moore)
Pennsylvania Overlooks: A Guide for Sightseers and Outdoor People (Keystone Books) (tekijä: Art Michaels)
Pennsylvania Painters. ( Pennsylvania History Studies No. 14) (tekijä: Irwin Richman)
Pennsylvania painters; centennial exhibition, October 7-November 6, 1955, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Pennsylvania State University. Mineral Industries Gallery, University Park, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania State University)
Pennsylvania Painters; Centennial, Exhibition, October 7-November 6, 1955, Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Pennsylvania State University (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Pennsylvania Patchwork Pillowcases and Other Small Treasures 1820-1920 (tekijä: Ann R. Hermes)
Pennsylvania People Projects: 30 Cool Activities, Crafts, Experiments and More for Kids to Do to Learn About Your State! (5) (Pennsylvania Experience) (tekijä: Carole Marsh)
Pennsylvania Political Governmental Military And Civil Military (Volume 5) (tekijä: Frederic Godcharles)
Pennsylvania politics and the growth of democracy, 1740-1776 (tekijä: Theodore Thayer)
Pennsylvania Politics, 1746-70: Movement for Royal Government and Its Consequences (tekijä: James H. Hutson)
Pennsylvania Politics, 1872-1877: A Study in Political Leadership (tekijä: Frank B. Evans)
Pennsylvania primer (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
Pennsylvania prints from the Collection of John C. O'Connor and Ralph M. Yeager : lithographs, engravings, aquatints, and watercolors from the Tavern Restaurant, January 13-March 30, 1980 : catalog (tekijä: Judith W. Hansen)
Pennsylvania Profiles (Pennsylvania Profiles , Vol 9) (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
Pennsylvania Profiles Volume 1 (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
Pennsylvania Profiles Volume 2 Strange but True (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
Pennsylvania Profiles Volume 3 Weird Things and Other Oddities (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
Pennsylvania Profiles: Keystone Chronicles (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
Pennsylvania Profiles: Scraping Up Pennsylvania's Past (tekijä: Patrick M. Reynolds)
Pennsylvania Publications of The Historical and Museum Commission (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Pennsylvania Quilt Treasures: The Art of the Needle (tekijä: Kutztown Area Historical Society)
The Pennsylvania railroad : its origin, construction, condition, and connections ; embracing historical, descriptive, and statistical notices of cities, towns, villages, stations, industries, and objects of interest on its various lines in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (tekijä: William B. Sipes)
Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotives: Photo Archive: Steam, Diesel & Electric (tekijä: John Kelly)
The Pennsylvania Railroad, Its Place in History 1846-1996 (tekijä: Dan Cupper)
The Pennsylvania Reader (tekijä: Trinka Hakes Noble)
Pennsylvania Research: County and Township Records (tekijä: John T. Humphrey)
Pennsylvania Rules of Court Federal 2007 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Pennsylvania Rules of Court State 2007 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Pennsylvania Rules of Court, Federal 2006 Revised Edition (tekijä: West Publishing)
Pennsylvania Rules of Court, State 2006 Revised (tekijä: West Publishing)
Pennsylvania Rules of Court: State, Revised Edition (tekijä: Thomson/West)
The Pennsylvania sampler: a biography of the Keystone State and its people (tekijä: Paul B. Beers)
Pennsylvania Snacks: A Guide to Food Factory Tours (tekijä: Sharon Hernes Silverman)
Pennsylvania State Parks and State Forests Passport
Pennsylvania state road atlas (tekijä: ADC)
Pennsylvania State Symbols (tekijä: Bruce Larkin)
Pennsylvania State Treasurer's Annual and Detailed Reports, 1887 (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated August 2005 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated February 2007 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated January 2004 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated January 2006 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated June 2004 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated November 2004 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated October 2006 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Pennsylvania Street Railway Atlas (tekijä: Benson W. Rohrbeck)
Pennsylvania The Keystone State
Pennsylvania The Keystone, A Short History (tekijä: Pennypacker SW)
Pennsylvania Traveler's Guide the Lincoln Highway (Pennsylvania Traveler's Guide) (tekijä: Brian Butko)
Pennsylvania Treaties, 1737-1756 (Early American Indian Documents: Treaties and Laws, 1607-1789, Vol. 2) (tekijä: Donald H. Kent)
Pennsylvania trees (tekijä: Joseph S. Illick)
Pennsylvania Trees & Wildflowers: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Plants (Pocket Naturalist Guide Series) (tekijä: James Kavanagh)
Pennsylvania trivia (tekijä: Ernie Couch)
Pennsylvania Trolley Photo Album (tekijä: B. W. Rohrbeck)
Pennsylvania Trolley Photo Album Volume III The Red Arrow Lines (tekijä: B. W. Rohrbeck)
Pennsylvania trolleys in color (tekijä: William D. Volkmer)
Pennsylvania Trolleys In Color Volume 2: The Philadelphia Region (tekijä: William D. Volkmer)
Pennsylvania Trolleys in Color, Volume 3 (tekijä: William D. Volkmer)
Pennsylvania Trolleys Volume 1 (tekijä: W.D. Volkmer)
Pennsylvania Trout Streams and Their Hatches (Regional Fishing) (tekijä: Charles R. Meck)
The Pennsylvania Turnpike (tekijä: Mitchell E. Dakelman)
Pennsylvania vehicle code annotated : law and commentary, 7th
Pennsylvania Vital Records. Volume III, Part A (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Pennsylvania Waterfalls: A Guide For Hikers And Photographers (tekijä: Scott E. Brown)
Pennsylvania Wildlife: An Introduction to Familiar Species of Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish and Butterflies (State Nature Guides) (tekijä: James Kavanagh)
Pennsylvania women in the American Revolution (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Pennsylvania's Covered Bridges (Images of America) (tekijä: Fred J. Moll)
Pennsylvania's Covered Bridges-Our Heritage (tekijä: Fred J. Moll)
Pennsylvania's Haunted Route 22 (tekijä: Ed Kelemen)
Pennsylvania's Haunted Route 30 (tekijä: Ed Kelemen)
Pennsylvania's Historic Bridges (Postcard History Series) (tekijä: Fred J. Moll)
Pennsylvania's mineral heritage. The commonwealth at the economic crossroads of her industrial development (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Pennsylvania's Natural Beauty (Pennsylvania's Cultural & Natural Heritage) (tekijä: Ruth Hoover Seitz)
Pennsylvania's Revolution (tekijä: William Pencak)
Pennsylvania's Treacherous Trails & Haunted Townships (tekijä: Sherri Granato)
Pennsylvania's Adams County Ghosts: Featuring Gettysburg, New Oxford, Cashtown & Vicinity (tekijä: Steve McNaughton)
Pennsylvania's Black history (tekijä: Charles L. Blockson)
Pennsylvania's Coal and Iron Police (Images of America) (tekijä: Spencer J. Sadler)
Pennsylvania's first year at war (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Pennsylvania's Forests (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania's Northeast (Pa's Cultural & Natural Heritage Series) (tekijä: Ruth Hoover Seitz)
Pennsylvania's regions a survey of the Commonwealth
Pennsylvania's Scenic Route 6: A Guide to Historic Sites, Towns and Natural Lands (tekijä: John G. Hope)
Pennsylvania's street railways (tekijä: Benson W. Rohrbeck)
Pennsylvania's Tapestry : Scenes from the Air (tekijä: Ruth Hoover Seitz)
Pennsylvania, 1643-1776 (tekijä: Lisa Trumbauer)
Pennsylvania, My First Pocket Guide (tekijä: Carole Marsh)
Pennsylvania, the colonial years, 1681-1776 (tekijä: Joseph J Kelley)
Pennsylvania, the golden (tekijä: Herman LeRoy Collins)
Pennsylvania, the story of a commonwealth (tekijä: Robert Fortenbaugh)
Pennsylvania, tourism & transportation map 2011 (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Pennsylvania, Various Counties
Pennsylvania, Wild & Scenic 2017 Square (tekijä: Browntrout Publishers)
Pennsylvania, Wild & Scenic 2018 12 x 12 Inch Monthly Square Wall Calendar, USA United States of America Northeast State Nature (tekijä: Browntrout Publishers)
Pennsylvania, Wild & Scenic 2018 7 x 7 Inch Monthly Mini Wall Calendar, USA United States of America Northeast State Nature (Multilingual Edition) (tekijä: Browntrout Publishers)
The Pennsylvania-German in the French and Indian war; a historical sketch (1905) (tekijä: Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards)
The Pennsylvania-German in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 (tekijä: Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards)
The Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle (tekijä: Henry J. Kauffman)
Pennsylvania: 21 Postcards (tekijä: Browntrout Publishers)
Pennsylvania: A Bicentennial History (tekijä: Thomas C. Cochran)
Pennsylvania: A Guide to the Keystone State (tekijä: Federal Writers Project)
Pennsylvania: A history (tekijä: George Patterson Donehoo)
Pennsylvania: A History (5 vols) (tekijä: Ed. George P. Donehoo)
Pennsylvania: A History of the Commonwealth (tekijä: Randall M. Miller)
PENNSYLVANIA: A HISTORY VOLS I-III (tekijä: George Patterson Donehoo)
Pennsylvania: A Photographic Journey (Photographic Journey Series) (tekijä: Bill Harris)
Pennsylvania: an ethnic sampler (tekijä: Richard Wolfe)
Pennsylvania: An ethnic sampler (tekijä: Daniel Walden)
Pennsylvania: Land Of Many Dreams (tekijä: Bill Harris)
Pennsylvania: seed of a nation (tekijä: Paul A. W. Wallace)
Pennsylvania: The Keystone State (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
Pennsylvania: The Keystone State (tekijä: Scott Ingram)
Pennsylvania: the Keystone State (tekijä: Amy Rechner)
Pennsylvania: The Keystone State (50 state quarters) (tekijä: Nancy E. Krulik)
Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania Experience (tekijä: Carole Marsh)
Pennsylvania: Where a Nation Was Born...200 Years Ago (tekijä: Bicentennial Commission)
The people of New Sweden : our colony on the Delaware River 1638-1655 (tekijä: Alf Åberg)
People of the Nightland (tekijä: W. Michael Gear)
The People vs. Alex Cross (tekijä: James Patterson)
The Peoples of Pennsylvania No. 4: The Italians in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
The Peoples of Philadelphia: A History of Ethnic Groups and Lower-Class Life, 1790-1940 (tekijä: Allen F. Davis)
The Perennial Philadelphians: The Anatomy of an American Aristocracy (tekijä: Nathaniel Burt)
The Perils of Peace: America's Struggle for Survival After Yorktown (tekijä: Thomas J. Fleming)
Persons Naturalized in the Province of Pennsylvania, 1740-1773 (tekijä: John B. Linn)
Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Pennsylvania (Peterson Field Guides) (tekijä: Roger Tory Peterson)
The Petition of 1747; A Study in York County's Founding (tekijä: Charles Henry Glatfelter)
Philadelphia (tekijä: Christopher Davis)
Philadelphia 1777: Taking the Capital (tekijä: Justin Clement)
Philadelphia : the place and the people (tekijä: Agnes Repplier)
Philadelphia [1993 film] (tekijä: Jonathan Demme)
The Philadelphia Adventure (tekijä: Lloyd Alexander)
Philadelphia and Atlantic City (Pocket Guides)
Philadelphia Antiques Show 1990
Philadelphia Architecture: A Guide to the City (tekijä: John Andrew Gallery)
The Philadelphia campaign : June 1777-July 1778 (tekijä: David G. Martin)
Philadelphia County Area Key (tekijä: Florence Clint)
Philadelphia County Court Rules (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Philadelphia Divided: Race and Politics in the City of Brotherly Love (tekijä: James Wolfinger)
Philadelphia Eagles 1996 (VHS)
The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility (tekijä: Charles Berlitz)
Philadelphia Fire (tekijä: John Edgar Wideman)
Philadelphia Gentlemen: The Making of a National Upper Class (tekijä: E. Digby Baltzell)
Philadelphia Georgian: The City House of Samuel Powel and Some of Its 18th Century Neighbors (tekijä: George B. Tatum)
Philadelphia Ghost Stories (tekijä: Charles J. Adams III)
Philadelphia Graveyards and Cemeteries (Images of America: Pennsylvania) (tekijä: Thomas H. Keels)
Philadelphia in the Civil War 1861-1865 (tekijä: Frank H. Taylor)
The Philadelphia Inquirer's Walking Tour of Historic Philadelphia (Philadelphia Inquirer's Walking Tours of Historic Philadelphia) (tekijä: Edward Colimore)
Philadelphia Merchant: The Diary of Thomas P. Cope, 1800-1851 (tekijä: Thomas P. Cope)
Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell (tekijä: Jane Golden)
The Philadelphia Negro: A Social Study (tekijä: W. E. B. Du Bois)
Philadelphia Presbyterianism: An historical sketch of Philadelphia Presbyterianism through two centuries and a half with (tekijä: Lefferts Augustine Loetscher)
Philadelphia Preserved: Catalog of the Historic American Buildings Survey (tekijä: Richard Webster)
Philadelphia Quakers, 1681-1981 : a tercentenary family album (tekijä: Robert H. Wilson)
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Philadelphia Then and Now : 60 Sites Photographed in the Past and Present (tekijä: Kenneth Finkel)
Philadelphia's Outdoor Art: A Walking Tour (tekijä: Roslyn F. Brenner)
Philadelphia, holy experiment (tekijä: Maxwell Struthers Burt)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : including Chester, Downingtown, Doylestown, Glassboro NJ ... plus .. SEPTA mass transit cha
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Philadelphia: Work, Space, Family, and Group Experience in the 19th Century: Essays Toward an Interdisciplinary History (tekijä: Theodore Hershberg)
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The Photograph (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
The Piano Lesson (tekijä: August Wilson)
Pickett's Charge (tekijä: George Stewart)
Pickett's Charge in History and Memory (tekijä: Carol Reardon)
Pickett's Charge: Eyewitness Accounts (tekijä: Richard Rollins)
Picture Book of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Bernadine Bailey)
A Picture of Her Tombstone: A Carroll Dorsey Mystery (tekijä: Thomas Lipinski)
Pieced by Mother Symposium Papers (tekijä: Jeannette Lasansky)
Pieniä maanjäristyksiä (tekijä: Jennifer Weiner)
Pioneer Life; Or, Thirty Years a Hunter. Being Scenes and Adventures in the Life of Philip Tome, Fifteen Years Interpreter for Cornplanter and Gov. Blacksnake, Chiefs on the Allegany River (tekijä: Philip Tome)
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Pittsburgh's Strip District: Around the World in a Neighborhood (tekijä: Lauren Uhl)
Pittsburgh, 1900-1945 (tekijä: Michael Eversmeyer)
Pittsburgh: An Urban Portrait (tekijä: Franklin Toker)
Pittsburgh: Fulfilling Its Destiny (tekijä: Vince Gagetta)
Pittsburgh: The Story of a City, 1750-1865 (tekijä: Leland D. Baldwin)
Pittsburghin mysteerit (tekijä: Michael Chabon)
A Place of Peace (tekijä: Amy Clipston)
A Plain & Fancy Christmas (tekijä: Cynthia Keller)
Plain and Fancy (tekijä: Wanda E. Brunstetter)
Plain and Fancy: Country Quilts of the Pennsylvania-Germans (tekijä: Anita Schorsch)
Plain and Simple: A Woman's Journey to the Amish (tekijä: Sue Bender)
Plain Buggies (People's Place Book, No 3) (tekijä: Stephen Scott)
Plain Girl (tekijä: Virginia Sorensen)
Plain Truth (tekijä: Jodi Picoult)
Planemakers of Western Pennsylvania and Environs (tekijä: Jr. Prine, Charles W.)
The Plantation (tekijä: Chris Kuzneski)
The planting of civilization in western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Solon J. Buck)
Play Dead (tekijä: Richard Montanari)
Play It Again, Spam (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
Playing With Fire (tekijä: Dirk Greyson)
Please Don't Kill Mommy!: The True Story of a man who killed his wife, got away with it, then killed again (St. Martin's (tekijä: Fannie Weinstein)
Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg (tekijä: Eric J. Wittenberg)
Pocket Guide to Pennsylvania Snakes (tekijä: Walter E. Meshaka)
A Pocket Guide to Salamanders of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Walter E. Meshaka)
Pocketguide to Pennsylvania Hatches (tekijä: Charles Meck)
Poison in Jest (tekijä: John Dickson Carr)
Poison Widows: A True Story of Witchcraft, Arsenic, and Murder (tekijä: George Cooper)
Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania (tekijä: Johnathan Rand)
The Politics of Piracy: Crime and Civil Disobedience in Colonial America (tekijä: Douglas R. Burgess Jr.)
The Polyporaceae of Pennsylvania: The Genus Polyporus (tekijä: L.O. Overholts)
Polyporaceae of Pennsylvania: The Genus Poria (tekijä: Lee Oras Overholts)
Poppy's Secret (tekijä: Andrew Grey)
Popular Home Remedies and Superstitions of the Pennsylvania Germans (tekijä: Jr. A. Monroe Aurand)
Popularizing Pennsylvania: Henry W. Shoemaker and the Progressive Uses of Folklore and History (tekijä: Simon J. Bronner)
Portrait in Grey: Short History of the Quakers (tekijä: John Punshon)
Portrait of Pennsylvania, (tekijä: Sylvester Kirby Stevens)
The Postcard (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
Potters and potteries in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania : c. 1660 to c. 1910 (tekijä: James B. Whisker)
A practical vision: The story of Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania, 1937-1987 (tekijä: Margaret C Albert)
A Prayer for the City (tekijä: Buzz Bissinger)
The Preacher's Daughter (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
Precious Blood (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Prehistoric farmers of the Susquehanna Valley : Clemson Island culture and the St. Anthony site (tekijä: R. Michael Stewart)
The President's Daughter (tekijä: Barbara Chase-Riboud)
Pretty in Punxsutawney (tekijä: Laurie Boyle Crompton)
The Price of a Child (tekijä: Lorene Cary)
Prices and inflation during the American Revolution : Pennsylvania, 1770-1790 (tekijä: Anne Bezanson)
Prices in colonial Pennsylvania (tekijä: Anne Bezanson)
Printers and Men of Capital: Philadelphia Book Publishers in the New Republic (Early American Studies) (tekijä: Rosalind Remer)
The proceedings relative to calling the conventions of 1776 and 1790. The minutes of the convention that formed the present constitution of Pennsylvania, together with the charter to William Penn, the constitutions of 1776 and 1790, and a view of the proceedings of the convention of 1776, and the council of censors (tekijä: [Pennsylvania])
The Prodigal (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
Prom (tekijä: Laurie Halse Anderson)
Proprietary capitalism : the textile manufacture at Philadelphia, 1800-1885 (tekijä: Philip Scranton)
Protecting Charlotte (tekijä: Rochelle Paige)
Protecting Melody (tekijä: Susan Stoker)
Protecting the Flank at Gettysburg: The Battles for Brinkerhoff's Ridge and East Cavalry Field, July 2 -3, 1863 (tekijä: Eric J. Wittenberg)
The Punisher: Frank Castle — Six Hours to Kill (tekijä: Duane Swierczynski)
The Purchase (tekijä: Linda Spalding)
Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes, annotated (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Purdon's Pennsylvaina Legislative Service Acts 2004-1 to 2004-10 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Purdon's Pennsylvaina Legislative Service Acts 2004-11 to 2004-20 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
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Purdon's Pennsylvaina Legislative Service Acts 2004-21 to 2004-37 (tekijä: Thomson/West)
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Purdon's Pennsylvania Statues and Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Annotated 2005 M to Z (tekijä: Thomson/West)
Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia (tekijä: E. Digby Baltzell)
Puzzle Me This (tekijä: Eli Easton)
The Puzzles of Amish Life (People's Place Book No. 10) (tekijä: Donald Kraybill)
Quaint Idioms and Expressions of the Pennsylvania Germans (tekijä: A. Monroe Aurand, Jr.)
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A Question of Proof (tekijä: Joseph Amiel)
The Quilter's Daughter (tekijä: Wanda E. Brunstetter)
The Quilter's Legacy (tekijä: Jennifer Chiaverini)
The Quilts of Landis Valley (tekijä: Stephen and Herr Miller, Patricia)
Quoth the Raven (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
The R.R. Cut, Seminary ridge, Gettysburg (tekijä: Alfred R. Waud)
Rabbit, Run [1970 film] (tekijä: Jack Smight)
Rail-Trails Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York (tekijä: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy)
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Trail of History Guide (tekijä: Dan Cupper)
The Railroad That Never Was: Vanderbilt, Morgan, and the South Pennsylvania Railroad (Railroads Past and Present) (tekijä: Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.)
Railroads of Pennsylvania: Fragments of the Past in the Keystone Landscape (tekijä: Lorett Treese)
Railroads of Pennsylvania: Your Guide To Pennsylvania's Historic Trains and Railway Sites (tekijä: Brian Solomon)
The Raleigh Register, 1799-1863 (tekijä: Robert Neal Elliott)
Rand McNally Easy-To-Read State Map: Pennsylvania (tekijä: Rand McNally)
Rand McNally EasyFinder: Pennsylvania (tekijä: Rand McNally)
Rand McNally Kids' Road Atlas (tekijä: Rand McNally)
Rand McNally Mobil Pennsylvania Travel Map (tekijä: Rand McNally)
Rand McNally Pennsylvania (tekijä: Rand McNally & Co.)
Rand McNally Standard Indexed Map With Air Trails Pennsylvania (tekijä: Rand McNally & Co.)
Rand McNally StreetFinder Map: Philadelphia (tekijä: Rand McNally and Company)
I Reach Through Time and Touch the Other Side (tekijä: Sophia Deri-Bowen)
Reader's Digest Explore America: Forts and Battlefields (tekijä: Reader's Digest)
The Real Cost of Fracking: How America's Shale Gas Boom Is Threatening Our Families, Pets, and Food (tekijä: Michelle Bamberger)
Real People: Amish and Mennonites in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: A. Martha Denlinger)
Rebellion at Christiana (tekijä: Margaret Hope Bacon)
Receiving Erin's Children: Philadelphia, Liverpool, and the Irish Famine Migration, 1845-1855 (tekijä: J. Matthew Gallman)
Recipes: American Cooking: The Eastern Heartland (tekijä: Time-Life)
The Reckoning (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
Recollections of a Texas Colonel at Gettysburg (tekijä: Robert M. Powell)
Reconstructing the Past: Puzzle of the Lost Community at Yellow Hill (tekijä: Debra Sandoe McCauslin)
Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810 Volume 1 (Pennsylvania Archives vols. VIII and IX, 1) (tekijä: Pennsylvania Archives)
Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810 Volume II (tekijä: John B. Linn)
Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810. In Two Volumes. Volume I (tekijä: John B. Linn)
Records of Pastoral Acts at Zion Lutheran Church, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, 1795-1827 (tekijä: Frederick Sheely Weiser)
Recreation in the state parks and state forests of Pennsylvania, (Pennsylvania. Dept. of Forests and Waters. Bulletin 53) (tekijä: William Erdman Montgomery)
The Red Arrow; a history of one of the most successful suburban transit companies in the world (tekijä: Ronald DeGraw)
The Red city; a novel of the second administration of President Washington (tekijä: S. Weir Mitchell)
The Redemption of Sarah Cain (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
The Redemption of the 'Harper's Ferry Cowards': The Story of the 111th and 126th New York State Volunteer Regiments at Gettysburg [Signed] (tekijä: R. L. Murray)
Reflections on Teaching Writing II: Voices of Change from Pennsylvania's Writing Projects (tekijä: Pennsylvania. Dept. of Education)
Reflections on the Civil War (tekijä: Bruce Catton)
Regimental Strengths and Losses at Gettysburg (tekijä: John W. Busey)
Regional Studies in Latter-day Saint Church History: New York and Pennsylvania (tekijä: Alexander L. Baugh)
Religion in a Revolutionary Age (tekijä: Ronald Hoffman)
Reminiscences of George La Bar - The Centenarian of Monroe County, PA. (tekijä: A. B. Burrell)
Report of the Commission to locate the site of the frontier forts of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Commission to Locate the Site of the Frontier Fort)
Report of the Commissioners of Fisheries of the State of Pennsylvania for the Year 1900 (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Report of the Department of Fisheries of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the Year 1902 (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Report of the State Commissioners of Fisheries for the Year 1896 (tekijä: State of Pennsylvania)
Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the year ending July, 6, 1914 (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Report on the birds of Pennsylvania; with special reference to the food habits, based on over four thousand stomach examinations (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
The republic of labor : Philadelphia artisans and the politics of class, 1720-1830 (tekijä: Ronald Schultz)
Republican Theory and Partisan Reality in Revolutionary Pennsylvania: Toward a New View of the Constitutionalist Party (tekijä: Richard Alan Ryerson)
Research in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Kay Haviland Freilich)
Reshaping Ethnic and Racial Relations in Philadelphia - Immigrants in A Divided City (tekijä: Judith Goode)
Resolution of the General assembly of Pennsylvania, approving of the declaration of the President of the United States in favor of the cause of liberty in the western hemisphere (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Responsible Men: A Novel (tekijä: Edward Schwarzschild)
Retreat From Gettysburg (tekijä: Kathleen Ernst)
Retreat from Gettysburg: Lee, Logistics, and the Pennsylvania Campaign (tekijä: Kent Masterson Brown)
Returns of taxables for the counties of Bedford (1773 to 1784), Huntingdon (1788), Westmoreland (1783, 1786), Fayette (1785, 1786), Allegheny (1791), Washington (1786). And census of Bedford (1784) and Westmoreland (1783) (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
The Revolution Is Now Begun: The Radical Committees of Philadelphia, 1765-1776 (tekijä: Richard Alan Ryerson)
Revolutionary patriots of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1775-1783 (tekijä: Henry C. Peden)
Revolutionary War on Wednesday (tekijä: Mary Pope Osborne)
Revolutionary War veteran's grave register, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Revolutionary War veterans who settled in Butler County, Pennsylvania : an independent study (tekijä: Paul W. Myers)
Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico (tekijä: Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez)
The Riddle of Amish Culture (tekijä: Donald B. Kraybill)
Ride the River (tekijä: Louis L'Amour)
Riding the Bus with My Sister: A True Life Journey (tekijä: Rachel Simon)
Riggs (tekijä: Tasha Black)
Rising Sign (tekijä: Jared R. Lopatin)
Ristilukki väijyy (tekijä: Leslie Ford)
The River Killings: A Zoe Hayes Mystery (Zoe Hayes Mysteries) (tekijä: Merry Jones)
Rivers of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Tim Palmer)
Rivers, Raiders, and Renegades (Frontier Pennsylvania) (Volume 5) (tekijä: John L. Moore)
The Road Home (tekijä: Tommy Tenney)
The Road to Glory: Confederate General Richard S. Ewell (tekijä: Samuel J. Martin)
Roads from Gettysburg (tekijä: John W. Schildt)
Roads to Gettysburg: Lee's Invasion of the North, 1863 (tekijä: Bradley M. Gottfried)
Roadside Geology of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Bradford B. Van Diver)
Robert Fulton: Boy Craftsman (tekijä: Marguerite Henry)
Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Jonah Winter)
Roberto Clemente: Young Baseball Hero (tekijä: Francene Sabin)
Rock Garden Flower; or, Growing Up During the Depression (tekijä: Florence Hardesty)
Rocks and Minerals of Pennsylvania (tekijä: John Henry Barnes)
The Rocksburg Railroad Murders (tekijä: K. C. Constantine)
Rocky (tekijä: Tasha Black)
Rocky [DVD] [1977] (tekijä: Sylvester Stallone)
Rodale's Naturally Delicious Desserts and Snacks (tekijä: Faye Martin)
Roots of Violence in Black Philadelphia, 1860-1900 (tekijä: Roger Lane)
The Rosary Girls (tekijä: Richard Montanari)
Route 30: Pennsylvania's Haunted Highway (tekijä: Ed Kelemen)
Rum Punch & Revolution: Taverngoing & Public Life in Eighteenth Century Philadelphia (tekijä: Peter Thompson)
Rumspringa: To Be or Not to Be Amish (tekijä: Tom Shachtman)
Runaway Servants, Convicts, and Apprentices Advertised in the Pennsylvania Gazette 1728-1796 (tekijä: Farley Ward Grubb)
Running from the Law (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Running to You (tekijä: Andrew Grey)
Rural Pennsylvania Clothing (tekijä: Ellen J. Gehret)
Russophobia in New Zealand, 1838-1908 (tekijä: Glynn Barratt)
Saalistaja (tekijä: Harlan Coben)
Saber and Scapegoat: J.E.B. Stuart and the Gettysburg Controversy (tekijä: Mark Nesbitt)
Sacred Places : A Comprehensive Guide to LDS Historical Sites New York and Pennsylvania (Sacred Places) (tekijä: LaMar C. Berrett)
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elizabethville, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania: Burials, 1889-1964. (tekijä: Unknown)
Sanctuary (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
The Santa Thief (tekijä: Alane Adams)
Satellite Sam Volume 2 (tekijä: Matt Fraction)
Savannah (tekijä: Eugenia Price)
Saved for the People of Pennsylvania: Quilts from the Collection of the State Museum of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Lucinda R. Cawley)
Saving the Liberty Bell (tekijä: Megan McDonald)
Scenic Driving Pennsylvania (tekijä: Rhonda Ostertag)
Scenic Routes & Byways Middle Atlantic: Best Drives through Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland (Scenic Driving) (tekijä: Randi Minetor)
Scholastic Atlas Of The United States (tekijä: David Rubel)
School Laws of Pennsylvania 1913: The School Code and Other Laws Relative to the Public Schools (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
School of Rock [2003 film] (tekijä: Richard Linklater)
School's Out (tekijä: Wanda E. Brunstetter)
Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy [2014 film] (tekijä: Paul McEvoy)
The Scotch-Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania (tekijä: Wayland F. Dunaway)
The Scots and Scotch-Irish in America (tekijä: James E. Johnson)
The Scrambled States of America (tekijä: Laurie Keller)
Sean Griswold's Head (tekijä: Lindsey Leavitt)
Seasonality and Settlement Pattern of Late Woodland Components at the Faucett Site (tekijä: Roger W. Moeller)
Second Annual Report of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 1896. (tekijä: Pennsylvania Department of Education)
The Second Day at Gettysburg: Essays on Confederate and Union Leadership (tekijä: Gary W. Gallagher)
Second geological survey of Pennsylvania (tekijä: State of Pennsylvania)
The second period of Quakerism (tekijä: William C. Braithwaite)
Secret Agent Santa (Brothers in Arms: Retribution) (tekijä: Carol Ericson)
Secret War (tekijä: Brian Michael Bendis)
Seducing the Proper Miss Miller (tekijä: Anne Marie Winston)
Seeing Pennsylvania (tekijä: John Thomson Faris)
The Seekers (tekijä: Heather Graham)
Seen the Glory: A Novel of the Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: John Hough Jr.)
SEPTA's Philadelphia street and transit map : complete street and transit information for Philadelphia County
Settlers, Soldiers, and Scalps (Frontier Pennsylvania Book 6) (tekijä: John L. Moore)
The Seventh Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Cavalry Its Record, Reminiscences and Roster: The Saber Regiment (tekijä: William B. Sipes)
Shadows on Society Hill (tekijä: Evelyn Coleman)
The shaping of a battle: Gettysburg (tekijä: James Stuart Montgomery)
The Shawnees and the war for America (tekijä: Colin Calloway)
Shazam!: A Celebration of 75 Years (tekijä: Bill Parker)
Shh! We're Writing the Constitution (tekijä: Jean Fritz)
Ship Passenger Lists: Pennsylvania and Delaware, 1641-1825 (tekijä: Carl Boyer 3rd)
Shohola Falls: A Novel (tekijä: Michael Pearson)
Shoo-Fly Girl (tekijä: Lois Lenski)
Short Bike Rides in Eastern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Bill Simpson)
Shunned (tekijä: Arthur L. Ford)
The Shunning (tekijä: Beverly Lewis)
Sickles at Gettysburg: The Controversial Civil War General Who Committed Murder, Abandoned Little Round Top, and Declared Himself the Hero of Gettysburg (tekijä: James A. Hessler)
Sickles the Incredible: A Biography of Daniel Edgar Sickles (tekijä: W. A. Swanberg)
Siege of Tarr-Hostigos (tekijä: John F. Carr)alternate universe
Sieppari ruispellossa (tekijä: J. D. Salinger)
Signers of the Declaration of Independence (tekijä: Robert G. Ferris)
The Silenced (tekijä: Heather Graham)
Silver Dollar Girl (tekijä: Katherine Ayres)
The Silver Linings Playbook (tekijä: Matthew Quick)
Sinä ja minä sitten joskus (tekijä: Jay Asher)
Singing in the Comeback Choir (tekijä: Bebe Moore Campbell)
Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy (tekijä: Ian W. Toll)
Skeleton crew (tekijä: Stephen King)
Skeleton Key (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Slavery and Freedom in the Age of the American Revolution (tekijä: Ira Berlin)
Sleepless (tekijä: Cyn Balog)
Small Brutal Incidents (tekijä: Michael Dittman)
Smart About the Fifty States (tekijä: Jon Buller)
The Smithsonian Guides to Natural America: The Mid-Atlantic States (tekijä: Eugene Walter)
Smoketown: The Untold Story of the Other Great Black Renaissance (tekijä: Mark Whitaker)
A Soldier's Recollections: Leaves from the Diary of a Young Confederate; With an Oration on the Motives and Aims of the Soldiers of the South (Collector's Library of the Civil War) (tekijä: Randolph H. McKim)
Some Cuts Never Heal: A Lenny Moss Mystery (tekijä: Timothy Sheard)
Some Like It Lethal (tekijä: Nancy Martin)
Some Pennsylvania Women During the War of the Revolution (Metalmark) (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Somebody Else's Music (tekijä: Jane Haddam)
Somerset County : pride beyond the mountains (tekijä: Jaclyn LaPlaca)
The Somerset County Outline (tekijä: John C. Cassady)
Somerset County, Pennsylvania, willbook index, 1795-1900 (tekijä: Bob Closson)
Sons and daughters of labor : class and clerical work in turn-of-the-century Pittsburgh (tekijä: Ileen A. DeVault)
Sorcerers (Arkana) (tekijä: Jacob Needleman)
Soul of the lion: a biography of General Joshua L. Chamberlain (tekijä: Willard M. Wallace)
Sources and Documents Illustrating the American Revolution, 1764-1788: and the Formation of the Federal Constitution (tekijä: Samuel Eliot Morison)
South Mountain Sketches: Folktales and Legends Collected in the Mountains of Southern Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
Southeastern Pennsylvania Trolleys (tekijä: Kenneth C. Springirth)
Southwester Historical Quarterly (tekijä: The Texas State Historical Association)
Sovereign States in an Age of Uncertainty (tekijä: Ronald Hoffman)
Speak of the Devil (tekijä: Jenna Black)
A Special Blessing for Sara (tekijä: June Bryan Belfie)
Special Operations (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
The Spectator and the Topographical City (tekijä: Martin Aurand)
The Spencers of Amberson Ave: A Turn-of-the-Century Memoir (tekijä: Ethel Spencer)
A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin (tekijä: Jen Bryant)
Spooky Pennsylvania: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore (tekijä: S. E. Schlosser)
Spring Fires (tekijä: Cynthia Wright)
Stability and change in Revolutionary Pennsylvania : banking, politics, and social structure (tekijä: George David Rappaport)
The Stamp Act Crisis: Prologue to Revolution (tekijä: Edmund S. Morgan)
Stand Firm Ye Boys from Maine: The 20th Maine and the Gettysburg Campaign (tekijä: Thomas A. Desjardin)
The Stand of the U.S. Army at Gettysburg (tekijä: Jeffrey C. Hall)
The Star of Gettysburg (tekijä: Joseph A. Altsheler)
Stars in Their Courses : The Gettysburg Campaign, June-July 1863 (tekijä: Shelby Foote)
THE STATE FORESTS OF PENNSYLVANIA. Bulletin 37 (Revised). (tekijä: Pennsylvania State Forests.)
State of the accounts of the county lieutenants during the War of the Revolution, 1777-1789 (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
State prisons, hospitals, soldiers' homes and orphan schools controlled by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania : embracing their history, finances and the laws by which they are governed (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
State Shapes Pennsylvania (tekijä: Erin McHugh)
The Steal: The Attempt to Overturn the 2020 Election and the People Who Stopped It (tekijä: Mark Bowden)
Stealing God's Thunder: Benjamin Franklin's Lightning Rod and the Invention of America (tekijä: Philip Dray)
Steel City Confessions (tekijä: Thomas Lipinski)
Steelton (Images of America: Pennsylvania) (tekijä: Michael Barton)
The Steinmans of Lancaster : a family and its enterprises (tekijä: Jack Brubaker)
Stephen Girard: America's First Tycoon (tekijä: George Wilson)
The Steps of Pittsburgh: Portrait of a City (tekijä: Bob Regan)
The Stewarts of Coitsville- A History of Robert and Sarah Stewart of Adams County, Pennsylvania
Still Philadelphia (tekijä: Fredric M. Miller)
Stolen Heat (tekijä: Elisabeth Naughton)
Stone's Brigade and the Fight for the McPherson Farm (tekijä: James J. Dougherty)
Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg (tekijä: Douglas Lee Gibboney)
The Storekeeper's Daughter (tekijä: Wanda E. Brunstetter)
Le Storie n. 87: Keller 2 - Gangster Story (tekijä: Luigi Mignacco)
Le Storie n. 88: Keller 3 - Musuraca (tekijä: Luigi Mignacco)
Storming Little Round Top: The 15th Alabama and Their Fight for the High Ground, July 2, 1863 (tekijä: Phillip Thomas Tucker)
The Story of Gettysburg in Pictures (tekijä: Blocher's)
The Story of Robert E. Lee's Headquarters, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Timothy H. Smith)
The story of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 1827-1927 (tekijä: Edward Hungerford)
The Story of the Constitution (Cornerstones of Freedom first series) (tekijä: Marilyn Prolman)
The Story of the Liberty Bell (tekijä: Natalie Miller)
The Story of William Penn (tekijä: Aliki)
A Strange and Blighted Land: Gettysburg, The Aftermath of a Battle (tekijä: Gregory A. Coco)
Strange but True (tekijä: John Searles)
Strange Highways [novella only] (tekijä: Dean Koontz)
Strange Pennsylvania Monsters (tekijä: Michael Newton)
Strawberry Mansion: A Philadelphia Story (tekijä: Julia Press Simmons)
Stream Map of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Department of forests and Waters Commonwealth of Pa)
Street Names of Philadelphia (tekijä: Robert I. Alotta)
Street of No Return (tekijä: David Goodis)
Street Railway Companies of Pennsylvania (tekijä: B. W. Rohrbeck)
Streetwise Philadelphia Map - Laminated City Center Street Map of Philadelphia, PA - Folding pocket size travel map with Septa metro map, bus map (tekijä: Streetwise Maps)
Struggle for the Round Tops: Law's Alabama Brigade at the Battle of Gettysburg, July 2-3, 1863 (tekijä: Morris M. Penny)
Stuck In Shangri-La (tekijä: Kasey Michaels)
Stuck on the Map (tekijä: Dan Murphy)
Suburb in the city : Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 1850-1990 (tekijä: David R. Contosta)
The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution (tekijä: David O. Stewart)
A Summer Pursuit (tekijä: Jules Radcliffe)
A Summer Soundtrack for Falling in Love (tekijä: Arden Powell)
Summers at Blue Lake (tekijä: Jill Althouse-Wood)
The Sunday Macaroni Club: A Novel (tekijä: Steve Lopez)
Supernatural Lore of Pennsylvania: Ghosts, Monsters and Miracles (tekijä: Thomas White)
Supernatural Pennsylvania (tekijä: Laurie Hull)
Surname index to 71 Fayette County cemeteries, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Shirley G. McQuillis)
Surname index to the 1874 atlas of Butler County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Nancy Byers Romig)
I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 (tekijä: Lauren Tarshis)
The Susquehanna (tekijä: Carl Carmer)
Susquehanna Heartland (Pennsylvania's Cultural & Natural Heritage) (tekijä: Ruth Hoover Seitz)
Susquehanna Legends Collected in Central Pennsylvania (tekijä: Henry W. Shoemaker)
The Susquehannocks: New Perspectives on Settlement and Cultural Identity (Recent Research in Pennsylvania Archaeology) (tekijä: Paul A. Raber)
Sustaining Penn's Woods? (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
Suuri rakkaus (tekijä: Sarah Dunn)
Sweet Land of Liberty: The Ordeal of the American Revolution in Northampton County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Francis S. Fox)
Swift Arrow (tekijä: Josephine C. Edwards)
The Sword of Lincoln: The Army of the Potomac (tekijä: Jeffry D. Wert)
Sympathy (tekijä: Jordan Castillo Price)
The Synagogues of Central and Western Pennsylvania: A Visual Journey (tekijä: Julian H. Preisler)
Sähköpiano (tekijä: Kurt Vonnegut)
Taken (tekijä: Kathleen George)
Taming Democracy (tekijä: Terry Bouton)
Taming It Down (tekijä: Kim McLarin)
Tannersville Circuit church records, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, 1859-1884 (tekijä: Kim Pryse Kimler)
Tax List of Chester County, Pennsylvania 1768 (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Tax list of York County, 1779 : pertaining to persons living in York County and present-day Adams County (tekijä: F. Edward Wright)
Tax Lists, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, 1786-1810 (tekijä: William H. Dumont)
Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography (tekijä: Wendy Loggia)
The Team That Changed Baseball: Roberto Clemente and the 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates (tekijä: Bruce Markusen)
The Terrible Wave (tekijä: Marden Dahlstedt)
Terror Time (tekijä: William P. Robertson)
Testimony of Two Men (tekijä: Taylor Caldwell)
Textbook Murders (tekijä: Joe Albanese)
The Thawing of Mara (tekijä: Janet Dailey)
Theft and Thanksgiving (tekijä: Emily Thomas)
Their Silent Vigil, Volume One (tekijä: Robert J. Nixon)
There Is Confusion (tekijä: Jessie Redmon Fauset)
These Honored Dead: How The Story Of Gettysburg Shaped American Memory (tekijä: Thomas A. Desjardin)
They Came to Pennsylvania (tekijä: Ellen J. Wholey)
They came to Pennsylvania workshop (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
They Met at Gettysburg (Stackpole) (tekijä: Edward J. Stackpole)
They took to the waters; the forgotten mineral spring resorts of New Jersey and nearby Pennsylvania and Delaware (tekijä: Harry B. Weiss)
Thigh High (tekijä: Christina Dodd)
Think No Evil: Inside the Story of the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting...and Beyond (tekijä: Jonas Beiler)
Third and Indiana: A Novel (tekijä: Steve Lopez)
The Third Day at Gettysburg and Beyond (tekijä: Gary W. Gallagher)
The third day at Gettysburg: Pickett's Charge (tekijä: Alan M. Hollingsworth)
Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants in Pennsylvania (tekijä: I. Daniel Rupp)
Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old Philadelphia, ready to mail (tekijä: Robert F. Looney)
This Hallowed Ground, the High Water Mark Walking Tour (tekijä: Editor)
This Hallowed Ground: The Story of the Union Side of the Civil War (tekijä: Bruce Catton)
This is the way I pass my time : a book about Pennsylvania German decorated hand towels (tekijä: Ellen J. Gehret)
This Unhappy Country: The Turn of the Civil War, 1863 (tekijä: James R. Arnold)
Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim (tekijä: Alf J. Mapp Jr.)
Those Damned Black Hats! The Iron Brigade in the Gettysburg Campaign (tekijä: Lance J. Herdegen)
Those fabulous Philadelphians; the life and times of a great orchestra (tekijä: Herbert Kupferberg)
Those Who Dream By Day (tekijä: Linda Cargill)
Thou Shalt Not Grill (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
Three archaeological sites in Somerset County, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Mary Butler)
Three Days at Gettysburg: Essays on Confederate and Union Leadership (tekijä: Gary W. Gallagher)
Three Self-Taught Pennsylvania Artists: Hicks, Kane, & Pippin (tekijä: Carnegie Institute)
Through Blood and Fire at Gettysburg (tekijä: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain)
Through These Arches: The Story of Independence Hall (tekijä: Katherine Milhous)
Ticket agents atlas containing complete maps of the Pennsylvania system of railways with index to all stations and key to their locations (tekijä: Rand McNally and Company.,)
Tietyt tytöt (tekijä: Jennifer Weiner)
Till the End of Tom (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
Timber Harvesting in Pennsylvania : Information for Citizens and Local Government Officials (tekijä: Pennsylvania State University)
Time Release (tekijä: Martin J. Smith)
To Be Useful to the World: Women in Revolutionary America, 1740-1790 (tekijä: Joan R. Gundersen)
To Gettysburg and Beyond: The Twelfth New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, H Corps, Army of the Potomac 1862-1865 (tekijä: Edward G. Longacre)
To Gettysburg by Train: The Gettysburg & Harrisburg Rr Co (tekijä: Walter L. Powell)
To Go (Unknown Armies) (tekijä: Greg Stolze)
To Hold This Ground: A Desperate Battle at Gettysburg (tekijä: Susan Provost Beller)
Today and Yesteryear (tekijä: Hugo W. Lowy)
Tom Paine and Revolutionary America (tekijä: Eric Foner)
Too Good To Be True (tekijä: Kasey Michaels)
Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth (tekijä: Tamar Myers)
Torn Families: Death And Kinship at the Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Michael A. Dreese)
Torso: The Story of Eliot Ness and the Search for a Psychopathic Killer (tekijä: Steven Nickel)
Totally Bizarre Pennsylvania (tekijä: Patty A. Wilson)
Totuuden hetki (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Touch the Sun (tekijä: Cynthia Wright)
Trade Union Gospel: Christianity and Labor in Industrial Philadelphia, 1865-1915 (tekijä: Ken Fones-Wolf)
Traders, Travelers and Tomahawks: True Tales About Indians, Outlaws, Settlers and Soldiers on the Pennsylvania Frontier (tekijä: John L. Moore)
Trading Dreams at Midnight (tekijä: Diane McKinney-Whetstone)
The Traffickers (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
Train (tekijä: Pete Dexter)
The Train of Small Mercies (tekijä: David Rowell)
The Train of States (tekijä: Peter Sís)
The Transformation of Early American History: Society, Authority and Ideology (tekijä: James A. Henretta)
The transformation of Western Pennsylvania, 1770-1800 (tekijä: R. Eugene Harper)
The Transformers 192: Ca$h and Car-nage! (part one) (tekijä: Bob Budiansky)
The Transforming Hand of Revolution: Reconsidering the American Revolution As a Social Movement (tekijä: Ronald Hoffman)
Travel Talks (tekijä: Pennsylvaina Railroad)
A Traveler's Guide to Historic Western Pennsylvania (tekijä: Lois Mulkearn)
Travels in Philadelphia (tekijä: Christopher Morley)
Treason's River (tekijä: Edwin Thomas)
A Treasury of Amish Quilts (tekijä: Rachel Pellman)
Trees of Pennsylvania and the Northeast (tekijä: Charles Fergus)
Trees of Pennsylvania Field Guide (tekijä: Stan Tekiela)
Trolleys of Southcentral Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania traction series) (tekijä: Benson W. Rohrbeck)
Trolleys to the Delaware Water Gap (tekijä: Benson W. Rohrbeck)
The Trouble With Tulip (tekijä: Mindy Starns Clark)
Trout Streams and Hatches of Pennsylvania; A Complete Fly-Fishing Guide to 140 Rivers and Streams (tekijä: Charles R. Meck)
Trout Streams of Pennsylvania: An Angler's Guide, Third Edition (tekijä: Dwight Landis)
True Color (tekijä: Mark Cohen)
True Crime, Pennsylvania: The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases (tekijä: Patricia A. Martinelli)
The Truth as He Knows It (tekijä: A. M. Arthur)
Turkey Hill : a family vision (tekijä: Turkey Hill Dairy)
Turning Points of the Civil War (tekijä: James A. Rawley)
The Twentieth Maine: A Classic Story of Joshua Chamberlain and His Volunteer Regiment (tekijä: John J. Pullen)
Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh, Volume Two: The Post-Steel Era (tekijä: Roy Lubove)
Twenty-First Annual Report of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 1915. (tekijä: Pennsylvania Department of Education)
Twilight at Little Round Top: July 2, 1863--The Tide Turns at Gettysburg (tekijä: Glenn W. LaFantasie)
The Twilight Zone/The Shadow (tekijä: David Avallone)
Two Days Gone (tekijä: Randall Silvis)
Two hundred years of life in Northampton County, Pa. : a Bicentennial review
Two Penny Ballads and Four Dollar Whiskey: A Pennsylvania Folklore Miscellany (tekijä: Kenneth S. Goldstein)
Two Trains Running (tekijä: August Wilson)
Two Views of Gettysburg (tekijä: Arthur J. L. Fremantle)
UFOs in Pennsylvania: Encounters with Extraterrestrials in the Keystone State (tekijä: Patty A. Wilson)
Ukrainians in Pennsylvania : a contribution to the growth of the Commonwealth (tekijä: Alexander Lushnycky)
Ukrainians of the Delaware Valley (tekijä: Alexander Lushnycky Ph.D.)
Ultimate Pittsburgh Trivia (tekijä: Dane Topich)
Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into History Again (tekijä: Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society)
Unclean Spirits (tekijä: Chuck Wendig)
The Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania (tekijä: Charles L. Blockson)
Uniformly Dead (tekijä: Greta McKennan)
The Union Generals Speak: The Meade Hearings on the Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Bill Hyde)
Uniquely Pennsylvania (Heinemann State Studies) (tekijä: Susan H. McCulloch)
United States Census of Agriculture 1959: Pennsylvania Counties (tekijä: US Bureau of the Census)
The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide (tekijä: Millie Miller)
United States Treasure Atlas Volume 8 (Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Pennsylvania) (tekijä: Thomas P Terry)
United Tweets of America: 50 State Birds, Their Stories, Their Glories (tekijä: Hudson Talbott)
University of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Amey A. Hutchins)
The Unknown American Revolution: The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the Struggle to Create America (tekijä: Gary B. Nash)
Unknown Enemy (tekijä: Michelle Karl)
Unrig: How to Fix Our Broken Democracy (World Citizen Comics) (tekijä: Daniel G. Newman)
UnSouled (tekijä: Neal Shusterman)
Up South: Civil Rights and Black Power in Philadelphia (Politics and Culture in Modern America) (tekijä: Matthew J. Countryman)
The Urban Crucible: The Northern Seaports and the Origins of the American Revolution (tekijä: Gary B. Nash)
The Urban Frontier : Pioneer Life in Early Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and St. Louis (tekijä: Richard C. Wade)
Urban Gothic (tekijä: Brian Keene)
Urban Public Transportation in Delaware Valley: a white paper by the Public Transportation Committtee.... (tekijä: Greater Philadelphia C...)
The Used Book Lover's Guide to the Mid-Atlantic States: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware (Used Book Lovers' (tekijä: David S. Siegel)
Väkivaltainen tausta (tekijä: John Wagner)
Vaaleaverikkö (tekijä: Duane Swierczynski)
Vaaran paikka (tekijä: Lisa Scottoline)
Valkoinen intiaani (tekijä: Conrad Richter)
Valley Forge (tekijä: Frank H. Taylor)
Valley of opportunity : economic culture along the upper Susquehanna, 1700-1800 (tekijä: Peter C. Mancall)
The valley of the Schuylkill and its attractions: Short summer tours through the agricultural country, mountains and coal fields upon the line of the Philadelphia and Reading R.R (tekijä: Frank H. Taylor)
The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War - The Eve of War (tekijä: Edward L. Ayers)
The valley of Wyoming: the romance of its history and its poetry (tekijä: Lewis H.] [from old catalog] [Miner)
The Value of Saving: The Story of Benjamin Franklin (Valuetales Series) (tekijä: Spencer Johnson)
Vampire Zero (tekijä: David Wellington)
Vanish in Plain Sight (The Brotherhood of the Raven) (tekijä: Marta Perry)
The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth-Century America (tekijä: Richard Beeman)
The Victim (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
The Victory Dance Murder: A Homefront Mystery (tekijä: M. T. Jefferson)
A View From the Buggy: True and Inspiring Stories of the Amish Life (tekijä: Jerry S. Eicher)
Viewing Pennsylvania trolleys (tekijä: Kenneth C. Springirth)
Virginia Claims to Land in Western Pennsylvania published with An Account of the Donation Lands of Pennsylvania (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
Vital Records: Pennsylvania Vital Records, 1700s-1800s (tekijä: Family Tree Maker)
The Vitals: True Nurse Stories, Issue 1 (tekijä: Sean Ryan)
Voice of Innocence (tekijä: Lindsay Detwiler)
Votes and proceedings of the House of Representatives of the province of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
The Voyage of the Narwhal (tekijä: Andrea Barrett)
Vulture: The Private Life of an Unloved Bird (tekijä: Katie Fallon)
Walk Through Darkness (tekijä: David Anthony Durham)
Walking Broad: Looking for the Heart of Brotherly Love (tekijä: Bruce Buschel)
Walking Bucks County, Pa (tekijä: Catherine D. Kerr)
The Wallace family: An excerpt from Pennsylvania Genealogies, Scotch-Irish & German (tekijä: William Henry Egle)
War and peace : Fulton County, 1945 (tekijä: Marty McCullen)
The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies - Series I Volume XXVII Part I (tekijä: Robert N. Scott)
War Stories: A Collection of One Hundred Fifty Little Known Human Interest Stories of the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Gregory A. Coco)
Warrants and Surveys of the Province of Pennsylvania, Including the Three Lower Counties, 1759 (tekijä: Charles E. Hughes Jr.)
The Warrior's Challenge (tekijä: Dave Jackson)
Washington County, Pa., Frontier Rangers, 1781-1782: Washington County, Pa., Rangers, Revolutionary War burials of Greene County, Pa., Revolutionary War burials of Washington County, Pa (tekijä: Paul W. Myers)
Wasted Valor: The Confederate Dead at Gettysburg (tekijä: Gregory A. Coco)
Watchers in the Night (tekijä: Jenna Black)
Water Resources Service Stream Flow Records for the Water Year October 1, 1923, to September 30, 1924 by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters by Commonwealth of Penn (tekijä: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Forests)
The wayside inns on the Lancaster roadside between Philadelphia and Lancaster (tekijä: Julius Friedrich Sachse)
We are Patriots : Hope's Revolutionary War Diary, Book 2 (tekijä: Kristiana Gregory)
We Had a Little Real Estate Problem: The Unheralded Story of Native Americans & Comedy (tekijä: Kliph Nesteroff)
We Sold Our Souls (tekijä: Grady Hendrix)
We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party (tekijä: Mumia Abu-Jamal)
We Will Return In The Whirlwind: Black Radical Organizations 1960-1975 (tekijä: Muhammad Ahmad)
We'll Never Forget You, Roberto Clemente (tekijä: Trudie Engel)
Weekends for Two in the Mid-Atlantic States: 50 Romantic GetawaysNew York Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland Washington, DC Virginia (tekijä: Bill Gleeson)
Weight of Silence (tekijä: A. M. Arthur)
Weird Pennsylvania (Weird) (tekijä: Matt Lake)
Welcome to Addy's World, 1864 (tekijä: Susan Sinnott)
Welcome to Pennsylvania, official tourist map [map] (tekijä: PDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation))
Wels and Other Lutherans: Lutheran Church Bodies in the USA (tekijä: John F. Brug)
Werewolves in Their Youth (tekijä: Michael Chabon)
West's Pennsylvania digest 2d (tekijä: West Publishing Company)
West's Pennsylvania Criminal Justice 2007 (tekijä: Pennsylvania.,)
West's Pennsylvania Criminal Justice 2010 Pamphlet (tekijä: West)
The Western Gazetteer; Or Emigrant's Directory Containing a Geographical Description of the Western States and Territories, viz. the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi and the Territories of Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Michigan, and North-Western, with an Appendix, Containing Sketches of Some of the Western Counties of New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia; a Description of the Great Northern Lakes; Indian Annuities, and Directions to Emigrants (tekijä: Samuel R. Brown)
Western New York & Pennsylvania Traction (tekijä: Benson W. Rohrbeck)
Western Pennsylvania History (tekijä: Andrew E. Masich)
Western Pennsylvania History, Fall 2008 (tekijä: Brian Butko)
Western Pennsylvania's Oil Heritage (Postcard History: Pennsylvania) (tekijä: Charles E. Williams)
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, cemetery records (tekijä: Bob Closson)
Westsylvania Heritage Trail (Insights (Harrisburg, Pa.).) (tekijä: John G. Hope)
What I Meant... (tekijä: Marie Lamba)
What I Meant... (tekijä: Marie Lamba)
What Lies Beneath (tekijä: R.J. Scott)
What the Dickens! (tekijä: Jane Louise Curry)
What You Own (tekijä: A. M. Arthur)
What's Great About Pennsylvania? (Our Great States) (tekijä: Kristin Marciniak)
What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin? (tekijä: Jean Fritz)
The Wheatfield at Gettysburg: A Walking Tour (tekijä: Jay Jorgensen)
When Freedom Comes : Hope's Revolutionary War Diary, Book 3 (tekijä: Kristiana Gregory)
When Stars Begin to Fall (Roots of Faith) (tekijä: Denise Williamson)
When the English Fall: A Novel (tekijä: David Williams)
When the Heart Cries (Sisters of the Quilt, Book 1) (tekijä: Cindy Woodsmall)
When the Morning Comes (Sisters of the Quilt, Book 2) (tekijä: Cindy Woodsmall)
When the Smoke Cleared at Gettysburg (tekijä: George Sheldon)
When the Soul Mends (tekijä: Cindy Woodsmall)
Which Brings Me to You: A Novel in Confessions (tekijä: Steve Almond)
Which Way USA? Pennsylvania (tekijä: Allison Lassieur)
Whirlwind Walk: Architecture and Urban Spaces in Downtown Pittsburgh (tekijä: Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation)
The Whiskey Rebellion, 1794; revolt in western Pennsylvania threatens American unity (tekijä: David C. Knight)
The Whiskey Rebels (tekijä: David Liss)
Whiskey Reveals (tekijä: Carrie Ann Ryan)
Whiskey Secrets (tekijä: Carrie Ann Ryan)
The White (tekijä: Deborah Larsen)
White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide (tekijä: Carol Anderson)
Who Are the Amish (tekijä: Merle Good)
Who's who in Pennsylvania; a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia (tekijä: Albert Nelson Marquis, comp. and ed.)
Wieland (tekijä: Charles Brockden Brown)
Wild & Scenic Pennsylvania (tekijä: Robert Hutchinson)
Wild Sweet Love (tekijä: Beverly Jenkins)
Wilderness Chronicles of Northwestern Pennsylvania. (tekijä: Sylvester K. Stevens)
Wildlife in the Garden, Expanded Edition: How to Live in Harmony with Deer, Raccoons, Rabbits, Crows, and Other Pesky Creatures (tekijä: Gene Logsdon)
Wildlife of Pennsylvania and the Northeast (tekijä: Charles Fergus)
Wilkinsburg (tekijä: Wilkinsburg Historical Society)
William Dorsey's Philadelphia and Ours: On the Past and Future of the Black City in America (tekijä: Roger Lane)
William Heighton : pioneer labor leader of Jacksonian Philadelphia : with selections from Heighton's writings and speeches (tekijä: Philip Sheldon Foner)
William Penn (tekijä: Joanne Mattern)
William Penn (tekijä: Hildegarde Dolson)
William Penn (Library of American Heroes Series) (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
William Penn et les Quakers (tekijä: Jeanne Henriette Louis)
William Penn, Quaker and pioneer (tekijä: Bonamy Dobrée)
William Penn: Founder and Friend (tekijä: Haviland)
William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Barbara A. Somervill)
William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Ronald Syme)
William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania (tekijä: Steven Kroll)
William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania (Graphic Library: Graphic Biographies) (tekijä: Ryan Jacobson)
William Penn: Founder of the Pennsylvania Colony (Let Freedom Ring: Colonial America Biographies) (tekijä: Bernadette L. Baczynski)
William Penn: Friendly Boy (tekijä: Miriam E. Mason)
Williams Family (tekijä: C. Fuller)
Wills and Administrations of Northumberland County, PA (tekijä: Charles A. Fisher)
Wilmington & Western Railroad (tekijä: Gisela Vazquez)
Window of Time: A Story (White Main Kids) (tekijä: Karen Weinberg)
Wings in the Snow: A Novel (tekijä: Jim Oliver)
Winter at Valley Forge (Graphic Library: Graphic History) (tekijä: Matt Doeden)
The Winter at Valley Forge: Survival and Victory (Adventures in Colonial America) (tekijä: James E. Knight)
Wisdom of the Plain Folk: Songs and Prayers from the Amish and Mennonites (tekijä: Donna Leahy)
Wit and Humor of the Pennsylvania Germans (tekijä: A. Monroe Aurand, Jr.)
The Witch Tree Symbol (tekijä: Carolyn Keene)
With Friends Like These (tekijä: Gillian Roberts)
With Meade at Gettysburg (tekijä: George Gordon Meade)
With the British Army in Philadelphia, 1777-1778 (tekijä: John W. Jackson)
With the Fathers; studies in the history of the United States (tekijä: John Bach McMaster)
With Washington at Monmouth: A story of three Philadelphia boys ([The Continental series]) (tekijä: James Otis)
Without a Prayer: Religious Expression in Public Schools (tekijä: Robert S. Alley)
Without a Trace (tekijä: R.J. Scott)
The Witness (tekijä: W. E. B. Griffin)
Witness to Gettysburg (tekijä: Richard Wheeler)
Witness to myself (tekijä: Seymour Shubin)
Witnesses at the Creation: Hamilton, Madison, Jay, and the Constitution (tekijä: Richard B. Morris)
Wolf Who Rules (tekijä: Wen Spencer)
Women at Gettysburg (tekijä: Eileen F. Conklin)
Women in Penn's Woods (tekijä: Robyn S. Young)
Women in the Age of the American Revolution (tekijä: Ronald Hoffman)
Women Like Us (tekijä: Erica Abeel)
Wonder Boys (tekijä: Michael Chabon)
Wonder Bread & Ecstasy: The Life and Death of Joey Stefano (tekijä: Charles Isherwood)
Wonder Tales of L. Frank Baum (tekijä: L. Frank Baum)
Wood Hicks and Bark Peelers: A Visual History of Pennsylvania’s Railroad Lumbering Communities; The Photographic Legacy of William T. Clarke (Keystone Books) (tekijä: Ronald Elroy Ostman)
Woods Runner (tekijä: Gary Paulsen)
Work Sights: Industrial Philadelphia, 1890-1950 (tekijä: Philip Scranton)
Working on the Western Maryland Railroad : a collection of employee interviews (tekijä: Wes Morgenstern)
Working People of Philadelphia, 1800-1850 (tekijä: Bruce Laurie)
The World As He Sees It (tekijä: A. M. Arthur)
The World of George Washington (tekijä: Richard M. Ketchum)
The World Will Long Remember: A Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg (tekijä: Joanna M. McDonald)
The Worlds of H. Beam Piper (tekijä: H. Beam Piper)
The Wrong Man (tekijä: Ann Major)
Wyeth at Kuerners (tekijä: Betsy James Wyeth)
Wyoming : its history, stirring incidents, and romantic adventures (tekijä: George Peck)
Wyoming, Pennsylvania (tekijä: Stephan Schaffrath)
A Yankee Girl at Gettysburg (tekijä: Alice Turner Curtis)
Ylivertaiset (tekijä: Mark Millar)
Yo - I 'member dat! (tekijä: Joseph A Sbaraglia)
Yo, Sacramento!: (And all those other State Capitals you don't know) (tekijä: Will Cleveland)
York County Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century Volume 1,2,3 (Volume 1,Volume 2, Volume 3) (tekijä: Marlene S. Bates)
York County Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Volume 2 (tekijä: Marlene Strawser Bates and F. Edward Wright)
You Can't Catch Me (tekijä: Rosamond Smith)
You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness (tekijä: Julie Klam)
You Wouldn't Want to be a Nurse During the American Civil War!: A Job That's Not for the Squeamish (tekijä: Kathryn Senior)
The Young People's Atlas of the United States (tekijä: James Harrison)
Your Pennsylvania (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
Your state Pennsylvania (tekijä: Lucille Wallower)
Zachary's Wings (tekijä: Rosemarie Robotham)
Zanesville (tekijä: Kris Saknussemm)
“Warriors, Wampum & Wolves” (tekijä: John L. Moore)