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"For their God" : education, religion and the Scots in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Gordon MacKay Haliburton)
The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of Nova Scotia: The History of a Piece of Arrested British Colonial Policy in the Eighteenth Century (tekijä: Winthrop Pickard Bell)
The 'John Foxbridge' Collection of British North America Pence Issues : Classic Issues of Canada, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia : A Net Price Catalogue Featuring Items from $100.00 to $300,000.00, Total Offering in Excess of Three Million Dollars (tekijä: Irwin Weinberg Rarities)
The 1838 census index of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, GANS 20 (tekijä: Karen E. McKay)
The 1838 Census Index Of Antigonish County NS (tekijä: Karen E. McKay)
The 1838 census index of Halifax County, Nova Scotia (tekijä: Karen E. McKay)
1917 Halifax explosion and American response (tekijä: Blair Beed)
The 1969 Dominion Drama Festival for the Nova Scotia Region
1989 Nova Scotia Poetry Awards (tekijä: Lesley Choyce)
20 Favourite Birds of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Robie W. Tufts)
2000 rarities of the world (tekijä: Inc. Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries)
2006 Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps : New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia and Vancouver Island, Newfoundland (tekijä: D. Robin Harris)
AAA CAA Atlantic Provinces & Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Tourbook: 2007 Edition (2007 Edition, 2007-460407) (tekijä: AAA)
AAA TourBook Atlantic Provinces & Quebec (tekijä: AAA)
AAA/CAA Atlantic Provinces & Québec Map (Provincial Series) - 2014/2015 (tekijä: American Automobile Association)
Aboriginal self government for the Mi'Kmaq people of Nova Scotia : essential features of a workable model (tekijä: Dwight Dorey)
Acadia: The Geography of Early Nova Scotia to 1760 (tekijä: Andrew Hill Clark)
Acadian Awakenings - Vol 2 - Nova Scotia - Prince Edward Island - After Exile (tekijä: William D. Gerrior)
Acadian education in Nova Scotia : an historical survey to 1965 (tekijä: George A. Rawlyk)
The Acadians of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Sally Ross)
The Acadians: In Search of a Homeland (tekijä: James Laxer)
Accommodation Canada's National Parks: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland (tekijä: Indian and Northern Affiars)
An account of the present state of Nova Scotia (tekijä: S. Hollingsworth)
Adam's Promise (tekijä: Julianne MacLean)
Adieu, My Love (Avalon Romance) (tekijä: Lynn M. Turner)
Adult Education Among the Negroes of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Gwendolyn V. Shand)
Africville: The Life and Death of a Canadian Black Community (tekijä: Donald H Clairmont)
After the Hector: The Scottish Pioneers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, 1773-1852 (tekijä: Lucille H. Campey)
Against the Grain: Foresters and Politics in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Anders Sandberg)
An Album of Drawings of Early Buildings in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Arthur W. Wallace)
Album of Drawings of Early Buildings in Nova Scotia, An
Alex Colville: Return (tekijä: Tom Smart)
Alexander & Agness Hogg and their descendants : a Hogg family of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Eleanor Smith)
All about provinces and territories : Nova Scotia (tekijä: Barb McDermott)
All about-- capital cities : Halifax (tekijä: Barb McDermott)
All of Me (tekijä: Anne Murray)
All the Birds of Nova Scotia: Status & Critical Identification (tekijä: Ian McLaren)
The American Bank Note Company Archives : Sold by Order of the United States Banknote Corporation (tekijä: Christie's)
American Map Road Atlas 2005 (tekijä: American M... Corporation)
Amphibians and reptiles of Nova Scotia (tekijä: John Gilhen)
Angels in the Snow (tekijä: Wenda Young)
The Anglican design in Loyalist Nova Scotia, 1783-1816 (tekijä: Judith Fingard)
Annan unelmavuodet (tekijä: L. M. Montgomery)
Antique Furniture by Nova Scotia Craftsmen (tekijä: George MacLaren)
Antique Potteries of Nova Scotia (tekijä: George MacLaren)
The Apple Barrel Industry In Nova Scotia (tekijä: Rev. T. A. Meister)
The Archibald family of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Allan E. Marble)
Architects of Nova Scotia : a biographical dictionary, 1605-1950 (tekijä: Maud Rosinski)
Armon yö (tekijä: Ann-Marie MacDonald)
The Arms of Nova Scotia (tekijä: John A Steward)
The Art of Worship - The Vision and Craft of Contemporary Nova Scotian Artists (tekijä: Kate Langan)
Arthur Lismer : Nova Scotia, 1916-1919 (tekijä: Gemey Kelly)
The Atlantic Gazetteer and Industrial Directory: NewBrunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Leonard C. Jones)
Atlantic Hearth: Early Homes and Families of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mary Byers)
The Atlantic Provinces in Confederation (tekijä: E.R. Forbes)
The Atlantic Provinces; Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island (tekijä: William F. E. Morley)
Atlantica: Stories from the Maritimes and Newfoundland (tekijä: Lesley Choyce)
Atlas of the United States of North America, Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and Jamaica : On a Uniform Scale, from the Most Recent State Documents, Marine Surveys, and Unpublished Materials : With Plans of the Principal Cities and Sea-Ports, and an Introductory Essay on the Physical Geography, Products, and Resources of North America (tekijä: Henry Darwin Rogers)
An Audience of Chairs (tekijä: Joan Clark)
Backroad Mapbook Nova Scotia: Outdoor Recreation Guide (tekijä: Linda Aktimosis)
Backwoods Cabins of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Bud Ingils)
Bag man: A life in Nova Scotia politics (tekijä: Don Ripley)
Ballads and sea songs from Nova Scotia (Canada) (tekijä: W. Roy Mackenzie)
The Bank of Nova Scotia, 1832-1932 (tekijä: Bank of Nova Scotia)
Banked Fires: The Ethnics of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Douglas F. Campbell)
Barkskins (tekijä: Annie Proulx)
Barometer Rising (tekijä: Hugh MacLennan)
The Battle of the St. Lawrence: The Second World War in Canada (tekijä: Nathan M. Greenfield)
Beaches of Nova Scotia: Discovering the secrets of some of the province's most beautiful beaches (tekijä: Allan Billard)
Before Green Gables (tekijä: Budge Wilson)
The Beginning of the End (tekijä: Emily S. Hurricane)
Beneath The Clouds of the Promised Land: The Survival of Nova Scotia's Blacks Volume I: 1600-1800 (tekijä: Bridglal Pachai)
Beneath the Clouds of the Promised Land: The Survival of Nova Scotia's Blacks (tekijä: Bridglal Pachai)
The Berry Pickers (tekijä: Amanda Peters)
Bert Lloyd's Boyhood: A Story from Nova Scotia (tekijä: J. Macdonald Oxley)
Betrayal (tekijä: Laura Stapleton)
Better Terms: Second Address, Legislature of Nova Scotia, Session 1886
Bezansons from Nova Scotia (tekijä: Dorothy Bezanson Evans)
Bibliography of vascular plant floristics for New Brunswick, Newfoundland (insular), and Nova Scotia (tekijä: P.M. Catling)
Bicycle Tours in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Bicycle Nova Scotia)
Bilingualism in the schools of Eastern Nova Scotia (tekijä: Rémi J. Chiasson)
The Bird Artist (tekijä: Howard Norman)
Birding in Atlantic Canada, Vol. 1: Nova Scotia (tekijä: Roger Burrows)
Birding Nova Scotia (tekijä: J. Shirley Cohrs)
Birding Sites of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Blake Maybank)
Birds in Fall (tekijä: Brad Kessler)
Birds of a Feather: Tales of a Wild Bird Haven (tekijä: Linda Johns)
Birds of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Robie W. Tufts)
The Birth House (tekijä: Ami McKay)
Birth Road (tekijä: Michelle Wamboldt)
The Birthplace of New Scotland: An Illustrated History of Pictou County, Canada's Cradle of Industry (tekijä: Judith Hoegg Ryan)
The Bishop's Man (tekijä: Linden MacIntyre)
Bitter, Sweet (tekijä: Laura Best)
The Black loyalists : the search for a promised land in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone, 1783-1870 (tekijä: James W. St. G. Walker)
Black Loyalists: Southern Settlers of Nova Scotia's First Free Black Community (tekijä: Ruth Holmes Whitehead)
Black Nova Scotians (tekijä: John N. Grant)
Black Women Who Made a Difference in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Dolly Wiliams)
Blizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917 (tekijä: Sally M. Walker)
Bluenose Adventure (tekijä: Jacqueline Halsey)
Bluenose Cook Book (tekijä: Ladies Auxiliary - Y.M.C.A.)
Bluenose Ghosts (tekijä: Helen Creighton)
Bluenose Magic (tekijä: Helen Creighton)
Bluenose,: A portrait of Nova Scotia, (tekijä: Dorothy Duncan)
The Boat Who Wouldn't Float (tekijä: Farley Mowat)
Bold Privateers: Terror, Plunder and Profit on Canada's Atlantic Coast (tekijä: Roger Marsters)
The Book of Negroes (tekijä: Lawrence Hill)
The boundaries of Nova Scotia and its Counties (tekijä: Charles Bruce Fergusson)
Boy of the Deeps (tekijä: Ian Wallace)
Bradt Guide Nova Scotia (tekijä: David Orkin)
A brief history of Blacks in Nova Scotia (1783-1895) (tekijä: P. E McKerrow)
A Brief History of Blacks in Nova Scotia 1783-1895 (tekijä: Frank S. Boyd)
The Brow of Dawn: One Woman's Journey with MS (tekijä: Catherine Edward)
Builders of Nova Scotia: A Historical Review (tekijä: Sir John George Bourinot)
Building for Democracy: The History and Architecture of the Legislative Buildings of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick (tekijä: James W. Macnutt)
Buildings of Old Lunenburg (tekijä: Bill James Terry; Plaskett)
Burden of Desire (tekijä: Robert MacNeil)
Buried in the Woods: sawmill ghost towns of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mike Parker)
Burning Down the House: Fighting Fires and Losing Myself (tekijä: Russell Wangersky)
Busted: Nova Scotia's war on drugs (tekijä: Vernon L. Oickle)
Butterflies Dance in the Dark (tekijä: Beatrice MacNeil)
The Cabot Trail Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (tekijä: Anonymous)
The Cajuns: A People's Story of Exile and Triumph (tekijä: Dean W. Jobb)
Call Me Bill (tekijä: Lynette Richards)
Calling the Maritimes Home: Origins, Attitudes, Quirks, and Curiosities (tekijä: Julie V. Watson)
Canada Close Up: Canada's Natural Resources (tekijä: Carrie Gleason)
Canada Close Up: Nova Scotia (tekijä: Carrie Gleason)
Canadian Churches: An Architectural History (tekijä: Peter Richardson)
Canoe Routes of Nova Scotia (tekijä: C. Dill)
Cape Breton Island (tekijä: Jim Lotz)
Cape Breton Road (tekijä: D. R. MacDonald)
Cape Bretonin laulu (tekijä: Alistair MacLeod)
Capturing Joy: The Story of Maud Lewis (tekijä: Jo Ellen Bogart)
Carboniferous rocks and fossil floras of northern Nova Scotia (tekijä: W. A. Bell)
The Caretaker (tekijä: Paul Doiron)
Carleton House : living history in Halifax (tekijä: Paul A. Erickson)
A catalogue of maps, plans and charts in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Marion Gilroy)
A catalogue of published genealogies of Nova Scotia families (tekijä: Allan Everett Marble)
Catching the Light (tekijä: Susan Sinnott)
Causeway: A Passage from Innocence (tekijä: Linden MacIntyre)
Celebrate! : the history and folklore of holidays in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Clary Croft)
Champlain's Dream (tekijä: David Hackett Fischer)
Chaos in Halifax (tekijä: Cathy Beveridge)
Charles Inglis : missionary, loyalist, bishop (1734-1816) (tekijä: Reginald V. Harris)
Chasing Freedom (tekijä: Gloria Ann Wesley)
Chester Chowder (tekijä: Janet Ondaatje)
Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada (tekijä: Jack Canfield)
The Chignecto Isthmus and its first settlers (tekijä: Howard Trueman)
Children of Africville (tekijä: Christine Welldon)
Chimes of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Russell B. Zinck)
Christmas With the Rural Mail (tekijä: Lance Woolaver)
Chronicle of Our Time (tekijä: Len Wagg)
The Church of England in Nova Scotia : and the Tory clergy of the revolution (tekijä: Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton)
The Church of Saint Paul in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1749-1949 (tekijä: Reginald V. Harris)
Churches of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Robert Tuck)
Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World (tekijä: Janet E Cameron)
Claire by Moonlight (tekijä: Lynne Kositsky)
Claire's Gift (tekijä: Maxine Trottier)
Clansmen of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Gordon MacKay Haliburton)
The Clavarioid Fungi of Nova Scotia (tekijä: B.J. McAfee)
Co-operative housing in Nova Scotia, 1938-1973 (tekijä: William M. Roach)
Coal Black Heart: The Story of Coal and Lives it Ruled (tekijä: John DeMont)
Coastal Nova Scotia: Outdoor Adventure Guide (Maritime Travel Guides) (tekijä: Joanne Light)
A Collection of Nova Scotia Firsts - 1600-2000 (tekijä: Ruth A. MacDonald)
Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society (tekijä: Nova Scotia Historical Society)
Colville (tekijä: David Burnett)
Come from Away (tekijä: Genevieve Graham)
Come, An Invitation from Nova Scotia (tekijä: Anon)
The Commander (Men of Hidden Justice Book 3) (tekijä: Melanie Moreland)
Common ground : 25 years of Voluntary Planning in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Anthony Lamport)
Common Wild Flowers & Plants of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Diane Larue)
Conversion: The New England Planters in Nova Scotia, 1759-1848 (tekijä: James E. Candow)
Country colours: A guide to natural dyeing in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Carolyn Lock)
County Guide Series Kings County No. 2 (tekijä: Wendy L. Thorpe)
Crazy Wisdom (Dharma Ocean Series) (tekijä: Chogyam Trungpa)
Crucible of War: The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754-1766 (tekijä: Fred Anderson)
Cruising Guide to the Nova Scotia Coast (tekijä: Cruising Club of America)
Cruising Nova Scotia: From Yarmouth to Canso (tekijä: Wayne Clarke)
Culture in Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Cultural Policy Conference Interim Report
Curse of The Narrows: The Halifax Disaster of 1917 (tekijä: Laura M. Mac Donald)
Cutter's Wake (tekijä: Lynn M. Turner)
Dance to the Piper: The Highland Bagpipe in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Barry Shears)
Dancing on the Shore (tekijä: Harold Horwood)
Dark Sky (tekijä: Carla Neggers)
Deadly Acts (tekijä: H.L. Banks)
Deaths, burials, and probate of Nova Scotians, 1749-1799 : from primary sources (tekijä: Allan Everett Marble)
Deaths, burials, and probate of Nova Scotians, 1800-1850, from primary sources (tekijä: Allan Everett Marble)
December 1917: Re-Visiting the Halifax Explosion (tekijä: Janet F. Kitz)
Descendants of Ulrich Hubley of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Robert H. Crowther)
Destination Nova Scotia: Its Culture and Landscapes (tekijä: Alexa Thompson)
Development Plan Nova Scotia: Development Policy and Strategy for the Province of Nova Scotia with Programs and Expenditures for 1970-71
Devotion (tekijä: Howard Norman)
Diamond Jubilee : Nova Scotia Society of Artists (tekijä: Mora Dianne O'Neill)
Diligent River Daughter (tekijä: Bruce Graham)
Dinosaurs on the Beach (tekijä: Marilyn Helmer)
Discover Canada : Nova Scotia (tekijä: Jim Lotz)
Discover Nova Scotia Beaches, Parks, & Natural Sites (tekijä: Patty Mintz)
Discover Nova Scotia Historic Sites (tekijä: Alexa Thompson)
Discover Nova Scotia Lighthouses (tekijä: Dave Stephens)
Discover Nova Scotia Sportfishing (tekijä: Don Maclean)
Discover Nova Scotia: History, Stories, Coloring Book (tekijä: John Dunsworth)
Discover Nova Scotia: The Ultimate Nature Guide (tekijä: Gary Saunders)
A documentary study of provincial finance and currency, 1812-36 (tekijä: James Stuart Martell)
A Documentary Study of the Establishment of the Negroes in Nova Scotia Between the War of 1812 and the Winning of Responsible Government (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Documents relating to currency, exchange and finance in Nova Scotia with prefatory documents (tekijä: Government of Canada)
Doers & dreamers : 2013 Nova Scotia travel guide (tekijä: Government of Nova Scotia)
Domestic life in early Halifax (tekijä: George W. Hill)
Down East (tekijä: Sargent F. Collier)
Down Home: Notes of a Maritime Son (tekijä: Harry Bruce)
Down in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Clara Dennis)
Dying for Attention: A Graphic Memoir of Nursing Home Care (tekijä: Susan MacLeod)
Each Man's Son (tekijä: Hugh MacLennan)
Early Cape Breton: From Founding to Famine, 1784-1851, Essays, Talks, and Conversations (tekijä: Robert Morgan)
Early man in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Patricia Hayward)
Early Summer (tekijä: Jan MacLean)
Early vital records of the township of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, 1762-1811: First and second books, including births, deaths, marriages, and some minutes of township meetings
Economic and social aspects of the Nova Scotia coal industry (tekijä: Eugene Alfred Forsey)
The Economy of Early America: The Revolutionary Period (tekijä: Ronald Hoffman)
Edible Wild Plants of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Heather MacLeod)
Edith Clayton's Market Basket: A Heritage of Splintwood Basketry in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Joleen Gordon)
The Edward Ross store in New Ross, Nova Scotia, c.1835-1845 (tekijä: Miles Russell)
The electric city (tekijä: Paul H. Stehelin)
The Elizabethans and America (tekijä: A. L. Rowse)
Embossed glass soda water bottles in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Barry Wright)
The Emerging Nation: A Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Under the Articles of Confederation, 1780-1789 (Vol. I) (tekijä: Mary A. Giunta)
The Empowerment of Seniors in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Fred Mackinnon)
Enriched by catastrophe : social work and social conflict after the Halifax Explosion (tekijä: Michelle Hébert Boyd)
Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada, 1761-1853 (tekijä: Terrence M. Punch)
Evangeline and the Acadians (tekijä: Robert Tallant)
Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie (tekijä: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
Excessive expectations maritime commerce and the economic development of Nova Scotia, 1740-1870 (tekijä: Julian Gwyn)
Exploring Halifax and the South Shore of Nova Scotia (tekijä: The Nova Scotia Association of Architects)
Exploring Nova Scotia (tekijä: Lance Feild)
Explosion in Halifax Harbour: The illustrated account of a disaster that shook the world (tekijä: David B. Flemming)
Facing Reality (The Dream Series) (tekijä: Carol Marlene Smith)
Falling (tekijä: Anne Simpson)
Far & wide : the VANS 20th anniversary exhibition : Visual Arts Nova Scotia presents a celebration of new and exciting work by 70 artists from across the province (tekijä: Bernard Riordon)
Farewell to Nova Scotia (tekijä: Jeffrey Holmes)
Father Jimmy : the life and times of Father Jimmy Tompkins (tekijä: Jim Lotz)
Father Jimmy of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mary Ellicott Arnold)
Father Tompkins of Nova Scotia (tekijä: George Boyle)
A Feathered Family: Nature Notes from a Woodland Studio (tekijä: Linda Johns)
The Ferns of Nova Scotia. (Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 20(3): 65-120) (tekijä: Roland A.E.)
Fighting for Change : Black Social Workers in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Wanda Thomas Bernard)
First impressions : early printing in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Marjorie Whitelaw)
Fishermen of Nova Scotia (tekijä: L. B. Jenson)
The Fishes of Nova Scotia's Lakes and Streams (tekijä: John Gilhen)
The flora of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Albert E. Roland)
The Flora of Nova Scotia
THe Flora Of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Roland A.E.)
Fodor's Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada: with New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland (Travel Guide) (tekijä: Fodor's)
Fodor's Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Fodor's)
Fog Magic (tekijä: Julia L. Sauer)
Folk art of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia)
Folk Art of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Nina Debly)
Folklore from Nova Scotia Volume XXIV (tekijä: Arthur Huff Fauset)
Folklore of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mary L. Fraser)
Folksongs of the Maritimes: From the Collections of Helen Creighton and Other Distinguished Maritime Folklorists (tekijä: Kaye Pottie)
A Folktale Journey Through the Maritimes (tekijä: Helen Creighton)
The Foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia
Forest Accounts: Reporting on the state of Nova Scotia's Forests
Forest Conditions of Nova Scotia
Forest Conditions of Nova Scotia (tekijä: B.E. Fernow)
Forestkeeping: A History of the Department of Lands and Forests in Nova Scotia 1926-1969 (tekijä: Wilfrid Creighton)
Forests of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Johnson Ralph S.)
The Forests of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Dave Ewenson)
Forests of Nova Scotia: A History (tekijä: Ralph Johnson)
Forgotten Canadians: The Blacks of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Frances Henry)
Forgotten settlers : Nova Scotia's foreign protestants (tekijä: Barbara Cooke Meredith)
Forgotten trades of Nova Scotia (tekijä: David E. Stephens)
Forgotten Trades of Nova Scotia (tekijä: David Stephens)
Formac Pocketguide to Nature: Animals, plants and birds in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Jeffrey C. Domm)
Formac Pocketguide to Nova Scotia Birds: Volume 1: 120 Common Inland Birds (tekijä: Jeffrey C. Domm)
Formac Pocketguide to Nova Scotia Birds: Volume 2: 80 Seashore & Water Birds (tekijä: Jeffrey C. Domm)
Fortress Halifax: Portrait of a Garrison Town (tekijä: Mike Parker)
Fossils, Rocks & Minerals in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (Formac Pocketguide Fossils) (tekijä: Jeffrey C. Domm)
Founded Upon A Rock-Historic Buildings in Halifax & Vicinity Standing in 1967 (tekijä: Heritage Trust of Nova scotia)
Fragile and Fanciful: The Story of Nova Scotia Glass (tekijä: Deborah Trask)
Free as the Wind (tekijä: Jamie Bastedo)
The French and Indian War 1754-1763: The Imperial Struggle for North America (tekijä: Seymour I. Schwartz)
The French and Indian War: Deciding the Fate of North America (tekijä: Walter R. Borneman)
The Fresh-water Fishes of Nova Scotia (tekijä: D. A. Livingstone)
From the Ground-- : The Story of Planting in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Marjorie Major)
Frommer's Complete Guide: Halifax (tekijä: Carol Matthews)
Frommer's Complete Guide: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Paul Karr)
Frommer's Day by Day: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Paul Karr)
Gaelic Newspapers and Prose Writings in Nova Scotia (tekijä: D.M. Sinclair)
Gaelic Nova Scotia (tekijä: Michael Dr. Kennedy)
Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Helen Creighton)
The Gaelic Tradition in Nova Scotia (tekijä: C.I.N. MacLeod)
Gaskill's Cove: A novel of early Nova Scotia (tekijä: Robert B Powell)
Genealogical Record & Biographical Sketches of the McCurdys of Nova Scotia (tekijä: H. Percy Blanchard)
Genealogical Records: Ontario and Nova Scotia Settlers, 1790-1860 (tekijä: Broderbund Software Inc.)
Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Terrence M. Punch)
Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia
Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia 1951-1987 (tekijä: Allan E. Marble)
Genealogical sketch of the Nova Scotia Eatons (tekijä: Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton)
Genealogist's Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research (tekijä: Terrence M. Punch)
A genealogy of the Crofts of Chester Basin, Nova Scotia and the Crosses of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Orland Croft)
Gentlemen and Jesuits: Quests for Glory and Adventure in the Early Days of New France (tekijä: Elizabeth Jones)
Geological Background and Physiography of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Albert E. Roland)
Geology of Nova Scotia: Field Guide (tekijä: Sandra Barr)
George and Rue (tekijä: George Elliott Clarke)
George vs. George: The American Revolution As Seen from Both Sides (tekijä: Rosalyn Schanzer)
Georgian Halifax (tekijä: Elizabeth Pacey)
Ghost Islands of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mike Parker)
Ghost Ship (tekijä: Pandora Pine)
Ghosts in Nova Scotia: Tales of the Supernatural (tekijä: George Young)
Ghosts of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Darryll Walsh)
The Girl from the Sea (tekijä: Molly Knox Ostertag)
The Girl on Evangeline Beach (tekijä: Anne Carter)
Glimpses into Nova Scotia history (tekijä: Charles Bruce Fergusson)
Gold fields of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Wyatt Malcolm)
Gold Rush Ghost Towns of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mike Parker)
The Government of Nova Scotia (tekijä: J. Murray Beck)
Grassroots democracy: Local government in the Maritimes (tekijä: Kell Antoft)
The Gray Herbarium Expedition to Nova Scotia, 1920 (tekijä: Merritt Lyndon Fernald)
A Great and Noble Scheme: The Tragic Story of the Expulsion of the French Acadians from Their American Homeland (tekijä: John Mack Faragher)
The Great Nova Scotia Cookbook (tekijä: Pauline Carter)
Green Horizons: Forests and Foresters of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Jim Lotz)
The Greengrocer's Kitchen: Fruit and Nuts (tekijä: Pete Luckett)
Grist (tekijä: Linda Little)
Ground zero: A reassessment of the 1917 explosion in Halifax Harbour (tekijä: Alan Ruffman)
Grow organic : a simple guide to Nova Scotia vegetable gardening (tekijä: Elizabeth Peirce)
Guide to FSC Certification: For Woodlot Owners in Nova Scotia
A Guide to local government in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Kell Antoft)
A Guide To The Nova Scotia Government (tekijä: Province of Nova Scotia)
A Guide to the Nova Scotia Government (tekijä: Nova Scotia Department ...)
Guides of the North Woods (tekijä: Mike Parker)
Half Moon: Henry Hudson and the Voyage that Redrew the Map of the New World (tekijä: Douglas Hunter)
Half-Hearted Enemies: Nova Scotia, New England and the War of 1812 (tekijä: John Boileau)
Halifax (tekijä: Joan Mauch)
Halifax (tekijä: Sherman Hines)
Halifax (Canada): The First 250 Years (Illustrated Histories) (tekijä: Judith Fingard)
A Halifax ABC (tekijä: Gordon Roache)
Halifax and its people, 1749-1999 : images from Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management (tekijä: Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management)
Halifax and the Royal Canadian Navy (tekijä: John Boileau)
The Halifax Connection (tekijä: Marie Jakober)
Halifax Explosion (tekijä: Graham Metson)
The Halifax explosion (tekijä: Dinah Hawkins)
The Halifax explosion : surviving the blast that shook a nation (tekijä: Joyce Glasner)
The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy: Inquiry and Intrigue (Studies in Canadian Military History, 1) (tekijä: John Griffith Armstrong)
Halifax Explosion, Issue #1: "Lords of Fire and Ice, The Last Bullet Story, The Tao of Osmose, Blue Tiger & A Bit About Us" (tekijä: Various)
Halifax Street Names: An Illustrated Guide (tekijä: Shelagh Mackenzie)
Halifax's North End: An Anthropologist Looks at the City (tekijä: Paul A. Erickson)
Halifax's other hill : Fort Needham from earliest times (tekijä: Paul A. Erickson)
Halifax, Warden of the North (tekijä: Thomas H. Raddall)
Halifax: A Literary Portrait (tekijä: John Bell)
Halifax: Cornerstone of Canada (tekijä: Joan M. Payzant)
Handbook of Nova Scotia mineral locations (tekijä: Bryce P Rumery)
Handwoven hats: A history of straw, wood and rush hats in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Joleen Gordon)
The Hank Snow Story (Music in American Life) (tekijä: Hank Snow)
A Hard Chance : Sailing into the Heart of Love (tekijä: Tom Gallant)
Haunted Harbours: Ghost Stories from Old Nova Scotia (tekijä: Steve Vernon)
Head, heart, and hands: Craftspeople in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Jim Lotz)
Heave (tekijä: Christy Ann Conlin)
Helen Creighton : Canada's first lady of folklore (tekijä: Clary Croft)
Henry Alline 1748-1784 (tekijä: J. M. Bumsted)
Henry's Quest: Early Life in Rural Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mary Ann Monnon)
Here stays good Yorkshire (tekijä: Will R. Bird)
Heritage Houses of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Stephen Archibald)
HEROES OF THE ACADIAN RESISTANCE: The Story of Joseph Beausoleil Broussard and Pierre II Surette 1702-1765 (tekijä: Dianne Marshall)
The Hessians of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Johannes Helmut Merz)
The Highland Heart in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Neil MacNeil)
Highland Settler (tekijä: Charles W. Dunn)
Highlights of Nova Scotia History (tekijä: The Dominion Atlantic Railway Co.)
Hiking Nova Scotia: Thirty of Nova Scotia's Best Hiking Trails (Maritime Travel Guides) (tekijä: Joanne Light)
Hiking Trails of Cape Breton (tekijä: Michael Haynes)
Hiking Trails of Mainland Nova Scotia: 9th Edition (tekijä: Michael Haynes)
Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia (tekijä: The Canadian Hostelling Association)
Hiking trails of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Phil Thompson)
Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Michael Haynes)
The Hiltz Family of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Marie Bishop)
Historic Black Nova Scotia (tekijä: Bridglal Pachai)
Historic Halifax (tekijä: Elizabeth Pacey)
Historic North End Halifax (tekijä: Paul A. Erickson)
Historic Nova Scotia (tekijä: Government of Nova Scotia)
Historic Nova Scotia (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
Historic Nova Scotia (tekijä: Anon)
Historic Nova Scotia (tekijä: Bureau of Information)
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An Historical and Statistical Account of Nova-Scotia (in two volumes) (tekijä: Thomas Chandler Haliburton)
Historical atlas of the Maritime Provinces 1878 (tekijä: Joan Dawson)
History of Early Nova Scotia (tekijä: Peter L McCreath)
A history of early Nova Scotia (tekijä: Peter L McCreath)
A History of Everyday Things in Nova Scotia (tekijä: The Nova Scotia Museum)
A History of Hangings in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Deanna Foster)
The History of Kings County, Nova Scotia (tekijä: Arthur W. Hamilton Eaton)
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History of Nova Scotia (Canadiana reprint series) (tekijä: Thomas Chandler Haliburton)
History of Nova Scotia (Volume I, II, and III) (tekijä: David Allison)
The history of Nova Scotia : The history of education in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Delphin A. Muise)
The history of Nova Scotia Illus. by Donald C. Mackay (tekijä: George Graham Campbell)
A History of Nova Scotia in 50 Objects (tekijä: Joan Dawson)
A History of Province House Halifax Nova Scotia (tekijä: Shirley B. Elliott)
History of the Acadians (tekijä: Bona Arsenault)
A history of the Catholic Church in eastern Nova Scotia (tekijä: Angus Anthony Johnston)
A history of trade unionism in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Edward John Shields)
Honour Among Men (tekijä: Barbara Fradkin)
House of Dark Illusions | The Secret of the Chateau (tekijä: Caroline Farr)
How the Scots Invented Canada (tekijä: Ken McGoogan)
Human Equality: Nova Scotia Human Rights Act (tekijä: Province of Nova Scotia)
Hunting and Fishing in Nova Scotia; A sportsman's Guide (tekijä: Unknown)
Hunting Halifax: In Search of History, Mystery and Murder (tekijä: Steven Edwin Laffoley)
An Ideal Match (tekijä: Sandra Field)
Ill buy you an ox: An Acadian daughters bittersweet passage into womanhood (tekijä: Betty Boudreau Vaughan)
Illustrated History of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Harry Bruce)
Immigration to and emigration from Nova Scotia, 1815-1838 (tekijä: James Stuart Martell)
Impatience (tekijä: Laura Stapleton)
In a Canadian garden (tekijä: Nicole Eaton)
In Peril On The Sea Nova Scotian Shipwrecks (tekijä: Robert Charles Parsons)
In the Field (tekijä: Claire Tacon)
In The Land Of Birdfishes (tekijä: Rebecca Silver Slayter)
In the Pit: A Cape Breton Coal Miner (tekijä: Rennie Mackenzie)
In the Province of History: The Making of the Public Past in Twentieth-Century Nova Scotia (tekijä: Ian McKay)
In the vanguard : Nova Scotia women, mid-twentieth century (tekijä: Lilla Stirling)
In which county? : Nova Scotia surnames from birth registers, 1864 to 1877 (tekijä: Terrence M. Punch)
The inauguration of the free school system in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Charles Bruce Fergusson)
Indian Affairs and the Nova Scotia Centralization Policy (tekijä: Lisa Lynne Patterson)
Indian Trade in Nova Scotia to 1764 (tekijä: R. O. MacFarlane)
Industry and society in Nova Scotia : an illustrated history (tekijä: James E. Candow)
The Intellectual Awakening of Nova Scotia (tekijä: D. C. Harvey)
Interior Decorative Painting in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Cora Greenaway)
Intimate relations: Family and community in planter Nova Scotia, 1759-1800 (Planters studies) (tekijä: Margaret Conrad)
Into the Deep Unknown: Land of the Tent Dwellers (tekijä: Mike Parker)
An introductory moss flora of Nova Scotia (Science series) (tekijä: J. S Erskine)
Invisible shadows: A Black woman's life in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Verna Thomas)
The iron ores of Nictaux, N.S., and notes on steel making in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Edwin Gilpin)
Iron roads : railways of Nova Scotia (tekijä: David E. Stephens)
Island: The Complete Stories (tekijä: Alistair MacLeod)
Islands of Nova Scotia : outpost portraits (tekijä: Allison Mitcham)
It Happened in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Hugh Macdonald)
J.B. McLachlan: A Biography: The Story of a Legendary Labour Leader and the Cape Breton Coal Miners (tekijä: David Frank)
Jeremiah Bancroft at Fort Beauséjour and Grand-Pré (tekijä: Jonathan Fowler)
Jerome: Solving the Mystery of Nova Scotia's Silent Castaway (tekijä: Fraser Mooney, Jr.)
Joe Norris: Painted Visions of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Bernard Riordon)
John Paul Jones: Sailor, Hero, Father of the American Navy (tekijä: Evan Thomas)
Johnny Miles: Nova Scotia's Marathon King (tekijä: Floyd Williston)
Joseph Howe : voice of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Joseph Howe)
Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society (tekijä: Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society.)
Journey through Nova-Scotia (tekijä: John Robinson)
Just Beneath My Skin (tekijä: Darren Greer)
Knights of the Sea: A Grim Tale of Murder... Politics... and Spoon Addiction (tekijä: Paul Marlowe)
Kunnes löydän sinut (tekijä: John Irving)
Labour Legislation in Nova Scotia
Labour Legislation in Nova Scotia 1972 (tekijä: Nova Scotia Department ...)
Labour Legislation in Nova Scotia 1973 (tekijä: Department of labour Nova Scotia.,)
Labour legislation in Nova Scotia 1974 (tekijä: Department of labour Nova Scotia.,)
The labour movement in Nova Scotia before confederation (tekijä: Charles Bruce Fergusson)
Labour Organization in Nova Scotia
Labour Organization in Nova Scotia 1971 (tekijä: Nova Scotia Department ...)
Labour Organizations in Nova Scotia 1975
Labour-Management Relations in the Contruction Industry in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Peter G. Green)
A Land of Discord Always (tekijä: Charles D Mahaffie)
Landmarks : historic buildings of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Elizabeth Pacey)
Lasag: Gaelic Language & Culture in Nova Scotia - Spring 2009
The Last Best Place: Lost in the Heart of Nova Scotia (tekijä: John DeMont)
Last Chance Bay (tekijä: Anne Laurel Carter)
Last Days in Africville (tekijä: Dorothy Perkyns)
The Last Stronghold: Scottish Gaelic Traditions in Newfoundland (tekijä: Margaret Bennett)
The Leaving and Other Stories (tekijä: Budge Wilson)
The Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia, 1758-1983 : a biographical directory (tekijä: Shirley B. Elliott)
Legislature of Nova Scotia Session 1912 Election Returns
Life how short, eternity how long: Gravestone carving and carvers in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Deborah E Trask)
A life of its own : Chris Huntington and the resurgence of Nova Scotia folk art, 1975-1995 (tekijä: Ken Martin)
Lighthouse Legacies: Stories of Nova Scotia's Lightkeeping Families (tekijä: Chris Mills)
Lighthouses of Nova Scotia (tekijä: David E. Stephens)
Lightning and Blackberries (tekijä: Joanna Jefferson)
Like This (The Spider Line Series) (tekijä: Leo McKay Jr.)
Lionel F. Stevenson: Fifty Years of Photography (1962-2012) (tekijä: Pan Wendt)
Little White Secrets (tekijä: Catherine Jinks)
Local Government in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Charles Bruce Fergusson)
Lockhart Families of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (tekijä: Douglas Eaton Eagles)
Lonely Planet : Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Celeste Brash)
Lonely Planet : Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island : 2022 : 6th edition (tekijä: Oliver Berry)
Lonely Planet Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Karla Zimmerman)
Lonely Planet Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Lonely Planet)
The Long Way Home (tekijä: John DeMont)
Looking back : a portrait of Gaspereau, Kings County, Nova Scotia (tekijä: Daphne Gertridge Frazee)
Lord Churchill's Coup: The Anglo-American Empire and the Glorious Revolution Reconsidered (tekijä: Stephen Saunders Webb)
The Lost Salt Gift of Blood (tekijä: Alistair MacLeod)
Louisbourg : The Phoenix Fortress (tekijä: A. J. B. Johnston)
Louisbourg Portraits (tekijä: Christopher Moore)
Louisbourg: A Living History Colourguide (Illustrated Site Guide Series) (tekijä: Susan Biagi)
Louisbourg: Key to a Continent (tekijä: Fairfax Downey)
Love at First Sight (tekijä: Sandra Field)
Love from Katie (tekijä: Paddy Muir)
Lovell's Province of Nova Scotia Directory, 1871 (Extracts)
The Loyal Refugees (tekijä: Robert Livesey)
the Loyalist Guide: Nova Scotia Loyalists and their Documents (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Loyalist Runaway (tekijä: Donna Smyth)
Loyalists and Land Settlement in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Marion Gilroy)
Loyalists in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Donald; Canadian Authors Associ Wetmore)
The Loyalists in the American Revolution (tekijä: Claude Halstead Van Tyne)
Lunenburg (tekijä: Keith Baker)
Lunenburg County (tekijä: Terry James)
Mabel Bell: Alexander's silent partner (tekijä: Lilias Toward)
Making Adjustments: Change and Continuity in Planter Nova Scotia, 1759-1800 (tekijä: Margaret Conrad)
The Malagawatch Mice and the Church That Sailed (tekijä: Caroline Stellings)
The Man from Halifax: Sir John Thompson, Prime Minister (tekijä: P. B. Waite)
Manual of the educational statutes and regulations of the Council of Public Instruction of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
Manufacturing in Northeastern Nova Scotia (tekijä: Andrew S. Harvey)
Map Locater Book Cemeteries of Kings County Nova Scotia (tekijä: Kings County Historical Society)
Map Locater Book: Cemeteries of Kings County Nova Scotia
A Map of the Province of Nova Scotia: Fourth Revised Edition with Index of Geographical Names (tekijä: Nova Scotia Province of)
Map: Atlantic Provinces / Quebec (tekijä: AAA)
The Mapmaker's Eye: Nova Scotia Through Early Maps (tekijä: Joan Dawson)
The Mapmakers' Legacy (tekijä: Joan Dawson)
Margaret and Charley: Personal Story of Dr. Charles Best, Co-Discovorer of Insulin (tekijä: Henry B.M. Best)
Maritime provinces (tekijä: Faces Magazine)
Maritime Provinces Off the Beaten Path (tekijä: Trudy Fong)
A Maritimer's Miscellany : Fascinating Facts about Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Clary Croft)
The Maroons In Nova Scotia (tekijä: John N. Grant)
Marriages in Nova Scotia (excluding Halifax City), 1752-1841 (tekijä: Heather A. Long)
Marsden Hartley and Nova Scotia (tekijä: Gerald Ferguson)
Masque (tekijä: Lexi Post)
Masterpieces of the English Short Novel (tekijä: Kenneth H. Brown)
Maud's country : landscapes that inspired the art of Maud Lewis (tekijä: Lance Woolaver)
McAlpine's gazetteer of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland
McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory 1907-8
The McKay Motor Car, Nova Scotia's First Production Car (tekijä: William H. McCurdy)
The Mealworm Diaries (tekijä: Anna Kerz)
Mechanics' Institutes in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Charles Bruce Fergusson)
The Mechanization of Transport in Nova Scotia. 1825-1867 (tekijä: Ross Allen Webb)
The Meeting Place (tekijä: Janette Oke)
Melanson, a large Micmac village in Kings County, Nova Scotia (tekijä: Ronald J. Nash)
Mi'kmaq Treaties on Trial: History, Land, and Donald Marshall Junior (tekijä: William C. Wicken)
Michelin Green Guide Atlantic Canada (tekijä: Michelin)
The Micmac (tekijä: Stephen A. Davis)
Micmac Quillwork: Micmac Indian Techniques of Porcupine Quill Decoration : 1600-1950 (tekijä: Ruth Holmes Whitehead)
Mikwite'imanej Mikmaqi'k (tekijä: Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq)
The Mineral Province of Eastern Canada; Geology of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
Mineralogy of Nova Scotia : A Report to the Provincial Government (tekijä: Henry How)
Minerals and mining, Nova Scotia (tekijä: R. Drummond)
Minerals and Mining, Nova Scotia. 1st ed. (tekijä: R. Drummon)
The minerals of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Edwin Gilpin)
The mines and mineral lands of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Edwin Gilpin)
Minimum wage Act Statutes of Nova Scotia 1964 Chapter 7
Miracles and mysteries : the Halifax explosion December 6, 1917 (tekijä: Mary Ann Morrison Monnon)
Montbeliard Immigration to Nova Scotia, 1749-1752. Revised Edition (tekijä: Terrence M. Punch)
Moon Handbooks Atlantic Canada (tekijä: Mark Morris)
Moon Handbooks Nova Scotia (tekijä: Andrew Hempstead)
The Moonlight Man (tekijä: Paula Fox)
The moonlight skater: 9 Cape Breton stories & The dream (tekijä: Beatrice MacNeil)
More about Nova Scotia, my own, my native land (tekijä: Clara Dennis)
More History with a Twist: True Stories from Mr. Nova Scotia Know-It-All (tekijä: Bruce Nunn)
More Stately Mansions: Churches of Nova Scotia, 1830-1910 (tekijä: Elizabeth Pacey)
More Tales from Barrett's Landing (tekijä: Helen Dacey Wilson)
The Mountain and the Valley (tekijä: Ernest Buckler)
Mountain Bike Nova Scotia (Maritime Travel Guides Series) (tekijä: Geoff Brown)
Mud Creek : the story of the town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia (tekijä: James Doyle Davison)
The Museum Guard (tekijä: Howard Norman)
Museums in Nova Scotia 1989
Museums of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Allan;Muir Muir, Doris;Nymark, Victor)
Music in Nova Scotia: The Oral Tradition (tekijä: Matthew D. McGuire)
My Africa, My Canada (signed) (tekijä: Bridglal Pachai)
My Famous Evening: Nova Scotia Sojourns, Diaries, and Preoccupations (Directions) (tekijä: Howard Norman)
My Home Bay (tekijä: Anne Laurel Carter)
My Home Nova Scotia (tekijä: Jeff Cox)
Myth, Symbol, and Colonial Encounter : British and Mi'kmaq in Acadia, 1700-1867 (tekijä: Jennifer Reid)
The Naas family of Nova Scotia : my direct line (tekijä: Stephen W. Naas)
Nancy Pembroke in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Margaret T. Van Epps)
National Geographic Magazine 1975 v147 #3 March (tekijä: Gilbert M. Grosvenor)
Native Council of Nova Scotia Micmac Language Program: Library Holdings (tekijä: Native Council of Nova Scotia)
A Natural History Of Kings County (tekijä: The Blomidon Naturalists Society)
Natural Resources of Northeastern Nova Scotia (tekijä: K.S. Wood)
Necessaries and sufficiencies : planter society in Londonderry, Onslow and Truro Townships 1761-1780 (tekijä: Carol Campbell)
The neutral Yankees of Nova Scotia; a marginal colony during the revolutionary years (tekijä: John Bartlet Brebner)
New Bagpipe Music from Nova Scotia Volume 4 (tekijä: Scott Williams)
New bagpipe music from Nova Scotia. Volume one (tekijä: Scott Williams)
New England - Eastern Canada: Mobil Travel Guide (tekijä: Consumer Guide)
The New England Planters in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Environment Canada Parks)
The New England Planters in Nova Scotia = Les Planters de la Nouvelle-Angleterre en Nouvelle-©cosse (tekijä: James E. Candow)
New England's Outpost, Acadia The Conquest Of Canada. (BCL1 - History - Canada) (tekijä: John Bartlet Brebner)
New Englanders in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Fred E Crowell)
The New Formac Pocketguide to Nova Scotia Birds (tekijä: Jeffrey C. Domm)
A New Kind of Country (tekijä: Dorothy Gilman)
Newsletter of the Nova Scotia Archaeology Society
No place like home : the life and times of Cape Breton heritage houses (tekijä: Mary K. MacLeod)
No Place Like Home: Diaries and Letters of Nova Scotia Women 1771-1938 (tekijä: Margaret Conrad)
No Safe Harbour: The Halifax Explosion Diary of Charlotte Blackburn (tekijä: Julie Lawson)
No Way Out (tekijä: Franklin W. Dixon)
North America's Maritime Funnel: The Ships that Brought the Irish, 1749-1852 (tekijä: Terrence M. Punch)
The North Eastern Boundary Controversy And The Aroostook War (1910) (tekijä: John Francis Sprague)
The North Shore Langilles of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Gerald E. Byers)
Northern exposure: A Nova Scotia boyhood (tekijä: Cyril Harris)
Northern Seas, Hardy Sailors (tekijä: George Whiteley)
Notes From Exile: On Being Acadian (tekijä: Clive Doucet)
Notes on Nova Scotia Wildlife (tekijä: Unknown)
The Nova Scoita Genealogist - 2006 (tekijä: Genealogical Association ...)
Nova Scotia (tekijä: Anthony Hocking)
Nova Scotia (tekijä: Tanya Lloyd Kyi)
Nova Scotia (tekijä: Stephen Poole)
Nova Scotia (tekijä: Harry Bruce)
Nova Scotia (tekijä: Beckles Willson)
Nova Scotia (tekijä: David S. Towler)
Nova Scotia (tekijä: Terry James)
Nova Scotia (tekijä: Sherman Hines)
Nova Scotia (tekijä: Kathleen Keefe)
Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island: Great Destinations Canada: A Complete Guide (Great Destinations) (tekijä: Nancy English)
Nova Scotia (Canada's Land & People) (tekijä: Harry Beckett)
Nova Scotia (Discover Canada) (tekijä: Jim Lotz)
Nova Scotia (Hello Canada) (tekijä: Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
Nova Scotia (Let's Discover Canada) (tekijä: Suzanne Levert)
Nova Scotia : Canada's ocean playground
Nova Scotia : The doers and Dreamers complete Guide (tekijä: Rose Bragg)
A Nova Scotia Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were (tekijä: Mary Biggar Peck)
Nova Scotia An Economic Profile 1969
Nova Scotia and the Convention of 1818 (tekijä: D.C. Harvey)
Nova Scotia annotated rules of practice (tekijä: David S Ehrlich)
Nova Scotia Arts and Culture Sector Society (tekijä: Lord Cultural Resources Planning and Management In)
Nova Scotia at War, 1914-1919 (tekijä: Brian Douglas Tennyson)
Nova Scotia at Work (tekijä: H. P. Jenkins)
The Nova Scotia Atlas (tekijä: Province of Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia Backroad Mapbook (tekijä: Russell Mussio)
The Nova Scotia Black experience through the centuries (tekijä: Bridglal Pachai)
Nova Scotia Blue Book and Encyclopedia (tekijä: Hon. Benjamin Russell)
Nova Scotia book of days: A calendar of the province's history (tekijä: Shirley B. Elliott)
Nova Scotia Book Of Everything (tekijä: John MacIntyre)
Nova Scotia Brds of Prey (tekijä: Robie W. Tufts)
Nova Scotia Business Directory 1905
Nova Scotia Camera Tour (tekijä: Minister By the Authority of Honourable E. A. Mans)
Nova Scotia camera tour : Canada's ocean playground
Nova Scotia Camera Tour: Canada's Ocean Playground (tekijä: Earl Clark)
Nova Scotia Canada's Ocean Playground
Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules (tekijä: Rollie Thompson, ed.)
Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules, 2007/2008 Student Edition (tekijä: Judges of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal and the)
Nova Scotia Colourguide: Sixth Edition (Colourguide Travel Series) (tekijä: Stephen Poole)
Nova Scotia Community Planning Conference November 14-15, 1968
Nova Scotia Cooking (tekijä: Charles Lief)
Nova Scotia Cooking (tekijä: Charles Lief)
Nova Scotia Down-Home Cooking (tekijä: Janice Gill)
Nova Scotia Drink-o-pedia (tekijä: Graham Pilsworth)
The Nova Scotia Eatons (tekijä: Charles Ernest Eaton)
The Nova Scotia Eatons, 1760-1975 (tekijä: Charles Ernest Eaton)
The Nova Scotia elections Act R.S.N.S. 1923 Chapter 4 (tekijä: Province of Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia Federation of Labour constitution and By-Laws July 1958 (tekijä: Nova Scotia Federation of Labour)
Nova Scotia Federation of Labour Constitution and By-Laws October 1965
Nova Scotia folk art : Canada's cultural heritage (tekijä: Bernard Riordon)
Nova Scotia folk art : Canada's cultural heritage / organized by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia ; curator, Bernard Riordon. (tekijä: Bernard Riordon)
Nova Scotia Furniture (tekijä: George E. G MacLaren)
Nova Scotia Genealogical Newsletters 1976-1978 (tekijä: Nova Scotia Historical Society)
The Nova Scotia Genealogist (tekijä: Genealogical Assocation of NS)
The Nova Scotia Genealogist - 1983 (Vol.1, No. 1) - 2008 (Missing a few - Most likely in Spanish Wells) (tekijä: Genealogical Association ...)
The Nova Scotia Genealogist Spring 2007 (tekijä: Genealogical Association ...)
The Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol IX/1 1991 (tekijä: GANS)
The Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol IX/2 1991 (tekijä: GANS)
The Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol IX/3 1991 (tekijä: GANS)
The Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol VII/3 1990 (tekijä: GANS)
The Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol VIII/1 1990 (tekijä: GANS)
Nova Scotia Geological Highway Map (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia glass (tekijä: George MacLaren)
Nova Scotia Guide to Frugal Living (tekijä: Carol McDougall)
Nova Scotia Heritage Property Act (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia historical review
Nova Scotia Historical Review (Volume II)
Nova Scotia historical review [Vol. 4, No. 1, 1984] (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Nova Scotia Historical Review Vol 1 Number 1, 1981 (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Nova Scotia Historical Review Vol 1 Number 2, 1981 (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Nova Scotia Historical Review Vol 2 Number 2, 1982 (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Nova Scotia Historical Review Vol 3 Number 1, 1983 (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Nova Scotia Historical Review, 1982 (Vol.2, No.2), 1991(Vol. 11, No. 1) - 1996(Vol. 16, No.1) (tekijä: Nova Scotia Historical Society)
Nova Scotia Historical Review, December 1982
Nova Scotia Historical Review, Vol 10, Number 1, 1990 (tekijä: Public Archive of Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia Historical Review, Vol 10, Number 2, 1990 (tekijä: Public Archive of Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia Historical Review-Volume 2,number 1,1982 (tekijä: Public Archives Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia Human Rights Act 1969
Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867
Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867 (tekijä: Leonard H. Smith)
Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867 Vol 2 (tekijä: Leonard H. Smith)
Nova Scotia in books : from the first printing in 1752 to the present time, commemorating the Centennial of Confederation (tekijä: Shirley B. Elliott)
Nova Scotia in its Historical Mercantile and Industrial Relations (tekijä: Duncan Campbell)
Nova Scotia in Your Pocket
Nova Scotia in your Pocket (tekijä: John W. Prince)
The Nova Scotia Inns and Restaurants Cookbook (tekijä: Elaine Elliot)
The Nova Scotia legislature (tekijä: Murray Barnard)
Nova Scotia Look and Cook (tekijä: n/a)
Nova Scotia M. L. A.'s 1758- 1958: A Directory of the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia 1758-1958 (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Nova Scotia Magazine
Nova Scotia Moments (tekijä: Clary Croft)
Nova Scotia past and present: A bibliography and guide (tekijä: Robert Vaison)
The Nova Scotia Phrase Book : Sayings, Expressions, and Odd Names of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Dan Soucoup)
Nova Scotia Pictorial Bed & Breakfast Unique Inns and Much More (tekijä: Elizabeth Greenhavens)
Nova Scotia Pictorial Cookbbok (tekijä: Anna Hobbs)
Nova Scotia Pictorial Country Inns, Beds, and Breakfasts, and Much More (tekijä: Sherman Hines)
The Nova Scotia planters in the Atlantic world, 1760-1830 (tekijä: T. Stephen Henderson)
The Nova Scotia Post, Its Offices, Masters and Marks 1700-1867 (tekijä: 1925- John James MacDonald)
Nova Scotia Potluck: Yummy Food for Friends and Family (tekijä: Shelagh Duffett)
The Nova Scotia Pulsifers (tekijä: Eunice Mildred Pulsifer Burrows)
Nova Scotia quiz : how much do you know about Nova Scotia? (tekijä: E. Calvin Coish)
Nova Scotia Readers. Sixth Book
Nova Scotia Research Foundation Sixth Annual Report 1952
Nova Scotia Sketchbook (tekijä: L. B. Jenson)
Nova Scotia Sketches (tekijä: Frank A. Doane)
Nova Scotia Society of Artists : exhibitions and members 1922-1972 (tekijä: Mora Dianne O'Neill)
The Nova Scotia Song Collection (tekijä: Allister MacGillivray)
Nova Scotia Sports Heritage Centre Inaugural Issue
Nova Scotia sports personalities (tekijä: Burton Russell)
Nova Scotia Street and Road Atlas (tekijä: n/a)
Nova Scotia subject headings authority (tekijä: Council of Nova Scotia Archives.,)
The Nova Scotia tartan. (tekijä: Mary E. Black)
Nova Scotia Teachers Union: 1st 50 years (tekijä: NSTU)
The Nova Scotia Temperance Act, 1910 (tekijä: Province of Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia Through the Trees 1761-1930 (tekijä: Kenneth C. Burrows)
Nova Scotia Tour Book (tekijä: Nova Scotia Travel Bureau)
Nova Scotia tourism regions map 2011 (tekijä: Government of Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia Vital Statisitcs from Newspapers, 1852 - 1854 (tekijä: Jean Holder)
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers 1835-1839, GANS 8 (tekijä: Jean M Holden)
Nova Scotia vital statistics from newspapers, 1769-1812 (tekijä: Terrence M. Punch)
Nova Scotia vital statistics from newspapers, 1813-1822 (tekijä: Terrence M. Punch)
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics From Newspapers, 1823 - 1828 Publication # 3 (tekijä: Jean M. Holder)
Nova Scotia vital statistics from newspapers, 1823-1828 (tekijä: Jean M. Holder)
Nova Scotia vital statistics from newspapers, 1829-1834 (tekijä: Jean M. Holder)
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics From Newspapers, 1840 - 1843 Publication # 10 (tekijä: Jean Holder)
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics From Newspapers, 1844 - 1847 Publication # 11 (tekijä: Jean Holder)
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1848 - 1851 (tekijä: Jean M. Holder)
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics From Newspapers, 1848 - 1851 Publication # 12 (tekijä: Jean Holder)
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1848-1851 (tekijä: Jean Holder)
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics From Newspapers, 1852 - 1854 Publication # 13 (tekijä: Jean Holder)
Nova Scotia Wildlife (tekijä: Towers)
A Nova Scotia work basket: Some needlework patterns traditionally used in the province (tekijä: Marlene Davis)
Nova Scotia Writes (tekijä: Philip Milner)
Nova Scotia Young Art '99 (tekijä: Virginia Stephen)
Nova Scotia Young Art: A Celebration (tekijä: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia's Ethnic Roots
Nova Scotia's ethnic roots (tekijä: Alfreda Withrow)
Nova Scotia's historic rivers : The waterways that shaped the province (tekijä: Joan Dawson)
Nova Scotia's lost highways : the early roads that shaped the province (tekijä: Joan Dawson)
Nova Scotia's Massachusetts;: A study of Massachusetts-Nova Scotia relations 1630 to 1784 (tekijä: George A. Rawlyk)
Nova Scotia's part in the Great War (tekijä: M. Stuart Hunt)
Nova Scotia's Pops & Crocks (tekijä: W. F. Harris)
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Nova Scotia, 4th Edition (tekijä: Stephen Poole)
Nova Scotia, A Pictoral Guide (tekijä: Ciad Mile Failte)
Nova Scotia, a pictorial record : historical prints and illustrations of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, 1605-1878 (tekijä: Charles P. de Volpi)
Nova Scotia, Canada's ocean playground
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island for Dummies (tekijä: Andrew Hempstead)
Nova Scotia, Shaped by the Sea: A Living History (tekijä: Lesley Choyce)
Nova Scotia, three hundred years in education (tekijä: John Cook)
The Nova Scotia-ness of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Archibald MacMechan)
Nova Scotia: A Brief History (tekijä: Phyllis R. Blakeley)
Nova Scotia: A Colour Guidebook (Colourguide Travel) (tekijä: Stephen Poole)
Nova Scotia: A Traveller's Companion: Over 300 Years of Travel Writing (tekijä: Lesley Choyce)
Nova Scotia: All About Us (tekijä: Ivan Cassidy)
Nova Scotia: An Economic Profile 1963 Volume III (tekijä: Provice of Nova Scotia)
Nova Scotia: Canada's Ocean Playground (tekijä: Nova Scotia Travel Bureau)
Nova Scotia: Including Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador (Gold Guides) (tekijä: Eugene Fodor)
Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction (tekijä: Andrew J. Wilson)
Nova Scotia: Revised (Hello Canada) (tekijä: Alexa Thompson)
Nova Scotia: The Lighthouse Route and the Annapolis Valley (tekijä: Sherman Hines)
Nova Scotia: The Ocean Playground (tekijä: Nova Scotia Department ...)
NOVA SCOTIA: The Royal Visit June, 1983
Nova Scotia: Then and Now (tekijä: Jim Cornall)
Nova Scotia: window on the sea (tekijä: Ernest Buckler)
Nova Scotia; a photographic essay (tekijä: Frederick Leidemer)
Nova Scotian vessels shipwrecked or disabled in United States coastal waters, 1875-1914 (tekijä: John V. Duncanson)
Nova Scotians at Home and Abroad Including Biographical Sketches of Over Six Hundred Native Born Nova Scotians (tekijä: Allan Everett Marble)
The Oak Island Affair (tekijä: Jane Bow)
The Oakleys Take a Trip : Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and More! (tekijä: Sandra Oakley-Andrews)
the Oblates in Nova Scotia 1948-1986 (tekijä: Carl Kelly O.M.I.)
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Off-trail in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Will R. Bird)
Offshore islands of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (tekijä: Allison Mitcham)
The Old Place: A Natural History of a Country Garden (tekijä: Merritt Gibson)
Old-time travel in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Edith Mosher)
One Boy's Shadow (tekijä: Ross A. McCoubrey)
One Hockey Night (tekijä: David Ward)
One Who Has Been Here Before (tekijä: Becca Babcock)
Ontario and Nova Scotia Settlers, 1796-1860 (tekijä: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc.)
Op perfectie afgestemd (tekijä: Alistair MacLeod)
Our Maritimes: Exploring Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (tekijä: Millie Evans)
Out of Nova Scotia Gardens (tekijä: Marie Nightingale)
Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens (tekijä: Marie Nightingale)
Out of Wedlock (tekijä: Sandra Field)
Outdoors in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Harrison F. Lewis)
Outstanding in their Fields : Scarecrows of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Elizabeth Precious)
The Oxford history of the British Empire, Volume 3 : The nineteenth century (tekijä: Andrew Porter)
Paddling the Tobeatic: Canoe Routes of Southwestern Nova Scotia (tekijä: Andrew L Smith)
The Painted House (tekijä: Drew Zachary)
Paintings of Nova Scotia : from the collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mora O'Neill)
Paradise or Purgatory: Island Life in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (tekijä: Allison Mitcham)
The Peaceful Revolution: 250 Years of Democracy in Nova Scotia (tekijä: John Boileau)
People of Nova Scotia (Book I): Introduction to 30 World Cultures in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Multicultural Association ...)
People of Nova Scotia (Book II): Personal Stories, Poems and Viewpoints Reflecting Various Cultures in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Multicultural Association ...)
People of Nova Scotia Colouring Book (tekijä: Greg Tynski)
Photo Source: Where to Find Historic Photographs in Nova Scotia
The Piano Maker (tekijä: Kurt Palka)
A Pictorial Guide to Historic Nova Scotia (tekijä: Thomas H. Raddall)
A Pictorial History of St. Paul's Anglican Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia (tekijä: J. Philip McAleer)
Pictorial On Black History - Nova Scotia (tekijä: Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission)
Pictorial on black history, Nova Scotia
Pioneer monks in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Luke Schrepfer)
The pioneers of Canaan, Kings County, Nova Scotia (tekijä: Marie Bishop)
Pipe bands of Nova Scotia, 1898 to 2000 (tekijä: Scott Williams)
Pipers of Nova Scotia: Biographical Sketches, 1773 to 2000 (tekijä: Scott Williams)
Pirate's Passage (tekijä: William Gilkerson)
Place-names and places of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Place-Names of the Province of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Thomas J. Brown)
Planning and Development: A Case of Two Nova Scotia Communities (tekijä: A. Paul Pross)
Planter links : community and culture in colonial Nova Scotia (tekijä: Margaret Conrad)
Planters and pioneers (tekijä: Esther Clark Wright)
Planters and Pioneers Nova Scotia
Pleasures (tekijä: Laura Stapleton)
Political Profiles: Premiers of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Paul Walsh)
Politics of Nova Scotia (tekijä: J. Murray Beck)
Politics of Nova scotia-vol two 1896-1988 (tekijä: J. Murray Beck)
Politics of Nova Scotia. Volume 1, Nicholson-Fielding, 1710-1896 (tekijä: J. Murray Beck)
Population and Settlement in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Peggie M. Hobson)
Possibilities for occurrence of petroleum reservoirs in Nova Scotia (tekijä: W. A. Bell)
The Postage Stamps, Envelopes, Wrappers, and Post Cards of the North American Colonies of Great Britain (tekijä: Royal Philatelic Society of London)
The Present Status of the Antigonish Movement in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Ellie Mae Sowder)
Presentation of Nova Scotia Federation of Labour C.L.C. to The Premier and Members of the Cabinet of the Governmetn of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Nova Scotia Federation of Labour)
President Batman (tekijä: Matt Wayne)
Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Canada (tekijä: Miller)
Profile '81 : Nova Scotia Designer Craftsmen Profile '81: an exhibition of Nova Scotia craft, past and present (tekijä: Nova Scotia Designer Craftsmen.,)
Programme: Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities Twenty-third Annual Convention, Sydney Nova Scotia 1928
Proper Acadian (tekijä: Mary Alice Downie)
Prospecting in Nova Scotia (tekijä: W.H. Priest)
Protect, befriend, respect Nova Scotia's mental health movement, 1908-2008 (tekijä: Judith Fingard)
The Province of Nova Scotia Geographical Aspects (tekijä: Raymond A. Simpson)
Province of Nova Scotia information for Intending Settlers (tekijä: Government of Canada)
Province of Nova Scotia Journal of Education June 1960 (tekijä: Raymond Simpson)
Province of Nova Scotia List of Farms for Sale (tekijä: Department of the Interior ...)
Province of Nova Scotia: A Submission of its Claims with Respect to Maritime Disabilities Within Confederation as Presented to the Royal Commission (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
The Provincial Workmen's Association of Nova Scotia, 1879-1898 (tekijä: Sharon M. Reilly)
Public education in Nova Scotia : a history and commentary (tekijä: James Harold Bingay)
The Quest of the Folk: Antimodernism and Cultural Selection in Twentieth-Century Nova Scotia (tekijä: Ian McKay)
A Race for Real Sailors: The Bluenose and the International Fisherman's Cup, 1920-1938 (tekijä: R. Keith McLaren)
Radio in Halifax and Nova Scotia
Rand McNally Nova Scotia, Canada: Provincial Map (tekijä: Rand McNally and Company)
The Rare Vascular Plants Of Nova Scotia (tekijä: White Maher, Argus, Keddy)
Rarities of the World : The Property of Various Owners Sold by Their Order at Public Auction, Saturday, May 2nd, 1987 at 1:00 P.M., at the New York Helmsley Knickerbocker, Suite "ABC," Third Avenue and Forty-Second Street, New York, NY (tekijä: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries)
Rawdon and Douglas : two Loyalist townships in Nova Scotia (tekijä: John V. Duncanson)
The records of the Church of Jebogue in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, 1766-1851 (tekijä: Gwen Guiou Trask)
Regional income & product accounts of North-Eastern Nova Scotia (tekijä: Stanislaw Czamanski)
Regional Water Resources, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia (tekijä: Fred E. Baechler)
Register of the foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia (ca. 1749-1770) (tekijä: Winthrop Pickard Bell)
Relative Happiness (tekijä: Lesley Crewe)
Remembering Diana : The Royal Visit to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island
Renfrew gold : the story of a Nova Scotia ghost town (tekijä: John Hawkins)
Report of the chief commissioner of railways for the Province of Nova Scotia, for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30 1968 (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
Report of the Royal Commission respecting the Coal Mines of the Province of Nova Scotia, 1925 (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
A report on Workers' Housing and Furnishing in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Folkus Atlantic)
The Republic of Nothing (tekijä: Lesley Choyce)
Researching in Canada, Nova Scotia & New Brunswick (tekijä: David Allen Lambert)
Reseraching a building in nova scotia (tekijä: Heritage Trust of Nova scotia)
The Rest is Silence (tekijä: Scott Fotheringham)
Restoring Nova Scotia's Forests: A Policy Discussion Paper (tekijä: Lunenburg NDP Forest Policy Circle)
Rhododendrons in the Atlantic Provinces (tekijä: Donald L. Craig)
Richard Serra : Nova Scotia drawings (tekijä: Richard Serra)
Rise Again : Nova Scotia's NDP on the Rocks (tekijä: Howard Epstein)
Rock and Mineral Collecting in Canada Volume III New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland (tekijä: Ann P. Sabina)
Rockbound (tekijä: Frank Parker Day)
Roland's Flora of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Roland A.E.)
The Ross farm story; a brief history of agriculture in Nova Scotia with particular emphasis on life on the small upland farm (tekijä: J. Lynton Martin)
Roster of Valor: The Titanic-Halifax Legacy (tekijä: Arnold Watson)
Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution (tekijä: Simon Schama)
Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo (tekijä: Simon Falconer)
Sacred Worth: Protecting Nova Scotia's Natural Areas (tekijä: Alice Reed)
Safety in Numbers (tekijä: Sandra Field)
Sailing Directions: Nova Scotia (Atlantic Coast) and Bay of Fundy (tekijä: Canada Department of Fisheries and The Environment)
Sailors, Slackers and Blind Pigs: Halifax at War (tekijä: Stephen Kimber)
Saints of Big Harbour (tekijä: Lynn Coady)
The Salt-Water Men: Canada's Deep-Sea Sailors (tekijä: Joseph Schull)
Samuel Cunard: Nova Scotia's Master of the North Atlantic (tekijä: John Boileau)
Sawpower : making lumber in the sawmills of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Barbara R. Robertson)
Scattered to the Wind: Dispersal and Wanderings of the Acadians, 1755-1809 (tekijä: Carl A. Brasseaux)
Scenic Driving Atlantic Canada (tekijä: Chloe Ernst)
Schooner: Bluenose and Bluenose II (tekijä: Silver Donald Cameron)
Scotch River (tekijä: Linda Little)
Scotia story tellers: Personal glimpses of 21 Nova Scotia writers (tekijä: Bauchman Rosemary)
Scotland Farewell: The People of the Hector (tekijä: Donald MacKay)
Scottish Lights (tekijä: A. A. MacKenzie)
Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Scott Cunningham)
The Sea Road To Halifax (tekijä: Rear Admiral Hugh F Pullen)
Sea songs and ballads from nineteenth-century Nova Scotia: The William H. Smith and Fenwick Hatt manuscripts (Folklorica (tekijä: William H. Smith)
The sea, ships and sailors (tekijä: Russ Lownds)
Sea-Conditioned Nova Scotia (tekijä: Wil R. Bire)
Second Season of Jonas McPherson (tekijä: Lesley Choyce)
The second South Shore phrase book : a Nova Scotia dictionary (tekijä: Lewis J. Poteet)
The Secret Treasure of Oak Island: The Amazing True Story of a Centuries-Old Treasure Hunt (tekijä: D'Arcy O'Connor)
Settlements and churches in Nova Scotia, 1749-1776 (tekijä: Ian Forbes Mackinnon)
Settling the Loyalists in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Margaret Ells)
Sharing a Robin's Life (tekijä: Linda Johns)
Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion and the Road to Recovery (tekijä: Janet F. Kitz)
Shaw Family in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Ralph H. Shaw)
Sheltered by the North Mountain: A History of Lakeville, Kings County, Nova Scotia (tekijä: Anne van Arragon Hutten)
SHIP WRECKS (Shipwrecks) OF NOVA SCOTIA - Volume (1) One (tekijä: Jack Zinck)
Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Jack Zinck)
Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia, VOL 2 (tekijä: Jack Zinck)
Shunpiking: Nova Scotia's Discovery Magazine
Sign of the Cross (tekijä: Anne Emery)
Silent steeds : cycling in Nova Scotia to 1900 (tekijä: Heather Watts)
Sketch of Chipman Corner, Kings County, Nova Scotia c. 1670-1985 (tekijä: James Fry)
Sketches of Attorney Generals of Nova Scotia, 1750-1926 (tekijä: John Doull)
The Smoke-Eaters : A History of Firefighting in Nova Scotia, c. 1750-1950 (tekijä: Mike Parker)
Socioeconomic Analysis Of Designating Wilderness Areas (tekijä: Department of Environm...)
Socioeconomic Characteristics of the Micmac in Nova Scotia (tekijä: F. C. Wien)
Solar Nova Scotia's Maritime Solar Shelter Manual (tekijä: Jeff Don & Ward Roscoe)
Some economic aspects of the apple industry in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Willard Victor Longley)
Some shell-heaps in Nova Scotia (Bulletin) (tekijä: Harlan Ingersoll Smith)
Some sons of Erin in Nova Scotia (People of Nova Scotia series) (tekijä: Terrence M. Punch)
Some sources for Nova Scotian Genealogy (tekijä: Phyllis R. Blakeley)
Song of Rita Joe: Autobiography of a Mi'kmaq Poet (tekijä: Rita Joe)
Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia (tekijä: Helen Creighton)
South End Halifax: Nova Scotia (Images of Canada) (tekijä: James Cornall)
South Shore Phrase Book (tekijä: Lewis J. Poteet)
South Shore: Some historic buildings from Nova Scotia's South Shore (tekijä: Heritage Trust of Nova scotia)
Species at Risk in Nova Scotia - Identification & Information Guide
Spirit of Nova Scotia : traditional decorative folk art, 1780-1930 (tekijä: Richard Henning Field)
Sporeville (tekijä: Paul Marlowe)
Spring Wildflowers (tekijä: Albert E. Roland)
SS Atlantic: The White Star Line’s First Disaster at Sea (tekijä: Greg Cochkanoff)
A State of Mind: The Scots in Nova Scotia (tekijä: R. A. MacLean)
Statutes of Nova Scotia 1986 (tekijä: Government of Nova Scotia)
Steam Lion : A Biography of Samuel Cunard (tekijä: John G. Langley)
The Stevens families of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Robert Kim Stevens)
The stipitate hydnums of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Kenneth A. Harrison)
Stories from Nova Scotia (tekijä: Calum MacLeod)
A story of progress in Nova Scotia, 1933-1941
The Story of the Nova Scotia Tartan (tekijä: Marjorie Major)
The Stowaway: A Novel (tekijä: Robert Hough)
Strange Heaven (tekijä: Lynn Coady)
Strikes : industrial relations in Nova Scotia 1957-1987 (tekijä: Clive Gilson)
Strikes in Nova Scotia, 1970-1985 (tekijä: C H J Gilson)
Strong Hollow (tekijä: Linda Little)
The Struggel For Survival in Eastern Nova Scotia (tekijä: Peter MacKenzie Campbell)
Studio Rally: Art and Craft of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Robin Metcalfe)
A study of early provincial taxation : being a tabular statement of fiscal legislation in Nova Scotia between 1751 and 1815 ... (tekijä: Margaret Ells)
Studying Nova Scotia, its history and present state, its politics and economy : a bibliography and guide (tekijä: Robert Vaison)
Subject matter : contemporary painting and sculpture in Nova Scotia : Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 2 May to 12 July, 1992 (tekijä: Robin Metcalfe)
Submission by the Government of the Province of Nova Scotia to the Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations, February, 1938 (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
A Submission on Dominion-Provincial Relations and the Fiscal Disabilities of Nova Scotia Within the Canadian Federation (tekijä: Nova Scotia)
Summer key to the woody plants of Nova Scotia - Bulletin No. 16 (tekijä: Albert E. Roland)
The Summer of 1744: A Portrait of Life in 18th-Century Louisbourg (tekijä: A. J. B. Johnston)
The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia and its judges, 1754-1978 (tekijä: Nova Scotia Barristers' Society.,)
Surgeons, smallpox, and the poor : a history of medicine and social conditions in Nova Scotia, 1749-1799 (tekijä: Allan Everett Marble)
Surname Index of Births, Marriages, Deaths to the Yarmouth County Newpapers 1830-1839 (tekijä: Yarmouth County Historical Society)
Surname Index of Births, Marriages, Deaths to the Yarmouth County Newpapers 1840-1849 (tekijä: Yarmouth County Historical Society)
Surname Index of Births, Marriages, Deaths to the Yarmouth County Newpapers 1850-1859 (tekijä: Yarmouth County Historical Society)
The Survivors: Children of the Halifax Explosion (tekijä: Janet F. Kitz)
The Sword and the Grail: Of the Grail and the Templars and a True Discovery of America (tekijä: Andrew Sinclair)
Symbols of Canada (tekijä: Canadian Heritage)
Taking responsibility: The occupational health and safety act of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Nova Scotia Department ...)
Taking Sides (tekijä: Sylvia Gunnery)
Tales From Barrett's Landing;: A Childhood in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Helen Dacey Wilson)
Tales Until Dawn: The World of a Cape Breton Gaelic Story-Teller (tekijä: Joe Neil MacNeil)
Tall Ships, Pirates and Treasure in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Robin W. Rodger)
The Tangled Vine: Winegrowing in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Christopher T. Naugler)
Tarcadia (tekijä: Jonathan Campbell)
A Taste of Acadie (tekijä: Marielle Cormier-Boudreau)
The Taste of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Elizabeth Baird)
The Taste of Nova Scotia Cookbook (tekijä: Charles Lief)
The Taste of Nova Scotia Cookbook
Tastes of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Halifax Jaycees)
The Tattrie family of River John, Nova Scotia : the descendants of Louis Tattrie of Louisville : a genealogical record (tekijä: Gordon MacKay Haliburton)
Teachers Salary Scales in Nova Scotia 1958-59 & 1959-60
Telling the truth : reflections : segregated schools in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Doris Evans)
Terror in the Harbour (tekijä: Sharon E. McKay)
There You Are (tekijä: Joanne Taylor)
There’s Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous & Black Communities (tekijä: Ingrid R G Waldron)
These Four Walls (tekijä: Susan Cameron)
This is Nova Scotia (tekijä: Will R. Bird)
This is Nova Scotia
This unfriendly soil : the Loyalist experience in Nova Scotia, 1783-1791 (tekijä: Neil MacKinnon)
Three Hills Home (tekijä: Alfred Silver)
Through Deepest Nova Scotia (tekijä: Bud Inglis)
Thunder and Ocean: Shambhala & Buddhism in Nova Scotia (tekijä: David Swick)
Thunderstruck (tekijä: Erik Larson)
Tidal Life: A Natural History of the Bay of Fundy (tekijä: Harry Thurston)
Tidefall (tekijä: Thomas H. Raddall)
The Tides of Summer (tekijä: Sandra Field)
The Tides of Time (tekijä: Suzanne Stewart)
Ties That Bind - Structure and Marriage in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Douglas F. Campbell)
Timber Boss (tekijä: Kay Thorpe)
Titanic Remembered: The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax (tekijä: Alan Ruffman)
Titanic: Destination Disaster (tekijä: John P. Eaton)
To Nova Scotia (tekijä: T. Morris Longstreth)
Too Many to Mourn (tekijä: James Mahar)
Topographical Township Map of Kings County Nova Scotia (tekijä: King County Historical Society)
Topographical Township Map of Kings County Nova Scotia (tekijä: A. F. Church & Co.)
Topographical Township Map of Kings County, Nova Scotia
Tourbook guide. Atlantic Provinces & Québec. New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, 2016
Tourism in Nova Scotia
Tourism regions map : the 'Doers & Dreamers' companion map (tekijä: Government of Nova Scotia)
Tours to summer haunts by-the-sea in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
Towards innovation in school building design in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Peter Manning)
The Town that Died: a chronicle of the Halifax Disaster (tekijä: Michael J. Bird)
Township books, Kings County, Nova Scotia : Aylesford, Cornwallis, Horton (tekijä: Lorna Woodman Evans)
Tracing your ancestors in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Julie Morris)
Tracing your ancestors in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.,)
Tracing your Ancestors in Nova Scotia
Traditional Songs from Nova Scotia (tekijä: Helen Creighton)
Trans Canada Trail Guide Nova Scotia (tekijä: Sue Lebrecht)
Treacherous (tekijä: Paul Derry)
A Treasury of Nova Scotia Heirloom Recipes (tekijä: Florence M. Hilchey (ed.))
Trees of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Gary L. Saunders)
The tribune of Nova Scotia : a chronicle of Joseph Howe (tekijä: William Lawson Grant)
True Stories from Nova Scotia's Past (tekijä: Dianne Marshall)
Twenty-Six (tekijä: Leo McKay Jr.)
Twilight at the Cove: Notes for a Genealogy of the Picturesque in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Ian McKay)
The Two Atlantics (tekijä: Keith A. Hatchard)
Uncommon Sons (tekijä: Bruce W Bishop)
Underground Nova Scotia : Stories of Archaeology (tekijä: Paul A. Erickson)
Understanding the law : a guide for women in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Susan Perley)
The Underwater Welder (tekijä: Jeff Lemire)
The undeveloped coal fields of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Edwin Gilpin)
Universalism in Nova Scotia "Soul-Chearing Doctrines" (tekijä: Heather M. Watts)
An Unsettled Conquest: The British Campaign Against the Peoples of Acadia (tekijä: Geoffrey Plank)
The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes - and Why (tekijä: Amanda Ripley)
Upper Carboniferous Fossil Flora of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Nova Scotia Museum)
Vanishing Halifax (tekijä: L. B. Jenson)
Varners of Nova Scotia
A Victorian Lady's Album: Kate Shannon's Halifax and Boston Diary of 1892 (tekijä: Kate Winnifred Shannon)
Victorian Nova Scotia Christmas (tekijä: Molly Simmons)
Views from the steel plant : voices and photographs from 100 years of making steel in Cape Breton Island (tekijä: Ron Caplan)
Views of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (tekijä: Gary Wilson)
Vintage Cabot Trail: One of the World's Great Travelways (tekijä: Terrence D. MacLean)
Virginia’s Run [2002 film] (tekijä: Peter Markle)
Voices of Nova Scotia community : a written democracy (tekijä: Scott Milsom)
Walk Historic Halifax: Walking Guide to an Historic Capital (Maritime Travel Guides Series) (tekijä: Grant MacLean)
Wartime Halifax: The photo history of a Canadian city at war - 1939-1945 (tekijä: William D. Naftel)
Washington Black (tekijä: Esi Edugyan)
Waterfalls of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Allan Billard)
Waterfalls: Nova Scotia's Masterpieces (tekijä: Allan Billard)
We Keep a Light (tekijä: Evelyn M. Richardson)
We Were Not the Savages: Collision Between European and Native American Civilizations (tekijä: Daniel N. Paul)
Weaving in Nova Scotia : yesterday and today. (tekijä: Mary E. Black)
The Wee Folk : About The Elves in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mary Alma Dillman)
Weeds of Nova Scotia (tekijä: G.D. Palfrey)
Western and eastern rambles;: Travel sketches of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Joseph Howe)
What I Learned About Politics: Inside the Rise-and Collapse-of Nova Scotia's NDP Government (tekijä: Graham Steele)
What Is Left the Daughter (tekijä: Howard Norman)
Where Moose & Trout Abound (tekijä: Mike Parker)
Where to Stay in Nova Scotia 1960 (tekijä: Anon)
Where White Horses Gallop (tekijä: Beatrice MacNeil)
White Elephant (tekijä: Catherine Cooper)
Who's a Scaredy Cat: A Story of the Halifax Explosion (tekijä: Joan Payzant)
Why I Love Nova Scotia Board Book (tekijä: Daniel Howarth)
Wild Nova Scotia (tekijä: Len Wagg)
Wildflowers of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Todd Boland)
Wildflowers of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island: Revised and Expanded Edition (tekijä: Mary Primrose)
Wildhood [2021 film] (tekijä: Bretten Hannam)
Wineries & Wine Country of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Sean Wood)
The winning of responsible government in Nova Scotia : centenary celebration 1948 (tekijä: D. C. Harvey)
Witch in the Wind: The True Story of Legendary Bluenose (tekijä: Marq De Villiers)
Withe baskets, traps, and brooms: Traditional crafts in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Joleen Gordon)
Wolfville & Grand Pré: Past and Present (Nova Scotia Illustrated Histories) (tekijä: Brian Cuthbertson)
Women and the Law in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Susan Perly)
Women's Issues in Nova Scotia: A Backgrounder
Woodchips and Beans: Life in the Early Lumber Woods of Nova Scotia (tekijä: Mike Parker)
The woods of Nova Scotia from Birchdale to Nova Nada (tekijä: Tessa Bielecki)
Words Without Walls: Writing and Art By Women in Prison in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Various)
Wortspieler. Wiener Journal. Das Magazin der Wiener Zeitung (tekijä: Republik Österreich)
Woven weirs of Minas (tekijä: Joleen Gordon)
Wreck Diving Tales: Diving Nova Scotia's Shipwrecks (tekijä: Allan P. Henneberry)
The Yankee Professor's Guide To Life in Nova Scotia (tekijä: Philip Milner)
The Yodeling Cowboy, Montana Slim from Nova Scotia (tekijä: Wilf Carter)
You Can Pick Me Up at Peggy's Cove (tekijä: Brian Doyle)
You Might Be from Nova Scotia If . . . (tekijä: Michael de Adder)
The Young Icelander (tekijä: Johan Magnus Bjarnason)