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50 Walks in Devon (tekijä: AA Publishing)
A-Z Devon, Cornwall and West Somerset Visitors' Atlas and Guide (tekijä: Geographers' A–Z Map Company Limited)
AA Leisure Guide Devon (AA Leisure Guides) (tekijä: Penny Phenix)
The Abbot's Gibbet (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
About Dartmoor Prison (tekijä: Trevor James)
Adrift: The Curious Tale of the Lego Lost at Sea (tekijä: Tracey Williams)
After the War (tekijä: Frederic Raphael)
Agatha Christie's Devon (tekijä: Bret Hawthorne)
Alice’s Girls (tekijä: Julia Stoneham)
The American Assault Exercises at Slapton Sands, Devon, in 1944 (tekijä: Arthur L. Clamp)
And Then There Were None [1945 film] (tekijä: René Clair)
Archaeological Sites of Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: T. Clare)
Archaeology of the Devon Landscape: Over 5000 Years of Devon's Heritage (tekijä: Peter Beacham)
The Art of the Devon Garden: The Depiction of Plants and Ornamental Landscapes from the Year 1200 (tekijä: Todd Gray)
As I Walked Out: Sabine Baring-Gould and the Search for the Folk Songs of Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Martin Graebe)
The Awful Secret (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
Beastly Behaviour (tekijä: Aishling Morgan)
Belladonna at Belstone (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
Betwixt Moor and Sea: South Devon Rambles (tekijä: Roger Jones)
Billy Moon (tekijä: Douglas Lain)
Black Eye (tekijä: Neville Steed)
Black's guide to the south-western counties of England. Dorsetshire, Devon and Cornwall
Blackshirts in Devon (tekijä: Todd Gray)
The Blizzard in the West: Being a Record and Story of the Disasterous Storn Which Raged Throughout Devon And Cornwall, and West Somerset, on the Night of March 9th, 1891 (tekijä: A. H. Swiss)
Blue Desert (tekijä: Celia Jeffries)
A Book About Smuggling in the West Country, 1700-1850 (tekijä: Antony D.Hippisley Coxe)
A Book of the West: Being An Introduction to Devon and Cornwall Volume I: Devon (tekijä: S. Baring-Gould)
Both sides of the Tamar : a West Country alphabet (tekijä: Michael Williams)
The Boy-Bishop's Glovemaker (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
Bradt Guide Devon & Exmoor (tekijä: Hilary Bradt)
Branch Line Memories: Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Eric Roy Shepherd)
Branch Line Memories: Devon and Cornwall v. 2 (tekijä: Eric R. Shepherd)
The Bride Bed (tekijä: Linda Needham)
British Railways Past and Present: East Devon (tekijä: David Mitchell)
British Railways Past and Present: No. 8 Devon (tekijä: David Mitchell)
British Railways Past and Present: North and West Devon (tekijä: David Mitchell)
British Roads Past and Present: Devon (Past and Present collection. Roads) (tekijä: Valerie R. Belsey)Devonshire, England, UK
Budleigh Salterton in bygone days : memories and photographs of a Devon seaside town (tekijä: P. Norman)
Bunker family history (tekijä: Henry L. Bunker)
The Butcher of St Peter's (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
Cabin Pressure: The Complete Series 3 (tekijä: John Finnemore)
A Calendar of Inquisitiones Post Mortem for Cornwall and Devon from Henry III to Charles I. (tekijä: Edward Alexander Fry)
Captain's Surrender (tekijä: Alex Beecroft)
A Chance Encounter (tekijä: Mary Balogh)
Children's Classic Compendium: Hound of the Baskervilles / White Fang / Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (tekijä: Arthur Conan Doyle)
China Clay from Cornwall and Devon: An Illustrated Account of the Modern China Clay Industry (tekijä: Charles Thurlow)
Christmas in Devon (tekijä: Todd Gray)
Church and society in eighteenth-century Devon (tekijä: Arthur Warne)
Classic Devon Ghost Stories (tekijä: Paul White)
Classic Walks Devon: 60 Circular Routes, Dartmoor Included (tekijä: Mark Darron Norton)
The Cloven Foot (tekijä: Mary Elizabeth Braddon)
Cluny Brown (tekijä: Margery Sharp)
The Coasts of Devon (tekijä: David Entrican)
A Collector's Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Gemstones in Cornwall and Devon (tekijä: Cedric Rogers)
The Cornish Beam Engine (tekijä: D. B. Barton)
Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset (Cadogan Britain) (tekijä: Joe Fullman)
The Country Life Picture Book of Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Paul Pettit)
Cousins (tekijä: Suzanne Goodwin)
The Crediton Killings (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
Crowner's Crusade (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
Crowner's Quest (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
Cuckoo in the Night (tekijä: Pamela Kent)
Dartmoor (tekijä: Arthur L. Salmon)
Dartmoor Prison (tekijä: Rufus Endle)
Dartmoor Prison: At Her Majesty's Pleasure v. 2: The World's Most Famous Prison (tekijä: Ron Joy)
Dartmoor Prison: Parcere Subjectis v.1: The World's Most Famous Prison (Vol 1) (tekijä: Ron Joy)
Dartmoor's War Prison and Church 1805-1817 (tekijä: Elisabeth Stanbrook)
Dartmouth and the South Devon Potteries (tekijä: Matt White)
A Deadly Walk in Devon (tekijä: George Nicholas)
Dear Old Devon: Camera Pictures of the County (tekijä: W. G. Morris)
Death and the Black Pyramid (tekijä: Deryn Lake)
Death at the Wedding Feast (tekijä: Deryn Lake)
Death in Devon (tekijä: Ian Sansom)
Death in the West Wind (tekijä: Deryn Lake)
Death on the Rocks (tekijä: J. R. L. Anderson)
The Death Ship of Dartmouth (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
Devon (tekijä: S.E. Winbolt)
Devon (tekijä: Peter Stanier)
Devon (tekijä: F.L. Loveridge)
DEVON (tekijä: V.C. Clinton-Baddeley)
Devon (tekijä: S. Baring-Gould)
Devon (tekijä: W. G. Hoskins)
Devon (tekijä: Ann Jellicoe)
Devon (tekijä: Rupert O. Matthews)
Devon & Cornwall (tekijä: Paul Pettit)
Devon & Cornwall (tekijä: Rupert O. Mathews)
Devon & Cornwall (Footprint Focus) (tekijä: William Gray)
Devon (Battlefield Walks) (tekijä: Rupert Matthews)
Devon (Buildings of England) (tekijä: Bridget Cherry)
Devon : a portrait in colour (tekijä: Andy Williams)
Devon : its moorlands, streams, & coasts (tekijä: Lady Rosalind Northcote)
Devon Aerodromes in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs) (tekijä: Keith A. Saunders)
The Devon almanac (tekijä: Todd Gray)
DEVON AND CORNISH DAYS (tekijä: E. P Leigh-Bennett)
Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Denys Kay-Robinson)
Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Patrick M. Synge)
Devon and Cornwall (Cycle Tours) (tekijä: Nick Cotton)
Devon and Cornwall (Exploring England's Heritage) (tekijä: Andrew Saunders)
Devon and Cornwall (Motoring on Regional Byways) (tekijä: Christopher Trent)
Devon and Cornwall Airfields in the Second World War (tekijä: Graham Smith)
Devon and Cornwall Illustrated (tekijä: Robin a Fenner)
Devon and Cornwall in colour: A collection of colour photographs; with an introductory text and notes on the illustrations by Jane Tregarthen (tekijä: Jane Tregarthen)
Devon and Cornwall in Pictures (tekijä: W. G. Hoskins)
Devon and Cornwall Railways in Old Photographs (tekijä: Kevin Robertson)
Devon and Cornwall The Class 47 Years: Class 47 A West Country Symposium (tekijä: Bernard Mills)
Devon and Exmoor: AA Ordnance Survey Leisure Guides (tekijä: Michael Cady)
Devon and Its People (tekijä: W. G. Hoskins)
Devon and Somerset Mines: Metalliferous and Associated Minerals, 1845-1913 (Mineral statistics of the United Kingdom, 1845-1913) (tekijä: Roger Burt)
Devon and the Civil War (tekijä: Mark Stoyle)
Devon Archaeology No 2 (tekijä: Devon Archaeological Society)
Devon Archaeology: Dartmoor Issue (tekijä: Christopher Henderson)
Devon Churches: Okehampton, Hatherleigh and North Dartmoor (tekijä: David Spurr)
Devon Country Houses and Gardens Engraved: Pt. 1 (tekijä: Todd Gray)
Devon documents : in honour of Mrs Margery Rowe (tekijä: Todd Gray)
The Devon Food Book (tekijä: Carol Trewin)
The Devon Gentleman: The Life of Sir Peter Carew (tekijä: John A. Wagner)
Devon Household Accounts, 1627-59. Part I. Sir Richard and Lady Lucy Reynell of Forde, 1627-48; John Willoughby of Leyhill, 1644-6; and Sir Edward Wise of Sydenham, 1656-9 (tekijä: Todd Gray)
Devon Household Accounts, 1627-59: Henry, Fifth Earl of Bath, and Rachel, Countess of Bath, of Tawstock and London (1637-1655) Pt. 2 (Devon & Cornwall Record Society New) (tekijä: Todd Gray)
Devon Interlude (tekijä: Kay Thorpe)
The Devon Landscape (tekijä: W. Harding Thompson)
Devon long ago (tekijä: Morris Collman)
Devon Murders (tekijä: Paul Harrison)
Devon Narrow Gauge (tekijä: Maurice Dart)
Devon Railway Stations (tekijä: Mike Oakley)
Devon Transport (Britain in Old Photographs) (tekijä: Ted Gosling)
Devon Villages (tekijä: S. H. Burton)
Devon Wills (tekijä: Charles Worthy)
Devon's Age of Elegance (tekijä: Peter Hunt)
Devon's Churches (Viewing Devon series) (tekijä: Mary Gray)
Devon's Fossils, Pebbles and Shells (Viewing Devon series) (tekijä: Trevor Beer)
Devon's witchcraft (Viewing Devon series) (tekijä: A Farquharson- Coe)
Devon's Ancient Bench Ends (tekijä: Todd Gray)
Devon's Ancient Industries and Handicrafts (Viewing Devon series) (tekijä: A. Farquharson-Coe)
Devon's Brunel Journey (tekijä: Devon County Council)
Devon's Castles, Gardens and Ancient Houses (Viewing Devon series) (tekijä: Mary Gray)
Devon's Fifty Best Churches (tekijä: Todd Gray)
Devon's Railways (tekijä: A. Farquharson-Coe)
Devon's Spiritual Places: The Search for God in an Ancient Landscape (tekijä: Nick Pannell)
Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (New Shell Guides) (tekijä: Paul Pettit)
Devon: A Survey of Its Coast, Moors, and Rivers with Some Suggestions for Their Preservation (tekijä: W. Harding Thompson)
Devon: A Thematic Study (tekijä: Brian Chugg)Devonshire, England, UK
Devon: County Atlas (tekijä: Estate Publications)
Devonshire (tekijä: D. St. Leger-Gordon)
Devonshire (tekijä: Lynne Connolly)
Devonshire & Cornwall Illustrated, from original drawings by Thomas Allom, W. H. Bartlett &c. With historical & topographical descriptions by J. Britton & E. W. Brayley (tekijä: J. Britton)
Devonshire (Cambridge County Geographies) (tekijä: Francis A. Knight)
Devonshire (Little guides) (tekijä: S. Baring-Gould)
Devonshire (The Travellers guides) (tekijä: Seán Jennett)
Devonshire Characters and Strange Events (tekijä: S. Baring-Gould)
Devonshire Parishes: v. 1-2: The Antiquities,Heraldry and Family History of 28 Parishes in the Archdeaconry of Totnes (tekijä: Charles Worthy)
Devonshire studies, (tekijä: W. G. Hoskins)
Discover Devon from Above (tekijä: Ian Hay)
Discovering Devon (tekijä: David Uttley)
Discovering Devon's Past No 3 (tekijä: Simon Timms)
Discovering Devon's Past No 4 (tekijä: Simon Timms)
Discovering Devon's Past No 5 (tekijä: Simon Timms)
DK Eyewitness Travel : Top 10 : Cornwall & Devon (tekijä: Robert Andrews)
Doctor Who Annual 2006 (tekijä: Clayton Hickman)
The Documents in the Case (tekijä: Dorothy L. Sayers)
Domesday Book: A Complete Translation (tekijä: G. H. Martin)
Domesday Book: Devon (tekijä: John Morris)
The Door in the Moon (tekijä: Catherine Fisher)
Drake's Island: Devon Archaeology No. 5 (tekijä: F W Woodward)
The dreamer of Devon; an essay on Henry Williamson (tekijä: Herbert Faulkner West)
Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter (tekijä: Ben Goldfarb)
Early Stuart Mariners and Shipping: Maritime Surveys of Devon and Cornwall, 1619-35 (tekijä: Todd Gray)
Early Tours in Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: R. Pearse Chope)
East Devon & the Jurassic Coast: Local, Characterful Guides to Britain's special places (Bradt Slow Travel) (tekijä: Hilary Bradt)
East Devon: The Traveller's Tales (tekijä: Todd Gray)
The Elixir of Death (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
Elizabethan Devon (tekijä: Todd Gray)
The Elizabethan Renaissance: The Life of the Society (tekijä: A. L. Rowse)
English Church Dedications: With a Survey of Cornwall and Devon (tekijä: Nicholas Orme)
The English Counties Illustrated (tekijä: C. E. M. Joad)
English Dialects: An Introduction (tekijä: Martyn F. Wakelin)
English Episcopal Acta: Volume 11: Exeter 1046-1184 (tekijä: Frank Barlow)as Devon, England
English Episcopal Acta: Volume 12: Exeter 1186-1257 (tekijä: Frank Barlow)as Devon, England
English Hours (tekijä: Henry James)
The Exeter Blitz (tekijä: David Rees)
Extraordinary Earths: Ball Clay, China Clay, Soapstone & China Stone from Cornwall, Devon & Dorset 1700-1914 (tekijä: Ronald Perry)
The Face of Britain - West Country (tekijä: C. Henry Warren)
Fall of a Philanderer (tekijä: Carola Dunn)
A Family for Christmas (tekijä: Jay Northcote)near Exeter
Fear in the Forest (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
Five Boys (tekijä: Mick Jackson)
Five Hundred Mile Walkies: One Man and a Dog Versus the South-west Peninsular Path (tekijä: Mark Wallington)
Flora of Devon : Phanerogams, Vascular, Cryptogams, Charophyta (tekijä: W. Keble Martin)
Folk rhymes of Devon (tekijä: William Crossing)
Folklore and Witchcraft of Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Kelvin I. Jones)
The Folklore of Devon (tekijä: Ralph Whitlock)
Following the Tamar (tekijä: Sarah Foot)
From Devon with Love (tekijä: Bob Croxford)
Frommer's Devon and Cornwall With Your Family (Frommers With Your Family Series) (tekijä: Sue Viccars)
The Funeral Boat (tekijä: Kate Ellis)
Garden History Of Devon: An Illustrated Guide to Sources (South-West Studies) (tekijä: Douglas Gray)
Gastro Devon (tekijä: Carol Trewin)
The Gates of Sleep (tekijä: Mercedes Lackey)Devonshire
General view of the County of Devon, with observations on the means of its improvement : drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement (tekijä: Robert Fraser)
The Geology of Devon (tekijä: Eric M. Durrance)
Georgian Devon (tekijä: Jeremy Black)
Ghastly and Ghostly Devon (tekijä: Sally Barber)
The Gifts of Christmas (A Handful of Gold / A Drop of Frankincense / A Touch of Myrrh) (tekijä: Mary Balogh)
The Girl at the Farmhouse Gate (tekijä: Julia Stoneham)
Give Me Tomorrow (tekijä: Linda Sole)
The Glamour [2005 Revised] (tekijä: Christopher Priest)
Glorious Devon (tekijä: S. P. B. Mais)
Gothick Devon (Gothick Guides) (tekijä: Belinda Whitworth)
Gourmet Devon (tekijä: Carol Trewin)
Grave Doubts (tekijä: Dame Elizabeth Pauline Lucy Corley)
Great Scenic Railways of Devon & Cornwall: An Iron Roads Guide for Travellers & Tourists (tekijä: Michael Pearson)
Great Western Railway DEVON guide book (tekijä: GWR)
Great Western steam in Devon, (tekijä: Anthony Fairclough)
The Grey Room (tekijä: Eden Phillpotts)
The Grim Reaper (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
GT Map of Britain No. 1: West Country (Bartholomew GT Series)
A Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Devon (tekijä: Mike Bone)
A guide to the National Trust in Devon & Cornwall (tekijä: Peter Laws)
Guide to the Parish and Non-parochial Registers of Devon and Cornwall 1538-1837 (tekijä: Hugh Peskett)
The Guinea stamp (aka The courting of Joanna) (tekijä: Alice Chetwynd Ley)
A Hand-Book for Travellers in Devon & Cornwall. With maps (tekijä: John Murray)
A Handbook to the Mineralogy of Cornwall and Devon, etc (tekijä: J. H. Collins)
Hareton Hall (tekijä: Lynne Connolly)
Harry Potter ja kuoleman varjelukset (tekijä: J. K. Rowling)
Harry Potter ja liekehtivä pikari (tekijä: J. K. Rowling)
Harry Potter ja puoliverinen prinssi (tekijä: J. K. Rowling)
Harry Potter ja salaisuuksien kammio (tekijä: J. K. Rowling)
Hatchments in Britain: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Somerset v. 7 (tekijä: Peter Summers)
Haunted Pubs in Devon (tekijä: Sally Barber)
He's Behind You! (tekijä: Clare London)
The heir of Treherne: A tale of the Reformation in Devonshire, and of the Western Rebellion (tekijä: A. D. Crake)
Henrietta's War: News from the Home Front, 1939-1942 (tekijä: Joyce Dennys)
Hercule Poirot ja huvimajan arvoitus (tekijä: Agatha Christie)
The Hidden Places of Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Joy David)
Highways and Byways in Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Arthur H. Norway)
His Every Kiss (tekijä: Laura Lee Guhrke)
A Historical Survey of The Mines and Mineral Railways of East Cornwall and West Devon (tekijä: Denys Bradford Barton)
A History of Copper Mining in Cornwall and Devon (tekijä: D Bradford Barton)
A history of Devon (tekijä: Robin Stanes)
History of Devonshire (tekijä: Richard Polwhele)
The History Of Devonshire And Cornwall From The Earliest Times To 1714 (tekijä: Thomas Kelly)
A History of Plymouth (tekijä: Llewellynn Jewitt)
A History of Plymouth and Her Neighbours (tekijä: C.W. Bracken)
The Holiday (tekijä: Richmal Crompton)
Holiday map 13 : 1:200,000 : West Country [1986] (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
Home from the Sea (tekijä: Mel Keegan)
The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World (tekijä: Lacey Baldwin Smith)as Devonshire, England, UK
The Housekeeper's Guide To The Fish-market For Each Month Of The Year: And An Account Of The Fishes And Fisheries Of Devon And Cornwall In Respect Of Commerce, Economy, Natural History, And Statistics (tekijä: John Cremer Bellamy)
Idylls of the King (tekijä: Alfred Tennyson)
Illustrated History of West Country China Clay Trains (tekijä: John Vaughan)
Images of Exeter and East Devon Railways (Boot Up) (tekijä: Maurice Dart)
The Inconvenient Duchess (tekijä: Christine Merrill)
Index to certified copy of list of American prisoners of war, 1812-1815: As recorded in General entry book, Ottawa, Canada. List of American prisoners ... at Princetown, Dartmoor, England, 1812-1815 (tekijä: Deborah Edith Wallbridge Carr)
Industrial Archaeology in Devon (tekijä: W. E. Minchinton)
Insight Guides : Great Breaks : Devon & Cornwall (tekijä: Apa)
An Introduction to the Laws of the Duchy of Cornwall, The Scilly Isles and Devon (tekijä: John Kirkhope)
Jan Stewer's Demshur Buke (tekijä: A. J. Coles)
Jewish Cemeteries of Devon: Exeter, Old Jewish Cemetery. Exeter, New Jewish Cemetery. Torquay & Paignton. Plymouth, The Hoe. Plymouth, Coifford Place (tekijä: Helen Fry)
The Journal of George Fox (tekijä: George Fox)
Järki ja tunteet (tekijä: Jane Austen)
Järki ja tunteet ja merihirviöt (tekijä: Ben H. Winters)
Kadonneen testamentin arvoitus (tekijä: Agatha Christie)
Kaksoissynti (tekijä: Agatha Christie)
Kalpea ratsastaja (tekijä: Bernard Cornwell)as Defnascir
Kaunottaren kuolema (tekijä: Carter Dickson)
The King's England : Devon: cradle of our seamen (tekijä: Arthur Mee)
I Know My Love (tekijä: Sara Seale)
Koti eläintarhassa (tekijä: Benjamin Mee)
Kuolleen miehen huvimaja (tekijä: Agatha Christie)
Kymmenen pientä neekeripoikaa (tekijä: Agatha Christie)
Landranger Map 202: Torbay & South Dartmoor, Totnes & Salcombe (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
The Last Days of Steam in Devon (tekijä: Maurice Dart)
The Last Templar (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
Legends of Devon (tekijä: Sally Jones)
Legends, Superstitions, and Sketches of Devonshire on the Borders of the Tamar and the Tavy, Vol. 1 (Classic Reprint) (tekijä: Bray Bray)
The Leper's Return (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
Let's Get Out Here (tekijä: S. P. B. Mais)
The Liberal Party in south-west Britain since 1918 : political decline, dormancy and rebirth (tekijä: Garry Tregidga)
Life in Elizabethan England (tekijä: A. H. Dodd)
The Literary Landmarks of Devon & Cornwall, (tekijä: Robert Thurston Hopkins)
A Little Folly (tekijä: Jude Morgan)
Lonely Planet : Devon & Cornwall (tekijä: Lonely Planet)
Lonely Planet : Devon & Cornwall : 2023 : 6th edition (tekijä: Oliver Berry)
Lonely Planet : Devon, Cornwall & Southwest England (tekijä: Oliver Berry)
Lord Avery's Legacy (tekijä: Allison Lane)
Lorna Doone: Written in 1869 by Richard Doddridge Blackmore and Adapted by Rachel Jordan, A. O. Berglund, Carleton Washburne (tekijä: Rachel Jordan)
Lost Devon: Creation, Change and Destruction Over 500 Years (tekijä: Todd Gray)
The Lost Garden (tekijä: Helen Humphreys)
Love and War (tekijä: James Hewitt)
Love is in the Heir (tekijä: Kathryn Caskie)
The Loving Gift (tekijä: Carole Mortimer)
Luontopäiväkirja 1905 (tekijä: Edith Holden)
The Magic Lantern Murders (tekijä: Carter Dickson)
Magical places (tekijä: Sarah Foot)
A Man (tekijä: Ripley Hayes)
The Manor of Death (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
Mansion on the Moors (tekijä: W. E. D. Ross)
Margaret's Unicorn (tekijä: Briony May Smith)
The Marriage Bargain Bundle (4-in-1) (tekijä: Carole Mortimer)
Marrying The Captain (Harlequin Historical Series) (tekijä: Carla Kelly)
The Matrimonial Advertisement (tekijä: Mimi Matthews)
Medieval Devon and Cornwall: Shaping an Ancient Countryside (Landscapes of Britain) (tekijä: Sam Turner)
Medieval pilgrimage with a survey of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Bristol (tekijä: Nicholas Orme)
The Merchant's Partner (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
The metalliferous mining region of South-West England (tekijä: H. G. Dines)
Mineral railways of the West Country (tekijä: Anthony Fairclough)
Minerals of Cornwall and Devon (tekijä: P. G. Embrey)
Mines and Miners of Cornwall and Devon: The Tin and Copper Industries (tekijä: Anthony Burton)
Mines of Cornwall and Devon : an historic photographic record (tekijä: Peter Stanier)
Mines of Devon: North and east of Dartmoor (tekijä: A. K. Hamilton Jenkin)
Mines of Devon: Volume I The Southern Area (tekijä: A. K. Hamilton Jenkin)
Mining Fields of the West : being a practical exposition of the principal mines and mining districts in Cornwall and Devon. (tekijä: Charles Thomas)
The Mining Heritage of Cornwall and West Devon (tekijä: Peter Hancock)
Mining in Cornwall and Devon: Mines and Men (tekijä: Roger Burt)
Mining Sites in Cornwall and South West Devon: v. 1 (tekijä: Barry Atkinson)
Miranda Masters (tekijä: John Cournos)
A Moorland Hanging (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
More great Western steam in Devon (tekijä: Anthony Fairclough)
Muddy Boots and Silk Stockings (tekijä: Julia Stoneham)
Murder Most Haunting (tekijä: Robert Colton)
My Devon (tekijä: Baron Hugh Foot Caradon)
My Devonshire Book (tekijä: J. Henry Harris)
National Geographic Magazine 1929 v55 #5 May (tekijä: Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor)
National Geographic Magazine 1963 v124 #2 August (tekijä: Melville Bell Grosvenor)
The naturalist in Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Roger Burrows)
A naturalist's rambles on the Devonshire coast (tekijä: Philip Henry Gosse)
Never Coming Back (tekijä: Tim Weaver)
The New Maritime History of Devon: From the Late Eighteenth Century to the Present Day v. 2 (Conway's merchant marine & maritime history series) (tekijä: Stephen Fisher)
Nicholas Nicklebyn elämä ja seikkailut (tekijä: Charles Dickens)
Nicholas Roscarrock's Lives of the Saints: Cornwall and Devon (tekijä: Nicholas Roscarrock)
No Summer Beauty (tekijä: Leslie Lance)
No. 23: The Coast of South Devon and Dorset between Barnscombe and Burton Bradstock (Geologists' Excursion Guides) (tekijä: Derek V. Ager)
The Noble Outlaw (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
The Norman Conquest (tekijä: Marc Morris)
The North Devon & Cornwall Junction Light Railway and the Marland Light Railway, (West Country handbook) (tekijä: C. F. D. Whetmath)
North Devon (The Buildings of England Series No. 4) (tekijä: Nikolaus Pevsner)
North Devon and North Cornwall. (tekijä: Roy Millward)
Obsidian Mirror (tekijä: Catherine Fisher)
Odd Ways in Olden Days down West, or Tales of the Reformation in Devon and Cornwall. By Vic. (tekijä: Herbert Edward Reynolds)
The Official Guide to Agatha Christie in Devon (Official Guide to..Series) (tekijä: Martin Harris)
The Official Guide to the Jurassic Coast: Dorset and East Devon's World Heritage Coast (tekijä: Denys Brunsden)
Old Devon (tekijä: W. G. Hoskins)
On Rolling Wheels in the West (tekijä: William F Burbidge)
One Night of Passion (tekijä: Elizabeth Boyle)
Open Sea (tekijä: Graham Rich)
Oscar ja Lucinda (tekijä: Peter Carey)
Outdoor Leisure Map 020: South Devon (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
The Parkers at Saltram, 1769-89 (tekijä: Ronald Fletcher)
The Parliamentary Survey of the Duchy of Cornwall: Part II (Isles of Scilly-West Antony and Manors in Devon) (tekijä: Norman J. G. Pounds)
The Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne (tekijä: Anthony Trollope)
Parson's House (tekijä: Elizabeth Cadell)
Passenger Steamers of the River Tamar (tekijä: Alan Kittridge)
Past Caring (tekijä: Robert Goddard)
Pathfinder Maps: Dartmouth & Brixham Sheet 1358 (SX85/95) (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
Pathfinder North Devon: Walks (Pathfinder Guides) (tekijä: Sue Viccars)
The Pebbles on the Beach (tekijä: Clarence Ellis)
The Perfect Girl (tekijä: Gilly McMillan)
Photographs (tekijä: Roger Mayne)
A Pictorial Guide To Historic Plymouth (tekijä: Arthur L. Clamo)
Pies and Prejudice: In Search of the North (tekijä: Stuart Maconie)
The Pilgrims Guide to Devon's Churches: The Location, History, Architecture and Stories of Devon's 618 Church of England Churches (tekijä: Nicholas Orme)
Pitkän päivän ilta (tekijä: Kazuo Ishiguro)
The Place-Names of Devon (tekijä: J. E. B. Gover)
The Place-Names of Devon Part 2 (English Place-Name Society: Volume IX) (tekijä: J. E. B. Gover)
The Place-Names of Devon. Part I. (tekijä: J. E. B. Gover)
A Plague of Heretics (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
The Poisoned Chalice (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
Political Elites in South-West England, 1450-1500: Politics, Governance, and the Wars of the Roses (tekijä: R. E. Stansfield-Cudworth)
Portrait of Devon (tekijä: D. St. Leger-Gordon)Devonshire, England, UK
Prehistoric Hillforts of Devon (tekijä: Aileen Fox)
Present Views of Some Aspects of the Geology of Cornwall and Devon (a series of papers compiled to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall (tekijä: K. F. G. Hosking)
A prison chaplain on Dartmoor (tekijä: Clifford Rickards)
Prison on the Moor, the story of Dartmoor Prison (tekijä: Justin Atholl)
The prison on the moor: The astonishing story of Dartmoor Prison (tekijä: Robert Sanderson)
Promise Me Heaven (tekijä: Connie Brockway)
Prose idylls, new and old (tekijä: Charles Kingsley)Lynmouth to Clovelly
Päivien kultainen ketju (tekijä: R. F. Delderfield)
Rail Routes in Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Chris Leigh)
Rambles in Devon. With 19 illustrations and an end paper map (tekijä: Joseph Henry Wade)
The Red Cliffs (tekijä: Eleanor Farnes)
Remarkable Women of Devon (tekijä: Todd Gray)
Report on the geology of Cornwall, Devon and west Somerset (tekijä: Henry T. De La Beche)
Revolt in the West (tekijä: John Sturt)
Rikos auringon alla (tekijä: Guy Hamilton)
The Ringer's Guide to the Church Bells of Devon (tekijä: Charles Pearson)
The River (tekijä: Tricia Wastvedt)
The River of No Return (tekijä: Bee Ridgway)
The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain (tekijä: Bill Bryson)
The Rough Guide to Devon & Cornwall (tekijä: Robert Andrews)
Runaway Duchess (tekijä: Patricia Oliver)
The rural economy of the west of England including Devonshire, and parts of Somersetshire, Dorsetshire, and Cornwall ... (tekijä: William Marshall)
Saharan sissit (tekijä: Percival Christopher Wren)
The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea [1976 film] (tekijä: Lewis John Carlino)
The Saint Goes On (tekijä: Leslie Charteris)
Salute to Bazarada and Other Stories (tekijä: Sax Rohmer)
The Sanctuary Seeker (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
The School for Heiresses (Anthology 4-in-1) (tekijä: Sabrina Jeffries)
Second Time Around (tekijä: Marcia Willett)
She's No Princess (tekijä: Laura Lee Guhrke)
The shearers and the shorn : a study of life in a Devon community (tekijä: E. W. Martin)
The Shell Book of Exploring Britain (tekijä: Garry Hogg)
Shell Guide : Devon (tekijä: Brian Watson)
Sherlock Holmes: The Tangled Skein (tekijä: David Stuart Davies)
Sherlock: Season 2 (tekijä: Steven Moffat)
A Short History of George Parker Bidder, 1806-1878
Shortish Walks the South Devon Coast (tekijä: Paul White)
Shroud of Darkness (tekijä: E.C.R. Lorac)
Sibylla and the Privateer (tekijä: Marina Oliver)
Sir Walter Ralegh (tekijä: Robert Lacey)
The Slanted Worlds (Obsidian Mirror) (tekijä: Catherine Fisher)
Small Talk at Wreyland (tekijä: Cecil Torr)
SMALL TALK AT WREYLAND - Third Series (tekijä: Cecil Torr)
Small Talk at Wreyland, First Series (tekijä: Cecil Torr)
Small Talk at Wreyland, Second Series (tekijä: Cecil Torr)
Smuggling in Devon and Cornwall, 1700-1850 (tekijä: Mary Waugh)
The Snowstorm (tekijä: Beryl Netherclift)
Solomon Kane [2009 film] (tekijä: MJ Bassett)
Somerset and North Devon Coast Path (Long Distance Footpath Guide No. 10) (tekijä: Countryside Commission)
Songs of the West (tekijä: Sabine Baring-Gould)
The south country trout streams (tekijä: GEORGE A. B. DEWAR)
South Devon (tekijä: Nikolaus Pevsner)
South Devon & Dartmoor (Travelmaster Guides) (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
South Devon & Dartmoor: Local, Characterful Guides to Britain's Special Places (tekijä: Hilary Bradt)
South Devon (Including W. Dorset Coast from Weymouth) and South Cornwall with a full description of Dartmoor and the Scilly Isles. 5th edition, revised (tekijä: C. S. Ward)
South Devon and Dartmoor Walks (tekijä: Brian Conduit)
The South Devon and Dorset Coast (tekijä: Sidney Heath)
The South Devon Coast path (tekijä: Des Hannigan)
The South Hams (tekijä: Bob Croxford)
South West Climbs: A Selection of Rock Climbs from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Jersey (tekijä: Pat Littlejohn)
South West Coast Path: Falmouth to Exmouth (tekijä: Brian Le Messurier)
South West England (tekijä: Aileen Fox)
South West England (British Regional Geology) (tekijä: British Geological Survey)
South West Granite: A History of the Granite Industry in Cornwall and Devon (tekijä: Peter Stanier)
The South West of England (tekijä: The Woodland Trust)
South west to the sea : the magic of Cornwall and Devon (tekijä: English Heritage)
The South-West highway atlas for 1675 (tekijä: Paul White)
Southern Holiday Lines in North Cornwall and West Devon (tekijä: Alan Bennett)
The Spanish Doll (tekijä: Elizabeth Renier)
The Speed of Darkness (tekijä: Catherine Fisher)
Squanto: A Warrior's Tale [1994 film] (tekijä: Xavier Koller)
Squire Throwleigh's Heir (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
The Stannaries: a Study of the Medieval Tin Miners of Cornwall and Devon (tekijä: G.R. Lewis)
Stannary Law: History of the Mining Law of Cornwall and Devon (tekijä: Robert R. Pennington)
Stolen (tekijä: Sheila Dalton)as England
Stormwatch [2011] #9 (tekijä: Peter Milligan)
The Story of Dartmoor Prison (tekijä: Basil Thomson)
The Strange Waif (tekijä: Violet Winspear)
Strawberry Kisses (tekijä: Charlie Novak)
Summer People (tekijä: Leslie Lance)
Sweet Betrayal (tekijä: Helen Brooks)
Sweet Rosemary (tekijä: Fay Chandos)
Sword of Shame (tekijä: The Medieval Murderers)as Devon, England
Sylvia Plath : Her Life and Work (tekijä: Eileen Aird)
Sylvia Plath in Devon: A Year's Turning (tekijä: Elizabeth Sigmund)
The Tainted Relic (tekijä: The Medieval Murderers)as Devon, England
Tangled Destinies (tekijä: Sara Wood)
Teign Valley Silver-lead Mines, 1806-80 (tekijä: Christopher J. Schmitz)
The Temptation of Gracie (tekijä: Santa Montefiore)
That Great Lucifer: A Portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh (tekijä: Margaret Irwin)
That Summer Affair (tekijä: Sarah Challis)
These Delights (tekijä: Sara Seale)
Tidemills of Devon & Cornwall (tekijä: Walter Minchinton)
Time of Grace (tekijä: Sara Seale)
The Tinner's Corpse (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
Titanic: Destination Disaster (tekijä: John P. Eaton)
To Love and to Cherish (tekijä: Patricia Gaffney)
Tour travel map 05 : 1:130 000 : Devon and Somerset West [2003] (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
Touring map & guide 13 : 1:207 070 : Devon & Cornwall [1992] (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
Touring Map : 1:100 000 : Devon [2000] (tekijä: Ordnance Survey)
The Toy Sorcerer (tekijä: Laura Hart)
Traditional Country House Cooking (tekijä: C. Anne Wilson)
The Traitor of St Giles (tekijä: Michael Jecks)as Devon, England
Travels in Victorian Devon: Illustrated Journals and Sketchbooks 1846 - 1870 (tekijä: Peter Orlando Hutchinson)
Travels With Boogie: 500 Mile Walkies and Boogie Up the River in One Volume (tekijä: Mark Wallington)
The Tree (tekijä: John Fowles)
Tudor and Stuart Devon: The Common Estate and Government (tekijä: Todd Gray)
The Unforgettable Husband (tekijä: Michelle Reid)
United States Naval Advanced Amphibious Base: Plymouth,1943-45 (tekijä: Arthur L. Clamp)
Unity and Variety: A History of the Church in Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Nicholas Orme)
Unknown Devon (tekijä: L. du Garde Peach)
An Unladylike Offer (tekijä: Christine Merrill)
Varjossa auringon alla (tekijä: Agatha Christie)
Viisi pientä possua (tekijä: Agatha Christie)
The Village Witch (tekijä: Neil Davies)
A Voyage From Plymouth to Melbourne in 1839 the Shipboard and Early Melbourne Diary (tekijä: Jonathan Binns Were)
Walks in historic Devon (tekijä: Michael Bennie)Devonshire, England, UK
West Country (tekijä: Geoffrey Grigson)
The West Country Book (tekijä: J. C. Trewin)
West Country to World's End: The South West in the Tudor Age (tekijä: Sam Smiles)
West Country Tour (tekijä: John Skinner)
West Country Treasury: A Compendium of Lore and Literature, People and Places (tekijä: Alan Gibson)
The West Country: Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall (tekijä: Peter Sager)
The Western Rising, 1549: Prayer Book Rebellion (tekijä: Philip Caraman)
What Lies Within (tekijä: Tom Vowler)
Where and How to Find Church Brasses in Devon (tekijä: Paul Corbould)
Where to Watch Birds in Devon and Cornwall: Including the Isles of Scilly and Lundy (Where to Watch Birds) (tekijä: David Norman)
Wild Flowers of the Devon Hedgerows (Tor Mark) (tekijä: Trevor Beer)
Wildlife of the Exe Estuary (tekijä: Stan Davies)
Windmills of Devon (tekijä: Walter E. Minchinton)
The Winds of Change (tekijä: Martha Grimes)
Wings and hackle (tekijä: Raymond Hill)
Wish You Were Here (tekijä: Graham Swift)
The Witch Hunter (tekijä: Bernard Knight)as Devon, England
With Seduction in Mind (tekijä: Laura Lee Guhrke)
The withered arm: Reminiscences of the Southern lines west of Exeter (tekijä: T. W. E Roche)
The Withered Arm: The Southern West of Exeter (Railway World Special) (tekijä: P. W. B. Semmens)
Women and Work in Preindustrial Europe (A Midland Book) (tekijä: Barbara Hanawalt)
The Wrong Side of Happiness (tekijä: Tania Crosse)
The Year After (tekijä: Martin Davies)
You Can Trust Me (tekijä: Sophie McKenzie)
The Young Detectives (tekijä: R. J. McGregor)