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"A Truthful Impression of the Country": British and American Travel Writing in China, 1880-1949 (tekijä: Nicholas R. Clifford)
"An alleyway in hell" : China's abusive "black jails" (tekijä: Human Rights Watch)
1000 jaar strijd tussen Hindoes en Mohammedanen : duizendjarig conflict India Pakistan (AO-boekje 1080) (tekijä: C.J.J. Wiedhaup)land
1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows: A Memoir (tekijä: Ai Weiwei)
1421 : kun Kiina löysi maailman (tekijä: Gavin Menzies)
1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance (tekijä: Gavin Menzies)
1587, A Year of No Significance: The Ming Dynasty in Decline (tekijä: Ray Huang)
2000 AD Annual 1984 (tekijä: Fleetway Comics)
2000 rarities of the world (tekijä: Inc. Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries)
The 2006 Winter Sale (tekijä: John Bull Stamp Auctions)
The 2007 Autumn Sale (tekijä: John Bull Stamp Auctions)
2010 : avaruusodysseia (tekijä: Arthur C. Clarke)
25 Ultimate Experiences: China (tekijä: Rough Guide)
28 June: Sarajevo 1914 - Versailles 1919: The War and Peace That Made the Modern World (tekijä: Alan Sharp)
3x3 Eyes Volume 6: Key To The Sacred Land (v. 6) (tekijä: Yuzo Takada)
3x3 Eyes: Blood of the Sacred Demon (tekijä: Yuzo Takada)
3x3 Eyes: Curse of the Gesu (tekijä: Yuzo Takada)
3x3 Eyes: Descent of the Mystic City (tekijä: Yuzo Takada)
3x3 Eyes: Summoning of the Beast (tekijä: Yuzo Takada)
40 Men and 12 Rifles: Indochina 1954 (tekijä: Marcelino Truong)
4000 Jahre ostasiatische Kunst : Ausstellung (tekijä: Krems an der Donau. Kulturverwaltung (Austria))
4000 Jahre Ostasiatische Kunst : Eine Einführung (tekijä: Editha Leppich)
500 Asian Dishes: The Only Compendium of Asian Dishes You'll Ever Need (500 Series Cookbooks) (tekijä: Ghillie Basan)
7 Scary Stories: For Haunted Nights and Grim Twilights (tekijä: Joseph McKee)
The 8 Brokens: Chinese Bapo Painting (tekijä: Nancy Berliner)
[Chinesin] [Lesezeichen]
`This Culture of Ours': Intellectual Transitions in T'ang and Sung China (tekijä: Peter Bol)
AAA Spiral Guide: China (tekijä: Graham Bond)
ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary: Alphabetically Based Computerized (ABC Chinese Dictionary Series) (tekijä: John DeFrancis)
Abenteuer Seidenstraße: Auf den Spuren alter Karawanenwege (tekijä: Bruno Baumann)
Abode of snow ; observations of a journey from Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus through the upper valleys of the Himalaya (tekijä: Andrew Wilson)
The Abominations of Yondo (tekijä: Clark Ashton Smith)
Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years {set of three volumes} (tekijä: Carl Sandburg)
Access Contested: Security, Identity, and Resistance in Asian Cyberspace (Information Revolution and Global Politics) (tekijä: Ronald Deibert)
Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace (Information Revolution and Global Politics) (tekijä: Ronald Deibert)
Access Denied: The Practice and Policy of Global Internet Filtering (Information Revolution and Global Politics) (tekijä: Ronald Deibert)
The Accident (tekijä: Linwood Barclay)
Aching for Beauty: Footbinding in China (tekijä: Wang Ping)
Across Asia on a Bicycle: The Journey of Two American Students from Constantinople to Peking (tekijä: Thomas Gaskell Allen)
Adventure Guide China (Adventure Guides Series) (Adventure Guides Series) (tekijä: Simon Foster)
Adventures from History: Great Civilisations - China (tekijä: Ian A. Morrison)
The Adventures of a Lady in Tartary, Thibet, China, and Kashmir. With an account of the Journey from the Punjab to Bombay overland. Also an account of the Mahableshwur and Neilgherry Mountains, etc. (tekijä: Mrs. HERVEY)
The Adventures of Prince Achmed [1926 film] (tekijä: Lotte Reiniger)
Adventures of the Treasure Fleet: China Discovers the World (tekijä: Ann Martin Bowler)
Aerology and Naval Warfare: Carrier Strikes on the China Coast, January 1945 (tekijä: Chief of Naval Operations Aerology Section)
Africa's booming oil and natural gas exploration and production : national security implications for the United States and China (tekijä: David E. Brown)
After Imperialism: Christian Identity in China and the Global Evangelical Movement (tekijä: Richard R. Cook)
Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China (tekijä: Evan Osnos)
Age of Empires: Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties (tekijä: Zhixin Sun)
The Age of Openness: China before Mao (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
Agricultural Policies in China after WTO Accession : Agricultural Policies in China After WTO Accession (tekijä: oecd publishing)
Agriculture in China: Prospects Production and Trade (tekijä: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Develop)
Agro-food Processing Sector in China : Developments and Policy Challenges (tekijä: oecd publishing)
Air: Or, Have Not Have (tekijä: Geoff Ryman)
The AK-47 and AK74 Kalashnikov Rifles and Their Variations (tekijä: Joe Poyer)
Aladdin (tekijä: Sue Arengo)
Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp (tekijä: Philip Pullman)
Alien Kind: Foxes and Late Imperial Chinese Narrative (tekijä: Rania Huntington)
All the Tea in China (tekijä: Jane Orcutt)
All Under Heaven: The Chinese World (tekijä: Eliot Porter)
Allegorical Architecture: Living Myth and Architectonics in Southern China (Spatial Habitus (Series).) (tekijä: Xing Ruan)
Along the Riverbank : Chinese Paintings from the C. C. Wang Family Collection (tekijä: Maxwell K. Hearn)
Als der Osten noch fern war (tekijä: Adolf Krayer)
Das alte China (tekijä: Jonathan Clements)
Alte chinesische Graphik (tekijä: Josef Hejzlar)
The Altman Code (tekijä: Robert Ludlum)
I Am Mulan (Disney Princess) (Little Golden Book) (tekijä: Courtney Carbone)
Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists: A Graphic History of Women's Fight for Their Rights (tekijä: Mikki Kendall)
Amelia Earhart's Daughters: The Wild and Glorious Story of American Women Aviators from World War II to the Dawn of the Space Age (tekijä: Leslie Haynsworth)
America : sovereign defender or cowboy nation? (tekijä: Vladimir Shlapentokh)
America in the China Relief Expedition (tekijä: A. S. Daggett)
America Views China: American Images of China Then and Now (tekijä: Jonathan Goldstein)
America's First Dynasty: The Adamses, 1735–1918 (tekijä: Richard Brookhiser)
American Exodus: Second-Generation Chinese Americans in China, 1901-1949 (tekijä: Charlotte Brooks)
American Philatelist, No. 1370, March 2015 (tekijä: American Philatelic Society)
America’ s Strategic Response to China’ s Military Modernization (tekijä: Ashton B. Carter)
Anciennes relations des Indes et de la Chine, de deux voyageurs mahométans, qui y allèrent dans le neuvième siècle... Traduites d'arabe, avec des remarques sur les principaux endroits de ces relations (tekijä: Eusèbe Renaudot)
Ancient China (tekijä: Edward H. Schafer)
Ancient China (tekijä: Cornelia Spencer)
Ancient China (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
Ancient China (China Focus) (tekijä: Charlotte Guillain)
Ancient China (Cultural Atlas for Young People) (tekijä: Tony Allan)
Ancient China (Eyewitness Books) (tekijä: Arthur Cotterell)
Ancient China (History in Art) (tekijä: Dale Anderson)
Ancient China (See Through History) (tekijä: Brian Williams)
Ancient China (The Ancient World) (tekijä: Liz Sonneborn)
Ancient China (Treasure Chests) (tekijä: Jenny Liu)
Ancient China (True Books: Ancient Civilizations) (tekijä: Mel Friedman)
Ancient China : a history (tekijä: John S. Major)
Ancient China : Chinese Civilization From Its Origins To The Tang Dynasty (tekijä: Maurizio Scarpari)
Ancient China and its Enemies: The Rise of Nomadic Power in East Asian History (tekijä: Nicola Di Cosmo)
Ancient China in Transition: An Analysis of Social Mobility, 722-222 B.C. (tekijä: Cho-Yun Hsu)
Ancient China inside out (tekijä: Kelly Spence)
Ancient China: Art and Archaeology (tekijä: Jessica Rawson)
Ancient China: Beyond the Great Wall (Fact Finders: Great Civilizations) (tekijä: Muriel L. Dubois)
Ancient China: masters of the wind and waves (tekijä: History)
Ancient China: Music & Ritual (tekijä: J. J. Lally & Co.)
Ancient China: Tales of the Dead (tekijä: Stewart Ross)
Ancient China: The Middle Kingdom (tekijä: The College of William and Mary)
Ancient China;: The discoveries of post-liberation Chinese archaeology, (tekijä: William Watson)
Ancient Chinese (Ancient Civilizations) (tekijä: Tristan Boyer Binns)
The Ancient Chinese (Look Into the Past) (tekijä: Julia Waterlow)
The Ancient Chinese (Myths of the World) (tekijä: Virginia Schomp)
The Ancient Chinese (People of the Ancient World) (tekijä: Virginia Schomp)
Ancient Chinese Architecture (Culture of China) (tekijä: Lou Qingxi)
Ancient Chinese Architecture Series, Imperial Gardens (tekijä: Liyao Cheng)
Ancient Chinese Architecture Series, Vernacular Dwellings (tekijä: Qijun Wang)
Ancient Chinese Armies 1500-200 BC (tekijä: CJ Peers)
Ancient Chinese bronzes (tekijä: William Watson)
Ancient Chinese Bronzes and Chinese Jewelry an Exposition of Chinese Craftsmanship in the Field of Metalwork... February 9th to March 2nd, 1941 (tekijä: Toledo Museum of Art)
Ancient Chinese Civilization (Ancient Civilizations and Their Myths and Legends) (tekijä: Rupert Matthews)
Ancient Chinese jades from the Buffalo Museum of Science : [catalog of the exhibition held] April 3 through June 15, 1975 (tekijä: Joan M. Hartman)
Ancient Chinese Sculptural Works; Terra-Cotta Figures from Qin Shihuang's Tomb
Ancient Chinese Warfare (tekijä: Ralph D. Sawyer)
Ancient Civilizations: China * India * Africa * Mesopotamia: All-in-One Resource With Background Information, Map Activities, Simulations and Games, ... and Critical Thinking in Social Studies (tekijä: Wendy Conklin)
And Man Created God: A History of the World at the Time of Jesus (tekijä: Selina O'Grady)
And the Miss Ran Away With the Rake: Rhymes With Love (tekijä: Elizabeth Boyle)
Andersen's Fairy Tales (tekijä: Hans Christian Andersen)
Andy Warner's Oddball Histories: Pests and Pets (tekijä: Andy Warner)
An annotated bibliography of selected Chinese reference works (tekijä: Ssû-yü Têng)
Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2013 (tekijä: Office of the Secretary of Defense)
Anthology of Chinese literature (tekijä: Cyril Birch)
Anthology of Chinese Literature: Volume I: From Early Times to the Fourteenth Century (tekijä: Cyril Birch)
An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto (tekijä: Alex Callinicos)
Antiquarianism and intellectual life in Europe and China, 1500-1800 (tekijä: Peter N. Miller)
Antique Chinese carpets : a definitive catalogue of the Te-Chun Wang collection, and an introduction to the art of antique Chinese carpets, their symbolism, origins, uses, design and construction (tekijä: Terry Stratton)
Aodili : Österreich-China, Geschichte einer 300jährigen Beziehung (tekijä: Gerd Kaminski)
Aodili : Österreich-China, Geschichte einer 300jährigen Beziehung. Sonderausstellung der ÖGCF in der Kunsthalle Krems (tekijä: Gerd Kaminski)
Apina ja tiikeri (tekijä: Robert van Gulik)7th century
Approaches to Modern Chinese History (tekijä: Albert Feuerwerker)
April Kane and the Dragon Lady (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Apron Strings: Navigating Food and Family in France, Italy, and China (tekijä: Jan Wong)
Arc Light (tekijä: Eric L. Harry)
Archaeology in China (tekijä: William Watson)
Archaische & antike Jaden aus China (tekijä: Wolfmar Zacken)
Archaische & antike Jaden aus China. Teil 2 (tekijä: Wolfmar Zacken)
Archaische & antike Jaden aus China. Teil 3 (tekijä: Wolfmar Zacken)
Architectural encounters with essence and form in modern China (tekijä: Peter G. Rowe)
Architecture in China (tekijä: Philip Jodidio)
Architecture of Ancient China, (tekijä: Adapted by zhu kang Illustrated by hong tao feng cong ying)
Architecture of Modern China: A Historical Critique (tekijä: Jianfei Zhu)
Area handbook for the People's Republic of China (tekijä: Donald P. Whitaker)
The Aristocratic Families in Early Imperial China: A Case Study of the Po-Ling Ts'ui Family (Cambridge Studies in Chinese History, Literature and Institutions) (tekijä: Patricia Buckley Ebrey)
The Armies of Warlord China 1911-1928 (tekijä: Philip Jowett)
The Army Air Forces in World War II, Volume Five : The Pacific: Matterhorn to Nagasaki, June 1944 to August 1945 (tekijä: Wesley Frank Craven)
Around the World in 80 Days [2004 film] (tekijä: Frank Coraci)
Arrest of Ships: People's Republic of China, Nigeria, Oman, Scotland v. 4 (tekijä: Unnamed)
Art & Political Expression in Early China (tekijä: Mr. Martin J. Powers)
Art and Architecture (Inside Ancient China) (tekijä: Anita Croy)
The Art and Architecture of China (tekijä: Laurence Sickman)
Art and Architecture of China: The History and Culture of China (tekijä: Sheila Hollihan Elliot)
Art in China (tekijä: Craig Clunas)
The art of Asia India, Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Japan (tekijä: Lucy Davidson Rosenfeld)
The Art of Chinese Brush Painting: Ink, Paper, Inspiration (tekijä: Caroline Self)
The Art of Chinese Sculpture (tekijä: Hugo Munsterberg)
Art of Dynastic China (tekijä: William Watson)
The Art of East Asia (tekijä: Gabriele Fahr-Becker)
Art of the Book in China, The: Colloquies on Art & Archaeology in Asia No. 23 (tekijä: Ming Wilson)
Art of the Han (tekijä: Ezekiel Schloss)
Art of the Warrior: Leadership and Strategy from the Chinese Military Classics (Shambhala Dragon Editions) (tekijä: Ralph D. Sawyer)
Art, Myth and Ritual: The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China (tekijä: K. C. Chang)
Articulating citizenship : civic education and student politics in Southeastern China, 1912-1940 (tekijä: Robert Culp)
An Artistic Exile: A Life of Feng Zikai (1898-1975) (tekijä: Geremie Randall Barme)
The Arts of China (tekijä: Hugo Munsterberg)
The Arts of China 900-1620 (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor) (tekijä: William Watson)
The Arts of China After 1620 (Yale University Press Pelican History of Art) (tekijä: William Watson)
The Arts of China to A.D. 900 (tekijä: William Watson)
The arts of the Ch'ing Dynasty (tekijä: Oriental Ceramic Society.)
ASEAN and China: An Evolving Relationship (tekijä: Noordin Sopiee)
Ashmolean Museum - Chinese Art Wall Calendar 2021 (tekijä: Flame Tree Studio)
Asia's Reckoning: China, Japan, and the Fate of U.S. Power in the Pacific Century (tekijä: Richard McGregor)
Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific (tekijä: Robert D. Kaplan)
Asia's Giants (tekijä: E. Friedman)
Asia, East By South; a Cultural Geography (tekijä: Joseph Earle Spencer)
Asian Art Discoveries. Two Day Auction 27th & 28th February (tekijä: Galerie Zacke)
Asian Dilemma: United States, Japan and China (tekijä: Elaine H. Burnell)
Asian Modernities: Chinese and Thai Art Compared, 1980 to 1999 (tekijä: John Clark)
Asiatic Land Battles: Allied Victories in China and Burma (tekijä: Trevor Nevitt Dupuy)
Asiatic Land Battles: Expansion of Japan in Asia (tekijä: Trevor Nevitt Dupuy)
The Asiatics (tekijä: Frederic Prokosch)
Assignment: Kowloon Hotel (Jack Tangiers Thriller) (tekijä: R.S. Nolte)
La Astrologia China (tekijä: Li Chung)
Astronomy Across Cultures: The History of Non-Western Astronomy (tekijä: Helaine Selin)
At China's Table: Food Security Options (China 2020 Series : a World Bank Publication) (tekijä: The World Bank)
Atlas of China (tekijä: Rand McNally)
The Atlas of Languages: The Origin and Development of Languages Throughout the World (tekijä: Bernard Comrie)
Aurel Stein: Pioneer of the Silk Road (tekijä: Annabel Walker)
Auringon valtakunta (tekijä: J. G. Ballard)
Ausstellung Archäologische Funde der Volksrepublik China. (tekijä: Herbert Fux)
Ausstellung ostasiatischer Gerätekunst und Kleinbilderei / (tekijä: Heinrich Gluck)
Ausstellung von Werken Asiatischer Kunst aus Wiener Besitz : anlässlich des Sechsten Deutschen Orientalistentages im Juni 1930 (tekijä: Melanie Stiassny)
Australia and China : the ambiguous relationship (tekijä: E.M. Andrews)
Australia and China At Forty Stretch of the Imagination / 澳大利亚与中国已届四十年舒展的想象力 (tekijä: Stephen Fitzgerald)
Australia and recognition of the People's Republic of China (tekijä: David Lee)
Australia and the world : a political handbook (tekijä: J. P. Chiddick)
Austtria - China = 奧地利 - 中國 (tekijä: Ernst Laschan)
The autobiography of Arthur Ransome (tekijä: Arthur Ransome)
The Autobiography of Hudson Taylor: Missionary to China (Illustrated) (tekijä: J. Hudson Taylor)
Avenue of Eternal Peace (tekijä: Nicholas Jose)
The Aviators: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and the Epic Age of Flight (tekijä: Winston Groom)
Awakening China: Politics, Culture, and Class in the Nationalist Revolution (tekijä: John Fitzgerald)
The awakening of China, 1793-1949 (tekijä: Roger Pelissier)
B-24 Liberator vs Ki-43 Oscar: China and Burma 1943 (Duel) (tekijä: Edward M. Young)
Back-Alley Banking: Private Entrepreneurs in China (tekijä: Kellee S. Tsai)
Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks (tekijä: Ben Goldacre)
Baedeker's China (tekijä: Baedeker Guides)
A Ballad of China (tekijä: Laura E. Richards)
Balzac ja vaatturintytär (tekijä: Dai Sijie)
Bamboo Goalposts: One Man's Quest to Teach the People's Republic of China to Love Football (tekijä: Rowan Simons)
A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts: A Collection of Deliciously Frightening Tales (tekijä: Ying Chang Compestine)
Een barbaar in China : een reis door Centraal-Azië (tekijä: Adriaan van Dis)
Barbarian beds : the origin of the chair in China (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
Barbarian Lost: Travels in the New China (tekijä: Alexandre Trudeau)
A Batalha do Apocalipse (tekijä: Eduardo Spohr)
Batman/Superman: World's Finest, Vol. 1: The Devil Nezha (tekijä: Mark Waid)
The Battle For Asia (tekijä: Edgar Snow)
Baukunst und Landschaft in China eine Reise durch zwölf Provinzen (tekijä: Ernst Boerschmann)
The Beauty and the Book: Women and Fiction in Nineteenth-Century China (tekijä: Ellen Widmer)
Becoming China's Bitch: And Nine More Catastrophes We Must Avoid Right Now (tekijä: Peter D. Kiernan)
Becoming Inspector Chen (tekijä: Xiaolong Qiu)
Beestig China vijf jaar VRT-correspondent in een nieuwe grootmacht (tekijä: Tom Van de Weghe)
Behind the Wall: A Journey Through China (tekijä: Colin Thubron)
Beijing Blur : A head-spinning journey into modern China (tekijä: James West)
Beijing Smog (tekijä: Ian Williams)
Bencharong - Chinese porcelain for Siam (tekijä: Dawn F. Rooney)
Het beste uit de Chinese keuken (tekijä: Renate Büttner)
Betrayed Ally: China in the Great War (tekijä: Christopher Arnander)
Between East and West: The Moluccas and the Traffic in Spices Up to the Arrival of Europeans (tekijä: R. A. Donkin)
Between the Hammer and the Anvil? Chinese and Russian Policies in Outer Mongolia, 1911-1921 (tekijä: Thomas E. Ewing)
Between the Lines: My Story Uncut (tekijä: Jason Donovan)
Between the Thunder and the Rain: Chinese Paintings from the Opium War Through the Cultural Revolution, 1840-1979 (tekijä: Julia F. Andrews)
Beverly Gray on a Treasure Hunt (tekijä: Clair Blank)
Beyond the Great Wall: Recipes and Travels in the Other China (tekijä: Jeffrey Alford)
Beyond the North-West Frontiers: Travels in the Hindu Kush and the Karakorams (tekijä: Maureen Lines)
Big Bird in China [1983 TV movie] (tekijä: Jon Stone)
Big Dragon : The Future of China : What It Means for Business, the Economy, and the Global Order (tekijä: Daniel Burstein)
The Big Game of Central and Western China (tekijä: Harold Frank Wallace)
Big Ideas That Changed the World 3: A Shot in the Arm! (tekijä: Don Brown)
The Big Necessity (tekijä: Rose George)
The Big Ten: The Big Emerging Markets And How They Will Change Our Lives (tekijä: Jeffrey E. Garten)
A Biographical Dictionary of Later Han to the Three Kingdoms (23-220 AD) (tekijä: Crespigny)
Birds [collected in Japan and China] from Narrative of an American squadron to the China seas and Japan performed in the years 1852,1853 and 1854 under the command of Commodore M.C. Perry, United States Navy (tekijä: John Cassin)
The birds of China (tekijä: Rodolphe Meyer de Schauensee)
Birds of East Asia (tekijä: Mark Brazil)
Birds of Europe, Russia, China, and Japan: Non-Passerines: Loons to Woodpeckers (tekijä: Norman Arlott)
Birds of Europe, Russia, China, and Japan: Passerines: Tyrant Flycatchers to Buntings (tekijä: Norman Arlott)
The Birth of Communist China (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
The Birth of the State: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China (tekijä: Petr Charvát)
The Black Bear Bites [short story] (tekijä: Robert E. Howard)
BLACK WATER, the China Connection: A bond of brothers thriller (tekijä: Robert Saniscalchi)
Blade, Vol. 2: Sins of the Father (tekijä: Marc Guggenheim)
Der blaurote Methusalem (tekijä: Karl May)
Blood of Tyrants (tekijä: Naomi Novik)
Blood road : the mystery of Shen Dingyi in revolutionary China (tekijä: R. Keith Schoppa)
The Blue Ants (tekijä: Bernard Newman)
The Blue Bird (tekijä: Fiona French)
Blue Guide China (tekijä: Frances Wood)
The Blue Mountains of China (tekijä: Rudy Wiebe)
Body and Face in Chinese Visual Culture (tekijä: Wu Hung)
Bold as a Lamb (tekijä: Ken Anderson)
Bomba! (tekijä: Osamu Tezuka)
Bombshells: United Vol. 3: Taps (tekijä: Marguerite Bennett)
The Book and the Sword (tekijä: Louis Cha)
The Book of Beginnings (tekijä: François Jullien)
The Book of Chinese Beliefs: A Journey into the Chinese Inner World (tekijä: Frena Bloomfield)
The Book of Chinese Cooking (Book of...) (tekijä: Jasper Spencer-Smith)
Bookworms beware (tekijä: John Keay)
Border Town (tekijä: Shen Congwen)
Borderlands of Eternity: Embracing "Across China on Foot" and "My Life in Tibet." (tekijä: Edwin John Dingle)
Born in China [2016 film] (tekijä: Lu Chuan)
Bound Feet & Western Dress: A Memoir (tekijä: Pang-Mei Natasha Chang)
The Boxer Catastrophe (tekijä: Chester C. Tan)
The Boxer Rebellion (tekijä: Henry Keown-Boyd)
The Boxer Rebellion (tekijä: Lynn E. Bodin)
The Boxer Rebellion and the Great Game in China (tekijä: David J. Silbey)
Boxer Rebellion: China 1900-Softbound (Centennial Exhibition) (tekijä: Frederic Alan Sharf)
The Boxer Rebellion: The Dramatic Story of China's War on Foreigners that Shook the World in the Summer of 1900 (tekijä: Diana Preston)
The Boxer Rebellion; Anti-Foreign Terror Seizes China, 1900.: Anti-Foreign Terror Seizes China, 1900 (World Focus Book) (tekijä: Irving Werstein)
Der Boxeraufstand Gewalt u. Tragödie (tekijä: Richard O'Connor)
Boxers (tekijä: Gene Luen Yang)
Boxers and Saints (tekijä: Gene Luen Yang)
Boxing With Shadows: Travels in China (tekijä: Brian Johnston)
The Boy with Blue Trousers (tekijä: Carol Jones)
A Boy's War (An Omf Book) (tekijä: David Michell)
Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control (tekijä: Kathleen Taylor)
Brand New China (tekijä: Jing Wang)
Bridge of Birds (tekijä: Barry Hughart)
Bridges in China, old and new : from the ancient Chaochow Bridge to the modern Nanking Bridge over the Yangtze (tekijä: I-sheng Mao)
A Brief History of China: Dynasty, Revolution and Transformation: From the Middle Kingdom to the People's Republic (tekijä: Jonathan Clements)
Brieven uit China (tekijä: Victor Segalen)
Britannia's Empire (tekijä: Bill Nasson)
Bronze and gold in ancient China : March 24 to April 12, 2003 (tekijä: J. J. Lally & Co.)
Bronze Mirror (tekijä: Jeanne Larsen)
Bronzen aus der Ming-Dynastie (1368-1644) (tekijä: Wolfmar Zacken)
Brothers (tekijä: Yu Hua)
Brush of the Gods (tekijä: Lenore Look)T'ang dynasty
Bubba and Squirt's Big Dig to China (tekijä: Sherry Ellis)
Buddha in the Garden (tekijä: David Bouchard)
Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction (tekijä: Damien Keown)
Der Buddhismus (tekijä: Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer)
A Buddhist Bible (tekijä: Dwight Goddard)
The Buddhist Conquest of China : The Spread and Adaptation of Buddhism in Early Medieval China (tekijä: E. Zürcher)
The Buddhist Dead: Practices, Discourses, Representations (tekijä: Bryan J. Cuevas)
The Buddhist Tradition in India, China and Japan (tekijä: William Theodore De Bary)
The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia (tekijä: Donald K. Swearer)
Buigend bamboe : reizen in China (tekijä: Carolijn Visser)
Building Globalization: Transnational Architecture Production in Urban China (tekijä: Xuefei Ren)
Bulletin 19 New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science: Walter Granger 1872-1941, Paleontologist (tekijä: Vincent L. Morgan)
The Burma Road: The Epic Story of the China-Burma-India Theater in World War II (tekijä: Donovan Webster)
Burning for the Buddha: Self-Immolation in Chinese Buddhism (tekijä: James A. Benn)
The burning of Monterey : the 1818 attack on California by the privateer Bouchard (tekijä: Peter Uhrowczik)
Bury the Dead: Tombs, Corpses, Mummies, Skeletons, & Rituals (tekijä: Christopher Sloan)
Buy Me the Sky: The remarkable truth of China's one-child generations (tekijä: Xinran)
By Eastern Windows (tekijä: Gretta Curran Browne)
By My Spirit (tekijä: Jonathan Goforth)
C Is for China (World Alphabets) (tekijä: Sungwan So)
C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy (tekijä: Jeff Sharlet)
Cabin Pressure: The Complete Series 4 (tekijä: John Finnemore)
Calligraphy and Architecture in the Muslim World (tekijä: Mohammad Gharipour)
Calliope: China's Qing Dynasty (tekijä: Calliope magazine)
Calliope: The Han Dynasty of China (tekijä: Rosalie Baker)
Calliope: The Song Dynasty (tekijä: Calliope magazine)
Calliope: The Tang Dynasty (tekijä: Rosalie F. Baker)
Calls Across the Pacific (tekijä: Zoe S Roy)
CAMBRIAN FAUNAS OF CHINA (tekijä: Charles D. Walcott)
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China’s Maritime Silk Road: Strategic and Economic Implications for the Indo-Pacific Region (tekijä: Nicholas Szechenyi)
La Chine des Han histoire et civilisation (tekijä: Michèle Pirazzoli-T'Serstevens)
Chine; (tekijä: Hélène Hoppenot)
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Chinees kookboekje (tekijä: Chi-Yun Eskelund)
Chinees/indisch kookboek (tekijä: Mary Brückel-Beiten)
The Chinese (tekijä: John Fraser)
The Chinese (tekijä: Jasper Becker)
Chinese & Japanese art = Chinesische und Japanische kunst = Chinese en Japanese kunst = Arte chino y japonés (tekijä: Stefano Vecchia)
The Chinese (Technology of the Ancients) (tekijä: Kim Dramer)
Chinese [mythology] Japanese [mythology] (tekijä: John Calvin Ferguson)
Chinese Adventure (Oxford Reading Tree: Level 7: More Stories A) (tekijä: Roderick Hunt)
Chinese American Interactions: A Historical Summary (tekijä: John King Fairbank)
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Chinese and Japanese ceramics from the collection of Sir Henry & Lady Garner, until recently on loan to the Leicester Museum & Art Gallery. Exhibition, 15th May-1st June, 1973 (tekijä: Bluett and Sons (London))
Chinese and Japanese Cloisonné Enamels (tekijä: Sir Harry Garner)
The Chinese and Opium Under the Republic: Worse Than Floods and Wild Beasts (tekijä: Alan Baumler)
Chinese archaic bronzes, sculpture and works of art : June 2 to June 27, 1992 (tekijä: J. J. Lally & Co.)
Chinese Architecture: A History (tekijä: Nancy Steinhardt)
Chinese Architecture: Discovering China (tekijä: Wang Qijun)
The Chinese army: [an illustrated history from the Long March to Tiananmen Square] (tekijä: Robert Thomson)
Chinese Art (tekijä: Mary Tregear)
Chinese Art and Culture (tekijä: Robert L. Thorp)
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Chinese Art at the End of the Millennium (tekijä: John Clark)
Chinese art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art : the Florence and Herbert Irving Gift (tekijä: Sotheby's New York)
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Chinese At a Glance (tekijä: Scott D. Seligman)
Chinese Bridges: Living Architecture from China's Past (tekijä: Ronald G. Knapp)
Chinese Bronzes (tekijä: Mario Bussagli)
Chinese Brush Painting: A Hands-On Introduction to the Traditional Art (tekijä: Caroline Self)
Chinese Calligraphy (tekijä: Shen C. Y. Fu)
Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order: The Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945 (tekijä: Parks M. Coble)
Chinese Ceramics (tekijä: Stacey Pierson)
Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, "The Collection of Dr. And Mrs. Marvin L. Gordon" (tekijä: J. J. Lally & Co.)
Chinese Ceramics, Works of Art and Jades (tekijä: Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc.)
Chinese ceramics: the Heeramaneck Collection, a gift from Nasli M. Heeramaneck (tekijä: George Kuwayama)
Chinese Characters (tekijä: Han Jiantang)
Chinese Characters: A Journey Through China (tekijä: Sarah Lloyd)
The Chinese Children Next Door (tekijä: Pearl Buck)Pre-Revolution
Chinese china and the kitchens by photographs (tekijä: Kemal)
Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society (tekijä: Adeline Yen Mah)
The Chinese Civil War 1945-49 (tekijä: Michael Lynch)
Chinese Civil War Armies 1911-49 (tekijä: Philip Jowett)
Chinese Civilization (tekijä: Patricia Buckley Ebrey)
Chinese Classical Gardens: classical personal gardens in Jiangnan area of China
Chinese Coins: Money in History and Society (Arts of China) (tekijä: Liuliang Yu)
The Chinese collections Asian Civilisations Museum =: [Chung kuo wen wushou ts'ang Ya-chou Wen ming Po wu kuan] (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition) (tekijä: Asian Civilisations Museum (Singapore))
The Chinese collections of the University museum : a handbook of the principal objects (tekijä: University of Pennsylvania Law Review)
Chinese Comfort Women: Testimonies from Imperial Japan's Sex Slaves (Oxford Oral History Series) (tekijä: Peipei Qiu)
Chinese communism (tekijä: Robert C. North)
Chinese Cooking (tekijä: Lalita Ahmed)
Chinese cooking (tekijä: Caroline Ellwood)
Chinese Cooking Cantonese (International Gourment) (tekijä: Margaret Leeming)
Chinese Copper Red Wares (Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art: Monograph Series) (tekijä: Rosemary E. Scott)
The Chinese Cultural Revolution (tekijä: David Pietrusza)
The Chinese Cultural Revolution (Milestones in Modern World History) (tekijä: Louise Chipley Slavicek)
Chinese Culture (China Focus) (tekijä: Charlotte Guillain)
Chinese Culture (Global Cultures) (tekijä: Mary Colson)
Chinese Democrary (tekijä: Andrew J. Nathan)
Chinese Design (Design Books) (tekijä: DAAB Media)
Chinese diamonds for the King of Kings (tekijä: Rosalind Goforth)
Chinese Dragons (Images of Asia) (tekijä: Roy Bates)
Chinese Dwellings (tekijä: Qijun Wang)
The Chinese Emperor (tekijä: Jean Lévi)
The Chinese Emperor's New Clothes (tekijä: Ying Compestine)
The Chinese Empire (Great Empires) (tekijä: Ellis Roxburgh)
The Chinese Empire (Passport to the Past) (tekijä: Philip Steele)
Chinese Entertaining Spectacular Foods (tekijä: Lisa Kinsman)
Chinese Eunuchs: The Structure of Intimate Politics (Tut Books) (tekijä: Taisuke Mitamura)
The Chinese exhibition : a pictorial record of the exhibition of archaeological finds of the People's Republic of China (tekijä: National Gallery of Art)
Chinese Exhibition: The Exhibition of Archeological Finds of the People's Republic o (tekijä: Laurence Sickman)
Chinese Fables: The Dragon Slayer and Other Timeless Tales of Wisdom (tekijä: Shiho S. Nunes)
Chinese Fairy Tales (tekijä: Dana Stovickova)
Chinese Fairy Tales (tekijä: Adele Marion Fielde)
Chinese Fairy Tales & Fantasies (tekijä: Moss Roberts)
Chinese Families in the Post-Mao Era (tekijä: Deborah Davis)
Chinese fan paintings from the collection of Chan Yee Pong (tekijä: University Art Gallery at the State University of)
Chinese Footbinding: The History of a Curious Erotic Custom (tekijä: Howard S. Levy)
Chinese foreign policy : theory and practice (tekijä: Thomas W. Robinson)
Chinese Fossil Vertebrates (tekijä: Spencer G. Lucas)
Chinese Gardens (tekijä: Lou Qingxi)
Chinese Ghost Stories: Curious Tales of the Supernatural (Tuttle Classics) (tekijä: Lafcadio Hearn)
Chinese Gods, Heroes, and Mythology (tekijä: Tammy Gagne)
The Chinese Have a Word for It: The Complete Guide to Chinese Thought and Culture (tekijä: Boye Lafayette De Mente)
The Chinese House: Craft, Symbol and the Folk Tradition (Images of Asia) (tekijä: Ronald G. Knapp)
Chinese Household Furniture (tekijä: George N. Kates)
Chinese Houses of Southeast Asia: The Eclectic Architecture of Sojourners and Settlers (tekijä: Ronald G. Knapp)
Chinese Houses: The Architectural Heritage of a Nation (tekijä: Ronald G. Knapp)
The Chinese Idioms & Their Stories (tekijä: Ciyun Zhang)
Chinese ivories from the Shang to the Qing [cat. exp., London, British Museum, 24 May-19 Aug 1984] (tekijä: William Watson)
Chinese jade of five centuries (tekijä: Joan M. Hartman)
Chinese Jade throughout the Ages (tekijä: etc. Basil Gray)
Chinese jade throughout the ages : [catalogue of] an exhibition (tekijä: Jessica Rawson)
Chinese jades (tekijä: Rosemary E. Scott)
Chinese Jades (Victoria & Albert Museum Far Eastern Series) (tekijä: Ming Wilson)
Chinese Jades from the Collection of the Seattle Art Museum (tekijä: Seattle Art Museum)
Chinese jades in the Royal Ontario Museum : an exhibition (tekijä: Doris Dohrenwend)
Chinese Journey (tekijä: Nicholas P. Hasluck)
Chinese Junks and Other Native Craft (tekijä: Ivon A. Donnelly)
De Chinese keuken (tekijä: Marlies Sauerborn)
The Chinese Kitchen (tekijä: Deh-Ta Hsiung)
Chinese Landscape Painting: In the Sui and Tang Dynasties (tekijä: Michael Sullivan)
Chinese Landscapes: The Village As Place (tekijä: Ronald G. Knapp)
Chinese Life (Early Civilizations) (tekijä: Jonathan Clements)
Chinese Medicine Men: Consumer Culture in China and Southeast Asia (tekijä: Sherman Cochran)
Chinese military modernization and force development : a western perspective (tekijä: Anthony H. Cordesman)
Chinese Military Modernization: Force Development and Strategic Capabilities (tekijä: Anthony H. Cordesman)
The Chinese Mind: Understanding Traditional Chinese Beliefs and their Influence on Contemporary Culture (tekijä: Boye Lafayette De Mente)
Chinese Mythology (tekijä: Owen Giddens)
Chinese Mythology (tekijä: Anthony Christie)
Chinese Mythology (The World of Mythology) (tekijä: Jim Ollhoff)
Chinese Mythology Rocks! (tekijä: Irene Dea Collier)
Chinese Myths (Myths from Many Lands) (tekijä: Jane Bingham)
Chinese Myths and Legends (tekijä: Joanne O'Brien)
Chinese Myths and Legends (All About Myths) (tekijä: Anita Ganeri)
Chinese Names: The Traditions Surrounding the Use of Chinese Surnames and Personal Names (tekijä: Russell Jones)
Chinese Neolithic Jades (tekijä: Jenny F. So)
Chinese nuclear strategy : the early post detonation period (tekijä: Morton H. Halperin)
The Chinese Opium Wars (tekijä: Jack Beeching)
Chinese Painting (tekijä: Mario Bussagli)
Chinese Painting and the Decorative Style (Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art: Colloquies on Art AndArchaeology in (tekijä: Margaret Medley)
Chinese paintings: A Picture Book (tekijä: Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Chinese paper cut-outs (tekijä: Josef Hejzlar)
The Chinese People and the Chinese Earth (tekijä: Keith M. Buchanan)
The Chinese People's Liberation Army, 1980-82 : modernisation, strategy and politics (Canberra Paper No. 28) (tekijä: Ngok Lee)People's Liberation Army
Chinese Philosophers and Philosophy: An Introduction (tekijä: Ronnie L. Littlejohn)
Chinese Poems (tekijä: Arthur Waley)
Chinese Porcelain and Silver in the Song Dynasty (tekijä: J. J. Lally & Co.)
Chinese Posters: The Iish-Landsberger Collections (tekijä: Stefan R. Landsberger)
The Chinese Potter: A Practical History of Chinese Ceramics (tekijä: Margaret Medley)
The Chinese puzzle (tekijä: Arthur Ransome)politics and government, 1920s
The Chinese Question in Central Asia: Domestic Order, Social Change, and the Chinese Factor (tekijä: Marlene Laurelle)
Chinese Regional Cooking (tekijä: Deh-Ta Hsiung)
Chinese Religious Traditions (tekijä: Joseph A. Adler)
The Chinese Revolution and Mao Zedong in World History (tekijä: Ann Malaspina)
The Chinese Siamese Cat (tekijä: Amy Tan)
Chinese Silk Tapestry: K'o-ssu from Private and Museum Collections (tekijä: Jean Mailey)
Chinese Silks (tekijä: Dieter Kuhn)
Chinese Society on the Eve of Tiananmen: The Impact of Reform (tekijä: Deborah Davis)
Chinese Spatial Strategies: Imperial Beijing, 1420-1911 (tekijä: Jianfei Zhu)
Chinese strategic thinking under Mao Tse-tung (Canberra Paper No. 13) (tekijä: W. A. C. Adie)
Chinese strategy and military modernization in 2015 : a comparative analysis (tekijä: Anthony H. Cordesman)
Chinese strategy and military power in 2014 : Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and US perspectives (tekijä: Anthony H. Cordesman)
Chinese Style: 250 Patterns for Projects and Designs (tekijä: Shigeki Nakamura)
Chinese Textiles (tekijä: Yueh-Siang Chang)
Chinese Thought and Institutions (Phoenix Books) (tekijä: John King Fairbank)
Chinese Traditional Historiography (tekijä: Charles S. Gardner)
Chinese Turkestan: A Photographic Journey Through an Ancient Civilization (tekijä: Ryan Pyle)
The Chinese Twins (tekijä: Lucy Fitch Perkins)
The Chinese Typewriter: A History (tekijä: Thomas S. Mullaney)
The Chinese view of their place in the world (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
Chinese Views of Childhood (tekijä: Anne Behnke Kinney)
Chinese vintage posters from the collection of Gerhard Pommeranz-Liedtke : (1953 to 1958) and other owners (1965 to 1976) (tekijä: Kunsthaus Lempertz (Köln))
The Chinese Wall (tekijä: Max Frisch)
Chinese Walled Cities 221 BC-AD 1644 (Fortress) (tekijä: Stephen Turnbull)
Chinese Warlord Armies 1911-30 (tekijä: Philip Jowett)
Chinese watercolours (tekijä: Josef Hejzlar)
The Chinese Way in Business: Secrets of Successful Business Dealings in China (tekijä: Boye De Mente)
Chinese Works of Art (tekijä: J. J. Lally & Company)
The Chinese World Order: Traditional China's Foreign Relations (tekijä: John King Fairbank)
Chinese writing and exile (tekijä: Gregory B. Lee)
Chinese: An Essential Grammar (tekijä: Po-Ching Yip)
The Chinese: Portrait of a people (tekijä: Alain Peyrefitte)
Chinesisch für Besserwisser: Was der Gelbe Kaiser noch nicht wusste (tekijä: Sabine Hesemann)
Chinesisch kochen (tekijä: Stefan Ullmann)
Chinesische Geister- und Liebesgeschichten (tekijä: Martin Buber)
Chinesische Skulpturen der Sammlung Eduard von der Heydt (tekijä: Museum Rietberg)
Chinesisches Porzellan (tekijä: Adalbert Klein)
Chinesisches Schach, Koreanisches Schach (tekijä: David Wurman)
The I Ching or Book of Changes (tekijä: Richard Wilhelm)
Chinoiserie (tekijä: Clark Ashton Smith)
Chinpao at the zoo (tekijä: Yee Chiang)
Chosen by Desire (tekijä: Kate Perry)
Chou En-Lai: China's Gray Eminence (tekijä: Kai-yu Hsu)
Christianity in China, Tartary and Thibet (tekijä: Évariste Régis Huc)
Christie's New York: The Gangolf Geis Collection of Fine Classical Chinese Furniture 9/18/03 (tekijä: Christie's)
Christie's: New York, Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Part I, Thursday 20 and Friday 21 March 2014 (tekijä: Christie's)
Chronicle of the Chinese Emperors: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial China (tekijä: Ann Paludan)
The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox (tekijä: Barry Hughart)
Chrononauts, Vol. 1 (tekijä: Mark Millar)
Cina e Hong Kong (tekijä: Katia Bagnoli)
Citizens: Flowers and the Wide Sea (tekijä: Eric Rolls)
City of Ink (tekijä: Elsa Hart)
City of Lingering Splendour: A Frank Account of Old Peking's Exotic Pleasures (tekijä: John Blofeld)
City of Tranquil Light: A Novel (tekijä: Bo Caldwell)
CJKV Information Processing: Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Vietnamese Computing (tekijä: Ken Lunde)
Classical Chinese Literature (tekijä: John Minford)
The Claws of the Dragon: Kang Sheng - The Evil Genius Behind Mao - And His Legacy of Terror in People's China (tekijä: John Byron)
Claws of the Panda: Beijing's Campaign of Influence and Intimidation in Canada (tekijä: Jonathan Manthorpe)
Clear Water, Blue Skies: China's Environment in the New Century (China 2020 Series: a World Bank Publications) (tekijä: World Bank)
Climbing: Memories of a Missionary's Wife (tekijä: Rosalind Goforth)
La clé usb (tekijä: Jean-Philippe Toussaint)
Coffee, Tea, and Holy Water: One Woman's Journey to Experience Christianity Around the Globe (tekijä: Amanda Hudson)
The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell: Volume 15: Uncertain Paths to Freedom: Russia and China 1919-1922 (tekijä: Bertrand Russell)
The Collingridge handbook of bonsai (tekijä: Anne Swinton)
Colloquial Chinese (tekijä: Qian Kan)
Colors of China (tekijä: Shannon Zemlicka)
The Columbia Guide to Modern Chinese History (tekijä: R. Keith Schoppa)
The Columbia University exhibition of Chinese archaic jades, ritual bronzes, weapons and related Eurasian bronze art from the Sackler Collections (tekijä: Columbia University.,)
Comics Art in China (tekijä: John A. Lent)
The Coming Collapse of China (tekijä: Gordon G. Chang)
The Coming Conflict with China (tekijä: Richard Bernstein)
Coming Home Crazy: An Alphabet of China Essays (tekijä: Bill Holm)
Coming to Terms with the Nation: Ethnic Classification in Modern China (Asia: Local Studies / Global Themes) (tekijä: Thomas Mullaney)
Commissioner Lin and the Opium War (tekijä: Hsin-pao Chang)
Communism Takes China: How the Revolution Went Red (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
Communism: A History (tekijä: Richard Pipes)
Communist China and Arms Control (tekijä: Morton H. Halperin)
Communist China's Strategy in the Nuclear Era (tekijä: Alice Langley Hsieh)
Communist China: Revolutionary Reconstruction and International Confrontation 1949 to the Present (tekijä: Franz Schurmann)
Communist Neo-Traditionalism: Work and Authority in Chinese Industry (tekijä: Andrew G. Walder)
The Communist's Daughter (tekijä: Dennis Bock)
A Companion to China (tekijä: Frances Wood)
Comparative Politics Today: A World View (tekijä: Gabriel A. Almond)
Competition Policy and Law in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (tekijä: Mark Williams)
The Complete Astrological Handbook for the 21st Century (tekijä: Jared M. Brown)
The Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales (tekijä: Hans Christian Andersen)
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Modern China (tekijä: Vanessa Lide Whitcomb)
The Complete Terry and the Pirates Volume 1: 1934-1936 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Comrade Ambassador: Whitlam's Beijing Envoy (tekijä: Stephen Fitzgerald)
Conceiving the Empire: China and Rome Compared (tekijä: Fritz-Heiner Mutschler)
A Concise History of China (tekijä: J. A. G. Roberts)
A Concise History of Italy (tekijä: Christopher Duggan)
The Concrete Dragon: China's Urban Revolution and What it Means for the World (tekijä: Thomas J. Campanella)
The Concubine Saga (tekijä: Lloyd Lofthouse)
The Concubine's Children: The Story of a Chinese Family Living On Two Sides Of The Globe (tekijä: Denise Chong)
Confederate Admiral: The Life and Wars of Franklin Buchanan (tekijä: Craig L. Symonds)
Confucianism and Family Rituals in Imperial China (tekijä: Patricia Buckley Ebrey)
Confucianism And Taouism. (tekijä: Sir Robert K. Douglas)
Confucius : The Golden Rule (tekijä: Russell Freedman)
Confucius: A Biography (tekijä: Jonathan Clements)
Confucius: A Guide for the Perplexed (tekijä: Yong Huang)
Confucius: Chinese Philosopher: World Cultures Through Time (Primary Source Readers) (tekijä: Wendy Conklin)
Confucius: The Heart of China (tekijä: Demi)
The Confusions of Pleasure: Commerce and Culture in Ming China (tekijä: Timothy Brook)
Conoce China (tekijä: Robin Johnson)
Conquest and Domination in Early China: Rise and Demise of the Western Chou (tekijä: Ralph D. Sawyer)
The Construction of Racial Identities in China and Japan (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
Contemporary Architecture in China (tekijä: Christian Dubrau)
Contemporary architecture in China. Urban landscapes (tekijä: Wei Pang)
Contemporary Architecture in China: Discovering China (tekijä: Architectural Record Magazine)
Contemporary Green Buildings in China (English, Chinese and German Edition) (tekijä: Christian Dubrau)
Contest for the South China Sea (tekijä: Marwyn S. Samuels)
Contesting Citizenship in Urban China: Peasant Migrants, the State, and the Logic of the Market (tekijä: Dorothy J. Solinger)
The Cooking of China (tekijä: Emily Hahn)
The Corpse Walker: Real Life Stories: China From the Bottom Up (tekijä: Liao Yiwu)
Corto Maltese Siperiassa (tekijä: Hugo Pratt)
Cosmic (tekijä: Frank Cottrell Boyce)
The Cost of Hope: A Memoir (tekijä: Amanda Bennett)
Cotton and Silk Making in Manchu China (Iconographia) (tekijä: Jean-Baptiste Du Halde)
Count Your Way Through China (tekijä: James Haskins)
Counterrevolution in China: Wang Sheng and the Kuomintang (tekijä: Thomas A. Marks)
Country Driving: A Chinese Road Trip (tekijä: Peter Hessler)
The Court of the Lion: A Novel of the T'Ang Dynasty (tekijä: Eleanor Cooney)
The Courtesan: A Novel (tekijä: Alexandra Curry)
Courtier And Commoner In Ancient China: Selections From The History Of The Former Han by Pan Ku (tekijä: Burton Watson)
The Crab-Flower Club (tekijä: Cao Xueqin)
The Crafting of the 10,000 Things: Knowledge and Technology in Seventeenth-Century China (tekijä: Dagmar Schäfer)
The Crazed (tekijä: Ha Jin)
Creating Wealth and Poverty in Postsocialist China (Studies in Social Inequality) (tekijä: Deborah Davis)
Crime, Punishment and the Prison in Modern China (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
The Crimson Pagoda (tekijä: Christopher Nicole)
The Crippled Tree (tekijä: Han Suyin)
Crisis and conflict in Han China, 104 BC to AD 9 (tekijä: Michael Loewe)
Crisis in Korea: America, China and the Risk of War (tekijä: Tim Beal)
Crouching suspicions, hidden potential: United States environmental and energy cooperation with China (tekijä: Pamela Baldinger)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [2000 film] (tekijä: Ang Lee)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Volume 1 (tekijä: Wang Du Lu)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Volume 2 (tekijä: Wang Du Lu)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (tekijä: Tan Dun)
Cuisine Chinoise: Five Tales of Food and Life (tekijä: Zao Dao)
The cult of the dead in a Chinese village (tekijä: Emily Martin)
Cultural Atlas of China (tekijä: Caroline Blunden)
The Cultural Revolution: A People's History, 1962-1976 (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
Cultural Traditions in China (tekijä: Lynn Peppas)
The Culture of War in China: Empire and the Military under the Qing Dynasty (International Library of War Studies) (tekijä: Joanna Waley-Cohen)
Culture Shock! China (tekijä: Kevin Sinclair)
Culture, Power, and the State: Rural North China, 1900-1942 (tekijä: Prasenjit Duara)
Cultures in collision: The Boxer Rebellion (tekijä: William J. Duiker)
Curious Encounters: Voyaging, Collecting, and Making Knowledge in the Long Eighteenth Century (UCLA Clark Memorial Library Series) (tekijä: Adriana Craciun)
Currency and Contest in East Asia: The Great Power Politics of Financial Regionalism (tekijä: William W. Grimes)
Current Issues in Chinese Higher Education (tekijä: oecd publishing)
A curtain of ignorance (Jonathan Cape paperbacks) (tekijä: Felix Greene)
Customs & Etiquette Of China (Simple Guides) (tekijä: Caroline Mason)
Cycling to Xian (tekijä: Michael Buckley)
D is for Dancing Dragon: A China Alphabet (tekijä: Carol Crane)
La découverte de l'Asie; hommage à René Grousset. [Exposition] 1954 (tekijä: Musée Cernuschi)
Dachreiter (tekijä: Eduard Fuchs)
Daily Life in China on the Eve of the Mongol Invasion, 1250-1276 (tekijä: Jacques Gernet)
Daily Life in Shang Dynasty China (Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations) (tekijä: Lori Hile)
Dangerous thoughts on the Orient (tekijä: F. R. Eldridge)
Dangerous Women: Warriors, Grannies, and Geishas of the Ming (tekijä: Victoria Baldwin Cass)
Danziger's Travels: Beyond Forbidden Frontiers (tekijä: Nick Danziger)
The Dao of Muhammad: A Cultural History of Muslims in Late Imperial China (tekijä: Zvi Ben-Dor Benite)
Dark of the Sun (tekijä: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)
Darkness Calls (Hunter Kiss, Book 2) (tekijä: Marjorie M. Liu)
Dated Chinese Antiquities: 600 To 1650 (tekijä: Sheila Riddell)
A Daughter of Han: The Autobiography of a Chinese Working Woman (tekijä: Ida Pruitt)
Daughter of Xanadu (tekijä: Dori Jones Yang)
Daughters of Emptiness: Poems of Chinese Buddhist Nuns (tekijä: Beata Grant)
A Day in the Life of China (tekijä: David Cohen)
Day of the Dragon King (tekijä: Mary Pope Osborne)
The Day the Sun Died (tekijä: Yan Lianke)
Daybreak in China (tekijä: Basil Davidson)
Days Like Floating Water, A Story of Modern China (tekijä: Susan Edwards McKee)
Days of the Ching Pao (tekijä: Malcolm Rosholt)
Deadly Dreams: Opium and the Arrow War (1856-1860) in China (tekijä: J. Y. Wong)
Dealing with China: An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower (tekijä: Henry M. Paulson)
Dear Monkey (tekijä: Wu Cheng'en)
Deaths in China Due to Communism: Propaganda Versus Reality (Occasional Paper / Center for Asian Studies, Arizona State U) (Center for Asian Studies, Occasional Paper No. 15) (tekijä: Stephen Rosskamm Shalom)
The Debt of Tears (tekijä: Cao Xuequin)
Debt: The First 5,000 Years (tekijä: David Graeber)
Deception : a novel of murder and madness in T'ang China (tekijä: Eleanor Cooney)
Defending Heaven: China's Mongol Wars, 1209-1370 (tekijä: James Waterson)
Defining Chu: Image and Reality in Ancient China (tekijä: Constance A. Cook)
Delano's Voyages of Commerce and Discovery: Amasa Delano in China, the Pacific Islands, Australia, and South America, 1789-1807 (American Classics) (tekijä: Eleanor Roosevelt Seagraves)
Deng Xiaoping and the Making of Modern China: Revised Edition (tekijä: Richard Evans)
Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China (tekijä: Ezra F. Vogel)
Deng Xiaoping: Portrait of a Chinese Statesman (Studies on Contemporary China (M.E. Sharpe Paperback)) (tekijä: David Shambaugh)
De derde Indochinese oorlog : de konflikten tussen China, Vietnam, Laos en Cambodja (tekijä: Jaap van Ginneken)
Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap? (tekijä: Allison Graham)
Destroy All Monsters [1968 film] (tekijä: Ishirô Honda)
The Destruction of the Medieval Chinese Aristocracy (tekijä: Nicolas Tackett)
Developing China's Natural Gas Market : The Energy Policy Challenges (tekijä: oecd publishing)
Development Centre Studies The Rise of China and India: What's in it for Africa? (Development Centre Studies) (tekijä: oecd publishing)
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought - Volume 53, Number 4 (Winter 2020) (tekijä: Dialogue Foundation)
De diamant : een voorbeeldige geschiedenis (tekijä: Harry Mulisch)
The Diary of his Excellency Ching-Shan (tekijä: Ching-Shan)
The Dictator's Learning Curve: Inside the Global Battle for Democracy (tekijä: William J. Dobson)
A Dictionary of Maqiao (tekijä: Han Shaogong)
A Dictionary of Symbols (tekijä: J. E. Cirlot)
Dictionnaire amoureux de la Chine (tekijä: José Frèches)
Did Marco Polo Go To China? (tekijä: Frances Wood)
The diggers from China : the story of Chinese on the goldfields (tekijä: Jean Gittins)
Digging to China: Down and Out in the Middle Kingdom (tekijä: J. D. Brown)
Ding Hao, America's Air War in China, 1937-1945 (tekijä: Wanda Cornelius)
The Dinosaur Dealers: Mission: To Uncover International Fossil Smuggling (tekijä: John Long)
Dinosaurs of China : ground shakers to feathered flyers (tekijä: Dr Adam S. Smith)
Disciplining the State: Virtue, Violence, and State-Making in Modern China (tekijä: Patricia M. Thornton)
The Discourse of Race in Modern China (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
Discover China (Discover Countries) (tekijä: Paul Harrison)
Discovering ancient China (tekijä: Jeanne Nagle)
Discovering China (tekijä: Philip Steele)
Disney 5-Minute Stories: Friendship (tekijä: Augusto Macchetto)
Disney's Easy to Read Stories: A Collection of 6 Favorite Tales (tekijä: Judy Katschke)
Disney's Mulan (tekijä: Cathy East Dubowski)
Disney's Mulan (Golden Look Look) (tekijä: Katherine Poindexter)
Disney's Mulan Classic Storybook (The Mouse Works Classics Collection) (tekijä: Lisa Ann Marsoli)
Distant Shores: Colonial Encounters on China's Maritime Frontier (tekijä: Melissa Macauley)
Distinguished doctors and miraculous remedies (tekijä: Kang Zhu)
Dit Skogen Aldrig Nar (tekijä: Tore Sandahl)
DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: China (tekijä: DK)
Do You Think You're Clever? The Oxford and Cambridge Questions (tekijä: John Farndon)
A Documentary History of Chinese Communism (tekijä: Conrad Brandt)
A Dog Named Doug (tekijä: Karma Wilson)
Doing Business in China: The Last Great Market (Pacific Rim S.) (tekijä: Geoffrey Murray)
Don't Call Me a Crook!: A Scotsman's Tale of World Travel, Whisky and Crime (tekijä: Bob Moore)
Don't Know Much About Mythology: Everything You Need to Know About the Greatest Stories in Human History but Never Learned (tekijä: Kenneth C. Davis)
Double Happiness: One Man's Tale of Love, Loss, and Wonder on the Long Roads of China (tekijä: Tony Brasunas)
Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson (tekijä: Jennifer Michael Hecht)
Down the Yangtze (tekijä: Paul Theroux)
Drachen : Träume an der langen Leine
Dragon and the Eagle, The: America Looks at China (tekijä: Delia Goetz)
The Dragon and the Foreign Devils: China and the World, 1100 B.C. to the Present (tekijä: Harry G. Gelber)
The Dragon Book (tekijä: E. D. Edwards)
The Dragon Empress (tekijä: Marina Warner)
Dragon Fighter: One Woman's Epic Struggle for Peace with China (tekijä: Rebiya Kadeer)
Dragon Horse (tekijä: Peter Ward)
Dragon Keeper (tekijä: Carole Wilkinson)
Dragon Magic (tekijä: Andre Norton)
Dragon Moon (tekijä: Carole Wilkinson)
The Dragon Strike (tekijä: patrick roe)
The Dragon Throne: China's Emperors from the Qin to the Manchu (tekijä: Jonathan Fenby)
The Dragon's Pearl (tekijä: Julie Lawson)
The dragon's eye (tekijä: Scott C. S. Stone)
The Dragon's Pearl (tekijä: Sirin Phathanothai)
The Dragonhead: The Godfather of Chinese Crime--His Rise and Fall (tekijä: John Sack)
Dragons and Demons: Myths of China (The Best Tales Ever Told) (tekijä: Stewart Ross)
Dragons in Chinese Art (tekijä: Hugo Munsterberg)
Drawing the line : comics studies and INKS, 1994-1997 (tekijä: Lucy Shelton Caswell)comics
Drawn by a China Moon (tekijä: Dave Jackson)
The Dream of Confucius (tekijä: Jean Levi)
Dream of the Red Chamber [Abridged] (tekijä: Tsao Hsueh-Chin)
Dream of the Walled City (tekijä: Lisa Huang Fleischman)
The Dreamer Wakes (tekijä: Cao Xuequin)
Dreaming in Chinese (tekijä: Deborah Fallows)
Drei Studien zu Konkurrenz und Marktfriktionen (tekijä: Matthias Flückiger)
Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon [poem] (tekijä: Bai Li)
Die dritte Hälfte: Roman (tekijä: Ling Xi)
Dropping in on China (tekijä: David C. King)
Drunk in China : baijiu and the world's oldest drinking culture (tekijä: Derek Sandhaus)
Dschingis Khan und seine Erben: Das Weltreich der Mongolen (tekijä: Jutta Frings)
Duck Duck Goose [2018 film] (tekijä: Chris Jenkins)
The Dungeon (tekijä: Lynne Reid Banks)
The Dutch East India Company's Tea Trade with China, 1757-1781 (tekijä: Liu)
Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan (tekijä: Edmund Morris)
Dynastic Crisis and Cultural Innovation: From the Late Ming to the Late Qing and Beyond (tekijä: David Der-Wei Wang)
Dynasties and identities Tibeto-Chinese Buddhist art of the 13th to 15th centuries (tekijä: Robert R. Bigler)
The Dynasties of China - Folio Society Edition (tekijä: Bamber Gascoigne)
The Dynasties of China: A History (tekijä: Bamber Gascoigne)
Dynasties of the East: Imperial China, Islands of the Rising Sun (tekijä: Joyce Milton)
Dynasty Warriors 3 (tekijä: Omega Force)
Dynasty Warriors 4 (tekijä: Omega Force)
Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires (tekijä: Omega Force)
Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends (tekijä: Omega Force)
Dynasty Warriors 5 (tekijä: Omega Force)
Dynasty Warriors 7 (tekijä: Omega Force)
Dynasty Warriors 8 (tekijä: Omega Force)
Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (tekijä: Omega Force)
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends (tekijä: Omega Force)
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends - Original Soundtrack (tekijä: koeitecmosound)
Dynasty Warriors [2021 film] (tekijä: Roy Chow)
The Early Arrival of Dreams: A Year in China (tekijä: Rosemary Mahoney)
Early Ch'an in China and Tibet (Berkeley Buddhist Studies Series 5) (tekijä: Lewis R. Lancaster)
Early China and the Wall (tekijä: Peter Nancarrow)
Early Chinese Art (Oriental Art, Series O Section II) (tekijä: Laurence C. S. Sickman)
Early Chinese bronzes in the City Art Museum of St. Louis (tekijä: J. Edward Kidder Jr.)
The Early Chinese Empires: Qin and Han (tekijä: Mark Edward Lewis)
Early Chinese gold & silver (tekijä: Paul Singer)
Early Chinese miniatures: [exhibition] March 16 through May 29, 1977, China House Gallery/China Institute in America ... New York, New York (tekijä: Paul Singer)
Early Chinese pottery and porcelain (tekijä: Basil Gray)
The early civilization of China (tekijä: Yong Yap Cotterell)
East Asia: From Chinese Predominance to the Rise of the Pacific Rim (tekijä: Arthur Cotterell)
East Asia: The Great Tradition (tekijä: Edwin O. Reischauer)
East Asia: The Modern Transformation (tekijä: John K. Fairbank)
East Asia: Tradition and Transformation (tekijä: John King Fairbank)
East Asian Books: China, Japan, Tibet, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Java (Sam Fogg) (tekijä: Bob Miller)
The East Asian Olympiads, 1934-2008 : Building Bodies and Nations in Japan, Korea, and China (tekijä: Michael Baskett)
East Asian Sexualities: Modernity, Gender & New Sexual Cultures (tekijä: Stevi Jackson)
The Ecology of War: Environmental Impacts of Weaponry and Warfare (tekijä: Susan D. Lanier-Graham)
Economic Opening and Growth in China (tekijä: oecd publishing)
Economic outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2017 : addressing energy challenges (tekijä: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop)
Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism (tekijä: Jim Stanford)
Economies in Transition: A Guide to China, Cuba, Mongolia, North Korea and Vietnam at the turn of the 21st Century (Routledge Studies in Development Economics) (tekijä: Ian Jeffries)
Education and Social Change in the People's Republic of China (The Praeger special studies series in comparative educati (tekijä: John Hawkins)
Eight Hundred Years of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy (tekijä: Colby College Museum of Art)
Eight Skilled Gentlemen (tekijä: Barry Hughart)
Eighth Moon: The True Story of a Young Girl's Life in Communist China (tekijä: Bette Lord)
Elephant to India. Die Geschichte einer weiten Reise ins Herz Asiens (tekijä: Wolfgang Pröhl)
Embassies in the East : The Story of the British and Their Embassies in China, Japan and Korea from 1859 to the Present (tekijä: J E Hoare)
The Embers of Heaven (tekijä: Alma Alexander)
The Emergence of China: From Confucius to the Empire (Ancient China in Context) (tekijä: E. Bruce Brooks)
Emergent Architectural Territories in East Asian Cities (tekijä: Peter G. Rowe)
Eminent Monk: Buddhist Ideals in Medieval Chinese Hagiography (tekijä: John Kieschnick)
Eminent Nuns: Women Chan Masters of Seventeenth-Century China (tekijä: Beata Grant)
The Emperor & the Assassin [1998 film] (tekijä: Chen Kaige)
The Emperor and the Kite (tekijä: Jane Yolen)
The Emperor Far Away: Travels at the Edge of China (tekijä: David Eimer)
Emperor Fu Manchu (tekijä: Sax Rohmer)
Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling: Being the Chronicle of Later Han for the Years 157 to 189 A.D. as Recorded in Chapters 54 to 59 of the Zizhi Tongjian (Faculty of Asian Studies Monographs) (tekijä: Rafe de Crespigny)
Emperor Huizong and Late Northern Song China: The Politics of Culture and the Culture of Politics (tekijä: Patricia Buckley Ebrey)
Emperor of China: Self-Portrait of K'ang-Hsi (tekijä: Jonathan D. Spence)
Emperor of Stone: Qin and Terra-cotta Armies (tekijä: Glenn Fieber)
Emperor Qianlong: Son of Heaven, Man of the World (tekijä: Mark Elliott)
Emperor Qin and his Terracotta Warriors (Cultural China) (tekijä: Xu Weimin)
Emperor Qin Shihuang's Eternal Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses (tekijä: Bing Wu Li)
Emperor Qin's Terra Cotta Army (tekijä: Michael Capek)
Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty: His Life, Times, And Legacy (Suny Series in Chinese Philosophy Ans Culture) (tekijä: Victor Cunrui Xiong)
The Emperor's Four Treasuries: Scholars and the State in the Late Ch'ien-lung Era (tekijä: R. Kent Guy)
The Emperor's Silent Army: Terracotta Warriors of Ancient China (tekijä: Jane O'Connor)
The Emperor's Warriors (tekijä: Jan Wirgin)
The Emperor's Warriors: An Exhibition of Chinese Terracotta Warriors (tekijä: Royal Hospital Kilmainham)
The Emperors of China (tekijä: Christopher Hibbert)
Empire of Dragons (tekijä: Valerio Massimo Manfredi)
The Empire of Tea (tekijä: Alan Macfarlane)
Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present (tekijä: Christopher I. Beckwith)
Empires of the word : a language history of the world (tekijä: Nicholas Ostler)
Empress (tekijä: Shan Sa)
Empress (tekijä: Evelyn Becker McCune)
The Empress of China (tekijä: Philip Chadwick Foster Smith)
The Empress Wu (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
Empress Wu : a novel (tekijä: Lillian Too)
Enchanted Evening (tekijä: M. M. Kaye)
Encountering the Chinese: A Guide for Americans (The Interact Series) (tekijä: Hu Wenzhong)
Encounters With China: Merchants, Missionaries & Mandarins (tekijä: Trea Wiltshire)
The End of East (tekijä: Jen Sookfong Lee)
The End of Growth Update: Europe & America Stumble, China Hits the Wall (tekijä: Richard Heinberg)
Engineers and architects (tekijä: Kang Zhu)
English Lessons (tekijä: James Louis Hevia)
Ennin's Travels in T'ang China (tekijä: Edwin O. Reischauer)
Environmental regimes in asian subregions : china and the third pole (tekijä: Simon Marsden)
Episodes from the History of the Rare Earth Elements (tekijä: C.H. Evans)
The Erotic Sentiment in the Paintings of China and Japan (tekijä: Nik Douglas)
L'esercito di Terracotta (tekijä: Roberto Ciarla)
Eskenazi: Ceramic Sculpture From Han and Tang China (tekijä: Eskenazi Edizioni)
The Essence Of War: Leadership And Strategy From The Chinese Military Classics (tekijä: Ralph D. Sawyer)
The Essential Confucius (tekijä: Thomas Cleary)
The Essential Feminist Reader (tekijä: Estelle Freedman)
The Essential Tao : An Initiation into the Heart of Taoism Through the Authentic Tao Te Ching and the Inner Teachings of Chuang-Tzu (tekijä: Thomas Cleary)
The Establishment of the Han Empire and Imperial China (tekijä: Grant Hardy)
The eternal army: the terracotta soldiers of the first emperor (tekijä: Roberto Ciarla)
Etiquette Guide to China: Know the Rules that Make the Difference! (Etiquette Guides) (tekijä: Boye Lafayette De Mente)
Etsimässä (tekijä: Isobel Kuhn)
Eurasia's Coming Anarchy: The Risks of Chinese and Russian Weakness [journal article] (tekijä: Robert D. Kaplan)
Europe and the Far East, 1506-1912 (tekijä: Robert K. Douglas)
The Ever-Victorious Army: A History of the Chinese Campaign Under Lt. Col. C. G. Gordon (tekijä: Andrew Wilson)
Evergreen : Bringing Information Resources to Rural China (tekijä: Geoffrey Z. Liu)
Every Breath You Take: China's New Tyranny (tekijä: Ian Williams)
Everyday Chinese: A Collection of Essential Recipes (tekijä: Parragon Books)
Everyday Life in Early Imperial China (tekijä: Michael Loewe)
Everything Is Beautiful, and I'm Not Afraid: A Baopu Collection (tekijä: Yao Xiao)
The evolving military balance in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia Volume I, Strategy, resources, and modernization (tekijä: Anthony H. Cordesman)
Examens environnementaux de l'OCDE : Chine 2007 (tekijä: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop)
The Examination (Sunburst Book) (tekijä: Malcolm Bosse)
The Exhibition of Archaeological Finds of the People's Republic of China (tekijä: National Gallery of Art)
An Exhibition of China Trade Porcelain Designed to Illustrate the Wares Imported to the Port of New Haven (tekijä: The New Haven Colony Historical Society)
Exhibition of Chinese Ceramics (tekijä: Boston Museum of Fine Arts)
Exhibition of Chinese jades (tekijä: Oriental Ceramic Society.)
An exhibition of Tang sancai pottery selected from the collection of Alan and Simone Hartman : catalogue (tekijä: Margaret Medley)
Exotic Commodities: Modern Objects and Everyday Life in China (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
Explor-A-Maze (tekijä: Robert Snedden)
Explore With Marco Polo (tekijä: Tim Cooke)
Exploring Ancient China With Elaine Landau (Exploring Ancient Civilizations With Elaine Landau) (tekijä: Elaine Landau)
Exploring China (tekijä: Fodor's)
The Explosion Chronicles (tekijä: Yan Lianke)
F: Volume 10 (tekijä: Rokuda Noboru)
F: Volume 11 (tekijä: Rokuda Noboru)
F: Volume 12 (tekijä: Rokuda Noboru)
The face of ancient China (tekijä: Werner Forman)
The Face of the Buddha (tekijä: William Empson)
Fairy Tales (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) (tekijä: Hans Christian Andersen)
The Faith of a Rationalist: No Supernatural Reasons are Needed to Make Men Kind (tekijä: Bertrand Russell)
Fall of a State (tekijä: Kate Cotoner)
Fallen in Love (tekijä: Lauren Kate)
Falling Leaves: The Memoir of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter (tekijä: Adeline Yen Mah)
Falun Gong's Challenge to China: Spiritual Practice or "Evil Cult"? (tekijä: Danny Schechter)
Falun Gong: The End of Days (tekijä: Maria Hsia Chang)
A Family from China (Families Around the World) (tekijä: Julia Waterlow)
A Family in China (Families Around the World) (tekijä: Nance Lui Fyson)
Fantastic Inventions and Inventors (True Stories From Ancient China) (tekijä: Kang Zhu)
Far from home : western architecture in China's northern treaty ports (tekijä: Tess Johnston)
Farmers of Forty Centuries; Or, Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan (tekijä: F. H. King)
The Farther I Walk, The Closer I Get To Me (tekijä: Hong Mei)
The Fat Man's Daughter (tekijä: Caroline Petit)
Favourite Folktales of China (tekijä: John Minford)
Feines altes Kunsthandwerk aus China und Japan (tekijä: Wolfmar Zacken)
Ferne Nähe (tekijä: Stephan Hermlin)
Ferne Quellen (tekijä: Alai)
Festive Food of China (tekijä: Deh-Ta Hsiung)
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 290 (tekijä: Revolutionary Communist Group)
Fighting Planes of the World (tekijä: Bernard A. Law)
Fighting Ships of the Far East 1: China and Southeast Asia 202 BC-AD 1419 (tekijä: Stephen Turnbull)
Figure Composition of China and Japan (tekijä: Robert Treat Paine)
Figure compositions of China and Japan, from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (tekijä: Robert T. Paine)
Final Witness: The Story of China's First Crime Scene Investigator (tekijä: Hongjia Wang)
Financing Health Care: Issues and Options for China (China 2020 Series : a World Bank Publication) (tekijä: World Bank)
Find Out About Ancient China (tekijä: Philip Steele)
Fine Chinese ceramics, paintings and works of art : Tuesday 21 September 2000 (tekijä: Christie's)
Finse Explores China (Finse Children's Book Series) (tekijä: Karine Hagen)
Fire And Water: The Art Of Incendiary And Aquatic Warfare In China (tekijä: Ralph D. Sawyer)
Fire Power Vol. 5: Flaming Fist (tekijä: Robert Kirkman)
The First Book of Communist China (tekijä: William Kinmond)
The First Day (tekijä: Marc Levy)
The first emperor : China's entombed warriors = Qin Shihuang ji qi di xia da jun (tekijä: Yang Liu)
The First Emperor of China (tekijä: Jonathan Clements)
First Emperor of China (tekijä: R. W. L. Guisso)
The First Emperor of China (tekijä: Frances Wood)
The First Emperor of China: The Greatest Archeological Find of Our Time (tekijä: Arthur Cotterell)
The First Emperor: China's Terracotta Army (tekijä: Jane Portal)
The First Emperor: Selections from the Historical Records (Oxford World's Classics) (tekijä: Sima Qian)
The First Excellence (tekijä: Donna Carrick)
First Great Triumph: How Five Americans Made Their Country a World Power (tekijä: Warren Zimmermann)
The First to Land (tekijä: Douglas Reeman)
The First World War. Volume 1, To Arms (tekijä: Hew Strachan)
Fist of Fury [1972 film] (tekijä: Lo Wei)
The Five Chinese Brothers (tekijä: Claire Huchet Bishop)
The Five Fingers (tekijä: Gayle Rivers)
Flash House (tekijä: Aimee Liu)
Flashbacks: Twenty-Five Years of Doonesbury (tekijä: Garry Trudeau)
Flashman and the Dragon (tekijä: George MacDonald Fraser)
Flight in the China Air Space 1910 - 1950 (tekijä: Malcolm Rosholt)
The flight of an empress (tekijä: Wu Yong. 吴勇口述.何曉東整理)
Flight of the Demon (tekijä: Yuzo Takada)
Flight of the Fugitives (tekijä: Dave Jackson)
A Floating Life: The Adventures of Li Po: A Historical Novel (tekijä: Simon Elegant)
Flood tide in China (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
Flora of China, Volume 4, Cycadaceae through Fagaceae (Flora of China) (tekijä: Peter H. Raven)
Flora of China. Illustrations (tekijä: Zhengyi Wu)
The Flowers of War (tekijä: Geling Yan)
The flowery kingdom and the land of the mikado (tekijä: Henry Davenport Northrop)
Flying Fortress (tekijä: Edward Jablonski)
The Flying Scotsman (tekijä: Sally Magnusson)
The Flying Tiger: The True Story of General Claire Chennault and the U.S. 14th Air Force in China (tekijä: Jack Samson)
The Flying Tigers (tekijä: John Toland)
Flying Tigers: Chennault in China (tekijä: Ronald Heiferman)
Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942 (tekijä: Daniel Ford)
The Flying Tigers: The Story Of The American Volunteer Group (tekijä: Russell Whelan)
Focus on China (World in Focus) (tekijä: Ali Brownlie Bojang)
Fodor's China (tekijä: Fodor's)
Fodor's See It China (tekijä: Fodor's)
Folk Music of China: Living Instrumental Traditions (tekijä: Stephen Jones)
Folktales of China (tekijä: Wolfram Eberhard)
Food & Cooking of Shanghai & East China (tekijä: Terry Tan)
Food and agriculture in Communist China (tekijä: Stanford University)
Food of Asia: Featuring authentic recipes from master chefs in Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam (tekijä: Kong Foong Ling)
The Food of China (Flavors of the World) (tekijä: Tamra B. Orr)
Food of the World China: The Food and the Lifestyle (tekijä: Annabel Jackson)
For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World's Favorite Drink and Changed History (tekijä: Sarah Rose)
A for Anonymous: How a Mysterious Hacker Collective Transformed the World (tekijä: David Kushner)
For the Imperial Court: Qing Porcelain from the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art (tekijä: Rosemary E. Scott)
Forbidden Journey: From Peking to Kashmir (tekijä: Ella Maillart)
The Force of Wind (tekijä: Elizabeth Hunter)
A Force So Swift: Mao, Truman, and the Birth of Modern China, 1949 (tekijä: Kevin Peraino)
A Foreign Devil in China: The Story of Dr. L. Nelson Bell (tekijä: John Charles Pollock)
Foreign Direct Investment in China : Challenges and Prospects for Regional Development (tekijä: oecd publishing)
Foreigners in ancient Chinese art : from private and museum collections : March 27 through May 25, 1969, China House Gallery (tekijä: Ezekiel Schloss)
Forestry in Communist China (tekijä: S. D. Richardson)
Forests and Forestry in China (tekijä: S. D. Richardson)
The forests of China (tekijä: Chi-wu Wang)
Forests of China with A Survey of Grassland and Desert Vegetation
Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, 1937-1945 (tekijä: Rana Mitter)
The Forgotten Tribes of China (tekijä: Kevin Sinclair)
Foundations of Chinese Civilization: The Yellow Emperor to the Han Dynasty (2697 BCE - 220 CE) (Understanding China Through Comics) (tekijä: Jing Liu)
The Four Books (tekijä: Yan Lianke)
The Four Masterworks of the Ming Novel = Ssu ta ch'i-shu (tekijä: Andrew H. Plaks)
The Fourth Nail: An Historical Novel (tekijä: Paul Argentini)
The Fourth Question: A Chinese Tale (tekijä: Rosalind C. Wang)
France / China: Intercultural Imaginings (tekijä: Alex Hughes)
France and the exploitation of China, 1885-1901 : a study in economic imperialism (tekijä: Robert Lee)
Freedom for Sale: Why the World Is Trading Democracy for Security (tekijä: John Kampfner)
Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings (tekijä: Paul Theroux)
The Fresh-Water Fishes of China (tekijä: John Treadwell Nichols)
Fried Eggs with Chopsticks: One Woman's Hilarious Adventure into a Country and a Culture Not Her Own (tekijä: Polly Evans)
A Friend of China (tekijä: Joyce Milton)
Friends Forever (tekijä: Jan Vermeer)
From a Ruined Empire: Letters--Japan, China, Korea 1945-46 (tekijä: Otis Cary)
From Pekin to Sikkim through the Ordos, the Gobi Desert and Tibet (tekijä: comte de Jacques Lesdain)
From The Grand Canyon To The Great Wall: Travelers' Best, Worst And Most Ridiculous Stories From The Road (tekijä: David Slenk)
From the Gulag to the Killing Fields: Personal Accounts of Political Violence and Repression in Communist States (tekijä: Paul Hollander)
From the Ruins of Empire: The Revolt Against the West and the Remaking of Asia (tekijä: Pankaj Mishra)
From War to Diplomatic Parity in Eleventh-Century China: Sung's Foreign Relations with Kitan Liao (tekijä: David Curtis Wright)
Frommer's Complete Guide: China (tekijä: Simon Foster)
Frontier Song [poem] (tekijä: Wang Han)
The Frugal Gourmet Cooks Three Ancient Cuisines: China, Greece, and Rome (tekijä: Jeff Smith)
Fruits of labour (tekijä: Maximilian Prüfer)
Frühe chinesische Münzgeschichte: zur Chronologie der Spatenmünzen (7. bis 3. Jahrhundert v. Chr.): Katalog zur Ausstellung (tekijä: Heinz-Wilhelm Kempgen)
Fu Shan's World: The Transformation of Chinese Calligraphy in the Seventeenth Century (tekijä: Qianshen Bai)
Fun & Festival From China (tekijä: Margaret G. Hummel)
Future Asian Space: Projecting the Urban Space of New East (tekijä: Limin Hee)
Führer durch das Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst der Stadt Cöln (tekijä: Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst der Stadt Köln.,)
Götter aus Stein : die Sammlung chinesischer Specksteinfiguren auf Schloss Friedenstein Gotha (tekijä: Martin Eberle)
A Gallery of Chinese Immortals (tekijä: Lionel Giles)
Gang of One: Memoirs of a Red Guard (tekijä: Fan Shen)
Garden of the Purple Dragon (tekijä: Carole Wilkinson)
Gardens in China (tekijä: Peter Valder)
Gardner's art through the ages : Ancient, medieval, and non-European art (tekijä: Helen Gardner)
The Gateless Barrier: The Wu-Men Kuan (Mumonkan) (tekijä: Robert Aitken)
Gegen den Strom: Meine Flucht aus dem Elend Nordkoreas (tekijä: Timothy Kang)
Geld aus China: Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn, [Ausstellung 12. Mai bis 28. Juni 1982 (Kunst und Altertum am Rhein) (German Edition) (tekijä: Gisela Hellenkemper Salies)
De Gele Rivier is bevrozen (tekijä: Leo Pleysier)
Gender, Modernity and Male Migrant Workers in China: Becoming a 'Modern' Man (Routledge Contemporary China Series) (tekijä: Xiaodong Lin)
Genealogies of Mahāyāna Buddhism: Emptiness, Power and the question of Origin (tekijä: Joseph G Walser)
The general history of China. Containing a geographical, historical, chronological, political and physical description of the empire of China, Chinese-Tartary, Corea and Thibet. Including an exact and particular account of their customs, manners, ceremonies, religion, arts and sciences (tekijä: Jean-Baptiste Du Halde)
Generalissimo: Chiang Kai-shek and the China He Lost (tekijä: Jonathan Fenby)
The Generalissimo: Chiang Kai-shek and the Struggle for Modern China (tekijä: Jay Taylor)
Generals of the South: The Foundation and Early History of the Three Kingdoms State of Wu (Faculty of Asian Studies Mono (tekijä: Rafe De Crespigny)
Genèse de l'empire céleste : dragons, phénix et autres chimères = The beginning of the world, according to the Chinese : dragons, phoenix and other chimera (tekijä: Jean-Paul Desroches)
Genghis Khan : his conquests, his empire, his legacy (tekijä: Frank McLynn)
Genghis Khan [1965 film] (tekijä: Henry Levin)
Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy (tekijä: Paul Ratchnevsky)
Genius Loci and Other Tales (tekijä: Clark Ashton Smith)
The Genius of China (tekijä: William Watson)
Geographical Diversions: Tibetan Trade, Global Transactions (tekijä: Tina Harris)
The Geographical Magazine : Volume II, No.3 : January 1936 (tekijä: Michael Huxley)
The Geostrategic Triad : Living with China, Europe, and Russia (Csis Significant Issues Series) (tekijä: Zbigniew Brzezinski)
Germany and Its Colonies (tekijä: Bertram W. H. Poole)German post offices
Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #4: Following the Trail of Marco Polo (tekijä: Geronimo Stilton)
Geschichte des Fernen Ostens. Bd. 1. Land der gelben Erde (tekijä: Otto Zierer)
Un gesuita in Cina (1552-1610): Matteo Ricci dall'Italia a Pechino (tekijä: Giulio Andreotti)
Gezeichnete Wörter. Chinesische Schriftzeichen. Ihre Historie, Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte (tekijä: Albert J. Urban)
Ghost and Goblins: Stories for Halloween (tekijä: Wilhelmina Harper)southern; 'Ah Tcha the Sleeper'
A ghost in my suitcase (tekijä: Gabrielle Wang)
Ghost of the Mountains [2017 film] (tekijä: Ben Wallis)
Ghost Train to the Eastern Star: On the Tracks of the Great Railway Bazaar (tekijä: Paul Theroux)
Giant Pandas: Gifts from China (Rookie Read-About Science: Animals) (tekijä: Allan Fowler)
The Gilded Age (tekijä: Judith Freeman Clark)
Gilded Splendor: Treasures of China's Liao Empire 907-1125 (tekijä: Hsueh-man Shen)
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Keskustelut = (Luen-y) (tekijä: Confucius)
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Kiinalaiset sokkelomurhat (tekijä: Robert van Gulik)Tang Dynasty
Kiinan kadotetut tyttäret (tekijä: Xinran)
Kiinan viimeinen keisarinna (tekijä: Jung Chang)
Kiinan vuosisata : sadan viime vuoden historia valokuvina (tekijä: Jonathan D. Spence)
Kinas historia (tekijä: Hans Hägerdal)
Kinas ledare : [1912-2012] (tekijä: Hans Hägerdal)
Kinesisk historia (tekijä: Alf Henrikson)
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix (tekijä: Square Enix)The Land of Dragons
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX - Original Soundtrack (tekijä: Yoko Shimomura)The Land of Dragons
Kingdom Hearts II [2005 video game] (tekijä: Square Enix)The Land of Dragons
Kingship in Early Medieval China (tekijä: Andrew Eisenberg)
Kinship Organization in Late Imperial China, 1000-1940 (tekijä: Patricia Buckley Ebrey)
I Kissed an Earl (tekijä: Julie Anne Long)
The Kitan Language and Script (tekijä: Daniel Kane)
The Kite Rider (tekijä: Geraldine McCaughrean)
Kites and Gliders [First Look Book] (tekijä: J.P. Rutland)
Knowledge is Beautiful (tekijä: David McCandless)
Koen Wessing in China en Tibet (tekijä: Koen Wessing)
Korean and Chinese ceramics from the 10th to the 14th century : contact-cross fertilization-divergence : a loan exhibiti (tekijä: Margaret Medley)
Kow Tow!: After Tiananmen Square (Counterblasts) (tekijä: William Shawcross)
Der Krieg in China, 1900-1901, nebst einer Beschreibung der Sitten, Gebräuche und Geschichte des Landes (tekijä: Justus Scheibert)
Kultaiset pisteet (tekijä: Lucy Ching)
Kultapoika, smaragdityttö (tekijä: Yiyun Li)
Die Kultur der Kulturrevolution : Personenkult und politisches Design im China von Mao Zedong (tekijä: Helmut Opletal)
Kulturen Ostasiens China, Korea, Japan (tekijä: Walter Warthol)
Kung Fu Panda [2008 film] (tekijä: Mark Osborne)
Kung Fu Panda: Orignal Motion Picture Soundtrack (tekijä: Hans Zimmer)
Kunst des Ostens, Sammlung Preetorius (tekijä: Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften.)
Kunstausstellung der Volksrepublik China (tekijä: Olga Nikolajewna Gluchareva)
Kunstindustriemuseum Kristiania : Führer durch eine Ausstellung chinesischer Gemälde (tekijä: Ernst Arthur Voretzsch)
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Omnibus Edition Book Two (tekijä: Eiji Otsuka)
L'art de l'ancienne Chine (tekijä: William Watson)
Löytöretki Kiinan keittiöihin (tekijä: Deh-Ta Hsiung)
Ladder of Success in Imperial China: Aspects of Social Mobility, 1368-1911 (tekijä: Ping-Ti Ho)
A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar (tekijä: Suzanne Joinson)
Lady Jade (tekijä: Leslie O'Grady)
Lady of Ch'iao Kuo: Warrior of the South, Southern China, A.D. 531 (tekijä: Laurence Yep)
Lady White Snake: A Tale From Chinese Opera (tekijä: Aaron Shepard)
Lady Wu (tekijä: Yutang Lin)
The Lady's Scandalous Night (tekijä: Jeannie Lin)
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal (tekijä: Christopher Moore)
Land and Labor in China (tekijä: R. H. Tawney)
The Land And People Of China (tekijä: Derek Bryan)
The Land and People of China (tekijä: John S. Major)
Das Land des Lächelns (tekijä: Franz Lehár)
The Land of China (China Discovery Library) (tekijä: Lynn M. Stone)
The Land of the Chinese People (tekijä: Cornelia Spencer)
Land of the Dragon: Chinese Myth (tekijä: Tony Allan)
Landfalls: On the Edge of Islam with Ibn Battutah (tekijä: Tim Mackintosh-Smith)
Lands and Peoples Volume 4: Southern Asia and the Far East (tekijä: Grolier Society)
Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary Chinese/English English/Chinese (tekijä: Langenscheidt Publishers)
Lao Manuscripts and Traditional Literature: The struggle for their survival [PDF] (tekijä: Harold Hundius)
Larry's Kidney: Being the True Story of How I Found Myself in China with My Black Sheep Cousin and His Mail-Order Bride, Skirting the Law to Get Him a Transplant--and Save His Life (tekijä: Daniel Asa Rose)
The Last American Aristocrat: The Biography of Ambassador David K.E. Bruce, 1898-1977 (tekijä: Nelson D. Lankford)
Last Boat Out of Shanghai: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Fled Mao's Revolution (tekijä: Helen Zia)
Last Chance to See (tekijä: Douglas Adams)
The last colonies : western architecture in China's southern treaty ports (tekijä: Tess Johnston)
The Last Dodo (tekijä: Jacqueline Rayner)
The Last Emperor (tekijä: Arnold C. Brackman)
The Last Emperor [1987 film] (tekijä: Bernardo Bertolucci)
The Last Empress (tekijä: Anchee Min)
The Last Empress, Madame Chiang Kai-shek and the Birth of Modern China (tekijä: Hannah Pakula)
The Last Lover (tekijä: Can Xue)
The Last Sky (tekijä: Alice Nelson)
Late Middle Ages and Era of European Expansion, 1200-1650: The Ottoman empire, Persia, Ethiopia, India, and China (tekijä: Salo W. Baron)
Late Quaternary Studies in Beringia and Beyond, 1950-1993 : An Annotated Bibliography (tekijä: Alwynne B. Beaudoin)
The Late Tang: Chinese Poetry of the Mid-Ninth Century (827-860) (tekijä: Stephen Owen)
Late Victorian Holocausts (tekijä: Mike Davis)
Learning from Asian art. China (tekijä: Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Learning from Mount Hua : a Chinese physician's illustrated travel record and painting theory (tekijä: Kathlyn Maurean Liscomb)Mount Hua
Leftover in China: The Women Shaping the World's Next Superpower (tekijä: Roseann Lake)
Legends of the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng (tekijä: Xin Xu)
Het lente-eiland en andere verhalen (tekijä: J. Slauerhoff)
Let's Go China (tekijä: Let's Go Inc.)
Let's Visit China (tekijä: John C. Caldwell)
Lethal Circuit (tekijä: Lars Guignard)
Lets Read About China (tekijä: Cornelia Spencer)
Letters Back to Ancient China (tekijä: Herbert Rosendorfer)
Letters Home From: China (tekijä: Marcia S. Gresko)
Letters to My Grandchildren (tekijä: Tony Benn)
Lettres de M. de Mairan, au R. P. Parrenin, missionnaire de la Compagnie de Jésus, à Pékin, contenant diverses questions sur la Chine (tekijä: Jean-Jacques Dortous de Mairan)
Lexikon zur Geschichte Chinas. Sieben Jahrtausende im Überblick (tekijä: Josef Guter)
La leyenda de Mu-Lan [vídeo]
Li Lun, Lad of Courage (tekijä: Carolyn Treffinger)
Li Po and Tu Fu: Poems Selected and Translated with an Introduction and Notes (tekijä: Arthur Cooper)
The Library Book (tekijä: Susan Orlean)
De liefde moet niet vergeten worden : novelle en, Smaragd : roman (tekijä: Jie Zhang)
Life and travel in Tartary, Thibet, and China: Being a narrative of the AbbeÌ Huc's travels in the Far East (tekijä: M. Jones)
Life in Ancient China (tekijä: Paul Challen)
Life List: A Woman's Quest for the World's Most Amazing Birds (tekijä: Olivia Gentile)
A lifetime of deception: Reminiscences of a magician (tekijä: Lionel Hugh Branson)
Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. [Lesezeichen]
Light the Paper Lantern (tekijä: Ruth Wheeler)
Liljateatteri (tekijä: Lulu Wang)
Lilla's Feast: One Woman's True Story of Love and War in the Orient (tekijä: Frances Osborne)
Lines from East Asia : Japanese and Chinese Art on Paper (tekijä: Susanne Pollack)
Ling-Li and the Phoenix Fairy: A Chinese Folktale (tekijä: Ellin Greene)
Lion of Siddhas: The Life and Teachings of Padampa Sangye (tekijä: Padampa Sangye)
Literary evidence for early Buddhist art in China (tekijä: Alexander Coburn Soper)
Litteä maailma : 2000-luvun lyhyt historia (tekijä: Thomas L. Friedman)
The Little Brown Baby and Other Babies; Being Stories from"Seven Little Sisters" (No.164) (tekijä: Jane Andrews)
Little Ho and the Golden Kites (Little Ark Book) (tekijä: Mavis Scott)
Little Pear: The Story of a Little Chinese Boy (tekijä: Eleanor Frances Lattimore)
A Little Taste of China (tekijä: Deh-Ta Hsiung)
Liu shi nian lai di Zhongguo jin dai shi yan jiu (tekijä: 近代史研究所編輯委員會 (Institute of Modern History Academia Sinica))
Liu Wen-hsueh : a boy martyr (tekijä: Chia-pen Lou)
Live & Work in China (tekijä: Jocelyn Kan)
Lives from a black tin box (tekijä: Prudence Bell)
LIVING ARCHITECTURE: CHINESE (tekijä: Michèle Pirazzoli-T'Serstevens)
Living Forests: A magazine for biodiversity conservation in South China
Living in China (tekijä: Angelika Taschen)
Living in China: A Guide to Teaching and Studying in China Including Taiwan (tekijä: Rebecca Weiner)
Living in Time: 29 zeitgenössische Künstler aus China (tekijä: Di'an Fan)
Living with China: Finding a Middle Power's Middle Way (Rotman-Utp Publishing - Business and Sustainability) (tekijä: Wendy Dobson)
Living with the Dragon: How the American Public Views the Rise of China (Contemporary Asia in the World) (tekijä: Benjamin I. Page)
Locomotives in China (tekijä: Peter Clark)
Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China (tekijä: Ed Young)
Lonely Planet : China (tekijä: Damian Harper)
Lonely Planet : Discover : China (tekijä: Lonely Planet)
Lonely Planet : Karakoram Highway (tekijä: John King)
Lonely Planet China (Lonely Planet Travel Guides French Edition) (tekijä: Nicko Goncharoff)
Lonely Planet China (Travel Guide) (tekijä: Daniel McCrohan)
Lonely Planet China Phrasebook (tekijä: Lonely Planet)
Long Is a Dragon: Chinese Writing for Children (tekijä: Peggy Goldstein)
Long Lives: Chinese Elderly and the Communist Revolution. Expanded Edition (tekijä: Deborah Davis-Friedmann)
Look What Came From China (tekijä: Miles Harvey)
Looking at China (Looking at Countries) (tekijä: Jillian Powell)
Looking at China (Looking at Other Countries) (tekijä: Noel Gray)
Lords of the Harvest: Biotech, Big Money, and the Future of Food (tekijä: Dan Charles)
Lords of the Middle Dark (tekijä: Jack L. Chalker)
The Lost Art of War (tekijä: Sun Pin)
The Lost Camels of Tartary (tekijä: John Hare)
The Lost Cyclist: The Epic Tale of an American Adventurer and His Mysterious Disappearance (tekijä: David Herlihy)
The Lost Daughters of China (tekijä: Karin Evans)
Lost on planet China (tekijä: J. Maarten Troost)
Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China (tekijä: Janet Benge)
The Lotus Palace (tekijä: Jeannie Lin)
Love and Hate in China (tekijä: Hans Koningsberger)
Love in the New Millennium (tekijä: Can Xue)
A Lover's Discourse (tekijä: Xiaolu Guo)
Lovers in the Age of Indifference (tekijä: Xiaolu Guo)
Lumikukka ja salainen viuhka (tekijä: Lisa See)
Luutohtorin tytär (tekijä: Amy Tan)
Ma Lien and the Magic Brush (tekijä: Hisako Kimishima)
Maailmantaide : Kaukoidän taiteet : Intia ja Kaakkois-Aasia ; Kiina, Korea ja Japani (tekijä: Jeannine Auboyer)
Maanpaossa (tekijä: Pearl S. Buck)
Maantieteen vangit : kymmenen karttaa, jotka kertovat kaiken maailmanpolitiikasta (tekijä: Tim Marshall)
Madame Mao (tekijä: Anchee Min)
Madame Xanadu #03 (tekijä: Matt Wagner)
Madame Xanadu #04 (tekijä: Matt Wagner)
Madame Xanadu Vol. 1: Disenchanted (tekijä: Matt Wagner)
Made in China: Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China (tekijä: Suzanne Williams)
Made in China: The Story of China's Expression (tekijä: Cornelia Spencer)
The Magic Brocade: A Tale of China (tekijä: Aaron Shepard)
The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan (tekijä: Sherry Thomas)
Mahachiner Itikatha (tekijä: শচীন্দ্রনাথ চট্টোপাধ্যায়)
Mahatma Gandhi : vredestocht op 77-jarige leeftijd (AO 151) (tekijä: D.L. Daalder)waar langzaam maar zeker de Westerse cultuur de Oosterse levensgewoonten ondermijnt
Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art From The Sigg Collection (tekijä: Feng Boyi)
Mai-Ling and the Mirror (tekijä: Roz Abisch)
Maid for the Billionaire (Legacy Collection, #1) (tekijä: Ruth Cardello)
Maiden Voyage (tekijä: Denton Welch)
The Maker of Heavenly Trousers (tekijä: Daniele Vare)
The making of a premier: Zhao Ziyang's provincial career (A Westview replica edition) (tekijä: David L. Shambaugh)
The Making of Monkey King (tekijä: Robert Kraus)
Maksetut maalit : jalkapallo ja järjestäytynyt rikollisuus (tekijä: Declan Hill)
Der Maler von Peking (tekijä: Tilman Spengler)
Malerei aus China und Japan (tekijä: Galerie Zacke)
The mammals of China and Mongolia (tekijä: Glover M. Allen)
The mammals of China and Mongolia. - Part 1 (tekijä: Glover Morrill Allen)
The mammals of China and Mongolia. - Part 2 (tekijä: Glover Morrill Allen)
The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunits Volume 1 (tekijä: Mike Ashley)
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (tekijä: Simon Clark)
Man from the Margin: Cao Cao and the Three KIngdoms. (The Fifty-first George Ernest Morrison Lecture in Ethnology, 1990). (tekijä: Rafe de Crespigny)
The Man Who Changed China: The Story of Sun Yat-sen (tekijä: Pearl S. Buck)
The Man Who Lost China: The First Full Biography of Chiang Kai-shek (tekijä: Brian Crozier)
Managing Globalisation: Lessons from China And India (tekijä: David A. Kelly)
Manchu (tekijä: Robert S. Elegant)
The Manchu Dragon : Costumes of the Ch'ing Dynasty 1644-1912 (tekijä: The (NY) Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Manchu Palaces (tekijä: Jeanne Larsen)
Manchus and Han: Ethnic Relations and Political Power in Late Qing and Early Republican China, 1861-1928 (tekijä: Edward J. M. Rhoads)
Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook (tekijä: Charles Qin)
Mao (tekijä: Jung Chang)
Mao : Kiinan suuri nälänhätä 1958-1962 (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
Mao and China: A Legacy of Turmoil (tekijä: Stanley Karnow)
Mao Tse Tung: China's Peasant Emperor (A&E Biography) [1998 TV episode] (tekijä: Biography)
Mao Tse-tung (tekijä: Stuart R. Schram)
Mao Tse-Tung and His China (Pelican) (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
Mao Tse-tung and the Chinese Communist revolution (Roy's informative reference series) (tekijä: Elizabeth Roberts)
Mao tse-Tung: pros and cons (tekijä: Marisa Paltrinieri)
Mao Zedong (tekijä: Jonathan Clements)
Mao Zedong (tekijä: Rebecca Stefoff)
Mao Zedong (tekijä: Kimberley Burton Heuston)
Mao Zedong (Great Millitary Leaders/20th Century) (tekijä: Louise Chipley Slavicek)
Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution (People and Events That Changed the World) (tekijä: Ann Malaspina)
Mao Zedong: A Penguin Life (tekijä: Jonathan D. Spence)
Mao's China and the Cold War (tekijä: Jian Chen)
Mao's Last Dancer (tekijä: Cunxin Li)
Mao's Last Revolution (tekijä: Roderick MacFarquhar)
Mao's War against Nature: Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China (tekijä: Judith Shapiro)
Mao: A Life (tekijä: Philip Short)
Maoism: A Global History (tekijä: Julia Lovell)
Maonomics: Why Chinese Communists Make Better Capitalists Than We Do (tekijä: Loretta Napoleoni)
Maos China: Party Reform Documents, 1942-44 (tekijä: Boyd Compton)
Map of China Coast and Korea (tekijä: Gilbert Grosvenor)
The Map of Lost Memories (tekijä: Kim Fay)
The Marauders (tekijä: Charlton Ogburn)
The marches of Hindustan : the record of a journey in Thibet, Trans-Himalayan India, Chinese Turkestan, Russian Turkestan and Persia (tekijä: David Fraser)
Marco Polo (tekijä: Demi)
Marco Polo (Junior World Explorers) (tekijä: Charles Parlin Graves)
Marco Polo and His Journey to China (tekijä: Robert Sugar)
Marco Polo And the Realm of Kublai Khan (Explorers of New Lands) (tekijä: Tim McNeese)
Marco Polo for Kids: His Marvelous Journey to China, 21 Activities (tekijä: Janis Herbert)
Marco Polo's Adventures in China (tekijä: Milton Rugoff)
Marco Polo's Journey to China (Pivotal Moments in History) (tekijä: Diana Childress)
Marco Polo: A Journey Through China (Expedition) (tekijä: Fiona Macdonald)
Marco Polo: Music from the Netflix Original Series (tekijä: Peter Nashel)
Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes [2015 TV movie] (tekijä: Alik Sakharov)
Marco Polo: The Complete First Season (tekijä: John Fusco)
Marco Polo: The Complete Second Season (tekijä: John Fusco)
Marco Polo: To China and Back (Great Explorations) (tekijä: Steven Otfinoski)
Marco Polon matkat (tekijä: Marco Polo)
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (tekijä: Sega)
Marvel Monsters HC (tekijä: Peter David)
Mary Porter Gamewell and her story of the siege in Peking (tekijä: Mary Porter Gamewell)
Mask of the Wolf Boy (tekijä: Dave Jackson)
The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology (tekijä: Joseph Campbell)
The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology (tekijä: Joseph Campbell)
Massacre in Shansi (tekijä: Nat Brandt)
The Masterpiece Library of Short Stories Volumes 1 & 2 (tekijä: J. A. Hammerton)
Masterpieces of Chinese and Japanese art : Freer Gallery of Art handbook (tekijä: Freer Gallery of Art)
Masterpieces of Chinese Bird and Flower Painting (tekijä: Fogg Art Museum - Harvard University)
Mathematics Across Cultures: The History of Non-Western Mathematics (tekijä: Ubiratan D'Ambrosio)
Matkaopas historiaan : Kiina (tekijä: Stephen G. Haw)
Matteo Ricci und der Kaiser von China: Jesuitenmission im Reich der Mitte (tekijä: Rita Haub)
Matteo Ricci: A Jesuit in the Ming Court (tekijä: Michela Fontana)
Matteo Ricci: Apostle of China (tekijä: John Gallagher)
Maza of the Moon (tekijä: Otis Adelbert Kline)
McMafia : matka kansainväliseen alamaailmaan (tekijä: Misha Glenny)
Me orvot (tekijä: Kazuo Ishiguro)
Medal of Honor: Profiles of America's Military Heroes from the Civil War to the Present (tekijä: Allen Mikaelian)
Medieval Chinese Warfare, 300-900 (tekijä: David Graff)
Medusan isku (tekijä: Robert Ludlum)
Meet Our New Student From China (Robbie Readers: Meet Our New Student From) (tekijä: Tamra Orr)
Mei Li (tekijä: Thomas Handforth)North China
Mei Ming and the Dragon's Daughter (tekijä: Lydia Bailey)
Die Meister der gelben Erde : chinesische Bauernmalerei (tekijä: Gerd Kaminski)
Meltdown in Tibet : China's reckless destruction of ecosystems from the highlands of Tibet to the deltas of Asia (tekijä: Michael Buckley)
The Melting Pot: The Diary of Edward, Chek Chee, Sydney, 1903-1904 (tekijä: Christopher Cheng)
Memoirs and observations... made in a late journey through the empire of China, and published in several letters ... (tekijä: Louis Le Comte)
The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci (tekijä: Jonathan D. Spence)
The Memory Room (tekijä: Christopher Koch)
Men Shen, Neujahrsdarstellungen und andere Wesen / Neujahrsbilder und volkstümliche Malerei aus der Volksrepublik China (tekijä: Liao Kaiming)
Messer Marco Polo (tekijä: Donn Byrne)
Metalwork and Chinese ceramics (Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art. Monograph series) (tekijä: Margaret Medley)
Michael Young : works in China (tekijä: Michael Young)
Mighty Opposites: From Dichotomies to Differences in the Comparative Study of China (tekijä: Zhang Longxi)
Milestones on a Golden Road: Writing for Chinese Socialism, 1945-80 (Comtemporary Chinese Studies) (tekijä: Richard King)
Military Culture in Imperial China (tekijä: Nicola Di Cosmo)
The military history of the Chinese Civil War (tekijä: Trevor Nevitt Dupuy)
Military Operations in the Han Period (tekijä: Michael Loewe)
Ming furniture, an Asian private collection = 明式傢俱,亞洲的私人收藏 [Auction catalogue] (tekijä: Sotheby's Hong Kong)
Miracle Lives of China (tekijä: Jonathan Goforth)
Miraculous World: Shanghai – The Legend of Ladydragon [2021 TV movie] (tekijä: Thomas Astruc)
Misers, Shrews, and Polygamists: Sexuality and Male-Female Relations in Eighteenth-Century Chinese Fiction (tekijä: Keith McMahon)
Missee Lee (tekijä: Arthur Ransome)
The Missionary and the Libertine: Love and War in East and West (tekijä: Ian Buruma)
The Missionary Enterprise in China and America (Harvard Studies in American-East Asian Relations) (tekijä: John King Fairbank)
Misunderestimated & Overunderappreciated: The George W. Bush Administration as Seen Through the Eyes of the Tribune's Syndicate (tekijä: Mark Crispin Miller)
A Misunderstood Friendship: Mao Zedong, Kim Il-sung, and Sino–North Korean Relations, 1949–1976 (Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University) (tekijä: Zhihua Shen)
Mit dem Kurbelkasten um die Erde : Ein Film-Bild-Buch (tekijä: Colin Ross)
Modern China (China Focus) (tekijä: Marta Segal Block)
Modern China (Eyewitness Books) (tekijä: Poppy Sebag-Montefiore)
Modern China (Reading Essentials in Social Studies) (tekijä: Joanne Mattern)
Modern China. (tekijä: SPENCER Cornelia)
Modern China: A Very Short Introduction (tekijä: Rana Mitter)
Modern China: All That Matters (tekijä: Jonathan Clements)
Modern China: The Fall and Rise of a Great Power, 1850 to the Present (tekijä: Jonathan Fenby)
The Modern Chinese State (Cambridge Modern China Series) (tekijä: David Shambaugh)
The Modern Scholar: Detective Fiction: From Victorian Sleuths to the Present (tekijä: M. Lee Alexander)
Modern Urban Housing in China: 1840-2000 (Architecture) (tekijä: Lue Junhua)
Modernities of Chinese art (tekijä: John Clark)
The Mongol Empire: Genghis Khan, His Heirs and the Founding of Modern China (tekijä: John Man)
Mongolia by Nily Naiman (tekijä: Nily Naiman)
The Mongols (tekijä: David Morgan)
Monkey (tekijä: Wu Ch'eng-en)
Monkey King (tekijä: Ed Young)
The Monkey King [2023 film] (tekijä: Anthony Stacchi)
Monkey King Defeats Red Boy = Mei hou wang da zhan Hong hai er (tekijä: Debby Chen)
Monkey King Wreaks Havoc in Heaven (Adventures of Monkey King Series, Volume 2) (Chinese Edition) (tekijä: Debby Chen)
The Monkey King: A Superhero Tale of China, Retold from The Journey to the West (Ancient Fantasy) (tekijä: Aaron Shepard)
The Monkey King: Soundtrack from the Netflix Film (tekijä: Toby Chu)
Monkey: Journey to the West (tekijä: Damon Albarn)
Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power (tekijä: Robert D. Kaplan)
Monstrous Tales: Stories of Strange Creatures and Fearsome Beasts from around the World (tekijä: Sija Hong)
The Moon in the Palace (tekijä: Weina Dai Randel)
The Moon Lady (tekijä: Amy Tan)
Moon Living Abroad in China (tekijä: Stuart Strother)
The Moon Opera (tekijä: Bi Feiyu)
The moon year a record of Chinese customs and festivals (tekijä: Juliet Bredon)
Moonflower Madness (tekijä: Margaret Pemberton)
Morgen ga ik naar China (tekijä: Imme Dros)
La Morsure du Dragon (tekijä: Jean-François Susbielle)
A most immoral woman : a novel (tekijä: Linda Jaivin)
Mostra d'arte cinese: catalogo (tekijä: Comune di Venezia)
Mothers at Work: Public Policies in the United States, Sweden and China (tekijä: Carolyn Teich Adams)
Mountain Fires: The Red Army's Three-Year War in South China, 1934-1938 (tekijä: Gregor Benton)
Mountains of the Middle Kingdom: Exploring the High Peaks of China and Tibet (tekijä: Galen Rowell)
Mounted Archers: The Beginning of Central Asian History (tekijä: Laszlo Torday)
Mr. China (tekijä: Tim Clissold)
Mrs. Harkness and the Panda (tekijä: Alicia Potter)
Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station (tekijä: Dorothy Gilman)
Mulan (Disney Princess) (Pictureback(R)) (tekijä: Katherine Poindexter)
Mulan (Disney Read-Alongs Series) (tekijä: Walt Disney Company)
Mulan (Disney's Storyteller Series) (tekijä: Roy Dotrice)
Mulan (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading) (tekijä: Walt Disney)
Mulan (Ladybird Book of the Film) (tekijä: Disney)
Mulan / Mulan II (Double Feature Video) (tekijä: Tony Bancroft)
Mulan [1998 film] (tekijä: Tony Bancroft)
Mulan [2020 film] (tekijä: Niki Caro)
Mulan [Little Golden Book] (tekijä: Gina Ingoglia)
Mulan II [2004 film] (tekijä: Darrell Rooney)
Mulan II: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (tekijä: Joel McNeely)
Mulan Saves the Day (Disney's First Readers, Level 1) (tekijä: Nancy E. Krulik)
Mulan Storyette (Disney's Storyteller Series) (tekijä: June Foray)
Mulan: Original 1998 Motion Picture Soundtrack (tekijä: Jerry Goldsmith)
Mulan: Original 2020 Motion Picture Soundtrack (tekijä: Harry Gregson-Williams)
The Mummies of Ürümchi (tekijä: Elizabeth Wayland Barber)
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [2008 film] (tekijä: Rob Cohen)
The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor: a novel (tekijä: Max Allan Collins)
Music Explained as Science and Art (tekijä: Fabre D'Olivet)
Music in China: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (tekijä: Frederick Lau)
My Half of the Sky (tekijä: Jana McBurney-Lin)
My Life As Emperor (tekijä: Su Tong)
My Old Faithful: Stories (Juniper Prize for Fiction) (tekijä: Yang Huang)
My War (tekijä: Andy Rooney)
Mysteries of Ancient China (tekijä: Jessica Rawson)
Mysterious Qin Mausoleum and its Terra-cotta Army
Mystic Fool (tekijä: Andy Hill)
Mystère en Chine (tekijä: Stewart Ross)
Myths and Civilization of the Ancient Chinese (tekijä: Sonia Cheng)
Myths of Motherhood: How Culture Reinvents the Good Mother (tekijä: Shari Thurer)
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Our Chinese ally (tekijä: American Historical Association)
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Paper Wife (tekijä: Laila Ibrahim)
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Pieni punainen sanakirja rakastavaisille (tekijä: Xiaolu Guo)
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The prehistory of China; an archeological exploration (tekijä: Judith M. Treistman)
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Protect and Defend (tekijä: Eric L. Harry)
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Punaisen huoneen uni : vanha kiinalainen romaani : Hung lou meng (tekijä: Cao Xueqin)
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Punatähti Kiinan yllä (tekijä: Edgar Snow)
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The Ragged, Rugged Warriors (tekijä: Martin Caidin)
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The Rare Birds of China (tekijä: Fenwick Lansdowne)
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Realistic style in the art of Han and Tang China (tekijä: William Watson)
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Red Carpet to China (tekijä: Michael Croft)
Red China (tekijä: Sripati Chandrasekhar)
Red Cliff [2008 film] (tekijä: John Woo)
Red Dawn (tekijä: Christopher Nicole)
The Red Dragon (tekijä: L. Ron Hubbard)
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Red Flower of China: An Autobiography (tekijä: Zhai Zhenhua)
Red Land Yellow River: A Story from the Cultural Revolution (tekijä: Ange Zhang)
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Red Moon (tekijä: Kim Stanley Robinson)
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Regarding the Sink (tekijä: Kate Klise)
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Registration and Other Stories by Contemporary Chinese Writers (tekijä: Various)
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Relation curieuse et nouvelle de Moscovie, contenant l’état présent de cet empire. Les expéditions des Moscovites en Crimée, en 1689. Les causes des dernières révolutions; les moeurs, & leur religion; le récit d’un voyage de Spatarus, par terre, à la Chine (tekijä: … Foy de La Neuville)
Religion and Chinese society (tekijä: John Lagerwey)
Religion and Society in T'ang and Sung China (tekijä: Patricia Buckley Ebrey)
Religion in China - Universism: A Key to the Study of Taoism and Confucianism (tekijä: J. J. M. de Groot)
The Religion of the Chinese (tekijä: J. J. M. de Groot)
The Religious System of China, its Ancient Forms, Evolution, History and Present Aspect, Manners, Customs and Social Ins (tekijä: Jan Jakob Maria de Groot)
The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen (tekijä: Lloyd Alexander)
Rendezvous with Injustice: How a Family Survived Hell After Blowing the Whistle on the 1MDB Financial Scam (tekijä: Laura Justo)
Reporter in Red China (tekijä: Charles Taylor)
Representations of Childhood and Youth in Early China (tekijä: Anne Kinney)
The Reptiles of China: Turtles, Crocodilians, Snakes, Lizards (tekijä: Clifford H. Pope)
Republican China: Nationalism, War, and the Rise of Communism 1911-1949 (tekijä: Franz Schurmann)
Rescue in Time (Chasing Time Series, Book 2) (tekijä: PJ Hultstrand)
The Restless landscape: Chinese painting of the Late Ming period (tekijä: James Cahill)
Retreat from China: British Policy in the Far East 1937-1941 (China in the 20th century) (tekijä: Nicholas Clifford)
The Retreat of the Elephants: An Environmental History of China (tekijä: Mark Elvin)
Return to Dragon Mountain: Memories of a Late Ming Man (tekijä: Jonathan D. Spence)
Return to the Middle Kingdom: One Family, Three Revolutionaries, and the Birth of Modern China (tekijä: Yuan-tsung Chen)
The Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells Us About Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate (tekijä: Robert D. Kaplan)
Revolution in China (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party (tekijä: Ying Chang Compestine)
Rewi Alley of China (tekijä: Geoff Chapple)
The Rhetoric of Empire: American China Policy, 1895-1901 (tekijä: Marilyn Young)
Ribbons of Grace (tekijä: Maxine Alterio)
The Rice Sprout Song (tekijä: Eileen Chang)
Right from the Beginning (tekijä: Patrick J. Buchanan)
Righting Wrongs: The Story of Norman Bethune (tekijä: John Wilson)
Ripley's Search for the Shrunken Heads and Other Curiosities (tekijä: Believe It Or Not! Ripley's)
Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems (tekijä: Gary Snyder)
The rise of civilization in East Asia : the archaeology of China, Korea and Japan (tekijä: Gina L. Barnes)
The Rise of Modern China (tekijä: Immanuel Chung-yueh Hsü)
The Rise of Modern China (20th-Century Perspectives) (tekijä: Tony Allan)
The Rise of Red China
Rise of the black dragon: The international exhibition (tekijä: John W. Ives)
The Rising Sun: the Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire, 1936-1945. Volume 2 (tekijä: John Toland)
Ritual and Scripture in Chinese Popular Religion: Five Studies (Publications of the Chinese Popular Culture Project, 3) (tekijä: David Johnson)
Ritual Opera, Operatic Ritual: "Mu-Lien Rescues His Mother" in Chinese Popular Culture (Publications of the Chinese Popular Culture Project, 1) (tekijä: David Johnson)
Rivals: How the Power Struggle Between China, India and Japan Will Shape Our Next Decade (tekijä: Bill Emmott)
River of Dust: A Novel (tekijä: Virginia Pye)
River of Smoke (tekijä: Amitav Ghosh)
River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze (tekijä: Peter Hessler)
The River's Tale: A Year on the Mekong (tekijä: Edward Gargan)
I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade (tekijä: Diane Wilson)
Rodrigues the Interpreter: An Early Jesuit in Japan and China (tekijä: Michael Cooper)
Romahdus : miten yhteiskunnat päättävät tuhoutua tai menestyä (tekijä: Jared M. Diamond)
The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (tekijä: Guanzhong Luo)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms in 2 volumes (Tuttle Classics) (tekijä: Lo Kuan-chung.)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Vol. 1 (tekijä: Lo Kuan-chung.)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Vol. 2 (tekijä: Lo Kuan-chung.)
Rome and the Distant East: Trade Routes to the ancient lands of Arabia, India and China (tekijä: Raoul McLaughlin)
Romeo Vs Juliet (tekijä: Laura Hogg)
Rough Guide Music : China [sound recording] (tekijä: Rough Guide)
Rough Guide Phrasebook: Mandarin Chinese (tekijä: Lexus)
The Rough Guide to China, Hong Kong and Macau (tekijä: David Leffman)
The Rough Guide to Southwest China (tekijä: Rough Guide)
The Rough Guide to the History of China (tekijä: Justin Wintle)
Roving Through Southern China (tekijä: Harry Alverson Franck)
Royal taste : the art of princely courts in fifteenth-century China (tekijä: Fan Jeremy Zhang)
Ruby's Wish (tekijä: Shirin Yim Bridges)
Runoilijat ja kuolema (tekijä: Robert van Gulik)
Rural Finance and Credit Infrastructure in China (tekijä: Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development)
Russian Expansion on the Pacific 1641-1850: An Account of the Earliest and Later Expeditions Made by the Russians Along the Pacific Coast of Asia and North America; Including Some Related Expeditions to the Arctic Regions. (tekijä: Frank Alfred Golder)
The Russo-Chinese Borderlands (tekijä: W. A. Douglas Jackson)
Réussir la réforme des entreprises en Chine (tekijä: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop)
Safely Home (tekijä: Randy Alcorn)
I Sailed with Chinese Pirates (tekijä: Aleko Lilius)
Saints (tekijä: Gene Luen Yang)
The Saints Abroad: Missionaries Who Answered Brigham Young's 1852 Call to the Nations of the World (tekijä: Reid L. Neilson)
Saiyuki: The Original Series Resurrected Edition 1 (tekijä: Kazuya Minekura)
Sammlung Petri Sammlung Seiner Exzellenz, des Königlich Schwedischen Botschafters in Österreich, Lennart Petri ; Exponate des Österreichischen Museums für angewandte Kunst ; Ehem. Kirche St. Peter an der Sperr, Wiener Neustadt, 19. Juni - 18. Juli 1976 (tekijä: Österreichisches Museum...)
Samuel Van de Putte, een mandarijn uit Vlissingen (1690-1745) : de onbedoelde publicatie van een restant (tekijä: Frank Lequin)
Sands of Empire: Missionary Zeal, American Foreign Policy, and the Hazards of Global Ambition (tekijä: Robert W. Merry)
Sands of Time: Fate of the True Vampires (Volume 1) (tekijä: Christine Church)
SARS: Reception and Interpretation in Three Chinese Cities (Routledge Contemporary China Series) (tekijä: Deborah Davis)
Sata salattua aistia (tekijä: Amy Tan)
Satavuotias joka karkasi ikkunasta ja katosi (tekijä: Jonas Jonasson)
Saving Grandmother's Face: And Other Tales from Christian Teachers in China (tekijä: Aminta Arrington)
The Sayings of Confucius (Selections from "The Life and Works of Confucius") (tekijä: Confucius)
The Scalpel, the Sword: The Story of Doctor Norman Bethune (Voyageur Classics) (tekijä: Ted Allan)
Scattered Sand: The Story of China's Rural Migrants (tekijä: Hsiao-Hung Pai)
The Scavenger's Daughters (tekijä: Kay Bratt)
Schätze Chinas in Museen der DDR : Kunsthandwerk und Kunst aus vier Jahrtausenden (tekijä: Herbert Bräutigam)
Scholarly art from the collection of Mr & Mrs Gerard Hawthorn (tekijä: Sotheby's Hong Kong Ltd.)
Scholastic Reader Level 2: Teensy Weensy Animals (tekijä: Joan Emerson)
Science and Scientists: True Stories from Ancient China (tekijä: Kang Zhu)
Science Comics: Bridges: Engineering Masterpieces (tekijä: Dan Zettwoch)
Science in Ancient China (tekijä: George Beshore)
The Scramble for China: Foreign Devils in the Qing Empire, 1800-1914 (tekijä: Robert Bickers)
Sea of Ink (tekijä: Richard Weihe)
Sea of Poppies (tekijä: Amitav Ghosh)
Sea Strike (tekijä: James H. Cobb)
The Search for Immortality: Tomb Treasures of Han China (tekijä: James C. S. Lin)
The Search for Modern China (tekijä: Jonathan D. Spence)
A second history (tekijä: Dali Zhang)
The Secret History of the Great Dictators (tekijä: Diane Law)
Secret love = 宓爱 (tekijä: Han Si)
The Secret Mandarin (tekijä: Sara Sheridan)
Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier (tekijä: Ying Chang Compestine)
Secrets of the Terracotta Army: Tomb of an Ancient Chinese Emperor (Archaeological Mysteries) (tekijä: Michael Capek)
The Secrets of the Terracotta Warriors (Silk Road Travel Series) (tekijä: Brian Lawrenson)
Secrets, silences and sources : five Chinese-Australian family histories (tekijä: Sophie Couchman)
Sectarianism and religious persecution in China (tekijä: J. J. M. de Groot)
Secured Finance Law in China and Hong Kong (tekijä: Mark Williams)
Security issues and chinese telecommunications companies : Huawei and ZTE (tekijä: Simon Johnston)
Seeds of repression; Harry S. Truman and the origins of McCarthyism, by Athan Theoharis (tekijä: Athan G. Theoharis)
Seeing Nothing but the Sky... (tekijä: Tibetan Nuns of Drapchi Prison)
Seeking Truth and Hiding Facts: Information, Ideology, and Authoritarianism in China (tekijä: Jeremy L. Wallace)
Die Seidenstraße - Die Herrscherin: Historischer Roman (tekijä: José Frèches)
Seidenstraße. Kunst - Reiseführer. (tekijä: Anke Kausch)
The Seige of the Peking Embassy 1900 (tekijä: Claude MacDonald)
The Selected Poems of Tu Fu (tekijä: Tu Fu)
The Selected Scriptures of Hong Hao (tekijä: Hong Hao)
Selections from the James Marshall Plumer collection of oriental art; a memorial exhibition, March 6 through April 8, 1962 (tekijä: Detroit Institute of Arts)
Selections From the Works of Su Tung-P'O (tekijä: Su Dong-po)
Seltene Kunstobjekte aus ältesten und alten Kulturen China und Thailand (tekijä: Wolfmar Zacken)
The Serpent's Children (tekijä: Laurence Yep)
Serve the People: A Stir-Fried Journey Through China (tekijä: Jen Lin-Liu)
Set Free in China: Sojourns on the Edge (tekijä: Peter Heller)
Setsuanin hyvä ihminen (tekijä: Bertolt Brecht)
The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China (tekijä: Ralph D. Sawyer)
Sex, Culture and Modernity in China (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
Sexual Life in Ancient China: A Preliminary Survey of Chinese Sex and Society from ca. 1500 B.C. Till 1644 A.D. (tekijä: Robert Hans van Gulik)
Shadow of Kunlun (tekijä: Yuzo Takada)
The Shadow of the Empire (tekijä: Xiaolong Qiu)
The Shadow Queen (tekijä: Rebecca Dean)
The Shady Tree (tekijä: Demi)
The Shambhala Anthology of Chinese Poetry (tekijä: Jerome Potter Seaton)
The Shanghai Badlands: Wartime Terrorism and Urban Crime, 1937-1941 (tekijä: Frederic Wakeman, Jr.)
Shanghai Tango (tekijä: William Overgard)
Shanghaied to China: Hudson Taylor (tekijä: Dave Jackson)
Shaolin Tiger (tekijä: Sandy Fussell)
The Shape of the Book: From Roll to Codex, 3rd Century BC - 19th Century AD The Library on Display (tekijä: Franca Arduini)
Sharks over China: The 23rd Fighter Group in World War II (tekijä: Carl Molesworth)
Shih Chi (tekijä: Sima Qian)
Shitao : painting and modernity in early Qing China (tekijä: Jonathan Hay)
A Short History of China (tekijä: Hilda Hookham)
A Short History of China: From Ancient Dynasties to Economic Powerhouse (tekijä: Gordon Kerr)
A Short History of Chinese Art (tekijä: Hugo Munsterberg)
A Short History of Chinese Philosophy (tekijä: Fung Yu-lan)
A Short History of the World (tekijä: Christopher Lascelles)
Shut Down: Industrial Ruins in the East (tekijä: Christoph Lingg)
Siam through the lens of John Thomson, 1865-66 : including Angkor and coastal China (tekijä: John Thomson)
Sid Meier's Civilization IV (tekijä: Firaxis Games)
Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (tekijä: Firaxis Games)
Sid Meier's Civilization V (tekijä: Firaxis Games)
Sid Meier's Civilization VI (tekijä: Firaxis Games)
Sid Meier's Civilization VI (Original Game Soundtrack) (tekijä: Geoff Knorr)
Sid Meier's Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass, Volume 2 (Original Game Soundtrack) (tekijä: Geoff Knorr)
Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rulers of China Pack (tekijä: Firaxis Games)
Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack (tekijä: Firaxis Games)
The Siege at Peking (tekijä: Peter Fleming)
Siege days: Personal experiences of American women and children during the Peking siege (tekijä: Mrs. Ada Haven Mateer)
The siege in Peking, China against the world (tekijä: W. A. P. Martin)
The Siege of the Peking Embassy 1900: Sir Claude Macdonald's Report on the Boxer Rebellion (Uncovered Editions) (tekijä: Tim Coates)
The Siege of Tsingtao: China Penguin Specials (tekijä: Jonathan Fenby)
Siege Weapons of the Far East (1): AD 612-1300 (New Vanguard) (v. 1) (tekijä: Stephen Turnbull)
Siege Weapons of the Far East (2): AD 960-1644 (New Vanguard) (tekijä: Stephen Turnbull)
Silk Road (tekijä: Jeanne Larsen)
Silk Road (tekijä: Colin Falconer)
The Silk Road (tekijä: Judy Bonavia)
The Silk Road: Beyond the Celestial Kingdom (tekijä: Colin Thubron)
The Silk Tree (tekijä: Julian Stockwin)
Silver & Gold in Ancient China, March 16 to April 14, 2012 (tekijä: J. J. Lally & Co.)
Silver Phoenix (tekijä: Cindy Pon)
Simon Black in China (tekijä: Ivan Southall)
Simple etiquette in China (tekijä: Caroline Mason)
A Single Pebble (tekijä: John Hersey)
Sininen lootus (tekijä: Hergé)
The Sino-Indian border in Ladakh (tekijä: Alastair Lamb)
Sino-Scottish Prints Academic Joint Exhibition 中英版画学术交流展 (tekijä: Edinburgh College of Art)
The Sino-Soviet Conflict, 1956-1961 (tekijä: Donald S. Zagoria)
Sino-Soviet Relations, 1964-1965 (tekijä: William E. Griffith)
The Sino-Soviet Rift (tekijä: William E. Griffith)
Sino-Thai ceramics in the National Museum, Bangkok, Thailand, and in private collections (tekijä: Natalie V. Robinson)
La sinologie (tekijä: José Frèches)
Sinotecture : new architecture in China (tekijä: Christian Dubrau)
The Siren's Lament: Essential Stories (tekijä: Junichirô Tanizaki)
Six Americans in China (tekijä: Rewi Alley)
Six Records of a Floating Life (tekijä: Shen Fu)
The Small Woman aka The Inn of The Sixth Happiness (tekijä: Alan Burgess)
Smaragd : roman (tekijä: Jie Zhang)
Smedley (tekijä: Jeff Mccomsey)
The Smuggler and the Warlord (tekijä: KJ Charles)
The Snow Lion and the Dragon: China, Tibet, and the Dalai Lama (tekijä: Melvyn C. Goldstein)
So Long, China (tekijä: Patrick Zachmann)
So sah ich Sibirien (tekijä: Hugo Portisch)
So sprach der Weise : chinesische Lebensweisheiten (tekijä: Ernst Schwarz)
Social Power and Legal Culture: Litigation Masters in Late Imperial China (tekijä: Melissa Macauley)
Society in China (tekijä: Robert K. Douglas)
The Sociology of Philosophies: A Global Theory of Intellectual Change (tekijä: Randall Collins)
Sodankäynnin taito (tekijä: Sun Tzu)
Sojourners: Flowers and the Wide Sea : The Epic Story of China's Centuries-Old Relationship With Australia (tekijä: Eric Rolls)
Soldiers of the White Sun: The Chinese Army at War, 1931-1949 (tekijä: Philip Jowett)
Some Chinese Ghosts (tekijä: Lafcadio Hearn)
Son of Heaven: Imperial Arts of China (tekijä: Robert L. Thorp)
Son of the Gods (tekijä: Rex Beach)
The Song of the Jade Lily (tekijä: Kirsty Manning)
Songs and Story: Mickey's Christmas Around the World (tekijä: Walt Disney Records)
Songs and Story: Mulan (tekijä: Walt Disney Records)
Sons of the Conquerors: The Rise of the Turkic World (tekijä: Hugh Pope)
The Soong Dynasty (tekijä: Sterling Seagrave)
The Soong Sisters (tekijä: Emily Hahn)
Soulstealers: The Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768 (tekijä: Philip A. Kuhn)
Sounds of the River: A Young Man's University Days in Beijing (tekijä: Da Chen)
Sour Heart (tekijä: Jenny Zhang)
A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy (tekijä: Wing-tsit Chan)
Sources of Chinese tradition (tekijä: William Theodore De Bary)
Sources of Chinese tradition, Vol. 1 (tekijä: William Theodore De Bary)
Sources of Chinese Tradition, Volume II (tekijä: William Theodore De Bary)
Sources of early Chinese history [podcast episode] (tekijä: Thomas Morris)
South Col: One man's adventure on the ascent of Everest, 1953 (tekijä: Wilfrid Noyce)
South East Asia and China : art, interaction and commerce (tekijä: Rosemary Scott)
South of the Clouds: Exploring the Hidden Realms of China (tekijä: Seth Faison)
The Southern Expansion of the Chinese People (tekijä: C. P. Fitzgerald)
Southwest China Off the Beaten Track (tekijä: K. Mark Stevens)
Soviet and Chinese communism; similarities and differences (tekijä: Donald W. Treadgold)
The Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19: New Perspectives (Studies in the Social History of Medicine) (tekijä: David Killingray)
Spectacle and Sacrifice: The Ritual Foundations of Village Life in North China (tekijä: David Johnson)
Spies and Scholars: Chinese Secrets and Imperial Russia’s Quest for World Power (tekijä: Gregory Afinogenov)
Spirit and ritual : the Morse collection of ancient Chinese art (tekijä: Robert L. Thorp)
The spirit soldiers; a historical narrative of the Boxer Rebellion (tekijä: Richard O'Connor)
The Sporer Collection of Himalayan sculpture (tekijä: Christie's New York)
Spotlight on China (Spotlight on My Country) (tekijä: Robin Johnson)
Sprong naar het westen : in het spoor van de Chinese ontdekker van Europa (tekijä: Tjalling Halbertsma)
Spy Dust: Two Masters of Disguise Reveal the Tools and Operations That Helped Win the Cold War (tekijä: Antonio J. Mendez)
Stalin's Failure in China, 1924-27 (tekijä: Conrad Brandt)
Stalin: History and Critique of a Black Legend (tekijä: Domenico Losurdo)
Standplaats Peking (tekijä: Jan van der Putten)
Starfire (tekijä: Dale Brown)
Startling experiences in the three wars: War in China, The Philippines, South Africa (tekijä: Marshall Everett)
State Formation in Early China (tekijä: Li Liu)
The State of China Atlas (Penguin Reference) (tekijä: Robert Benewick)
Statecraft: And How to Restore America's Standing in the World (tekijä: Dennis Ross)
States and Social Revolutions: A Comparative Analysis of France, Russia and China (tekijä: Theda Skocpol)
Step Into The Chinese Empire (tekijä: Philip Steele)
Step into the World of Ancient China (tekijä: Robert Frederick Ltd.)
Stilwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-45 (tekijä: Barbara W. Tuchman)
Stilwell's mission to China (tekijä: Charles F. Romanus)
Stitching Porcelain: After Matteo Ricci in 16th Century China (New Directions Paperbook) (tekijä: Deborah Larsen)
The Stone of Heaven (tekijä: Adrian Levy)
Stone Soup (tekijä: Jon J. Muth)
Stories About Not Being Afraid of Ghosts (tekijä: Yang Xianyi)
Stories from Old China (tekijä: Edward W. Dolch)
The Stork and the Plow (tekijä: Paul R. Ehrlich)
Storm Landings: Epic Amphibious Battles in the Central Pacific (tekijä: Joseph H. Alexander)
The Story about Ping (tekijä: Marjorie Flack)
Story of China (tekijä: Lo Hui-Min)
The story of China (tekijä: Miriam Greenblatt)
The Story of Lee Ling (tekijä: Eleanor Frances Lattimore)
The Story of Stone: Intertextuality, Ancient Chinese Stone Lore, and the Stone Symbolism in Dream of the Red Chamber, Water Margin, and The Journey to the West (tekijä: Jing Wang)
The Story of the Nations: China (1899) (tekijä: Robert K. Douglas)
The Story of the Stone (tekijä: Barry Hughart)
The Story of Watchman Nee: Against the Tide (tekijä: Angus Kinnear)
The Story of Writing (tekijä: Andrew Robinson)
Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (tekijä: Songling Pu)
Strangest Museums in Britain and the Best Worldwide (tekijä: Strangest Books)
Strangest Underground Places in Britain and the Best Worldwide (tekijä: Strangest Books)
Strength for the Storm: Spiritual Lessons from Chinese Preachers (tekijä: Arthur Reynolds)
Studies in Ch'an and Hua-Yen (tekijä: Robert M. Gimello)
Style in the Arts of China (Pelican) (tekijä: William Watson)
The Subterranean Army of Emporer Qin Shi Huang (tekijä: Wu Xiaocong)
A Sudden Dawn (tekijä: Goran Powell)
The Sui Dynasty: The Unification of China, 581-617 (tekijä: Arthur F. Wright)
The Sun and the Dragon (tekijä: Christopher Nicole)
Sun Yat Sen and the awakening of China (tekijä: Sir James Cantlie)
Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Chinese Republic (tekijä: Cornelia Spencer)
Sun Yat-Sen, Frustrated Patriot (Studies of the East Asian Institute (Columbia Paperback)) (tekijä: Clarence Martin Wilbur)
Sun Yat-Sen, His Life And Its Meaning: A Critical Biography (tekijä: Lyon Sharman)
Sunburst: The Rise of Japanese Naval Air Power, 1909-1941 (tekijä: Mark R. Peattie)
Superfluous Things: Material Culture and Social Status in Early Modern China (tekijä: Craig Clunas)
Surveying and Preserving Documents in Dehong, Yunnan, China [PDF] (tekijä: Christian Daniels)
Suuri junamatka (tekijä: Paul Theroux)
Swallows, Amazons and Coots: A Reading of Arthur Ransome (tekijä: Julian Lovelock)
The Sword Dancer (tekijä: Jeannie Lin)
Sword: A Novel (tekijä: Da Chen)
Symbolism in Ancient Chinese Art (tekijä: Hugo Munsterberg)
Symposium on the overseas Chinese in Australasia : history, settlement and interactions, January 6-7, 2001. (tekijä: Henry Chan)
A szerencse kék pisztrángja : regény (tekijä: Hilmar Wulff)
Südostasien: China, Japan, Indien & TIbet. (tekijä: Wolfmar Zacken)
T'ang China: The Rise of the East in World History (tekijä: Samuel Adrian M. Adshead)
T'Ang Pottery and Porcelain (The Faber monographs on pottery & porcelain) (tekijä: Margaret Medley)
Töchter des halben Himmels. Sieben Frauen aus China. (tekijä: Xiao Hui Wang)
Ta ta, tan tan; the inside story of Communist China. (tekijä: Valentin Chu)
A Table in the Wilderness (tekijä: Watchman Nee)
Tackling Inequalities in Brazil, China, India and South Africa: The Role of Labour Market and Social Policies (tekijä: oecd publishing)
Taivaan tuli (tekijä: Malcolm Bosse)
Taivasten valtakunnan avaimet (tekijä: A. J. Cronin)
Taking Christianity to China: Alabama Missionaries in the Middle Kingdom, 1850-1950 (tekijä: Wayne Flynt)
Tales from Within the Clouds: Nakhi Stories of China (Kolowalu Books) (tekijä: Carolyn Han)
Tales of Emperor Qin Shihuang (tekijä: Xiao Ding)
Tales of the Rose Tree: Ravishing Rhododendrons And Their Travels Around the World (tekijä: Jane Brown)
Talking with China : the Australian Labor Party visit and Peking's foreign policy (tekijä: Stephan Fitzgerald)
Tamamo the Fox Maiden: and Other Asian Stories (tekijä: Kel McDonald)
The Taming of Mei Lin (tekijä: Jeannie Lin)
Tang and Liao ceramics (tekijä: William Watson)
Tang China and the collapse of the Uighur Empire : a documentary history (tekijä: Michael Robert Drompp)
Tang Monk disciples Monkey King (tekijä: Debby Chen)
Tangled Titans: The United States and China (tekijä: David Shambaugh)
Tantric Buddhist Art (tekijä: Eleanor Olson)
The Tao and the Logos: Literary Hermeneutics, East and West (tekijä: Zhang Longxi)
The Tao of Deception: Unorthodox Warfare in Historic and Modern China (tekijä: Ralph D. Sawyer)
The Tao Of Spycraft: Intelligence Theory And Practice In Traditional China (tekijä: Ralph D. Sawyer)
The Tao of Wing Chun: The History and Principles of China’s Most Explosive Martial Art (tekijä: John Little)
Tao te ching (tekijä: Lao Tzu)
The Taoist Body (tekijä: Kristofer Schipper)
The Taoist canon : a historical companion to the Daozang = [Dao zang tong kao] (tekijä: Kristofer Schipper)
The Tarim mummies (tekijä: J. P. Mallory)
Taste of China (tekijä: Deh-Ta Hsiung)
The Taste of China (tekijä: Ken Hom)
Te gast in China (tekijä: Vida Skornsek)
Teach Yourself Chinese (tekijä: Elizabeth Scurfield)
Technology in Ancient China (Technology in the Ancient World) (tekijä: Charlie Samuels)
Teens in China (Global Connections) (tekijä: Karen Elizabeth Conyers)
Die Teeprinzessin (tekijä: Hilke Rosenboom)
The Ten Thousand Things (tekijä: John Spurling)
Ten Thousand Things: Module and Mass Production in Chinese Art (tekijä: Lothar Ledderose)
Terra Cotta Warriors - The Most Significant Archaeological Find in the 20th Century (tekijä: Zhang Zhongli)
Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China's First Emperor - An Exhibition of Discoveries from the Tomb Complex of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Xi'an, China (tekijä: Albert E. Dien)
The Terra-Cotta Army
The Terra-cotta Army in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang (tekijä: Yuan Zhongyi)
Terra-cotta Figures and Bronze Chariots and Horses at Qin Mausoleum (tekijä: WU (DIRECTOR) ZILIN)
Terra-Cotta Soldiers: Army of Stone (High Interest Books: Digging Up the Past) (tekijä: Arlan Dean)
Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses at the Tomb of Qin Shi Huang (tekijä: Zhongyi Yuan)
The Terracotta Army of the First Emperor of China (tekijä: William Lindesay)
The Terracotta Warriors (tekijä: Jane Portal)
Terracotta Warriors & Horses at the Tomb of Qin Shi Huang (brochure)
Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (tekijä: Diane Cheung Dan)
Het terracottaleger de krijgers van het oude China (tekijä: Renzo Rossi)
Terrakotta-armeija : Kiinan ensimmäinen keisari ja kansakunnan synty (tekijä: John Man)
Terry and the Pirates - Volume Eight, 1941-1942 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Terry and the Pirates - Volume Four, 1937-1938 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Terry and the Pirates - Volume Seven, 1940-1941 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Terry and the Pirates - Volume Six, 1939-1940 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Terry and the Pirates - Volume Three, 1936-1937 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Terry and the Pirates - Volume Two, 1935-1936 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Terry and the Pirates No. 1: Welcome to China ~ 1934-1935 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Terry and the Pirates: Volume 1, 1934-1935 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Terry and the Pirates: Volume 10, 1943-1944 (tekijä: Milton Caniff)
Testaments of time; the search for lost manuscripts and records (tekijä: Leo Deuel)
Theodore Roosevelt (tekijä: Nathan Miller)
These fifty years with Ohio Friends in China; an intimate story of missionary work in China (tekijä: Walter Rollin Williams)
Things Chinese: Antiques, Crafts, Collectibles (tekijä: Ronald G. Knapp)
Things Modern: Material Culture and Everyday Life in China (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
The Third Revolution: Xi Jinping and the New Chinese State (tekijä: Elizabeth C. Economy)
This Horizon and Beyond (tekijä: Nancy-Gay Rotstein)
Thor's Legions: Weather Support to the U. S. Air Force and Army, 1937-1987 (tekijä: John F. Fuller)
The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook (tekijä: Gloria Bley Miller)
Three dynasties of jade: [Exhibition catalog] (tekijä: Joan M. Hartman)
Three generals of later Han (tekijä: Gregory Young)
The Three Kingdoms, Volume 1: The Sacred Oath (tekijä: Guanzhong Luo)
The Three Kingdoms, Volume 2: The Sleeping Dragon (tekijä: Lu Guanzhong)
The Three Kingdoms, Volume 3: Welcome The Tiger (tekijä: Guanzhong Luo)
Three Kingdoms: A Historical Novel (Abridged Edition) (tekijä: Guanzhong Luo)
Three Kingdoms: A Historical Novel, Part 1 (tekijä: Guanzhong Luo)
Three Kingdoms: A Historical Novel, Part 2 (tekijä: Guanzhong Luo)
The Three Leaps of Wang Lun (tekijä: Alfred Döblin)
Three Months to Forever (tekijä: Hudson Lin)
Three Sisters: The Story of the Soong Family of China (tekijä: Cornelia Spencer)
Three Souls (tekijä: Janie Chang)
Three streams : Confucian reflections on learning and the moral heart-mind in China, Korea, and Japan (tekijä: Philip J. Ivanhoe)
Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China (tekijä: Arthur Waley)
Three years' wanderings in the northern provinces of China, including a visit to the tea, silk, and cotton countries; with an account of the agriculture and horticulture of the Chinese, new plants, etc (tekijä: Robert Fortune)
Three-Way Street (tekijä: Joshua S. Goldstein)
Through the Looking Glass: China's Foreign Journalists from Opium Wars to Mao (tekijä: Paul French)
Thumbelina and Other Stories (Running Press Miniature Editions) (tekijä: Hans Christian Andersen)
Thunder of War, Lightning of Desire: Lesbian Military Historical Erotica (tekijä: Pascal Scott)
Thunder Out of China (tekijä: Theodore H. White)
The Tiananmen Papers (tekijä: Liang Zhang)
Tibet And China In The Twenty-First Century (tekijä: John Heath)
Tibet, myth vs. reality (tekijä: Yannian Dai)
Tibetan Marches (tekijä: André Migot)
A Ticket to China (tekijä: Janet Riehecky)
Tide Players: The Movers and Shakers of a Rising China (tekijä: Jianying Zha)
Ties That Bind, Ties That Break (tekijä: Lensey Namioka)
Tiger Head, Snake Tails: China Today, How It Got There, and Where It Is Heading (tekijä: Jonathan Fenby)
The Tiger of Ch'in: How China Became a Nation (tekijä: Leonard Cottrell)
Tikki Tikki Tembo (tekijä: Arlene Mosel)
Time, Science, and Society in China and the West (Study of Time V) (tekijä: J. T. Fraser)
Time-Life Library of Nations: China (tekijä: Time-Life Books)
The Times Atlas of China (tekijä: Denis Crispin Twitchett)
Tintin in America / Cigars of the Pharaoh / The Blue Lotus (tekijä: Hergé)
Titokzatos Kína (tekijä: Viktor Géza Keöpe)
To Change China: Western Advisers in China (tekijä: Jonathan D. Spence)
To Establish Peace: Being the Chronicle of Later Han for the Years 189 to 220 A.D. (Faculty of Asian Studies Momographs New Series Vol 21) (tekijä: Rafe de Crespigny)
Together in Christ: A history of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (tekijä: John A. Braun)
Tomb treasures from China : the buried art of ancient Xi'an (tekijä: Patricia Ann Berger)
Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine, 1958-1962 (tekijä: Yang Jisheng)
Träume. Vier Spiele (tekijä: Günter Eich)
Trade and Diplomacy on the China Coast: The Opening of the Treaty Ports, 1842-1854 (tekijä: John King Fairbank)
Trade and expansion in Han China; a study in the structure of Sino-barbarian economic relations (tekijä: Yu Ying-Shih)
Trade Winds (tekijä: Christina Courtenay)
Traditional Architectural Culture of China (tekijä: Qingxi Lou)
Traditional Chinese Lattice Designs (tekijä: Muncie Hendler)
Traditional Chinese Music (tekijä: The Peking Brothers)
Traditional Chinese Residences (Culture of China) (tekijä: Wang Qijun)
Traditional Chinese State in Ming Times 1368-1644 (tekijä: Charles O. Hucker)
Traditionelle Baukunst in China = Traditional architecture in China (tekijä: Almut Bettels)
Traditions of Meditation in Chinese Buddhism (tekijä: Peter N. Gregory)
The Tragedy of Liberation: A History of the Chinese Revolution, 1945-1957 (tekijä: Frank Dikötter)
Trail of the Panda [2009 film] (tekijä: Zhong Yu)
The Traitor's Pawn (tekijä: Lisa Harris)
A Translucent Mirror: History and Identity in Qing Imperial Ideology (tekijä: Pamela Kyle Crossley)
Transmitters and Creators: Chinese Commentators and Commentaries on the Analects (tekijä: John Makeham)
Transoceanic Lights (tekijä: S. Li)
The Travel Books (tekijä: W. Somerset Maugham)
Travel diaries of a naturalist III: Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand (tekijä: Sir Peter Scott)
Travelers' Tales CHINA : True Stories (tekijä: James O'Reilly)
Traveling in Sin (tekijä: George Rajna)
Travellers Beijing & Northern China (tekijä: Thomas Cook Publishing)
Travellers Shanghai and Southern China (tekijä: Thomas Cook Publishing)
Travels in Tartary, Thibet and China, 1844-1846 (tekijä: Evariste-Regis Huc)
Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China During the years 1844-5-6 Volume 2 (tekijä: Evariste-Regis Huc)
Travels in Tartary: One's company and News from Tartary / by Peter Fleming (tekijä: Peter Fleming)
Travels in the Land of Kublai Khan (tekijä: Marco Polo)
Travels of a Consular Officer in Eastern Tibet: Together with a History of the Relations Between China, Tibet and India (tekijä: Eric Teichman)
Travels of a Photographer in China, 1933-1946 (tekijä: Hedda Morrison)
The Travels of Ching (tekijä: Robert Bright)
Travels with Herodotus (tekijä: Ryszard Kapuściński)
Travels with Myself and Another: A Memoir (tekijä: Martha Gellhorn)
Treason by the Book (tekijä: Jonathan D. Spence)
Treasure of China: Terracotta Figures (tekijä: Hong Kong Man Hai Language Press)
The Treasures and Dynasties of China (tekijä: Bamber Gascoigne)
Treasures From China (Treasures From The Past) (tekijä: David Armentrout)
Treasures from the bronze age of China: An exhibition from the People's Republic of China (tekijä: Katharine Stoddert Gilbert)
Treasures from the Shanghai Museum: 6000 Years of Chinese Art (tekijä: René-Yvon Lefebvre d'Argencé)
Treasures of China (tekijä: Editors of Readers Digest)
Treasures of China : Terracotta Warriors*
Tree of Heaven (tekijä: R. C. Binstock)
Trésors de la Chine ancienne de la collection David David-Weill (tekijä: Sotheby's)
Tripod - Special Issue on Matteo Ricci
Troubadours, Trumpeters, Troubled Makers: Lyricism, Nationalism, and Hybridity in China and Its Others (Asia-Pacific: Culture, Politics, and Society) (tekijä: Gregory B. Lee)
The Troubled Empire: China in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties (tekijä: Timothy Brook)
Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty (tekijä: Harry Wu)
True to Her Word: The Faithful Maiden Cult in Late Imperial China (tekijä: Weijing Lu)
Truman & MacArthur (tekijä: Michael D. Pearlman)
The Truman administration and China, 1945-1949 (tekijä: Ernest R. May)
Tu Youyou's Discovery: Finding a Cure for Malaria (She Made History) (tekijä: Songju Ma Daemicke)
Tulou : affordable housing in China (tekijä: Urbanus Architecture & Design)
La tumba imperial china (tekijä: Arthur Cotterell)
Turandot (tekijä: Marianna Mayer)
Tuulentavoittelijan morsian : romaani (tekijä: Peter O'Donnell)
Twee meisjes en het geluk/ Two girls and their fortune (tekijä: Inez van Loon)
Twenty Snobs & Mao (tekijä: Colette Modiano)
Twin stars of China : a behind-the-scenes story of China’s valiant struggle for existence by a U.S. Marine who lived & moved with the people (tekijä: Evans Fordyce Carlson)
Twisted True Tales From Science: Medical Mayhem (tekijä: Stephanie Bearce)
Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability (tekijä: Daniel Sperling)
Two gentlemen of China (tekijä: Lady Hosie)
Two Innocents in Red China (tekijä: Pierre Elliott Trudeau)
Two Kinds of Time: Life in Provincial China During the Crucial Years 1940-41 (tekijä: Graham Peck)
Two Revolutions: Village Reconstruction and the Cooperation Movement in Northern Shaanxi, 1934-1945 (tekijä: Pauline B. Keating)
The Two Worlds of Joseph Race: (tekijä: Steve Race)
Tyger Tales (tekijä: Jess Mowry)
Tykit, taudit ja teräs : ihmisen yhteiskuntien kohtalot (tekijä: Jared Diamond)
TYKKILAIVA SAN PABLO (tekijä: Richard McKenna)
Tè: guida al tè di tutto il mondo (tekijä: Jane Pettigrew)
The U. S. Crusade in China, 1938-1945 (tekijä: Michael Schaller)
U.S. Army Special Operations in World War II (tekijä: Jr. David W. Hogan)
U.S.-China Relations: China Policy on Capitol Hill (Routledge Contemporary Chinas) (tekijä: Tao Xie)
The Uighur empire according to the T'ang dynastic histories : a study in Sino-Uighur relations 744-840 (tekijä: Colin Mackerras)
The Uncanny X-Men #255 - Crash & Burn (tekijä: Chris Claremont)
Uncle Sam's Little Wars: The Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, and Boxer Rebellion, 1898-1902 (tekijä: John P. Langellier)
The Undercover Economist: Exposing Why the Rich Are Rich, the Poor Are Poor--and Why You Can Never Buy a Decent Used Car (tekijä: Tim Harford)
The Underground Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (tekijä: Fu Tianchou)
Understanding Chinese Myths (tekijä: Megan Kopp)
Unearthing China's Past. [By] Jan Fontein and Tung Wu. (tekijä: Boston Museum of Fine Arts)
Unit 731: Japan's Secret Biological Warfare in World War II (tekijä: Peter Williams)
The United States and China (tekijä: John King Fairbank)
The United States Marines in North China, 1945-1949 (tekijä: Henry I. Shaw)
Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men (tekijä: Mara Hvistendahl)
Unscripted: A Novel (tekijä: Davis Bunn)
Unstately Power, Vol. II: Local Causes of China's Intellectual, Legal, and Governmental Reforms (tekijä: Lynn T. White)
Unterwegs in Übersee: Aus Reisetagebüchern und Dokumenten des früheren Direktors des Übersee-Museums (tekijä: Hugo H Schauinsland)
The Untold History of the United States (tekijä: Oliver Stone)
Urban China (China Today) (tekijä: Xuefei Ren)
Urbanization in China: Town and Country in a Developing Economy, 1949-2000 A.D. (tekijä: R.J.R. Kirkby)
V.K. Wellington Koo and the Emergence of Modern China (tekijä: Stephen G. Craft)
Vaiennetut äänet : kiinalaisia naiskohtaloita (tekijä: Xinran)
Valiant Imperial Warriors 2200 Years Ago: Terra-cotta Armoured Warriors and Horses of Qin Huang Mausoleum (tekijä: Xiaocong Wu)
Van Bombay tot Shanghai = From Bombay to Shanghai (tekijä: Anneke Groeneveld)
Vanished Kingdoms: A Woman Explorer in Tibet, China, and Mongolia 1921-1925 (tekijä: Mabel Cabot)
Vanishing Beauty: Asian Jewelry and Ritual Objects from the Barbara and David Kipper Collection (tekijä: Madhuvanti Ghose)
Varoom! 17 (tekijä: Association of Illustrators)illustration
Vector 293 (tekijä: Yen Ooi)
De vegetarische keuken van China (tekijä: Kwee Siok Lan)
Der Vergangenheit eine Zukunft geben : 15 Jahre deutsch-chinesische Entwicklung und Erprobung von Verfahren zur Erhaltung von Kulturgut (tekijä: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung)
Vermeer's Hat: The Seventeenth Century and the Dawn of the Global World (tekijä: Timothy Brook)
The Vermilion Bird: T'ang Images of the South (tekijä: Edward H. Schafer)
Vie d'Hudson Taylor (tekijä: Hudson Taylor)
Viimeinen keisari : Taivaanpojan tie lohikäärmevaltaistuimelta Pekingin puutarhatyöläiseksi (tekijä: Puyi)
Viisi suotuisaa pilveä ja muita kertomuksia (tekijä: Robert van Gulik)
Village and town life in China (tekijä: Yü-kao Liang)
A Village South of the Capital [poem] (tekijä: Cui Hao)
Villijoutsenet : kolmen kiinattaren tarina (tekijä: Jung Chang)
Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra (tekijä: Vimalakirti)
Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19 (tekijä: Matt Ridley)
Virgin Widows (tekijä: Hua Gu)
Visible Language: Inventions of Writing in the Ancient Middle East and Beyond (tekijä: Christopher Woods)
A Visit to China (Heinemann First Library: A Visit To) (tekijä: Peter Roop)
A visit to India, China, and Japan, in the year 1853 (tekijä: Bayard Taylor)
Visiting China's Past: A Guide to Sites and Resources (tekijä: Robert L. Thorp)
Vivir la historia de la China Imperial : en la tierra del dragón : [China 960 - 1368] (tekijä: Editores de Time-Life Books)
Vivre comme les Chinois (tekijä: Philip Steele)
The Voice That Remembers: A Tibetan Woman's Inspiring Story of Survival (tekijä: Adhe Tapontsang)
Volksrepublik China : Kunstreisen durch d. Reich d. Mitte (tekijä: Frank Rainer Scheck)
Vom Westen lernen, Chinese bleiben : Kader und Kommunebauern, Lamas und Studenten : Reportagen aus China (tekijä: Karl Grobe-Hagel)
W. ou L'oeil d'un long nez (tekijä: Patrick Zachmann)
Waiting for the Dawn: A Plan for the Prince (tekijä: Fansen Wang)
Waking the Dragon (tekijä: Pamela Martin)
A Walk Through the Ages: Chinese Archaic Art from the Sondra Landy Gross Collection (tekijä: Richard A. Pegg)
The Wallet of Kai Lung (tekijä: Ernest Bramah)
Wandering in Northern China (tekijä: Harry Alverson Franck)
Wandering Warrior (tekijä: Da Chen)
Wandering: Brush and Pen in Philosophical Reflection (tekijä: Peimin Ni)
Wanderlust (tekijä: Danielle Steel)
The war against Japan (tekijä: Kenneth E. Hunter)
The War Lord (tekijä: Barry Sadler)
War No. 81-Q (rewritten version) (tekijä: Cordwainer Smith)
War Trash (tekijä: Ha Jin)
War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War (tekijä: John W. Dower)
The Warlord's Puzzle (tekijä: Virginia Pilegard)
Warm Wind In China (tekijä: Kent Stetson)
Warning of War: A Novel of the North China Marines (tekijä: James Brady)
The Warning Voice (tekijä: Cao Xueqin)
Warrior (tekijä: Zoë Archer)
The Warrior Emperor and China's Terracotta Army (tekijä: Chen Shen)
Warrior Women: An Archaeologist’s Search for History’s Hidden Heroines (tekijä: Jeannine Davis-Kimball)
Warriors (tekijä: Ted Bell)
The Wars for Asia, 1911-1949 (tekijä: S. C. M. Paine)
The Water Margin (tekijä: David Weir)
The Water Margin: Outlaws of the Marsh: The Epic Tale of Brotherhood, Bravery and Rebellion in Imperial China (tekijä: Shi Nai'An)
The Water-Buffalo Children (tekijä: Pearl S. Buck)
Watercress (tekijä: Andrea Wang)
Way and Byway: Taoism, Local Religion, and Models of Divinity in Sung and Modern China (tekijä: Robert Hymes)
The Way Forward: From Early Republic to People's Republic, 1912–1949 (Understanding China Through Comics, Vol. 5) (tekijä: Jing Liu)
The Way of the Brush: Painting Techniques of China and Japan (tekijä: Fritz Van Briessen)
The Way of the Panda: The Curious History of China's Political Animal (tekijä: Henry Nicholls)
We Come from China (tekijä: Julia Waterlow)
We Have Been Harmonised: Life in China's Surveillance State (tekijä: Kai Strittmatter)
Wege der Götter und Menschen : Religionen im traditionellem China (tekijä: Claudius C. Müller)
Weihrauch und Gebet : Bilder aus der chinesischen Mission