SarjatPitt Latin American Series

150 Teokset Suosituimmuussija 15,965 (370 Jäseniä) 665 Kirjat 3 Kirja-arvosteluja 3.2
"I Sweat the Flavor of Tin": Labor Activism in Early Twentieth-Century Bolivia (tekijä: Robert L. Smale) 5 kappaletta2010
Acting Inca: Identity and National Belonging in Early Twentieth-Century Bolivia (Pitt Latin American (Paperback)) (tekijä: E. Gabrielle Kuenzli) 4 kappaletta
Adventurers and Proletarians: The Story of Migrants in Latin America (tekijä: Magnus Morner) 4 kappaletta1985
An Agrarian Republic: Commercial Agriculture and the Politics of Peasant Communities in El Salvador, 1823–1914 (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Aldo Lauria-Santiago) 7 kappaletta1999
Agrarian Structure and Political Power in Mexico (tekijä: Roger Bartra) 2 kappaletta1995
Agrarian Structure and Political Power: Landlord and Peasant in the Making of Latin America (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Huber/Safford) 1 kappale
The Archives Of Cuba/Los Archivos De Cuba (tekijä: Louis A. Jr. Perez) 1 kappale2003
Argentina Between the Great Powers 1939-46 (tekijä: Guido Di Tella) 1 kappale1990
Argentina: Political Culture and Instability (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Susan Calvert) 1 kappale
Argentine Workers: Peronism and Contemporary Class Consciousness (tekijä: Peter Ranis) 1 kappale1992
ARMY POLITICS IN CUBA 1898-1958. (tekijä: Louis Perez) 1 kappale1976
Art and Archaeology of Pre-Columbian Cuba (tekijä: Ramon Dacal Moure) 7 kappaletta1996
At the fall of Somoza (tekijä: Lawrence Pezzullo) 4 kappaletta1993
Authoritarianism and Corporatism in Latin America (Pitt Latin American Studies) (tekijä: James Malloy) 5 kappaletta1977
Authoritarians and Democrats: Regime Transition in Latin America (tekijä: James Malloy) 5 kappaletta1987
Black Labor on a White Canal: Panama, 1904-1981 (tekijä: Michael L. Conniff) 1 kappale1985
Bound Lives: Africans, Indians, and the Making of Race in Colonial Peru (tekijä: Rachel Sarah O'Toole) 11 kappaletta2012
Bread, or Bullets!: Urban Labor and Spanish Colonialism in Cuba, 1850-1898 (tekijä: Joan Casanovas) 8 kappaletta1998
Business and Democracy in Latin America (tekijä: Ernest Bartell) 1 kappale1995
Capital markets in the development process : the case of Brazil (tekijä: John H. Welch) 1 kappale1993
Citizen Views of Democracy in Latin America (tekijä: Roderic Ai Camp) 4 kappaletta2001
City at the Center of the World: Space, History, and Modernity in Quito (tekijä: Ernesto Capello) 4 kappaletta2011
A Coffee Frontier: Land, Society, and Politics in Duaca, Venezuela, 1830-1936 (tekijä: Doug Yarrington) 2 kappaletta1997
Conquering Nature: The Enviromental Legacy of Socialism in Cuba (tekijä: Sergio Diaz-Briquets) 5 kappaletta2000
The Conquest of History: Spanish Colonialism and National Histories in the Nineteenth Century (tekijä: Christopher Schmidt-Nowara) 8 kappaletta2006
The Constitution of Tyranny: Regimes of Exception in Spanish America (tekijä: Brian Loveman) 6 kappaletta1993
Corruption & Democracy in Latin America (tekijä: Charles H. Blake) 7 kappaletta2009
The Costa Rican Women's Movement: A Reader (tekijä: Ilse Abshagen Leitinger) 7 kappaletta1997
Cuba Between Empires 1878-1902 (tekijä: Louis A. Jr. Perez) 7 kappaletta1983
Cuba in the world (tekijä: Cole Blasier) 4 kappaletta1979
Cuba Under the Platt Amendment, 1902-1934 (tekijä: Louis A. Pérez) 5 kappaletta1986
Cuba, Castro, and the United States (tekijä: Philip W. Bonsal) 2 kappaletta
Cuba: After the Cold War (tekijä: Carmelo Mesa-Lago) 3 kappaletta1993
The Cuban economy (tekijä: Archibald R. M. Ritter) 1 kappale2004
The Cuban Embargo: Domestic Politics Of American Foreign Policy (Pitt Latin American Studies) (tekijä: Patrick Haney) 5 kappaletta2005
Cuban sugar policy from 1963 to 1970 (tekijä: Heinrich Brunner) 2 kappaletta1977
Cultures of the City: Mediating Identities in Urban Latin/o America (tekijä: Richard A. Young) 5 kappaletta2010
Deepening Democracy Latin America (tekijä: Kurt von Mettenheim) 2 kappaletta1998
Democracy Without Equity: Failures of Reform in Brazil (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Kurt Weyland) 2 kappaletta
Democratic Brazil divided (tekijä: Peter R. Kingstone) 3 kappaletta
Democratic Brazil Revisited (tekijä: Peter Kingstone) 10 kappaletta2008
Democratic Brazil: Actors, Institutions, and Processes (tekijä: Timothy Power) 4 kappaletta1999
Dignifying Argentina: Peronism, Citizenship, and Mass Consumption (tekijä: Eduardo Elena) 7 kappaletta2011
Dividing Hispaniola: The Dominican Republic's Border Campaign against Haiti, 1930-1961 (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Edward Paulino) 7 kappaletta
Domestic and Foreign Finance in Modern Peru, 1850-1950: Financing Visions of Development (tekijä: Alfonso W. Quiroz) 1 kappale1993
The Economics of Cuban Sugar (tekijä: Jorge F. Perez-Lopez) 4 kappaletta1991
Education and Society in Latin America (tekijä: Orlando Albornoz) 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu1993
Electing Chavez: The Business of Anti-neoliberal Politics in Venezuela (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Leslie C. Gates) 1 kappale
Electing Chavez: The Business of Anti-neoliberal Politics in Venezuela (Pitt Latin American Studies) (tekijä: Leslie C. Gates) 6 kappaletta2010
The Emergence of Insurgency in El Salvador: Ideology and Political Will (tekijä: Yvon Grenier) 2 kappaletta1999
Empire and Antislavery: Spain, Cuba and Puerto Rico, 1833-1874 (tekijä: Christopher Schmidt-Nowara) 9 kappaletta1999
Empowering Women: Land and Property Rights in Latin America (tekijä: Carmen Diana Deere) 10 kappaletta2001
End of the Peasantry: The Rural Labor Movement in Northeast Brazil, 1961-1988 (tekijä: Anthony W. Pereira) 3 kappaletta1997
Enduring Reform: Progressive Activism and Private Sector Responses in Latin America's Democracies (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Jeffrey W. Rubin) 3 kappaletta
Enforcing the Rule of Law: Social Accountability in the New Latin American Democracies (Pitt Latin American Studies) (tekijä: Enrique Peruzzotti) 3 kappaletta
Essays on Mexican Kinship (tekijä: Hugo G. Nutini) 1 kappale1976
The expulsion of Mexico's Spaniards, 1821-1836 (tekijä: Harold Sims) 2 kappaletta1990
Female and male in Latin America: Essays (tekijä: Ann M. Pescatello) 8 kappaletta1973
The Film Industry in Brazil: Culture and the State (tekijä: Randal Johnson) 3 kappaletta1987
For a Proper Home: Housing Rights in the Margins of Urban Chile, 1960-2010 (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Edward Murphy) 3 kappaletta
The Friendly Liquidation of the Past: The Politics of Diversity in Latin America (tekijä: Donna Lee Van Cott) 5 kappaletta2000
Frondizi and the Politics of Developmentalism in Argentina, 1955-62 (tekijä: Celia Szusterman) 2 kappaletta1993
Fujimori's Peru: Deception in the Public Sphere (tekijä: Catherine M Conaghan) 4 kappaletta2005
Gender, State, and Medicine in Highland Ecuador: Modernizing Women, Modernizing the State, 1895-1950 (tekijä: A. Kim Clark) 3 kappaletta2012
The giant's rival: The USSR and Latin America (tekijä: Cole Blasier) 7 kappaletta1983
Grassroots Expectations of Democracy and Economy: Argentina in Comparative Perspective (tekijä: Nancy R. Powers) 1 kappale2001
High-Tech Trade Wars: U.S.-Brazilian Conflicts in the Global Economy (tekijä: Sara Schoonmaker) 3 kappaletta2002
Highland Indians and the state in modern Ecuador (tekijä: A. Kim Clark) 4 kappaletta2007
Honorable Lives: Lawyers, Family, and Politics in Colombia, 1780-1850 (tekijä: Victor Uribe Urán) 2 kappaletta2000
The hovering giant : U.S. responses to revolutionary change in Latin America, 1910-1985 (tekijä: Cole Blasier) 26 kappaletta1976
Images and Intervention: U.S. Policies in Latin America (tekijä: Martha L. Cottam) 4 kappaletta1994
Imagination beyond nation: Latin American popular culture (tekijä: Eva Bueno) 6 kappaletta1998
Institutions, Parties, and Coalitions in Argentine Politics (tekijä: Luigi Manzetti) 2 kappaletta1993
International Security and Democracy: Latin America and the Caribbean in the Post-Cold War Era (Pitt Latin American Studies) (tekijä: Jorge I. Dominguez) 3 kappaletta
Intervention, Revolution and Politics in Cuba, 1913-1921 (Pitt Latin American series) (tekijä: Louis A. Pérez) 2 kappaletta1978
Landscapes of Struggle: Politics, Society, and Community in El Salvador (tekijä: Aldo Lauria-Santiago) 5 kappaletta2004
Lords of the Mountain: Social Banditry and Peasant Protest in Cuba, 1878-1918 (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Louis A. Pérez) 4 kappaletta1989
Making Citizens in Argentina (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: David Sheinin) 2 kappaletta
The Manipulation of Consent: The State and Working-Class Consciousness in Brazil (tekijä: Youssef Cohen) 5 kappaletta1989
The Meaning Of Freedom: Economics, Politics, and Culture after Slavery (tekijä: Frank McGlynn) 9 kappaletta1992
Media, Sound, and Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean (tekijä: Alejandra Bronfman) 4 kappaletta2012
Medicine and Politics in Colonial Peru: Population Growth and the Bourbon Reforms (tekijä: Adam Warren) 6 kappaletta2010
The Mexican Republic: The First Decade 1823-1832 (tekijä: Stanley C. Green) 2 kappaletta1987
Mexico Through Russian Eyes, 1806-1940 (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: William Richardson) 2 kappaletta1988
Militarization and Demilitarization in El Salvador's Transition to Democracy (tekijä: Philip J. Williams) 3 kappaletta1997
My missions for revolutionary Bolivia, 1944-1962 (tekijä: Víctor Andrade) 2 kappaletta1976
Myths of Harmony: Race and Republicanism during the Age of Revolution, Colombia, 1795-1831 (tekijä: Marixa Lasso) 12 kappaletta2007
Nationalizing Blackness: Afrocubanismo and Artistic Revolution in Havana, 1920-1940 (tekijä: Robin Dale Moore) 17 kappaletta1997
Newsrooms in Conflict: Journalism and the Democratization of Mexico (tekijä: Sallie Hughes) 3 kappaletta2006
Opposing Currents: The Politics of Water and Gender in Latin America (tekijä: Vivienne Bennett) 4 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu2005
Organized Crime and Democratic Governability: Mexico and the U.S.-Mexican Borderlands (tekijä: John J. Bailey) 2 kappaletta2000
The Origins of the Peruvian Labor Movement, 1883-1919 (tekijä: Peter Blanchard) 1 kappale1982
The Overthrow of Allende and the Politics of Chile, 1964-1976 (tekijä: Paul E. Sigmund) 16 kappaletta1977
Piety, Power, And Politics: Religion and Nation Formation in Guatemala, 1821-1871 (tekijä: Douglass Sullivan-Gonzalez) 4 kappaletta1998
Political (In)Justice: Authoritarianism and the Rule of Law in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina (Pitt Latin American Studies (tekijä: Anthony W. Pereira) 1 kappale
Political Culture in Nineteenth-Century Peru: The Rise of the Partido Civil (tekijä: Ulrich Mücke) 2 kappaletta2004
Politics In The Andes: Identity, Conflict, Reform (tekijä: Jo-Marie Burt) 13 kappaletta2004
The politics of Mexican oil (tekijä: George W. Grayson) 4 kappaletta1980
The politics of motherhood : maternity and women's rights in twentieth-century Chile (tekijä: Jadwiga E. Pieper. Mooney) 8 kappaletta2009
The Politics of Sexuality in Latin America: A Reader on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Javier Corrales) 14 kappaletta2010
The Politics Of Water: Urban Protest, Gender, and Power in Monterrey, Mexico (tekijä: Vivienne Bennett) 4 kappaletta1995
Politics within the state : elite bureaucrats and industrial policy in authoritarian Brazil (tekijä: Ben Ross Schneider) 1 kappale1991
Poverty of Democracy: The Institutional Roots of Political Participation in Mexico (tekijä: Claudio A. Holzner) 5 kappaletta2010
The Practice of Politics in Postcolonial Brazil: Porto Allegre, 1845-1895 (tekijä: Roger Alan Kittleson) 4 kappaletta2006
Privatization and Political Change in Mexico (tekijä: Judith A. Teichman) 1 kappale1995
Public policy in Latin America : a comparative survey (tekijä: John W. Sloan) 2 kappaletta1984
Puerto Rico and the United States, 1917-1933 (tekijä: Truman R Clark) 3 kappaletta1975
The Quiet Revolution: Decentralization and the Rise of Political Participation in Latin American Cities (tekijä: Tim Campbell) 5 kappaletta2003
Race and the Chilean Miracle: Neoliberalism, Democracy, and Indigenous Rights (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Patricia Richards) 4 kappaletta
Reshaping the Political Arena in Latin America: From Resisting Neoliberalism to the Second Incorporation (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Eduardo Silva) 2 kappaletta
Resource Extraction and Protest in Peru (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Moisés Arce) 2 kappaletta
A Revolution Aborted: The Lessons of Grenada (tekijä: Jorge Heine) 4 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu1990
Revolution and the Multiclass Coalition in Nicaragua (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Mark Everingham) 3 kappaletta1996
Revolutionary change in Cuba (tekijä: Carmelo Mesa-Lago) 3 kappaletta
Roads to Reason: Transportation, Administration, and Rationality in Colombia (tekijä: Richard E. Hartwig) 1 kappale1983
Salt and the Colombian State: Local Society and Regional Monopoly in Boyaca, 1821-1900 (tekijä: Joshua M. Rosenthal) 3 kappaletta2012
School Choice in Chile: Two Decades of Educational Reform (tekijä: Varun Gauri) 1 kappale1998
Secret Dialogues: Church-State Relations, Torture, and Social Justice in Authoritarian Brazil (tekijä: Kenneth P. Serbin) 7 kappaletta2000
Slave Emancipation and Transformations in Brazilian Political Citizenship (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Celso Thomas Castilho) 7 kappaletta
The Social Documentary in Latin America (tekijä: Julianne Burton) 1 kappale1990
Social Security in Latin America (tekijä: Carmelo Meso-Lago) 1 kappale1978
Societies After Slavery: A Select Annotated Bibliography of Printed Sources on Cuba, Brazil, British Colonial Africa, South Africa, and the British West Indies (Pitt Latin American Studies) (tekijä: Rebecca J. Scott) 3 kappaletta2002
Sport in Cuba: The Diamond in the Rough (tekijä: Paula J. Pettavino) 7 kappaletta1994
Sports culture in Latin American history (tekijä: David M. K. Sheinin) 3 kappaletta
State and Society in Conflict: Comparative Perspectives on the Andean Crises (tekijä: Paul W. Drake) 4 kappaletta2006
State, Labor, Capital: Democratizing Class Relations in the Southern Cone (tekijä: Paul G. Buchanan) 1 kappale1995
Still Fighting: The Nicaraguan Women's Movement, 1977-2000 (tekijä: Katherine Isbester) 3 kappaletta2001
Struggles of Voice: The Politics of Indigenous Representation in the Andes (Pitt Latin American Studies) (tekijä: Jose Antonio Lucero) 7 kappaletta2008
They Eat from Their Labor: Work and Social Change in Colonial Bolivia (Pitt Latin American Series) (tekijä: Ann Zulawski) 3 kappaletta1995
The time of freedom : campesino workers in Guatemala's October Revolution (tekijä: Cindy Forster) 6 kappaletta2001
To Hell With Paradise: A History Of The Jamaican Tourist Industry (tekijä: Frank Fonda Taylor) 3 kappaletta1993
Traditional and Modern Natural Resource Management in Latin America (tekijä: Francisco J. Pichon) 1 kappale1999
Transformations and Crisis of Liberalism in Argentina, 1930-1955 (tekijä: Jorge A. Nallim) 4 kappaletta2012
Transforming Latin America: The International And Domestic Origins Of Change (tekijä: Craig Arceneaux) 5 kappaletta2005
Transnational Corporations and the Latin American Automobile Industry (tekijä: Rhys Jenkins) 2 kappaletta1987
The Two-Headed Household (Pitt Latin American Studies) (tekijä: Sarah Hamilton) 2 kappaletta1998
Under the Flags of Freedom: Slave Soldiers and the Wars of Independence in Spanish South America (tekijä: Peter Blanchard) 12 kappaletta2008
Unequal Giants: Diplomatic Relations Between the United States and Brazil, 1889-1930 (tekijä: Joseph Smith) 3 kappaletta1991
Unequal Partners: The United States and Mexico (tekijä: Sidney Weintraub) 7 kappaletta2010
The United States & Cuba : hegemony and dependent development, 1880-1934 (tekijä: Jules R. Benjamin) 1 kappale1977
The United States and Latin America in the 1980s : contending perspectives on a decade of crisis (tekijä: Kevin J. Middlebrook) 3 kappaletta1986
Unresolved Tensions: Bolivia Past and Present (Pitt Latin American Studies) (tekijä: John Crabtree) 5 kappaletta2008
Unsettling Statecraft: Democracy and Neoliberalism in the Central Andes (tekijä: Catherine M Conaghan) 2 kappaletta1994
Urban Politics in Brazil: The Rise of Populism, 1925-1945 (tekijä: Michael L. Conniff) 3 kappaletta1981
Urban Poverty, Political Participation, and the State: Lima 1970-1990 (tekijä: Henry A. Dietz) 3 kappaletta1998
The Vigorous Core of Our Nationality: Race and Regional Identity in Northeastern Brazil (tekijä: Stanley E. Blake) 5 kappaletta2011
Voces Femeninas de Hispanoamerica (tekijä: Gloria Bautista Gutiérrez) 17 kappaletta1995
Voices, visions, and a new reality : Mexican fiction since 1970 (tekijä: J. Ann Duncan) 1 kappale1986
Workers and Welfare: Comparative Institutional Change in Twentieth-Century Mexico (tekijä: Michelle L. Dion) 6 kappaletta2010
Xuxub Must Die: The Lost Histories of a Murder on the Yucatan (tekijä: Paul Sullivan) 16 kappaletta2004


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