SarjatThe New Middle Ages

210 Teokset Suosituimmuussija 10,972 (798 Jäseniä) 2,139 Kirjat 24 Kirja-arvosteluja ½ 3.9
The [European] Other in Medieval Arabic Literature and Culture: Ninth-Twelfth Century AD (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Nizar F. Hermes) 9 kappaletta
Absent Narratives: Manuscript Textuality and Literature Structure in Late Medieval England (tekijä: Elizabeth Scala) 5 kappaletta
The Afterlives of Rape in Medieval English Literature (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Suzanne M. Edwards) 5 kappaletta
Allegory and Sexual Ethics in the High Middle Ages (tekijä: N. Guynn) 11 kappaletta
American Chaucers (tekijä: Candace Barrington) 8 kappaletta
The Anglo-Scottish border and the shaping of identity, 1300-1600 (tekijä: Mark Paul Bruce) 4 kappaletta
Animal Languages in the Middle Ages: Representations of Interspecies Communication (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Alison Langdon) 3 kappaletta
Antimercantilism in Late Medieval English Literature (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Roger A. Ladd) 7 kappaletta
Authority and Subjugation in Writing of Medieval Wales (tekijä: R. Kennedy) 7 kappaletta
Battlefronts Real and Imagined: War, Border, and Identity in the Chinese Middle Period (tekijä: D. Wyatt) 7 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Becoming Male in the Middle Ages (tekijä: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen) 25 kappaletta
The Black Middle Ages: Race and the Construction of the Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Matthew X. Vernon) 13 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Boccaccio's Decameron and the Ciceronian Renaissance (tekijä: Michaela Paasche Grudin) 4 kappaletta
Borges the unacknowledged medievalist : Old English and Old Norse in his life and work (tekijä: m.j. toswell) 6 kappaletta
Byzantine Dress: Representations of Secular Dress in Eighth- to Twelfth-Century Painting (tekijä: J. Ball) 26 kappaletta
Cannibalism in High Medieval English Literature (tekijä: Heather Blurton) 10 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Capetian Women (tekijä: Kathleen Nolan) 8 kappaletta
The captivity of John II, 1356-60 : the royal image in later medieval England and France (tekijä: Neil Murphy) 6 kappaletta
The Carolingian Debate over Sacred Space (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Samuel W. Collins) 4 kappaletta
Charlemagne's Mustache: And Other Cultural Clusters of a Dark Age (tekijä: Paul Edward Dutton) 20 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Chaucer and the death of the political animal (tekijä: Jameson S. Workman) 4 kappaletta
Chaucer the alchemist : physics, mutability, and the medieval imagination (tekijä: Alexander N. Gabrovsky) 4 kappaletta
Chaucer's Feminine Subjects: Figures of Desire in The Canterbury Tales (tekijä: John A. Pitcher) 5 kappaletta
Chaucer's Jobs (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: David R. Carlson) 8 kappaletta
Chaucer's Pardoner and Gender Theory: Bodies of Discourse (tekijä: Robert S. Sturges) 3 kappaletta
Chaucer's Visions of Manhood (tekijä: H. Crocker) 6 kappaletta
Chaucerian aesthetics (tekijä: Peggy A. A. Knapp) 5 kappaletta
The Circulation of Power in Medieval Biblical Drama : Theaters of Authority (tekijä: Robert S. Sturges) 4 kappaletta
Claustrophilia: The Erotics of Enclosure in Medieval Literature (tekijä: C. Howie) 13 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Clothes Make the Man: Female Cross Dressing in Medieval Europe (tekijä: Valerie R. Hotchkiss) 24 kappaletta
Communal Discord, Child Abduction, and Rape in the Later Middle Ages (tekijä: J. Goldberg) 11 kappaletta
Consolation in medieval narrative : Augustinian authority and open form (tekijä: C. Schrock) 8 kappaletta
Constructing Chaucer: Author and Autofiction in the Critical Tradition (tekijä: G. Gust) 8 kappaletta
Constructions of Widowhood and Virginity in the Middle Ages 5 kappaletta
Contextualizing the Muslim Other in Medieval Christian Discourse (tekijä: J. Frakes) 9 kappaletta
Cosmopolitanism and the Middle Ages (tekijä: John M. Ganim) 8 kappaletta
Crafting Jewishness in Medieval England: Legally Absent, Virtually Present (tekijä: M. Krummel) 13 kappaletta
Crossing the Bridge: Comparative Essays on Medieval European and Heian Japanese Women Writers (tekijä: Barbara Stevenson) 10 kappaletta
Cultural Diversity in the British Middle Ages: Archipelago, Island, England (tekijä: J. Cohen) 12 kappaletta
Cultural Studies of the Modern Middle Ages (tekijä: Eileen A. Joy) 8 kappaletta
Dante's Pluralism and the Islamic Philosophy of Religion (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Gregory B. Stone) 15 kappaletta
The Disney Middle Ages: A Fairy-Tale and Fantasy Past (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Tison Pugh) 20 kappaletta
Divine Ventriloquism in Medieval English Literature: Power, Anxiety, Subversion (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: M. Hayes) 7 kappaletta
The Dogaressa of Venice, 1200-1500: Wife and Icon (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Holly S. Hurlburt) 12 kappaletta
The Drama of Masculinity and Medieval English Guild Culture (tekijä: C. Fitzgerald) 7 kappaletta
Ecofeminist subjectivities Chaucer's talking birds (tekijä: L. Kordecki) 9 kappaletta
Ecstatic Transformation: On the Uses of Alterity in the Middle Ages (tekijä: Michael Uebel) 7 kappaletta
Ekphrastic Medieval Visions: A New Discussion in Interarts Theory (tekijä: Claire Barbetti) 9 kappaletta
Eleanor of Aquitaine: Lord and Lady (tekijä: Bonnie Wheeler) 29 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Encountering Medieval Textiles and Dress: Objects, Textiles, Images (tekijä: Désirée G. Koslin) 56 kappaletta
Engaging Words: The Culture of Reading in the Later Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Laurel Amtower) 11 kappaletta
England and Iberia in the Middle Ages, 12th-15th Century: Cultural, Literary, and Political Exchanges (tekijä: bullnfernndezmara) 8 kappaletta
Erotic discourse and early English religious writing (tekijä: L. Farina) 5 kappaletta
The Erotics of Consolation: Desire and Distance in the Late Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: C. Léglu) 7 kappaletta
Ethics and Eventfulness in Middle English Literature (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: J. Mitchell) 2 kappaletta
Excrement in the Late Middle Ages: Sacred Filth and Chaucer's Fecopoetics (tekijä: S. Morrison) 18 kappaletta
Fairies in Medieval Romance (tekijä: J Wade) 14 kappaletta
False Fables and Exemplary Truth in Later Middle English Literature (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Elizabeth Allen) 4 kappaletta
Finding Saint Francis in Literature and Art (tekijä: ChyeKok Ho) 8 kappaletta
The flight from desire : Augustine and Ovid to Chaucer (tekijä: R. Edwards) 6 kappaletta
The Footprints of Michael the Archangel: The Formation and Diffusion of a Saintly Cult, c. 300-c. 800 (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: John Charles Arnold) 14 kappaletta
For Her Good Estate: The Life of Elizabeth de Burgh (tekijä: Frances A. Underhill) 19 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Francis of Assisi and his "Canticle of Brother Sun" reassessed (tekijä: Brian Moloney) 7 kappaletta
The franciscan invention of the new world (tekijä: Julia McClure) 9 kappaletta
Fresh Verdicts on Joan of Arc (tekijä: Bonnie Wheeler) 12 kappaletta
Games and Gaming in Medieval Literature (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Serina Patterson) 7 kappaletta
Gender and Power in Medieval Exegesis (tekijä: T. Tinkle) 9 kappaletta
Gender in Debate from the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance (tekijä: T. Fenster) 6 kappaletta
Gender, otherness, and culture in medieval and early modern art (tekijä: Carlee A. Bradbury) 8 kappaletta
Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog: Medieval Studies and New Media (tekijä: Brantley L. Bryant) 29 kappaletta
The Gnostic Paradigm Forms of Knowing in English Literature of the Late Middle Ages (tekijä: N. Elias) 5 kappaletta
Heloise and the Paraclete (tekijä: Mary McLaughlin) 2 kappaletta
Hildegard of Bingen's Unknown Language: An Edition, Translation, and Discussion (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Hildegard of Bingen) 21 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Hybridity, Identity, and Monstrosity in Medieval Britain: On Difficult Middles (tekijä: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen) 18 kappaletta
Imaginary Worlds in Medieval Books: Exploring the Manuscript Matrix (tekijä: M. Rust) 14 kappaletta
In the Light of Medieval Spain: Islam, the West, and the Relevance of the Past (tekijä: Simon R. Doubleday) 12 kappaletta
The Inner Life of Women in Medieval Romance Literature: Grief, Guilt, and Hypocrisy (tekijä: Jeff Rider) 9 kappaletta
Jews and Christians in Thirteenth-Century France (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Elisheva Baumgarten) 2 kappaletta
Joan de Valence : the life and influence of a thirteenth-century noblewoman (tekijä: Linda E. Mitchell) 6 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Joan of Arc and Spirituality (tekijä: Ann Astell) 7 kappaletta
Julian of Norwich's Legacy: Medieval Mysticism and Post-Medieval Reception (tekijä: Sarah Salih) 9 kappaletta
The King and the Whore: King Roderick and La Cava (tekijä: Elizabeth Drayson) 4 kappaletta
The king's bishops : the politics of patronage in England and Normandy, 1066-1216 (tekijä: Everett Uberto Crosby) 2 kappaletta
The laborer's two bodies : literary and legal productions in Britain, 1350-1500 (tekijä: Kellie Robertson) 5 kappaletta
Langland's Early Modern Identities (tekijä: Sarah A. Kelen) 4 kappaletta
Language as the Site of Revolt in Medieval and Early Modern England: Speaking as a Woman (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: M. C. Bodden) 10 kappaletta
Late Medieval Jewish Identities: Iberia and Beyond (tekijä: M. Alfonso) 2 kappaletta
The Legend of Charlemagne in the Middle Ages: Power, Faith, and Crusade (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: M. Gabriele) 16 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Lesbian Premodern (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Noreen Giffney) 5 kappaletta
Listen, Daughter: The Speculum Virginum and the Formation of Religious Women in the Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Constant J. Mews) 8 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Listening To Heloise: The Voice of a Twelfth-Century Woman (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Bonnie Wheeler) 10 kappaletta
The Literary Subversions of Medieval Women (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Jane Chance) 14 kappaletta
Living with Disfigurement in Early Medieval Europe (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Patricia Skinner) 20 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Logic, Theology, and Poetry in Boethius, Abelard, and Alan of Lille: Words in the Absence of Things (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: E. Sweeney) 12 kappaletta
The Lost Love Letters of Heloise and Abelard: Perceptions of Dialogue in Twelfth-Century France (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Constant J. Mews) 78 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Lydgate Matters: Poetry and Material Culture in the Fifteenth Century (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: L Cooper) 11 kappaletta
Magnificence and the Sublime in Medieval Aesthetics: Art, Architecture, Literature, Music (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: C. Stephen Jaeger) 5 kappaletta
Maintenance, Meed, and Marriage in Medieval English Literature (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Kathleen E. E. Kennedy) 8 kappaletta
Manmade marvels in medieval culture and literature (tekijä: S. Lightsey) 6 kappaletta
Margaret Paston's Piety (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Joel T. Rosenthal) 4 kappaletta
Marriage, Property, and Women's Narratives (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Sally A. Livingston) 6 kappaletta
Marriage, Property, and Women's Narratives (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: LIVINGSTONS) 2 kappaletta
The Medieval Chastity Belt: A Myth-Making Process (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Albrecht Classen) 15 kappaletta
Medieval Elite Women and the Exercise of Power, 1100-1400: Moving beyond the Exceptionalist Debate (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Heather J. Tanner) 10 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Medieval Fabrications: Dress, Textiles, Clothwork, and Other Cultural Imaginings (tekijä: E. Jane Burns) 49 kappaletta
The Medieval Fold: Power, Repression, and the Emergence of the Individual (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Suzanne Verderber) 7 kappaletta
Medieval Go-Betweens and Chaucer's Pandarus: Love and Lust (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Gretchen Mieszkowski) 5 kappaletta
Medieval Healthcare and the Rise of Charitable Institutions: The History of the Municipal Hospital (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Tiffany A. Ziegler) 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Medieval Mothering (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Bonnie Wheeler) 15 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Medieval Motion Picture: The Politics of Adaptation (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Andrew James Johnston) 11 kappaletta
Medieval Ovid : frame narrative and political allegory (tekijä: Amanda J. Gerber) 7 kappaletta
The Medieval Poetics of the Reliquary: Enshrinement, Inscription, Performance (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Seeta Chaganti) 6 kappaletta
The Medieval Python : the purposive and provocative work of Terry Jones (tekijä: R. Yeager) 8 kappaletta
Medieval Religion and Its Anxieties : History and Mystery in the Other Middle Ages (tekijä: Thomas A. Fudge) 11 kappaletta
Medieval Romance and the Construction of Heterosexuality (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: L. Sylvester) 7 kappaletta
Medieval Welsh Pilgrimage, c.1100–1500 (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Kathryn Hurlock) 4 kappaletta
Medievalism and Orientalism: Three Essays on Literature, Architecture and Cultural Identity (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: John M. Ganim) 17 kappaletta
Medievalism, Multilingualism, and Chaucer (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Mary Catherine Davidson) 7 kappaletta
The Mediterranean world of Alfonso II and Peter II of Aragon (1162-1213) (tekijä: Ernest E. Jenkins) 7 kappaletta
The Middle Ages At Work (tekijä: Kellie Robertson) 9 kappaletta
Mindful Spirit in Late Medieval Literature: Essays in Honor of Elizabeth D. Kirk (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Bonnie Wheeler) 5 kappaletta
Money, commerce, and economics in late medieval English literature (tekijä: Robert Epstein) 4 kappaletta
Monstrosity, Disability, and the Posthuman in the Medieval and Early Modern World (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Richard H. Godden) 6 kappaletta
Motherhood and Mothering in Anglo-Saxon England (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Mary Dockray-Miller) 12 kappaletta
Music and Performance in the Later Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: E. Upton) 5 kappaletta
Narratives of the Islamic Conquest from Medieval Spain (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Geraldine Hazbun) 5 kappaletta
Necessary Conjunctions: The Social Self in Medieval England (tekijä: David Gary Shaw) 10 kappaletta
Negotiating the Art of Fatherhood in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy (tekijä: Juliann Vitullo) 3 kappaletta
Odd bodies and visible ends in medieval literature (tekijä: Sachi Shimomura) 3 kappaletta
On Farting: Language and Laughter in the Middle Ages (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Valerie Allen) 27 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
On the Purification of Women: Churching in Northern France, 1100-1500 (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Paula M. Rieder) 6 kappaletta
Outlawry in Medieval Literature (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Timothy S. Jones) 8 kappaletta
Palimpsests and the Literary Imagination of Medieval England: Collected Essays (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Leo Carruthers) 7 kappaletta
Paradigms and Methods in Early Medieval Studies (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Celia Martin Chazelle) 7 kappaletta
Performing Piety: Musical Culture in Medieval English Nunneries (New Medieval Ages) (tekijä: Anne Bagnall Yardley) 7 kappaletta
Perilous Passages: The Book of Margery Kempe, 1534-1934 (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Julie Chappell) 9 kappaletta
The Persistence of Medievalism (tekijä: Angela Jane Weisl) 7 kappaletta
Poems of Oswald von Wolkenstein: An English Translation of the Complete Works (1376/77-1445) (New Middle Ages), The (tekijä: Albrecht Classen) 4 kappaletta
Poet Heroines in Medieval French Narrative: Gender and Fictions of Literary Creation (tekijä: Brooke Heidenreich Findley) 6 kappaletta
The Post-Historical Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Elizabeth Scala) 6 kappaletta
The Postcolonial Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen) 34 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Power, Piety, and Patronage in Late Medieval Queenship: Maria de Luna (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: N. Silleras-Fernandez) 7 kappaletta
Presence and Presentation: Women in the Chinese Literati Tradition (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Sherry J. Mou) 7 kappaletta
Queens in Stone and Silver: The Creation of a Visual Imagery of Queenship in Capetian France (tekijä: Kathleen Nolan) 5 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Queenship in Medieval France, 1300-1500 (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Murielle Gaude-Ferragu) 9 kappaletta
Queer Love in the Middle Ages (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Anna Klosowka) 8 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Queering Medieval Genres (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Tison Pugh) 3 kappaletta
Queering Richard Rolle : mystical theology and the hermit in fourteenth-century England (tekijä: Christopher M. Roman) 8 kappaletta
Race, Caste, and Indigeneity in Medieval Spanish Travel Literature (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Michael Harney) 2 kappaletta
Race, Class, and Gender in "Medieval" Cinema (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Lynn T. Ramey) 10 kappaletta
Reading memory and identity in the texts of medieval European holy women (tekijä: M. Cotter-Lynch) 5 kappaletta
Reading Skin in Medieval Literature and Culture (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Katie L. Walter) 7 kappaletta
Reading Women in Late Medieval Europe: Anne of Bohemia and Chaucer's Female Audience (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Alfred Thomas) 7 kappaletta
Reason and Imagination in Chaucer, the Perle-poet, and the Cloud-author: Seeing from the Center (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Linda Tarte Holley) 5 kappaletta
Received Medievalisms: A Cognitive Geography of Viennese Women's Convents (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Cynthia J. Cyrus) 6 kappaletta
Religion, power, and resistance from the eleventh to the sixteenth centuries : playing the heresy card (tekijä: K. Bollermann) 6 kappaletta
Representations of the Body in Middle English Biblical Drama (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Estella Ciobanu) 1 kappale
Representing Difference in the Medieval and Modern Orientalist Romance (tekijä: Amy Burge) 7 kappaletta
Representing Others in Medieval Iberian Literature (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: M. Hamilton) 8 kappaletta
Representing Rape in Medieval and Early Modern Literature (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Christine M. Rose) 9 kappaletta
Representing Righteous Heathens in Late Medieval England (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: gradyf) 7 kappaletta
Rethinking Chaucerian Beasts (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Carolynn Van Dyke) 6 kappaletta
Robes and honor : the medieval world of investiture (tekijä: Stewart Gordon) 15 kappaletta
Sacred and Secular in Medieval and Early Modern Cultures: New Essays (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Lawrence Besserman) 9 kappaletta
Sacred Place in Early Medieval Neoplatonism (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: L. Michael Harrington) 7 kappaletta
Saint Margaret, Queen of the Scots: A Life in Perspective (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Keene-C) 5 kappaletta
Saint Perpetua across the middle ages : mother, gladiator, saint (tekijä: Margaret Cotter-Lynch) 5 kappaletta
Same Sex Love and Desire Among Women in the Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Francesca Canade Sautman) 6 kappaletta
Science, the Singular, and the Question of Theology (tekijä: Richard A. Lee) 6 kappaletta
Sex, Scandal, and Celebrity in Late Eighteenth-Century England (tekijä: M. Kinservik) 10 kappaletta
Sex, Scandal, and Sermon in Fourteenth-Century Spain: Juan Ruiz's Libro de Buen Amor (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Louise M. Haywood) 9 kappaletta
Sexuality and its Queer Discontents in Middle English Literature (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: T. Pugh) 9 kappaletta
Sexuality, sociality, and cosmology in medieval literary texts (tekijä: Jennifer N. Brown) 7 kappaletta
Shakespeare, Catholicism, and the Middle Ages: Maimed Rights (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Alfred Thomas) 1 kappale
Shame and Guilt in Chaucer (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Anne McTaggart) 5 kappaletta
Sight and Embodiment in the Middle Ages: Ocular Desires (tekijä: Suzannah Biernoff) 16 kappaletta
Social memory in late Medieval England : village life and proofs of age (tekijä: Joel T. Rosenthal) 6 kappaletta
Space, gender, and memory in middle English romance : architectures of wonder in Melusine (tekijä: Shaw. Jan) 6 kappaletta
Spaces for reading in later Medieval England (tekijä: Mary Catherine Flannery) 11 kappaletta
Stasis in the Medieval West?: Questioning Change and Continuity (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Michael D. J. Bintley) 5 kappaletta
Strange Beauty: Ecocritical Approaches to Early Medieval Landscape (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: A. Siewers) 6 kappaletta
Street Scenes: Late Medieval Acting and Performance (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Sharon Aronson-Lehavi) 8 kappaletta
Studies in the Medieval Atlantic (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Benjamin Hudson) 12 kappaletta
Teaching Medieval and Early Modern Cross-Cultural Encounters (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Karina F. Attar) 8 kappaletta
Temporal Circumstances: Form and History in the Canterbury Tales (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Lee Patterson) 7 kappaletta
The Theology of Work: Peter Damian and the Medieval Religious Renewal Movement (tekijä: P. Ranft) 5 kappaletta
Tolkien and Alterity (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Christopher Vaccaro) 15 kappaletta
Tolkien's Modern Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Jane Chance) 28 kappaletta
Tolkien, Self and Other (tekijä: Jane Chance) 13 kappaletta
Troubled Vision: Gender, Sexuality, and Sight in Medieval Text and Image (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Emma Campbell) 4 kappaletta
Understanding Scholastic Thought with Foucault (tekijä: Philipp W. Rosemann) 8 kappaletta
Vernacular and Latin literary discourses of the Muslim other in medieval Germany (tekijä: Jerold C. Frakes) 7 kappaletta
Voice and Voicelessness in Medieval Europe (tekijä: Irit Ruth Kleiman) 9 kappaletta
Voices From The Bench: The Narratives Of Lesser Folk In Medieval Trials (tekijä: Michael Goodich) 3 kappaletta
Wales and the medieval colonial imagination : the matters of Britain in the twelfth century (tekijä: M. Faletra) 5 kappaletta
Wisdom and Her Lovers in Medieval and Early Modern Hispanic Literature (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Emily C. Francomano) 7 kappaletta
Women and Disability in Medieval Literature (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: T. Pearman) 12 kappaletta
Women and Economic Activities in Late Medieval Ghent (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Shennan Hutton) 5 kappaletta
Women and Experience in Later Medieval Writing: Reading the Book of Life (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: A. Mulder-Bakker) 4 kappaletta
Women and medieval epic : gender, genre, and the limits of epic masculinity (tekijä: Poor's) 9 kappaletta
Women and Wealth in Late Medieval Europe (New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Theresa Marie Earenfight) 13 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Women in Old Norse Literature: Bodies, Words, and Power (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Jóhanna Katrín Friðriksdóttir) 20 kappaletta
Women in the Medieval Islamic World (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Gavin R. G. Hambly) 41 kappaletta
Women in the Military Orders of the Crusades (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: M. Bom) 8 kappaletta
Women's Networks in Medieval France: Gender and Community in Montpellier, 1300-1350 (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Kathryn L. Reyerson) 2 kappaletta
Women, enjoyment, and the defense of virtue in Boccaccio's Decameron (tekijä: Valerio Ferme) 6 kappaletta
Women, Power, and Religious Patronage in the Middle Ages (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Erin Jordan) 4 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Word and Image in Medieval Kabbalah: The Texts, Commentaries, and Diagrams of the Sefer Yetsirah (tekijä: M. Segol) 6 kappaletta
Writers of the Reign of Henry II: Twelve Essays (The New Middle Ages) (tekijä: Ruth Kennedy) 6 kappaletta
Writing Medieval Women's Lives (tekijä: Charlotte Newman Goldy) 5 kappaletta



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