Kustantajan sarjaMills & Boon Medical Romance [2-in-1]


Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby [and] His Baby Bombshell (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 2 kappaletta3
Bride on the Children's Ward [and] Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way (tekijä: Sharon Archer) 2 kappaletta6
Country Midwife, Christmas Bride [and] Greek Doctor: One Magical Christmas (tekijä: Abigail Gordon) 2 kappaletta7
Her Baby Out of the Blue [and] A Doctor, A Nurse: A Christmas Baby (tekijä: Alison Roberts) 2 kappaletta8
Snowbound: Miracle Marriage [and] Christmas Eve: Doorstep Delivery (tekijä: Sarah Morgan) 25 kappaletta9
Hot-Shot Doc, Christmas Bride [and] Christmas at Rivercut Manor (tekijä: Joanna Neil) 1 kappale10
Their Baby Surprise [and] Greek Doctor Claims His Bride (tekijä: Jennifer Taylor) 2 kappaletta12
The Doctor's Lost-and-Found Bride [and] Miracle: Marriage Reunited (tekijä: Kate Hardy) 2 kappaletta15
A Mother for Matilda [and] The Boss and Nurse Albright (tekijä: Amy Andrews) 2 kappaletta16
The Midwife and the Millionaire [and] From Single Mum to Lady (tekijä: Fiona McArthur) 1 kappale21
Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc? [and] Dr. Drop-Dead Gorgeous (tekijä: Sarah Morgan) 5 kappaletta23
Prince Charming of Harley Street [and] The Heart Doctor and the Baby (tekijä: Anne Fraser) 1 kappale26
Alessandro and the Cheery Nanny [and] Valentino's Pregnancy Bombshell (tekijä: Amy Andrews) 5 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua27
A Knight for Nurse Hart [and] A Nurse to Tame the Playboy (tekijä: Laura Iding) 1 kappale28
Dr. Zinetti's Snowkissed Bride [and] The Christmas Baby Bump (tekijä: Sarah Morgan) 2 kappaletta30
Her Little Secret [and] The Doctor's Damsel in Distress (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 1 kappale42
Flirting With the Society Doctor [and] When One Night Isn't Enough (tekijä: Janice Lynn) 4 kappaletta44
Melting the Argentine Doctor's Heart [and] Small Town Marriage Miracle (tekijä: Meredith Webber) 1 kappale45
The Playboy of Harley Street [and] Doctor on the Red Carpet (tekijä: Anne Fraser) 3 kappaletta46
Tempted by Dr Daisy [and] The Fiancée He Can't Forget (tekijä: Caroline Anderson) 2 kappaletta53
Mistletoe, Midwife...Miracle Baby [and] How to Save a Marriage in a Million (tekijä: Anne Fraser) 3 kappaletta55
New Doc in Town [and] Orphan Under the Christmas Tree (tekijä: Webber Meredith) 3 kappaletta56
The Night Before Christmas [and] Once a Good Girl... (tekijä: Wendy S. Marcus) 2 kappaletta57
The Boss She Can't Resist [and] Heart Surgeon, Hero Husband? (tekijä: Lucy Clark) 1 kappale58
Dr Langley: Protector or Playboy? [and] Daredevil and Dr. Kate (tekijä: Joanna Neil) 1 kappale59
Gina's Little Secret [and] Taming the Lone Doc's Heart (tekijä: Jennifer Taylor) 1 kappale61
Georgie's Big Greek Wedding? [and] The Nurse's Not-So-Secret Scandal 1 kappale65
Sydney Harbour Hospital: Marco's Temptation [and] Waking Up with His Runaway Bride (tekijä: Louisa George) 2 kappaletta74
Falling for Dr Fearless [and] The Nurse He Shouldn't Notice (tekijä: Lucy Clark, Carlisle, Susan) 7 kappaletta78
Every Boy's Dream Dad [and] Return of the Rebel Surgeon (tekijä: Sue MacKay) 1 kappale79
A Socialite's Christmas Wish [and] Redeeming Dr Riccardi (tekijä: Lucy Clark) 1 kappale83
The Family Who Made Him Whole [and] The Doctor Meets Her Match (tekijä: Jennifer Taylor) 1 kappale84
The Doctor's Lost-and-Found Heart [and] The Man Who Wouldn't Marry (tekijä: Dianne Drake) 1 kappale85
Maybe This Christmas...? [and] A Doctor, a Fling & a Wedding Ring (tekijä: Alison Roberts) 3 kappaletta86
The Brooding Doc's Redemption [and] An Inescapable Temptation (tekijä: Kate Hardy) 1 kappale95
Cinderella of Harley Street [and] You, Me and a Family (tekijä: Anne Fraser) 2 kappaletta102
One Baby Step at a Time [and] P.S. You're a Daddy (tekijä: Meredith Webber) 1 kappale105
Return of the Rebel Doctor [and] One Life Changing Moment (tekijä: Joanna Neil) 1 kappale106
NYC Angels: Making the Surgeon Smile [and] NYC Angels: An Explosive Reunion (tekijä: Lynne Marshall) 1 kappale107
The Secret in His Heart [and] The ER's Newest Dad (tekijä: Caroline Anderson) 1 kappale108
One Night She Would Never Forget [and] When the Cameras Stop Rolling... (tekijä: Amy Andrews) 1 kappale109
Dr Dark and Far-Too Delicious [and] Secrets of a Career Girl (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 2 kappaletta110
The Gift of a Child [and] How to Resist a Heartbreaker (tekijä: Louisa George) 2 kappaletta111
The Maverick Doctor and Miss Prim [and] About That Night... (tekijä: Scarlet Wilson) 2 kappaletta113
Daring to Date Dr Celebrity [and] Resisting the New Doc in Town (tekijä: Emily Forbes) 1 kappale115
A Child to Heal Their Hearts [and] Safe in His Hands (tekijä: Dianne Drake) 3 kappaletta118
The Secret Between Them [and] Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc (tekijä: Lucy Clark) 1 kappale121
Gold Coast Angels: Bundle of Trouble [and] How to Resist Temptation (tekijä: Fiona Lowe) 1 kappale122
From Duty to Daddy [and] Changed by His Son's Smile (tekijä: Sue MacKay) 1 kappale129
Mr Right All Along [and] Her Miracle Twins (tekijä: Jennifer Taylor) 1 kappale130
The Honourable Army Doc [and] A Doctor to Remember (tekijä: Emily Forbes) 5 kappaletta132
Melting the Ice Queen's Heart [and] Resisting Her Ex's Touch (tekijä: Amy Ruttan) 1 kappale133
To Play with Fire [and] The Dangers of Dating Dr. Carvalho (tekijä: Tina Beckett) 1 kappale135
Uncovering Her Secrets [and] Unlocking the Doctor's Heart (tekijä: Amalie Berlin) 1 kappale136
A Mother's Secret [and] Return of Dr Maguire (tekijä: Scarlet Wilson) 2 kappaletta141
The Shameless Maverick [and] The Tortured Hero (tekijä: Louisa George) 1 kappale146
A Home for the Hot-Shot Doc [and] A Doctor's Confession (tekijä: Dianne Drake) 1 kappale147
A Baby on Her Christmas List [and] A Family This Christmas (tekijä: Louisa George) 1 kappale160
A Baby to Heal Their Hearts [and] The Surgeon's Baby Secret (tekijä: Kate Hardy) 1 kappale166
Baby Twins to Bind Them [and] The Firefighter to Heal Her Heart (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 2 kappaletta167
Midwife...to Mum! [and] His Best Friend's Baby (tekijä: Sue MacKay) 4 kappaletta176
Italian Surgeon to the Stars [and] Her Greek Doctor's Proposal (tekijä: Melanie Milburne) 2 kappaletta177
Unlocking Her Surgeon's Heart [and] Her Playboy's Secret 4 kappaletta179
Hot Doc from Her Past [and] Surgeons, Rivals...Lovers (tekijä: Tina Beckett) 2 kappaletta182
Winter Wedding in Vegas [and] One Night Before Christmas (tekijä: Janice Lynn) 1 kappale192
Playboy Doc's Mistletoe Kiss [and] Her Doctor's Christmas Proposal (tekijä: Tina Beckett) 2 kappaletta194
Waking Up to Dr Gorgeous [and] Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger (tekijä: Emily Forbes) 1 kappale222

Collections and Selections

Hired: GP and Wife [and] The Playboy Doctor's Surprise Proposal (tekijä: Judy Campbell) 0 kappaletta4
Playboy Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad [and] One Summer in Santa Fe (tekijä: Janice Lynn) 1 kappale14
The Surgeon's Miracle [and] Dr. Di Angelo's Baby Bombshell (tekijä: Caroline Anderson) 0 kappaletta19
Knight on the Children's Ward [and] Children's Doctor, Shy Nurse (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 0 kappaletta22
Her Brooding Italian Surgeon [and] A Father for Baby Rose (tekijä: Fiona Lowe) 0 kappaletta24
The Baby Gift (Wishing for a Miracle / The Marry-Me Wish) (tekijä: Alison Roberts) 0 kappaletta25
Playboy Under the Mistletoe [and] Officer, Surgeon...Gentleman! (tekijä: Joanna Neil) 1 kappale29
Christmas in Bluebell Cove [and] The Village Nurse's Happy-Ever-After… (tekijä: Abigail Gordon) 1 kappale31
The Wedding of the Year [and] Rescuing Pregnant Cinderella (tekijä: Caroline Anderson) 1 kappale32
A Christmas Knight [and] The Nurse Who Saved Christmas (tekijä: Kate Hardy) 0 kappaletta33
Sheikh, Children's Doctor...Husband [and] Six-Week Marriage Miracle (tekijä: Meredith Webber) 1 kappale34
Rescued by the Dreamy Doc [and] Navy Officer to Family Man (tekijä: Amy Andrews) 1 kappale35
Cedar Bluff's Most Eligible Bachelor [and] Doctor: Diamond in the Rough (tekijä: Laura Iding) 1 kappale36
Becoming Dr Bellini's Bride [and] Midwife, Mother...Italian's Wife (tekijä: Joanna Neil) 2 kappaletta37
The Taming of Dr. Alex Draycott [and] The Man Behind the Badge (tekijä: Joanna Neil) 1 kappale43
Cort Mason—Dr. Delectable [and] Survival Guide to Dating Your Boss (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 0 kappaletta50
Return of the Maverick [and] It Started with a Pregnancy (tekijä: Sue MacKay) 0 kappaletta51
Sydney Harbour Hospital: Lily's Scandal [and] Sydney Harbour Hospital: Zoe's Baby (tekijä: Alison Roberts) 0 kappaletta60
Falling for the Sheikh She Shouldn't [and] Dr Cinderella's Midnight Fling (tekijä: Fiona McArthur) 1 kappale62
Brought Together by Baby [and] One Month to Become a Mum (tekijä: Margaret McDonagh) 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu63
Sydney Harbor Hospital: Luca's Bad Girl [and] The Firebrand Who Unlocked His Heart (tekijä: Amy Andrews) 1 kappale64
Doctor on Her Doorstep [and] Sydney Harbor Hospital: Tom's Redemption (tekijä: Fiona Lowe) 1 kappale67
Sydney Harbour Hospital: Ava's Re-Awakening [and] How to Mend a Broken Heart (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 1 kappale77
Once a Playboy... [and] Challenging the Nurse's Rules (tekijä: Kate Hardy) 0 kappaletta81
Craving Her Soldier's Touch [and] Secrets of a Shy Socialite (tekijä: Wendy S. Marcus) 0 kappaletta93
NYC Angels: Redeeming the Playboy [and] Heiress's Baby Scandal (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 1 kappale98
NYC Angels: Unmasking Dr. Serious [and] The Wallflower's Secret (tekijä: Laura Iding) 1 kappale101
NYC Angels: Flirting With Danger [and] Tempting Nurse Scarlet (tekijä: Tina Beckett) 1 kappale104
Her Hard to Resist Husband [and] The Rebel Doc Who Stole Her Heart (tekijä: Tina Beckett) 1 kappale128
Tempted by Dr Morales [and] The Accidental Romeo (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 0 kappaletta131
A Kiss to Melt Her Heart [and] Tempted by Her Italian Surgeon (tekijä: Emily Forbes) 0 kappaletta174
Their Secret Royal Baby [and] Her Hot Highland Doc (tekijä: Carol Marinelli) 0 kappaletta237