Kustantajan sarjaThe James Dickey Contemporary Poetry Series

All Clear: Poems by Robert Hahn (tekijä: Robert Hahn) 1 kappale
Drowned Lands (tekijä: Paul Kane) 3 kappaletta
From the Bones Out (tekijä: Marisa de los Santos) 21 kappaletta
Green (tekijä: Sidney Wade) 4 kappaletta
Growing Back: Poems 1972-1992 (tekijä: Rika Lesser) 1 kappale
Hours of the Cardinal: Poems (tekijä: Richard Lyons) 5 kappaletta
The Land of Milk and Honey (tekijä: Sarah Getty) 2 kappaletta
Lilac Cigarette in a Wish Cathedral (tekijä: Robin Magowan) 4 kappaletta
Portrait in a Spoon (tekijä: James Cummins) 2 kappaletta
Ripper! (tekijä: Carl Jay Buchanan) 6 kappaletta
Taxi to the Flame: Poems (tekijä: Vickie Karp) 3 kappaletta
United Artists: Poems (tekijä: S. X. Rosenstock) 1 kappale
Without a Witness (tekijä: Stella Johnson) 1 kappale

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englanti: James Dickey Contemporary Poetry Series


20th century(2) 21st century(1) AgeGroup_Adult(1) all informed by a singular voice and an intensely vibrant language. The volume is set primarily in Istanbul and illuminates physical and metaphysical borders-the edges(1) almost erotic sense. The landscape of these poems ranges from the shores of the Orient to include a uniquely metaphysical American Midwest(1) American(1) American literature(3) and the body. Her subjects extend from the baroque image of Byzantine artifacts to the semiotic resonance of a pair of steeply angled spike-heeled pumps. The book begins in bliss and ends on the brink(1) and the more intimate geographies of the kitchen(1) as well as the classical underworld(1) Barnhouse(1) bewildered heart.(1) Civitella Library(1) contemporary poetry(1) culture and conquest is alluring in a physical(1) Delaware Book Festival(2) Donated by Mark Strand(1) Empty sleeves(1) English language(1) ethnic(1) Europe and Asia; of the broader Western and Eastern cultures and the civilizations that inhabit them. The compelling intricacy of the tangled borders of history and myth(1) everywhere(1) in a journey that charts the intricacies of the all-too-human(1) in architectural form(1) in the present; of two continents(1) In this new collection of poetry(1) literature(1) love(1) of water and land; of vanished empires left standing(1) own(1) Pastoral(1) Philippines(1) poetry(20) poetry box 2(1) Poetry Signed(1) read 2000s(1) recognizable territory to readers of Wade's first collection(1) Removed(1) Romanesque basilicas in Rome(1) sestina(1) Sidney Wade includes poems written in many forms that touch on a variety of subjects(1) signed(3) Texas(1) The Bed(1) the cupboard(1) the often rocky terrain of the territory of marriage(1) to-read(3) urban(1) usa(1) Virginia(1)