SarjatProblems in European Civilization

99 Teokset Suosituimmuussija 5,261 (1,384 Jäseniä) 2,472 Kirjat 10 Kirja-arvosteluja 3.5
The "new imperialism"; analysis of late nineteenth-century expansion by Harrison M. Wright 65 kappaletta1976
The "scramble" for Africa; causes and dimensions of empire by Raymond F. Betts 17 kappaletta1966
1848, a turning point? by Melvin Kranzberg 34 kappaletta1959
1940: The Fall of France by Samuel M. Osgood 12 kappaletta1965
Advent of Civilization by Wayne Bledsoe 1 kappale1967
Alexander the Great: Ancient and Modern Perspectives by Joseph Roisman 23 kappaletta1995
The Anglo-Boer War: Why was it fought? Who was responsible? by Theodore C. Caldwell 6 kappaletta1965
Athenian Democracy & Imperialism by Loren J. Samons 19 kappaletta1998
The Austrian Empire, Abortive Federation? by Nancy M. Gordon 3 kappaletta1974
The Black Death by Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt 16 kappaletta2005
British Appeasement and the Origins of World War II by R. J. Q. Adams 11 kappaletta1994
The British in India: Imperialism or Trusteeship? (Problems in European Civilization Series) by Martin Deming Lewis 14 kappaletta1962
Calvin and Calvinism: sources of democracy? by Robert M. Kingdon 15 kappaletta1970
The character of Philip II: the problem of moral judgments in history by John C. Rule 15 kappaletta1963
The cold war: ideological conflict or power struggle? by Norman A. Graebner 29 kappaletta1963
The Collapse of The British Liberal Party by J. A. Thompson 2 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu1969
The coronation of Charlemagne: what did it signify? by Richard Eugene Sullivan 26 kappaletta1959
The creation of the Weimar Republic; stillborn democracy? by Richard N. Hunt 9 kappaletta1969
The Crusades, motives and achievements by James A. Brundage 22 kappaletta1964
Darwin and Darwinism: Revolutionary Insights concerning Man, Nature, Religion, and Society by Harold Y. Vanderpool 9 kappaletta1973
The Dreyfus affair; tragedy of errors? by Leslie Derfler 13 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu1963
Early English Parliaments (Problems in European Civilization) by Gerald P. Bodet 5 kappaletta
Early English Parliaments, High Courts, Royal Councils, or Representative Asssemblies? by Gerald P. Bodet 1 kappale1967
The economic origins of the French revolution: poverty or prosperity? by Ralph W. Greenlaw 35 kappaletta1958
The eighteenth-century revolution: French or Western? by Peter H. Amann 22 kappaletta1963
Elizabeth I, Queen of England by Richard L. Greaves 9 kappaletta1974
The End of the European Empire: Decolonization After World War II by Tony Smith 15 kappaletta1975
The End of the Roman Empire: Decline or Transformation? by Donald Kagan 91 kappaletta1978
English liberalism and the state : individualism or collectivism? by Harold John Schultz 2 kappaletta
The Enlightenment by Dena Goodman 11 kappaletta2004
The Ethiopian Crisis, Touchstone of Appeasement? by Ludwig Frederick Schaefer 6 kappaletta1961
European Imperialism: 1830 to 1930 by Alice L. Conklin 40 kappaletta1999
The Expansion Of Europe: Motives, Methods, and Meanings by De Lamar Jensen 5 kappaletta1967
A free church in a free state? The Catholic Church, Italy, Germany, France, 1864-1914 by Ernst Christian Helmreich 9 kappaletta1964
The French wars of religion by J. H. M. Salmon 11 kappaletta1967
From Nuremberg to My Lai (College) by Jay W. Baird 10 kappaletta1972
George III, tyrant or constitutional monarch? by E. A. Reitan 9 kappaletta1964
The great Reform bill of 1832; liberal or conservative? by Gilbert A. Cahill 3 kappaletta1969
The greatness of Louis XIV: myth or reality? by William Farr Church 34 kappaletta1972
The Gregorian epoch: reformation, revolution, reaction? by Schafer Williams 22 kappaletta1964
The Holocaust: Problems & Perspective of Interpretation by Donald L. Niewyk 159 kappaletta1992
The Holy Roman Empire in the Middle Ages; universal state or German catastrophe? by Robert Edwin Herzstein 13 kappaletta1966
Humanism and the Renaissance by Zachary S. Schiffman 22 kappaletta2002
Imperial Russia after 1861; peaceful modernization or revolution? by Arthur E. Adams 14 kappaletta1965
The Industrial Revolution by Steven M. Beaudoin 14 kappaletta2003
The Industrial Revolution in Britain: Triumph or Disaster? by Philip A. M. Taylor 42 kappaletta1970
The influence of the enlightenment on the French Revolution: creative, disastrous, or non-existent? by William Farr Church 36 kappaletta1964
Innocent III: Vicar of Christ or Lord of the World? by James M. Powell 36 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu1963
The Legacy of the Great War: Peacemaking 1919 by William Keylor 16 kappaletta1998
Lenin: dedicated Marxist, or, revolutionary pragmatist? by Stanley W. Page 8 kappaletta1970
The Long Reformation by Jeffrey Watt 8 kappaletta2006
Machiavelli: Cynic, Patriot, or Political Scientist? by De Lamar Jensen 15 kappaletta1960
Mercantilism: System Or Expediency? by Walter E. Minchinton 8 kappaletta1969
Metternich, the 'Coachman of Europe': Stateman or Evil Genius? by Henry Frederick Schwarz 12 kappaletta1962
Monotheism and Moses: The Genesis of Judaism by Robert J. Christen 9 kappaletta1969
Munich: Blunder, Plot, Or Tragic Necessity? by dwight lee 6 kappaletta1970
Napoleon III--buffoon, modern dictator, or sphinx? by Samuel M. Osgood 17 kappaletta1963
Napoleon, Historical Enigma by David H. Pinkney 9 kappaletta1969
The National Idea in Eastern Europe: The Politics of Ethnic & Civic Community by Gerasimos Augustinos 9 kappaletta1996
The Nazi revolution: Germany's guilt or Germany's fate? by John L. Snell 39 kappaletta
The Nazi Revolution: Hitler's Dictatorship and the German Nation by Allan Mitchell 84 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua1973
The new monarchies and representative assemblies; medieval constitutionalism or modern absolutism? by Arthur Joseph Slavin 13 kappaletta1964
Oliver Cromwell and the Puritan revolt; failure of a man or a faith? by Richard E. Boyer 8 kappaletta1966
The Origins of the Crimean War by Brison D. Gooch 7 kappaletta1969
The origins of the English Civil War: conspiracy, crusade, or class conflict? by Philip A. M. Taylor 46 kappaletta1960
Otto Von Bismarck and Imperial Germany: A Historical Assessment by Theodore S. Hamerow 47 kappaletta1972
The Outbreak of the Second World War: Design or Blunder? (Problems in European Civilization) by John L. Snell 19 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu1962
The Outbreak Of World War I by Dwight Erwin Lee 137 kappaletta1958
Peter the Great Transforms Russia (Problems in European Civilization) by James Cracraft 77 kappaletta1963
The Pirenne thesis : analysis, criticism and revision by Alfred F. Havinghurst 1 kappale
The Pirenne thesis; analysis, criticism, and revision by Alfred F. Havighurst 63 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu1969
Place of the French Revolution in History by Marvin Cox 10 kappaletta1998
Problems in European Civilization: Henry VIII & the English Reformation by Arthur J Slavin 8 kappaletta1968
Protestantism and capitalism; the Weber thesis and its critics by Robert W. Green 74 kappaletta1959
Reformation and authority; the meaning of the Peasants' Revolt by Kyle C. Sessions 12 kappaletta1968
The Reformation: Basic Interpretations by Lewis William Spitz 104 kappaletta1972
The Reformation: material or spiritual? by Lewis William Spitz 48 kappaletta1962
The Renaissance: medieval or modern? by Karl H. Dannenfeldt 53 kappaletta1959
The Revolution of 1688 and the Birth of the English Political Nation by Gerald M. Straka 44 kappaletta1963
The rise of modern science; external or internal factors? by George Basalla 12 kappaletta1968
Rise of Rome: How to Explain it by David Hood 6 kappaletta1970
Romanticism by John Burt Halsted 20 kappaletta1965
The Russian Revolution and Bolshevik victory, why and how? by Arthur E. Adams 82 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu1972
The Scientific Revolution by Lisa Sarasohn 16 kappaletta2006
Social Origins of the French Revolution by Ralph W. Greenlaw 13 kappaletta1975
Soviet Communism from Reform to Collapse by Robert V. Daniels 13 kappaletta1995
The Spanish Civil War: domestic crisis or international conspiracy? by Gabriel Jackson 11 kappaletta1967
The Stalin Revolution: Foundations of the Totalitarian Era by Robert Vincent Daniels 72 kappaletta1965
The Thirty Years' War by Theodore K. Rabb 32 kappaletta1964
Tiberius Gracchus: Destroyer or Reformer of the Republic? by John M. Riddle 6 kappaletta1970
Totalitarianism; temporary madness or permanent danger? by Paul T. Mason 9 kappaletta1967
Town origins; the evidence from medieval England by John F. Benton 16 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu1968
The Urbanization of European Society in the Nineteenth Century by Andrew Lees 6 kappaletta1976
The Versailles settlement--was it foredoomed to failure? by Ivo J. Lederer 33 kappaletta1960
Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe (Problems in European Civilization) by Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks 10 kappaletta2007
The Working Class in Modern Europe by Mary L. McDougall 7 kappaletta1975
World War II: Roots and Causes by Keith Eubank 43 kappaletta1975
The youth revolution: The conflict of generations in modern history by Anthony Esler 3 kappaletta1974
The Zionist Movement in Palestine and World Politics, 1880-1918 by Norman Gordon Levin 10 kappaletta1974


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