Books in 2025: The Future of the Book World

Tästä ryhmästä on virallisesti tullut uinuva. Sitä sattuu... Jos haluat virvoittaa tämän ryhmän tai luoda samanaiheisen uuden ryhmän, katso tätä sivua.

Check out the blog post announcing the group.

Some questions:

  • How will ebooks change reading? Has it changed your reading?
  • How fast will ebooks rise, and how high will they go? Is the paper book dead?
  • Where is social reading going? What's core and what's fad?
  • Will sites like LibraryThing continue to exist, or will ereaders leverage their advantages to make book discussion a platform-dependent activity?
  • Will libraries contract or prosper in an ebook world? What can they do to make sure things turn out right?
  • How will ebooks change the world for publishers?
  • Will writers see increased opportunities--or be decimated by piracy? How will ebooks change literature?
  • Are physical bookstores doomed?
  • What about the rest of the book world--small and informal libraries, agents, rare books, small presses, book reviewers, etc.?
  • Amazon, B&N, Apple... How many will win, and how will they evolve?

Group image by Javier Candeira, released under CC-Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (see on Flickr).

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