Hobnob with Authors

This is a group for readers and authors to connect.

DO introduce yourself in the Author Introduction Thread, and then please sit down and chat. Join the on-going discussions (they'll offer you plenty of opportunities to talk about your writing). Once we feel that we know you, then we're more likely to be interested in taking a look at your books.
DO NOT start a thread about your book.

Although book promotion posts are not allowed elsewhere on LT, they are allowed in this group. Please post them only in the appropriate subject threads linked to below:
Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
Romance Books
Mystery, Thriller and Suspense
Young Adult and Children's
All Other Fiction
Author Special Promotions
When you post a book promotion or special offer, please let the readers know if free copies are available in return for reviews.

DO introduce yourself in the Reader Introduction Thread, and then join in the discussions. Ask questions. Get to know the authors. Offer to review books (you'll have to give the author your email or mailing address).
DO NOT let the authors do all the talking. It's bad for them. :)

OTHER THREADS that may be of interest:
The Hobnob Author Index
Free Stories by Hobnob Authors
Authors what are you working on?
List of Books by Hobnob Authors (2020 Edition)

See more about how to use LibraryThing if you're an author or publisher, without running into the "no promoting" sections of the site.

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