Hacking LibraryThing

Hacking LibraryThing is a place to share and talk about use of various plugins and techniques to modify and customize the LibraryThing experience. Want a place to post a snippet of your Greasemonkey script that replaces all images of users with timspalding's smiling face? Post it here. Got something that solves that annoying Touchstone bug where it never expands? Start a conversation about it here.

Most hacks consist of Greasemonkey scripts, but there are some Stylish addons for doing less complex restyling. These scripts can be used with browser addons for Firefox and Chrome. To a lesser extent they may also work with other browsers like Opera and Safari or on mobile devices. Internet Explorer is generally a non-starter for such modifications. It's also usually best to have an up-to-date version of the browser as hacks may not work on older browsers.

Help links:

How to install a script in Chrome

List of scripts and styles.

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Python script to import JSON book data using Selenium7 lukematonta / 7ltji_test, maaliskuu 20
Script to copy a book to a manual entry83 lukematonta / 83Opteryx, lokakuu 2020
Outliers3 lukematonta / 3bnielsen, lokakuu 2020
Where's brightcopy when you need him?3 lukematonta / 3Crypto-Willobie, lokakuu 2020
Using the API to add books11 lukematonta / 11divinenanny, elokuu 2020
In the thingAuth API, what is the AUTHORIZATION URL HASH?1 lukematon / 1halloleo, maaliskuu 2020
Fun stuff: Do any of your tags imply others?6 lukematonta / 6bnielsen, kesäkuu 2019
Amazon bookmarklet20 lukematonta / 20Ellen-Key-Schule, huhtikuu 2019
Newbie question: automate changing collection info7 lukematonta / 7divinenanny, maaliskuu 2019
Personal win: I created an automatic - manually add book script18 lukematonta / 18Maddz, marraskuu 2018
find necessary APIs to build iOS workflow for searching my library?3 lukematonta / 3maspotts, helmikuu 2018
RFS: Improvements to LT Series Pages1 lukematon / 1Keeline, joulukuu 2017
Grease Monkey Library Thing Work Editions Grid28 lukematonta / 28Collectorator, marraskuu 2017
Request: Editions for the new search1 lukematon / 1Collectorator, kesäkuu 2017
Bringing back the blue!12 lukematonta / 12Tid, helmikuu 2017
GM script: custom author roles21 lukematonta / 21Keeline, tammikuu 2017
LibraryThing Hack Projects - sound off!81 lukematonta / 81aethercowboy, elokuu 2016
Members covers on Author or Series Page2 lukematonta / 2omargosh, heinäkuu 2016
a better work combination workflow16 lukematonta / 16omargosh, toukokuu 2016
Script to make helpers log easier to quickly read7 lukematonta / 7omargosh, toukokuu 2016
shell/gawk script (for prices I stored in Private Comments)1 lukematon / 1omargosh, elokuu 2015
Tweak script for WorldCat lookup code to accommodate new feature: Editions changes?6 lukematonta / 6omargosh, elokuu 2015
"Userscripts.org" seems to be down14 lukematonta / 14jjmcgaffey, elokuu 2015
LT GreaseMonkey scripts no longer accessible from userscripts.org2 lukematonta / 2rosalita, lokakuu 2014
Greasemonkey mostly not working - help?9 lukematonta / 9Collectorator, elokuu 2014
LibraryThing Random Title | Google Chrome Extension1 lukematon / 1cblupo, toukokuu 2014
Work Editions Grid5 lukematonta / 5Collectorator, toukokuu 2014
request for feedback/poking/prodding19 lukematonta / 19omargosh, maaliskuu 2014
Adding books from iPhone using a barcode scanner20 lukematonta / 20jjmcgaffey, helmikuu 2014
GM script for Combiners: More "editions" links12 lukematonta / 12JerryMmm, kesäkuu 2013
LT Cover Navigation - A Total Conversion33 lukematonta / 33SylviaC, kesäkuu 2013
General purpose "How do I use this?" topic18 lukematonta / 18aleng, huhtikuu 2013
HOWTO: Remove native scripts from Chrome1 lukematon / 1brightcopy, huhtikuu 2013
HOWTO: Install a script in Chrome1 lukematon / 1brightcopy, huhtikuu 2013
Floating navigation bar12 lukematonta / 12Keeline, huhtikuu 2013
LT Auto Link Replies19 lukematonta / 19brightcopy, huhtikuu 2013
LT Sort Author Works32 lukematonta / 32brightcopy, huhtikuu 2013
Hacking on Android1 lukematon / 1brightcopy, maaliskuu 2013
Group updates1 lukematon / 1brightcopy, maaliskuu 2013
Hacking LibraryThing Wiki Library6 lukematonta / 6JonathanGorman, helmikuu 2013
LibraryThing Group Links on Talk Page13 lukematonta / 13rosalita, tammikuu 2013
Kill Codes5 lukematonta / 5jjwilson61, tammikuu 2013
Always Show Collections in Add Books (Stylish Script)3 lukematonta / 3SylviaC, toukokuu 2012
LT Ratings Details Script5 lukematonta / 5Louve_de_mer, maaliskuu 2012
One-click adding generic editions of works?12 lukematonta / 12justjim, helmikuu 2012
LibraryThing List Checkmarks to Left - Stylish Script2 lukematonta / 2justjim, tammikuu 2012
Greasemonkeyskripts and Safari8 lukematonta / 8birder4106, tammikuu 2012
request: "add to library" and "add to wishlist" buttons that use ISBN7 lukematonta / 7rsterling, tammikuu 2012
idea for FF plugin: add to LT box/icon5 lukematonta / 5legallypuzzled, tammikuu 2012
Firefox Search Plugin7 lukematonta / 7rsterling, elokuu 2011
Bookmarklet to move Publisher Series next to Series1 lukematon / 1brightcopy, kesäkuu 2011
LT Read Helper20 lukematonta / 20leahbird, toukokuu 2011
Greasemonkey scripts in Chrome via Tampermonkey1 lukematon / 1brightcopy, huhtikuu 2011
ISBN search plugin2 lukematonta / 2DaynaRT, huhtikuu 2011
Quick add bookmarklet for LibraryThing2 lukematonta / 2Keeline, maaliskuu 2011
Request: Re-order 'Your world' on Talk pages.1 lukematon / 1justjim, lokakuu 2010
Request: Recently added on Profile page7 lukematonta / 7brightcopy, lokakuu 2010
re. Adding books from iPhone using a barcode scanner1 lukematon / 1laserone, heinäkuu 2010
Configuration scripts2 lukematonta / 2JonathanGorman, maaliskuu 2010
Auto-update of scripts1 lukematon / 1brightcopy, maaliskuu 2010
Stylish add-on (oh, and Hi!)5 lukematonta / 5brightcopy, maaliskuu 2010
Request for script - highlight low-res cover images4 lukematonta / 4brightcopy, maaliskuu 2010
Request for Script - User defined Alt Text7 lukematonta / 7EveleenM, maaliskuu 2010
Anyone used any non-firefox greasemonkey?3 lukematonta / 3brightcopy, helmikuu 2010
A scriptmonkey by another name2 lukematonta / 2Collectorator, tammikuu 2010
Good idea to give LT a kill switch on our greasemonkey scripts?9 lukematonta / 9brightcopy, tammikuu 2010
Support other languages than English4 lukematonta / 4brightcopy, tammikuu 2010
How to set your icon with LibraryThing MyIcon17 lukematonta / 17aethercowboy, tammikuu 2010
LibraryThing Employee Highlighter (updates, comments, requests, etc.)2 lukematonta / 2brightcopy, tammikuu 2010
Hi1 lukematon / 1Collectorator, tammikuu 2010
Fixing Touchstones so they show a link to the work1 lukematon / 1JonathanGorman, tammikuu 2010
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