The Europe Endless Challenge

Reading your way through all countries in Europe!

Inspired by lindapanzo's Fifty States Challenge. This is a group for readers (from anywhere in the world) who want to read a work of non-fiction about, or a work of fiction set in each European country. Or both, if you want.

The rules (again, ripped off from the Fifty State Challenge):

1. read a work of fiction set (at least partially) in each country or a nonfiction book about each country;
2. books can be read in any order;
3. there is no time deadline, though you can set your own personal deadline if you'd like;
4. you can count books you've read starting in 2009 (but, if you'd rather, you can count books you've read in earlier years); and
5. have fun.

Hope to have a lot of you wanting to join in! Please feel free to start your own threads!

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