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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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PinnedPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!48 lukematonta / 48ontograph, tammikuu 6
PinnedGeneral help and topic title change requests13 lukematonta / 13amanda4242, maanantai 12:19pm
PinnedAnnouncements53 lukematonta / 53jimmr, maaliskuu 7
PinnedTips for Finding Requested Books18 lukematonta / 18Bargle5, toukokuu 17
Hermaphrodite & make time traveler3 lukematonta / 3Cecrow, Tänään 12:10am
Fantasy two grumpy men and castle2 lukematonta / 2jollyavis, Eilen 11:26pm
Interracial relationship + fantasy book1 lukematon / 1ellaaaa, Eilen 9:09pm
Sci-Fi People vs Computers2 lukematonta / 2pjfarm, Eilen 9:03pm
Seventh child5 lukematonta / 5Teji2, Eilen 6:26pm
Thriller, mailman and lost packages, Adults book1 lukematon / 1Im_a_reader, Eilen 6:03pm
Lady moves to island after breakup, legend of lady whose husband left after she had no baby, Cornish female author2 lukematonta / 2leennnadine, Eilen 4:13pm
MM Fantasy, prince finds island for help3 lukematonta / 3eggshausted, Eilen 3:26pm
Fiction. Psychic Children. Experiments.2 lukematonta / 2eggshausted, Eilen 3:06pm
YA Medieval Chapter-Book3 lukematonta / 3eggshausted, Eilen 2:55pm
Picture Book about a girl with a stuffed animal3 lukematonta / 3eggshausted, Eilen 2:49pm
Children's fiction, talking cat loses voice1 lukematon / 1eggshausted, Eilen 1:04pm
Boy learns tunnels by touch12 lukematonta / 12bookel, Eilen 9:23am
fantasy, no record of a boy's existence, goes back in time with a girl1 lukematon / 1zxcvbhytrfdx, perjantai 2:13pm
Cookbook, possibly Indian inspired, anecdotes go with recipes2 lukematonta / 2lesmel, perjantai 1:03pm
Historical Romance novel1 lukematon / 1AAA-1, perjantai 8:53am
A historical romance set in England and Scotland(I think)4 lukematonta / 4AAA-1, perjantai 8:40am
Book with both hero and heroine being single parents5 lukematonta / 5AAA-1, perjantai 8:39am
homeless women, falls for rich boss, he helps at soup kitchen4 lukematonta / 4AAA-1, perjantai 8:38am
Historical Romance-Wild West9 lukematonta / 9AAA-1, perjantai 8:35am
Romance/Mystery(?)4 lukematonta / 4AAA-1, perjantai 8:34am
YA Romance / guy was kidnapped as kid and girl work as stripper9 lukematonta / 9AAA-1, perjantai 8:32am
A Book I Found Years Ago When I Worked As A Detention Officer1 lukematon / 1HexCleric, perjantai 12:17am
Found: mindbendy diamond caper novel in french beach town10 lukematonta / 10nshapshap, torstai 10:00pm
YA mystery island treasure2 lukematonta / 2bookel, torstai 6:22pm
YA Shifter Fated Mate2 lukematonta / 2beesocks, torstai 4:46pm
Fantasy book with magic jewel1 lukematon / 1Jkete, torstai 6:29am
Highlander romance2 lukematonta / 2leennnadine, torstai 3:03am
(Romance) A set up by dead parents romance2 lukematonta / 2oyin1, torstai 2:19am
Irish romance fiction similar to circle of friends2 lukematonta / 2oyin1, torstai 2:19am
Mystery/Thriller2 lukematonta / 2MissSquish, keskiviikko 10:17pm
Found: Dragon Shifters/Other Shifters series5 lukematonta / 5lowelibrary, keskiviikko 6:33pm
Found: YA? Girl moves to Norway, kidnaps baby??4 lukematonta / 4vorkosigan, keskiviikko 5:14pm
Found: African American Romance Novel3 lukematonta / 3Booda1ao, keskiviikko 1:03pm
Found: YA Fiction Read in 1987 Girl Lives in Woods Makes Liniments and Poultices4 lukematonta / 4welt-kids, keskiviikko 12:22pm
Found: Romance book. Read one or two years ago on my kindle. Book about a girl who run in her sleep. Her coach finds out and tr4 lukematonta / 4vorkosigan, keskiviikko 5:57am
Girl and boy search for treasure, pre-1981 kids book13 lukematonta / 13humouress, keskiviikko 5:43am
Teen/YA book from 70's or 80's; general fiction or family drama2 lukematonta / 2murderbydeath, keskiviikko 12:06am
Cozy Mystery2 lukematonta / 2lib.rare.ian, tiistai 7:46pm
Cozy mystery series with widow protagonist2 lukematonta / 2lib.rare.ian, tiistai 7:41pm
Found: Help! Children book naughty boy underwater..6 lukematonta / 6masaNASA, tiistai 6:49pm
Historical Fic - a girl in dynasty era china2 lukematonta / 2Caramellunacy, tiistai 3:02pm
Found: Book that has Gypsy and King6 lukematonta / 6juels, tiistai 2:50pm
Adult (steamy) paranormal/supernatural book1 lukematon / 1bennett20, tiistai 10:07am
Serial Killer fiction3 lukematonta / 3pauladeane, tiistai 9:57am
Married couple OW works with husband2 lukematonta / 2humouress, maanantai 8:32pm
Married couple no cheating. OW works with husband2 lukematonta / 2humouress, maanantai 8:31pm
Ex Spy who takes in teenage girl3 lukematonta / 3scarlett2418, maanantai 5:44pm
Historical Adult romance - a mad lord & the woman who saves him2 lukematonta / 2Ankiamj, maanantai 9:52am
How-to book on butchering deer from the 90s3 lukematonta / 3Dauphine27, maanantai 8:35am
Irish fiction story of love and maybe murder1 lukematon / 1HammyG, sunnuntai 9:58pm
Christian Picturebook Series about Sentient Fruit in a Garden1 lukematon / 1DestDest, sunnuntai 4:09pm
Blundering male angel's first job, matchmaker1 lukematon / 1Stardusty, sunnuntai 3:14pm
YA? Girl discovers she has powers after saving someone in a car crash3 lukematonta / 3RosetheReader, sunnuntai 10:17am
Found: YA/Teen series, female protag, modern, turns into birds3 lukematonta / 3MissSquish, toukokuu 20
Highschool reunion / bdsm1 lukematon / 1moonlight., toukokuu 20
American YA book, 1980s, Cal/Cameron runner brother down syndrome1 lukematon / 1JohannaAA, toukokuu 20
Tragic (love)story, main characters sister is SA'd and killed, main character falls in love, gets pregnant, her man dies1 lukematon / 1lighsa, toukokuu 20
Found: Dark cover with kids faces. 80s/90s middle grade?7 lukematonta / 7bookel, toukokuu 19
Found: Mid 2000s Mystery - boy (in Australia?) gets mysterious pen pal letters from girl who puts off meeting him4 lukematonta / 4vorkosigan, toukokuu 19
Novel set before 1960's2 lukematonta / 2RainbowLion, toukokuu 19
Found: YA kids on islands wake up, parents disappeared3 lukematonta / 3Petroglyph, toukokuu 19
Woman finds she's been living under false identity2 lukematonta / 2juels, toukokuu 19
Found: Adult psychological thriller4 lukematonta / 4juels, toukokuu 19
Need help2 lukematonta / 2lilithcat, toukokuu 19
Found: I think this novel is about 10 years old5 lukematonta / 5MMBelle, toukokuu 19
decision with no good options1 lukematon / 1arthurm10, toukokuu 19
Found: YA fiction forgotten boy and girl doesn't forget5 lukematonta / 5leennnadine, toukokuu 19
Abusive Ex- Hurts sister, kills bro and best friend1 lukematon / 1Danielle.Kinnan, toukokuu 18
Found: Children Abandoned at Grandmother's house3 lukematonta / 3BananaChips, toukokuu 18
Found: Boy goes to underground world, finds out he has fake parents and sister, sister sings "you are my sunshine" at the end3 lukematonta / 3BPNguinSoY, toukokuu 18
fantasy book where madnessis is the magic2 lukematonta / 2darkfirewizard, toukokuu 18
Book about dragons with purple cover and smaller ones4 lukematonta / 4Heath_B, toukokuu 18
Old book maybe from 80s or 90s1 lukematon / 1Dee86, toukokuu 18
Found: Picture book, family plants large walled urban garden8 lukematonta / 8saskia17, toukokuu 18
Historical Romance - Tub scene5 lukematonta / 5jdawg207, toukokuu 18
Help Finding Fiction Early 1900s Immigrant Photographer Book5 lukematonta / 5jdawg207, toukokuu 18
Medieval fantasy book3 lukematonta / 3vorkosigan, toukokuu 18
First Night Romance1 lukematon / 1SRW82, toukokuu 17
Children’s book- Girl turns house into ‘garden’ ??3 lukematonta / 3MissSquish, toukokuu 17
Found: Children's book series, each book on a different forest creature6 lukematonta / 6ImShaunie, toukokuu 17
Found: Wolf-dog or dog enemies with black wolf who killed dog's mother and siblings5 lukematonta / 5elianat, toukokuu 17
Found: Woman Befriends Frog Short Illustrated (kids book?)6 lukematonta / 6murderbydeath, toukokuu 16
literature3 lukematonta / 3lilithcat, toukokuu 16
Recent thriller about a recent mother, her babies, & a witch2 lukematonta / 2juels, toukokuu 16
Found: Dystopia sci-fi fiction4 lukematonta / 4dukedom_enough, toukokuu 16
Found: YA FICTION GIRLS NAMED AFTER NUMBERS4 lukematonta / 4jdawg207, toukokuu 16
YA fraternal twins and time travel/past life6 lukematonta / 6bookel, toukokuu 16
From early '90s, fiction, grad student who can't sleep kills herself, friend takes over her life1 lukematon / 1AbraCat, toukokuu 15
Fiction, pre-2015, baby kidnapping book, couple new home2 lukematonta / 2juels, toukokuu 15
MAFIA ROMANCE1 lukematon / 1KELLYS2104, toukokuu 15
Romance Novel Detective Quadruplets German Shepherd dog and Woman with Cynophobia2 lukematonta / 2juels, toukokuu 15
Historical Romance2 lukematonta / 2juels, toukokuu 15
Lonely Thistle Children's Fiction Book, Possibly UK Area1 lukematon / 1pberardino, toukokuu 15
Reincarnation Thriller from the 80s1 lukematon / 1nagen, toukokuu 15
Found: Historical Romance Christmas Collection6 lukematonta / 61211rw1993, toukokuu 15
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