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PinnedPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!28 lukematonta / 28the_red_shoes, elokuu 31
PinnedGeneral help and topic title change requests98 lukematonta / 98amanda4242, lokakuu 4
PinnedAnnouncements46 lukematonta / 46humouress, elokuu 15
Boarding School + Time traveling trunk5 lukematonta / 5mclawson, Tänään 9:09am
book title request3 lukematonta / 3DuncanHill, Tänään 8:52am
Water fountain battle1 lukematon / 1NicolaRedmond, Tänään 5:42am
Found: fantasy, M.Lackey prob author, wedding, woman named Velvet5 lukematonta / 5DisassemblyOfReason, Tänään 2:42am
girl finds out she is a mutant and falls in love with brother bf who fights mutants4 lukematonta / 4lara_423, Tänään 1:55am
Ancient Oriental story/3 years chasing flies of prince's cadaver to marry him1 lukematon / 1Radium16, Tänään 1:05am
Book about a teen/kid who gets kidnapped at a halloween party by a caravan. Please help!4 lukematonta / 4MissSquish, Tänään 12:12am
Fantasy short / Magic bookshop you can't find twice66 lukematonta / 66brizzzy, Eilen 11:31pm
Found: Book Series (maybe 5-7) - Earth - humans being selected to replace deities4 lukematonta / 4Dark_Raven, Eilen 9:48pm
Portnoy's Complaint Knockoff19 lukematonta / 19Bargle5, Eilen 9:22pm
Horror Book, Possibly 2, from 70s-80s (Spoiler Ahead)19 lukematonta / 19Bargle5, Eilen 9:22pm
SF Novel by Mostly Mystery Writer30 lukematonta / 30Bargle5, Eilen 9:21pm
Depression Prohibition Era Outlaws24 lukematonta / 24Bargle5, Eilen 9:20pm
Shapeshifting monster girl falls in love with a prince1 lukematon / 1keachachu, Eilen 8:40pm
Lost kid, autism, fiction3 lukematonta / 3Aquila, Eilen 6:24pm
Fiction. Children competing in hard tests3 lukematonta / 3Lady_Librarian84, Eilen 1:37pm
historical romance young ward1 lukematon / 1Chantalina99, Eilen 9:37am
Children’s Halloween Book3 lukematonta / 3brizzzy, Eilen 9:37am
Historical Fiction - set in the Ton/ Divorce Scandal3 lukematonta / 3Bluebelle21, Eilen 7:02am
YA Fantasy: Boy&Uncle travel through time&Space2 lukematonta / 2MissSquish, Eilen 4:58am
Romance Adventure, Emerald hunting, local forest tribe, pursuit by a criminal/ political gang2 lukematonta / 2Ndidi-agu, Eilen 3:01am
novel single mom search for kidnapped son, detective sleep disorder2 lukematonta / 2vorkosigan, Eilen 1:45am
Children's book from the 1990s (or maybe earlier)2 lukematonta / 2NinaVi, Eilen 12:51am
Cat Witch Squirrel Venefica4 lukematonta / 4MissSquish, maanantai 11:27pm
Found: Man, the Bad Weather Animal3 lukematonta / 3TallyDi, maanantai 9:50pm
Supernatural 18+ romance1 lukematon / 1mint2003, maanantai 5:36pm
scuba, sunken submarine wreck, 90's Cold War fiction2 lukematonta / 2WhoNeedsSleep, maanantai 2:50pm
Contemporary Romance, Biker, Insta Love, Cliffhanger1 lukematon / 1ShalanaJohn, maanantai 12:29pm
Historical fiction4 lukematonta / 4rarm, maanantai 12:03pm
Short Story About a Woman Shrinking Until She Vanishes1 lukematon / 1Satrid, maanantai 11:34am
Person's coworker dies and leaves notes3 lukematonta / 3debbiefm, maanantai 11:28am
Famous people cook for random guy.1 lukematon / 1ADWEL, maanantai 9:25am
Found: SciFi captured humans return to Earth via a tree-starship3 lukematonta / 3laramwol, sunnuntai 10:44pm
Found: Romance Fiction2 lukematonta / 2Juniperbear, sunnuntai 9:34pm
Highland romance2 lukematonta / 2renniks, sunnuntai 7:31pm
Historical romance, hero is traumatized, always wear gloves4 lukematonta / 4renniks, sunnuntai 7:18pm
Couple reunited on deathbed, he's blind, set in Asia2 lukematonta / 2JosieJo77, sunnuntai 4:37pm
narrator is youngest of 4 sisters, NYC, early 1900s, novel, simple and sweet2 lukematonta / 2vorkosigan, sunnuntai 3:41pm
Children’s Book2 lukematonta / 2vorkosigan, sunnuntai 3:12pm
Children's book with "Flap"4 lukematonta / 4em.e.keller, sunnuntai 11:28am
Found: 1990’s children’s book about a teddy bear3 lukematonta / 3lee_lee_00, sunnuntai 1:36am
Early 80's Childrens Book about a Girl and her monster in the backyard2 lukematonta / 2vorkosigan, sunnuntai 12:39am
American Revolutionary Writers On Class1 lukematon / 1jeeppoet, lauantai 7:21pm
Urban Supernatural Secretly Fae1 lukematon / 1Commakazi, lauantai 5:26pm
Ya teen thriller1 lukematon / 1ireadbooks., lauantai 3:14pm
1990s Fiction story about twin sisters5 lukematonta / 5Southernsunshine, lauantai 2:43pm
Found: Children's supernatural book4 lukematonta / 4JPetrice, lauantai 12:27pm
Children’s picture book, girl with handmade doll, set in past3 lukematonta / 3gillmom4, lauantai 10:19am
Supernatural New england horror2 lukematonta / 2WeeTurtle, lauantai 4:16am
Fiction Romance - From Abusive Marriage to Professional Athlete to an Escape with New Love1 lukematon / 1KaitlynMcCurdy, perjantai 5:58pm
Children's book/ fantasy and mystery2 lukematonta / 2Aquila, perjantai 3:53pm
adult fiction, male author1 lukematon / 1SaraMacLeod, perjantai 1:48pm
YA Fantasy, Romance, Frozen Kingdom, Prince spirited away, Bear3 lukematonta / 3brizzzy, perjantai 10:15am
Russian Amur Folklore Mystery Ingenious Stories Book2 lukematonta / 2AbigailAdams26, perjantai 9:08am
In search of a half-forgotten book2 lukematonta / 2lilithcat, perjantai 9:01am
Found: Find Scandinavian Children Book4 lukematonta / 4vorkosigan, perjantai 2:14am
Romance book with retired ex mafia, and she washes up at his beach house1 lukematon / 1SSulack22, torstai 11:13pm
Fantasy Fiction//Multi Perspective//Stuck in a cube like world and trying to get out//Military1 lukematon / 1xxqveenjayxx, torstai 11:02pm
Found: Fantasy Boys With Music Magic5 lukematonta / 5M.Huntre, torstai 5:15pm
Found: Realistic Fiction A Utopian Town with Genetically Coded Children3 lukematonta / 3M.Huntre, torstai 5:15pm
Found: YA Girl/Love/Psychiatric Hospital3 lukematonta / 3nicole_r_, torstai 2:23pm
Found: Romance novel about millionaire19 lukematonta / 19amanda4242, torstai 11:43am
What is this book?2 lukematonta / 2lilithcat, torstai 11:03am
Found: YA novel. Kids in florida go scuba diving and discover ancient rave of being and cities5 lukematonta / 5Derek_S_742, torstai 8:47am
80s/90s Children's Fantasy - Trilogy(tbc) - El, Starlight & Talking Animals15 lukematonta / 15AshOakThorn, torstai 3:09am
Contemporary Romance - From Amazon Kindle1 lukematon / 1DivyaSam, torstai 1:56am
Contemporary Romance , forgot the tile of the book which I read in Amazon Kindle1 lukematon / 1DivyaSam, torstai 1:55am
Action/andventure Minecraft(?)1 lukematon / 1VexTurtle, keskiviikko 9:30pm
Looking for a title of a book5 lukematonta / 5katelynlorentz, keskiviikko 7:54pm
Romance3 lukematonta / 3katelynlorentz, keskiviikko 7:43pm
series boy lives in lighthouse, technooogy fight elemental monsters2 lukematonta / 2katelynlorentz, keskiviikko 7:38pm
Historical Romance/ Heroine falls off horse, loses baby and goes into a coma....1 lukematon / 1WiggyM, keskiviikko 6:51pm
Historical Romance (Avon?)1 lukematon / 1WiggyM, keskiviikko 6:39pm
Found: Forget this title of this book please help4 lukematonta / 4dalee461, keskiviikko 6:15pm
Set in Boston1 lukematon / 1CdatCookie, keskiviikko 1:47pm
Found: Girl with dog she named lickins, Childrens book 50-60's?3 lukematonta / 3Tinac814, keskiviikko 1:40pm
Found: Help find title of sci-fi book3 lukematonta / 3miatria, keskiviikko 7:38am
Realistic Fiction Book, Action6 lukematonta / 6ClaytonTyo, keskiviikko 6:41am
Found: Boy helps scared family fiction3 lukematonta / 3AndrewLaVigne, keskiviikko 4:51am
Childrens mystery set in a Coaching station3 lukematonta / 3MissSquish, lokakuu 12
YA book, love and science1 lukematon / 1Yara.Moret, lokakuu 12
I think her name is Ciela/Cielia1 lukematon / 1Ruth4888, lokakuu 12
Romance: early to mid 80's stranded on island2 lukematonta / 2rcrider1, lokakuu 12
Childrens book toys escape room1 lukematon / 1KelMack_88, lokakuu 12
Hello I'm in search of what a book is called15 lukematonta / 15amanda4242, lokakuu 12
Found: YA novel read around 1998, poor, mistreated girl wakes up with new family3 lukematonta / 3steartsandhars, lokakuu 12
contemporary romance novel rock star young naive girl1 lukematon / 1williamlon, lokakuu 12
Regency story of a lady with a ruined reputation who ultimately finds love1 lukematon / 1CatMiller, lokakuu 12
A fantasy book about time loops, ghosts and mythical powers1 lukematon / 1Rubaiya, lokakuu 12
Need help remembering name of HR romance novel1 lukematon / 1Dixiebelle, lokakuu 12
Found: Mafia Don in Love with Divorcee3 lukematonta / 3valerieabby, lokakuu 12
Mystery/ Somehwhat politics1 lukematon / 1tannii, lokakuu 12
A Wattpad love story1 lukematon / 1mariaclare2099, lokakuu 11
Found: YA fiction, possibly mystery3 lukematonta / 3retrogeek, lokakuu 11
Libro fantasía búho y niña encima en la portada2 lukematonta / 2lib.rare.ian, lokakuu 11
YA book with Teens who turn into animals6 lukematonta / 6jeane, lokakuu 11
Contemporary/Historical Time Travel novel written in the 1940's1 lukematon / 1EmeraldAngel, lokakuu 11
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