The Highly-Rated Book Group

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Welcome to the The Highly-Rated Book Group, one of the most unique and well-read book groups on LibraryThing!

The Highly-Rated Book Group strives to present books to its members which represent quality and thoughtfulness. Our books are chosen for their basis in history, as well as varied topics to interest you.

The Highly-Rated Book Group offers many unique things which encompass a higher-than average online book group reading experience:

*The group is run by volunteers who are voracious readers
*The timeline for each book read is clearly stated; you are welcome to read at your own pace and post whenever convenient to your schedule
*We offer supplemental reading material for each book. This can include: online videos, author interviews, online museum visits, recommended news articles, supplemental books and more.
*We offer prizes from our personal libraries and the sponsors we recruit.
*When possible, we invite experts to join our group to enhance our group reading experience.

We invite you to join our Book Group, and we guarantee you a GREAT Book Read.

The Highly-Rated Book Group is currently being co-chaired by TheTortoise and vintage_books.

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2012 suggestions55 lukematonta / 55cyderry, kesäkuu 2012
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2012 Winter read - The Count of Monte Cristo14 lukematonta / 14cyderry, tammikuu 2012
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***Group Read: The Tea Rose11 lukematonta / 11billiejean, syyskuu 2011
To Kindle or not to Kindle; that is the?5 lukematonta / 5Tess_W, elokuu 2011
***Group Read: Bleak House7 lukematonta / 7billiejean, heinäkuu 2011
2011's books:5 lukematonta / 5sarahemmm, kesäkuu 2011
[The Outlander] Spoiler Alert Thread36 lukematonta / 36billiejean, huhtikuu 2011
1st book; 2011; [Outlander] by [[Diana Gabaldon]]19 lukematonta / 19billiejean, huhtikuu 2011
Welcome to New Members51 lukematonta / 51billiejean, helmikuu 2011
Hannah, The Book Group and Prizes, Oh My!54 lukematonta / 54cyderry, helmikuu 2011
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NEXT READ - A SEPARATE COUNTRY25 lukematonta / 25tututhefirst, toukokuu 2010
Disie35's in and a tad confused...5 lukematonta / 5rainpebble, tammikuu 2010
Future Group Reading Suggestions90 lukematonta / 90jasmyn9, lokakuuta 2009
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Grave Goods - Early Fall Reading Group9 lukematonta / 9tututhefirst, syyskuu 2009
Taking a Break!10 lukematonta / 10mrbandings, elokuu 2009
Readings in August 20097 lukematonta / 7cyderry, elokuu 2009
The Serpent's Tale Late Summer Reading Group1 lukematon / 1cyderry, heinäkuu 2009
The Serpent's Tale1 lukematon / 1cyderry, heinäkuu 2009
Mistress of the Art of Death ~ Early Summer 2009 Reading Group2 lukematonta / 2MusicMom41, toukokuu 2009
Heads up1 lukematon / 1vintage_books, huhtikuu 2009
The Blind Assassin Start Date22 lukematonta / 22arubabookwoman, maaliskuu 2009
The Coffee Trader: Early Winter 2009 Reading Group29 lukematonta / 29vintage_books, maaliskuu 2009
Sponsors of our Book Group Reads2 lukematonta / 2vintage_books, tammikuu 2009
A Pirate of Exquisite Mind: Fall 2008 Reading Group1 lukematon / 1vintage_books, joulukuu 2008
Poisonwood Bible: Fall 2008 Reading Group1 lukematon / 1vintage_books, joulukuu 2008
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