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A group for fans of imprints of the New York Review Books. The neglected classics that are being rediscovered and republished, both the Classics and the Children's Classics. Feel free to discuss which books you are reading and what titles you hope will be published.

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Victorine by Maude Hutchins3 lukematonta / 3Marensr, maaliskuu 2009
What books do you try and force on friends and strangers?5 lukematonta / 5rebeccanyc, helmikuu 2009
How many NYRBs did you read in 2008?20 lukematonta / 20DieFledermaus, tammikuu 2009
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Two Events for Names on the Land in NYC; Brooklyn Book Festival3 lukematonta / 3aluvalibri, syyskuu 2008
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Simenon for Beginners14 lukematonta / 14DieFledermaus, elokuu 2008
Novels in Three Lines, Twitter edition4 lukematonta / 4slickdpdx, elokuu 2008
OT: À la recherche du temps perdu—preferred English translations6 lukematonta / 6DieFledermaus, heinäkuu 2008
How do you pick which NYRB to read?6 lukematonta / 6aluvalibri, heinäkuu 2008
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How many have you read?15 lukematonta / 15rebeccanyc, kesäkuu 2008
Unfinished books?2 lukematonta / 2urania1, kesäkuu 2008
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