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ViestiketjuViestiketjuViestitViimeinen viesti 
Interviewer needed: Beth Ruffin (self help)1 lukematon / 1BethRuffin, elokuu 2020
Did I miss something? Why the "interview" posts?4 lukematonta / 4kristilabrie, kesäkuu 2020
Interviewer needed: Pam Withers, Young-adult adventure novels1 lukematon / 1pamwithers, toukokuu 2020
Interview/book promotion exchange?3 lukematonta / 3jeffschanz, toukokuu 2020
Interviewer needed: Blood Ties contemporary political fiction. Peter Taylor-Gooby1 lukematon / 1ptg, huhtikuu 2020
Interview needed: Lynda Abernathy (Literary Ficition)1 lukematon / 1LAbernathy, huhtikuu 2020
Young Author2 lukematonta / 2lilithcat, huhtikuu 2020
Brand new poetry book (don't be scared :) )1 lukematon / 1LeonStevens, helmikuu 2020
Interviewer needed: Erin Pringle (fiction/circus/rural/suicide)1 lukematon / 1Erin_Pringle, helmikuu 2020
Interviewer needed: Alexis Marie Chute (Fantasy Trilogy and Memoir)1 lukematon / 1AlexisMarieChute, joulukuu 2019
Interviewer needed3 lukematonta / 3lydiamarievw, joulukuu 2019
Interviewer needed2 lukematonta / 2lydiamarievw, joulukuu 2019
Interviewer needed: The Black of Night1 lukematon / 1EdBlackieWilliamson, elokuu 2019
Interviewer needed: Melina Druga (historical fiction)1 lukematon / 1MelinaDruga, elokuu 2019
Interviewer Needed: Claire Handscombe (upmarket women's fiction/book club fiction)2 lukematonta / 2JoannaWhite316, kesäkuu 2019
Interviewer Needed2 lukematonta / 2JoannaWhite316, kesäkuu 2019
Interview exchange about each others books3 lukematonta / 3JoannaWhite316, kesäkuu 2019
Interview needed: Lora Kempka (thriller/ drama)1 lukematon / 1Kempka, huhtikuu 2019
Interviewer Needed: Sallie Cochren (Science Fiction)1 lukematon / 1scochren, maaliskuu 2019
Interviewer Needed for new book on Trump - The Road to Trump - How Failure to Meet in the Middle Fueled Trump's Rise and1 lukematon / 1ShayMcNeal, marraskuu 2018
Interviewer Needed - Ketan Desai (Thriller/Suspense1 lukematon / 1KetanDesai, lokakuuta 2018
Interviewer needed: Caroline Bock, Realistic, young adult fictio- new novel: BEFORE MY EYES3 lukematonta / 3Clark718, syyskuu 2018
Interviewer needed. James Kirk Bisceglia (science fiction, alien contact)1 lukematon / 1James_Kirk_Bisceglia, elokuu 2018
Interviewer needed: Rachel Amphlett (Crime fiction and spy novels)1 lukematon / 1RachelAmphlett, heinäkuu 2018
Interviewer Needed: L T Anderson (YA; Urban Sci-Fi; Dystopian Thriller)2 lukematonta / 2LTAnderson, heinäkuu 2018
Interviewer needed: Realities Deception by LaToya Stevens1 lukematon / 1LaToyaMStevens, kesäkuu 2018
Interviewer Needed: Nicole Stellon O'Donnell (poetry/historical fiction)1 lukematon / 1Nicole_Stellon, kesäkuu 2018
Interviewer needed: Weiqi Wang (Epic Fantasy series)1 lukematon / 1Weiqi, kesäkuu 2018
Interviewer Needed: Peg Tittle, thought-provoking social issue analysis1 lukematon / 1ptittle, huhtikuu 2018
Free Reviewer needed2 lukematonta / 2Angelina15, huhtikuu 2018
Michael Zadoorian, author of The Lost Tiki Palaces of Detroit (May 18-29)28 lukematonta / 28SqueakyChu, maaliskuu 2018
Interviewer needed: Eric S. Martell -- Science Fiction Time Travel Romance1 lukematon / 1emartell, joulukuu 2017
Interviewers needed1 lukematon / 1Keline, marraskuu 2017
Interviewer Needed: Rick Gangraw (Mystery/Suspense)3 lukematonta / 3ricardoreyes, syyskuu 2017
Interviewer needed (Vatican Thriller)1 lukematon / 1KhaledTalib, elokuu 2017
Interviewer required for author of British boarding school novel - comedy1 lukematon / 1aurielroe, heinäkuu 2017
Interviewer needed: Cottrell-Thompson (memoir)1 lukematon / 1lonnactp, kesäkuu 2017
Interviewer needed: Gordon Doherty (Historical Fiction)1 lukematon / 1Gordopolis, toukokuu 2017
Interviewer Needed: Sharlene Almond Psychological Thriller1 lukematon / 1Sharlene27, toukokuu 2017
Interviewer needed : Gitika Yadav, Voice of thoughts (poetry)1 lukematon / 1GitikaYadav, maaliskuu 2017
Interviewer needed: Bradley Charbonneau (Children's)1 lukematon / 1Bradley_Charbonneau, tammikuu 2017
Interviewer needed: David J. Bookbinder (Photography/Spiritual/Self-Help)1 lukematon / 1dbookbinder, tammikuu 2017
Interviewer needed: Zubin Mathai (inspirational/spiritual fantasy)1 lukematon / 1zuroma, marraskuu 2016
INTERVIEWER NEEDED: Dean Kutzler (Thriller/Mystery)2 lukematonta / 2Deankut, syyskuu 2016
Allison Hoover Bartlett, author of The Man Who Loved Books Too Much (Oct 22-30)27 lukematonta / 27SDaisy, syyskuu 2016
Interviewer needed---Mike Rhynard (Historical Fiction, Romance, & Science-Fiction-Fantasy)2 lukematonta / 2mikerhy, helmikuu 2016
I'm looking for someone interested in reviewing my YA/Paranormal book! Free ebook!2 lukematonta / 2lsmith335, huhtikuu 2015
Interviewer needed DM Yates (childrens rhyme book)2 lukematonta / 2lsmith335, huhtikuu 2015
Interviewer Needed: Jennifer Adair (tornado survivor's journal)2 lukematonta / 2LAWonder10, maaliskuu 2015
New Podcast3 lukematonta / 3sidgear, marraskuu 2014
Interviewer needed: Alaina Stanford (Paranormal Fantasy)3 lukematonta / 3kzpower, tammikuu 2014
Vigilantes in the West.2 lukematonta / 2drasmussen9260, tammikuu 2014
Interviewer Needed: Jim Snowden (literary fiction)3 lukematonta / 3jim.snowden, tammikuu 2014
Interviewer needed: Tim Rose (Old School Fantasy)1 lukematon / 1TimmyP, joulukuu 2013
Interview needed: Francis DiClemente (poetry)5 lukematonta / 5FrancisDiClemente, marraskuu 2013
Interviewer needed: The Journey's End by Jane Woolfenden (women's contemporary fiction)1 lukematon / 1Guarino, marraskuu 2013
Interviewer needed: Nowick Gray (Paranormal Adventure)1 lukematon / 1Nowick, lokakuuta 2013
Interviewer needed: Kasper Beaumont (epic fantasy)1 lukematon / 1Kasper_Beaumont, lokakuuta 2013
Interviewer needed: Ray Litt (Teen Fiction)1 lukematon / 1racheldlitt, lokakuuta 2013
YA Interviewer needed: J Yates (Paradox Child) science fiction, Magic, time travel1 lukematon / 1JYparadoxchild, syyskuu 2013
Interviewer needed- Lori Foroozandeh-non-fiction1 lukematon / 1lorissong, syyskuu 2013
M.K. Sandoval, author of Cat House: Adventures of a Real Estate Madam (Sep 9-20)40 lukematonta / 40MKSandoval, syyskuu 2013
Interviewer needed: Charlotte Bennardo (contemporary mythology)1 lukematon / 1WriterGal5, syyskuu 2013
interviewer requested: kat hurley (memoir)1 lukematon / 1kat.hurley, syyskuu 2013
Interviewer requested: Birgitte Rasine (literary fiction/inspirational)1 lukematon / 1BirgitteRasine, elokuu 2013
Interviewer requested: Birgitte Rasine (historical/literary fiction/mystery)1 lukematon / 1BirgitteRasine, elokuu 2013
Interviewer needed: Britt Talley Daniel MD mainstream fiction1 lukematon / 1btdaniel, elokuu 2013
INTERVIEWER NEEDED (tween and up)1 lukematon / 1RenataSuerth, elokuu 2013
Katie Hafner, author of "Mother Daughter Me: A Memoir" (Aug 12-16)15 lukematonta / 15rolandperkins, elokuu 2013
Cyberpunk - Kevin Mitnick1 lukematon / 1lacenaire, elokuu 2013
Interviewer well as book clubs looking for a thoughtful, fulfilling story (Women's Fict1 lukematon / 1hfserrano, elokuu 2013
Stephen Goldin discussing "Eternity Brigade"20 lukematonta / 20bearmountainbooks, elokuu 2013
Interviewer needed: Nan Cuba (historical/literary fiction)1 lukematon / 1nacuba, heinäkuu 2013
Interviewer needed for an author of realistic fiction “Russian Jews Don’t Cry”1 lukematon / 1urinorwich, heinäkuu 2013
Interviewer needed: Hemanth Gorur (paranormal/psychological thriller)1 lukematon / 1hemanthgorur, heinäkuu 2013
Interviewer requested: MK Sandoval (women's fiction/comedy mystery)1 lukematon / 1MKSandoval, heinäkuu 2013
Interviewer needed for an author of historical fiction on Kindle1 lukematon / 1CoolidgeBligh, heinäkuu 2013
Interviewer needed: Walton Stowell (Fantasy Fiction - short storybook)1 lukematon / 1Walton_Stowell, heinäkuu 2013
Interviewer Needed - CIRCLE DANCE, women's fiction1 lukematon / 1LynneConstantine, kesäkuu 2013
Interviewer needed: A J Waines (psychological thriller)1 lukematon / 1AJWaines, kesäkuu 2013
Interviewer Needed erotic thriller RESTRAINT1 lukematon / 1SherrySonnett, kesäkuu 2013
Interviewer needed: RESTRAINT erotic noir thriller1 lukematon / 1SherrySonnett, toukokuu 2013
Interviewer Needed: Keys of the Dragon = YA Fantasy1 lukematon / 1D.G.Stebbins, toukokuu 2013
Writers of Gothic Horror and Dark Romantic Poetry1 lukematon / 1P.J.Reed, toukokuu 2013
Interviewer Needed: Dianne Gallagher's Too Dark to Sleep1 lukematon / 1DianneGallagher, toukokuu 2013
Interviewer needed: Michael Allen (Contemporary Fiction)1 lukematon / 1michaelallenonline, huhtikuu 2013
INTERVIEWER NEEDED: HEAVEN'S CHILD, a mother's story of tragedy and the enduring strength of family2 lukematonta / 2gilroy, huhtikuu 2013
Interviewer Needed: S. A. Hunt (contemporary fantasy)1 lukematon / 1SA_Hunt, huhtikuu 2013
Interviewer Needed: Jeff Noble (Christian nonfiction)1 lukematon / 1journeyguy, huhtikuu 2013
Interviewer needed: Landon Andrews (science fiction)1 lukematon / 1Coyote111, maaliskuu 2013
Interviewer Needed: Kathryn Leigh Scott (Chicklit, Henlit, Romance-Mystery)1 lukematon / 1KathrynLeighScott, maaliskuu 2013
Biography3 lukematonta / 3lilithcat, maaliskuu 2013
UK writer seeking local publisher3 lukematonta / 3lilithcat, helmikuu 2013
Interviewer Needed1 lukematon / 1estherroses58, helmikuu 2013
Ellen Ekstorm, author of "Scarborough" (February 11-15)19 lukematonta / 19GaryBabb, helmikuu 2013
Michael Brown, author of "William & Lucy" (February 11-15)5 lukematonta / 5WilliamandLucy, helmikuu 2013
A request for an interview from M.t.Miles author of Beyond the Purple Ash1 lukematon / 1mtmiles, helmikuu 2013
Amber Argyle, author of "Witch Song" (September 19-25)11 lukematonta / 11Jessie228, helmikuu 2013
Interviewer needed Sherrie Cronin (speculative fiction)1 lukematon / 1SherrieCronin, helmikuu 2013
Interview request from Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, author of Kaylee's Ghost, family drema1 lukematon / 1RochelleJewelShapiro, helmikuu 2013
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