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Progressives and Conservatives: Here is a place where you can meet, argue, discuss, throw imaginary tantrums, ask questions of each other and share a virtual beer or coffee together.

Simple rules: attack ideas, not people. Be honest. Let others be honest. Be a gracious guest. Try to learn something. Be informative. Don't jerk your knees. Assume that the people who disagree with you are intelligent, but they just need more information to be Truly Enlightened.

If you want to know how to do things like post pictures or links, see the Nuts and Bolts thread here. Feel free to contribute to that.

And have fun.

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Tracking Trump's Criminal Liability Post-Presidency 4125 lukematonta / 125Molly3028, Tänään 5:28pm
Russia: international moves, W responses, Putin...Ukraine...China...internal devts. 14142 lukematonta / 142margd, Tänään 4:46pm
2024 Presidential Election ~ 295 lukematonta / 95Molly3028, Tänään 1:10pm
Cassidy Hutchison's book revelations8 lukematonta / 8Molly3028, Tänään 12:07pm
Gerrymandering and other voting rights issues (2)113 lukematonta / 113margd, Tänään 11:36am
Vaccination, Choice, Public Health Options 576 lukematonta / 76margd, Tänään 11:01am
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (32)94 lukematonta / 94margd, Tänään 8:38am
Constitution and Norms under Attack: Military, Judiciary, Administration, Congress, International 413 lukematonta / 13margd, Tänään 8:26am
Quotations 456 lukematonta / 56margd, Tänään 2:22am
Climate change issues, prevention, adaptation 10108 lukematonta / 108margd, Eilen 5:17pm
Syria, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Kurds, Israel--war and refugees 228 lukematonta / 28margd, Eilen 5:08pm
Journalism: a dangerous job, and oft well done (2023)90 lukematonta / 90margd, Eilen 2:45am
China: S China Sea, Silk Road, trade agreements, Africa, S Pacific, Arctic, Antarctic, deep ocean, Huawei, etc.62 lukematonta / 62margd, sunnuntai 3:45pm
Extinction countdown 3, unfortunately83 lukematonta / 83margd, sunnuntai 12:56pm
Dealing with the dishonorable and the inconvenient (4)14 lukematonta / 14John5918, sunnuntai 11:50am
Sometimes it’s best to feed the trolls?144 lukematonta / 144margd, sunnuntai 11:34am
Chief Justice in a Pickle -- What To Do with Clarence Thomas?40 lukematonta / 40margd, perjantai 5:17pm
American greed during the Trump era18 lukematonta / 182wonderY, perjantai 10:28am
They actually said that out loud!25 lukematonta / 252wonderY, keskiviikko 8:57am
Invasive Species, Fellow Travelers, Zoonoses148 lukematonta / 148margd, tiistai 2:16pm
"Too Fat" Part Three!...150 lukematonta / 150margd, syyskuu 17
Labor3 lukematonta / 3alco261, syyskuu 16
COVID-19 - social and political fallout (9)74 lukematonta / 74margd, syyskuu 16
GOP vs. family members of their political enemies5 lukematonta / 5lriley, syyskuu 15
Mass Shootings...contd....of course (7)145 lukematonta / 145pnppl, syyskuu 14
Attempted genocide of transgender people127 lukematonta / 127pnppl, syyskuu 13
Something, anything GOOD 268 lukematonta / 68margd, syyskuu 10
Childbirth, contraception and abortion 366 lukematonta / 66margd, syyskuu 6
Black in America, V142 lukematonta / 142John5918, syyskuu 1
Domestic Terrorism, Fascism (4)122 lukematonta / 122John5918, elokuu 31
Homelessness in the United States3 lukematonta / 3margd, elokuu 30
Medicare3 lukematonta / 3margd, elokuu 29
Anthropocene...could be a short epoch?5 lukematonta / 5margd, elokuu 27
Rights--parents, schools, vaxx, choice, transgender26 lukematonta / 262wonderY, elokuu 27
GOP Debate #19 lukematonta / 9theoria, elokuu 25
Humor from Both Sides of the Aisle (3)33 lukematonta / 332wonderY, elokuu 24
When US police are called to account1 lukematon / 12wonderY, elokuu 19
Tucker Carlson120 lukematonta / 120pnppl, elokuu 17
Book Banning53 lukematonta / 53John5918, elokuu 11
Faith in the Trump era2 lukematonta / 2alco261, elokuu 9
The Pretense of "Thinking Differently": Latest Euphemism for Conspiracy Theorists84 lukematonta / 84aspirit, elokuu 8
Race in America201 lukematonta / 201JGL53, elokuu 5
The Destruction of the American Academy ...13 lukematonta / 13lriley, elokuu 3
Factors of inequality148 lukematonta / 148margd, heinäkuu 25
Game changer???3 lukematonta / 3Molly3028, heinäkuu 24
The Marjorie Taylor Greene-ing of America12 lukematonta / 12lriley, heinäkuu 22
Israel #377 lukematonta / 77John5918, heinäkuu 21
The Kavanaugh circus, Ring #2149 lukematonta / 1492wonderY, heinäkuu 19
January 6, 2021 Insurrection 317 lukematonta / 17alco261, heinäkuu 19
Crafting Immigration Policy in America 535 lukematonta / 35margd, heinäkuu 19
Dealing with the dishonorable and the inconvenient (3)158 lukematonta / 158margd, heinäkuu 18
Supreme Court rejects affirmative action at colleges as unconstitutional11 lukematonta / 11Molly3028, heinäkuu 14
The Bidens Busted...33 lukematonta / 33lriley, heinäkuu 11
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (31...)153 lukematonta / 153margd, heinäkuu 11
twitter "killer"12 lukematonta / 12John5918, heinäkuu 11
Political Humor31 lukematonta / 31margd, kesäkuu 28
Trumpism & modern-day GOP women4 lukematonta / 4Molly3028, kesäkuu 25
How to Democracy54 lukematonta / 54margd, kesäkuu 25
ROCKET DOCKET12 lukematonta / 12aspirit, kesäkuu 25
Russia: international moves, West responses, Putin's revenge & future...Ukraine 13152 lukematonta / 152margd, kesäkuu 24
Reclaiming the American Democratic Impulse4 lukematonta / 4Molly3028, kesäkuu 23
NO Labels15 lukematonta / 15kiparsky, kesäkuu 12
PGA / LIV3 lukematonta / 3lriley, kesäkuu 6
Criminalizing the collective care of activists4 lukematonta / 42wonderY, kesäkuu 5
Climate change issues, prevention, adaptation 9152 lukematonta / 152margd, kesäkuu 2
Federal, state and local actions ~ prepping for the 2024 election year8 lukematonta / 8Molly3028, kesäkuu 1
Brexit! Part 5121 lukematonta / 121kiparsky, toukokuu 29
A.I. Cannot Help Us Understand Why It is a Disaster In the Making; It Cannot Foresee Things14 lukematonta / 14AntonioGallo, toukokuu 27
2024 Presidential Election161 lukematonta / 161jjwilson61, toukokuu 26
Saudi Arabia 292 lukematonta / 92margd, toukokuu 25
Notre Dame de Paris est en feu292 lukematonta / 292sirfurboy, toukokuu 19
May democracy and freedom reign23 lukematonta / 23prosfilaes, toukokuu 17
Republican House, Dem Senate (2022 election)41 lukematonta / 41lriley, toukokuu 17
Clever Erdogan!3 lukematonta / 3margd, toukokuu 14
Tracking Trump's Criminal Liability Post-Presidency 3156 lukematonta / 156Molly3028, toukokuu 11
Trump's Agency for Global Media CEO Abused Authority and Violated the Privacy Act2 lukematonta / 2aspirit, toukokuu 11
Improving the US Federal Judiciary5 lukematonta / 5margd, toukokuu 9
Coronated??23 lukematonta / 23kiparsky, toukokuu 7
"Information" in the Time of Trump #4142 lukematonta / 142aspirit, toukokuu 7
Old white coots ~ America 20236 lukematonta / 6KAzevedo, toukokuu 3
Critical Race Theory -- Don't Back Down8 lukematonta / 8kiparsky, toukokuu 2
Brain-dead world of mass-media5 lukematonta / 5proximity1, toukokuu 2
Is "Conservative" a thing?93 lukematonta / 93John5918, huhtikuu 28
2020: November election and beyond... (XVI)121 lukematonta / 121Molly3028, huhtikuu 27
Lefties are so cute, how they think the monsters they create won’t eat them.355 lukematonta / 355John5918, huhtikuu 24
The country's insane social-media-driven manias are deepening and spreading17 lukematonta / 17proximity1, huhtikuu 24
FOX News channel ~ this is center-right politics???27 lukematonta / 27lriley, huhtikuu 23
DOCUMENTING Election and Voter Fraud 221 lukematonta / 21lriley, huhtikuu 23
Way to go, SpaceX!5 lukematonta / 52wonderY, huhtikuu 21
Barrett confirmed to Supreme Court43 lukematonta / 43lriley, huhtikuu 20
Putting the "con" in "conservative"4 lukematonta / 42wonderY, huhtikuu 17
Boycotts and boycotters... artisans for and against1 lukematon / 1proximity1, huhtikuu 16
Red State grift13 lukematonta / 132wonderY, huhtikuu 14
the International (Dis)Order-- insanely stupid and ineffective fools at the head of states2 lukematonta / 2JGL53, huhtikuu 10
Did Trump's arraignment . . .3 lukematonta / 3Molly3028, huhtikuu 8
Gov. Abbott to pardon man who murdered Garrett Foster1 lukematon / 1pnppl, huhtikuu 8
Constitution and Norms under Attack: Military, Judiciary, Administration, Congress, International 3154 lukematonta / 154John5918, huhtikuu 7
Post-Antibiotic Era—the Antibiotic Apocalypse--is Upon Us?69 lukematonta / 69margd, maaliskuu 25
Impeachment II -- It's On118 lukematonta / 118aspirit, maaliskuu 23
Supreme court rules for trans-gender rights8 lukematonta / 8margd, maaliskuu 23
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