Wings of Fire

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Very strong fliers and breath. | red, crimson, orange, or yellow color. | yellow, orange, or amber eye color
Breath fire and poison dragons wiht venom tail barb. | pale yellow, pale gold, light sandy-colored, white-gold, light yellow-brown, yellow-gray, or off-white and sometimes greyish-green and blue-like scales | obsidian-black, deep brown, or dark blueish-black eye color
harmful bacteria that can poison creatures if bitten, breath fire. Hatched under two full moons -read minds and see the future, stronger if hatched on three full moons | black, dark blue, or purplish-black, and have silver, dark red, purple, or blue underbellies. | Blue eye color
Hold breath up to an hour, breath fire, and brute strength | brown, amber, or orange | amber to brown to golden eye color
Gills, night vision, and powerful tails. | indigo, green-grey, blue-grey, blue-green. Rare cases have pink or yellow-green. Black spiraling patterns may be present also. | shade of blue or green eye color
Withstand subzero temps and bright light, they also have frostbreath that can kill a dragon or seriously harm them. | White is common color followed by silver and really light green, then purple (rarest color). Royal Icewings are often blue. | blue, black, or stormy grey eye color.
Rainwings: They have fangs that can shoot deadly venom if it enters the bloodstream of a creature. | Can turn into any color they want and often are the color of their emotion. | green eye color
deadly stingers extending from their wrists, venom or a paralyzing toxin (included in their claws and teeth) Boiling acid that can be shot from a stinger on their tail,and emanate a horrible stench said to smell like dead rotting things pickled in sulfur. | Red, yellow, and/or orange (always have black scales) | black, dark orange, brown, red, amber, yellow-gold, and green eye color
Shoot silk from wrists (some may be a firesilk) | Any color exept black. Their scales are gem-like and seem iridescent. | gold/yellow, blue and sometimes green eye color
Produce a poison in their saliva | Various shades of green & brown. Sometimes have golden and pink red streaks all over body and wings. | green or brown eye color

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