2023 Category Challenge

In the Category Challenge, the only rule is that there are no rules. Every member sets their own categories (as many as they want, on whatever topics they want), so every member’s challenge is going to look different. Some members use the same categories every year and change the theme. Some members put aside their challenges halfway through the year and start over. Whatever works for you!

We host optional year-long theme reads called CATs and KITs, as well as a BingoDOG. The planning of these challenges begins in October 2022. See the welcome post, the pinned posts, and the list of wikis for more details.

The challenge officially starts January 1, 2023, but you’re welcome to start earlier or later!

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PinnedJune 2023 RandomKIT Walls28 lukematonta / 28amberwitch, perjantai 8:59am
PinnedJune KiddyCAT - animals as main characters19 lukematonta / 19soelo, Eilen 12:04pm
PinnedJune GeoKIT - South Asia and South East Asia17 lukematonta / 17christina_reads, Tänään 2:38pm
PinnedJune SFFKIT - Humourous SFF17 lukematonta / 17amberwitch, Eilen 2:43pm
PinnedJune ScaredyKIT - Stephen King and family11 lukematonta / 11sturlington, keskiviikko 5:09pm
PinnedJune MysteryKit: Vintage Mysteries13 lukematonta / 13mstrust, keskiviikko 12:14pm
PinnedJune AlphaKIT - B and K18 lukematonta / 18christina_reads, Tänään 2:40pm
PinnedJune Series Cat Thread13 lukematonta / 13pamelad, Tänään 3:52pm
PinnedJune ClassicsCAT - Humour21 lukematonta / 21pamelad, Tänään 2:51pm
PinnedWhat are we reading in June?8 lukematonta / 8sallylou61, perjantai 10:41pm
PinnedBingoDog, thread the second104 lukematonta / 104MissWatson, Tänään 9:20am
Pinned⏳ Historical Fiction Challenge ⌛280 lukematonta / 280Tanya-dogearedcopy, huhtikuu 7
Pinned2023 ClassicsCAT13 lukematonta / 13VivienneR, toukokuu 14
PinnedGeoCAT Planning Thread79 lukematonta / 79MissBrangwen, toukokuu 18
PinnedSeriesCAT Planning49 lukematonta / 49whitewavedarling, toukokuu 15
PinnedKiddyCAT Planning59 lukematonta / 59lowelibrary, toukokuu 15
Pinned2023 MysteryKIT Planning56 lukematonta / 56Robertgreaves, toukokuu 15
Pinned2023 SFFKIT planning thread54 lukematonta / 54antqueen, toukokuu 14
Pinned2023 RandomKIT Planning28 lukematonta / 28Robertgreaves, toukokuu 15
Pinned2023 ScaredyKIT Planning47 lukematonta / 47lowelibrary, toukokuu 15
Pinned2023 AlphaKIT30 lukematonta / 30majkia, toukokuu 14
PinnedBingo Dog planning138 lukematonta / 138VivienneR, joulukuu 2022
PinnedWelcome to the 2023 Category Challenge!232 lukematonta / 232LibraryCin, joulukuu 2022
Tess reads and bakes cookies page 2135 lukematonta / 135VivienneR, Tänään 4:05pm
MissWatson goes down to the sea again. Second voyage58 lukematonta / 58Jackie_K, Tänään 3:58pm
Pete's 2357 lukematonta / 57psutto, Tänään 3:54pm
RidgewayGirl Reads What She Wants in 2023 -- Second Quarter96 lukematonta / 96VivienneR, Tänään 3:51pm
Christina reads more series in 2023257 lukematonta / 257christina_reads, Tänään 3:50pm
pamelad reads everything but286 lukematonta / 286pamelad, Tänään 3:47pm
scaifea's 2023 Challenge169 lukematonta / 169scaifea, Tänään 1:55pm
DeltaQueen Tries for Balance & Focus in 2023 - Part 3183 lukematonta / 183DeltaQueen50, Tänään 12:12pm
Charlotte's (charl08) reading light(houses) 3136 lukematonta / 136charl08, Tänään 6:11am
Helenliz escapes to another world: pt 2122 lukematonta / 122vancouverdeb, Tänään 1:36am
Cindy/LibraryCin's 2023 Challenges164 lukematonta / 164LibraryCin, Eilen 9:50pm
VivienneR Watches Weather in 2023 part 390 lukematonta / 90VivienneR, Eilen 9:34pm
Tricia tries again in 202374 lukematonta / 74DeltaQueen50, Eilen 7:00pm
Clue's Shelf Life 2023, Best Read by 12-31-2366 lukematonta / 66beebeereads, Eilen 5:21pm
susanna.fraser's 52 weeks of reading in her 52nd year of life129 lukematonta / 129susanna.fraser, Eilen 12:54pm
Some Enchanted Evening: pamelad reads romance228 lukematonta / 228pamelad, lauantai 3:43pm
LadyoftheLodge Reads in 2023184 lukematonta / 184LadyoftheLodge, lauantai 12:27pm
Koalamom in 202329 lukematonta / 29koalamom, lauantai 7:23am
Nickelini's Categories in 202374 lukematonta / 74MissBrangwen, lauantai 3:46am
JayneCM Lives A Thousand Lives175 lukematonta / 175JayneCM, lauantai 3:23am
May AlphaKIT: U and C66 lukematonta / 66LibraryCin, perjantai 11:39pm
May ScaredyKit: Surviving the Horror36 lukematonta / 36LibraryCin, perjantai 11:39pm
rabbitprincess grooves through 2023, part 244 lukematonta / 44rabbitprincess, perjantai 8:43pm
April's Ultimate Reading Challenge 2023 - Part 272 lukematonta / 72lowelibrary, perjantai 7:48pm
Betty (Dudes22) Reflects Back for 2023 - Part 268 lukematonta / 68dudes22, perjantai 6:54pm
JoeB1934 Searches for Books with Maximum Match to His Reading Fingerprint161 lukematonta / 161JoeB1934, perjantai 5:09pm
JoeB1934 Finding and Reading Literary Mysteries: Using LibraryThing Recommendations14 lukematonta / 14JoeB1934, perjantai 5:01pm
May ClassicsCAT: Children's Classics46 lukematonta / 46LadyoftheLodge, perjantai 4:40pm
Sally Lou's reading in 202397 lukematonta / 97sallylou61, perjantai 12:10pm
MissBrangwen goes on a reading adventure - II78 lukematonta / 78MissBrangwen, perjantai 6:31am
CBL challenges herself in 2023 - Part 1117 lukematonta / 117cbl_tn, torstai 10:23pm
Jean (majkia) Hits the Beach119 lukematonta / 119majkia, torstai 8:07pm
Lisa's 2023 Retro Reading Challenge158 lukematonta / 158lsh63, torstai 1:48pm
May RandomKIT Royal Names72 lukematonta / 72lowelibrary, torstai 1:15pm
May SFFKIT: Science Fantasy28 lukematonta / 28majkia, torstai 10:59am
Cheli is mountain climbing again!47 lukematonta / 47christina_reads, torstai 10:46am
NinieB Plays with the Cats in 202389 lukematonta / 89Helenliz, torstai 5:13am
Jackie goes back to basics in 202399 lukematonta / 99Jackie_K, torstai 4:03am
Shannon (sturlington) Lists Her Reads in 202378 lukematonta / 78sturlington, keskiviikko 5:18pm
AlphaKIT: YEARLONG X and Z15 lukematonta / 15KeithChaffee, keskiviikko 2:45pm
mstrust #2: Just A Hot Mess34 lukematonta / 34mstrust, keskiviikko 12:06pm
⏳⏳Historical Fiction Challenge: Part II ⌛⌛62 lukematonta / 62MissWatson, keskiviikko 1:44am
May SeriesCAT - Trilogies40 lukematonta / 40LibraryCin, tiistai 10:00pm
May MysteryKit- True Unsolved Mysteries41 lukematonta / 41VivienneR, tiistai 9:08pm
BeeBeeReads Keeps On Steppin' in 2023100 lukematonta / 100beebeereads, tiistai 5:58pm
Wytwavedarling's Thread of Pets and Reads85 lukematonta / 85LadyoftheLodge, tiistai 1:54pm
Vestafan challenges herself31 lukematonta / 31vestafan, tiistai 10:16am
mathgirl40's 2023 category challenge150 lukematonta / 150mathgirl40, tiistai 8:16am
Tanya-dogearedcopy's 23 in '23: A Quiet Corner44 lukematonta / 44Tanya-dogearedcopy, maanantai 3:11pm
What are we reading in May?65 lukematonta / 65Tanya-dogearedcopy, maanantai 8:54am
May KiddyCAT: YA/Children’s Classics55 lukematonta / 55threadnsong, toukokuu 28
lavaturtle's 2023 Category Challenge46 lukematonta / 46lavaturtle, toukokuu 28
May GeoCAT - Polar regions, islands and bodies of water31 lukematonta / 31Jackie_K, toukokuu 28
Zozette’s BoMBs, Boomerangs and Beyond88 lukematonta / 88Zozette, toukokuu 28
April GeoCAT: South America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean39 lukematonta / 39whitewavedarling, toukokuu 27
mstrust: Just Creepin' Along200 lukematonta / 200LibraryCin, toukokuu 25
Kathy's (kac522) Reading Challenges in 2023137 lukematonta / 137kac522, toukokuu 25
Lori (lkernagh) Makes Steps with her 2023 Reading120 lukematonta / 120rabbitprincess, toukokuu 23
Lori (thornton37814) Simplifies Categories in 2023 - thread 1226 lukematonta / 226thornton37814, toukokuu 21
April SeriesCAT: No need to Read in Order/Read as One-Off45 lukematonta / 45MissBrangwen, toukokuu 21
April Random Kit - Seven ages of (wo)man79 lukematonta / 79LibraryCin, toukokuu 20
VivienneR Watches Weather in 2023 part 2156 lukematonta / 156VivienneR, toukokuu 20
bookworm3091's 2023 Reading Challenge43 lukematonta / 43bookworm3091, toukokuu 20
Threadnsong Reads More in 2023102 lukematonta / 102MissBrangwen, toukokuu 20
VictoriaPL's Reading Rehab in 2023200 lukematonta / 200VictoriaPL, toukokuu 16
Mystery Max Trying to Keep it Simple in 23137 lukematonta / 137VivienneR, toukokuu 16
Soelo's 2023 marathon19 lukematonta / 19soelo, toukokuu 14
staci426 reads in 202355 lukematonta / 55staci426, toukokuu 12
Librariansteffen2's Categories15 lukematonta / 15librariansteffen2, toukokuu 9
Markon meanders through 202346 lukematonta / 46markon, toukokuu 6
April ScaredyKit- Food Horror!51 lukematonta / 51LibraryCin, toukokuu 5
April KiddyCAT: Middle grade and YA fantasy34 lukematonta / 34lowelibrary, toukokuu 2
April MysteryKIT - Tartan Noir46 lukematonta / 46VivienneR, toukokuu 2
April AlphaKIT: W and D73 lukematonta / 73staci426, toukokuu 1
DreamWeaver's 2023 Reading Challenges40 lukematonta / 40dreamweaver529, toukokuu 1
MissWatson goes down to the sea again. First voyage194 lukematonta / 194MissWatson, toukokuu 1
rabbitprincess grooves through 2023159 lukematonta / 159rabbitprincess, huhtikuu 30
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