Anime Role play

This is a group where you can make up you own oc's based of other anime shows/movies or magna
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Please do not discuss any inappropriate topics. If so your message will be deleted.
Don't spam
No inappropriate behavior
No making fun of other oc's
Most importantly, have fun

You may also discuss anime/ magna in this group. If you do though please make you own topic.

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chat1696 lukematonta / 1696ruby_x1, Tänään 3:05pm
Introduction143 lukematonta / 143Abinadiyinyang, toukokuu 25
drop as much music as you please! :)2 lukematonta / 2ruby_x1, toukokuu 24
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cthulhu (rp)19 lukematonta / 19ruby_x1, toukokuu 19
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Chat(Luna)675 lukematonta / 675Abinadiyinyang, toukokuu 18
Animal rp128 lukematonta / 128Abinadiyinyang, toukokuu 17
Animal Role Play75 lukematonta / 75ruby_x1, toukokuu 15
Ideas anyone?7 lukematonta / 7Araysh, toukokuu 15
What is your Zodiac sign?241 lukematonta / 241SilverBishop, toukokuu 11
Music!!! Poor your heart out!!!2 lukematonta / 2SilverBishop, toukokuu 11
Role Play317 lukematonta / 317kitpup, huhtikuu 10
Mha105 lukematonta / 105kitpup, lokakuuta 2022
Boarding School rp73 lukematonta / 73kitpup, syyskuu 2022
role play154 lukematonta / 154Gracie_Freeman, elokuu 2022
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