Thing(amabrarian)s That Go Bump in the Night

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For devotees of the horror genre and all things from the dark side of literature. Vampires and werewolves and demons... Oh My!

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Suggestions for adult books for Goosebumps/Fear Street lovers?16 lukematonta / 16Edria, maaliskuu 2022
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UK James Herbert Award for Horror Writing shortlist announced7 lukematonta / 7wifilibrarian, huhtikuu 2015
Just finished NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. Is Joe Hill a horror or thriller/suspense writer? I can't tell.9 lukematonta / 9mrgrooism, huhtikuu 2015
'What scary movie have you watched recently?' - Midnight Double Feature! (not about double features)355 lukematonta / 355saraslibrary, huhtikuu 2015
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Who says a horror novel can't be scary AND funny? "Floyd & Mikki: Zombie Hunters" is hilarious!1 lukematon / 1tatnerj, tammikuu 2015
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Karl Edward wagner's Where the summer ends2 lukematonta / 2artturnerjr, tammikuu 2015
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Lovecraft's 'Supernatural Horror in Literature' Reading List3 lukematonta / 3Moomin_Mama, heinäkuu 2014
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'What scary movie have you watched recently?' - Filmed in 3D! (Not about 3D movies)324 lukematonta / 324Helcura, joulukuu 2012
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is horror a dead genre?4 lukematonta / 4cfink, lokakuuta 2012
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Win a hardback copy of Carrie by Stephen King1 lukematon / 1CynthiaE77, lokakuuta 2012
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Whatever happened to H. R Wakefield?5 lukematonta / 5gryeates, helmikuu 2012
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What are Some Classics in the Horror genre?26 lukematonta / 26ScribbleScribe, tammikuu 2012
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From out of the Stygian depths creeps "What scary book are you reading right now?"!261 lukematonta / 261Azeryk, tammikuu 2012
Opinions on Algernon Blackwood9 lukematonta / 9JamesEverington, tammikuu 2012
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Has Reading Regularly Helped You or Improved Your Life?28 lukematonta / 28saraslibrary, joulukuu 2011
Jack Ketchum10 lukematonta / 10saraslibrary, joulukuu 2011
Christmas Horror Books15 lukematonta / 15Leonard_Bain, joulukuu 2011
Any true crime horror fans here? Recommendations?18 lukematonta / 18jseger9000, marraskuu 2011
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old cursed painting of hanging; found rolled up; cut by mistake; it bleeds7 lukematonta / 7jseger9000, syyskuu 2011
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Get a box of 60+ Leisure Horror (or Western, Thriller or Romance) for $25.003 lukematonta / 3jseger9000, heinäkuu 2011
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