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Let's be honest, we can't be book lovers without loving authors, too. Everyone has favorite writers, those wordsmiths whose next works we stand in line for as if they were the second coming of the latest Apple gadget. Many of us have stories about writers we've met or interacted with and no place to "dine out on them." And when a beloved author passes to that great bookstore in the sky, we wish to reminisce about our first encounter with his or her work.

Writers form us with their words, be they the stuff of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or plays. As much as the works they create we are also the creations of the writers whom we read.

Now there is a place on LibraryThing for you to discuss the living and the dead authors most loved or even despised by you. Here is where you can bring your opinions about the best and worst, the most famous and obscure, the writers of every land, and one day, perhaps, those who write their books ex-Earth.

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