Unread Support Group

For those finding it difficult to break down their "Unread" book pile. This may be because you just love acquiring new books and constantly replenish your Unread pile. Or you may be too busy with other less important things. This group is to discuss your predicament and encourage one another to READ away the Unreads.

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Most intimidating tbr?9 lukematonta / 9Cecrow, maaliskuu 17
2020 is a unique case3 lukematonta / 3Cecrow, maaliskuu 17
2019 incidents of infamy6 lukematonta / 6rosalita, toukokuu 2019
2018 incidents of infamy11 lukematonta / 11MrsLee, lokakuu 2018
I am a practitioner of the ancient art of 'tsundoku'...7 lukematonta / 7MarthaJeanne, maaliskuu 2018
Collecting vs Reading26 lukematonta / 26Cecrow, marraskuu 2017
Maintaining the TBR list7 lukematonta / 7MrsLee, marraskuu 2017
Ereaders and the TBR Pile9 lukematonta / 9MrsLee, marraskuu 2017
literature abuse35 lukematonta / 35MarthaJeanne, marraskuu 2017
One Way to Read the TBR books29 lukematonta / 29MrsLee, lokakuu 2017
What should be the goal?24 lukematonta / 24MarthaJeanne, elokuu 2017
100 things challenge - apply it to books?8 lukematonta / 8MrsLee, elokuu 2017
Tenth Thingaversary7 lukematonta / 7macsbrains, kesäkuu 2017
Cataloguing and culling - but running out of time . . .9 lukematonta / 9Cecrow, kesäkuu 2017
One simple rule17 lukematonta / 17bernsad, toukokuu 2017
2017 incidents of infamy14 lukematonta / 14Cecrow, tammikuu 2017
No sympathy in the family3 lukematonta / 3.Monkey., huhtikuu 2016
2016 incidents of infamy15 lukematonta / 15karenmarie, huhtikuu 2016
New member admission22 lukematonta / 22MarthaJeanne, maaliskuu 2016
Culling vs Surrender1 lukematon / 1Cecrow, syyskuu 2011
I can't stop buying books.62 lukematonta / 62testdummy, joulukuu 2010
TBR pile?30 lukematonta / 30karenmarie, tammikuu 2010
I just can't stop adding books and the holidays didn't help2 lukematonta / 2Jenson_AKA_DL, kesäkuu 2008
Wish Lists, and Rationalizing....3 lukematonta / 3Jenson_AKA_DL, kesäkuu 2008
Books that I want to have read.15 lukematonta / 15Severn, kesäkuu 2008
Starting on the TBR pile...2 lukematonta / 2raggedtig, marraskuu 2007
Reading too many books at one time18 lukematonta / 18gradvmedusa, toukokuu 2007
Who's the Most Addicted?1 lukematon / 1Redthing, huhtikuu 2007
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