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"Is your maid called Florence?"
"Her name is Florinda."
"What an extraordinary name to give a maid!"
"I did not give it to her; she arrived in my service already christened."
"What I mean is," said Mrs. Riversedge, "that when I get maids with unsuitable names I call them Jane; they soon get used to it."
"An excellent plan," said the aunt of Clovis coldly; "unfortunately I have got used to being called Jane myself. It happens to be my name."
(Saki - The Secret Sin of Septimus Brope)

A group for admirers of that most sublime and bubbly brand of humor - the British wit. Feel free to discuss and make recommendations; all of you joining this group probably have more knowledge on the subject than me. I grow weary of my passions before they can reach any depth.

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