A group for past, current and future residents of Kentucky. Talk about books, authors and other issues of interest to the locale.

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Bookish events12 lukematonta / 122wonderY, sunnuntai 8:37am
Kentucky authors I have met2 lukematonta / 22wonderY, elokuu 2022
Introductions41 lukematonta / 41LaureneRS, elokuu 2022
Local items of interest1 lukematon / 12wonderY, lokakuuta 2021
Kentucky history books4 lukematonta / 4Dr_Flanders, kesäkuu 2017
Bookstores6 lukematonta / 6Dr_Flanders, kesäkuu 2017
Talk about the weather3 lukematonta / 32wonderY, toukokuu 2015
near Kentucky4 lukematonta / 42wonderY, helmikuu 2014
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