Too Obscure

If you're an eclectic reader, you'll have a high "obscurity" rating on the Fun Statistics page. That means you'll seldom, if ever, show up on someone's weighted Users With Your Books list.

Do you share this problem? Let's revel in our distinctive tastes.

Yours, headbang8 (8/168)

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Eleven Years On...12 lukematonta / 12johnandlisa, maaliskuu 30
Site vs Member3 lukematonta / 3johnandlisa, maaliskuu 2023
Typically Obscure1 lukematon / 1johnandlisa, kesäkuu 2017
Ten Years On...28 lukematonta / 28hailelib, huhtikuu 2016
Whaddaya mean, someone else owns a copy?!15 lukematonta / 15editfish, kesäkuu 2013
Obscurity ...115 lukematonta / 115Oliviine, heinäkuu 2012
What Do You Do?11 lukematonta / 11VictoriaPL, toukokuu 2008
Different Measures of Obscurity4 lukematonta / 4johnandlisa, elokuu 2007
How does this work?13 lukematonta / 13oregonobsessionz, elokuu 2007
Ratios18 lukematonta / 18readafew, elokuu 2007
Unobscure6 lukematonta / 6vpfluke, huhtikuu 2007
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