Readers Over Sixty

Any member who wants to talk about books, people, events that happened that long ago. What were you reading 50+ years ago? In elementary school? In high school? In college and/or while you did other things? Which of those books affected you and why? What type of reading have you done all your life? How has your reading changed over the years?

I think these and other questions will provide interesting discussion.

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Did Someone Read to you as a child?9 lukematonta / 9cbellia, lauantai 4:52pm
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How did you learn to read?127 lukematonta / 127crazeedi73, huhtikuu 1
But Why Didn't You Finish It?22 lukematonta / 22krazy4katz, huhtikuu 1
Welcome to the Group!102 lukematonta / 102Tess_W, maaliskuu 31
Which Character from a book would you most like to meet?5 lukematonta / 5Tess_W, maaliskuu 30
To Re-read or not, that is the question!13 lukematonta / 13dustydigger, maaliskuu 30 the classroom37 lukematonta / 37John5918, maaliskuu 30
Most Memorable Reads as a Young Reader64 lukematonta / 64nohrt4me2, maaliskuu 28
Newspapers & Comics18 lukematonta / 18dustydigger, maaliskuu 27
What's the best thing you ever bought for less than $20 ?36 lukematonta / 36smirks4u, maaliskuu 24
You know you're a book addict when.....33 lukematonta / 33LadyoftheLodge, maaliskuu 21
What book were you assigned to read in school that you disliked the most?43 lukematonta / 43Tess_W, maaliskuu 21
Hobbies61 lukematonta / 61mckait, maaliskuu 19
Is it fair .. .. .. ..6 lukematonta / 6Suspected.Spam, maaliskuu 17
Books for those over age 6032 lukematonta / 32LarryPepper, maaliskuu 17
The Last Movie I Saw8 lukematonta / 8John5918, maaliskuu 17
Favorite Sayings/Passages9 lukematonta / 9LadyoftheLodge, maaliskuu 6
Accents/Linguistics...20 lukematonta / 20terriks, helmikuu 28
Most memorable book character and why?11 lukematonta / 11terriks, helmikuu 26
A,E,I,O U and sometimes W and Y7 lukematonta / 72wonderY, helmikuu 24
A,E,I,O,U and sometimes W and Y3 lukematonta / 3krazy4katz, helmikuu 23
A,E,I,O,U and sometimes W and Y1 lukematon / 1Tess_W, helmikuu 23
Zebra book club from the 80's? Anyone a member?6 lukematonta / 6LadyoftheLodge, helmikuu 11
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Christmas Menus10 lukematonta / 10lilithcat, joulukuu 2020
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Your Best Christmas Memories8 lukematonta / 8Dilara86, joulukuu 2020
Thanksgiving20 lukematonta / 20Tess_W, marraskuu 2020
Does Location Matter?4 lukematonta / 42wonderY, lokakuu 2020
What's on your reading horizon for the remainder of 2020?3 lukematonta / 3LyndaInOregon, lokakuu 2020
Grandpa needs a new book, help!4 lukematonta / 4Crypto-Willobie, lokakuu 2020
Elephant Hunting6 lukematonta / 6Tess_W, lokakuu 2020
Gift reccomendations for grandpa?5 lukematonta / 5Tess_W, lokakuu 2020
the gathering place27 lukematonta / 27Charlesmccormack, lokakuu 2020
Grandpa Bday Book1 lukematon / 1UOM_UEM, lokakuu 2020
Grandpa's Birthday soon! Please help1 lukematon / 1UOM_UEM, lokakuu 2020
US retirement age inches upward11 lukematonta / 112wonderY, lokakuu 2020
My new hero1 lukematon / 12wonderY, kesäkuu 2019
When "Ivanhoe" was required reading18 lukematonta / 18Tess_W, syyskuu 2017
The Books Around You22 lukematonta / 22Caco_Velho, tammikuu 2017
Gene's Juke Box18 lukematonta / 18MAJic, elokuu 2016
Gene's Juke Box426 lukematonta / 426MAJic, elokuu 2016
What are you reading? What's on your mind?11 lukematonta / 11Meredy, huhtikuu 2016
An obstacle, currently.56 lukematonta / 56geneg, marraskuu 2015
Hello Over Sixities.... what are you reading for October,2015?9 lukematonta / 9Storeetllr, lokakuu 2015
What did you read first?45 lukematonta / 45Meredy, lokakuu 2015
What are you reading in December 2014?14 lukematonta / 14ucla70, helmikuu 2015
Books, Staples, Razor Blades & Mortality3 lukematonta / 3pinkozcat, maaliskuu 2014
What are you reading in October 2013?22 lukematonta / 22Meredy, lokakuu 2013
What are you reading in September 2013?16 lukematonta / 16Meredy, syyskuu 2013
Do you read more than one book at a time?53 lukematonta / 53John_Vaughan, heinäkuu 2013
Works about aging29 lukematonta / 29Diane-bpcb, toukokuu 2013
Books That Transport You to "Your" Era21 lukematonta / 21Caco_Velho, joulukuu 2012
What are you reading in November 2012?5 lukematonta / 5ebeach, joulukuu 2012
What are you reading in October 2012?14 lukematonta / 14Caco_Velho, marraskuu 2012
Book Kiosks in NYC6 lukematonta / 6staffordcastle, lokakuu 2012
Social misfits102 lukematonta / 102ebeach, syyskuu 2012
Who, or What, do you use for Aging Well?25 lukematonta / 25JimThomson, elokuu 2012
Can anyone help me on this ... ?1 lukematon / 1pinkozcat, heinäkuu 2012
How did your reading affect you?26 lukematonta / 26Caco_Velho, huhtikuu 2012
What are you reading in March 2012?9 lukematonta / 9Meredy, maaliskuu 2012
What are you reading in February 2012?9 lukematonta / 9marell, helmikuu 2012
What are you reading in February 2012?3 lukematonta / 3laytonwoman3rd, helmikuu 2012
Lafcadio Hearn9 lukematonta / 9laytonwoman3rd, helmikuu 2012
Reading a novel twice or until I get it "right"15 lukematonta / 15pmarshall, tammikuu 2012
what are you reading now?206 lukematonta / 206Naren559, joulukuu 2011
Letters, we write letters! Do we?19 lukematonta / 19JimThomson, joulukuu 2011
Letters, Email and History/Biography Books3 lukematonta / 3bookblotter, joulukuu 2010
Re-reading7 lukematonta / 7wildbill, toukokuu 2010
No! I don't want to join a bookclub / by Virginia Ironside1 lukematon / 1sunny, helmikuu 2010
NaNoWriMo 20091 lukematon / 1Storeetllr, marraskuu 2009
a small amusement5 lukematonta / 5suitable1, syyskuu 2009
The Letter Project2 lukematonta / 2TheresaWilliams, elokuu 2009
What are your reading goals?22 lukematonta / 22Naren559, elokuu 2009
Changes to the Group42 lukematonta / 42rainpebble, heinäkuu 2009
One upmanship.36 lukematonta / 36Storeetllr, heinäkuu 2009
Commonly Shared Books9 lukematonta / 9Esta1923, toukokuu 2009
What did you read when you were young?16 lukematonta / 16andyray, maaliskuu 2009
How has your reading changed?25 lukematonta / 25xenchu, toukokuu 2008
New Year's Eve and Day6 lukematonta / 6maggie1944, joulukuu 2007
thought i joined this...2 lukematonta / 2Naren559, lokakuu 2007
JANE AUSTEN6 lukematonta / 6Naren559, lokakuu 2007
Passing on a Love for Reading and Books5 lukematonta / 5Esta1923, heinäkuu 2007
Newsweek Article17 lukematonta / 17andyray, heinäkuu 2007
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