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Meet new friends over coffee, tea, and good books.

Looking for a book club? Want to promote your book club? Our goal is to get more people reading by promoting great existing book clubs around the world - and to help you create and support a new book club in your hometown.

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Chat invitation1 lukematon / 1steffercat, syyskuu 2008
North Port or Port Charlotte, Florida2 lukematonta / 2dmschoeller, elokuu 2008
Share your tips for running a book club19 lukematonta / 19RachelfromSarasota, kesäkuu 2008
Milwaukee?5 lukematonta / 5jolynne71, maaliskuu 2008
raco14@yahoo.com1 lukematon / 1raco14, maaliskuu 2008
Proust reading group1 lukematon / 1robertajl, helmikuu 2008
Book club in Sydney, Australia1 lukematon / 1robertd, tammikuu 2008
I Just Read... Unwritten, by M.C. Henson1 lukematon / 1londongalsw6, tammikuu 2008
Anyone hosted a book club with accompanying film?13 lukematonta / 13LivelyLady, joulukuu 2007
Anyone in the Four Corners? Want to read classics in online book group?1 lukematon / 1runawayimagination, elokuu 2007
A group with no age, gender, ethnicity barriers, including implied. Possible?1 lukematon / 1betweencovers, heinäkuu 2007
I Just Read16 lukematonta / 16KMDHOW, kesäkuu 2007
Online Book Groups?4 lukematonta / 4KMDHOW, kesäkuu 2007
Book Club in Cobble Hill Brooklyn?1 lukematon / 1mrsdalloway, toukokuu 2007
Book Clubs Cambridge UK4 lukematonta / 4Cattier, huhtikuu 2007
What books do YOU wish your book club would read?26 lukematonta / 26cmbohn, huhtikuu 2007
Book clubs in Sydney Australia5 lukematonta / 5mslist, maaliskuu 2007
Themed book clubs9 lukematonta / 9kcasada, helmikuu 2007
Promoting your book club3 lukematonta / 3reader247, helmikuu 2007
You're Invited!: Greater Los Angeles Area Book Clubs2 lukematonta / 2mypcjen, tammikuu 2007
Best book club experience5 lukematonta / 5kjphenix, tammikuu 2007
"Memoirs of a Midget" by Walter de la Mere1 lukematon / 1dan_illustration, tammikuu 2007
just joined6 lukematonta / 6astroantiquity, tammikuu 2007
Book Club3 lukematonta / 3mypcjen, tammikuu 2007
Promote your book club readings here!1 lukematon / 1mypcjen, tammikuu 2007
Boston book group starting - open to new folks!1 lukematon / 1mypcjen, tammikuu 2007
2007 Reading Challenge45 lukematonta / 45Jax450, tammikuu 2007
Happy Holidays, Everybody!!4 lukematonta / 4Antipodean, tammikuu 2007
Crazy Christmas/Hanukah Carols...8 lukematonta / 8mypcjen, joulukuu 2006
YA Lit - Post Apocalyptic Kids Books4 lukematonta / 4avaland, joulukuu 2006
Monthly "language tastings" book club5 lukematonta / 5Quinesti, joulukuu 2006
LibraryThing Online Book Club14 lukematonta / 14firefly7522, joulukuu 2006
How does one facilitate a book discussion?7 lukematonta / 7ulan25, joulukuu 2006
Getting out of the rut...2 lukematonta / 2mypcjen, joulukuu 2006
Slightly troubled35 lukematonta / 35Freder1ck, joulukuu 2006
Discussion Questions for Book Clubs6 lukematonta / 6SimonW11, joulukuu 2006
Looking for/interested in a local book club11 lukematonta / 11NightAngel, joulukuu 2006
Book Club Classics13 lukematonta / 13marfita, joulukuu 2006
Share creative ideas and add a little bling...2 lukematonta / 2avaland, joulukuu 2006
Charity & book clubs?3 lukematonta / 3avaland, joulukuu 2006
How do you choose your book club selections?9 lukematonta / 9BookAddictUK, joulukuu 2006
Free Guided Docent-Led Library Tours2 lukematonta / 2mypcjen, marraskuu 2006
Book Clubs at School for Teachers1 lukematon / 1kperry, marraskuu 2006
Group Dynamics4 lukematonta / 4bibliobibuli, marraskuu 2006
What books do YOU wish our club would read?1 lukematon / 1mypcjen, marraskuu 2006
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