Literary Cuisine

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Do you love to read about what characters in books are eating? Were you fascinated when you read about eggs Samuel Butler in "The Haunted Bookshop" or chapatis in "A Fine Balance"? Did you, after reading "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night", search for a Battenberg cake recipe? Maybe you and your book group threw a "Crescent"-themed party.... If so, this group is for you.

Talk about the books that inspired you to cook, the foods you made, the parties you threw. Don't forget to include your recipes.

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Harry Potter2 lukematonta / 2mstrust, kesäkuu 2008
food ficition9 lukematonta / 9aurora_gaia, maaliskuu 2008
Fantastic conveniences7 lukematonta / 7Eurydice, tammikuu 2008
What have you cooked recently from your favorite books?10 lukematonta / 10VenusofUrbino, marraskuu 2007
Cocktails & Drinks7 lukematonta / 7Eurydice, lokakuuta 2007
The Penderwicks12 lukematonta / 12Eurydice, syyskuu 2007
Literary Cuisine--Books with great food24 lukematonta / 24Eurydice, syyskuu 2007
The gooseberry connection.7 lukematonta / 7clareborn, syyskuu 2007
The Wind in the Willows3 lukematonta / 3parelle, toukokuu 2007
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